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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 26, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> burned but not broken. right now, a church community was planning to round -- rally around the site of last destructive fire. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. we will get you back to that seen in a few minutes, but first we turn our attention to the weather. it was a weekend of cold, rain, and snow in the rarest of bay area places. today was a busy scene around northern california. overnight will be no different. spencer: what was today's storm is not tomorrow's. we have relatively quiet conditions right now, maybe a spot or two of spreckels. here's what is coming our way
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tomorrow morning around 7:00. our next wave of stormy weather coming our way. heavy downpours, scattered showers, and some snow throughout our higher peaks. it will be quickly followed by another storm coming in early tuesday morning just as the orting commuters getting underway. it, too, will produce some relatively widespread rainfall, occasional downpours, and it's going to be even colder than tomorrow's storm, which means we could see snow as low as 2000 feet here in the bay area. we have a couple storms coming our way, both winter storms, and as a result, we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the hills, the east bay, mount hamilton area, and the north bay hills from a.m. tuesday. in the bay area, winter storms nonstop. more in the seven-day forecast coming up. dion: that pretty much sums it up. the weather is not letting up
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this week with blizzard warnings for parts of the sierra and possible thunder here at home. while some are loving the recent crazy weather, others say they have had enough. j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight. jr what it looked like in parts of the bay area sunday as rain fell and vehicles like the ones you're looking at on highway 24 and lafayette spun out. >> the weather has been terrible. i am soaking wet. jr: out-of-towners in san francisco from los angeles were not living anything about this wet weather that caused bridge slowdowns, limited visibility, and most of all, wet boots. >> i'm ready for the next thing. i'm a big beach type of person. i like the sun. this is kind of depressing to me. jr: our recent weather has been anything but depressing for this skier who shot this video friday
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that has since racked up more than 1.5 million views because of where it was recorded. not at tahoe or the sierra, but on mount diablo in the east bay. truly what the dudes or do that's -- or dudet gnarley. as to the sierra snow, if you did not go this past weekend, you might be out of luck. blizzard warnings go into effect monday morning. those we talked with say there is already snow everywhere in southlake. >> there was about at least five feet of snow, and in some parts where they plowed, it is taller than me. i think i left at a perfect time before it got dumped on again. jr: with more rain i more snow expected to fall in
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the sierra, you may want to -- >> drive slow. there were a lot of people going absolutely insane on the gas pedal. dion: the oakland zoo is daytime admission tomorrow because of the brain. you will be refunded automatically if you have a reservation. this it will make a final decision at noon tomorrow about little ribbons. the oakland zoo was closed for almost a month in january after those mega storms cost a giant sinkhole new the entrance. to get the full picture of the storms tomorrow when you wake up with our abc 7 news morning steam. everything you need for the rain commute. just to in starting at 5:00 a.m. on abc 7 and then screaming at 7:00 a.m. on the abc numeral seven bay area streaming tv app. until then, we will keep you updated on all the day's weather . our live updates go straight to
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your phone depending on where you live. just download now and be sure to enable those push alerts. happening now, the community of faith coming together in oakland tonight exactly one week after a fire destroyed and historic lack church in oakland. a vigil is being held right now at the first african methodist episcopal church. it was severely damage this time last week. earlier today, parishioners were able to hold sunday worship thanks to a neighboring synagogue. cornell barnard has more. ♪ >> yes, we were knocked down, maybe a little broken, maybe a little sad. we will rise out of the ashes. cornell: movers of oakland's first african methodist episcopal church were back to worship, only this was a synagogue. >> gratitude to the rabbi.
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>> temple beth abraham opened its doors to fame hours after learning and fire had destroyed the historic church on february 19. >> it is just heartbreaking, but the fact that we can make something happen and give them a place to pray >> sometimes we don't know why god allows certain things to happen, but one thing is for certain -- we will rise again. cornell: pastor smith says fame is oakland's oldest african-american church dating back to the 1850's. >> never in a million years that i think i would be passing a church that would burn down two years after i arrived, but it happened. the only thing i know is that god must have chosen me to help be part of the solution. cornell: smith says that solution means not only rebuilding his church, but making the ministry greater than it was before. >> our focus is how can we bring people together?
