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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 11, 2023 6:00am-7:01am PST

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see all the types of cancer keytruda is known for at, and ask your doctor if keytruda could be right for you. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. liz: now at 6:00 a.m., storm cleanup. the worst of the storm has passed, but the damage is far from gone. where we have seen the worst of the impact as more rain is expected this weekend. good morning, thank you for joining us here on saturday. good morning, lisa. what a wild week. we keep having more rain. lisa: we have a level 1 system, so it will be light. all the places we do not need it, especially the north bay, where we have a warning for flooding until 10:00 a.m. that is where we have the rain.
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we are pinpointing the heavy cells north of santa rosa. as they look at mark west springs there, petrified forest, this is the area where the winds and flooding has not receded yet. creeks out of their banks. so be careful. a level 1 system today and tomorrow. up to three quarters of an inch. a flood advisory until tomorrow morning for the entire bay area. scattered showers throughout the day coming near 50. here is the beginning of the morning, moving into the north bay showers throughout the afternoon. a detailed look at the next atmospheric river, coming up. liz: out of monterey county, evacuations underway after a river levee reached overnight. the national guard, highway water rescue vehicles and other crews have been requested by
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county officials. evacuation areas are open at the fairgrounds. restoration work on the levy is expected throughout the morning. and scary situation as authorities rushed to pull people out of their car overnight near the river monterey county. we are working to get more information on what happened, but you can see the dramatic video. authorities pull a child there, then one adult, out of the car as the water around them lives very fast. a scary situation there in monterey county. ok, in the meantime we want to show you more of the damage left behind by the heavy rain yesterday and a strong winds in the bay area. in the south bay, once again widespread flooding of roads and highways, including 101, which has been reopened.
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lauren martinez is reporting from gilroy. reporter: the 101 interchange to highway 25 was closed until 6:00 p.m. on friday evening, forcing people to take back roads to hollister. >> i have never taken that road because it is too windy. i might have to come up the other way. reporter: caltrans on thursday said that the crews working 12 hour shifts. they said try to stay off of the roads next week. >> if you can work from home, please do so. moms and dads, we know they have to get kids from school, get medications, and doctors appointments, but we are asking you to look at the maps and m sure they are prepared for severe weather this weekend. reporter: one man said staying home is not an option since he has to take care of his mom. >> i am trying to get everything today, so i do not have to go
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back out tomorrow or the next day. the weather will keep coming. there's no stop. reporter: in gilroy, abc7 news. liz: new details in a deadly roof collapse that killed an employee and injured another person. the person killed was martin gonzales, who was at work when part of the roof at a pete's distribution center caved in. it happened in oakland at 3:15 p.m. yesterday morning -- 3:15 a.m. yesterday morning. gonzalez was a long time employee for more than a decade. the santa cruz mountains have a lot of cleaning up to do after the atmospheric river came through on friday morning. take a look, this street at bates creek caved in, isolating homes. it happened when a six foot culvert washed people who lived there had to find alternate routes or wait it
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out. >> i cannot go to work, cannot do the everyday normal errands and activities. we are stuck here. liz: residents were finally able to get to the other side by foot thanks to neighbors who have a property that goes to a footbridge. the county is working on a temporary road that will allow residents to drive into the area. it is one on a long list of roads that need repairs. and people in the north bay are also cleaning up and assessing the damage after getting hit by the storm. this fedex truck had to be towed from the floodwaters. and a family returned home on friday to find a giant redwood tree had toppled and split their house in half. >> the storms took down a dead tree. and we already had identified it was probably going to need to come down. but the -- it seems like the
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tree took itself down a little early. liz: in sonoma county, people will go to a foot of water on their street. armstrong woods road was also flooded, leaving drivers now as canyon road is closed between pleasanton and fremont as of late last night. cars were forced to turn around because of the closure. alternate routes include 680 to north mission or interstate 580 to highway 238. and yosemite national park will be closed through march 16 or longer. a spokesperson says a personal reopening on the 17th is the best case scenario. record snowfall has buried much of the park, which has been closed for two weeks. cr on continuing snow removalews -- crews are continuing snow removal. the main spillway at orval dam is open. the second largest reservoir is
