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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 24, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a quiet picture right now. you can see the snow that was falling over mount hamilton. lake observatory got the higher totals, i will show you those in a moment. light showers if you are headed home and across the nights and area. that area of low pressure dropping southward along the coast and moving into southern california. clearly much of california and southern california dealing with wet weather and the sierra getting snow. showers and snow showers picking up in the coverage as we head towards 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, a wintry mix winding down quickly by noontime. checking out the snow totals, mount hamilton, 14 inches. 10 to 12 in calistoga. st. helena, eight. the snow level between 700 to 1000 feet.
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we have seen lower snow, 200 to 400 feet. last night you might have heard the rumble of thunder. 100 50 lightning strikes, thunderstorms delivering hail and heavy rain. an inch in san francisco. almost an inch and a half in santa rosa. oakland, picking up 9/10 of an inch. we have a storm coming this weekend and i will tell you when . the timeline is coming up. dan: in the north bay, the snow has been piling up. a rare sight creating challenges for those not used to seeing it, let alone driving in it. cornell barnard's live there tonight with a snowy story. last time we saw you, you had a pretty big snowball in your hands. cornell: [laughter] yeah, there is certainly a lot of snow to make. dozens and dozens and dozens of snowballs. it really is an incredible site. there is so much snow here. it's mind blowing. you almost forget this is wine
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country. certainly it is a beautiful site for sure. the snow brought power outages and road closures but you know for a lot of families it brought a lot of fun. >> 1, 2, 3. cornell: amanda and her kids never thought they would be sledding in one country but it's happening. >> so far, it's cool. cornell: check out all this napa county snow. more than enough for the same family to have a proper snowball fight. >> it was hard getting up here, we aren't used to driving in the snow, but it worked out. cornell: it's snow here before but never like this. >> longer than we expected for sure. a lot of trees down. cornell: brian was buying a chainsaw to remove toppled trees near his house. by midday six inches to nine inches of snow had fallen. no snowplows around here but this tobacco was getting the job
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done, clearing the parking lot. at the time driving was too dangerous. that is why zach grabbed his skis for a quick run to town. >> good excuse to come down to town in the skis. never seen this before. cornell: hey drive-thru wine country looked more like a trip through tahoe. a widespread power outage lasted about nine hours. >> the concern of course is for the restaurants here. if their power is out very long, they are, they have cold food that warms up. they aren't allowed to use that. cornell: caltrans says more than one foot of snow fell on mount st. helena overnight. lauren purcell in berkeley was in search of snow. >> we were coming up for the weekend, psyched to see the snow, looking for more of it.
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but they are telling me i can't go this way. cornell: caltrans says highway 29 could be closed through the weekend because of downed trees and power lines. the snow hasn't really melted. it is wet enough to make a respectable snowball or snowman, whatever you want. locals around here say it has beenad since seen this mu snow. i'm a bay area native and i have to agree. it's an incredible site. dan: 30 years, haven't seen it. cornell: no, totally agree. it's a rare sight. kind of unbelievable, right? dan: for decades. you are right. and that is not just an impressive snowball, it's intimidating. [laughter] cornell: i promise not to throw it at anybody. dan: maybe your photographer? cornell: maybe. [laughter] ama: dear captured in the snow.
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look at them. these four work -- i don't think they were frozen but they might be pretty cold. this was on mount hamilton near the observatory. highway 17 has reopened in the santa cruz mountains after it was closed earlier today. icy roads and fallen trees were to blame. chp is advising drivers to take it slow to avoid spin outs in conditions like this. dan: and we captured hail down right outside the abc 7 studio in san francisco today on the embarcadero. for most of the day it was raining outside. eventually clouds cleared and we had blue skies and sunshine in the afternoon. snow shut down some roads in san mateo. despite the closures, people went in search of the snow. a rare and fun site around
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zach has more on that story. zach: yesterday when i was reporting on the snow in another part of the bay area, by the time we went live yesterday there wasn't much snow left on the ground but that wasn't the case here. there was enough for not one, but two snowmen on either side of me. there were road hazards for people who wanted to enjoy it and for the most part people have been enjoying it to the fullest. snow like this is a site we so rarely get to see in the bay area. locals had to improvise by using boards meant for the ocean. this 2.5-year-old not sure what to make about his first time in the snow. he eventually warmed up. so did the temperatures, turning it into/but leaving enough for bay area to enjoy. >> to drive a few minutes and see the snow without going to tahoe and we go home and have some hot cocoa? enjoying the day. the best of both worlds.
