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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 19, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he has decided not to wear the prime jersey. >> i think it is his right to express his beliefs and views the way he wants to. he is not being angry or aggressive about it. >> by one let's start as always with a look at the weather with lisa argen tracking the weather. it is back to the rain.
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moderate cells. you can see all the yellow and red. we have some good rain sanders ranch road. request, the bay bridge looking at 980. it is coming down lighter rain around half moon bay and stanford. we are looking at more rain. it is a warm system with subtropical moisture sending in mild conditions. upper elevations are much stronger. anywhere from 1/10 rain. the drier weather is on the way,
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just a window before we track an atmospheric river monday into tuesday. changing conditions and access the same doppler seven that our meteorologist views on the abc 7 bay area news app. governor newsom's controversial plan for the san joaquin prison. he and many state lawmakers believe it can help improve safety by preventing repetitive criminal behavior. they would turn it into a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation center. one woman, whose daughter's killer is that san quentin says she supports the plan. reporter: her daughter was murdered by a man she had only known for a month. her body was found 11 days later. >> he was delirious out of his mind. they were fighting and he said,
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i pulled the gun and shot her. there and play dominoes, and we want them rehabilitated, or do we want them to reoffend and go back to prison? incarceration by keeping our communities safe. we want to make sure that people come out has fully committed, engaged members of our society. reporter: rate is stubbornly high, averaging around 50% over the past decade. it admits to poor
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where inmates are not prioritized by need. they hope that new incentives will present better results. do? nobody ever got we ability did by -- reporter: she is not blind to the fact that some might be doing good just to get parole, but her daughter's killer is getting 50 to life. >> he does not need to get out. i'm glad you are working on things, but my daughter is still not here and i can forgive you, but that does not mean that i think you are ready to be release. liz: a plan. california will start manufacturing its own naloxone,
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the drug used to reverse opioid overdoses. the state and nonprofit drugmaker will team up to make insulin, which will in turn lower the price. it wil california residents and the entire country, if approved by the fda. >> there is not one has come close to what california has done for health care. we have a lot more work to do. liz: as part of that will be in san diego today to discuss health care reform. he will announce a massive expansion and more mental health housing. this is part of the state of the state tour. in the east bay, family and friends are demanding justice after a net was shot and killed.
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they held a memorial yesterday. davis was found with gunshot wounds near the oakland. friends and family remember him as a man of love and compassion. >> my brother was a joyful spirit. he was always here for a good time, spreading love, getting care to anybody. when he met somebody, he instantly made that person feel loved. liz: no arrests have been made. last night, the sharks celebrated pride night. the team wore lgbtq warm-up jerseys, except for one player, who refused to wear the jersey. it has sparked a big debate. tara campbell says my he sat out and how gay-rights supporters are responding. reporter: there
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and colors supporting the lgbtq+ community. the goalie refused to take part in the warm up because of the jersey. the sharks posting the player's statement online. he cited his christian beliefs as the reason to refuse. >> i am personally choosing not to endorse something, sexual identity or orientation that is counter to my convictions. reporter: he says it was not an easy decision. >> and who that the initial reaction, not wearing the could come across as offensive. >> what he he believes has harmed our community. >> to me, that
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should be inclusion because it is in the bay area and in the bay area, we support the sharks. reporter: will not waiver in front of the community. fans also weighing in, including a san jose member there for the game. >> i'm disappointed that james has decided not to wear the pride jersey. reporter: the councilmember 22 the slew of bills introduced across the nation. >> the commute -- the is under attack, being villain eyes and humanized. it is very unfortunate that he is not wearing the jersey this evening. >> it is
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if he is not being aggressive or angry about it, not wearing a jersey should not be a big deal. >> we have suffered under the yoke of people thinking like that. we will stand up to the sky. he is wrong. liz: covid relie soon go to those who need it. the money would cover some damage left from the breach and other local nonprofit are also helping out with finances. while the appreciated, some president saying that checks are not enough to cover the damage. >> it is like a drop in the bucket. especially if they have families or are renting, it does not work.
