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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 24, 2023 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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as a parent company of abc7. thank you so much for joining us today for "getting answers." ♪ ♪ >> david: breaking news as we come on the air, two new attacks on u.s. forces in syria. four attacks now and they have been deadly. the president on this just moments ago. also tonight, as we come on, the concern over a long track after dark. several states and the system moves to the northeast. we are just coming in this evening from the pentagon, two new attacks, one with drones, one with rockets. on u.s. forces in syria. this comes after two other attacks already. an american contractor killed, multiple u.s. service members wounded. president biden speaking those moments -- just moments ago. that he was responding already to the first attacks. active -- f-15s destroying two iranian aligned facilities. drone attacks continue and mark
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is standing by. real threat from long track tornadoes after dark across several states, already two confirmed tornadoes outside dallas today. and the system that was of the coast right into the northeast, rob marciano tracking it all. the chilling case in florida tonight. a judge sentencing a 16-year-old boy to life in prison for murdering his classmate. a 13-year-old cheerleader. stabbing her more than 100 tim times. what that cheerleader's family revealed in court. the grand jury here in new york wearing a possible indictment against former president from authorities growing increasingly alarmed by what they believe is the former president's as grading and dangerous rhetoric. truck now warning of "potential death and destruction" if he is indicted. and major news tonight in the special counsel's prestige -- investigation. giancarlo is here. person biden at this hour,
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meeting with justin trudeau. and what this now it means. terry moran is there. tonight, the stunning images, the good samaritan climbing the outside of a burning home. to save three children trapped inside. news tonight about an american couple kidnapped in haiti, held hostage for nearly a week now. relatives paying ransom and they are now demanding more. actress gwyneth paltrow taking the stand in utah. a retired optometrist is suing her after a skiing accident and what she said understand. from north carolina to michigan to minnesota, what has been seen in the sky and what many of you will see tonight. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight" with david muir. >> david: it is great to have you with us as we near the end of another week and we we begin
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with this breaking news. we have learned of two new attacks on u.s. forces in syria. this time with rockets and drones. this means at least four attacks now in the past 36 hours. the first of the attacks was on a u.s. base by a suspected iranian drone killing one american contractor, wounding another and injuring five u.s. service members as well. the u.s. has launched airstrikes in retaliation in response to those first attacks. we're just learning of these additional attacks tonight. air force f-15 fighter jets taking to those guys destroying two iranian aligned facilities. u.s. intelligence thing the first that the attack on u.s. forces was conducted by a one-way attack drone made in iran. one of the two most recent ones also using drones. president biden authorized the retaliatory airstrikes saying just a short time ago that the u.s. does not seek conflict with iran but is prepared to "out forcefully to protect our people." word at least one u.s. service members has been injured in the newest attacks tonight.
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it is early. correspondent martha raddatz is reporting. >> four separate attacks on u.s. forces in syria in 36 hours. one of them deadly. in response, he was f-15s destroyed two iranian aligned training and equipment facilities in syria. >> make no mistake, the united states does not emphasize the conflict with iran but be prepared for us to attack forcefully to protect our people. that is exactly what happened last night. >> martha: it was 6:38 a.m. on thursday when an explosive laden iranian drone came hurtling down aren't they u.s. base in northeast syria. leaving one american contractor dead, one wounded, and five u.s. service members injured as well. four, the americans were medically evacuated. central command immediately planning counter strikes and just hours later, president
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biden aboard air force one authorizing the retaliatory attacks. setting two f-15s into the air and hitting their targets. thcurrently 900 american service members and hundreds more contractors in syria as part of a counter ices fours. the attacks by these iranian backed parties have been relentless. nearly 80 rockets or drone attacks in the last two years. including another one today in eastern syria that did not result in any injuries. this is the first time the u.s. has hit targets in syria since august. in the first time an american has been killed in syria in a drone attack. and tonight, there are serious questions about how the drunk out through. >> we take for his protection very, very seriously. i will say as it pertains to radar, my understanding is that there was a complete side