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now 75% full. water levels have risen by 180 feet since december 1. the spillway had to be rebuilt after it collapsed in 2017's flooding crisis, which forced more than 180,000 people to evacuate. the release this week was relatively small at about 15,000 cubic feet a second. and water is also being released from the folsom dam. folsom lake is the main control system for the sacramento area. there is room for storage but officials decided to start releasing water because of the storms. and across the state, nearly 10,000 people are under evacuation orders. there's flooding at the coast that is expected to worsen this weekend. take a look at the moving waters in central california. this is video from kerrville. and at least two people have died as a result of the recent storms in that area. the storm left damage and layer
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county as well. floodwaters washed away part of a reservation. and there are multiple warnings because of flooding. and as more rain moves through the bay area this week and coming contracted changing conditions and access the same live doppler 7 that the weather team uses available on demand on the bay area app, download it wherever you stream. now to a bizarre story out of hayward, were cremated bodies were left in storage up to 10 years. families have been trying to locate the remains of loved ones and have not been getting a response from the company. an investigation is underway to figure out what happened. our reporter has that story. reporter: inside of this warehouse, law enforcement found six bodies and 154 cremated remains. some of them held for almost 10 years. >> i think if families hadn't
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started complaining, we would not be here now. reporter: the sheriff's office is here and according to them oceanview cremations corporation , had allegedly been operating on a suspended license, going back to 2018. it may have been allowed to cremate but not to store the , remains. >> that is how they ended up incorporating the warehouse and having them stored there, so they were not on their premises. but the issue is the warehouse was not licensed to store remains. reporter: on february 28, the core nor's office was notified of what was going on. the next day, that office went to retrieve the remains. >> of the six bodies and 154 remains located, that is a large span of time from 2013-2021. reporter: yelp reviews document the struggles of loved ones.
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some say the website was suspended. >> of the six deceased that we recovered, five of them have been identified and those families said they had attempted to follow up with oceanview and they were not able to get into contact with the owner. reporter: many families assumed the bodies were cremated and ashes dispersed, as of their contract, but these bodies were labeled and families are being notified. reporter: some of them were supposed to be spread at sea. that clearly did not happen. reporter: oceanview did not respond for comment. liz: forecast as we go to break. lisa: cloudy skies. it was nice to see the sunshine yesterday because the clouds are invading over the weekend with spotty showers. some heavy downpours.
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we have to talk about the next atmospheric river coming into play early next week. liz: also ahead, silicon valley bank shut down. how the second largest bank in the country failed as customer's wonder what happened to the money.
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liz: regulators have taken control of silicon bank, leaving customers confused and frustrated. this is the second largest bank failure in u.s. history. we take a closer look at how the collapse happened. >> it seems like a surprise. reporter: news of silicon valley bank being shut down and sending shockwaves across the industry. >> it is a shock to a lot of people. there are conversations happening right now. reporter: today we saw people
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anxious to get answers. others wanting to withdraw money at the san francisco location. one man said he was a startup founder. each person was told to go to a branch in paulo alto or call this number. >> you have reached silicon valley bank, please see our announcement from the federal deposit corporation. >> this person says it came as a big surprise. reporter: she chose not to withdraw money today. >> it is very sudden. and maybe we should give it time so things settle out. there is fdic insurance up to $250,000. my balance is insured, so i was not super worried. reporter: this started co-founder does not bank with svb. >> but we are working on diversifying where we want to put funds. reporter: regulators took over silicon valley bank this morning. >> the bank communicated it
