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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 26, 2023 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> we are thrown into the blazing fire, if our church burns up, the god we serve is able to deliver us from it. [applause] dion: united in faith. two different houses of worship join forces today in oakland to serve the faithful. thank you for joining us. i dion lim. am an east bay struggling church obligation is rising from the ashes. just one week after a fire destroyed oakland's first african methodist episcopal church, or fame as it is called. the church on telegraph avenue is the oldest black church in the east bay, and was badly damaged by fire last sunday. today parishioners were able to wash up once again thanks to a -- to worship all thanks to a nearby jewish synagogue which opened its doors. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard was there. ♪ >> yes, we were knocked down. maybe a little broken and sad.
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but we are going to rise out of the ashes. cornell: members of oakland's first african methodist episcopal church, or fame, were back in the pews for a day of worship, only this was at a synagogue. >> praise and gratitude to the rabbi. [cheers and applause] cornell: temple beth abraham opened its doors, hours after learning a fire had destroyed the historic church on telegraph avenue on february 19. >> it's just heartbreaking, but the fact that we could make something happen and give them a place to pray is amazing. >> sometimes we don't know why god allows certain things to happen, but one thing is for certain, we will rise again. cornell: pastor rodney d. smith says same is oakland oldest african-american church, dating back to the 1850's. >> never in a million years did i think i would be pastoring in a church that would burn down
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two years after i arrived, but it happened. the only thing i know is, god must have chosen me to help be a part of the solution. cornell: smith says the solution means not only rebuilding the church, but making the ministry greater than it was before. >> our focus is how can we bring people together how can we bring the city together? how can we use tragedy to do something special? cornell: a gofundme account has raised almost $50,000 to help rebuild. for now, fame parishioners are feeling blessed to be back together after a difficult week. >> it's not about being sad, depressed or anything like that, it's about a new beginning and a new start. cornell: fame's congregation is invited to return to the temple again next sunday. the cause of the church fire is still under investigation. >> we know we have got a long journey ahead of us. but it is going to take all of us together. reporter: in oakland, cornell barnard, abc7 news. to our other top story, showers moved back into the bay area
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today. you can see it is raining in bellemont. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian joins us. and this is just the beginning. spencer: certainly is. right now it is almost the ending for this storm, but there are two on the way. down in the south bay, the storm is still producing state and locally heavy downpours in the san jose area. this storm on the impact scale is a level one. tonight we will see the rain tapering off, but we could see two tents to --2/1 an inch of rain from the system. a stronger one starts to sweep through and it could bring the possibility of snow, down to 3000 feet or snow and up to five inches in the east bay hills and santa clara hills. so this winter weather advisory is in effect in the east bay and
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southbay hills from 10:00 p.m. tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. tuesday. more on the weather coming up this week in just a moment. spencer, thank you. crews are working to restore power after a week of dry wet weather brought down trees and power lines. at last check, more than 4000 customers were without electricity. across the state, 120,000 people lost electricity today. contra costa county residents impacted by the series of winter storms in december and january, still have time to apply for federal assistance. in disaster recovery center opened today at the civic center. residents can apply in person from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. the center will be open through february, and it will then move to community presbyterian church in pittsburgh. don't forget, you can always track of weather conditions and access the same live doppler
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7 that our own uses, anytime you want. you can find it on demand on the abc7 bay area app. a special event in the bay area marked black history month by celebrating the black experience and the community's contribution to history and culture. you may have watched the parade live on our website or on the streaming app. >> kumasi, if you can hear us out there, who do you have? >> i am having the best time here! [laughter] dion: yes, she is totally joyful . abc7 news anchors kumasi aaron jobina fortson, julian glover , and the owner of the gold beams event production company, talyle today's private coverage in oakland. abc7 news reporter tara campbell has all the highlights. tara: five blocks of celebration
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in the heart of oakland. the sixth annual black joy parade, taking to the streets. umbrellas up and jackets on, the parade, rolling in despite the day's rain. >> this is all about celebration, joys, smiles, laughs, and the community coming together and being one. tara: amber lester is the cofounder of the black joy parade, and says the weather is setting a special tone. >> it is even more see all the people come out knowing that it is going to be cold and wet and they are still dedicated to this moment. and this movement. >> here to support the black community take. i am so excited and i am so happy that we did not let a little rain keep us away. tara: people coming from near and far. danielle hamlin making the trip from long beach. >> we are going to come together as one and celebrate how amazing it is to be black. i am grateful to be here! reporter: i love seeing the kids out, everyone smiling. >> everyone is happy. everyone is smiling.