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liz: threat in the area and they are not sure when people can return for good. the aftermath. first responders cleaned up more debris left behind from the storm. last saturday's river reached the levy, which left the whole town underwater. there. adding insult to injury. this will last through the first half of your sunday. mild temperatures and gusty winds. adding up to about an inch in some areas. we will talk about how long it lasts.
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and three children. the victims are a 35-year-old pregnant woman, an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. to be of victims are in critical but authorities have not clarified who is in critical condition. officers can't up with him and arrested him in cordelia. san francisco police are asking for your help as they try to find a child they say was abducted by his mother who does not have custody rights over him. police say chelsea left from a home near hayes street thursday afternoon. a father and son are safe after falling off a cliff friday afternoon. a patrol helicopter successfully airlifted both men. one adult was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the other victim was not hurt.
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we are focused on building better bay area and we want to dive into education after teachers valued in san francisco this weekend. workers during their protests at union square. federation of teachers taking time to support educators in san francisco. >> this is justice, for education. we are coming together to fight for that and to fight for our students and our members. biggest issue. >> we make very
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some of our educators make only $17.50 an hour, which is close to our city minimum wage. >> we think you should receive equal pay for equal work. that is why we today. reporter: classrooms continued to be understaffed and payroll issues are still a problem. >> we say it is a manufactured crisis of underpayment and a crisis of chronic disrespect. reporter: they a raise for the current school year. the union is now negotiating a multi-year contract with the district. >> our district needs to make our educators home. reporter: some choosing a
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different career path. >> many members said they would tell their friends and -- they know how difficult it is. released to lake orville. water is flowing from the orville dan into the feather. the department is monitoring the inflow levels. the recent means have replenished many of the critical reservoirs. coming out of all of this main. lisa: we need it to stop. there is a system today, tuesday, and the extended outlook, it looks rather murky.
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some neighborhoods double what they should get for the season. there is a look at all the moisture, going in closer and closer. people noticed the orange, the red and yellow, but there is a wide swath. alamo, 680 into danville. just sweeping to the east there. into berkeley and piedmont, skyline boulevard, temperatures are very mild. i would not be surprised if we see those rising snow levels in the mountains. the peninsula come into the east bay, light to moderate rain. heavy rain east of gilroy this will be with us for the next several hours. highway 37, there has certainly been some flding problems with
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ponding on the roadways, clogged drains, creeks and streams getting higher as we see another inch of rain. as we go through several hours, the rain continues as this cold front pushes through the bay area with some drying sunday afternoon and evening. we have visibility reduced about a mile and a half. a look at your surface you go up to 500 to 1it is one s again where we are looking at generous moisture pushing through the bay area and sliding to the east. monday, some sunshine. it would be nice if it lasted, but monday night into tuesday
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morning, heavy rain and lowers snow levels. this will wreak havoc with the sierra nevada. we are talking low snow levels. a solid inch and parts of the north bay. a dries sunday afternoon and sunday night, but those breezy south winds keeping it in the 50's, much cooler than yesterday. late in the day, we will get into that clearing. at least you can get out for that dog walk. it is a rainy m looking at windy conditions, this is through wednesday in the mountains. temperatures continue to with the system friday into saturday, tuesday and wednesday with an inch to two inches. maybe some snow.
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we had going from warm to cold and then beyond that, look at this. dry conditions for thursday and friday, but i do not really believe it. even though spring is starting tomorrow, winter is holding on. we have the atmospheric river into tuesday with hopefully a dry day or two. i'm not going to be that person yet, but we will focus on the driest second half of sunday. season. why they decided to c
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liz: if you have these eyedrops, do not use them. the artificial tears distributed are being recalled due to the potential contamination. the product was connected with infections, including one death. if you see any sign of infection, seek medical attention immediately. strawberries sold under five different brand names come including costco's signature. five people were infected after eating frozen, organic strawberries. commercial salmon season is canceled in california.
