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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 25, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we are not done yet with rain or the snow. more wintry weather is headed toward the bay area. when it will arrive. a wild night of sideshows in oakland, and this might be a first -- a big rig joining in on the illegal activity. a sign of solidarity -- the bay area marks the beginning of the russian invasion of ukraine. and stories from the front lines. hear from a nurse who went to ukraine right after the war began and has spent nearly an entire year helping. and we are there as barbara lee kicks off person a campaign. why she hasked
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ap and t asslt capted on video event planned fr owo helwith of them. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. right weather situation. yet another wintry mix headed our way. >> more rain and snow -- in fact, three rounds headed our way in the next few days. for tomorrow's storm, it's to be level one on our exclusive impact scale, so it is like. there will be light to moderate rain, could be heavy around lunchtime. generally anywhere from a 10th to half an inch of rainfall. snow levels will come down to 3000 feet tomorrow, so here's the forecast animation. midnight, all clear, and then around 8:00 in the morning, you will notice some light rain, and then the heavier rain.
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that gets to the north bay and starts to hit san francisco and the peninsula right around lunchtime. the pink and white is snow. it moves out quickly, 4:00 in the afternoon. we get a break before we have two more rounds of rain on monday and then again tuesday. rainfall amounts for this one, anywhere from half an inch to .1 inch, and then we have more over the next few days. the on: watching that closely. thanks. mount diablo still covered in snow, a delightful site that is drawing many people to view it, but if you want to play in it, the entrance to the mountains are closed. the conditions come from a rare snowfall that hit the bay area friday morning. meantime, a stretch of highway 29 will remain closed through the weekend because of the bad weather. it is closed in napa county from tuft lane all the way to the county line.
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conditions rapidly deteriorated starting thursday night, leading to numerous wrecks. also you may want to consider travel plans if you are headed to yosemite this weekend. yosemite national park will be closed until at least wednesday, march 1. the park announced the closure due to severe weather conditions. this video from today shows how the recent storms have transformed the area into a wintry landscape. many families used today as their chance to head to the fresh snow in the sierra. chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 50. crews worked all day to keep those roads clear as yet another wave of snow approaches. >> we will make it and then will leave sierra soon as we can. >> and there's lots of fresh powder for skiers and snowboarders at tahoe ski resorts. at mount rose, snow was still falling today. they have received eight to 10 inches of snow overnight. and a alpine meadows ski resort, skiers enjoyed pristine conditions.
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palisades tahoe officials say they received more than four feet of snow this week. in the east bay, an appeals court has ruled that uc berkeley may not move forward with plans to build student housing on people's park until it addresses problems within the project's environmental impact report, but state leaders and the university plan to appeal to the california supreme court. we have been next steps in this battle. >> last summer, protesters stepped into -- protesters attempted to stop construction at people's park. according to an ruling, uc berkeley cannot move forward with plans to build student housing on people's park because it failed to assess potential noise impacts from loud student parties and residential neighborhoods near the campus, i long-standing problem. >> the courts are micromanaging. it is none of the court's
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business where uc berkeley decides to build housing on its land. >> california senator scott wiener says it amounts to nimby is him -- nimbyism backyard. >> you can imagine the stereotyping of low income people and people of color. that's not how we do things in california. >> in a statement to abc 7 new uc berkeley says it will appeal the decision to the california supreme court and that this new decision bestows new privileges and power to the privileged and powerful by arming new be neighbors -- nimby neighbors to obstruct the development of all new housing. >> basically, anyone who has the money to hire a lawyer can use sequel to try to kill anything they don't like, even if it is super pro-environmental. >> the new ruling allows the
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university to begin construction for housing for 1100 students and 125 lower income and on house residents. >> the fact that it was appealed to me is kind of positive. >> this berkeley resident is glad the court stopped the project, albeit for different reasons. she says the student -- the student housing shortage is not just about availability but also about affordability, exhibited by the number of on house people who currently live at people's park. >> there is a housing shortage because it is unavailable to people of a certain type of income. >> the lawyer and plaintiffs in this case were not available for comment. >> governor newsom also put out a statement saying, our sequel process -- our ceqa clearly broken when a few wealthy homeowners can block student housing for years or
