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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 12, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now on ktvu channel 2 news. some residents returned home, but others must wait, but tonight, there is a directive for pg&e, following thursday's deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. good evening even. i'm heather holme. >> and i'm ken wayne and state utility regulators said they will order pacific gas & electric company to inspect its natural gas system. the public utilities commission issued a statement saying, "it will direct pg&e to look for
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leaks in natural gas lines, starting with high pressure lines where people live." regulators said the company budgets for pipeline safety and replacement and how much the utility actually spends. meantime investigators are zeroing in on the section of pipeline that fail, trying to determine how and why the 30" main exploded. the blast left a huge crater in the neighborhood, a hole authorities still have not been able to inspect due to safety concern. ktvu's maureen naylor in san bruno with late details. maureen. >> reporter: kents official death count stands at four people with four others still missing. crews are still on the scene. this road remains blocked this hour and the ntsb says it could be another day were to before it completes its onsite investigation and since pg&e started to hand over its first documents today. this family walked into think san bruno foam home for the first time in three days and
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found their dinner from thursday night still on the counter. >> we left the food here, because we we are ready to eat at time when we heard the big boom, booming boom. >> reporter: what caused that gas line explosion last thursday remains under investigation. >> if we find any indication that this is a systematic problem through the system as opposed to local, right here, we will indicate that and recommend accordingly. >> reporter: the ntsb removed this 28-feet section of pipe, which was thrown 150 feet from underground. tonight its sending the piece to a washington, d.c. lab to further investigate. water still prevents investigators from getting into the 160-feet long crater, which they say may hold important clues. >> this was pressurization, depressurization, fatigue, there are lot of reasons the pipe could have failed and getting into the crater will help us gather the informing. >> reporter: the road to the hardest hit area reminds
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closed. dozens of course spectators stood on an overlook to glimpse the devastated area, including some who know families whose homes were destroy. >> when you get this close to it, it really hits you even harder. so that is a the tough part. investigators tonight are asking anyone with cell phone video of the actual explosion to contact them. they are also checking surveillance freeze nearby businesss. tomorrow, the ntsb will visit two pipeline control centers, one in milpateas and the other near daly city, which might have data about any gas leak alert system. the ntsb says it has not been able to confirm reports that neighbors called pg&e to report a gas leak prior to the explosion. they are asking anyone who smelled gas or who filed a report to contact the ntsb by email. you will find that email address on our website, reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san bruno's mayor said that he does not think a 2008 sewer project in the area of the
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explosion was a factor in the deadly blast. records show 1600 feet of aging sewer pipes were replaced in mave 2008 on earl avenue from sneath lane to glenview drive. the work crossed the gas pipeline at the location of the blast and while the method crews used can cause ground shake and disrupt nearby soil and o-pg&e says inspections after the work revealed no problems. well for some of the fire victims tonight is their first night back in their home following that devastating fire and explosion. , but as kutv's diane guerazzi reports, the wait continues for others. >> reporter: hundreds of fire victims gathered this morning, picking up wristbands and parking permits that they hoped would be their tickets back to the homes that they fled thursday night. the deafening explosion caught chirmaberro during dinner. as we burned on his arms and forehead as he scrambled over
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his backyard fence. >> the wind blowing the hot air is what happened, it was so hot and we were pretty close to the explosion. >> reporter: chirmaberro's home on glenview drive is three houses from the center of the explosion. >> it's still up. that is one good thing, the house is there. >> reporter: people like chirmaberro, living in 49 houses that were red-tagged and 10 yellow-tagged were allowed to return today only to retrieve belongings. here homeowners healedton most pricious things. >> i grabbed the dog. >> reporter: penny the dog waited patiently to return to the home that pat and fed gillan have occupied for 47 years. >> i want kleenex. i know it's going to be emotional, and i know other people have suffered so much more. >> reporter: by early,000 27 family were allowed to return
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to their homes and stay. >> relieved to be home. >> reporter: pg&e hoped nancy warner reconnect to unumprovident burb the return is bittersweet when she thinks of the lives and homes lost. >> i could barely, as i'm driving down glenview, i could barely look down the hill. >> reporter: residents of the 37 homes that were scrod were asked not to show up today. tomorrow the city and county will meet with them. that meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. at san bruno senior center. in san bruno, diane guerazzi, ktvu channel 2 news. we posted on our website an image from google with the inspection reports for the nomes the neighborhood. the red flames note where the houses are on their respective street. when you roll the cursor over the flame and click on it, a picture of the home before the fire pops up an will give you the statute of that home. can you find the map by going to and choosing the "san bruno fire eye tab."