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how can we bring the city together? how can we use our tragedy to do something special? cornell: a gofundme account has raised thousands to help rebuild. >> it is not about being sad, depressed, or any of that. it is about a new beginning, a new start. cornell: the congregation is invited to return to the temple again next sunday. a cause of the church fire is still under investigation. >> we know we've got a long journey ahead of us, and it's going to take all of us. dion: we have some interesting new details tonight about that wild sideshow in oakland from friday night. you -- that is a semi truck doing doughnuts in the middle of west grand avenue knew the bay bridge toll plaza planes. some people even hopped on the back of the truck during the stunt. other cars were seen doing
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doughnuts from across the coliseum and on northbound i-880. in email to us, oakland police say it is limited on the details it can provide on the sideshows due to the city's recent ransomware attack. it is unclear exactly how that attack is limiting police, but we will stay on top of this and let you know. more problems in the city oakland. comcast is working to fix some outages after the company says bullets damaged one of its fiber cables. here's a tweet the company sent out about 2:00 this afternoon. comcast which fibers were impacted or how many customers were affected, but if you remember, at the end of january of last year, the same exact thing happened, knocking out internet for some 20,000 comcast customers in oakland. to the south bay now, where we
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saw a shining example of neighbors supporting neighbors after two horrible attacks. two local food vendors work victims of threats and violent attacks earlier this month in san jose. today the community showed up for them in a big way. organizers held a big cookout to help the men and raise awareness. today, both fired up the grills and served as many customers as they could hope for. at the same site where one of them was attacked. >> i feel blessed with all these people around to help us. >> i think it shows that society does not approve of those actions. vendors are a big part of the economy, and they are a demographic that is at risk every day. dion: the men accused of attacking the vendor outside an auto parts shop has then arrested and has since put out a formal apology for his actions. the man assaulted outside the sap center hopes the same concern be said for the man who
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targeted him. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, the search for a popular bay area dj missing since thursday, and now his friends are taking action. the very latest on the case. plus, extremely dangerous driving through tahoe and multiple spin outs. that, plus a busy week of bay area weather. our storm watch and spencer's full forecast next.
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dion: new developments tonight in the search for a popular local radio dj. a growing collection of candles and flowers is set up and spelling out his name outside of the iheartradio building on townsend. jeffrey vandergriff hosts jb show every morning but has not been seen since thursday night. tonight, we saw some of his friends posting missing flyers around the neighborhood where he was last seen at his home. he is six feet tall, 180 pounds, and has tattoos on his arms and above his right ear. police asked for anyone with information to come forward. a string of violence in a single stretch of east oakland. since friday, five people have been shot along international boulevard. early saturday morning at around midnight, officers found the person who was shot near 84th. second -- soon after, police located a second gunshot victim
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who had crashed into a pole. both were taken to hospitals in critical condition. friday night, there were three people killed in three separate shootings. two were along international boulevard in 7000 blocks. oakland police are investigating this string of violence. public safety is something we are always monitoring in a fact-based way with our neighborhood safety tracker. it is a new tool you can explore for yourself. here at this page, you will see how these crimes break down by neighborhood over time and compared to other cities. it is part of the abc 7 neighborhood safety tracker available on our website, new details now in that major decision on the historic and long debated people's park in berkeley. the park is located just south of uc berkeley's campus and has been fought over as a possible site for much-needed student housing. it is one of the landmarks of the 1960's social rights
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movement and has recently become a common spot for homeless and can't miss. on friday, an appeals court ruled uc berkeley cannot move forward with its student housing plan until it addresses problems with the project environmental impact report. that report says the university failed to consider loud, noisy student parties. some -- some neighbors near the campus call it a long-standing problem. >> if something as a government which you see as causing significant environmental impacts, you need to look at alternatives to that proposal that would reduce those impacts, and you see -- uc simply did not do that. they refused to do that even though my clients asked them to. dion: in a statement to abc 7 news, uc berkeley says they will appeal the decision to the california supreme court.