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they shut down the season to help replenish the population after years of drought, but as ryan curry explains, people who depend on salmon are feeling financial pain. depending on us and we have families to feed. i'm not exactly sure what i am going to do this summer and it makes me nervous. reporter: this is time she has seen the season closed. >> people started to do oth things or they transitioned to other state or fisheries, and in many ways, we have never recovered from that closure. reporter: the drought limited the ability to breed. fish markets and restaurants are taking the hit and the cost
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could be passed on to you. the fishing industry will once again raise difficulties. >> we keep waiting for things to get better and they seem to be getting worse. it is getting worse in a fishery that iconic. before s causing problems. many fisheries say they have to find a new source of income. >> i will go back to my room. reporter: he months ahead with little income. >> it has never been easy, but it will push a lot of guys to the point of, how are you going to make your income?
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reporter: in the meant will have to harvest other kinds of fish to bring in money. >> there is the opportunity to fish for other species, but nothing will really make up for salmon, which is the main driver of our economic engine. liz: still learning more about what happened days before the fall of silicon valley bank and the potential arrest of former president donald trump. people are expressing concerns about possible protests.
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announcer: this is abc7news. liz: taking a live it is a light start.
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be careful because you can see the roads are slick out there. we will start this half-hour with another check of the weather. a little bit of a break and then more rain on the way. lisa: from the east bay into the valley, just a wide swath of light moderate rain. we will take you to live doppler 7 right now. the green, yellow and orange. the red out towards clayton walnut creek. west towards into blackhawk and danville, the rain is coming down. gusty winds allowing for a breeze to make it a nasty start to your sunday. lighter rain along the peninsula. some wet weather with moderate pockets.
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15 to 30 mile-per-hour winds upper level winds are very dusty. taking us through the morning hours, through the afternoon, the rain gets lighter and it will be out of here. if you need to do cleanup, monday night into tuesday, later on sunday, a good time to get out and do that because we are talking another inch. we have had plenty of rain and there could be more problems to come. liz: now details on the coll of silicon valley bank. the former ceo seemed optimistic of future business, days before the collapse. chuck has the latest. reporter: failed silicon valley bank appearing to project confidence
6:32 am
on march 7, just three days before the bank's failure. >> if you think about the fed, what they want to do is make sure that they are managing all financial risks. so much of that risk has gone outside of the banking sector. reporter: he in bank stock last month. the parent company filing for bankruptcy on friday. they say, we believe he conducted himself appropriately at all times. the justice department and the fbi are investigating the bank's collapse, focusing on insider trading. >> i think did decline, but the answer would be, did the executive know something at the time?
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the executive chairman showed -- sold stock in january and february. a spokesperson saying the sales were part of a charitable donation. another struggling bank is in talks to merge. swiss authorities pumped cashz: short range ballistic missile from its waters. the missile tests come as the u.s. and south korea have been conducting some of their biggest military exercises in years. they are part of a bigger objective. calling on his supporters for donations, following his post
6:34 am
that claims people be arrested on tuesday. he sent out in email for his presidential campaign and says he is not worried that he will face charges over hush money payments sent to adults on stormy daniels. his case has been ordered before a grand jury for questioning tomorrow. about the arrest have sparked the action from congresswoman nancy pelosi. she put out a statement saying, whatever the grand jury decides, it's consideration makes clear that no one is above the law, not even a former president of the united states. the former's statement is reckless. republicans are defending the former president. former vice president mike pence sent down for an exclusive interview. he shared his views amidst calls for protests from mr. trump.
