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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 27, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. >> november 27th, 1978. it is a day that still echos through san francisco's city hall. tonight they came together to reflect on then and now. good evening, everyone, i'm mike mibach in tonight for ken wayne. >> and hello again, everyone,
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i'm heather holmes. an emotional look back at that dark day that changed san francisco. it was 32 years ago when mayor and the supervisor march very milk from assassinated. and every year a march and vigil is held. tonight in the castro district with tonight's vigil. are. >> reporter: heather, the march went through where harvey had his store. a fiery message nonetheless. >> both the mayor and supervisor harvey milk have been shot. and killed. as 0 as chilling now as then. and those still feel their legacy. >> as harvey would say, we are here to recruit you. >> reporter: carol bruce silver, a supervisor then reminded tonight's gathering milk was not just about gay
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rights but everyone's right. >> each of you has a place. each of you has a thing that you can do to advance the cause of reich outsideness and peace in the world. >> this castro couple was straight but sympathetic. >> equality is something that affects everybody. you might pick on gay people today but maybe you will pick on gay people tomorrow. >> i know what it's like to be picked on. and i show my support in a small way. >> tonight's march drew 100 people, a 10th of the crowd two years ago when proposition 8 banning gay marriage and the milk movie had people fired up. >> who thinks they can pick on us? why do we let them? >> politicians whose careers followed milks urge his approach. >> i think harvey would be frustrated and angry and i am parent as we all are with the pace of our civil rights in washington, d.c. >> reporter: don't ask don't
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tell, anti-gay bullying and suicide. funding for aids drugs, all issued touched on tonight and fueling activism for those not even born when the assassinations happened. like erica who grew up in maine. >> when they were filming the movie here and they had the neighborhood all done up in the way it used to look in the 1970s that was when i really learned a lot more about it. >> he has been dead for 32 years. i have no idea what he would say or think about things. but i would suspect he would want us to be kinder to each other. >> yes. >> and look after each other. >> reporter: how long is 32 years? well, had they lived milk and the mayor would be in their 80s now. and the current mayor gavin newsom was 11 when they died. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. the issue of same-sex marriage will be heard in federal appeals court in a matter of days. the 9th circuit of san francisco will hear oral arguments in the case parry
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versus schwarzenegger on december 6th. this time cameras will be allowed at the hearing. the trial court overturned proposition 8, the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage back in august but prevented gay marriages in california until the can a us is settled. both sides expect this case to reach the u.s. supreme court. >> a stormy saturday across the bay area. the skies opened up over many cities, including san jose this morning. umbrellas were not hard to find as folks pulled them out to stay dry. and drivers were certainly slowing down with the slick roadways out in the south bay. and in san francisco, with similar scenes playing out in the outer sunset, rain had pedestrians arming themselves with umbrellas and rushing water filled up a number of storm drains. in oakland, a tree toppled over on east 25th near highland avenue taking out power lines. the downed tree blocked the street but did not land on any homes or cars. pg&e says at least one customer did lose power. mark tamayo has been tracking
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the storm all night. mark you were telling me in the newsroom a half an inch in someplaces. >> that's right, mike, a half an inch on average. the thunderstorms have moved out of town. as a result we do have clearing skies across most of the region. we were advertising rainfall amounts between a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch in most areas fell within those boundaries today. san francisco was over a quarter of an inch. another panel coming up concord fremont and san jose at 0.17. right now on the maps on live stormtracker 2 coverage on the decrease. a little bit of activity up to our north. and also out towards the sierra. but the snow showers have been on the decrease. a closer inspection right now on live stormtracker 2 not a lot to show you. maybe a few sprinkles in the south bay. but for the most part just some lingering clouds. we will continue to clear out in the short term. with that temperatures will continue to cool off. coming up take a look at the