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even decades. he is now vowing to change laws. your eyes are in the east bay, a semitruck part in a sideshow on the streets of oakland overnight. the semi was seen going in circles on grand avenue near the bay bridge. some people even hopped onto the track of the trailer during the stunt. cars were also seen doing doughnuts at at least two other locations, including across from the oakland coliseum and on the northbound i-83 freeway. to north bay now, where a fire damaged or destroyed more than 20 boats and jet skis. that blaze is under investigation tonight. it started just after 9:00 last night, and you can see in these dramatic pictures of the dock, it is covered in flames, sending up massive plumes of smoke. parts of the dock ended up sinking. the good news -- no one was injured in this fire. congressman barbara lee held her
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first campaign rally in her bid to replace retiring senator dianne feinstein. the east bay congresswoman fired up the people there to endorse her. you can see former mayor libby schaaf was on help as well. lee is the third high-profile democrat in the race alongside congress members adam schiff and katie porter. >> we the people have a cncto wr together. it is a chapter where we fight for dignity, for freedom, or justice, and together, we win when we fight, we win, and that's why i'm running for the united states senate. >> if lee third black woman in the country's history to serve in the u.s. senate. hundreds of ukrainian americans and their allies marched on a
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rally in san francisco today to mark one year since the russian invasion. as cornell barnard learned, many ukrainians are hopeful the fighting will end. >> ukrainians and their allies standing shoulder to shoulder near san francisco's ferry building knew the beginning of a war which many believed -- what -- which many never believed would still be raging one year later. maybe five houses destroyed by russians. >> she escaped her hometown of kyiv after the russian invasion. she says her father is fighting in the rainy -- ukrainian army. >> i know that god gives him strength and power to fight, and he is fighting for us. he is protectingndur country.
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such people, genocide. >> millions have left ukraine since the war began, and thousands have come to the bay area and west coast seeking asylum. >> i would say 20,000 probably, but we have many, many more ukrainians. >> they are here to protest the war against ukraine. >> many are thankful for america's a supportive ukraine, including president biden's visit this week, but some do not want a protracted conflict. hundreds marked down the embarcadero in a show of solidarity, many praying for peace and victory in their homeland. dion: a little later, a bay area nurse back briefly on the front lines of ukraine. what he has seen up close in the war-torn country. plus, two vendors in san jose
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brutally attacked.
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dion: happening tomorrow, a cookout to support two san jose street vendors who were brutally attacked. activists are bringing san jose street vendor by up to the city. the initiative will support the vendors who were attacked last week, you may remember, while working. both victims will serve customers at the site where sanchez was attacked. most street vendors are self-employed and typically do not get paid leave. the event organizer tells us what people can look forward to tomorrow. >> people are going to show up, try their food. there's going to be music.
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you can tip the vendors, get to know them. and just have a celebration for them. dion: the man accused of attacking sanchez was arrested and formally apologized for his actions. the event starts tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. with the state public health emergency ending in a few days, santa clara county is shutting down operations at its remaining mass testing and vaccination sites. today was the final day of shots at the fairgrounds, and it was also the final day of testing at its smaller site in san martin. officials say the volume of testing can be handled by doctors offices and clinics. in the north bay today, that was also the final day for covid-19 vaccine clinics in santa rosa. the clinic and community center will also close on february 28. and regional medical center of san jose hosted a color walk today to celebrate. community members participated in today's walk in front of the
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hospital. the festival kicked off right after the walk with performances and activities. people enjoyed live music from a volley with -- from a boll dj as well as bo dancers. the celebration marks the end of winter and marks the triumph of good over evil. community members celebrated black history month and lunar new year today. the event kicked off at visitation valley. there were cross-cultural performances of a line dance and african drumming. san francisco's public library was also there to host pokemon day activities. they held raffles and giveaways along with memorabilia to honor national pokemon day, which is on tuesday. the celebration aims to build cross-cultural unity between black and asian communities. speaking of, we hope you will
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join abc 7 news as we celebrate black life and culture this weekend. the six annual black joint parade is sunday in oakland, and abc 7 is bringing it to you live. there's also a street festival highlighting within 200 black-owned businesses along with food, games, and music from bands including parliament funkadelic featuring george clinton. >> we realized the power of physical movement. so many of us were away for covid and while we could create those moments of joy, there's nothing like hugging someone you have not seen in a long time, dancing on the ground with your friend, with your family. it is all about that health, about that wellness. it is emotional and psychological and experience -- and spiritual and to be in a community and experiencing that joy is what we are hoping for this year. dion: you can watch the black joy parade wherever you stream. it starts at 12: 30 sunday with abc 7 news anchors.
