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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 2, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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in the governor's race jerry brown has a slight lead over meg whitman. but the associated press has called the race for brown. so far raw numbers show a very tight race. all across the nation, a different story republican candidates have won enough seats to gain control of the house of representatives. much more on that coming up. back here in california the early returns indicate proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana is losing. ktvu is covering breaking news right now. we will bring you live coverage from along the bay area, the state and washington, d.c. never before have we seen a race like the california governor's race. meg whitman spent $140 million of heifer own money. right now it is still unclear
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if investment is going to pay off. here are the current numbers, jerry brown took an early lead when the polls closed and he has been holding on to it ever since now. the race has not yet been officially called but as you can see brown is leading 49- 46%. we have more from the whitman campaign and mike mibach with the brown campaign. >> reporter: the crowd behind me went crazy as the election results have been filtering in. this crowd is going to get even crazier as jerry brown taking the stage here inside the fox theater. voters all day had this to decide. politician or businesswoman. meg whitman the former ceo from silican valley. the woman who wanted to take back california and get rid of that status quo or the
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political vet. two term governor from 75 to 83, former mayor of oak land. want to run some quick points, exit polls coming out, we have jerry brown apparently winning big in that latino and woman vote. we talk about the female vote because meg withman trying to become the first female governor in the state of california. i also want to say that brown won big among all voters with incomes less than $100,000. we know that meg whitman spent much of her own personal fortune, 140 plus million dollars. possibly, it was a turn off to some voters out there across the state that she spent so much at a time when people and families are having a difficult time putting food on their tail, trying to find work. also exit polls show that a lot of the voters focused on the economy. this crowd inside the fox theater, there's the band just starting to take the stage.
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so we're getting close to jerry brown right here in downtown oakland. i know my colleague maureen naylor she has been covering the whitman campaign all night long. she's down in southern california and joins us now. >> we're in universal city where the crowd is awaiting meg whitman. there has been no concession at this point. they are still saying it is too early to call despite -- let's listen to what pete wison wilson has to say. >> trying to piece the vote by calling the different counties. the one that has so far put together, they think about 31% of the vote has jerry brown
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leading by less than 100,000. or excuse me 1,493,000 to 1,000,408. difference of 89,000 votes with maybe 31% of the vote. not nearly enough to decide. >> former governor pete wison says that the not enough toed the. he is hopeful that meg whitman could be the first female governor of california. they are anxiously awaiting the results, about 500 people have passed into this room. some came down from the bay area for this. as mike mentioned, exit polls show brown did well with latino and female voters. and meg whitman did well with white men. they are going to be anxiously
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awaiting to see if her campaign paid off. and he expects this to be a long night. reporting from universal city, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. now here is a quick look at the race for lieutenant governor, early returns show san francisco mayor gavin newsom is leading current lieutenant governor able maldonado. this is with 10% of the precincts reporting. we'll have the latest report from san francisco a little bit later. the numbers are very close at this hour, senator barbara boxer and carly fiorina are neck and neck. she faced off against the conservative republican and while the associated press and fox news have both called the race for boxer the numbers we have show that this race is still very, very close with
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only 11% of the precincts reporting. lloyd lacuesta is in irvine. >> reporter: frank, the numbers may not show it yet but the folks here are here to party. since your last question i found out that the capacity in the ballroom here in hollywood is 600 people. they've been handing out signs like this one for barbara boxer. and she pulls well among latino voters, so this time it's in spanish on the other side. the folks here every since the l.a. times shortly after the polls closed, showed her winning tonight as well as associated press and fox news. folks here are ready to party as we said, they think she has wrapped this up. she is upstairs right now. we're going to show you some video tape taken several hours ago when she was watching returns. now she's there with her
