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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 2, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. finger pointing and name calling. the attacks get personal in the debate between jerry brown and meg whitman. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. there were heated exchanges during the candidate's second debate. with the issue of meg whitman's former housekeeper taking center stage. the faceoff in fresno, the state's first spanish language debate focused on immigration issues and things got intense
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when it came to the fourth question. just 15 minutes in, and the gloves were off inside fresno's state student union as the univision addressed the elephant in the room. the matter of republican candidate's meg whitman former housekeeper an illegal immigrant. >> jerry, you should be ashamed you and your surrogate put her deportation at risk. you perfect her out there. and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nicky diaz on the altar of your political ambition. >> meg whitman blamed her democratic rival for the controversy claiming jerry brown orchestrated the scandal that erupted earlier this week. the former ebay ceo spent several days explaining how she had an undocumented worker on the payroll for nine years. meg whitman claims she didn't know it and let nicky diaz go last year once she found out. but gloria allred released a document dating back to 2003
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questioning the housekeeper's legal status. today democrat brown fired back at allegations that his campaign was behind the controversy. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your own two feet and say, hey, i made a mistake, i'm sorry, let's go on from here. you have blame her, blamed me, blamed the left and blamed the unions. but you don't take accountability. >> reporter: meg whitman continued on the defense, pouncing on the back that her attorney is a well known supporter of democratic candidates. >> the fact that your campaign two weeks ago was talking about this issue. the fact that you are joined at the hip with gloria allred it was a political stunt. >> reporter: meg whitman has said she would submit to a lie detector test to prove that she had no idea nicky was in the u.s. illegally. when asked today she wouldn't answer either way. brown said he doesn't have to take one. >> there is no point in me taking a test. she wants to do it. her credibility is in conflict with that house made so that's the issue.
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>> meg whitman has spent millions courting latino voters who analysts say couldplay a key role in determining the outcome of this very tight race. >> the next scheduled debate between meg whitman and brown is set for october 12th at anyone can university in san raphael. >> the issue of illegal immigration went beyond meg whitman's former housekeeper at today's debate. both candidates had lengthy exchanges over high profile immigration issues including securing our borders and cracking down on employers who hire illegal workers. >> we have to get our arms around illegal immigration. i've got a good plan. i have said from the beginning i did not think the arizona law was correct for california. but we have to secure the border and hold employers accountable. >> you dent bring in semi surfs and do our dirty work and we are finished with you like an orange. you just throw it away after you squeeze them. that's not right. >> meg whitman and brown were also asked about the dream act a bill that would allow u.s. high school graduates brought into the country illegally become citizens after spending
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two years in college or the military. brown said he would sign the bill if it came to him as governor. but meg whitman opposes it saying legal citizens should have the first crack at attending california's financially strained colleges. the debate was broadcast state wide over spanish language stations and aimed at drawing in the critical latino vote in this november's election. there was some debate watch parties organized in latino neighborhoods. ktvu's deborah villalon was at one such party and joins us now with the live report. >> reporter: ken, latinos make up almost a quarter of california's registered voters, something the gop knows. and why it opened its headquarters in heavily democratic marin but the debate may have cost her any in-roads she has made. [ applause ] >> reporter: jerry brown won applause in the debate as a few dozen people watched at this mexican restaurant in the canal district. no surprise since most came into the room favoring brown.
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this is a part of san raphael with a large latino and day labor population. a community that has seen immigration raise and importation over the years. >> illegal immigration just that, it is illegal. >> reporter: meg whitman hard- line now seems to contradict her spanish language ads over the summer courting latinos. those watching noticed. >> my suspicions were of meg whitman that, you know, this is a political, just a political ball for her. and truly to be loved by hispanics, you need to be truthful. >> i will treat everybody whether they are documented or not as god's child. >> reporter: jerry brown's moderate position and his long history of outrage are resonating with latinos. recent polls give him the wide advantage. but. >> we are not thinking, latinos and the other group, no, we are thinking as one group for california. and we are californians.