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>> that people have a right to peaceably assemble. they feel that there is a two tiered justice system in this country. i believe that people understand that if they give voice to this, if this occurs on tuesday, that they need to do this peacefully and in a lawful manner. liz: he mentioned that possible arrest would be a politically charged prosecution. you can watch that full interview with mike pence. he will also talk about a potential run for president. you can watch the full interview at 8:00 this morning on abc 7. for a third night in a row, police in paris are clashing with demonstrators protesting potential changes to the country's retirement age. many are outraged over the decision to raise the retirement
6:36 am
age from 60 to to 64 without a vote from lawmakers. authorities tried to ban realities, but the protests are not stopping and many are calling for emmanuel macron to resign. 16 people are dead after an -- after an earthquake rocked ecuador. the earthquake hit off the coast . the earthquake was felt in 13 different provinces across the country. search-and-rescue teams are still looking for survivors. still ahead, a push for affordable student housing. the new plan to add thousands of new beds across all campuses. and here is a live look outside. we will check in with lisa on when we can expect breaks in the rain, coming up.
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liz: here is an from the bay toll plaza. the system is set to build more student housing, including at uc berkeley. th system. off-campus renting is expensive, of course. a sophomore told us she pays for housing that she shares with other people. >> four people. and they are super tiny rooms, but it works out for what is available. liz: the project to build housing was one initiative, but it has been halted by protesters who want to protect the park. the new proposed plan is part of
6:40 am
the overall plan to add 8000 beds. it is part of a much bigger goal of adding more beds across all of the campuses by 2028. happening a northbound lane of pleasanton. close crews are replacing entire sections of the roadway and say that the work is on schedule. caltrans posted this video of working away. the roads will be open 5:00 tomorrow. more than 7000 runners will get their work out in for marathon and the 10k start at 7:00 this morning. the half marathon starts at 9:00 a.m. lisa, i am always so impressed by anybody who attempts to run a marathon.
6:41 am
it will be a challenge for them with this rain this morning. lisa: the rain was not a surprise. they knew what they were informed. light to moderate rain with gusty winds. it is kind of a soupy, tropical atmosphere. a colder system arriving, so we have a lot to talk about, including several inches of rain. liz: also next, a showdown in memphis. our sports anchor will have all of the highlighted, coming up in sports.
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only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor—you're an owner. giving you flexibility to follow your dreams. that's the value of ownership. liz: he is a live look from our camera. time right now, 6:43 on this sunday. the warriors take a hit on the road against the grizzlies.
6:44 am
the sharks celebrated their pride night event. chris alvarez has your awning sports report. reporter: for the second time in nine days come the warriors are in memphis. looking to snap a losing streak. back after a one-game suspension. finds him and slams it home. 24 off the bench. had to desmond bain grizzlies are back up 10. jordan poole had a huge third quarter. drives and scores. a minute later, great ball movement. came in the third, but on the road after three quarters.
6:45 am
he had 16 and then it all fell apart. up five. a careless turnover here, one-handed pass. brooks is going to get it ahead in the corner. memphis goes up nine, just a bad turnover. wearing a losing. trash talk at the them know he has four rings. round two of the tournamen arkansas taking on kansas. second, tough land right there. arkansas comes back three is good. under a minute to play. the fans are firedthe rebound, .
6:46 am
three seconds left. hoping for a miracle. that will do it. arkansas runs the clock out. watch this. here goes the shirt. an upset win. second round in the south region , first half. to the rack. princeton led by seven at the break. the tip in rebounds in this game. ryan with a drive step back. princeton wanes, b fourth 15 seed to reach the sweet sixteen. sharks hosting the islanders at san jose. here it is. the 12th of the year.
6:47 am
it is all islanders the rest of the way. ryan polak with a slap shot made it 3-1. san jose has lost six games in a row. let's send things back to you. lisa we will have a dry day. we even have some sunshine for your monday. we have one rolling through right now. picking up on light to moderate rain. as we get in closer, it is everywhere. there are pockets into the east bay that have been heavy. a little closer and pleasant hill, some pretty good downpours. showers.