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snow, no snow. zach: some like this michigan undergrad student shocked to see the snow followed him. >> we were like no way. zach: mostly fun and games but there were hiccups. on skyline boulevard we came across several broken trees, downed branches, and falling power lines. >> it was crazy. trees were falling but we thought we were going to get locked up there. zach: caltrans urging everyone to drive safe. >> it's rare for us in the bay area to receive such beautiful snow but we have to be mindful and safe when out there on the roadways. pay attention to the road, the signs, use caution. zach: in the meantime, crews have been working steadily to keep it safe for people enjoying the rare weather. zach: -- >> we are clearing the trees off the roadways as well as the ice and snow in various
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areas. zach: right now people are taking it in when they can. >> looking around and taking in the scenery. zach: all right, coming back to you live right now with this guy coming from a job. rudy, dean, we are all having a great time out here but in all seriousness if you want to come this way, caltrans is urging everyone to check the road conditions on the quick map app. dan: zach, thank you so much. ama: in the east bay near fremont, hikers taking a break from their walk for a quick little snowball fight. some fun there. not far away, check this out, coyote was headed through the snow on mission peak. it looked up at sky 7 overhead thinking -- what are you doing here? but it wasn't bothered too much. snow, a delightful surprise for people in oakland and brenda.
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suzanne joins usk. suza what a great gift from mother nature. all of this fresh snow. tonight a lot of it has melted and you can see a lot of it is crunchy, ice on the ground. take a look at this, a melting snowman in the distance. we saw a lot of fun stuff in the day. for those lucky enough to see the snow falling, they said it was breathtaking. >> it's amazing. >> snow in the bay area? it's so unusual, but here it is. >> heavy snow everywhere. big snowflakes. suzanne: jim made his way out to catch the falling flakes. >> it's wonderful. suzanne: a treat for people from all over. first time seeing snow? >> yeah. suzanne: in the oakland hills area this rare gift from mother nature delighted so many.
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>> snowing more heavily than i've ever seen in berkeley and i've lived here for 30 years. >> for some it was just a chance to throw a snowball and be a kid again. you can throw a snowball. >> snow my god, what a day. suzanne: a first. >> his first time catching an actual snowball. suzanne: no need to go the distance for fresh powder. >> just come to the oakland hills. suzanne: karen saw the snow early this morning. >> there were four inches and we had a good time playing and it and made a tiny snowman. suzanne: the last time she saw snow in the bay area was 1976. >> it hasn't snowed for me since i was six years old. suzanne: young or old, snow in the bay area is something to treasure. >> it's a winter wonderland. it's so much fun. >> we were talking -- a man was
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facetiming with his friend saying that he had left the bay area and gone to the north whole. ama: here's another look at the snow left on the ground at tilden regional park. you can see it's still here but melting and moving fast. what a day. i will send it right back to you. you can keep track of the weather conditions and access the same live doppler 7 that our team uses anytime you want. download it wherever you stream. dan: the end of the month bringing an end to many coronavirus public health emergencies. tonight we show you what's already closing down. ama: and an effort to stop illegal activity that might be against the rules. dan:
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dan: the abc7news i-team learned that the plan to curb prostitution in the mission district may itself be problematic. at issue are the barriers installed to cars from driving down cap street at 18th and 27th. stephanie sierra has the latest. stephanie: these barriers were supposed to stop a legend prostitution along capp street. i-team thei-team has learned that blocking streets like this may violate state statutes and city code. documents obtained by the i-team show the plan. here you can see five intersections from 18th to 22nd street blocked with temporary barricades in the mission
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district. the city has already ordered or permanent barriers tended to last longer. >> my understanding is that there are water-based barriers that are on order. those are still planned to arrive in a week. stephanie: the supervisor says the concrete barriers will soon be replaced with water barriers. >> the fire department doesn't like those either. concrete or water. stephanie: worried about delayed emergency response times. it's not the only reason the plan is drawing controversy. it may not be taxpayer money well spent. turns out it may be in violation of state statute and city ordinance to place a barrier on this street at all. first, california vehicle code says streets can only block -- be blocked in cities and counties with 6 million people. second, the fire code its restrictions on where the barriers can be placed to make sure the trucks can turn around