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of the four people still missing from the blast, three of them are members from the same family. 16-year-old william bullis, his father, and greg bullis' 82- year-old mother, lavonne bullis are still unaccounted for. they live on claremont drive, one of the streets hardest hit by the explosion and fire. the san mateo county coroner has identified 44-year- old jacqueline greig and her 14- year-old daughter, janessa were both from san bruno. janessa attended st. cecilia's school in san francisco and was the president of her 8th grade class. pg&e condepleted extensive test and conclude there were no breaks. those who returned home were escorted by pg&e representatives to make sure everything was safe. the utilities says about 300
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homes were without gas, but there is no word on the number of homes still without service. well, hundreds have reached out to the victim, including the san francisco giants. , who will dedicate $3 from each ticket sold in tuesday's game. there will also be a special pregame doppler honoring the by the victim the giants take on the dodgers at at&t park. in addition, to ticket sales the giants will collect donations from fans for the san brun glenview fire victims' fund. tragedy struck close to  normality team. 3rd baseman pablo sandoval's mother was safely evacuated from the home he is renting in the fire-ravaged neighborhood. stay with the ktvu news team for coverage of the explosion and fire in san bruno. will you find updates on line on >> governor schwarzenegger spend spent this sunday in china, attending a trade exposition. he is drumming up business from around pacific rim and part
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fact-finding mission. he will look the high-speed rail snizzle china, japan and south korea. china may some day contribute knowledge to build california's high-speed train system. traffic is finally back another highway 101 in san mateo after a bizarre crash that killed two people and shutout the freeway forces hours. as ktvu's john sasaki reports it all started with a person driving the wrong way on the freeway. >> reporter: the accident scene spread for half a mile down the freeway. it all started before 3:00 this morning when a drive heading northbound in the southbound lanes of 101 stopped her car near poplar. a good samaritan stopped to help her and that is when a lemzine helped to turn things deadly. >> he they were outside talking on highway and shirt forecast there was another vehicle that came along and struck both parties and the impact threw them into oncoming traffic. >> reporter: awesome told seven vehicles were involved in the
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accident. the chp it's one victim was hit also by a responding officer. the two parties were thrown in the opposite lanes ever traffic, which the officer wasn't able to see one of the bodies in time. >> reporter: the scene and involvement of the officer contributed to the length of accident. the good samaritan is identify as 26-year-old stephen pereira of titusville, florida. the main lesson of this incident, survivors is the important of stopping slave on the freeway. >> if you find yourself anyway situation where your car break down or you are involve in a ac you want to remain in your seattle vec and wait for methpersonnel to arrive on scene and tell you it's safe to exit your vehicle. >> reporter: three other people suffer minor injuries. ive was okay. at 6:00 tonight, the scene was completely cleared, a full 15 hours after the accident happened. in san mateo, i'm john saski,
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ktvu channel 2 news. alameda police say they have no plead leids in the deadly shooting of a man in the northern part of that city. investigators were out on eagle avenue near webster interest searching the crime scene to clues to the hoped. when officer adride of on the 700 block on eagle before midnight they discovered a 35- year-old man with numerous gunshot wounds. along with no leads there are no suspect and no motive. investigator that investigators are aware. in berkeley a woman edge gaged to be married survived an attempted arm robbery, but her fiancie did not. they were on their way home from a party near emerson street. police say that is when two men approached them and one of them had ap gun. he shot unikilled the 35-year- old victim, who had just moved town back in february. one of the suspects also punched the woman in the face. police say the men then jumped
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into a two-toned suv. first she was going to be released and then she was not. now it appears sarah shourd could soon taste freedom, but it comes a price. scene of a crime scene, one more time, what brought investigators to the cow palace. a neighborhood on
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>> hall of fame a million doctor is the amount need odd to free american sarah shourd from an iranian prison. if the bail is post, the uc berkeley graduate will be the first of three americans accused of spying to be released. >> reporter: another waffle bit iranian government after initially saying jailed u.s. hiker sarah shourd would be release and then saying she wouldn't be released and now iranian officials say she can be released in change for half a million dollars in bail many. senior properties in iran says ian is offering to release sarah shourd because of a mechanical condition she suffered from. we spoke so to the hikers' lawyer and says he met with the hiker on sunday and what is remarkable is that this is the first time that the lawyer has met with his client, ever since he was hired to represent them back in december of 2009.