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would have to support some of its asset base. and sell off assets that are now under the price they paid for the assets. reporter: this professor with uc berkeley school of business says that these assets are underwater and svb had to sell them off. >> the other problem is the bank is hopelessly overexposed. 96% of its asset base, i believe, is based on cash from startups. reporter: he says there are important things to consider. >> tried to keep calm. the situation is not helped by panic. let the regulators do their work. we are going to have to restructure and work the bank out, but a quick withdrawal o everything is not helping anybody. reporter: he says there are important lessons from today. he says do your due diligence on the bank you are banking with,
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make sure they have diversified assets. and to diversify yourself, hold cash in different banks across the region and country. liz: roku says it took a hit from the collapse of the bank. the company said it had about a quarter of its cash in svb, about $480 million. it said most of its deposits were uninsured and it is not sure if it can recoup the money. the roman catholic diocese is planning to file for bankruptcy on monday. in december, a bishop announced that they were looking into the possibility of declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy. he said they made the decision because of 160 claims of child sexual abuse lawsuits filed over the past three years. in the north bay, is sonoma county health officer is resigning next month. the doctor joint at the county in the march of 2020. she sent an email today to the
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county board of supervisors that did not go into detail but said her resignation will be effective april 7. it certainly appears 2023 has been one of the busiest storm seasons we have ever seen, but what did the numbers actually show? dustin dorsey spoke with experts to provide perspective on how this year compares to others. reporter: when talking about the almost constant storms across our area, stop me if you have heard someone you know say something like this. >> this is the worst i have ever seen it. >> we were expecting a flood, not like this. >> it has never been like this. reporter: this is true it would have seen records fall. with one month remaining in the rainy season, the sierra snowpack is nearing a record from 1982. san francisco saw the quarters record low on february 24 since the gold rush. and areawide, thi
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brought the highest precipitation and winter months in the last decade, but the state department of meteorolog'' s professor allison bridger says it is not quite a never ever kind of year. >> after three or four years in a row, suddenly it is raining like crazy into people have no idea if it is normal or what. so, just looking at the records, it's kind of usual. reporter: what is unusual is devastating impacts from the storms. we use an exclusive scale showcasing with the region will see from each storm. the scale has never recorded higher impact numbers than this year, and it may make the community see these storms as worse than what the records indicate. >> when you have a series of rains, more mudslides, more flooding, and all those impacts that typically would not have in a normal season. reporter: extreme impacts,
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characteristic of climate change. the national wea says it could be what is the blame for the winter season but we do not know for sure, for now. >> if leader -- if we start to see more frequent occurrence of years like this one, the frequent occurrence of extreme years, that would point to climate change. reporter: for now, this year shows signs it is not quite over yet. liz: ok. and yes, it certainly does not seem like it is over. another atmospheric river on tuesday. lisa: late monday, after the evening commute. rain will be picking up with southerly winds. we are still looking at the impacts from the rain in sonoma county. forrest deville, and also around brighton, some problems with that excessive rainfall. green valley creek in sonoma county, problems with drainage.
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they got anywhere from 2-5 inches, so we are still trying to see things settle down there. this is south of the bay area but we are still looking at fran falling from west to east. look at mount st. helena, this is exactly where i noted the flood warnings through 10:00 a.m. deer park road, silverado trail, and all of the wet weather through calistoga, 128 and highway 12, we have a flood watch and warning throughout the next several hours. emeryville, it's quiet with upper 40's. san francisco at 51. and our last late sunrise as we look at tomorrow with the sun setting at 7:13 p.m. we are getting an extra hour at the end of the day. here is a look at the tower camera. 45 in napa.
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50, half moon bay. gray skies here. a level 1 system today and tomorrow. the next atmospheric river, a strong storm, anywhere from 1-2 inches on monday into tuesday with gusty southerly winds. here is what you need to do tonight. spring forward. sunset at 6:12 p.m. tonight, 7:13 p.m. tomorrow night. rain through midday. most activity in the far north bay but spotty showers throughout the afternoon. and as we look into overnight, look what happens into early sunday morning. downpours from the north bay to the peninsula, and the east bay. and getting into oscars sunday, throughout the afternoon we will have more showers. and overnight again as we see heavy rain into monday morning. that level 1 system cranking up throughout the late day. by 10:30 p.m., it will be impacting the area.
