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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 24, 2023 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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kristen: thanks for joining tonight, the abc news exclusive. my interview a short time ago at the white house, one-on-one with president biden on the war in ukraine, now one year into this war. the president tonight on russia, china, and issues here at home. the ohio train derailment. is the president running for re-election? and is age a legitimate consideration? the president just back from ukraine and poland after addressing allies on the world stage. tonight, what the president told me about f-16s.oesredent mak of china's new peace plan? and we ask about concerns that china could be considering offering lethal assistance, weapons for russia in this fight. we also press the president on issues here at home, the chinese spy balloon.
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why didn't china take the pentagon's call. the toxic train derailment in east palestine, ohio. his administration's response to the disaster. the classified documents found at biden's home and former office. and of course that question, is the president running for re-election? also tonight, president zelenskyy marking one year at war, defiantly claiming ukraine's victory will be inevitable, saying he wants to meet with china's president xi. and we'll go to ian pannell in kyiv tonight for reaction after what president biden said this evening about f-16s. the other news this friday night, one-time prominent attorneydefens acknowledged on stand. we're also tracking the major storm. a second one set to move right across the country. heavy snow, ice, and dangerous winds. and yet another close call tonight. a passenger plane about to land. another plane cleared for takeoff on the same runway. and one year later, from new york to paris tonight, the powerful images coming in that
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speak volumes about this day. and good evening tonight from washington, where we just sat down with president biden at the white house a short time ago. the interview comes at a pivotal moment in the war in ukraine. one year ago today, the russians invaded ukraine and this long, deadly war began. we ask the president tonight, how does this war end? will the president send f-16s? what does he make of this new chinese peace plan floated overnight? his answer on that was very telling. and we ask about the growing concern that china could be considering offering lethal support, weapons to russia to help fight ukraine. tonight's interview here comes after the president's secret and historic visit early this week to kyiv, to stand with president zelensky on the streets of the capital, even as air raid sirens sounded across the city. and after the president's speech in warsaw, defending democracy and vowing to stand with ukraine.
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his interview in warsaw with us, reacting to vladimir putin. now back in washington, our interview late today, this time at the white house. tonight we ask about ukraine, russia, china, and we also press on issues here at home, the ohio train derailment. and we ask, is the president running for re-election? and is his age relevant? but we begin tonight with ukraine, now one year into this war. mr. president, you know as we sit here today, it was one year ago today, the russian invasion of ukraine. you said in warsaw that ukraine will never be a victory for russia, so how does this war end in and what does what's does victory look like? >> that depends what the ukrainians decide. we have to put the ukrainians in a position where they can make advances this sbripring and sum
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to a place where they can negotiate from a position of strength. nothing about ukraine without ukraine. we're not going to dictate to them what the end result is. >> when you talk about them negotiating, does that mean they get to keep crimea and parts of the east? >> that means they get to decide that. the ukrainians decide that. but i could picture a circumstance where there's a transition to that. it's not all one time. look, a year ago today, they were only 70 kilometers from te border where russians expected them to come rolling down into kyiv and own it all. they got pushed back. it didn't happen. and i think they underestimated a great deal, the russians did. >> you announced another $2.5 billion in aid to ukraine today. $113 billion now. we know, the vast majority of americans support ukraine, but there are many who are asking, how long can we spend like this? >> i'm not sure how many are
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asking that. i know the maga crowd is. the right-wing republicans are talking about, we can't do this. we find ourselves in a situation where the kansascost of walking could be considerably higher than the cost of independence. >> we know germany is singed tanks. we know president zelenskyy continues the say what we really needs are f-16s. will you send f-16s? >> look, we're sending him what our seasoned military thinks he needs now. he needs tanks, he needs artill artillery, he needs air defense, including himars. there are things we're sending him to put him in a position to make gains this spring and summer going into the fall. >> you don't think he needs f-16s now? >> no, he doesn't need f-16s now. >> is that a never? >> look, first of all, the idea