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tara: petra brady is with the oakland chamber of commerce. >> everyone gets to see something positive about oakland, that is the best part about today. tara: and these sorority sisters, one of many contingents marching in the parade. >> the parade is an opportunity for the various diaspora of african-americans in the bay area to represent and feel happy and celebrate all of their accomplishments. reporter: tara campbell, abc7 news. dion: and you can watch the black joy parade in its entirety a little bit later tonight on our website,, or over on the abc7 bay area streaming app. and man got much more than he expected during an early morning beach hike, take a look, he had to be hoisted to safety. why some first responders could not come to his rescue. plus, a show of support for two for vendors who were recently assaulted in san jose. business was really good for them today. we will hear from one of them
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through your cancer diagnosis. never forget those who loved you so well and know that you have the responsibility to give back. love, dad. dion: the chp is investigating a shooting that left a woman dead on the oakland freeway off ramp. just after 1:30 a.m. in the morning, officers received a report of a victim being
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assaulted at i-580 and edwards avenue. emergency personnel found she had been shot. that woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and authorities do located. -- do not have a motive, and suspect has been located. tomorrow, an oakland school number will host a zoom town to discuss the district's finances. board member sam davis will hold a virtual meeting with oakland unified cfo to discuss how the district can best use its resources. that townhall is set to start at 5:30 p.m. part of the conversation is expected to focus on teacher pay. for the past four months, oakland teachers have been without a working contract. negotiations continue, but ousd is warning about an expected budget deficit. moving to the south bay now, where community members showed up to support two street vendors who were recently attacked in san jose. they held a cookout in support of the victims, and to raise awareness.
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carlos sanchez, you may remember, was taunted and even threatened by a man with a baseball bat, and days earlier, saul rococo was brutally attacked from behind and knocked unconscious. today both victims served customers at the site where sanchez was attacked. >> i feel blessed with all of these people around trying to help us. >> i think it shows that society does not approve of those actions to you know, they are a big part of the economy and they are a demographic that is at risk every day. dion: definitely true. the man accused of attacking sanchez has been arrested, and since put out a formal apology for his actions. be said about the man who assaulted him. a hiker is recovering after a dramatic rescue by the coast guard. take a look at this, the dolphin helicopter crew posted the stranded riker at about six
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people in the morning at muscle rock beach. officials say the man reported he was stuck on the beach with no way back up the cliff, that was 90 minutes prior. san mateo county fire could not help him because of the steep terrain, so the coast guard says the rescue was successful because the hiker was able to contact first responders. powerful winter storm leaving its mark. oof, and in one cliffside crumbles, taking homes with it. taking a live look outside at those conditions, you cannot see the raindrops, but they are coming. the new series of showers. spencer will let us know especially when and where they will be the heaviest, a head your accuweather forecast. chris: what a night for mr. shark. patrick marleau's number 12 lifted into the rafters.
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class, how stephen curry is violating on
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dion: alva stormwatch coverage takes us to southern california. you can see some of the dramatic images.
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a soaked hillside gave way in valencia, north of los angeles. at least three motorhomes were swept into the santa clara river. the national weather service says downtown l.a. received 4 x .5 inches of rain from the recent storm, with some neighborhoods getting more than 10 inches. i-5 in the atwater village area of los angeles is open again, but yeah, here is what the stretch of highway looks like for much of the weekend. severe flooding left several cars submerged in this led to a closure of all lanes, starting at 7:00 a.m. yesterday. caltrans had to use several portable pumps to drain floodwater off the highway. more snow is in the sierra and more on the way as well. you can see the roads in tahoe. this is a view earlier in the day. chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 50. caltrans kept the roads cleared, which is helping families returning from the rican in the
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sierra. good for skiing. not for those alerts. spencer: and more snow is on the way, several feet later this week. dion: maybe they don't want to go back home, the maybe they should stay. [laughter] spencer: can't get to work, i am stuck in the snow! here in the bay area we have had snow in the higher elevations. right now still some lingering rainfall and brief downpours out of the south by, but as you can see on live doppler seven, much of the storm has pushed out of the bay area. we will get a break in the late-night hours. the storm ranked level one on the storm impact scale. there could still be pockets of showers that will trail the end of the storm and snow levels are down to about 3000 feet. here is our camera looking over towards the bay bridge, you can see some blue showing through. 45 degrees in san francisco.