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>> meg whitman is very conservative. and it is only bringing up the economy. >> there were no single issues here. and meg whitman's firing of her former housekeeper seems to dwell not so much on documentation but how meg whitman treated her. >> she could have really sponsored nicky if that was the case. she could have really done more than what she did. >> at the end it is about the issues. and we should be voting about the issues, not the drama part. >> reporter: the lightest moment of the debate came at the very end when the candidates were asked to name good qualities each might bring to the job. they managed it, but brown joked this is going to be tough for both of us. reporting live in san raphael. deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. the economy and jobs were the focus of a campaign stop from incumbent senate democrat barbara boxer in south san francisco today. speaking to members of the san mateo democratic party she
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touted newly approved tax breaks for small businesses. which she claims will help create more jobs. she also criticized her republican opponent for her position on that bill. >> my opponent opposed our small business jobs bill. which was supported by everybody, including the chamber of commerce who is supporting her. she can't even get herself to support that. she can't support american jobs. she is used to shipping them overseas. >> senator boxer also tried to rally support for former democrats including jerry brown. >> carly launched a new ad against her opponents featuring vice-president joe biden. >> there is no political point worth my son's life. >> in it an angry biden is shown criticizing lawmakers, including senator barbara boxer who voted against a war funding bill for american troops. also today, she issued a statement about an ad by the
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boxer camp about hewlet packard outsourcing jobs. in it she called on senator boxer to return campaign donations from contributors who also shipped jobs overseas. you will find continuing coverage of today's debate along with developments and other races. by going to our website click on the election 2010 tab. let's talk about the san francisco giants. fans of the orange and black are feeling blue once again after the giants failed to wrap up the division title for a second straight day. the storyline was similar to friday night as the san diego padres jumped out to the quick lead. the giants staged a light rally and actually brought what would have been the winning run to the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning. but just like friday night no late heroics from the hometown. so the champagne will have to sit on ice. and fans will have to save their celebrations for at least one more day. ktvu's patty lee reports from
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at&t park. >> so close but still one win away from clinching its first playoffs spot and division title since 2003. >> i haven't quite had time to adjust to the fact that the giants could go all the way. i arrived back in town last night. >> reporter: dressed in orange and black the senator and her granddaughter took in the action. all afternoon this stadium was a wash in emotions as the padres took the early lead. prompting steve parry, giants fan and former lead singer of journey to rally the players and the crowd with a rendition of, what else, "don't stop believing." [ music ] >> reporter: for a brief moment in the 9th, it seemed the giants might come from behind. [ applause ] >> reporter: but it was not to be. >> i mean, i am not really happy right now. >> we will get it tomorrow. we will win. i believe in them. >> i am sad but there is still hope. so, you know, you can't be too
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upset. >> reporter: today's loss may to prove to heighten fan participation which is already at a fevered pitch. >> 2003 was the last time we made the playoffs. been here since 8:45 in the morning. >> my god since barry went down a lifelong struggle to make it back up to the top. >> enjoying the moment. >> reporter: lifelong baseball fans, this father and son duo says win or lose they will savor these games. >> we will stay until they wrapped it up. if we have to stay until monday we will stay until monday. >> coming off last night's loss to the padres, giants fans were so hopeful, so certain their team would take this second chance to clinch the title. fortunately, there is always tomorrow. in san francisco, pat are you lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. there are many possibilities tomorrow with the giants playoffs hopes. the easiest route would be with a win. fred will break down the scenarios that can unfold and why things may not be decided until monday or even tuesday later on in sports wrap.
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>> well, a party tonight in the east bay celebrated the planned reopening of a very special place for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. the george mark childrens' house offers respite and hospice care for terminally ill children. it closed back in march because of a lack of money. fund raiding efforts have paid off. and tonight some supporters were recognized for their efforts. >> they offer families a place to be as an alternative to the hospital or as a transition from the hospital on their way home. >> danville pie lot who safelyly landed the plane in the hudson river was the key note speaker. the house is set to re-open monday. a 24-year-old man died today in a shooting in hayward. it happened in the 2700 block. officers say they were called to investigating a fight and found a victim suffering from one gunshot wound.