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husband stewart who was an attorney in oakland. her son dough and her daughter nicole and her two grandchildren. and with an old friend from new york where she was born, an old college friend is with her up there too. we've been told that we'll get a five minute warning when she's ready to come down here and make what she says will be a victory speech. it's just a matter of time now. they've already had some of the lead up speakers on the podium. and now we're just waiting for her and we're expected to have with her u.s. senator diane feinstein who was elected with her in 1992. she's considered the senior senator. and sometimes thoughts overshadowed barbara boxer. so feinstein has not announced that she will be here but i'm told that she will be with boxer on stage. we'll be back when that happens. reporting live in hollywood, rita williams, ktvu channel 2
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news. from rita in hollywood we go to lloyd lacuesta with the fiorina campaign. >> reporter: i'm at the hyatt regency hotel where republicans are looking for reasons to really start yelling and partying. they are still waiting for fiorina to come downstairs and the state republican chair was up on the podium just a few minutes ago and pointed out that while some news media outlets are projecting barbara boxer as a winner over fiorina. right now the margin is too close to call and they questioned the validity of what those projections are based on which are exit polls. we want to show you some video now of mrs. fiorina who is up in her hotel room watching the returns with her husband mike fiorina and two granddaughters. she has already mentioned that she will probably be having a sleep over with those two young
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girls here at the hyatt regency. earlier i asked what gives her campaign reason to believe that carly fiorina can pull this one off. >> some of the polls show us right in the two point stack. others that were taken some weeks ago showed the race a little bit wider apart. but we were seeing in the numbers is that the momentum was actually leaning in our direction. the biggest numbers that fiorina needs to get, whether or not they have voted for, are the independents in the democrats, because the democratic legislation in the state far outif you remembers the republicans. we will continue to watch the election returns, and only until she has an indication of which way it's going that she's going to come down and speak to the crowd. we'll be there live as soon as
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fiorina appears. live in irvine, lloyd lacuesta. >> joining us now is our political editor randy shandobil. as we talk about what happened here. because all over the country we have republicans and tea party candidates making huge wins. what's going on here? >> you're right, a tea party uprising of sorts nationwide throws the bums out. jerry brown and barbara boxer two quote unquote career politician democrats win. the senate i think is easy to explain. sure boxer has been around forever and the economy is weak. every other issue important to california, the environment, abortion rights, boxer positions are much more mainstream california than fiorina's are. if being a career politician is seen as a negative, being a corporate ceo who outsourced
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thousands of jobs a bigger negative. the governor's race i hate to sound simplistic. but efforts are more in character. people seem to know him and seem to think he's a straight shooter. bitman -- whitman seemed to be a woman who hardly voted and thought she could run for governor. the race for secretary of state did not draw much attention. our latest numbers show debra bowen with a lead over david dunn and apparently on the way to winning. camla harris the democrat is trailing steve cooley.
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coming up a bit later we will go to harris campaign headquarters in san francisco for a live report. nationally all eyes are on the house and senate where a conservative wave is rolling through congress. at this hour it's looking much different. ken wayne and heather holmes are in the election newsroom with the shift in power. >> democrats appear to be holding on to control of the senate. but republicans made some substantial gains starting with victories in indiana and arkansas and a big win in wisconsin. still, not enough for a republican majority in the senate. >> the house is where republicans have scored big tonight. and tonight the gop is on track to pick up the more than 40 seats needed to lock up control. in fact, latest projections show that republicans could gain as many as 60 seats.