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projected lows first thing tomorrow morning. >> the rain didn't prevent a showdown over second amendment rights in the east bay as a hamburger restaurant became the latest battleground in this contentious debate. burgers and fries in pleasant hill came with a side of political debate this afternoon. >> a bunch of like-minded individuals who believe in our second amendment rights to open carry. >> those with the open carrie movement held their monthly meeting with guns visible. also collected donations for toys for tots. but protestors criticized both the meeting and the toy drive. >> hide behind the beach cleanup or a toy drive they need to do that to soften their image. this is creating an unsafe environment for the customers and for the employees. state law allows owners to openly carry guns as long as they are holstered and not carried near schools or government buildings. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence says just because
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the one right the right to carry a gun doesn't mean one should. >> this is just common sense that this creates a danger of an incident, an accidental shooting. and these folks are not accountable to anyone. we don't know what their training or their backgrounds are. >> reporter: gun owners though argue there is no harm in what they are doing and say that i actions -- their actions make the public safer. >> when you have a right to carry guns this reduces the violence in the campaign. >> they don't buy those numbers. pushing gun-free dining calling on them to implement gun free policies. mom and pop shops across the bay area are often considered the heart bet of the community. some of them looking to get a jolt in what was called small business saturday. ktvu's patty lee reports. >> reporter: the fact that it was women as usual at this boutique in walnut creek
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disappointed erica. >> it's been slow. i don't think that small business saturday has picked up as much as it should. >> i don't think there is any more people. >> reporter: but at the toy store sweet dreams in berkeley, because expectations for the promotion were low, any bump in business was a bonus. >> it is a little better than last year. but i don't know if that is because of the support small business thing. >> reporter: small business owners along college avenue say they historically have received a lot of local support. >> yesterday we had our biggest black friday since we have opened this part of the store four and a half years ago. >> reporter: sales at the jeans bar slash mimic the national numbers. black friday retail sales numbers for the country are up slightly. 0.3% over last year. an indicator of an uptick in consumer confidence, however slight. >> i think that you would be a fool to feel confident about anything. i mean, let's be honest. it's christmas.
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but, you know, people are spending money now. >> reporter: become in walnut creek competition for dollars is tougher. boutique owners relying on customer loyalty not door buster sales to make or break the season. >> shopping more this year downtown in danville, too, and walnut creek. >> clients like susan say they are committed to supporting small business. but aren't going overboard. >> you don't want to spend a lot when people are out of work. or losing their homes. it is just seems wrong and out of place. >> reporter: small business owners say they had higher hopes for small business saturday. but it's still early in the season. and the big push for small shops comes in the weeks before christmas and hanukkah. in walnut creek, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. well, those holiday shoppers who crowded stores on black friday spent a little more than they did last year. retail sales rose by less than 1% compared to the day after thanksgiving last year. total sales for the day topped
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$10 billion. research firm shopper track says big promotions prompted some shoppers to actually start purchasing earlier this month, spending for the first two weeks of november increased by 6.1% over last year. >> and the shopping surge continued online yesterday with black friday web sale revenues up 16%. the research company core metric says the average order rose to $199. that's a 12% increase from last year's figure of $170. while those online increases are encouraging for retailers, experts say web sales still only account for 10% of holiday purchases. authorities have now identified the man struck and killed by a train in burlinggame. the san mateo county coroner identified the victim as 49- year-old michael soulvin. struck and killed yesterday morning at the morrow avenue crossing. investigators say he was a transient and they are trying to determine if his death was an accident or suicide. this is the 10th pedestrian
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death involving cal train this year. tonight san francisco police are looking for a person who shot and killed a young woman on thanksgiving night. investigators say 23-year-old madina was killed across from the japan center mall. it happened shortly before 9 p.m. on thursday. security cameras captured the fatal shooting. the police say it does not appear to be a random attack. the victim's family says they do not know why anyone would want to hurt her. drunk driving arrests rose this thanksgiving weekend over the weekend compared to last year but fatalities have gone down. between 6 a.m. wednesday evening and 6 p.m. this evening the california highway patrol arrested 177 bay area drivers on dui charges. last year, 137 arrests took place during the same period. no traffic deaths have occurred here in the bay area so far this weekend. last year there was one. across the state, officers have arrested 975 drivers.