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the unidentified victim died later at the hospital. no word on his identity or a motive for the shooting. a series of alcohol fueled fights led to six arrests in walnut creek last night. this is video of a fight outside the hero lounge. the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the first brawl began around 11:30 with a fight inside the 1515 lounge on north main street. less than two hours later, police were called to a small fight at the vice ultra lounge on royal way. while officers investigated, a larger fight began outside the bar. investigators do not believe the fights were connected. well, a man hunt is underway tonight in the walnut creek area following another attack on a woman at an apartment complex. the contra costa county sheriff's department says a woman was attacked just outside her park regency apartment at 6.45 this evening by a man who tried to then drag her inside her apartment. she was able to escape but fell down a set of stairs and is
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being treated for her injuries at the hospital. five women have been assaulted at this complex in recent months. a man linked by dna evidence to one of the sexual assaults has been charged with three of the attacks. tonight's victim says she was attacked by a white male in his 30s or 40s. after a record long impasse, california lawmakers are set to vote on a state budget that is expected to close in -- a $19 billion deficit. details began to emerge today. the state would cut about $7.5 billion in spending as part of this deal. down from the $12 billion the governor had proposed. the budget deal relies on $5 billion from the federal government. $1.4billion from state revenues and $1.2 from selling 11 state properties and then leasing them back to the state. [ applause ] >> in most elections, you vote for one candidate per office and that's it. but in parts of the east bay, voters will have a chance to vote for up to three candidates
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for the same office. coming up we will explain why election workers are trying to clear up the confusion. some members of san francisco's lgbt community who often find it difficult to get a job finds one. we will tell you about the special employment opportunity. and the obama
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. >> voters in some east bay cities will see some big changes when they cast their ballots this november. instead of voting for just one candidate for mayor city council they will be able to vote for up to three. ktvu's allie rasmussen explains. >> reporter: royal roberts hold up a new type of ballot. most alameda county voters have probably never seen anything like it at the ballot box alone. >> this alone can be a little, you know, menacing to someone. if you look at it like, whoa. >> reporter: the new system is called rank choice voting. you can see from the sample ballot voters are supposed to select their first, second and third choice for the same office. if nobody wins 50% of the vote the process of elimination begins. >> who has the least amount of votes. who is essentially out of the running? >> reporter: the candidate with the least votes is tossed out. but everyone who voted for that
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candidate has that instead. >> the second choice is now their first choice. >> i like it because just in case the first one doesn't work i have already voted for the second choice. so maybe it will work. >> reporter: workers with the alameda county registrar's office spent the afternoon explaining the new ranked choice voting to shoppers in oakland oakland. >> if you have any questions give us a call. >> okay. >> reporter: some voters didn't like the idea. you have, great. >> i don't like it. >> okay. >> personally i think they should keep it simple. trying to make more money off of it. >> reporter: oakland and berkeley will use the system to elect mayors and council members. the change will actually save those cities money because there will be no need for second primary or run-off elections. >> one election depending on the number of registered voters could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000. so if they have it all in one election cycle, which is in november, it eliminates that cost. >> i find it confusing but i mean it might be a good thing.
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>> reporter: the system may be new to alameda county but san francisco has used the ranked choice voter system for the past six election cycles and will use it again for the 7th time next month. in oakland ktvu, channel 2 news. >> also in oakland today a rally in support of two important local measures on the upcoming ballot in november. >> yes, no, maybe. yes, no, bb. >> measure bb would change the minimum number of police officers required to be staffed in the city in order to maintain funding for anti- violence programs. supporters say if the measure fails the city will lose those programs and dozens of officers responsible for crime prevention. >> if we don't basically pass measure bb the violence prevention programs, 63 community police officers will vanish. they won't be there anymore. >> the other focus of today's rally was measure w. that's the measure calling for a $2 phone line tax with the revenue going
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towards public services such as 911 emergency response, librairies and senior centers. more than 160 people came out with their paint brushes today to take part at a public art project hosted by san francisco general hospital. they helped paint four mural panels to brighten up a section of the hospital that's currently under construction. the artwork can be found on petraro between 22 and 23 streets. it will be up until the new state-of-the-art hospital is completed in 2015. the grand opening of a good will store in san francisco's castro district is giving hope tonight to members of the lgbt community who have faced job discrimination. many of the stores employer ares transgendered. only half of transgendered people in california have full- time jobs. even though they are twice as likely as other workers to have earned a bachelor's degree. the city teamed up with good will to create a positive place for them to work. >> 70% of transgender community