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for details, had to abc 7 news' website. once again, we have more on the weather. hold on to those umbrellas. >> yeah, we're going to have more rain and snow. you can see our way. it will arrive early tomorrow morning. right now, we are dealingitouds. it's going to be another chilly day tomorrow. here the live view right now. temperatures are mainly in the 40's. san francisco, 46. oakland, 47. palo alto, 45, san jose 47. this time, we are looking across from emeryville out toward san francisco. it really looks beautiful with most temperatures in the mid 40's like santa rosa, 45. fairfield, 44. livermore also 44 degrees. this time, we will check out the south bay.
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it will be chilly and cloudy overnight, but mainly dry. the level 1 storm system arrives tomorrow, and it is fairly cold. it will bring snow down to 3000 feet, and then we have more rain and an even colder system arriving on monday and tuesday with the possibility of thunderstorms, too, so with all this rain and snow, of course, this means really difficult travel to and from the sierra. there is a winter storm warning in effect starting at 10:00 a.m. and it goes through wednesday. we are talking three to six feet above 3000 feet, so you do not want to be driving at this time, and you absolutely do not want to be driving through a blizzard warning at this time, which is 4:00 a.m. monday to 4:00 a.m. wednesday. they are expecting 4 to seven feet of snow with white out conditions. really only want to limit it to just emergency travel. i recommend waiting until wednesday morning, late
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wednesday morning to travel. tomorrow morning 7:30, noticed still dry except the north bay. they have some light rain. even getting some snow with the pink and white. it moves very quickly south, so back 4:00, we started dry out except in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains in gilroy, and then it clears out, and here is the next system that comes in monday. this one is colder and also stronger. look at the areas of pink and white. that is snow. we could get one to three inches of snow in santa cruz mountains and even more in the east bay hills by wednesday. notice rainfall amounts will be like tomorrow, generally less than half an inch, but then by the end of monday, we will get anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half. highs, lows will be in the upper 30's to low 40's, so it will be cold but not quite as chilly. highs tomorrow generally low
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50's for almost everyone, and here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. three rounds of rain, one sunday, colder monday, a third round on tuesday, tapering off by early wednesday morning and then dry, sunny, and warmer before another system arrives next weekend. dion: those 70-degree days seem very far away. ks. cong this seems like the perfect dish right now given our weather, a bowl of clam chowder. the kick up of the event -- the kick off of an event
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sponsored by river rock casino what an honor for the man known as mr. shark, san jose sharks retiring patrick marlow's number 12, the first number retired in franchise history was emotional the whole way through marlowe is the nhl's all-time games play leader and holds nearly every shark's franchise scoring record. it was in this very ring i grew from a boy with stars in his eyes. to a man a husband and then a father this will always be home
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to me. thank you for this honor of a lifetime. in addition to many of his former. teammates bay area legends barry bonds, chris mullen raleigh fingers making an appearance as well. their jerseys have been retired by their respective teams. they then side in presented their jerseys to marlo as for the game after all that it was time to play hockey sharks wearing barlow's jerseys and warmest first period san jose of guinea suchnikov scores. it is tied to after one period final two 15 of the third sharks down three two, eric carlson blast sit home ties it three marlow up in the stands loves that we go to overtime no score in ot so in the shootout nick benito must score to extend things, but he is denied disappointing finish for the sharks for three, but otherwise great night wcc's top two teams number 15 saint mary's at number
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12 gonzaga drew timmy mustaches everywhere in the stands timmy spinning and winning the lefty lay in and then it's timmy time with a block scored a team high 19 zags led by as many as 19 early on but second half here come the gales camp lindo highs aidan mahaney three of his nine gales down single digits a minute later. kyle bowen the miss alex. duke is flying in for the tip in gales within six, but too much zags beautiful, give and go and aunt ton watson throws it down. zags win. 7768 clinton a share of the regular season conference title the wcc attorney starts next week. number three stanford women at number 8, utah pac-12 regular season title on the line here stanford trails the entire second half here cameron brink to haley jones. she had just nine points though. and then it's brink doing her thing inside. this will give stanford another bucket. they're down one with two and a half to go. she had 14 points,ut pn. gi ns dger three gameor
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in ofs.8liha of thec-12 rn titl7 sports is sponsored by river rock casino dion it's almost march madness in the calendar turns to march the madness is officially on and it's about to happen. listen, you do not need to remind me because you've been talking about and thinking about it ever since last very true. yeah, that sounds about right countdown's always on christmas. thank you very much. well just ahead only in florida man versus beast. we've got the dramatic body cam footage of police officer taking on an alligator. and a bay area nurse has spent nearly a year in ukraine helping those most in need his stories of war as he prepares to head back and help some more.