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the economy and discontent with president obama propelled republicans. former manchester mayor gwenta proceeded -- nancy pelosi was calling on democrats to continue to fight. >> they are saying that this election will not be bought by special interests but will be earned by convincing the american people and convinced them they will that we are -- have taken the country in a new direction under the leadership of our great president barack obama. >> now a short time ago we heard from a man to replace pelosi and become the 164th
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speaker that's john boehner. he became quite emotional. >> he did become quite emotional. people here exploded, they pulled it off. the republicans pulled off the numbers needed to take over the house. things are winding down here. i'm the last reporter standing on the riser. we did hear from the man presumed to be the next speaker of the house. he called tonight a victory but not necessarily a time to celebrate. >> we've got real work to do and frankly this is not a time for celebration. not when one out of 10 of our fellow citizens is out of work. not when we buried our children under a mountain of debt and not when our congress is held in such low esteem. >> the question now is what happens, the question is now what happens to the current house speaker nancy pelosi. she stayed mum during a press conference earlier this evening. but insiders tell me they will
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be surprised if she stays in washington. many think she will leave washington all together. they know that a long hard road is ahead of them. thank you, carol for bringing us the latest there in washington, d.c. unlike the house where all 435 seats were up for reelection tonight. just 37 seats were up for reelection in the u.s. senate. and many of those races had been very tight, perhaps none more so than in the state of washington. ken i know you've been tracking these numbers and you have some new numbers for us right now. >> let's take a look at some of these numbers coming out. the polls closed a short time ago here on the west coast. we'll take a look at washington, an extremely tight race between murray and rossi. the democrat murray is leading by the slimmest of margins and we are still waiting for the final results to come in. only 61% of precincts
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reporting. the other big race is between harry reid, the democrat who has just survived the democrat fight of his life. he is projected to beat nevada and these numbers show harry reid with a six point edge with 35% of the precinct reporting. but some of the big organizations are already calling this lead for reid. and the tea party made a huge splash with some of their candidates winning some big races. and getting reaction from tea party members from their big night, robert. >> ken, we are at the country club in danville where there is a party going on for the tea party. take a look around here, this is a room of people who are here to celebrate the tea party's accomplishments as well as the republicans and they'll be the first to say that those
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terms are not necessarily interchangeable. joining me first is tom nevocaro, he's the chair of the republican party. soon to be the chairman. give me an idea, how do you measure the progress and success of the tea party in california where you had mixed success. >> i think we're going to pick up some congressional seats, over all nationwide it's a victory and they participated in that. we're looking forward to broadness broadening our reach and bringing the tea party to congress. >> some people thought the tea party was an alternative to both parties. >> right now we've been given a historic opportunity to blend the two groups and work on really fiscally responsibility measures. i think john boehner is going to do that. now joining us here is dr. nelson. the founder of the pleasantton
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tea party. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> people said that they were surprised that the tea party could survive or thriver in the bay area in the belly of the beast i think is how you dies put it. give us your take. >> these conservatives are true conservatives because they are surrounded by true liberals. i think we can claim a victory tonight, and i'm so excited about it. >> oáfbg a lot of people are -- of course a lot of people here are waiting for the -- reporting live in danville, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot of people watching that race. thank you very much. of course one of the big tea party wins tonight came in the state of kentucky where republican ron paul said he's
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taking the tea party message to congress. >> i have a message. a message from the people of kentucky. a message. a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. we've come to take our government back. >> a big night in kentucky, also in indiana and in florida. the tea party is making itself known. it's shaking up this year's election and could have a significant impact in washington for the next couple of years. >> certainly could. but also this has been a dark night for democrats. and just recently the numbers were updated julie and it'll be a republican taking the illinois senate seat that of course was once held by president obama. that dealing another blow to democrats tonight. julie-- >> a big surprise for many people. heather thank you, you know across the country many of house speaker nancy pelosi's democratic colleagues faced
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tough races tonight. not so though for her. the long term representative from san francisco faced john dennis. pelosi is winning and winning easily tonight. now preelection polls showed two term democratic representative jerry mcnurney facing a tough challenge to hang on to his job. he representing the 11th congressional district which include parts of contra costa and san joaquin. only 4% of the precinct reporting, hammer in the lead right now to mcmurney's 36%. the voters have certainly spoken and republicans appear have taken control of the house. there are some estimates that republicans could pick up as many as 60 seats. our political editor randy shandobil joins us again. if this trend continues, what a changes. >> pretty much everything changes for president obama. now the president will have to deal with the house controlled
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by republicans and the new speaker of the house will be john boehner. he wants to stop the president, stop the president's spending programs and he says republicans will even try to reverse key components of health care reform. >> so seems nancy pelosi is out. >> she certainly is out. she's out as speaker. the question is will she stick around and try to become the democrats majority leader, she's not saying. after losing the house, will democrats even want her as leader, don't know that yet either. this isn't just a loss for nancy pelosi. most all of california democrats in the house will suffer too. some of them are currently chairing economies but with republicans in control, all of that comes to an end. democrats will lose their committee chairmanship,
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california losing it clout. want to take you live right now to san francisco. the lieutenant governor's race gavin newsom is speaking right now. a slight leads over republican able maldonado. >> we had to suffer through those late nights coming back. i'll promote southwest airlines up and down the state. love virgin though. home base team. and she had to bear with my day job as well. you know we were out at a campaign at the same time we try to keep a good eye on san francisco make sure this city worked through our challenges and stayed on track and i'm proud of that. the second most important person, and the one that didn't just keep the trains on time but kept the planes in this case on time was our campaign manager, one of the best of the best, the harders workers out
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there. leshard adai who was extraordinary. it deserves an enormous amount of credit. the man is one ball of stress. so be gentle tonight. you need love. and he deserves love. and he's shaking his head yes so he knows what i mean. i don't know if he's here, he's probably hanging out next to the computer right now. but ace smith, and my team dan newman and sean, the whole team from scn that did an extraordinary job. i'm proud of them as well. >> well again you're listening live here to mayor gavin newsom talking. he's in a real battle with able maldonado. the latest figures, you saw them on the screen with about 11% of the precincts reporting.