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members have experienced employment discrimination or harassment on the job simply because of who they are. >> the temporary good will pop- up for -- store on-market street will be replaced by trader joes. but they hope it will create jobs and create a model for similar jobs programs around the country. >> it was liberal activists turns to gather on the washington mall today five weeks after the tea party rally conservatives on the 47th anniversary of doctor martin luther king junior's i have a dream speech. >> free at last! >> free at last! >> free at last! >> thank god almighty, we are free at last. >> a variety of activists recited portions of doctor king's speech as part of the one nation working together rally. it was attended by tens of thousands of people from all across the nation. most speakers focused on the economy. >> we bailed out the banks. we bailed out the insurance
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companies. now it's time to bail out the american people. [ applause ] >> organizers hope the rally will galvanize the democrat democratic base in time for the elections. the president of the nwcc called the movement an antidote to the tea party. the associated press is reporting that the u.s. state department will issue a travel advisory warning americans to be alert for possible terrorist attacks in europe. sources say that warning could come as early as tomorrow. >> reporter: the obama administration prepares to issue a travel alert for americans living in and travelling to europe. it suggests that a terror attack in cities popular with tourists but have not identified any targets that terrorists might be considering. >> whatever maximizes visibility, whatever instills the greatest fear in the greatest number of people. >> forces say the plot involves targeting at least three western european cities with
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multiple themes of attackers. they hit hotels and other locations popular with western tourists in the 2008 attack killing 173 people. >> we know that al qaeda and al qaeda type affiliates are out there. they are determined. >> u.s. counter terrorism officials believe that senior al qaeda leaders, including osama bin laden are a involved in the latest terror attack. this video shows bin laden and images of natural disasters. the speaker who people believe sounds like him says modern countries should use their wealth to help flood ravaged pakistan. >> they understand how the world works. and the flooding in pakistan there is opportunity. >> reporter: part of what alerted them is the arrest and interrogation of a german pakistani man believed to have ties to muslim extremists arrested in afghanistan in
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july. a hose used for mid-air refueling fell from the sky today on to a southern california home. military investigators are trying to figure out how the retractable rubber tube came loose from a c130 hercules tank [ inaudible ] the homeowners seemed to take the matter in stride. >> it started a fire. my house could have been engulfed in flames or it could have been a lot worse. >> hazmat crews cleaned up some of the jet fuel that leaked from the hose. fire officials estimated the damage to the home at about $10,000. >> well, how much do you know about the arab world? the way you can get up close and personal and get a first- hand taste of the tradition. >> the unlikely opponent of california's proposition 19 and why a certain group is against the recreational marijuana measure. >> i am currently tracking a few showers just outside of the bay area. coming u
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. >> diversity was on display in the heart of san francisco. [ music ] >> today's 16th annual arab cultural festival at union square kicked off the beginning of arab american heritage month in the city. the square was turned into an open-air market similar to those found in the arab world with music, dance, art and traditional food. it was sponsored by the community center which provides support to arab americans in the bay area. in news of the world today pakistan officials kept a border closed to nato supply trucks for a third day. 150 trucks are lined up waiting to deliver their cargo to nato troops in afghanistan. the crossing was closed thursday after nato helicopters killed three pakistani
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soldiers. there were two more u.s. missile strikes today that officials say killed 16 people in northwest pakistan. in indonesia, at least 36 people are dead in a train accident. it happened in a city about 200 miles east of jakatra. a moving train hit a parked train at 3:00 in the morning. many of the passengers were asleep. investigators have not yet determined if the accident was caused by mechanical failure or operator error. and in france today, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across that nation to protest a plan to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62. president nicholas sarcozzi says it is to keep the economy from collapsing. they are going to consider the matter next week. an unusual idea to destroy invasive water plants in lake tahoe appears to be working. they placed 8500 square feet of plastic sheets on the bottom of
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tahoe's emerald bay. when they went back last month, none of the invasive water millfoil had survived. the underwater sheeting is also being used to eradicate invasive clams that threaten native species in the lake. [ music ] suds versus bugs? who has come out against proposition 19 and why they are opposed to a measure that would essentially legalize marijuana. >> pg&e wi
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. >> california's are donating money to legalize the recreational use of marijuana over what they say are driver safety concerns. the pro legalization group
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normal claims the beer industry seeks to "protect some of their market share and profit that they know they will possibly lose to legal and taxed cannabis market." claudia cowan has the details. >> reporter: the battle over the buzz now has the suds over the brewer. they donated $10,000 to defeat proposition 19 which would legalize recreational pot for adults. the alcohol trade group says employers would be prevented from drug testing their workers for weed saying in a statement. those supporting legalization argue getting high is far less dangerous than getting drunk. in 2008 nearly 12,000 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. while smoking pot may impair driving, the federal government doesn't keep stats on how many accidents were caused by stoned