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area moving forwardons. this is abc 7 news. today marks the second year of fighting in the ward ukraine. it comes amid new military aid and as the us warns china of the consequences of providing aid to
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russia. here's abc news reporter patrick revel with the latest from kiev. as the war in ukraine enters its second year ukraine tonight battling to hold off russian assaults on the eastern front line as new military aid arrives on friday the first key leopard two tanks reaching ukraine from poland our senior military leaders really believe that the things they need most right now are armor capabilities artillery capabilities air defense capabilities. those are the things that that we believe they're going to really need here in the weeks and months ahead the biden administration issuing what they're calling one of its most significant sanctions actions to date against russia the new package targets more than 200 additional people and companies both in russia and other countries aiming to crack down on sanctions of asian. it comes amid concerns. china is on the verge of supplying lethal aid to moscow and that's it ukrainian president zelensky saying preventing that is his number one priority president biden telling abc's david muir. he's warned president xi jinping against it and i said and if you
11:36 pm
are engaged in the same kind of brutality by supporting the brutality is on i said you may face the same consequence. well, i didn't in g7 leaders met with zelensky virtually on friday promising to intensify financial and military support and to maintain it as long as it takes in caves the lensky presented military chaplains with state awards marking the solemn anniversary of the start of the war. the un says 13 million, ukrainians have been driven from their homes 8 million of them as refugees in europe. meanwhile, ukraine in a desperate battle to hold the eastern city of makmute its top ground forces commander tonight traveling there to help personally direct the defense as russia tries to encircle it patrick revel abc news, kiev. you at 11:00 back now to the bay area where san francisco nurse has been on the front lines in ukraine since right after the war started abc7 news reporter tara campbell has been following his journey from the very beginning and caught up with him today. i just sit here and watch the
11:37 pm
bay, you know, the fairies go back and forth. it's just very soothing for me and listen to the seagulls dennis otoshi taking a moment just days ago. he returned to san francisco home after nearly nine months volunteering on the front lines in ukraine as they registered nurse doing trauma and critical care. i came in very handy. dennis is a volunteer with the american red cross there on his own dime teaming up with the ukrainian red cross last march. i spoke with him shortly after his arrival one often a large ambulance to one of the buildings that was hit by cruise missile one russian attack after the next dennis continued to respond rarely thinking of the risk. i just said they need my help here. i am. where do you need me to go what you need me to do describing a moment narrowly missed by a russian missile his team leaving a residential building. and time one of the repurposed
11:38 pm
s300 cruise missiles landed outside the gate and formed a huge crater that would have been about 15-20 feet deep. luckily. no one was hurt except for one feral cat which we treated and one particular animal capturing his heart the team adopting a young german shepherd the pup a welcomed face in the face of war. unfortunately in late march or the april i won the team to the areas on butcher and airpin so that was pretty horrific in these town. first insect has run up there check for pulse, but then the army said everyone stay away. they'll booby trap the body person who goes up there and maybe attempts to roll them over after they check for a pulse. then there's an explosion. and bite the horror as he
11:39 pm
describes dennis plans on returning this spring. i anticipate that many people who fled the country will be coming back. they'll be coming back to their houses their job opportunities their schooling and the system's going to kind of get overwhelmed again, especially in terms of like electrical grid. in the meantime, he's taking some time to take it all in tara campbell abc 7 news. well take a look at this newly released body cam video shows a south florida police officer wrangling a nearly seven foot long alligator. that was just wandering through a neighborhood. look at that. police officers placed a lasso rope along the gators snout and tightened it around its legs. the officer says it took him a few tries to catch it eventually though state fish and wildlife. officials arrived and trapped that gator only in florida. we'll still had tonight on abc 7
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news at 11 the bay area woman working to build a better bay area one building at a time and we have more rain and snow on the way plus if you're heading to and from tahoe, i'll let you know when the best time is to leave.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can beat it! ♪ visit or call 833-422-4255 to ask for medication to treat covid-19.