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>> it appears tonight voters have rejected prop 19. prop 19 supporters gathered to watch early returns, here's a look at the numbers right now. voters saying no 56% to 44%. it is with 11% of the precincts reporting. allie rasmuss has reaction on what appears to be the failure of prop 19. >> as the evening goes on, and as the vote totals continue to roll in. we've seen the crowd out here shrink. this is the parking lot on first street and broadway in downtown oakland. this is the parking lot outside of amsterdam university. earlier in the evening there were about 100 people out here. as the totals totals continue to come in, it doesn't look
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good for supporters of prop 19. the crowds have gotten significantly smaller. the numbers as we mentioned 44% saying yes, 56% saying no. you said you're not really to concede defeat yet. >> not ready to concede defeat yet. i hope the margins will get closer and closer. win or lose we have a victory already. because what we've done is move the debate forward. this is really a victory going forward. win or lose at the end of the night because we're going to, we've shown that it's not a question of if but when this poly will be changed and we need to move forward away from this wasteful ineffective and damaging policy and move to a better solution. and we will find that. >> thank you, hannah. hannah with the yes on prop 19 campaign. we spoke to someone from the no on 19 campaign.
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their campaign organization is based in sacramento. but their representative talked to us. he said a new law that's going to go into effect in january already decriminalized marijuana from a -- to a misdemeanor, and he thinks that hurt prop 19 today. >> that made california pause and say, i'm going to take another look at this initiative. >> now again another look at the numbers, 44 to 56. it appears voters, california voters have rejected proposition 19 the marijuana legalization initiative. we will continue to check back in with you. we waopbt to remind you, for all the local news and all the races they will be at the
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bottom of your screen. our news election continues online as well. for results of many of the smaller races plus video and a lot more, we are constantly updating our website. you can also talk to 2 online during this election. would the success of prop 19 have a national impact and if so, how? follow us on facebook or tag your twitt with @ ktvu and we might read some of your feed back.
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want to take a look now at some of the key issues throughout california, prop 23 that was aimed to halt the state's landmark greenhouse gas law until the unemployment rate in california drops to 5.5% for 4-quarters something that's only happened three times in the last 30 years. voters didn't like that, the numbers show yes 43%, no 57% to prop 23. and prop 25 would allow lawmakers to pass a budget with a simple majority not a 2/3 vote. fresh off the heels of a record majority. half are saying yes for prop
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25. the voters in oakland are choosing a new mayor. the three front runners are don p era ta and rebecca caplan. perata has a lead. we have team coverage on this race, ktvu's amber lee is in oakland with quan who trails perata. >> reporter: right now we are on broadway as z cafe. this is the headquarters for the people supporting john pera ta. the party is is starting to wrap up, mainly because john perata is suffering of laryngitis. still you have a pretty sizable
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lead. some observers have said why is it that you aren't taking this outright. why is it going to end up going to range voting, do you think? >> it's a good question. i don't understand how the voting works. but there's ten people on the field and three, four substantial candidates. so it's not surprising to me. we've been told if you have a substantial lead coming out of the election day it holds up. but this is not a science. and the fact that the registrar's site crashed is not a good omen. >> fair enough, fair enough. this is a year we had horrible financial moves here in oakland. you sign up for a move here you're hoping to get that job. this year we laid off 80 police officers in oakland. there could be another 100 laid off. everything i've heard through covering the city of oakland for as long as i have is what's happened this year is only
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going to get worse in successive years. what do you plan to do to make this better for the people of oakland? >> well, the commitment and to bring those 80 officers back, the 80 positions, the fact is we're going to have to reprioritize in city hall. we have to decide are these as high a priority as public safety filling the pothole. the things that people expect, things that make oakland, oakland. and public employee are going to have to sit down with me and talk about how we're going to fix this together. there's been too much divide and conquer, too much blame, too much no show, too much irresponsibility and that's all going to come to an end. >> john p erata. i think you're going to get home and get some tea to soothe