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drivers. the campaign says that's because the number is so small and suggests that california beer sellers are really worried about protecting their turf. >> there is a history of alcohol companies putting money against propositions such as ours. and, frankly, it could be that they are concerned for the competition. >> while the beer distributors deny that's the case, several breweries represented by the trade group are furious they have been linked with proposition 19. >> you have brew versus brew where some say we are against it but sierra nevada a very popular brand saying no, we don't wan to be associated with this. we are neutral on the issue. we will let our customers decide. >> voters are split, too. a new california field poll has the measure passing. analysts say alcohol groups and others opposed to proposition 19 will need to spend more to persuade voters that legalized marijuana will create a greater public safety threat than
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keeping it illegal. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. contra costa county political leaders get to see what it is like to be a firefighter firsthand. the mayor debbie long is being shown how to rescue someone trapped in a car. long, along with the mayor and various city council members and fire district officials and others took part in rescues and fire drills with the fire protection district. fire officials hope these exercises will help the local leaders better understand the difficulties of their job. palo alto based tesla motors is recalling hundreds of its roadsters to fix a cable that may cause a fire. they are recalling 439 roadsters after receiving a report of a cable breaking off and sparking a fire behind a headlamp. no injuries were reported in that one incident. this is the second time though
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they have issued a recall of the 109,000 roadster. last year 345 vehicles were recalled to adjust the steering. people who live in fremont will get a chance on monday to attend the first of three people public meetings about how to develop the area around the former nummi plant. the tesla electric car company is using part of the building. but something needs to be done with the hundreds of acres around the structure. the city is using federal grant money to look into the best short term and long term uses and the economic feasibility substituted can is studies. monday's meeting is set for 7 p.m. at the warm springs community center. >> the san mateo county coroner has identified the bicyclist struck and killed thursday morning. the victim is 62-year-old christopher chandler of unincorporated redwood city. that crash happened at 10:30 a.m. when a toyota hit him. he died there at the scene. investigators say it appears chandler was in a crosswalk
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when he was hit. police say the driver of the toyota is cooperating. it does not appear that alcohol was a factor. three men have been acquitted of assault and torture charges in connection with a brutal beeting of a high school basketball player last year. the attack at jesse bethel was captured by a high school surveillance camera. it left lee unconscious and with serious injuries. defense attorneys argued that his teammates and three girls started that fight. five other people charged in the attack are still awaiting trial. pg&e was slapped with a $100 fine this week for allegedly installing a smart meter in violation of a local law. watsonville issued the fine for a smart meter installed on a newspaper building. they placed a moratorium on smart metres citing concerns about their accuracy. pg&e defends the smart metres and says only the public
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utilities commission has jurisdiction over utility equipment. [ music ] a free festival rocks golden gate park which bay area favorites took the stage today. and you see a little fog over golden gate park. meteorologist mark tamayo explai├║
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[ music ] >> well, temperatures have dropped off quite a bit since tuesday and wednesday when we had the record heat. overall change in the weather pattern for today. even a few scattered showers across parts of the bay area earlier this morning. right now can you see on live storm tracker 2 not a lot of coverage out there. a few showers to the west of
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point reyes. and also watching activity to our west and east. keep an eye on the shower chances tonight into your sunday morning. as far as the overall weather story this was the scene looking out towards the oak estuary. looking at the low clouds even fog off in the distance earlier this evening. weather story more fog on the increase. minor warming expected into next week primarily for tuesday. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, the rain -- range from the upper 50s to the beaches. 60s. the warmest locations only in the low to mid-70s. around 74 to 75 degrees. quite a bit of activity down to our south down towards central california. we have been watching this. for the passed couple of days the source of some thunderstorms. for us, it is close enough to the bay area's eventual track for tomorrow. we do have to bring in the slight chance of a few showers or thunderstorms. primarily for the south bay. and also for the east bay. but the bulk of the activity will be outside of the bay
12:10 am
area. and temperatures will cool off a good 6-12 degrees from today's highs. this other system moving in from the north as we do head into monday will generate a few extra clouds, especially for the north bay neighborhoods. as far as the rain chances, you can see first thing tomorrow morning pretty early tomorrow morning, in fact, by 2:00 you can see the bulk of the activity to the south and to the east of the bay area. same deal for 9:00. still some rain showers that could fire up even some thunderstorms near the sierra as we do head into sunday afternoon. first thing tomorrow morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures from 52-57 degrees. into the afternoon hours partly cloudy and patchy post -- coastal fog. 75 out towards fairfield. oakland at 76. livermore. san jose in the lower 70s at 72. san francisco is 61 degrees. if you are heading into the ballpark for tomorrow afternoon, or hoping for a win, you can expect partly cloudy skies.