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so amounts of rain this week and will not be a lot. up to 2/10 in the east bay and southbay, but the north bay could see .42 inches, more than that in santa rosa. mixed precipitation in the sierra nevada right now. the snow level is high, a half foot at the resorts as we see it mix with rain. near 60 degrees today. and than into sunday, more showers. and monday and tuesday, the possibility of thunderstorms coming our way, so that means unstable air, gusty wind. and we will be talking about the weather all week. even though we have a dry second half of the week. liz: relentless. well, it is keeping you busy. happening today in san francisco, the 172nd annual st. patrick's day parade. organizers expect a big turn out.
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it starts at 11:30 a.m. rain or shine at the corner of second and market street. be aware, traffic will be rerouted from first to 7th street throughout the day. and festivities are expected to end around 5:00 p.m. ahead, stopping unwanted payments. how the state is taking action to stop
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liz: hidden junk fees are everywhere, from airlines concert tickets, and president biden has declared war on these budget busters and now california lawmakers are joining the fight. new bills have been introduced in the legislature, and if past year family could see some substantial savings. >> how would you like to save money when buying an event ticket or electric vehicle, renting a car or home?
6:26 am
how, by knowing all the hidden fees and charges from the get-go. well, a package of six bills being introduced in the california legislature would expose hidden fees and restricted some add-on charges. >> these fees are making it too costly for families to attend a concert, go to a sporting event or stay at a hotel. that is not fair. reporter: often the fees are not disclosed until the end of the online purchasing process or sometimes even at the end of the use. some hotels have been accused of hiding fees until checkout. >> the bottom line is consumers deserve to know what they are paying for and how much upfront. it's that simple. >> we are just saying you have to be transparent about the fees. hotels are free to charge fees, destination fees, but have it in the upfront price so consumers know. reporter: the bills take on a
6:27 am
lot of consumers rights, tackling small business loan fee add ons, and will stop car dealers from charging more than the suggested retail price. the consumer federation of california. >> on some of these issues i think there is a good chance of bipartisan support. the reality is 85% of consumers have had it happen to them. if it happens to you, you it has happening to all kinds of people throughout the state. liz: ok, still to come, the academy awards is tomorrow and fans are getting ready with creative outfits. >> yeah, they gave me pieces of the carpet every year, so i have carpet all over me. liz: jimmy kimmel tells us about his pre-oscars prep, when we come back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> we have lost three quarters of our parking lot because of snow. there is no to put it. liz: storm impact, how and southwest tahoe are reeling from the snow in the last few days. thank you for joining us. oh my gosh, what is happening? people have been talking about the fact there could be skiing until july? lisa: yes, but we have seen some rain. now we have mixed precipitation. cleanup is continuing between the showers. radar showing you the moisture to the south of us. the atmosphere is dynamic,
6:31 am
allowing for moisture to be wrung out. st. helena shower activity. we have it from silverado trail, and this is also the same spot where we have flooding concerns taking us through about 10:00. highway 1 16, brayton. all that excess rain that has been anywhere from to have a four inches in the north bay still trying to recede. up to three quarters of an inch this weekend. flood watch continues through tomorrow. emeryville with 40's. up to 50 for most of us. 45, napa. here is a look at the next few hours, rain in the north bay. we'll continue to see showers throughout the rest of the day. liz: ok, south lake tahoe feast severe flooding and -- faced severe flooding. there have been several
6:32 am
properties unsafe to occupy. our reporter stephanie sierra is an south lake tahoe where people say they are shocked. >> what the -- is going on? it's just like -- i'm worried the roof is going to go. reporter: a near historic snowpack with heavy rainfall leaving scenes like this across the city of south lake tahoe. business is closed because they are unsafe to occupy. >> the snow accumulation over the winter just compounded it. reporter: shoveling out of five 500 inches this season. >> the rain is doubling and tripling it. reporter: the fire chief because it into both threat. you have been here for decades, chief, would you say they do both threat is the worst you have seen it? >> yeah, we have worked through heavy winters but i have not seen it this bad. reporter: the result, the heavy
6:33 am
snow crumbled an awning at this gas station on emerald bay road, one of at least seven structures that have collapsed in the storm. >> we had a gasoline fed fire. no injuries, but the whole property is red tagged. reporter: from tumbled structures to parking lot swamps. look at this snow pile here. staff says it is 30 feet tall, and it is not the only one on this property. it's already starting to melt, causing flooding in the driveway. >> we have lost three quarters of the parking lot because of snow. reporter: a reality for the region as these are melting, flooding out streets and the airport runway. >> it's 75 in austin, texas. and i'm a culture shock. reporter: that is why the city
6:34 am
is cautioning against unnecessary travel for the next several weeks. as the basin struggles through the snow melt. >> we could see landslides, mudslides, avalanche control is in effect. liz: in tahoe, the heavy snow has left ski resorts closed as people work to dig out. in truckee, what would be a busy night was very quiet. the storm weather has been bad for business there. those who made it out were buying gear to hit the slopes, but then met with bad news. >> all i heard was, we cannot go skiing. and so it was tough. we traveled really far. liz: others tried to make the journey out but never made it to their final destination. this family made the most of the snow at a stop in nyack before going back home. we are counting down to the oscars tomorrow.