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to respond to emergencies. >> fire codes specify the type of access needed for public safety. the vehicle code allows local governments to put limitations on traffic movement. both of these have an effect. they need to be balanced. stephanie: attorney chris dolan says that the state vehicle code allows for the shutting down of streets or blocking of streets for criminal activity but to do that a public hearing must be held. >> that involves a publi process including consultation with the fire department and other safety forces. many residents may have unique needs. for example a resident may be disabled and may need access to their garage at all hours of the day. stephanie: aside from a private community meeting it's not clear if there was ever a public hearing to address this. >> the mayor made the ultimate decision and overrode the
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concerns of the fire department. i understand why she did that. stephanie: she says they made it clear they had to weigh all the options and determine the danger in the neighborhood took priority over response times. relief for residents who say the barricades are helping to limit prostitution and reduce violence on the streets. you are content with the barricades? >> you bet. forever. stephanie: an imper solution. >> bringing it to light at this point is important. these departments need to sit down now before a fire occurs. stephanie: for the i-team, stephanie sierra. ama: now to what everyone is talking about today. dan: the snow and how much more it could persist. sounds i can other storm is coming? sandhya: indeed, sunday. there's still more to go with the current system. i want to show you a live
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picture from the east bay hills camera. what a beautiful view. getting a chance to relax, looking at live doppler 7 there is no rain or snow right now but don't let your guard down. we are not done yet. 30's and 40's for the temperatures right now. chilly, a record temperature today. the low temperature was in the upper 30's going back 132 degrees. that's crazy stuff. it's snowing in tahoe right now. from zephyr cove, a beautiful view. chain controls on 50, 88, and four. we do need the snow, the winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow, looking at a few inches. above 5000, 8 to peaks even higher, difficult to impossible travel. clouds left over with a wintry
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mix through tomorrow morning. cold morning with warnings and advisories in effect. rain sunday with light snow on the peaks above 2500 feet. still possible. thing is, snow level will be rising so we are not expecting a repeat of what we just experienced. on our exclusive storm impact scale, like level 1. scattered and low elevations. isolated chances for thunder and hail as the low gets closer to us overnight. 7:00 tonight you will notice a few showers developing. 10 p.m. we get the moisture coming back around. heading towards tomorrow morning this is when the most widespread showers occur at 4 a.m. with snow showers over the santa cruz mountains, mendocino county hills. we will continue to see a wintry mix. and then the system winds down. noon time, you can put the umbrellas away. go out and enjoy the sun and
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clouds. through the evening hours it will be ok, dry. additional rainfall totals with the system left over through noon, 4/10 of an inch. another storm coming sunday. before we get to that, freeze warnings in the hills. in the bay shoreline and parts of the east bay tonight, midnight through 9:00 a.m., what you need to be worried about is your pets, plants, and outdoor pipes. upper 20's to low 30's, it is going to be a cold night. san francisco, 38. 36 in half moon bay. near oakland you're talking upper 30's. usually the moderating effect of the water helps out not this time. in land is where the coldest air will be. napa, livermore, 26. 22 at lakeport. dangerous cold. afternoon highs in the upper
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40's to low 50's. just like today. mostly cloudy and breezy. you'd want to know when it's going to rain. the first band of showers moves in at 8:00 in the morning and it spreads through the afternoon. 2:00, like to moderate rain across the region. higher elevations of snow, hamilton, rain and snow mix not out of the question. the system is done, the sierra continues to pick up more snow, big time snow, counting through wednesday. accuweather 7 day, cold wintry mix. sunday, wet weather for the first half of the day. snow in the highest experienced rainy pattern monday through early wednesday. looking at more rain that we need. then we get a break, milder for thursday and friday with sunshine in here. dan: we'll be ready to melt the snow. thank you. [laughter] ama: the fda has authorized of
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the first at-home over-the-counter test that can detect the flu and covid-19. the pcr tests is made by the sierra health and is -- lou sarah health. they are selling this single test for $99. with the state public health emergency ending tuesday, it was the end of public health testing operations at the fairgrounds. at they were testing 5000 per day. now just a couple of hundred tests done on average. >> the volume of testing is something that can be handled in normal health care settings at this point. ama: tomorrow will be the final day for vaccinations at the site and it is the final day for the smaller testing site as well. dan: netflix lowering prices, but not here.