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picture in terms of radar. all that said, as is the case in any type of attack, u.s. central command will conduct a review to assess what happened. >> david: a lot of moving parts. as we came on the internet. want to get right to martha raddatz and these two new attacks we are learning of tonight obviously just before the news began. we learned this from the pentagon as we were coming on. we did here unified message before these two new attacks from both of the pentagon and the president. you are monitoring this with us. martha, the president in canada saying that u.s. does not seek conflict with iran but clearly this would all be appear to be as giddy as escalating. what are you hearing tonight about the defense systems on those u.s. bases, why they are not able to stop these drones and rockets and how the u.s. might respond to the's newest attacks? >> martha: david cohen a u.s. official confirmed to us that one of they are defenss was down at the time of the deadly attack. something they will be looking into. but do not expect the u.s. to back president biden said just
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moments ago we are not going to stop implying that there could be further retaliations. david? >> david: i knew you would be monitoring this into the evening for us. martha raddatz, thank you. we are tracking back here in houston at the service terms of this hour and a real concern tonight over these long track tornadoes possible in several states after dark. two turn it is confirmed in texas already. a satellite catching a lot of lightning flashes over oklahoma, heavy rain in galveston, the recording, the darkening sky over paris, texas, here and capturing the damage from others those two years internet is confirmed. it is truck outside fort worth. was up to 100 miles an hour. meteorologist rob marciano is interesting that louis is an a for and i know a particular concern obviously because this is going to play out after sundown now. >> rob: yeah, at least until midnight. that is always more dangerous. storms have been bubbling in the region. we are on the campus of louisiana tech.
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a lot of superstorms. those clouds are ripping. that is a low level jet. becauseof that and other factors, they have now expanded the tornado watch. it is massive now. the northern part of louisiana, memphis, you see a very active radar. and then through throughout for, we're late, we're looking to get into essential parts of tennessee and maybe even kentucky. so be aware of that. on top of the flood watch, that is a huge concern and gently as well. across the ohio river valley, all the way up through west virginia, as a low post more moisture from the gulf of mexico, and then heavy rain will be pushing into the great lakes and northeast. a little bit of snow wrapping run. we will see an a key relation from chicago north to milwaukee and the heavy rain to purchase into the northeast. it sticks around for much of the day. it is not in until we get into sunday. david? >> david: rob marciano has been traveling along. thanks to you and the crew. state safety net. thank you, iraq. we continued. >> return to the chilling case in florida making national headlines. a judge sentencing a 16-year-old boy to life in prison for murdering his classmate.
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13-year-old cheerleader stabbing her more than 100 times. they are seeing on video going for a walk and with f-uppercase-with that lovecheern court. victor aquino is in florida. >> reporter: a 16-year-old has been sentenced to life in prison after stabbing his classmate 114 terms. aiden fucci charged as an adult murder to reginald tristyn bailey near jackson duffin -- jaxon traveler a real home. justin a cheerleader in the seventh grade. for each and every word she suffered, justin's older sister alexis dropping a juulstone into a glass jar. asking questions that were never answered in court. >> did she cry for my mother? did she beg you to stop? >> rob: that glass jar with 114 stones as justin's mother spoke. >> her best -- her bath towel is at the foot of her bed. >> victor: this video shows the
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two classmates walking and invited to a friend's home. boujee then later seen running away. alone. the judge today saying the crime had no mortgage and showing still just 16 years old no mer mercy. >> it was not done in a fit of uncontrollable anger. there was no reason. there was no purpose >> victor: he was sentenced to life in prison. because he was a minor when he murdered kristin, the sentence will be reviewed in 25 years. david? >> david: victor, thank you. we turn to news on former president from tonight with jury hearing when a possible indictment against the former president. authorities are growing increasingly alarmed by what they believe is the former president's escalating and dangerous rhetoric. truck now warning of "potential death and destruction if he is indicted. republican and democratic leaders say this kind of rhetoric is very dangerous. here is john carl.