6:35 am
you can see it on your screen. th oscar countdown clocke. the academy awards are at 5:00 p.m. here on abc7, hosted by jimmy kimmel. we are in los angeles and you will be able to catch our reports all weekend. our reporter spoke with excited fans and what to expect from jimmy kimmel. reporter: not even the cold and rain could dampen the spirits of people excited about the 95th annual academy awards. there has been changes. the first one is the carpet itself. for the first time since the 1960's, the red carpet is gold, or champagne colored. ode to the champagne toast. you can see parts of the carpet not rolled out yet. it will cover the steps. on friday, we met people from all over who came to get a souvenir of hollywood's biggest night. >> this is the most hollywood
6:36 am
you can get. so it just happens to be we came at the perfect time. reporter: vivian robinson showed us why she is known as the oscars super fan. >> this is a patch from the curtain, they only made 15 of these. the patches on my jacket, i cut up hats from the workers. reporter: you also have parts of the carpet. >> yeah, they give me pieces of the carpet every year because everybody knows me. reporter: jimmy kimmel is hosting for the third time, and told me what he does to prepare. jimmy: it has been eating food out of a little cooler that is delivered for the last six weeks. it is incredible when you realize how much you are supposed to be eating or not supposed to be eating. it's sobering to see the portion sizes. and i am very much looking forward to not doing that anymore. reporter: as for me, part of my preparation included finding a perfect gown.
6:37 am
more on that on sunday. enjoy the show. liz: that is always and challenging part. our coverage of the oscars begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow with coverage on the carpet. then the countdown to the oscars begins at 3:30 p.m., the show begins at 5:00 p.m. still ahead, a new way to address homelessness in san jose. the website expected to boost access to city resources. and a look outside right now as we look over the san francisco skyline. we will check in with lisa on what we can expect
6:38 am
6:39 am
liz: here is a beautiful shot from our emeryville camera looking at the bay bridge the sun starts to peek out. we are springing forward tonight, so do not forget to set
6:40 am
your clocks. donald trump michael cohen, will testify on monday in an investigation into hush money the former president paid. he has been meeting with prosecutors looking into whether or not donald trump committed crimes in falsifying they invited donald trump to testify before the grand jury but experts say he is unlikely to do so. paul flores has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the murder of kristin smart, a girl who went missing in 1996. he was convicted in october for first-degree murder. his father was also charged in the case, as prosecutor say he helped to hide the body on his property. this morning we are hearing from the parents of kristin smart. >> it's a sentence that does not bring back your loved one. from that aspect, we only have
6:41 am
closure. >> today is a day not of joy. it's a day of relief. and kristin's voice was heard. liz: sam smart said local authorities will continue to look for her remains. the district attorney thanked a podcaster for the series, your own backyard, which led to more evidence that was critical in the prosecution. the city of san jose is launching a tool to help people understand how it is addressing homelessness and whether efforts are actually working. the mayor says it is a way to offer transparency tracking where tax dollars go. our reporter has that story. reporter: san jose's new homeless program dashboard is live. eight slides highlight the homeless response, housing options and programs focusing on the outcomes and different strategies. >> the way to begin to turn the corner on the crisis is to be
6:42 am
very clear and transparent about what we are trying to do to address the crisis. where the dollars are going and how the programs are performing. reporter: the mayor says it is a start. dashboard updates are expected to reflect results, the number served, how resources are received and how many people have stayed housed. one is critical of the newly published stats, which compared county metrics, pointing to data on where people go when they leave temporary shelters. >> 74% have no idea where the people went and that is a total fail. reporter: while 2022 show only 4% return to homelessness, she says others have too. >> people are disabled, some of them have medical conditions, a lot are those that die on the