12:11 am
definitely bring your jacket or sweater. temperatures only in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. as you can see for monday scattered clouds. wind speeds do pick up through the evening hours that could linger into tuesday. by wednesday and thursday partly sunny skies across most of the region. so if it was too hot for you just a few days ago crank the thermostat down and you will get that chill into tomorrow and monday. >> big change. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, mark. >> well, it was a perfect day for music in san francisco. that is if you didn't mind dancing in the fog. [ music ] >> steve earl took the stage late today as the hardly strictly blue grass festival wrapped up their second day in golden gate park. tomorrow the headlineers including oscar emmy and grammy winner randy newman. emmy lou harris and patty smith. and you can find more on the
12:12 am
blue grass festival and other events taking place around the bay area by going to ktvu, channel 2 news and clicking on the weekend extra tab near the top of our home page. >> coming up next we hear from the giants as their quest for the playoffs comes down to the wire. >> also stanford is looking to take control
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[ music ] good evening, everyone. thanks for joining our saturday night edition of sports wrap. the old journey song "don't stop believing" kept blaring inside at&t park all day today. as soon as pitcher barry zito took the mound the words changed to don't stop booing. a lot of energy by the fans at
12:15 am
at&t parked. but everybody seemed sub dude after barry zito had a great inning. the next batter scott harrison near 3-2 pitch and another bases loaded walk. san diego takes the 2-0 lead. barry zito gave up three earned runs in three innings. you can add this unearned run from pablo sandoval throws a ball to second base. see it again. it looks like some of the giants had the focus of mr. magoo. the giants had one hit off san diego starter tim staffer through six innings. here he is striking out posey looking. and the manager gets ejected for arguing balls and strikes. maybe he is just wanting to wake his team up. and maybe it worked. 7th inning uribe don't stop believing the 21st homerun of the year makes it 4-1. giants had just three hits through 8 innings but get three more in the 9th.
12:16 am
pablo sandoval off closer heath bell. and a tying run on first base and just one out. enter pitch hitter jose guillon. a quick but deadly finish to the rally. padres win 4-2. san diego is now 7-1 this year at at&t park. but the giants can still clinch this first playoffs spot since 2003 with a victory tomorrow. jonathan sanchez starts the game and hopefully he won't get booed as much as barry zito. >> you know, you can't look at it like, you know, six months of baseball comes down to one game because i think that's going to be, you know, you just can't put it on your back. you just go out there and you play or lose. you let your talent come through. >> obviously there is tension. i mean, playing in front of, you know, one of the best crowds in the world. and, you know, i mean you are trying your hardest. i mean, obviously there is going to be tension. i mean it's not like it is the 57th game of the season.
12:17 am
it is the 161st. so you are going to have, you know, tension and you are going to feel pressure. but that's what it is supposed to feel like. >> it is going to be an exciting game tomorrow, put it that way. that's all i can basically say. and more than 74 coaches and players came to atlanta to honor braves manager bobby cox. the 69-year-old manage is retiring after this season. philadelphia beat the braves again today. 7-0. if the braves lose sunday, the giants clinch at least a wild card spot. really now there are three teams that are still alive for two playoffs spots. but if both san francisco and atlanta wins tomorrow, then san diego is eliminated. but if the giants win and the braves lose then the padres and braves meet monday for the wild card berth. following so far? but if san diego and the braves win, then the giants will play in san diego monday for the n-l west title. that loser of that game monday
12:18 am
plays at atlanta tuesday for the wild card spot. but if the padres win and the braves lose. and the padres win the west because of their head-to-head record with the giants. and the giants end up winning the wild card spot. very confusing. as pick up a win today and get an assist from seattle. seattle safeco field isn't a homerun friendly ball club. but tonight saunders gets the glove on the ball but it slips out and guess over the wall. the 13th homerun of the year for cust. carter can hit tape measure shots. he blasted his third homerun of the season. as win 5-3. home or not still carter gets that rookie treatment. the old bubble gum trick still works. as can finish and clinch second place in the a-l west with one more victory tomorrow. tonight the 9th ranked stanford tried to win in the state of oregon. 4th ranked oregon ducks came
12:19 am
wheeling in to the stadium averaging more than 57 points per game. but stanford can also score. taylor nice move here heads for the glory land. he ran for 113 yards including this 44-yard score. stanford led 21-3 after one quarter. luck completed 12 of his 16 passes. and six more points here. stanford led 24-31. but the ducks defense shows up in the second half. here is a scary critical reply. chris gets nailed, loses the ball. oregon's pleasant takes off. luck catches pleasant inside the five yard line. oregon goes on to score. but chris did get up and walked off. but that's a concussion, to folks t ducks quarterback thomas threw three tds. stanford got 400 yards on offense. but oregon gains more than 600 yards. and james, the little engine that could, james ran for 25 yards. he scores three tds.