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the lawyer telling cnn all three pare to be in good condition and said sarah shourd was happy, although her wish is to see her fellow hikers released as well. since tehran and washington don't have diplomatic condition, the swiss embassy will plait role of mediator and it's likely that sarah shourd's family will deliver the money to officials and the swiss embassy will transfer the money to the judiciary in iran and that is when the release will take place. as far as the other two hikers, shane bauer and joshua fattal, the senior prust in tehran saying that they are not going anywhere and says there is enough evidence that shows they were spying for the u.s. when they allegedly crossed into iranian territory in july of 2009. spying a serious crime in iran, one that carries the possible death penalty. so the ordeal far from forever those could individuals, but good news for sarah shourd, if
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iranian official don't change their minus once again, analysts say the waffling over the past few days is evidence of deep divisions within the iranian government that emerged of a the disputed elections of june 2009. reza sayah, islam bad. a shooting at state-owned cow pass palace has a state lawmaker demanding that the governor take action. the shooting happened during a part ofy hosted by the bay area desperadoes motorcycle club. two people were shot and police are still look fort gunman. state senator leland yee says the cow palace has become a magnet for trouble and needs to be greater accountability by board members appointed bit given. >> we said to the governor that these individuals who currently sit on cow palace board are really not responsive or looking for the interest of the general public. >> yee says he is trying to
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write legislation that would restrict use of cow palace without violating group's right to. daly city police have arrested two members of a violent gang. police say carlos mejilla- quintanillaa and mejilla sensent are members of gang. they say the two killed alexander castenon on june 21st. though each face a count of murder way firearm and a gang enhancement. there are concerns tonight in one oakland neighborhood about a potential new neighbor, a reporting center for parolees is being proposed. as ktvus a patti lee reports many in the community are not warming up to the idea. >> i invested a lost money in opening up this restaurant and i don't want people to be scared to come here. >> reporter: matt gonzalez and his wife charlotte realized the dream of opening up a
11:48 pm
restaurant ten months ago and so far they are promising in the neighborhood of telegraph. >> i hate to see a neighborhood going such a positive change and have a parolee center come in. kathy caulkett worked in this neighborhood for 28 years and worries about the impact that 100 paralyze day, seven days a week could have on the area. >> everybody deserves a second chance. personally, i'm not really for it. it's going to bring the wrong type of traffic to this area. >> reporter: dennis mccray, the vice president of the non- profit picked to run the state program says many of these fears are unfounded. >> i believe that these type of projects actually help to increase public safety. >> reporter: police presence generally increases around orbit centers and that could help cut down on existing neighborhood problems.