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dion: abc wirral seven news is celebrating black history month -- abc 7 news. at the age of 80, 1 woman intention to stop. she is building homes and a legacy. ♪
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west oakland, it is all about tilting. -- about building not just his new apartment building, but legacy, community, and wealth. >> i feel like i put one more footstep in the sand of time. >> this is the woman behind it. she named the building going up the black panther. do you feel like this is a continuation of that legacy? >> i absolutely do. >> elaine brown served as chair of the black panther party, an organization founded in oakland in 1966, dedicated to fighting for housing, health care, food, employment, and education for the black community. now brown says that work will continue in this building. what do you think about when you stand here? >> to know that this community that is not only black, but has been abandonstroyed d it beautye
11:45 pm
spirit of people who imagined community wealth. >> between the 1940's and 1960's, 7th street competed with san francisco's fillmore district with -- for the title of harlem of the west with its bustling music scene and black-owned businesses, but several urban renewal projects uprooted the black community. brown founded a got a license from the city of oakland to develop it. brown set her sights on a building with businesses and affordable housing. the biggest challenge -- the $80 million price tag. >> nobody knows how i did it. i don't even know how i did it, but i for smile way -- i my way into the system to get enough money to do it. >> more than half the money came
11:46 pm
from the state, all the units for people with low income. brown says the ground floor will be a commercial space with businesses owned by people who are formerly incarcerated or economically marginalized. brown made it a priority to hire black contractors to build the black panther. one project manager says it is something you don't see a lot. >> it is very significant. it means a lot. when people see that, they kind of got a different sense of can do that, i can be there, it can be possible. >> the building is not set to be finished until 2024, but oakland on the world is already working with prospective residents. an in this area for two months to highlight the housing crisis and is now part of the team engaging with them every week. >> it gives me a chance to be
11:47 pm
part of oakland's development. as we see these nice buildings going up, they are unaffordable for us, so to see a nice project being affordable for black people to live in is a great opportunity. >> at 80 years old, brown she we doing this. >> i didn't even think i would be alive past 30. we all thought we were going to die, but we didn't. if you didn't die, i had a duty to remember why did i start the work with the black panther party? i had to hold onto it and i can as an individual. >> continuing the black panther legacy while building a new one. dion: she is remarkable. the building is set to be completed in early 2024. once again, let's get to francis and the weather situation. we are watching closely, especially after the past couple of days we have had. >> yeah,e gng get
11:48 pm
more of that wintry mix and in the sierra, you do not want to travel starting in :00 a.m. through tomorrow, so get it in early because otherwise, you will have to wait until wednesday morning with a winter storm warning in effect. you absolutely do not want to be on the road during the blizzard warning which starts 4:00 a.m. monday and continues through 4:00 a.m. wednesday. only emergency travel. lowes tonight will be in the upper 30's, even mid 80's to mid 40's. it will be cool and chilly, but not quite as cool. highs tomorrow generally will be in the lower 50's, a few upper 40's there. this system moves through pretty quickly. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. we have round one tomorrow, level 1 storm, and round it up on monday. colder system bringing snow to some of our mountaintops. more snow tuesday and possibly several inches in some of our mountaintops and then a break hand dryer by the end of the
11:49 pm
week before another wet weekend ahead -- and dryer by the end of the week before another wet weekend ahead. dion: thanks. once again, let's get to chris alvarez with another preview of sports. chris: the san jose earthquakes open a new center -- a new season in atlanta. plus, how stephen curry is highlighting one of the hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes.