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that we know exactly what's going to be needed a year or two, three from now, but there is no basis upon which there is a rationale according to our military now to provide f-16s. >> but you're not ruling it out. >> i am ruling it out for now. >> for now. vladimir putin told the russian people this week that china's president xi is coming to russia, likely as early as this spring. i know the state department and pentagon now have both warned china not to offer lethal military attendance to russia in this war with ukraine, saying the u.s. is concerned china is considering providing lethal support to russia. would that cross a line wifor y? >> i had a very frank conversation with president xi on this last summer. i pointed out to him -- the conversation went like this. i said, mr. president this is not a threat, it's an assertion,
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a statement what i think the reality is. you saw what happened when the rest of the world, europe in particular, saw the brutality of what putin was doing in ukraine to the ukrainians from russia. and i said, without any government prodded, 600 american corporations left russia, from mcdonald's to exxon to -- across the board. and i said, if you are engaged in the same kind of brutality by supporting the brutality that's going on, i said, you may face the same consequence. i don't anticipate -- we haven't seen it yet, but i don't anticipate a major initiative on the part of china providing weaponry to -- to russia. >> but if they did, would that be crossing a line for you, mr. president? > it would be the same line everyone else would have crossed. in other words, we'd impose severe sanctions on anyone who has done that. >> so there would be severe
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consequences. >> i'll let you characterize what they would be. we'll respond. >> there's a new report in a german newspaper that the russian military could be negotiating right now with a chinese drone manufacturer to produce kamikaze drones for russia. are you aware of this? is u.s. intelligence tracking this? >> u.s. intelligence is aware of everything that's going on in this area, but i'm not going to confirm specifically what u.s. intelligence has found out or not found out. >> what do you make of the chinese peace plan floated overnight that putin is applauding today in. >> i think you answered the question. putin is applauding it. how could it be any good? i'm not being facetious. i'm being deadly earnest. i've seen nothing in the plan that would indicate there's something that would be beneficial to anyone other than russia if the chinese plan were followed. the idea that china is going to be negotiating the outcome of a war that's a totally unjust war for ukraine is just not
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rational. >> let me ask about u.s. china relations in general, already strained after the chinese spy balloon over the u.s. let me just ask you this first -- do we know definitively yet whether or not that spy balloon was flying over the >> it is almost not relevant y?- once it was over the united states. >> so there's a possibility president xi didn't know. >> there is a possibility of that. >> were they surveilling the u.s. or attempting to? >> that's what that balloon does, surveillance. >> let me ask you, when the balloon was shot down off south carolina, the defense secretary placed a call to his chinese counterpart on a line that's supposed to always be open. the chinese did not take the call. they didn't pick up the phone. does that trouble you? >> yes. there should be a direct open line of communications, particularly from two most powerful nations in the world to be able to resolve anything
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quickly so there's not a mistake made. >> the defense secretary says they still haven't had that call. how does the u.s., how does your administration fix this? >> we make it clear it's necessary for that to occur. we can't fix it. >> i want to ask you about a couple of issues here at home. it's been three weeks now since the toxic train derailment in east palestine, ohio, as you know. the mayor says he saw you in ukraine and he says, it tells you he doesn't care about us. they're asking, is the president coming to ohio? do you have any plan to travel to ohio, and have you talked with the mayor yet? >> let's put this in perspective. within two hours of that derailment, the epa was in there, within two hours. every major agency in the united states government that had anything to do with rail and our cleanup was there and is there. in addition to that, i've spoken at length to the congresspersons, the governors,
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senators from both states of pennsylvania and ohio, and i've made it clear to them anything they need is available or will make it available. whatever happens, you've got to understand, it's the responsibility of the railroad company who's made, by the way, tens of billions of dollars in profits. tens of billions of dollars in profits lately. >> so do you plan to travel there and have you talked to the mayor? >> i can't recall. i've talked to everyone else there, multiple times. i'm talked to both the senators, both governors, everyone there is to talk to, and we've made it clear that everything is available. >> let me ask you the question everyone is asking -- are you running? >> well, apparently someone interviewed my wife today i heard. >> i heard that, too, just before i came in. >> i got to call her and find out. no, all kidding aside. my intention from the beginning has been to run, but there's too many other things i have to