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that throat. live in oakland, john sasaki. >> and we have gene quan and supporters. amber-- >> i'm at the long shoreman's hall here in oakland where mayoral candidate gene quan is holding her election party. here with me is the candidate himself. what are your thoughts about trailing john perata. >> we weren't surprised that the early absentee vote would be for my opponent. he spent a lot of money early in the campaign. that gave him a tremendous advantage with early absentees. i think what we need to see is where we're at at the end of the first round. we think the gap will close some what and with frank rotter
12:05 am
voting, i believe the gap was in three to five points. now we're about eight points, three to five points. >> you're thinking the people voting for rebecca caplan will have you in their choice? >> i think that they ranked the three of us in different way. i obviously am on top but we'll see as the night goes off where we end up on the first round. and then i suspect that we're going to round two and that won't happen till tomorrow. >> given the financial problems of laying off so many police officers, you know how bad of a shape oakland is in in terms of financing. why do you want to take on the job of mayor? >> seems like bb is weeing. the winning. the number of police officers
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that have to be laid off is left. i'm hoping we have very limited police lay off. i think police, if i win it, the union is going to have to pay our share of pension. it's going to be pension reform and that should save more jobs. >> that was gene quan. oakland's vice mayor running for oakland mayor. she's optimistic. and thinks the choice ranking will help her in this race. well you heard amber and gene quan. they're talking about that choice rank voting. if no candidate receives a majority of first choice votes then the process of redistributing votes happens. first the candidates with the fewest votes is eliminated. in this case that would be
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candidate b. if those votes give either candidate vote then that candidate wins. well police department funding is at the heart of two measures that oakland residents are deciding. measure x would be a parcell tax to pay for more public safety services. it needs 2/3 approval to pass and right now it appears it is passing. measure bb would restore $20 million in police funding by removing a requirement that the police department have at least 739 officers. staffing is below that number which means money from the parcel tax the voters approved back in 2004 cannot be used. measure bb needs 2/3 approval to pass and right now it is ahead. we've been watching your feed back online.
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we've asked viewers their thoughts on legalizing marijuana for personal use. we asked viewers what they expect from a shift in the balance of power. j.j. johnson wrote quote i expect more of nothing being done to fix this country. and i know why they don't get along with the president. tag your twitt with @ ktvu. again we may read more of your feed back in the air. stay with us, we have a lot of races to get to
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from redistricting to legalizing marijuana to parks. californians faced a bellview of propositions. for others legalizing marijuana propelled them to the sector. and here's gasia mikaelian to sort it all out for us. >> reporter: prop 19 would legalize marijuana for personal use getting national attention here. you can see prop 19 is not going to pass with early returns. yes 44%, no 56% is the majority here on to prop 20, it's the redistricting initiative. this would take representatives out of the redistricting position. you can see here looks like most voters like it. prop 21, this one asks voters to weigh in on an $18 annual vehicle license fee to help
12:12 am
fund state parks and wildlife programs. in exchange there would be no change for day use of state parks. most people don't like it. no has the majority here with 60. proposition 22 now. this is the one that bans state borrowing from local government. even in tough economic times. in one looks like it's getting a yes vote. 67% in favor of. it would suspend the global warming act until state unemployment drops to 5% or less for an entire year. we saw big oil companies backing this one and looks like the no vote is going to win. 42% say yes, no with 58%. next up is prop 24, this one would repeal legislation that gives tax breaks to businesses. you can see here most people don't like it. no vote down to 60%.