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dui crashes have killed 11 people. last year 18 people died in car accidents during the same period. well, four people had a close call this weekend with cash on monoxide poisoning. firefighters say two children and two adults were suffering from the effects of the colorless odourless gas but recovered. investigators traced the source of the potentially deadly gas to an improperly vented gas heater. pg&e warns carbon monoxide sources are fuel burning space heaters, water heaters with improper venting and plugged stove pipes. snow in the sierra. we will have the latest in the road conditions in the mountains and how much new snow is on the ground. >> the korean peninsula, how a u.s. presence has added to the conflict. first fridays san francisco, now oakland. what the east bay
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. in south korea, military training exercises got underway involving south korea and american personnel. hours after those exercises began, the military detected artillery fire from the north of the island hit by shelling earlier this week. as you see from this video, residents were ordered to run to shelters. none of the rounds landed on the island. the authorities later lifted the evacuation order. the training though comes as
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south korean januaries call for vengeance and north korea says the south is using humans as human shields. >> reporter: north korea is suggesting the u.s. and south korea share some of the blame for this week's conflict and casualties. the north shelled a south korean island tuesday killing four people. two marines and two civilians. while the crews began rebuilding damaged homes, the north declared sowl was part seoul was responsible claiming they used humans and hyped the casualties for propaganda. he also accused the u.s. of willfully orchestrating the conflict by using an aircraft carrier in joint south korea u.s. planned for that sunday in the yellow season. at a funeral for the two marines killed tuesday, one commander promised his troops would take 1,000 fold revenge. as protestors wanted tougher action against north korea. they kept pressing china to
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restrain the north. chinese envoys met with south korean officials saturday. in a t.v. interview friday president obama stressed the importance of beijing's role. >> china is a country that has influence on north korea, one of the few. and i've communicated before and will communicate again to china. but it is important that they stand firm and make clear to north korea that there is a set of international rules that they need to abide by. >> reporter: the north called sunday's war manoeuvres provocation. china is also not terribly thrilled about having u.s. war ships off its coastline. in washington, melanie wilkes, fox news. >> an i non mouse official says the would-be bomber in oregon apparently acted alone with no instructions from any terrorist groups. 19-year-old mohamed is accused of trying to explode a car bomb during last night's christmas
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tree lighting. the undercover fbi sting made sure the bomb was a dud. he was plotting against the u.s. for years. >> he is a person that is highly motivated to commit violent jihad here in the united states and kill americans as he stated. that's the type of person that he was. that's how we characterized him. and as a result we put all machines into motion. >> reporter: mohamed is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. he is due in court monday. >> cal fire has reached a settlement with. g and e over the cost of fighting two major wildfires. the 200stevens fear burned more than 150-acres. cal fire accepted $2.1 million for those costs. the 2006 hopper creek burned 400-acres. that was settled for $400,000. in court documents they blamed the napa county fire department on pg&e's alleged failure to maintain power lines which the
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utility denied. a reported shortage of lawyers willing to defend death mate inmates have left a shortage in the system. the shortage is due to the lawyers willing to represent someone sentenced to death. they currently have 700 inmates on death row. the new id card in oakland may also work for as debit card. they have given a card for undocumented residents. oakland's card will be the first in the nation to let immigrants load money on to it. supporters say the service will benefit immigrants who rely on check cashing services. oakland's id card is expected to be available in march. well, some businesses here in california are struggling, others are thriving. a new trend shows latino owned businesses are increasing
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profits and hiring new employees. adam housely has more now from la. business is booming here at crna. they have actually added seven people to their payroll in the past year. it is all part of a nationwide trend showing latino owned businesses exploding in size, number and profitability over the past decade. >> latinos work hard. and when they are out of work they will start a business. they will find a way. it doesn't matter what kind of business. they will continue to find the means to make a living. >> in the past ten years, the number of hispanic owned businesses in the u.s. has grown by 44%. according to the statistics. that's twice the national rate. for crna owner carmen red it is in the blood. >> i can say from my own heritage my grandmother was an entrepreneur. my great-grandmother was an entrepreneur. that is definitely instilled in, you know, my blood.