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now to the lively event once the bay area today celebrating black history month and the black experience of history and culture. you may have watched the black joy parade live on the website for the abc 7 streaming app. >> i am having the best time out here. dion: what a party! abc news anchors hosted today's coverage along with taylor crenshaw. rain certainly could not dampen the joy from all ages near and far. >> the black community is predominant here, so the fact we get to come together and dashed together as one and celebrate how amazing it is to be black is awesome. dion: you can watch the parade in its entirety on our website,, or on the
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bay area streaming tv app. happening now -- driving is becoming extremely dangerous up in the sierra. this is a live look along i-80 in the truckee area were parts of i had an 80 work shutdown on and off today due to heavy snow and spin outs. this, speaking of, was one of them. a multiple-car pilot. the good news -- no one was injured, but still, driving has been slow. i-80 is back open with chain controls in effect, and highway 50 is being held in both directions due to spin outs. no word on every opening time. i mean, what a mess. spencer: greatness. driving conditions in the sierra will become even more challenging in the next couple of days here is a look at what is happening in the bay area. not much, actually, which is
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good news. we had rain earlier today, but right now, conditions are quiet and that storm has moved out. here is a live view from the exploratorium camera, looking back under partly clear skies. we have local to mid 40's at oakland, palo alto, san jose, santa clara. 39 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville under, again, partly clear skies. temperatures are dropping. mid to upper 30's right now at santa rosa, napa, fairfield, and low 40's at concord and livermore. these are our forecast headlines. we have a breaking away right now, but it will be cold overnight and an even colder storm comes in tomorrow with a slight chance of thunderstorms mixed in, and more rain is likely on tuesday with snow levels dropping down to about 2000 feet. the approaching storm ranks a level on the exclusive
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storm level. again, chance of isolated thunder being mixed in. snow levels dropping down to around 2500 feet tomorrow. it will be relatively quiet until about 7:00 a.m., and then that promises some swings, and is it's going to be an energetic storm system bringing, again, widespread rainfall and occasional downpours. breezy gusty at times and cold with snow falling over higher elevations. overnight low temperatures will drop into the low and low to mid 80's in the north bay valleys. in the inlet east bay and south bay, mainly mid 30's. it will be chilly everywhere, and chilly during the day tomorrow as well with high temperatures only in the upper 40's to low 50's tomorrow. let's take a look at the second storm coming in. actually, it will be the third we had one today. relatively calm going into the midnight hours tomorrow night, but early tuesday morning even before the morning commute gets underway, that next storm comes in, another cold storm bringing
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moderate, heavy rainfall, and the snow levels will probably come down to about 2000 feet or possibly even lower. rainfall totals by late tuesday night, generally about 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches. we will get a pretty good soaking from these storms. over the sierra, a winter storm warning is in effect already and will be in effect until wednesday. one to two feet of snow about 2000 feet, up to three to six feet of snow about 5000 feet, and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. sunny wednesday, continuing through thursday and friday with a bit of a warm up towards the end of the week, but the next weekend, rain returns. maybe not quite so cold as the storms coming our way tuesday, but rain nonetheless. dion: i can see why people are sick of it, but still, rain is rain. spencer: and we need a break
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between the storms, so we are not getting a deluge. dion: like we saw in january. let's not go there. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, including setting the stage for the oscars, now just two sundays away. but another award show tonight gave us our best winning predictions yet, and
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dion: we are now exactly two weeks away from the 95th annual academy awards, and tonight, many of the oscar contenders were on hand for another big hollywood 01 show -- award show. the screen actors guild handed out its own honors to the performers who most impressed in movies and tv over the last year. it was an historic right for the film "everything everywhere" which swept all of the major
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categories, including the award for best cast in a motion picture. the film's two lead actors took home top acting awards. the sag awards have correctly foretold winners in the acting categories at the oscars nearly 75% of the time. this time two weeks is the 95th annual oscars hosted by jimmy kimmel. you can see all the drama from the winners of hollywood's biggest night march 12 at 5:00 p.m. only here on abc 7. shifting gears, the warriors with another huge game as the push for the playoffs continues. that's get to chris alvarez now with a preview of sports. chris: coming up in sports, the warriors playing short-handed tonight against the timberwolves. so who would step up? how about klay thompson. this
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chris: entering tonight's contest with just in the season, every game is
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absolutely crucial. no draymond green, andrew wiggins, or steph curry tonight. would be nice to get steph curry back at some time this week. but ty jerome providing a spark on the defensive end. steel, and then watch this -- nice reversely and. warriors down nine after one. second quarter, warriors down five, jordan poole out of control. gets in control, high off the window and in. every warrior starter scored in double digits. jonathan coming to dropping it off for klay thompson, the triple, tied it. warriors of two at recess. end of the third quarter, the dubs went on a one for 12 stretch. minnesota's austin rivers, 10-point lead after that triple, but the warriors turn on the jets. klay thompson, how about this -- a deep fadeaway off the glass.