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ama: stocks took a plunge today making this the worst week of the year for the major stock indices. the nasdaq was limited to 135. the key consumer spending report released today says inflation may be dan: picking up speed
6:26 pm
again. netflix lowering subscription spark -- may be picking up speed again. dan: netflix lowering prices in areas where they want to pick up customers. the cheaper prices will affect 30 of the 90 countries where they stream. the middle east, eastern europe, parts of africa. ama: one year since the first russian missiles it kyiv. dan: and a look ahead at the be
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: and we're watching live doppler 7 as it tracks today's storm. the big headline, of course, the snow. ama: the this afternoon from nevada to baxter because of a multicar crash that sent four people to the hospital. it's not clear when the road will reopen. chain requirements begin at colfax. chains on 50 required from placerville to myers.
6:30 pm
southern california, look at this, grapevine reonea hoo. look at how this part of i-5 looked today when both directions were closed. a major problem for truckers. >> i've lost at least $1000 since being here yesterday on this load. >> money that you will never recoup. >> nope. nope. ama: caltrans says they have plowed 2000 mile -- 200 miles of freeway to get this reopened. dan: the snow has been an incredible sight and viewers like you are helping to tell the story. ama: best pictures and the birdseye view. dion: swiss help vibes with that snow. even the wildlife took the time to soak it in. on the ground from piedmont hills to the snowpack peaks of mount tam, amateur photographers like sean welsh rushed over to get this shot and set a lot of people were out excited at this
6:31 pm
rare treat. we also heard the excitement over this rare storm in calistoga. >> the snowflakes are so big. >> and we saw the effect in lake county on mount cobb. donnie mueller went in search of snow and shared a video on grizzly peak road. >> go for it. dion: kenzie stanley's hus chose to ski down their street in the mountains. where the roads in the neighborhood are closed. >> you can hear it cracking. dion: this is the moment the power went out at 11:00 last night. despite that, they had some difficulty moving their car but the family still managed to build a snowman. here is a some barrow wearing snowman from crystal, completing the look with eyes. and even our photojournalist had
6:32 pm
some fun with this snow reporter at the elk creek parking lot in san mateo county. according to melissa's mom loved their day in the mountains. perhaps the bravest, a group of athletes who frequent the san francisco running company who never miss their weekly run from mill valley to mount tam and back. >> rain or shine, a lot of them are ultra runner distance athletes. dion: no matter where you live in the bay area, there seemed to be a common theme. >> it's a once in a decade kind of thing. you've got to push off, play hooky a little bit and have fun with it. these conditions don't show up all the time. dan: exceptionally rare, what we are seeing here. a look at the current outages along the peninsula, it's been restored, tough for the last
6:33 pm
couple of days. at last check 8000 customers in total were without power. remember that you can keep track of weather conditions and access the same live doppler 7 our weather team uses anytime you want, available on demand on the bay area app and download it wherever you stream. been missing. he hasn't been seen since last night when he was home. he's 54 years old, six feet tall, 180 pounds with tattoos on his arms and above his right year. when you see him, please call police. dan: a woman now in custody for a fatal hit and run that killed a 100-year-old man last weekend. tips and surveillance video led them to the woman driving this mini-cooper. the victim, tzu-ta ko, was hit
6:34 pm
crossing at 19th and harrison street's last sunday morning. >> if you are involved in traffic collision, checking on the safety of the other person involved is to paramount. once you have attended to your care, checking on the other party is something that is really, it just shows your humanity. dan: abc 7 news has learned the driver wasn't -- was on her way home from work and was not impaired at the time. ama: college students were murdered is going to be demolished. lessening efforts to sensationalize the scene where the students stabbed. the house has been given to the school by the owner. no word on what will happen to the property once the building is raised. they announced plans to also
6:35 pm
create a memorial garden on the property. dan: today marks one year since russia invaded ukraine, an unprovoked war unlike any in europe since world war ii. it's forced millions from their homes. the exact numbers are hard to confirm but different sources confirm vastly different numbers of casualties. lindsay watts has a look at what the >> one year since the first russian missiles hit kyiv. presiden zelensky speaking to media from around the world. he says if the international community keeps its word about help and aid, ukraine will definitely win. he panel asking him what to americans who believe that the u.s. is giving too much to ukraine. a new poll shows support fading since last year. >> what is your message on that
6:36 pm