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so absolutely, if there is not an opportunity for us. we will find an opportunity. something to do and something to make. >> reporter: here in la, 21% of all businesses are latino owned. by some estimates that's almost a half a million companies in southern california alone. while they may not be recession proof, they are uniquely equipped to ride out the downturn. >> i know as a minority business, you have to be able to create with what you have. and sometimes that's a lot less than others. and so i know that because of that way of thinking, you are able to survive the hard times. >> reporter: more good news for entrepreneur producers like carmen women businesses have grown in the past ten years growing by 44%. the commerce department says female owners in the u.s. added a half a million jobs in the decade that ended in 2007. while companies owned by men slashed almost two million positions in the exact same
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timeframe. in la, adam houseley, fox news. >> a foot of snow fell in the sierra and that led to a steady stream of traffic up to the ski resorts. up to truckee there is a steady stream two hours ago. on the far left side of your screen traffic was moving but at a fairly slow pace. several feet of snow have fallen in the sierra making it one of the whites thanksgiving weekends in some time. you can find the latest conditions in the sierra and the ski resorts by going to click on the weather tab and choose the ski section from that drop-down menu. well, stopping underaged drinking. how the death of a peninsula teenager has led to proposed legislation to close illegal loopholes. >> listen to this, how about a vacation that is really out of this world. where you can find it right here in the bay area and just how much it will cost. today's storm is moving out
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. a bay area lawmaker is proposing a bill for underaged drinking on those party buses. the company that operates any kind of vehicle have to make sure that the people are 21- year-old. the man died after driving drunk after spending a few hours aboard a party bus. san mateo mayor plans to introduce that bill next month. >> in iran the head of that nation's atomic energy organization says fuel rods from russia have been loaded into one of its nuclear reactors and the facility is set to start generating electricity in january. secretary of state hillary clinton has said the united states has no problem with the power man. but she says there are other
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secret facilities where iran is conducting a nuclear weapons program. in ireland today, thousands of workers protested the country's economic bailout plan. they marched in dublin, calling for taxes on the rich instead of cuts to jobs, pay and benefits. ireland's prime minister brian cowan agreed to the plan earlier this week even though he admits it will lower living standards for the irish. but mr. cowan says there is no choice as ireland grapples with its largest deficit since world war ii. >> in italy an auction of giant truffles in rome raked in hundreds of thousands for charity. the biggest single mushroom offered weighed more than two pounds. the big deal of the day involved a three pound combination pack with a winning bid of $330,000. the auction went on simultaneously in rome, london and china. more troubles tonight for
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australia's flagship qantas airline. a boeing 747 was grounded just before takeoff because of wiring issues. the setback comes on the very same day they put one of their super jumbo jets back in service. the officials say that jet successfully flew the first leg of the sydney to london flight. the carrier's entire fleet was grounded three weeks ago because of a mid-air engine explosion. well, space tourism is preparing to take off. alpine travel of saratoga is one of just three accredited space agents. i never knew there was such a thing in northern california. a $200,000 ticket buys a two hour flight into space on virgin galactic. the trips are set to begin in 18 months. alpine travel has sold three seats on upcoming flights. virgin galactic is a winged rocket and will carry passengers on a sub-orbital flight 62 miles above earth. one bay area football team
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has the best product on the field but also the hardest time selling its stadium. the question is why? and the local high school students give
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our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards.
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. the stanford cardinal football team is headed to a big bowl game. many of its fans will follow but how many? as ktvu's john sasaki reports the fan base could determine what bowl invitation it receives. >> stanford, oregon state fans. >> reporter: the crowd that comes to games at stanford stadium is always fired up. >> when the student section does come out they are really enthusiastic and into the game so a supportive student section.