12:20 am
oregon scores the final 28 points. and they win 52-31. stanford falls to 4-1. it has been 40 years since they won a game while ranked in the top ten. carl -- cardinal won't be in the top ten saturday when they host california. uc davis comes back to beat san jose state tonight 14-13. >> two more top ranked teams met in alabama. gators quarterback john bradley gets picked off by mowsly and see you later. a 35-yard td interception return. alabama wins 31-6 over the 7th rated florida gators. 8th ranked oklahoma put it on the line when jones hits steal. 16-yard td. they hold off texas 28-20.
12:21 am
somebody better teach the tennessee players how to count. today they thought we will beak lsu. they blow the stat time runs out no flag. so they start celebrating. but hold on. lsu appeals and the referees reveal the play. tennessee had 13 men on the field. not 11 or 12 but 13. 0 so tigers get one more play einstein scores and lsu survives. they are trying to blame lane for this, too. but lane has his own issues because usc hosted washington. three seconds left in the game the huskies kicker hosts a 32- yard field goal. 32-31. usc now 4-1. michigan state head coach is still recovering from heart surgery. watched from his hospital bed as they hosted wisconsin. they get special team run takes
12:22 am
this to the touchdown. undefeated spartans beat the badgers 34-24. coming up, another 49er player decides to take a hike. plus the ryder
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. it may turn out to be the most convoluted golf tournament in history. today was the second day of the 38th ryder cup. we saw portions of three of the tournament's four different sessions. because of friday's rainstorm all four of the first session matches had to be completed today. jeff overton was wonderful in wales. bubba watson beat luke donald and patty harrington 3-2. stricker was teamed with tiger woods. they had to play comeback
12:26 am
against ian pullter. and they win two up. u.s. led by one session two and a half to one and a half points. tiger woods was teamed with stricker once again. he makes some noise at the par 4, 14th. tiger birdies this hole and they crush the europeans 4-3. but hold on, stewart sink one of the hottest putters. and matt kucher earn a half point for their session. they clinch a whole point. u.s. led 6-4 after two sessions. they started the third session but completed none of the matches. this is the chip in on the 5th whole. europeans lead all six matches. so while u.s. still leads 6-4. the european captain montgomery must feel good as they head into the sunday climax. >> another 49er jumps ship and
12:27 am
michael lewis decided he would rather leave than play second fiddle. nine year michael lewis got mixed messages from the 49ers. first he was told he wasn't getting benched. then the club reversed itself and told lewis they would phase in a younger player. he was supposed to make $4 million this season but already agreed to a 50% pay cut. now he becomes the third player to leave the team since training camp. wow, you can see how the 49ers do as they try to reignite against atlanta on ktvu, channel 2 news followed by 10 a.m. followed by the live point after show. dario franchitti wins for the second straight year. stanford loses a wild one in oregon. giants lose again. they can still make the playoffs. >> yes. >> simply with a victory tomorrow. or even if the braves just lose tomorrow. >> can you go through that whole scenario again? >> i have got it in here somewhere. that is really a test if you can memorize that. >> the point is we need the
12:28 am
giants to win. >> the giants need to win or the braves need to lose. they are in somehow. >> let the giants win. >> all right. thank you, fred. >> you about et cetera. >> that is our report everyone for tonight. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. for all of us here tonight thanks for
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