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it goes in. donte d vincenzo, up and under for two of his 21 points. he hit a three later for the lead, and then it was a klay thompson night again. there he is. splash. and he's talking to the wolves bench. he's got 74 points in his last two games. warriors win 109, 104 and in the seventh spot with 21 games to go. >> oh, it is huge. every game obviously matters, but from here on out, especially, the west is jampacked. we have a nice homestead >> this is a huge win not only for the standings, but for the confidence of the guys. that was a team win. everybody came in and competed and played well. i like this one for the grit that we had to show to get it done. chris: the sharks and doubles
11:32 pm
play in let's make a deal. the sharks trading mire to the new jersey devils. the sharks get two future first round picks, a seventh rounder and several prospects. in addition to mire, the sharks also give up some minor league players. the 26 world was in his seventh year with the sharks, 31 goals this year. last season, he became the only shark ever to score five goals in game. cactus league baseball, giants and reds in scottsdale. to have strikeouts in two innings for the left-hander. catcher joy brother, first action of spring. brett wisely hustling, scoring all the way from first. there goes the hair is flying, and that tied the game at one in the third. giants rally late, scoring five runs in the final two lanes. wilson, two-run base hit to left . giants win 7-6, and the a's beat the brewers 11-4.
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dion: thanks. coming up next, we are getting right back to the wild weather happening across the country. first signs of tornadoes this year in texas and oklahoma, and bad storm damage in southern california. plus, looking at the true origins of covid. the new u.s. government repor
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dion: showe the bay area today. you are looking at the downpours in belmont. spencer christian will be back with us in just a little bit with another look at the bay area forecast, but first, a dangerous storm that first pummeled parts of the west coast is now making its way across the country. tornadoes have been spotted on the ground tonight in oklahoma as wind gusts of 114 hours -- 114 miles an hour work reported in texas. >> the dramatic lightning show near shamrock, texas, sunday afternoon as a powerful weather system sweeps across the
11:37 pm
country. tornado watch's and warnings have been posted in texas, kansas, and oklahoma. the lightning continued as night fell. millions of americans are in this storm's path. >> right now it is texas and the obama panhandle but it will extend into the ohio river valley. >> this is the same system that brought rain and snow to the west coast where storms and strong wind knocked down trees. numerous vehicles left stranded on roadways. erosion from the storm caused this rockslide at los padres national forest. in pasadena, this man had to be rescued from fast-moving waters after falling into a creek, and runs valencia, several motorhomes fell into the river when this embankment collapsed. luckily no one was hurt. in the mountains, white out conditions made driving difficult. this truck crashed into a snow plow. drivers now digging out their vehicles. as the storm moves east, the upper midwest forecast calling for more ice and snow, including
11:38 pm
upper west michigan where many are still without power five days after a storm blanketed the area with ice. north of new york city is where you will see the most significant accumulations, and through tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon, six to 12 inches in some spots, especially the higher elevations away from i-95. the town of shrewsberry in eastern massachusetts already blanketed with snow earlier this weekend, and that area could see more. dion: new develop our i team was first to bring you as an abc 7 news exclusive. tonight, a possible solution to reports of sex trafficking in an east oakland neighborhood. oakland's transportation department placed these water-filled plastic barrels near the saint anthony school on east 15th street. it is should divert traffic and blocked drivers from cruising the street. our i-team has reported on alleged set -- sex work seen
11:39 pm
right across from saint anthony's as children are walking in a school. earlier i team has been the first on this story and the alleged sex work as well. you can find that reporting on huge crowds gathered in mexico in one of the largest protests so far against the president's administration, condemning government rules to shrink electoral authority, calling it a threat to democracy. organizers said over 500,000 people turned out in mexico city. on wednesday, mexico's congress approved a major overhaul of the national electoral institute, an independent body which the president has attacked as corrupt and inefficient. critics have vowed to take the legislation to mexico's supreme court. the environmental protection agency says a shipment of contaminated liquid and solid waste will go to two epa facilities in ohio tomorrow. the epa has approved resuming
11:40 pm
shipments out of the area where a train carrying chemicals derailed earlier this month. that crash has left residents in the town of east palestine and surrounding areas worried about potential long-term health effects. >> there are communities where these tracks run through our neighborhoods, they run through your towns, and this cannot happen again. the on: friday, the train operator, norfolk southern, was ordered to halt shipments to review the company's plan for disposal. new development now, twitter and tesla ceo elon musk is defending the creator of the "dilbert" cartoon. many publications have dropped the cartoon after racist comments against black people. scott adams is the creator of "dilbert" and area. last week he said black people are a hate group and he doesn't want anything to do with them.
