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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 24, 2023 1:06am-1:40am PST

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>> building a better bay area.
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> a snow day in the bay area. >> it was pure white, everywhere. >> we took a drive up to the mountains. snow everywhere. >> snow falling and places we have not seen in a while. everyone enjoying, taking it in. >> first time i've seen snow in this area. >> we are tracking the snow our area. >> such great video. good evening. i am dan ashley. ama: i am ama daetz. our team is live across the region. we will get to all of that but before we do, let's get to our meteorologist sandhya patel.
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there is a lot going on. sandhya: that storm has intensified. it has been an active night. everything from lightning strikes to hail. even a special marine warnings that was just issued for parts of thethis is in effect until at 11:00 p.m. lightning strikes across the area. as we get you in closer, heavy rain is falling around pacifica street-level, san pedro avenue. do not be surprised if you get caught under a downpour. snow is falling at low elevations. also, around the summit in the santa cruz mountains, mount hamilton is seeing snow as we expected. we are seeing mixed precipitation. the winter storm warning is in
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effect. three to four inches of snow are expected with windy conditions. definitely be careful out there. we do have a wind advisory that is in effect until 4:00 p.m.. gusts as high as 50 feet. th ia strength storm. as we go hour-by-hour, the intensity continues. scattered showers will go on. e tae ook, rain, heavy at tes through tomorrow thunder, hail and gusty wind the forecast. i will be back would just how long this will last. dan: thank you. now to the north bay, we are seeing steady snow to the floor as you can sa nic streets and sidewalks.
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abc reporter j.r. stone is there with the latest on the conditions. j.r: this is not traditionally how you think of napa county. the snow is coming down and it is thick. you can see that behind me. officially at 1749 feet sea level. we are well below that. we are seeing a number of drivers here pulled to the side of the road to take pictures, do snow angels. we have also seen the highway patrol pull along side them asking them to get back in the car and keep going. these are hazardous conditions. it is thick out there. we cannot even see the roadys. it is we have talked to those who live and work in the area and this is what they say. >> just wa
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i have been living here for five or six years. r: idea, it does ia aid or, take anowbal sr. stone, abc7 news. ama: good going. [laughter] the scenes have in spectacular in the san bernardino mountains. this is brand-new video at the beer garden and girl in the mountains. that is where we find abc news reporter amanda del castlo amanda: a true wintry mix.
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we have started to see it really picked up about an hour ago. first we noticed drizzle then, heavier rain drops. then, figure snowflakes that we have started to see. as is coming down, it is melting almost immediately. five minutes ago, we sought to snow clouds going in either direction on highway 17. we are a few away from it right now. with everything and that immediate melting, it is also extraordinarily cold. today, we spent the earlier afternoon talking to residents about this rare site. a picturesque morning scene with promises of more snow to come. thursday evening, freezing temperatures and snowfall in the forecast. for some, the snow brought out the comedy. >> we have snowboards, sleds. we cannot wait.
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not doing much preparing. we just had the power out from the big wind. amanda: the mountain landscape has endured heavy rain, powerful wind and now snowfall. we are told the major storm caused concern. there is worry about potential danger with snowfall piling up on tree branches. >> big trees. i saw from the peninsula that there were mass live -- massive trees down. i watch those redwoods sway a little. amanda: a tree came down on this woman's car. now, she is shifting focus to preparing for possible power outages with the incoming weather. >> my older boy is an invalid. we have a generator for his life-support equipment. my younger boy is autistic. life without the internet is difficult for him. amanda: as many go for the
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expected prep of water, fuel and more, past experience with weather in the mountains has opted more. >> card games, the kind of things you can do as a family and not go crazy. what i do is run the mental health aspect. amanda: residents now await additional snowfall. >> we have a lot of trees here. when the ring freezes overnight, the water expands and cracks and drops more debris. amanda: whether we want to admit it or not, many of us are not familiar with driving in the additions santa cruz is reminding people to make sure that their windshield wiper's and lights are functioning. make sure that your tires have
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tried, take it slow. take some space around you. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. dan: thank you. neighbors in the open hills woke up to a bit of a winter wonderland. here is how it looked around 8:00 eight m. snow fell off and on. our amy 7 tim johnson. tim: no part of the bay area was spared, it seems. both of our news crews and our viewers at home have sent in some pretty amazing video from the past day or so want to show you some highlights. it is a site rarely seen. snow, coming down across the region. from the hills in the east to mount hamilton in the south and along the peninsula. >> my husband was not awake at and i was like, it is snowing.
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tim: some having their snowball fight. >> it is like ice, cold water. tim: our a -- abc7 news after this video while she was at work. >> i was hoping it would snow today since it has not snowed there before i was born. i will take the hail. tim: it was not all fun. heavy rain fell in santa rosa, making driving conditions challenging. mountain ranges, and abundance of snow for as far as can be seen. with more what whether to be seen, even more can come our way. there is one exception. >> as long as it clears up. tim: in san francisco, tim johnson, abc7 news.
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dan: our lives in completely covered in snow. check out these white out conditions. portions of highway 50 are now back open after the chp closed it because of a number of spinouts there. traffic is still moving very slow. jane's are required on non-four-wheel-drive vehicles. re young child is alive after a tree came crashing down. the two-year-old was pinned by a 100 foot tree that evening. the good news is he will survive but he suffers from broken legs and a broken pelvis. >> the luckiest, unlucky k this point.