11:49 pm
>> there is already crime here, and if we moved into this building, i can tell you empathickial there won't be drug deals in the apartment. >> reporter: many say they don't know how the center would affect the street, but it could make streets safer in gener. >> you have to realize there are people walking the streets are aren't in a program like that and who are fresh out of jail and they are not in something positive. >> patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the president of koreatown north gate district some many owners are worried about the impact and plan to file an pale. golden gate transit bus riders will feel the pain of fiscal discipline starting tomorrow. that is when more than $1 million in cuts to transit routes will take effect. eight lines had see big reductions in service, and others will be eliminated completely. for example, route 75 serving santa rosa and san rafael will stop running, saving about $233,000. the golden gate bridge district has so far slashed its five- year deficit from $132 million to $89 million. the number of americans
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living in poverty is expected to hit record-highs. since the figures for 2009 are set to be released next week, experts expect to see the ranks of working-aged poor rise from 13.2% in 2008 to 15% in 2009. that would be the single biggest jump in poverty numbers since 1959. if the estimates are connect, if would mean 45 million people in this country or more than one in seven were poor last year. they tried help those less fortunate and why that generosity may have landed some people from an oakland church in a zimbabwe jail. the effort to flee miners in chile play have hit is a snag and what is being
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. >> a group of aids involvement workers associated with an oakland church is under arrest in zimbabway. the group in allen devle bastist church was helping at an hiv clinic and ape norm aids offans, itled if an oakland doctor, two bay area nurses and allen church organizers is accused of operating an unlicense clinic and dispensing medicine without a pharmacist's supervision. >> there has been some misunderstanding, some miscommunication that needs to be cleared up. we certainly respect the people of zimbabwe and the authorities there and we hope whatever the misunderstanding is that we can clear tup very quickly. >> allen temple has sent groups of volunteers to simbabway for the last nine years and church officials say this is the first time questions over licensing have been raised. >> in other news of the world, voters in turkey passed a sweeping series of amendments
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to the turkish constitution. the scene of the big victory for the current prime minister, who says it will bring more freedom to turks. opponents argued that changes will give the country's political leaders too much control over the judicial system. the constitution tution was put into effect 30 years ago by leaders of a military coup. in greece, a violent clash between police and demonstrators. protesters are angry over the mushes takenpy the government to help that nation's economic recovery just those measures include tax hikes and wage cuts and some unions are angry over plans to open their professions to nonunion workers. some greeks spent the day in lines getting gasoline before tomorrow's planned strike by truckers, which is expected to cripple fuel suchplies. and in chile, a third drilling rig arrived at site where 33 miners remain trapped. it was brought in after efforts to clear a broken drill bit failed. that bit broke last week after hitting a metal support beam
11:55 pm
about 900 feet down. this new drill is meant for oil well and, in fact, it's so big it too 40 trucks to transport it to the scene. it could take two weeks to setup, but once it starts, experts say it could reach trapped miners in about 45 days. just two days before peace talks are set to gyp with palestinian president abbas and israel prime ministernentorific mr. netanyahu says there are current restrictions. reporter reena ninan had an opportunity to talk to elie wiesel. >> reporter: i asked what he talked about with the president? >> i cannot tell you.
11:56 pm
the president, only he nose, only i nose. >> reporter: as we enter the peace track e-talks, trust is so low, what makes you optimistic? >> i am very optimistic in this case. maybe in the past i was wrong, but nevertheless, i really think i have that feeling anyway, not based on anything, but a feeling, a premonition, that this time something will happen. >> reporter: you mentioned earlier about the threats that israeli faces with hezbollah and iran. what are your thoughts on iran? what needs to be done? >> ahmadinejad needs to be arrested and held before the incourt for international crimes at the hauge. >> reporter: in records to peace talks, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton, israeli
11:57 pm
prime minister netanyahu and pakistanian president abbas will meet in egypt. the great tax cut debate. a political leader makes a surprising move and what it could ah, focus group. so what are we testing here? that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. how would i make school field trips to the zoo!