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news anchor: good morning, hollywood. and believe it or not, it is a very good morning, as the mayor's office and the cdc are reporting record low infection rates for la county and beyond. it was an intense spring and an even crazier summer, but now that we have cleaned out our closets, reorganized our pantries, and sort of learned how to make sourdough,
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we are all dying to get out there and see the world. singer: ♪ do you remember ♪ ♪ the 21st night of september? ♪ ♪ love was changing the mind of pretenders ♪ ♪ while chasing the clouds away ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember? ♪ ♪ ba-dee-ya, dancing in september ♪ baby, how many times do we have to go over this? that's why they call them microquakes. they're small. singer: ♪ ba-du, ba-du, ba-du, ba-du ♪ ♪ ba-du, ba-du ♪ -whoo-hoo! -singer: ♪ ba-du, ba-du ♪ (microquake rumbles) (tense music) (panting) that does not go there. (branches snapping) hey, siri. call 9-1-1!
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linda: 9-1-1, what's your emergency? janell: the dam at the hollywood reservoir. the damn dam is coming down! linda: where is your location right now, ma'am? janell: oh, god! i'm not gonna make it! -linda (screams) -(phone buttons beep) -(siren whirs) (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ maddie: you know what i miss? i miss caffeine. i mean, we're sleeping great. the morning sickness is gone. we're in the sweet spot, but i really need my cup of joe in the morning. yeah, well, that's no longer part of your complete breakfast. peppermint tea. delicious. you are not drinking peppermint tea. that is coffee. i can smell it, now give it. don't do it, albert! don't you do it! i'll make you coffee. chimney: maddie... the doctor said one cup a day. yeah, well, she's the doctor. not the parent. i think you mean the hyper-parent. hey, go stick your face in your own facetime. buck: i should pull the plug on yours 'cause you should be bickering with her in your own kitchen.
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eddie and hen went back to their kids months ago, and you're the only one still going all "world war z." i'm being cautious. and we're not bickering. we're bantering. playfully. speaking of which, shouldn't you be upstairs talking to your new covid crush? she had to go, and it's not like that with us. no, she's just a woman you talk to for hours at a time through a webcam. i don't know why you won't tell us about her. wait, you met someone in the middle of a pandemic? what's your secret? no, i don't have a secret, okay? now i am gonna go and take a shower. shifts starts in an hour. we leave in 30. maddie: you know, he's not wrong. i mean, the point of moving in was to live together. we could be having our pillow talk on actual pillows. chimney: (sighs) i know. i know, but hello, global pandemic. we need to be safe. so we take precautions like everyone else. i mean, would it be so bad if we both had to strip down at the end of the day? is my brother still in the room?
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albert: oh, uh, not listening. (scoffs) (laughs) oh! good morning! is the baby kicking again? every morning like clockwork. maybe the kid likes coffee. the kid's the size of a mango. the mango doesn't get a say. yeah, well, mango misses daddy. (sighs) all right, i better get going. shift starts in less than an hour. i love you. both. love you too, bro. (device beeps) oh, he probably meant you and the baby. hey, hey, hey. don't worry. howard will be home soon. he's just, um... scared. isn't everybody? (solemn music) ♪ ♪ (tense music) ♪ ♪
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(man shouts) (both shouting) (sighs) (knocking on door) okay, they're on. harry: i can't talk for long, mom. i got a zoom homeroom in, like, ten minutes. athena: well, what's up with the jacket and tie? your dad forget to do laundry again? excuse me? the laundry is done. thank you very much. little man just wanted to get dressed up today. what's her name? tiana. -oh, you guys suck. -language. you know what? i like you all dressed up. maybe letting you go live with your dad after quarantine wasn't such a bad idea after all. exactly. (chuckles) athena: oh, no. i take that back. put some pants on! david: morning, athena. bobby. good morning. hey, how's everything in the er, david? you still overwhelmed? actually, i'm about to go in and do a regular, old brain surgery today. and then he's going to the er to help out. gotta go.
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have a great first day back, athena.


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