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finish in the near term before i start a campaign. >> you brought up your wife, jill biden, traveling in kenya. she was asked today, is all that's left simply setting a time and place for the announcement? and she said pretty much. [ laughter ] >> do you agree with your wife's assessment? >> god love her. look, i meant what i said. i've got other things to finish before i get into a full-blown campaign. >> let me ask you about a conversation people are having at home. both your supporters and critics know if re-elected you would be 82 when sworn in, 86 at the end a your term. is your age part of your own calculation whether or not to run again? >> no, but it's legitimate for people to raise concerns about my age. totally legitimate to do that. the only thing i can say is watch me. >> let me ask you one of the immediate questions. if and when you do announce you're running again, and the former president are now under investigation by the justice
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department for the discovery of these classified documents. i know you believe these two cases are very different, but i do remember something you said after the discovery at mar-a-lago. you said, i thought data that was in there may compromise sources and methods and names of people who help, and it's just totally irresponsible. can you assure the american people that none of the documents discovered in your garage or at your old office compromised sources or methods for u.s. intelligence? >> i have been advised by the counsel, let the justice department make that decision, to not try to alter the case in any way. there have been very few documents that have been confiscated, found in my possession that are in -- other than -- in my possession, meaning in my home. all the stuff that was moved out of my senate office over the years, i'm told there were a couple of things from 1973 or '74, documents marked classified.
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i don't know of anything -- maybe -- i don't know of anything that is marked like it was, top secret, highly classified, et cetera. but i'm told not to comment on that, because i don't even know what they were able to -- what they confiscated. >> there are many who will understand where you can't comment, why your lawyers are saying not to comment. they also saw you, though, comment on former president trump, so at the very least. >> because they were showing -- you guys were showing on television things lying on the ground that said top secret, national -- code word. and the difference is, every single solitary thing i have been asked to do, i've done voluntarily. i've invited the justice department to come into every aspect of any place that i had control over. there was no need for search warrants, no need for -- what you do need? just come. whatever you want. whatever you want, wherever you want to go, you can go. that was totally different. >> but that one word you used, when you hear about boxes in
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your garage or old office, you called the trump discovery irresponsible. is there something irresponsible here, too, though? >> you know, you're a good lawyer, but you're trying to make a comparison. there's degrees of irresponsibility. they can be significant degrees of irresponsibility. the way in which the boxes were packed up from my office, apparently not everything was gone through as meticulously as it should have, but there was no intention. i opened up my home, all my homes -- the home at the beach and the home -- my permanent home, and they spent hours and hours going through everything, personal -- everything i had. that's a fundamentally different thing. there's nothing for me to hide. >> the president telling me he has nothing to hide on the classified documents and again saying he intends to run. as you saw, he was well aware
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the first lady jill biden said in kenya when asked, is it all about setting a time and place for the announcement? she said pretty much. there was one more moment with our interview in warsaw with the president about that secret train trip into kyiv. >> the world watched this surprise visit to kyiv. how risky was it for a sitting president of the united states to go into kyiv? >> i didn't think it was that risky. >> you like a train. >> not 20 hours' worth, though. >> yeah. with those air sirens, those air raid sirens overhead in kyiv, how important was it the world saw you standing next to president zelenskyy? >> well, look, i think that's for -- i'm not being facetious -- folks like you to decide how important that is. it was important for me to stand with zelenskyy and let the year know on a one year anniversary we're not walking away from ukraine. >> we'll have much more with the president on