6:43 am
streets. reporter: cartwright is part of a tombstone project, a visual representation marking the death of an unhoused person that year. >> we should be very clear about what we are doing and where the dollars are going, how it is working and make clear what we have learned from that. reporter: last year, the homeless sentence -- census founded more than 5000 people were unhoused across the city. >> when we follow the corone dashboard to see how many people have died, we can use this like that to see if the city is rising or falling in taking care of homeless people. liz: ok, let's get a check outside. obviously, we are tracking more rain on the way. lisa: that is right. a level 1 system today, scattered showers. we have rain in the north bay
6:44 am
right now. and a flood advisory through tomorrow, a flood warning for the far north bay. i will explain coming next. liz: and will brock purdy make a recovery by the start of next season? we have the timeline in sports. so we've got to know a lot of things about a lot of things. like what makes your lawn thrive, paint that adds color in one coat
6:45 am
and a dishwasher that handles all the dirty work. you got this. and we got you.
6:46 am
liz: here is another look outside. can see it is a pretty center ice here on this -- pretty center ice here on this saturday. now sports. the 49ers faithful are wondering at brock purdy will be ready for next season? larry has a look at his recovery timeline. larry: good morning. brock purdy had his elbow surgery and it sounds like the best case scenario is throwing in three months, ready to play
6:47 am
in six months. he got hurt in the game against philadelphia. the surgery was delayed by inflammation. but the surgery yesterday used in internal brace to repair damage and it should lead to the fastest recovery of all options. in six months he would be ready exactly per week one of the regular season. draft news, the chicago bears trade away their topic to carolina. two first-round picks, two saget rounders and dg more to chicago. they will keep justin fields as their quarterback as cj stroud will be going to carolina from ohio state. tonight, the milwaukee bucks and -- playing. the dubs have got to get it together. number one in the game, do not start like we did against memphis on thursday where we gave up a dunk in the first
6:48 am
place and gave up 48 points in the first quarter. draymond green was unfazed by the loss. >> anybody can win in march. what does that mean? i have a hard time getting out of my bed in march. larry: sleep in, because it is a nights game. coverage at 5:00 with tip-off at 5:30 p.m., and after the game we will have all the highlights. the mountain west conference tournament. san diego state, michael parrish wins the foot race and gets nine points and seven boards off the bench. the three ball. 15 for the spartans, but down at the break. the butler coast-to-coast. the aztecs beat them for the 11th street time, 6449 -- 624-49.
6:49 am
cactus league baseball. a's walk it off. rangers have a grand slam. he gets home safely. 12-11 the final. oakland scored 11 runs in the last two innings as the giants fell to the rockies. that is a wrap upon morning sports. have a great weekend. liz: today in the south bay, the sharks are holding a holy celebration. this is video of other celebrations. the hindu festival of colors marks new beginnings and good triumphing over evil. festivities start at 11 and ended at 3:00 p.m. and, we are talking about the start of spring but it does not feel that way. lisa: i know. we are not alone. the east coast with a lot of wet weather. we are picking up on the cloud cover offshore. and we are stuck in a pattern where we have a zonal flow and moist air over the bay area.
6:50 am
it does not take a lot of energy to wring out moisture. rain in the north. and we are at a level one on the impact scale. two to five inches all problems in forest a bill, occidental, highway 1 16. great valley creek at flood stage. additional rain is causing a little bit of an issue here with a flood warning through 10:00 a.m. in the north bay. we'll continue to see shower activity today. cloudy at sfo where we are in the 40's, near 50. 46, half moon bay. gray outside where temperatures in santa rosa are in the mid 40's, 47 in concord. and and emeryville -- in emeryville, gray skies. level 1 system for saturday, sunday into monday. monday night, rain increasing.