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. >> a top republican leader seems to be sighted with democrats to end a bush-era tax cut. julie kirtz with the story from washington. >> reporter: john boehner sounds for the first time says
12:00 am
is he willing to take a tax cut deal and willing to vote for phasing out the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, making more than $250,000 a year. >> if the only option i have is oto vote for those $250,000 and ploy, of course i'm going that, but i'm going everything i can to fight to extend the current tax rate for all american. >> reporter: boehner seemed to second what president obama said this week, that extending the tax cuts for middle-class americans should be a starting point for a debate on tax cuts. the president's chief economic advisor, austan goolsbee says he welcomes boehner's new stance and emphasizing the white house view that the very well off in this country don't need a tax break, but middle americans do. >> the president strongly believes that you cannot, after the decade of an astounding squeeze on the middle-class, that was followed by the worst
12:01 am
ecession in our lifetime, since 1929, that is we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class. we should make that permanent. >> asked about the recovery summer that never was, goolsbee said americans should expect to see the high unemployment rate first-down some time, currently 9.6%. he says he isn't sure had a the unemployment rate will be at the end of the year. in washington, julie kirst, fox news. there are news that palo alto-based hp will announce adearly as tomorrow a $1.5 billion deal to buy security software-maker ark sight. the small cupertino company software is used by government agencies as well as financial and healthcare agencies. just go weeks agoing hp defeated dell in a heated bidding war for a storage company. oacog to eye team of
12:02 am
investigative journalists, hospitals across the state perform crs sections and conclude that women aare least 17% more likely to have c- sections at for-profit hospitals. a surgical birth could generate more revenue it happen a vaginal delivery. a new study reveals that napa is the most obese county in the bay area. ucla center for heath policy research conducted the current survey, looking at data from the 2007 california health interview vary that showed more than 28% of napa county's population was obese. more than 9% of napa county residents have diabetes. one of the highest rates in the bay area. san francisco county had the lowest oobesity rate in the bay area at 11.8%. caltrans is busy putting the finishing touches on the bay area's first express toll lane, set to open in eight days. the lane will run on southbound
12:03 am
highway 685 between highway 84 and sunol and highway 287 in milpitas over the supol grade, one of the bay area's worst commute areas. lane will be free for carpools, single drivers with use it for a sliding fee, charged to a fastrak account. caltrans spent the weekend estrange the sections of lanes and plans to work at night to finish the job in the next few days. >> cal train sun devils a pedestrian was hit and killed by a train in menlo park. it involved its southbound train. interest is no word on the oystmale victim or why he was on the tracks. a spokesman says this is the seventh fatality involving cal train. a geyser of water from a fire hydrant shot into the skies at oakland's jack london scare area. it happened late this afternoon near the corner of oak and 5th street. authorities say a truck swerving to avoid another vehicle clipped the hydrant. nobody was injure, but it took
12:04 am
time for east bay mud officials to get the gurk water turned off the. in sacramento, thousands of tea party activists rallied in an effort to energize the conservative moment before the upcoming election. the event was held this afternoon at former mcclellan air force base. the group also called attention to what it describes as "big government run amok." and is trying to build momentum heading into the election season. >> the tea party wants to make an influence in the candidates and the procedure or policies that are going on right now that are taking our liberties and freedoms away. >> the national tea party patriots group organized today's rally. in washington, d.c., another rally by tea party activists with the theme "remember in november." several thousand people marched from the washington manment to the capitol building. dick armey spoke at today's
12:05 am
event. the rally is part of the second annual september 12th march on washington. governor schwarzenegger announced a bid for california to host the 20 expo in silicon valley. owe made the announcement before touring the world expo in shanghai and says california will submit a former candidatey application next year. the proposed site is moffett field. world expos take place every five years and the current economic impact for shanghai is estimated at $11.5 billion. >>the winner 20 expo will be announced at the end of 2012. and the ú
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. this is the time of year we have typically it have fog-free conditions, but it will be a completely different store. request the help of live stormtracker 2, clouds already on the increase. santa rosa reporting partly cloudy skies. clouds moving into sonoma county and areas to the south with san francisco partly cloudy skies and this as far as temperatures from today, we cooled off about 5-15 degrees from yesterday's readings. you can see the reading from upper 50s in pacifica and livermore, 82 degrees. it as the scene towards the
12:09 am
pay. more fog expected overnight and temperatures cooling off more. at least for tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of a butch in the numbers burb no major heatwaves in site. this area of low pressure, this trough will move in over the next 24 hours, deepening the marine lay that is happening right now and that will be the source cloud and fog and possibly drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. for your monday, cooling off 2- 6 degrees from today's highs and that manes the warmestlocs in the upper 70s, possibly approaching 80 degrees. you may have heard rumors of rain chances later in the week. by tuesday, maybe drizzle along the shoreline. wednesday, thursday, and friday, you notice the bulk of act tour north, also into saturday as well. but there is a slight chance as we do head into the upcoming weekend. still quite a ways out there, but it's something that we'll be watching over next few days. at least for tomorrow morning,
12:10 am
areas of fog, even a few patch inland. temperatures 47-52 degrees and then into the afternoon hours, party to mostly sunny, but still some patchy fog near parts of the shoreline. the eventual temperature range, upper 50s to the upper 70. fairfield around 78 degrees and vallejo at 69. and san francisco just yesterday in the mid-70s and tomorrow barely making it into the lower 60s. 68 degrees with skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon showers. your five-day forecast, a little bit of a bump in the numbers for tuesday, wednesday and thursday and it looks like thursday will be the warmest day of the period. that will translate to mid-80s inland and a few extra clouds into friday. you definitely want to bundle up tomorrow with the low fog and drizzle. the typically fall-like weather we enjoy.