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>> reporter: facing multiple criminal investigations, former president donald trump is warning of "potential death and destruction if manhattan district attorney alvin bragg files charges against him. beyond this record came in 80 1:00 a.m. statement on his social media platform. it comes after top. leaders said there should not be protests of -- if trump is indicted. as he has called for. them to house later hakeem jeffries called the words reprehensible and reckless. >> it is dangerous. and if he keeps it up to he is going to get someone killed. we have already seen the consequences of incitement fro the former president. >> jon: new york is preparing, adding security and barricades around the city's courthouses. so far, few people have heated dropped' his call to protest.
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the district attorney's office has received several threatening messages. today white powder was found in the war room of the alvin bragg's office. inside an envelope addressed to alvin. which included a note saying, alvin, i'm going to kill you. it was later determined the white powder in the envelope was not a dangerous substance. trip has repeatedly attacked bragg on social media, even calling him an and will. a major development in the special counsel's investigation into trump's actions leading up to january 6. federal judge's several top "world news tonight with david muir" including former chief of staff mark meadows to testify before the grand jury. sources familiar with the secret proceedings tell abc news. trump had attempted to block the testimony by asserting executive privilege. the federal judge rejected that argument. meadows is a key witness, one of the few people with trump in the days leading up to january 6th and on that day itself. as his aid testified before the january 6th committee.
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>> said something to the effect of there's a lot going on, guys. but i don't know. things might get real real bad on january 6. in the evening was the first moment that i remember feeling scared. >> jon: trip is expected to appeal the judge's order. and a significant development in yet another investigation. the one regarding trump's handling of classified information. one of trump's top evan corcoran spent three hours before a grand jury central issue there is whether or not trump misled corcoran about classified documents. david? >> david: that testimony happened after you broke that story and this one in fact played out and now it has. jon karl, thank you not to pergam possibly can to in tonight. prime minister justin trudeau, the u.s. and canada agree into a new immigration deal. of course, a critical issue on the northern border as well.
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abc's international correspondent teri moren is traveling with the president tonight. >> terry: an alliance and a friendship and a 20% reboot of a relationship sometimes taken for granted in the past now facing new dangers and new opportunities. >> president biden: the candidate of the nine states will always have each other's backs. >> terry: the trip began last night at the trio's home and in formal evening and biden meeting to -- trio's children. they were relaxing over drinks. on the step agenda, a deal to limit unauthorized migration. canada has agreed to accept an additional 50,000 migrants. in exchange the u.s. has agreed that canada can turn back migrants who illegally cross our northern border. >> after midnight tonight, the border officers will enforce the agreement and return irregular border crosses to the closest port of entry with the united states. >> terry: also on the table, beefing up north american air
3:45 pm
defenses after the china despite balloon incident and boosting green energy technology, another way of confronting china. >> president biden: i know the united states can count on can to be our friend during the historic work, doing the work that matters. doing it together. >> david: let's get to terry moran with this agreement between the u.s. and canada on immigration. i also wanted to ask you about something else. it made lose business. pistol pond was pressed about a images this past week. chinese president xi with vladimir putin in moscow. calling a dear friend. we reported on that. the prison was as if he was concerned by this partnership. >> terry: and he got agitated by that question. he pushed back hard. he said the relationship between china and russia has been "vastly exaggerated," that he sees no evidence of significantly increased military or economic ties between those two towers. and he added, we, meaning canada
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in the united states are the ones making alliances around the world. that is very much on his mind. >> david: terry moran, live in ottawa, thank you. the u.s., the heat -- here in new york city, the stunning images, good samaritan climbing the building of a burning home to save three children trapped inside. their father handing them out the window. including the three month old baby. here is a real rush of. >> the remarkable images of a man jumping into action to rescue three children trapped by a fire on the top floor. >> you climbed that building? >> yeah, i. >> erielle: he and his wife were moving into a new apartment when they heard the screams. >> we saw the smoke coming out, right? so my wife sees the guy yelling for help, help, help! and she saw the baby. he wanted to throw the baby out. said, don't throw the baby. go help. so i went out and i climbed through there.