12:13 am
the noes 60%. and prop 25, this would lower the majority vote. lawmakers would not get paid until legislation passes. it looks like voters like this one. on to prop 26, it broadness the definition of a tax to include many items that are now considered fees or taxes. the yes vote with 55%, no with 45. finally here's prop 27, it would eliminate the redistricting committee and lead the redrawing to california legislationture. this one by the way is the exact opposite of prop 20. most people don't like it. the yes vote coming in with only 39%, no big win so far of 61%. it is early tonight still and as we keep getting more results on these statewide propositions, we will bring them straight to you, julie. >> gasia, thank you. opponents of the proposition 23
12:14 am
declared victory within about 20 minutes of polls closing. prop 23 would suspend the global warming law. governor arnold schwarzenegger pushed for the global warming law and tonight he spoke with a no on 23 coalition about california leading the world. >> the one thing about california though is that we never wait for washington, and this is why when i came into office in 2003 i made it very clear. that we're going to protect the environment and the economy at the same time. >> opponents said it was a measure written by two texas oil companies designed to kill the state's fight against global warming. supporters said it was needed to save jobs. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom is attempting to move from the mayor's office to
12:15 am
lieutenant governor. >> reporter: another one of the big statewide races. newsom is trying to take the office from maldonado who was appointed by governor arnold schwarzenegger. >> newsom has the edge at this very early point. once a gubernatorial candidate himself, newsom dropped out and set his eyes on lieutenant governor. again taking a look at these early reports. newsom ahead to able maldonado's 43%. this isn't that surprising. republicans account for 31% of registered voters here in the state. david stevenson is live in san francisco, just a few moments ago we heard from mayor newsom. >> he is talking to a number of his supporters, taking pictures with his supporters. his aides are trying to hustle him out of here to give him
12:16 am
some breathing room so he can watch the numbers come in. and the close results we are seeing tonight in his bid against acting lieutenant governor able maldonado. he told his supporters that we are going to quote pull this out. he thanked them for their hard work. he indicated that he's closely watching results from other counties. but he says he feels good about what's going on tonight. i talked to him a little while ago as he was making his way through the crowd. you may remember while he was making a gubernatorial bid earlier this season, he had disparaged the role of lieutenant governor. the first thing he hopes to do, one of his first priorities is to continue to implement california anti global warming laws that are in place, a law that's in place. he says that's key to helping the state grow by creating
12:17 am
green jobs and improving ther environment and the state. he also said, his goal is to roll back fees on students in state schools. he says this is a priority to be able to cut tuition fees to enable folks to go to school and achieve the california dream as he called it. >> that was our david stevenson covering mayor newsom as he addressed the crowds earlier tonight in san francisco. gavin newsom taking lots of pictures and sounding upbeat. his rival though, able maldonado is in southern california. he trails right now but you have more on his reaction to those numbers. >> lieutenant governor for now able maldonado is in orange county in irvine. lloyd lacuesta is there now, and lloyd i understand you have mr. maldonado with you.
12:18 am
>> no, ken. i just talked to him and hopefully we'll try to get that tape back up again because he had to leave. but now we do have the tape. here's what the lieutenant governor had to say about the closeness of the race tonight against gavin newsom. >> i've always known that i'm running against a person who ran for governor, who stopped running for governor then ran for lieutenant governor. i knew that was going to be a challenge. but i feel comfortable where we're at. i still think we're going to win this thing. >> any thought that it's going to be a challenge at the end of this. >> i hope that at the end it'll be decisive enough he won or the other person won and we can move forward. i'm not in the business of these really tight races. but you never know. if it's within a thousand. >> that was lieutenant governor able maldonado talking about the closeness of his race with gavin newsom. he says he's optimistic because
12:19 am
the vote from the valley has yet to come in and he says he's strong in that area. one other note, able maldonado feels that perhaps the constitution should be changed and the lieutenant governor and the governor candidate should run as a team rather than a separate candidate. live here in irvine, lloyd lacuesta. >> gavin newsom very well known here in the bay area and most of los angeles where most of california's governor's live. he suffered because of name recognition. >> the team's success some pundents say will help mayor
12:20 am
newsom. >> thank you, heather and ken. while the top california seats are getting the most attention in this midterm election, there are some other important rices races up for grabs tonight. all night the numbers have shown chung out in front. these are the latest numbers, chung 53%. strickland 43%. dave jones is in the lead, jones is a supporter of federal health care reform plan while republican candidate mike belines believes no one should be required to have health insurance, jones ahead 46 to 42%. in the race for states school superintendent, tom torlakson is pulling ahead of his opponent but just slightly.