12:11 am
with the official end of summer an estimated two weeks away, an estimated quarter million of people enjoyed the solano street festival, connecting can albany and berkeley. festival-goers heard music from 75 different bands and tasted food from 75 different vendors and able to connect with 200 non-profits that separateup information jonathan solano avenue is home to about 200 small businesses. coming up next, we'll have a complete rundown of nfl sunday, including a 49ers and raiders highlight -- not introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sportswrap. on this first sunday of the nfl season, we'll start with baseball, because that is where we can find something good to sigh about an bay area team. rallying in the first inning against the padres, buster poseey riding a pitch the opposite way into the jury box in right field. the two-run field. tim listencum add to the lead in the 4th, slapping a hit to score 2. >> 5-0, giants at this point. lincecum looks like his old cy young winning self. he mows down david eckstein and in seven innings of work, the giant's bullpen pier 1s it off.
12:15 am
foreman wins, 6-1, completing a successful road-trip. johnson and padres back evening at the top of the nl west and the colorado rockies are just a game and a half back. jason giambi come up as a pinch- hitter against arizona. giambi rides a sam demel pitch into straight away center. 10 straight winds for the red- hot rockies, take this one 8-2. that leaves things looking like this in the standings, giants and padres in a virtual tie with a rockies just a game and a half back. atlanta lost tonight while the phillies were winners. things are neaingly settled in the american league, which means the afteras and red sox were playing mostly for pride at the coliseum. >> this drive by ellis into center. two runs score, 3-0 oakland
12:16 am
lead. boston later rallied to hand dallas braden his 12th loss. kalish hits off reliever rodriguez and red sox win 5-3 and the after's back to an even .500 for the season. >> well, the expectations were high, the challenge seemed manageable and the 49ers absolutely bombed in their 2010 season debut at seattle. san francisco leaving the locker room in united lock step. they led 3-0 and were gorge more on the 4th and 1. they had the right play cal, but owe near smith or the player execute. williams to the 1, with a hasselbeck one puts them out in fun. pete carroll having more fun than at csu. the smith pass bounces offer
12:17 am
michael crabtree and babineaux returns it to the san francisco 14. they trailed 14-6 and it got worst in the second half. on the first 49 driver smith picked off by marcus trufant, who is going all wait to the end zone. 21-6, seahawks. they got another touchdown and the 49ers' fate was sealed. san francisco starts this season with a great big thud, going down 31-6. >> if wasn't exactly an uplifting open for the raiders. though were reading the tidans 3-0, but this misdirection to the left and aoult to the right and vince young finds nate washington behind the secondary. nothing special about jason campbell's debut at quarterback. jacob ford comes up with one of tennessee's sacks. that led to a field goal. tennessee led 17-3 in the 2nd
12:18 am
quarter and then this. you dent want to let chris jon get free in space. fastest running back in the league goes 76 yards on the way too a 142-yard recurring game. 24-6 titans and they set up the score in the 3rd quarter. campbell picked off by hope. he is ruled out-of-bound at 39 and the play led to tennessee's final score earlier in the 4th quarter. it all added to up a 38-13 bin. gary kubiak and the texans hosting the colts. foster fort scoring rushing for a team record, 231 yard and three touchdowns foster undrafted and spent most of last season on the texan's practice squad. colt go down in the 34-24 final. >> yeah a touchdown better
12:19 am
than the broncos. >> in albany and phillie, sean jackson and eagles had built a 27-10 lead with kevin kolb. michael vick came off the bench to rally the eagles, but come up short. green way the winner. giant's christen their new stadium with a win over carolina. the detroit lions came very close to pulling off the upset of the day. cray jai cutler gets the block and run his pursuers 89 yards to the end zone. lions, 14-10 after this score. but their quarterback, matthew stafford had to leave the game with a shoulder injury. enter shaken hill and lets one flyyon. johnson outjumpsmine. the lions think they pulled one out, but they review whether johnson had control of the ball before he hit the ground and let it go. the call goes against the lions