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>> erielle: quant quickly balances himself. then passes each of those kids to a jc -- safety. the father handing him the children. until juan could no longer hold on himself. firefighters were able to rescue the last child and the parents. david, the parents and their four children were taken to the hospital. firefighters suffered minor injuries. but everyone is expected to be okay. david? >> david: thank you. when we come back here, actress gwyneth paltrow taking the static retired eye doctor suing her for $300,000 after a skiing accident. the american couple kidnapped in haiti. what the kidnappers are now demanding tonight. and march 29th is jersey mike's annual day of giving where 100% of sales are donated to local charities. and to kick off all that giving, peter gave me an apron.
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says she skied into him at the resort in 2016. he says she left him behind. paltrow understand late this afternoon in to find he hit her testifying she thought she thought the accident was a " "sexual assault." an american husband and wife are being held hostage. they say the couple from florida were kidnapped while visiting relatives. their knees since the government has forced them off a bus. they initially paid the $6,000 and some. the kidnappers them demanding 200,000. the u.s. state department says it is aware of the family and looking into this. when we come back here tonight, the warning from authorities after two toddlers were attacked by a coyote. the alarming home video. tired s. i'm also a library board trustee, a mother of two, and a grandmother of two. basically, i thought that my memory wasn't as good as it had been. i needed all the help i could get.
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coming up behind the boy in the driveway. that is when he bites him on the arm. the mother rushes her son inside. authorities believe the same coyote attacked another toddler. they received rabies shots as a precaution, telling neighbors to be vigilant. when we come back, the images from so many states less than. what you saw in the sky and there's another chance tonight. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "abc world news tonight with david muir," sponsored by td ameritrade. g. look! what's up my trade dogs? you should be listening to me. you want to be rich like me? you want to trust me on this one. [inaudible] wow! yeah! it's time to take control of your investing education. cut through the noise with best-in-class education resources that match your preferred style of learning. learn your way. not theirs. td ameritrade. where smart investors get smarter℠. (vo) red lobster's finer points of fun dining: at lobsterfest, whether you're a sea-foodied ameritrade. or a lobster newbie,
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3:58 pm
time lapse over 93 minutes in north carolina just north, the uptown lights below. it is standish, maine, the light show. and in minnesota, the dancing streaks of light. above the snow. >> looked at that. >> wow! >> david: in fairbanks, alaska, capturing the stunning display. and take a look at this from this guy. the code is not are taking these photos through an airplane window flying from l.a. to phoenix. and this flight to minneapolis. just before landing passenger any scott riley capturing this. >> they are so gorgeous. >> david: the rare storm is pushing the lights further south than usual. this evening, noah maxes the ledge could be be visible from washington state, across to idaho, michigan, new york, all the way to the main. the incredible display across this country. it is just
3:59 pm
>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. ♪ >> all of a sudden, i heard this cracking, then i heard the boom. kristen: frightening moments for a northbay family, their house, split in half by a tree. they say they are lucky to be alive. and you can certainly see why. julia: sky7 w today giving us this birds eye view of the damage. check this out. the homeowner describing the scene as chaos, when the tree came crashing down, trapping her and her son inside. they are sharing their story of survival. cornell bernard is live with more on this chaotic scene. reporter: hey, very big operation happening here on yolanda drive. cruz just about everywhere you look -- crews just about everywhere you look.
4:00 pm
the family feels like to be alive after that tree fell at 5:20 a.m. this morning, smashing into that house. it woke up pretty much the entire neighborhood and trapped the family upstairs. >> it was just a crack and then a loud boom. reporter: a sound linda ross will never forget. the moment this giant 100 foot oak tree crashed into her home early friday morning. >> the first thing i was doing is screaming to my son, who was trapped in his room. i was also trapped, because the door got stuck. reporter: the family shared these pictures of the incredible damage the tree caused to the bedroom. remarkably, he was not hurt thanks to some quick thinking. >> i don't know how he lived, honestly, his room is totally destroyed, that tree is on his bed. and he just heard it and jumped out of bed. reporter: but the mother and son were trapped on the second floor of the house. >> they threw