6:51 am
so does the south wind. we will be transitioning into a level two system on tuesday with the next atmospheric river. you can see we are well above average for the rainfall to date. how about that 180%? 120 1% of average for santa rosa. 151% for san francisco. and san jose at 116% above average. so throughout the morning hours, you can see activity from santa rosa to the north and east. throughout the day, spotty showers. they will be with us on and off. tonight and into sunday, downpours. as we get into oscars sunday, more scattered shower activity. south winds will be picking up a little bit. but the main activity is arriving on monday. this is early in the morning. wet pavement for the commute. and then scattered showers
6:52 am
throughout the day. it take a look what happens on monday. we are looking at the possibility of thunderstorms on monday into tuesday. tos very heavy -- those very debbie -- those very heavy downpours bringing a lot of rain. elsewhere, maybe 2/10 enrichment, san mateo, but three quarters of an inch in the north bay. snowfall is a mix of rain and snow right now in the sierra nevada. through tomorrow morning, a couple inches at lake level. highs today in the 50's, near 60. a level 1 system with some rain. and the accuweather 7-day forecast. so, we are losing one hour of sleep. but we're looking towards more daylight in the evening. we'll not really enjoy it until we get past our level 1 system. we are picking up with thunderstorms on monday. the atmospheric river again on tuesday. weaker than what we saw, but it
6:53 am
could cause problems. liz: it keeps on coming. ok. thank you. >> today's storm is a level one, that means light rain. drive safely. track storms anytime on the abc7 news app. back then we could barely afford a hostel. i'm glad we invested for the long term with vanguard. and now, we're back here again... no jobs, no kids, just us. and our advisor is preparing us for what lies ahead. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. giving you confidence throughout today's longer retirement. that's the value of ownership. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) affordable design. endless possibilities.
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ikea. have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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liz: here are the winning numbers from last night's mega millions drawing. the mega number is five. nobody picked all numbers. it will increase to $229 million. production of their f-150 lightning vehicles after they were recalled. the automaker recalled the trucks because of a battery cell issue. a truck caught fire during a quality inspection last month. ford will replace the battery packs in the vehicles.
6:56 am
it is not aware of anybody reporting fires related to the recall. they low start production or restart it on monday. the u.s. air force is revealing a new color scheme for air force one jets under construction. that is the airplane used for the president. they are being called next air force one and they will not have the dark colors chosen by donald trump, instead they will have even darker blue around the nose and engines. it is a modernized take on the classic design that air force one has supported since john f. kennedy was president. and today is arbor day. and there will be a treeplanting event and family-friendly fai in san franciscor. senator scott wiener and that the mayor will be there as they plan to over 100 trees in the south of market neighborhood. there will be rides, arts and crafts, music and more.
6:57 am
it's from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and it is that time of year to spring forward. daylight saving begins on sunday at 2:00 a.m. if you have clocks that do not automatically change, do not forget to push them forward by one hour. so 2:00 and becomes a :00 a.m. just like that. -- so, 2:00 a.m. a.m. just like that. lisa: we are not going to talk about it. [laughter] we have a flood warning through 10:00 a.m. you can see showers around santa rosa. our level 1 system over the weekend. activity in the north bay. we are increasing rain on monday into tuesday with the next atmospheric river, level two system and at thunderstorms for the first part of the afternoon. liz: a lot still going on. thanks for joining us.
6:58 am
abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. next. have a great day. stay dry!
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7:00 am
good morning, america. bank collapse. regulators shutting down silicon valley bank, the largest banking failure since the 2008 banking crisis. the shockingly fast downward spiral. >> all our money is in the bank. i don't know how we're going to do our payroll. >> what it means for customers like roku, the markets and the banking system. nonstop storms. extreme weather crushing california with more than 10 inches of rain. the life-threatening flooding, the massive dam release. plus, slammed with more snow, a roof collapse caught on camera. plus, storms hitting the midwest


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