12:20 am
and after, nor incompletions, the bears escape with the win, 19-14. >> seattleers score the only touchdown of the game in overtime as they edge the falcons 15-9. >> in the sunday night game, mike shanahan made his debuts head coach of the redskins. choice puts the ball on the grown's it's taken back notwithstanding. redskins hang on to the 13-7 win. they also got help when a cowboy touchdown was called down on the game's final play. cincinnati not a match for the patriots. dolphins outlast buffalo. tampa from 11 down beat the browns. the cardinals spoiled the debate of sam bradford with a 17-13 win. >> still more business to take care of tonight on this sunday sportswrap. we'll introduce you to the five games you will be voting on for this week's high school football game of the week and see how the u.s. did in the
12:21 am
world chame ret ma oilwi totr e
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. >> with the big stars taking a pass, the players that represented the u.s. in this summer's world basketball championships were sometimes referred to as the b-team, the b-team did something that the u.s. hadn't done since 1974. kevin durant was the big factor and continued that against the game with turkey. he nails one of seven 3- pointers on the way to a 28point game. turkey didn't have answer answer tonight usa athleticism. to andre iguodala on the lob.
12:25 am
they begin their respective nba catches a short time from now. u.s. wins the championship game, 81-64 and nothing b about their performance. the 30 golfers are now set to have qualify for the fedex finale and the $10 million bonus for winning it. rickie fowler came down to the wire, didn't not make it into the final field of 30. neither did tiger woods. woods nearly hold outs this approach at 17 and settles for a birdie, finishing eight back in this weekend's bmw tournament, but that wasn't good enough. >> dustin jon will be there in two weeks and he also eased a whole summer's worth of frustration today. johnson at 17 with an approach that sets him up for the birdie and the one-stroke margin that would be the difference. he edges paul casey and has a shot at the big anyone two weeks in atlanta. sunday night during high
12:26 am
school football season means time too introduce you to the five games that are candidates for high school game of the week. they are novato at bellarmine, valley christine and cardinal new plan in santa rosa, st. ignatius at bishop odowd and los gatos at st. francis and pleasanton's foothill at james logon in union." to vote for the game you want to see, go to and click on high school football. we'll announce the winner on thursday and then you see friday nigh under the lights with the highlights at the 10:00 win. sanford jumps from 25th to 19th in the associated press poll. and cal, which scored 52 points for the second straight week in its win over colorado has not cracked the ap, but the bears are now recognized in the usa today poll as the 24th-ranked team in the country. u.s. u.s. open final between rafael named and novak
12:27 am
djokovic was rained out. they will fry again tomorrow. that is it to it for this late sunday night sport wrap. another week to chew it out and try it all over again. >> hopefully we'll have another outcome. >> i know it's the first game, but how much did we read into their performs today? >> the nfl season, it's not unlike a game, you have your peak and valleys and i don't think there is any way that afternoon team could look as bad in week 2 as they looked today. >> big disappointment for the 49ers, particularly four times in the red-zone. >> if you want to look at how that game turned, that was the scene of. they had plenty of chances and very well could have had a couple of touchdowns early in the game. on the road, you take the crowd out of the game and they had those opportunities and didn't cash. >> thanks, joe. on the other end, way to go, joe. all right. that is our report for
12:28 am
tonight. i'm ken wayne. mime heather holmes and thanks for joining us. our next newscast is the ktvu morning news at 5:00 a.m. and also extended coverage on get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪
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