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i want to bring in ian pannell. you heard what president said about ukraine and president zelenskyy's wish for f-16s, saying he doesn't need them now. you also heard about china's new peace plan, saying the idea that china would negotiate an end to this war is just not rational. >> firstly on the news about the f-16s, i think that's going to be disappointing for ukraine, if not entirely surprising to hear. i think what they need, as the president told you, are longer range weapons and the tanks -- remember, britain and a handful of allies are ready to provide training and jets further down the line. as you say, zelenskyy talking about that possible meeting with president xi of china, saying he's certainly ready to meet him and called the china peace plan not a bad thing if he wasn't overly optimistic about it. i asked zelenskyy about the other issue, the waning u.s. support for the war. he thanked americans and warned any withdrawal of u.s. support
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would be dangerous and could give putin the green light to move into nato countries, which would drag america into a much bigger war. david? >> ian pannell on this one-year anniversary of the war. thank you. when we come back, news about yet another close call at an airport. a passenger plane about to land on the same runway. where it happened this time. we've been married 45 years. i'm taking a two-year business course. i've been studying a lot. i've been producing and directing for over 50 years. it's a very detailed thing and the pressure's all on me. i noticed i really wasn't quite as sharp as i was. my boss told me about prevagen and i started taking it. i feel sharper. my memory's a lot better. it just works. prevagen. at stores everywhere without a prescription. i've always loved building things. not just structures and skyscrapers, but teams who make it all possible.
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investigating yet another close call, this time at hollywood burbank airport, the latest in a series of incidents across the u.s. authorities say a mesa airlines flight had to abort its landing, an air traffic controller clearing a sky west plane for takeoff on the same runway. the mesa pilot turning out of the path of the other plane. recent close calls also report in the new york and austin, texas. former prominent attorney alex mdaugh backn the snd today, grill about the murders of his wife and son. the prosecution asking, mr. murdaugh, are you a family annihilator? confronting him about lies to police. prosecutors accusing him of repeatedly changing his story to fit the evidence. murdaugh insisting held not hurt his wife and son. when we come back, we're tracking a major storm. a second one set to move right across the country this weekend. ...thanks to dupixent. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems.
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heavy snow, ice, and dangerous winds expect across multiple states. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: david, this historic storm will continue to bring blizzard conditions to southern california. you see it in the red. some of these counties have never seen this stuff. heavy plume of moisture moves from sanba to san o.diou s fd levels will continue to be low historic ams. quickly into the northeast monday night too tuesday. wintry mix for new york, but likely accumulating snow in new england. >> rob, thank you. when we come back here, from new york city to paris, the powerful images coming in tonight. they speak volumes about this night.
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before we go tonight, as the war in ukraine begins a second year, images tonight of the world showing solidarity with ukraine. the empire state building in new york city lit up in blue and yellow, of course the colors of the ukrainian flag. take a look in paris, the eiffel tower in blue and yellow as well. in australia tonight, the famed sydney opera house playing tribute. we'll have more. i'm david muir. thank you for watching this week. from warsaw to washington. i'll see you monday. good night. >> building a better bay area,
3:59 pm
moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> mor lots and lots and lots of it. this video shot earlier this afternoon east bay in the berkeley hills. check out these photos. beautiful seen as snow blanket of the yards across the area. >> and you can see the snow on the hills just outside petaluma, this video shot while driving this morning. and before taking advantage of the rare snow, sky 7 found a lot of hikers heading up mission peak to get a special view. >> and in san francisco not snow. a lot going on with the weather. thanks for joining us. kristen sze: snow, we've had it all in the past 24 hours. we have a view of the bay area near castro valley. closer to mount hamilton you can
4:00 pm
see a lot more snow. let's get right over to sandhya patel. are we expecting more snow? sandhya: you bet. this is something that we see very often, yes we get snow in february but this kind is making history. it's the amount and how low fell. it's pretty quiet but we are tracking snow showers mixing in with the showers around hamilton . it's starting to snow there. looking towards antioch, deer valley road, highway four, showers and wet weather across the region. spotty in nature and towards the north bay it has been a culmination of higher elevations snow showers and showers right now. this is a light level on the exclusive storm impact scale.


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