12:00 am
>> but a relatively small school with just 7,000 undergraduates. a season of home games with one selloutcoming against unc. >> obviously we would like to see it sold out every week as you see in so many other stadiums. >> reporter: the manager is frustrated by the empty seats. >> hopefully we will get to the point where you can't find a seat. >> reporter: the new stadium holds 50,000 fans. fans fill just 40,000 seats. >> definitely disappointing to see that the whole stadium isn't filled. but just do everything we can to maintain our enthusiasm and get as many people riled up as possible. >> reporter: compare that to memorial stadium at uc berkeley where the bears hosted washington today. >> cal has had a streak of 50,000, 60,000. averaged 50,000 people a game this year. have had a streak of 43 consecutive games 50 with the weather and the thanksgiving holiday they will be lucky to get 40.
12:01 am
>> the drum major knows why stanford lacks the big crowds. >> we have more spirit than stanford will ever have. >> believe me, ask cal about spirit the last big game. >> stanford officials say cal has three times the number of alumni in the bay area. plus just four years ago stanford finished with a record of 1-10. >> stanford has only been successful the last two years. it takes a little bit of time for the fan base to buildup. i think there needs to be most -- more years of success. >> reporter: the officials could frown on stanford's ability to fill out a stadium. but the first place finish would guarantee a full berth. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. >> across the by at uc berkeley after 87 years the final football game was played today in old memorial stadium. the field sits directly on top of the hayward fault and will code section close for a $321 million renovation and seismic retrofit.
12:02 am
it is being funded by sales of seating rights and no state money is being used. next year the golden bears will play their home game at at&t park in san francisco. how did the last game at memorial this year? joe fonzi will have the highlights coming up later on in sports wrap. a global survey by the world health organization blames second-hand smoke for killing 600,000 people each year. who report found that children are specially vulnerable to tobacco smoke. but adult women also died in disproportionate numbers. more than half of second-hand smoke deaths are from heart disease followed by cancer and respiratory illnesses. the organization also discovered that smoking bans are remarkably successful. heart attack rates dropped by as much as 20 percent in the first year bans are enacted. high school students in san mateo spent part of their thanksgiving holiday helping those in need. san mateo high school is holding its annual massive food drive outside the local super markets. this year's effort will benefit
12:03 am
samaritans house in san mateo and second harvest food bank. this is the school's 29th year doing the drive which runs through december 6th. it's really go ahead to contribute, specially in these hard economic times. a lot more people are finding themselves in food lines that never thought they would be there. so it's in everyone's best interests to kind of give back. >> they have an ambitious goal this year to collect more than 300,000 pounds of food plus cash donations. so far though the students have collected 45,000 pounds. the san jose firefighters are asking you to help fill the boot this holiday season. firefighters were out in the rain this morning at clawson hill road at the expressway asking for cash donations for their annual fill the boot fundraiser. each year firefighters raise money this way and use it to help burn victims, their families and people who have been displaced by a fire. >> we actually serve five counties. within those five counties we
12:04 am
get requests from people burned out of their families and who have lost of what they own. >> reporter: they raised $20,000 the first year alone they started. you can donate at any san jose fire department or at sj firefighters burn find the living on just click on the web links. >> tonight rescue workers in colorado have wrapped up their search for victims in the collapse of a salvation army thrift store. the second floor of the store pancaked into the first floor yesterday. more than 20 people were inside the salvation army at the time. all made it out safely. a careful search of the debris found no signs of casualties. there is no word yet on what caused that collapse. two cousins were rescued in southern california today after spending a night on a mountain in sub-freezing temperatures. the 20-year-old and 13-year-old got stuck on mount baldy in the forest to the north of ontario. a helicopter spotted them just
12:05 am