12:21 am
he's running against larry aseves. right now torlakson has 51% of the vote. a number of measures were seriously debated. measure b is losing in the very early runs. it would require city workers to pay for into their pension plans and health care fans. many of the city unions fought it. moving on to measure g, this would change the way nummi operators are set. the city charter requires them to be paid the average of the top two transit systems in the nation. measure g would replace that with collective bargaining and possibly a contract fight. now measure m requires a written policy for community policing and it would override the sit ride measure.
12:22 am
the latest numbers show it is failing by a wide margin. since whichever measure -- it looks like sit and lie would pass. frank san francisco, sheriff deputies have been called in to look for this poll inspector who disappeared from his polling site. not only did he leave but he also took all of the ballots, the roster and the memory packs that had data of all of the votes that have been cast in that poll site. he could be facing criminal charges and i want you to take a look at this map that we've obtained. this shows all of the districts in san francisco. we have learned that this missing poll inspector was the from the 11th district.
12:23 am
that was in the exelsier neighborhood. right now they are not releasing his name. it was a poll clerk who saw him take off with these materials. we just spoke a couple of moments ago with the registrar, and here is what he had to say about this inspector. >> this is a very, very serious matter. whatever we can do to help the law enforcement agencies capture this individual at this point we're going to do. and you know whatever, the main thing is we get the materials back. >> there's no way to tell just how many votes were passed before the poll inspector took off with the materials. but they tell us it was a smaller precinct so they are hoping that it was not enough to impact any of the races or the propositions or measures here in san francisco. they are looking for this man. they hope to find him and if they do, they say they will take those materials, the ballots and the memory pack and quarantine them so they can check for any tampering. we'll be staying on this, but a
12:24 am
highly unusual situation. the director says he hasn't seen it in his 17 years, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. let's take a look at two statewide races. the governor's race and state race. jerry brown is still ahead. his opponent meg whitman is trailing. here are the latest numbers with 15% of the precincts reporting. jerry brown is leading 50% to 45%. democratic incumbent barbara boxer is barely hanging on to her lead over fiorina. 48% for boxer, 47% for fiorina. randy shandobil joins us now to look at what all of this means. >> i've got some help.
12:25 am
joining us now is uc berkeley political science professor brady. professor brady is also dean of the school of public policy. thank you for joining us tonight. all across america there seems to be a throw in the -- move. but here in california that's not the case. >> these are two candidates who just seemed never to get traction in this state. seemed never to really figure out what message to provide. and boxer of course is an incumbent and jerry brown is well known to people in california. >> some people worry that california is in such bad shape that it almost doesn't matter who the next governor is. can jerry brown really start
12:26 am
turning things around or do you fear a close race. >> prop 25 if it passes, which changes the rule for budget to a majority. that might help and make it easier to pass budgets on time. governor arnold schwarzenegger started with things like districting. there's even more districting, looks like it might pass this time. there's the top two primary that was just passed and that's another thing that might help provide some structure reform and change in california. but it's a tough, tough job that jerry brown faces. >> switching back to the national scene briefly. that republicans won so many seats tonight. was that an embrace or just a rejection of president obama and the economy. >> i think it's a rejection to the economy. i think when you have an economy as bad as this one,
12:27 am
you're going to have a public that is angry. barack obama came in on a platform of change. the notion was that he was going to make things different. he hit a very hard time economically and has in the been able to create the kind of change that people want. as a result here we are. we have change again back to the republicans. >> professor, thank you very much. we've run out of time. thank you for joining us tonight. >> so interesting, one of the mayor news organizations that earlier talking about the republicans win tonight. it was the biggest pick up in 60 years since harry trueman was president. just amazing how many states there will be this evening. >> not going to be easy for president obama. >> we have an expanded edition of this 10:00 newscast. one more
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