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. up her 40's in oakland and palo nice view from emeryville looking at the western sky and you can see lots of clearing. temperature readings, 48 in santa rosa, mid-to-upper 40's in fairfield, concord and livermore. looking across the embarcadero from our rooftop camera, you can see the clouds. rain tapers of this evening and it will be cold overnight. even colder storm tomorrow with a slight chance of a storm mix in. more rain on tuesday with storm levels dropping to any 500 feet here in the bay here is the forecast animation. a break tonight before storms push into the bay between. 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be an energetic and cold storm. mid-30s in the east bay and in the south bay, around the day shortly, up her 40's to around 50. tomorrow another chilly day, temperatures droppi ranging
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49-51 degrees. as mentioned, the snow levels will be low wil with that storm. it tapers off overnight that it will be followed with another cold storm tuesday morning that will produce rain and high elevation snow on tuesday. let's look at projected rainfall totals. basically 1.25-1.75 inches of rain most areas and with snow levels dropping and expected to accumulate in our higher elevations, it winter advisory is in effect here in the bay area from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, till 4:00 p.m. tuesday. in the north bay hills, it is from 10 p.m. tonight to 4:00 a.m. tuesday. five inches or more of snow could accumulate about 5000 feet. on wednesday we start to get a break, then sunshine. so near and louder on thursday
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and friday,. >> then rain returns next weekend. >>. >> now, abc7 struggles with chris alvarez. chris: tomorrow will mark the seven year anniversary of one of the most famous charts in nba regular season history. it was great. and breen's call was iconic. >> curry, up top. bang! bang!. oh, what a shot from curry! with 6/10 of a second remaining! chris: the shot effectively known as the double bang came with 1.9 seconds left against it kevin durant's thunder. >> one of the most special because it nba regular season history. the double bang. so i wanted to give you this as a token of appreciation for that moment. ♪ >> hey, i am hoping this video finds you
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in good spirits. as i get ready to release the curry to bang! bang! retro for the first time ever, i realized i couldn't really sneeze without -- release these without the involvement of the guy who gave these shoes the nickname seven years ago. you are the first person to get these in hand. >> wow. thank you, man. that is so nice of you. >> those are the originals. >> that is so cool. >> absolutely. so thank you. chris: steph curry is still on the mend with that injured leg. the warriors did not have an answer for minnesota's player early, he had 18 points in the first quarter, the most by any player in one quarter against the warriors the season. . . jerome providing the spark got to love the steel. and what a reverse layup in. warriors down nine. second quarter, jordan poole a lot out of control. he gets in control. a hoop and a foul. nice play from jp
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jonathan coming there dropping off for klay. klay had a team-high 12 at the half. we will have the full highlight that 11:00. good game there. wonderful ceremony last night for patrick marleau, the first shark to ever have his number retired in san jose. he was the second pick overall in 1997. number one that year was joe thornton, who became his teammate. the duo played 15 years together, both shedding happy tears during last night's ceremonies. >> got the benefit from him on the ice, but mostly a benefit from his optimism, and being a great he has become much more than just a teammate, but a friend i hope to have her life. >> i am lucky to have a guy that can shoot the puck like that. we probably needed each other and i think our play, showed that we were just a perfect fit together. i can't say enough good things
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about patrick marleau. chris: joe has got the playoff beard and full effect. . that shark sufficiently traded timo meier. they get a seventh rounder and several prospects. that sharks also gave up some minor league players. the 26-year-old was in his seventh year with san jose, second on the team with 52 last season he became the only
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dion: tonight on abc7news at 11:00, we are all about the weather still rolling in this week, tracking the blizzard warning for tahoe, and also potential thunderstorms in the bay area. plus, a racist rant from the play area creator of the dilbert classic comic. now a tech ceo is coming to his defense. the stories and much more to net 11:00. right now a women's lacrosse team found a practical way to warm up for a recent match well-stocked on a road trip. [screaming] -- while [laughter]
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dion: dion: and jumping up and down. the players from elon university muscled up to help push their set of the mud well on the way to imagine virginia. the team went on to win the match, their very first road win of the season. they deserve it! chris, your hypothesis of what happened, then chasing after the best? chris: still waiting for answers, i got distracted by the warriors in the last 30 minutes, but i would appreciate it thank you from the bus driver. dion: a honk, maybe? chris: something.
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>> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, we're celebrating black history month, bringing murals to life with ar, discovering the power of plants, indulging in gourmet desserts, but first, empowering kids in the classroom. >> welcome, ladies. so, we're doing color-by-numbers, okay? you guys have all the tools you need? how you doing, man? you finish one?


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