11:41 pm
musk twitty in response to that controversy saying the media is racist against knights and asians. a new government report on the first origins of covid-19. the u.s. energy department now believes covid pandemic most likely arose from a lap leak in wuhan, china, according to a classified intelligence report provided to the white house and some members of congress -- from a lab leak. the energy department made its judgment with low confidence, but it is a change by the energy department, which previously was undecided on how the virus emerged. >> if it came from a lab or animals, is it that the chinese were very slow in alerting the world to it. it only came out from bits and pieces from scientists and doctors within china, and by then, it was too late. dion: the energy department joins the fbi in saying the virus likely spread via a mishap at a chinese lab. several other agencies still say it was likely the result of a
11:42 pm
natural transmission. still ahead tonight, serious damage in socal. see the major freeway flooded this morning. spencer: our next cold winter storm is only hours away. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes.
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dion: getting back to our storm watch coverage now, and this wild weather hitting every part of our state. look at that. a hillside just gave way in the town of valencia. at least three motorhomes were swept into the santa clara river. the national weather service says downtown l.a. received nearly four and a half inches of rain from this past week's storm with some neighborhoods getting more than 10 inches. i-five in the atwater village neighborhood is open again, but
11:46 pm
here is what that stretch of highway look like for much of the weekend. severe flooding lead to a closure of all lanes yesterday morning. caltrans had to use several portable pumps to drain floodwater off that highway. happening now, a live look from the caltrans camp up in the tahoe area. look at that -- it is just a blanket of night. this is another major snowstorm for this week. highway 50 and i-80 are now fully back open in the area, but keep in mind, chains are required for all non-four-wheel-drive vehicles. all of these different cameras up in that area look the same to me. spencer: exactly, and there's more on the way. there's a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra until wednesday morning. another three to six feet of snow may fall on top of those white roads. dion: oh, gosh. spencer: you can see we have quiet weather right now. the storm we had earlier is now gone. quiet conditions in parts of the
11:47 pm
embarcadero. cold overnight, the colder storm even than the one we had today arrives tomorrow with a slight chance of thunderstorms mixed in, and we have more rain coming in tuesday, and snow levels down to about 2000 feet. a winter weather advisory, unusual for the bay area, in effect from tomorrow morning until 12:00 p.m. already in effect for the hills of the north bay until 4:00 p.m. tuesday. we could see snow levels down to below 2000 feet but above 3000 feet. we expect about five inches of snow accumulation right here in the bay area the approaching storm tomorrow is an level 1 storm on the abc exclusive storm rating. heavy at times, possible thunder mixed in. here's a forecast animation. you see that storm swinging on through tomorrow and winding down tomorrow night, followed by yet a second storm in this series -- well, third if you count today's -- coming through
11:48 pm
tuesday. that will be winding down tuesday night. look for temperatures in the low to mid 30's and mid 30's in most of the inland areas. upper 30's to around 40 near the bay shoreline and around the coast. highs tomorrow ranging from 48 to 51. a chilly, chilly day. as i mentioned in the sierra, winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 a.m. thursday. three to six feet of additional snow, about 3000 feet. obviously travel will be difficult nearly impossible. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. after our storms monday and tuesday, we get a break. sunny skies, milder conditions. almost warmer friday with highs of around 60 degrees, but it will start to cool down a little bit. more rain is coming next saturday and sunday. dion: i feel deja vu with this forecast. spencer: so do i. dion: something to mention is that the precipitation is different. you were telling me the
11:49 pm
temperatures are pretty seasonable, really. spencer: that's true. just a little colder than average for this time of year, but when you add in the wind and snow, it just makes it feel like it is brutally cold. dion: once again, let's get to chris alvarez. he has another preview of sports. chris: coming up, stephen curry gives the gift of kicks. the story behind his latest signature sneaker. plus, the case manager describing an off-season vacation
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demi, i'm so proud of you and how you have persevered through your cancer diagnosis. never forget those who loved you so well and know that you have the responsibility to give back. love, dad. chris: tomorrow will mark the seven-year anniversary of one of the most famous shots in nba regular season history, the shot by stephen curry on february 7 -- february 20 7, 2016. >> bank!