before sunset but couldn't get them out until this morning. >> we decided to take a shortcut. and i don't know, it just led to really rocky terrain. and we got stuck with the dogs and we couldn't leave them there. and we just decided to spend the night. >> i felt scared because i was really cold. my legs were really numb and my fingers. and i felt really bad. >> at 10,000 feet mount baldy is the highest point in la county. president obama was back on the basketball court today. but this time he was on the sidelines. he took the first family today to howard university to watch college hoops. they watched the oregon state beavers beat the howard bison by 84-74. the president and first lady, michelle obama and their two daughters all sat in the front row on the oregon state side. mr. obama, you may remember, was injured yesterday playing basketball when another player accidentally elbowed him in the mouth. he received 12 stitches to his
12:06 am
lower lip. well, three people are in custody tonight following a high-speed pursuit in san francisco. police reportedly tried to stop a vehicle in the city's mission district in connection with a robbery investigation. and a possible escapee from san francisco police's northern station. now, witnesses say the vehicle fled from police at a high rate of speed. and it then crashed into another vehicle at laguna and page, injuring the driver. witnesses also say that the vehicle drove another block before stopping. the three people inside that car jumped out and began to run. police reportedly captured the trio. witnesses say one of the suspects, a woman, also suffered minor injuries. [ music ] it was fight night out at oracle arena. find out if oakland native andre ward could hang on to his own title on his own turf. >> a soggy saturday but could we finish the long holiday weekend
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[ music ] >> a pretty active weather day across the by area with the clouds, the rain showers and even reports of a few scattered thunderstorms. the storm clouds have moved out of town. that will set the stage for a dry sunday across the region. right now on the maps you can see some activity up along the north coast. the snow showers have been decreasing. in fact mainly to the south of lake tahoe. the winter storm warnings have just expired. a closer inspection once again of the bay area radar. a little bit of some green here. mostly just some lingering clouds. could have a few sprinkles near parts of the south bay. this was the scene today looking out towards the clouds. and also the sun is going down. actually a beautiful scene looking out across the bay.
12:10 am
chilly for tonight. nice for your sunday. the extended forecast. more rain clouds. seeing that coming up in just a little bit. first thing tomorrow morning on the cool side. right around the freezing mark for these neighborhoods. san francisco mid-40s. san jose right around 40. livermore at 36 degrees. this was the storm system that moved across the bay area actually early this morning into the afternoon hours. there is that cold front once again moving rapidly out to the south and the east. and with that, a front is moving out. that dry pattern is setting up for tomorrow as high pressure returns. with that high making a come back those winds will increase as well. a chilly morning for your sunday. winds do pick up around 25-30 miles per hour out of the northwest. as far as the rain chances, it will be dry for monday. dry for tuesday. and then by wednesday, we bring in that rain cloud. and a better bet though as we do head into thursday. first thing tomorrow morning partly cloudy and chilly.
12:11 am
mid-30s to mid-40s. the contour indicates the 30s. then into the afternoon hours, we should have partly to mostly sunny skies. the temperatures around 53 to 56 degrees. specially with that wind it will feel chilly out there. but more sunshine for sunday. san francisco is 5. antioch is mid-50s. san jose right around 55. here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. you will notice this into monday and also into tuesday mornings some very cold mornings. coolest locations right around the 30-degree mark. we thicken up the clouds by late tuesday. there is the chance of a few light showers on wednesday. the highest chance will be up in the north bay. and then the rainfall could be likely into thursday across the bay area. but heather and mike an interesting day today. need the umbrella and all the sun-glasses all within a few minutes. ditch the umbrella tomorrow and just enjoy the sunshine. chilly out there. >> talk about wednesday, it's december 1st. >> already. what happened to summer? it just seemed a while ago. >> start december on a wet note. >> yes.
12:12 am
>> thanks, mark. >> cal wraps up their last home game at memorial stadium. the game decided on a final play.