anniversary? >> zielinski thanking americans, saying that if they do not support ukraine, they will lose nato and the influence of the united states. president biden announcing a $2.5 billion aid package for ukraine and sweeping new sanctions against russia. he met with g-7 leaders and zielinski in a virtual meeting. the united nations overwhelmingly approving a resolution calling for russia to withdraw forces. seven countries voted against it. 32 abstained, including india and china. on this somber day in ukraine, president boudin has been silent. >> russia has killed tens of thousands of ukrainian men, women, and children. uprooted more than 13 million people from their homes. >> amid concerns that china could start providing weapons to russia, china today calling for
6:37 pm
a cease-fire and a proposal to end the conflict. zielinski in response saying that china talking about ukraine is not bad. abc news, washington. dan: if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits on our website,
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ama: 40 states already have early screening for dyslexia at schools, california does not but a proposed a new bill would make it mandatory. our senior education reporter tells us why one group opposes it. >> amy and lorca saw it early on that their son was struggling in school. >> really struggling to read and write. >> having their sunscreen for dyslexia was a game changer. they were able to get him extra support. >> the anxiety dissipated. the self-esteem came back. we saw him start to flourish. >>
6:41 pm
he was dyslexic in the eighth grade and he's introduced a bill for a 30 minute screening test in kindergarten through second grade. >> what we are getting from the assessment is who is on a path to a reading challenge so that we can intervene to help them. >> the kind of tool to help assess the children of california has yet to be determined. it could be this newly developed use efs screening test of the contest for -- detect early. the california teaching association has concerns a mandate can take time away from the classroom since teachers would do the screenings. the united educators of san francisco is in favor of screening children but only if the resources are behind it. >> we need the funding support from a state and federal level to do it well. we are short on special education teachers across the nation. this is not a new occurrence.
6:42 pm
>> gavin newsom has b outspoken about his dyslexia. money has been set aside in his budget for research and implementation of this kind of screening. there is also concerned that the screening could harm english learners and place them by mistake in special education classes. >> it's the white -- right question to ask. the answer is simple, we will have linguistically sensitive screeners done in a way that does not disproportionately affect that group. >> numerous studies have shown a correlation between dyslexia and incarceration. a 2000 texas study found half of their inmates had dyslexia. for amy and lorca, it's a matter of equality. >> for families without advocacy or financial resources, those students will not obtain full potential. that is what this bill could really provide. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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ama: we hope you join us as we celebrate black life and culture this weekend. dan: abc 7 is bringing you the black joy parade live. ama: there is a street festival highlighting over 200 black-owned businesses along with food, games, and music, from bands like parliament funkadelic and george clinton. >> the power of physical movement and being together in person. we can create moments of joy but there is nothing like hugging someone you haven't seen in a long time dancing on the ground with your friends and family. it's all about the health, the wellness. it's emotional, psychological, spiritual. to be there and experience that joy is what we are hoping for this year dan: dan:. you can watch on the bay area app an hour abc 7 news are hosting the coverage.
6:47 pm
for details, go to ama:. how is the weather going to be here for though? dan: that is the question. sandhya: there will be some rain but there is nothing that's going to dampen the parade. taking a look at the forecast, people getting there before the parade begins. 48 degrees with rain moving in. spreading, chilly and wet around noon time. 50 degrees and still raining at 1:00. take your raingear had a jacket. he will be fine, enjoy. a few sprinkles showing up, a quiet picture but not for long. a winter storm watch already posted in the hills. sunday into tuesday they are expecting another round of heavy snow up there. but not here. winter storm watch is going up again for the sierra nevada sunday through wednesday. right now it is a winter weather
6:48 pm
advisory through the evening and the tahoe area. want to travel? i would hold off until the storms have passed. it's a like level one and you can see much of california dealing with rain and snow. even down in southern california. travelers beware. you can see a few showers and snow showers. it's in the hours that you are sleeping that the activity comes in and we are looking at more snow in the local mountains tomorrow very early but by noon it's all done. you get the break. tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the 40's to the 50's. below average for this time of year but you can get around without the rain. we do have more rain coming, check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will feature the cold tomorrow morning. we have a wintry mix early in the day. but then we get the break. sunday it is level one.