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chances of having been struck by a tree like that. being in that particular situation dan: the child is in the intensive care unit. parents are they for fort but gofundme and support. ama: in los angeles for the first time since 1989. snow at the tops of peaks in big sur and even snow by the hollywood sign. we are looking for signs of snow. everywhere from the valley down into higher elevations of san diego county. from org to the mexico border. just about everyone in california will likely be able to say -- see snow by tomorrow. dan: we are starting abc s mornings early tomorrow.
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watch starting at 4:00 a.m. here on television and streaming on the bay area at. ama: until then, we are keeping you updated your with all the weather. our live updates go right to your phone, depending on where you live. enable it now with push notifications. dan: harvey weinstein, sentence again. tonight, response. ama: vladimir putin. >> warriors are back from the all-star break.
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dan: this site, as rare as it is serene. snort -- soaring over snowcapped mountains in the area. you can track all of the snow scenes on our website ama: and we are still watching for more snow falling. let's check in with our meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: snow in february. at this time around, we are talking about the rare enter storm warning. we are also seeing lightning strikes as strong thunderstorms are firing up. we take a look as to where and they are just along the coast. tracking it for you. we will be
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heavy rain falling and heading into the emeryville area. street-level radar showing you some downpours in the region. be careful. when other thing i want to show you is that it is snowing in santa rosa. not just to the valley floor but we are seeing some snow coming down right now. the hills that wintry mix. same thing for the mountains as we take a look at live pictures from the camera. the rumble of francisco. this was sent to me by one of twitter followers. 300 and 35 feet. flurries are not out of the
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question near sea level. taking a look at why. an area of low pressure south where is keeping unstable air with it. it is not just slippery roads to watch out for. on our exclusive impact scale. this is level two rain. low elevation of snow with st wind. palling up on the roadways will be the issue. we are going hour-by-hour. 5:00 a.m. commute time. give yourself extra time. it is not just a rain but when is frozen that could cause some issues. there are still some scattered showers going. as we go into saturday morning, one last hurrah from this system and it will start to wind down as we head towards the afternoon then, we do get more rain coming in on sunday.
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rainfall estimates taking you from now through the afternoon. about a third of an inch so far some of spots have picked up about a third of an inch. this year nevada, we do have a winter storm warning. looking at 1-3 feet. 3-6 feet. i would not even try to travel. chain controls in effect. you have a freeze warning and frost advisory. in them hills is also under the warning. low to upper 30's. protect your pipes and pets. temperatures dropping in ukiah. coldest parts in the north down to freezing and below freezing marks. it is cold out there right now. 30's and 40's for the temperatures. 5-10 degrees below average.
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upper 40's to below 50's. hang onto your rain gear and jackets. it will be a cold morning. tomorrow, still a possibility of lightning early in the morning. saturday, wet sunday. it is just light rain as we head towards monday and tuesday. still unsettled before we dry out and warm up. ama: thank you. keep track of weather conditions and track the live doppler. this is on-demand on our abc7 bay area app. dan: a somber recognition tonight. exact time tonight when you're ago, russian forces launched a series of missile attacks in key. there has been a bloody all-consuming fight ever since. tomorrow, new change in's on pressure after recent nuclear threats. who and has threatened to
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suspend -- fourth support. a news anchor had an exclusive interview with president biden. president biden calls the russian leaders plans a big mistake. >> what is your message to putin? pres. biden: it is a big mistake. not really responsible. i don't agree that he is thinking of using nuclear weapons or things like that. dan: support for ukraine. the eiffel tower was lit up in craney and yellow. ama: harvey weinstein was sentence in court today. he will serve an additional seniors for rate crimes. ther experience on instagram. >> what he did to me was excruciatingly dramatic.
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for years, he walked away unfettered while i spent years nursing my wounds. this entire process has of the hardest experiences of my life. the most important take away is that we all have a role to play in healing the culture where violence against women is not allowed. ama: she accused raping her years ago. he was acquitted of those charges today. weinstein will serve a combined 40 years in prison. dan: armstrong has filed an appeal after being fired. an officer will review the case and make a recommendation to the city about whether to make any changes. we brought up his firing only spoke up live with the mayor.
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>> i have great respect for chief armstrong. i no longer have confidence that he will continue to reform the police department. we have a lot of work on her hands and i'm focused need to do that work. we do not want the situation to happen again. components as well. dan: we also asked about the ransomware attacks and what is being done. the mayor said they are currently working on those issues to get inks back up and running. ama: watch the black joy parade sunday at 12:30 hosted by abc new seven reporters. watch it wherever you stream news. news. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. news. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text.
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dan: not just us, our pets and other animals are dealing with the snowy weather as well. ama: check this out. a golden eagle and that regional wilderness this morning. dan: majestic. then in minnesota, this bald eagle got a surprise snow awakening. the mother bird is protecting her eggs in that nest and keeping them warm. ama: we can
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steph curry is out for the next two games with a leg injury. lebron james age 38. it helps you can get one foot above the rim. lakers expecting a big game from jordan poole. austin reeves, cool finish 16. klay thompson loves playing in l.a. they get within a point but in the second half, lebron for three. the lakers did not need more. this thing got out of hand. klay, to nobody. the lakers cruised to victory. college hoops, senior night. johnson, putting on a show in his final home. strong to the cup. they lead by 17 at the break. keeping it rolling in the second
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half. johnson 43 of us 29. hugs and kisses to fans. they can take it out right if they be gonzaga. should boz, with the memorial. portland wants a timeout. no timeout, you're not getting the ball either. they hold out. number 21 in c six minutes without a basket. haley jones breaks that street. and we have double ot all 50 minutes. 23 points jose. they will retire his number on
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saturday. short-handed. the 2-1 game. nashville, the shark sticks. sports
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