11:53 pm
what a shot from curry with .6 of a second remaining! chris: the shot officially known as the double bank came with one point seconds left against kevin durant's that are. >> you had one of the greatest calls in regular season nba history, the double bang, so i wanted to give you this as a token of appreciation for that moment. finds you in good spirits, my men. they getting ready to release the curry 2 bang bang retro for the first time ever. i realize there's no way we could drop these without the man who gave these issues their nickname seven years ago. you are the first person to get these in hand. >> wow, man, thank you. that's so nice of you. >> those are the originals. >> that's so cool. >> absolutely.
11:54 pm
thank you, boss. chris: how cool was that? the blazers' all-star guard had 41 points at the half. his career-high was 61 against the warriors, and he went well past that, hitting 13 pre-pointers, the second most in nba history behind klay thompson. finishing with 71 tonight against houston. 32, he's the oldest player in nba history with seven in the game as well as the eighth 70 point came in nba history. dash cam in nba history. wonderful ceremony last night for the first shark ever to have his number retired. marlowe was second overall in the 1997 track, and number one was joe thornton, who became marlowe's teammate. that duo played 15 years together, and both men shedding happy tears last night during the ceremony. >> i got to benefit from him on the ice, but mostly i benefited
11:55 pm
from his optimism and being a great guy. he has become much more than just a teammate but a friend i hope to have for life. >> onlookers have a guy that can shoot the ball like patrick. i think we probably needed both each other, and i think our play kind of showed that. we were just kind of a perfect fit together, but, yeah, i cannot say enough good things about patrick marleau. chris: to baseball and the cactus league, wilson came through in the giants took a walk up fleet the reds. the a's beat the brewers. good sign manager who is tasked with leading a young team and helping lead that a's rebuild. oakland finished with an american league worst 102 losses last season, but a lot of guys will be getting a great opportunity to play in the big leagues. we all know the baseball season can be a grind. as cuts a told me earlier at
11:56 pm
spring training, the highlight of his off-season was an international safari. >> i went to south africa on safari with the family. trip of a lifetime. saw one of the seven wonders in the world in victoria falls. almost went down the zambezi river where it was an lifetime experience when you go through category 5 rapids and you've never been on a category 3 before, which you're supposed to be certified in the states to go anything over. quite an experience. elephants, lions, the whole deal. it was a lifetime experience. we were one of six graphs that did not flip that day. one raft flipped and four people were airlifted out. it was a serious, serious rafting experience. let's leave it at that. chris: wow. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: still cannot get over those steph curry shoes. what a nice moment. quick reminder now that you can
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watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it is available for apple tv, google tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. all you have to do is download the app now and start streaming for free. that's all the time we have for this edition of abc moral seven news at 11:00. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. you will want to tune in because of all the severe weather. thank you for joining us. have a great evening. we leave you with a live look outside. san francisco and the salesforce tower lit
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george stephanopoulos starts right now. year two of the war in ukraine begins. as president zelenskyy rallies the ukrainian people, president de


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