6:49 pm
snow over the higher peaks and then really a wet start to next week. wind monday through wednesday looking at some more rain and snow in the sierras. good stuff. dan: something else. thank you. ama: hope the warriors can get some good stuff. larry: you know the sign that says case of emergency break glass? this is last the. and now i have a broken hand. [laughter] time is running out for the warriors. they have one thing working out for them. next five games at home, they play their best there but who is healthy tonight? we just got
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and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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larry: warriors feel like they would be a dangerous team to play in the playoffs if they are healthy but that's the problem. steph curry, out tonight. andrew wiggins, out for personal reason. warriors hosting the rockets, worst team in the league. that's good news, there. last night they returned them got smoked by the lakers. i know they are shorthanded with two players logging a lot of minutes but the bottom line is they need to play better ■right now. 14 of 49 from deep is not going to get it done. they know they've got to clean it up and it's got to start tonight against houston. >> since i have been here
6:53 pm
fouling turnovers, with missing guys like steph, williams, gp, drain, can't have those kinds of mistakes. all those turnovers are going to kill us. two of our best scores are out of there. we are missing those guys. >> when we are struggling, research. if we had found something, i don't know. >> we gave it everything we got. content with that. if you give a full maximum effort, you can live with the results. larry: it's rough right now. the giants against the cubs, the a's and the diamondbacks. and we have the first victim of the new pitch clock. manny machado, take a look right here. wasn't set in the batter's vox when the clock counted down to
6:54 pm
eight seconds. automatic strike. no one on base? you can see the clock on the left-hand side going away as he begins his lineup or his approach to the plate. if someone is on base, the picture has 20 seconds. the clock has been used in the minors. it's going to be an adjustment in the bigs. >> it's going to take time and we have to be patient on our end . games are around the corner. some of these guys, including myself, have never had to deal with the timeframe of delivering a pitch without a penalty. it's going to be an adjustment for sure. larry: soothing frustration, they are lower -- they are lowering some of the beer prices at the park. that's the only thing going down in costs these days. surprising when blake martin is retired from the nfl after six
6:55 pm
seasons and now it makes more sense. he played his college ball at stanford made more than $28 million as a linebacker in the eight -- nhl -- nfl when he realized it might be time to focus on his side hustle, pokémon cards. he has made $5 million in the past seven months selling pokémon cards. he had been collecting them since he was six years old. look up in your attic. look in the closet. look anywhere. [laughter] dan: i had some of those when i was little. larry: look up there, dan. i will give you a boost. [laughter] dan: weekend project. larry: exactly. ama: coming up tonight at 8:00, watch episode one of "the manda lori and," followed by "2020," and of course abc7news 11:00. get the abc 7 bay area news app and join us wherever you want
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wherever you are. dan: finally, for people who live on capp street in the mission district, safety and not exposing children to round-the-clock prostitution matters a lot. as the i-team explained tonight, the attempts to keep the pimps, johns, and hookers off the streets has hit a snag. the barriers put in place to stop through traffic may not comply with state regulations. so, what to do? the city supervisor who represents the mission is hoping to create a red light district legalizing the sex trade. is that what we really want? on the opposite end of the spectrum, political leaders and police could crackdown for real. replace traffic barriers with a cop. nothing fights crime like a black and white car on patrol. at the very least it might chase a lot of john's away. when the operation relocates, chase them away there as well. make it a hassle to do business.
6:57 pm
if this was happening and see cliff, how long do you think they would let it go on? what really matters is that people on capp street deserve the same attention. i always love to hear what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. ama: that is it for this edition of abc7news. thank you for joining us. dan: from all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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♪♪ from this is the... stage introducing today's contestants-- in 2018, she competed as a freshman from libertyville, illinois. she's now in her first year of studies at caltech majoring in mechanical engineering. welcome back to "jeopardy!"... he was only in eighth grade when he became a finalist in the 2019 teen tournament. he's now a high school senior still representing sioux falls, south dakota. please welcome back ryan presler. and he was a semifinalist in the 2019 teen tournament as a high schooler from louisville, kentucky. he's now a junior at vanderbilt university
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majoring in chemistry and economics. here's... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. and welcome back to the high school reunion tournament. we've had an exciting week of games so far with justin bolsen punching his ticket to the semifinals yesterday. let's see what happens in our fifth quarterfinal as we welcome back jackson, ryan, and isabella to the alex trebek stage good luck to all three of you. let's see what categories await you in the "jeopardy!" round. let's get... "then" being when you were contestants the first time. and... each response begins with those three letters.


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