6:48 am
it has been light after that main line moved through. showers will be breaking up. shower activity. it might be easier to break up throughout the day. heavy totals of about an inch or so as this system is slow to move out of the north bay. you can see livermore with two miles. miles per hour. this is a warm system. low 50's, light to moderate rain. as we get through this 7:00 hour, most of it is in the north bay. then we have a dry night. tuesday morning commute is a
6:49 am
mess. a colder system with lower snow levels, and this will hang on through the evening commute. today's rainfall anywhere from a quarter of an inch to an inch. the breezy south winds keepi it mild with temperatures in the upper 50's, but this will take a few hours to move on out of here. it will not be cold, but it will be damp. the rain begins to break up after 9:00 in san francisco and our winter storm warning, it is right about using in the mountains. the snow level fluctuating, but bringing in another foot or so of rain. here is an at the rainfall amounts for the river. we are still looking at another inch to an inch and a half. widespread from tuesday to
6:50 am
wednesday morning. the south bay, if you are not picking up a lot of rain right now, you will get into tuesday time frame. highs today with main activity in the morning. upper 50's did year 60. showers through the afternoon, but it will be breaking up. dry conditions and it is a springtime scenario. the vernal equinox. that is a strong one with the wind and rain. a few showers. we will put some icons there for thursday, friday and saturday, even though that could actually change this. liz: a the sierra nevada. those tiny fragments originate
6:51 am
from clothing, food packaging and tires. it is a micro plastics could make it into the state's water supply. yosemite park is back open with edited hours and access. just about 15 feet in the last month or so. officials have seen 22 rock science, degree flows and most have been cleared and repairs are underway. the park should expand starting tomorrow, that there is limited overnight lodging. you can catch all of our newscasts live. download it now and start streaming. tune town at disneyland. the new change visitors can act and how it is designed to help families relax.
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liz: our parent company disney is pulling back the curtains on mickey's tune town. it is for children of all ages and abilities. tony cabrera brought his kids along for a sneak peak. reimagined, keeping some of the favorites while welcoming and some of the new. >> if we have young children who might be unsteady on their feet, given them an easy place to walk with no curves. it might be good for those who are little child -- wheelchair-bound, for example. tony: what do you guys think? >> awesome.
6:55 am
tonyit is so axing. there is grass, trees -- you can even sit down to have a picnic. >> the natural green space and the natural shade. as are getting super excited, they can also take a load off under some natural shade. go on the ride that just opened this year. ride. can you tell me about it? and when he is involved, things go a little wrong. tony: when it was chamoli stepped -- stopped by
6:56 am
engineer souvenirs. >> are these toys new? >> these are brand-new toys right here into town at -- tune town at disneyland. tony: at disneyland, we a cabrera family. liz: relaxing with four children in disneyland, but it looks like they had a good time. lisa: we have more vein. it is a level 1 system on our storm impact scale. we have had a line of heavy rain moving through the east bay. as we move closer, you will notice that we have yellows and oranges. clayton is looking at a moderate shower of toy santa rosa. light to moderate from and the pencil.
6:57 am
is g st. helena and east foothills up to 40 miles per hour. it is mild and in the 50's out there. for the rest of the day, the rain falling in the north bay from three quarters of an inch to an inch. the east bay picking up to a third of an inch. the system that is with us throughout the day fades throughout the second half of the day. we will be dry throughout the day with spring arriving tomorrow. our atmospheric river getting set monday night into tuesday. that is another one with rain and wind, a generous inch to inch and a half. it is messy. liz: i'm waiting heights you
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good morning, america. donald trump's prediction. the former president saying he expects to be arrested on tuesday following the investigation into alleged hush money payments. a look into the claim. plus, former vice president pence weighs in in an exclusive one-on-one with jon karl. bank watch. ubs reportedly in takeover talks to merge with struggling credit suisse. the urgent efforts to boost confidence in the banking system. how warren buffett is reportedly getting involved, and what this crisis could all mean for a fed decision this week on interest rates. putin and ukraine. the russian leader paying a surprise visit to occupied territory.


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