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[ music ] >> good evening everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. a record setting night for stanford which remained a long shot to play in the rose bowl. but all but wrapped up a spot in another major bowl game. jim harbaugh shows a pre-game moment with his son jay a volunteer at new york state. they put the hammer down on the beavers from start to finish. cardinals up in front 7-0. luck put a pass on the money to a
12:15 am
very open baldwin. 14-0 stanford after a quarter. the same luck to baldwin combination in the second quarter. but a very different looking scoring play. this time baldwin makes some serious moves after the catch for a 29-yard score. 24-0 stanford at half time. in the third quarter, the cardinal gets one on the ground. stephane taylor pops through the line of scrimmage and isn't touched on the way to a 62-yard score. taylor rushed for 115 yards in all. [ applause ] >> and then how about a screen to tyler gaffney. again good running and blocking after the catch for a 42-yard td. he sets the school record with 28 on the season. speaking of records, the 11 wins for stanford in a season is the most in school history that earns him a cold shower on a cold night. stanford 11-1 after the 38-0 win. stanford ends up fourth in the final bcs standings. it is assured of a spot in a
12:16 am
bcs bowl. have you ever wondered how cal's memorial stadium got its name. to memorialize those who died in world war i. after 87 years the bears played their last game in the old stadium as it currently exists. the weather held the crowd down to some 40,000. a one year refit begins immediately. they play in the second quarter that ended with turnovers. mark anthony picks off jake locker in the end-zone for a touchdown. they led 3-0 at half time. anthony was involved in another big play in the third quarter. didn't go his way. he and goodwin battle all the way down the field. this time goodwin comes out on top. the tips pass guess for 80 yards and the td. 7-3 huskies. but the bears bounce right back. cameron jordan was about to be in the right place. sacked by mike mohamed. when the ball comes out jordan grabs it 21 yards to the end-
12:17 am
zone. 10-7 bears. field goal battle put cal in front 13 had been-10 on the very last play. fourth and goal as i time swires. huskies called time out and decided to about for the win rather than a game time field goal that would have sent it into overtime. not the story book finish the bears would have preferred for the old stadium. 16-13. they will not qualify for a bell season the first time that has been the case since jeff's very first year. lane kipin with his first notre dame experience as the head coach of unc. robert hughes plowed into the end-zone the irish had the lead. harrison smith with 36 seconds left he makes his first start in place of the injured matt bar clay. the irish closed with three straight wins to finish at 7-5.
12:18 am
ufc has one game left with ucla. well, they are still hoping for an auburn stumble to play for the national championship. but texas christian today took a big step towards wrapping up a spot in the rose bowl. ever wondered what a horned frog looks like. new mexico is offering another route. courtesy the quarterback from dalton to jimmy young. frogs go undefeated for the second straight season winning 56-17. a game that benefited stanford as arkansas took on sixth ranked lsu. just before half time it is 14 all. rather than burn the final six seconds good choice. two defenders run into each other. hamilton makes the catch and 80 yards to the end-zone. end-zone. dark arkansas knocked off the tigers 34-23.
12:19 am
>> compton hosted northwestern and turning another route. wattkins was picked off by aaron henry. that is returned 50 yards. 27-23. they are headed to the rose bowl if the standings are higher than two other big ten teams. another rivalry another portion of the big ten picture ohio state led michigan. 10-7 in the second quarter. but the momentum changed on this kickoff return by hall. hall heads up the left sidelines and uses his blockers on the way to an 85-yard score. buckeyes got 27 straight points to win 37-7. they, too, tied for first at 11-1. and add mark antonio and malicious gab state to that list. cousins to cunningham in the traffic. the spartans 22-14 over penn state. the first time they won in happy valley since 1965.
12:20 am
barton also finished at 11-1. you can argue the most significant game of the season third ranked boise state and nevada tied in the last second of regulation. a diving young and the broncos stop the clock with one second left. that gives them a chance to win with the 26-yard field goal that he leaped out to the right. on the first possession in overtime he gets a chance for redemption. the 29-yard attempt goes to the left. nevada had a field goal attempt in overtime. anthony martinez down the middle with his 34 yarder. it is the biggest game in the history of the wolf pack who come back from a 24-7 half-time deficit to win 34-31. that knocked boise state from the national title picture. also of note oklahoma edged oklahoma state to put them into a three-way tie with san jose state on the shorted end against louisiana tech.
12:21 am
spartans fall to 1-11. still more to come tonight on sports wrap as oakland's andre ward tries to keep his pro record perfect. we will show you how that went. see if the warriors can end and bas [explosion boom [panic, scream soldier requesting help ♪ [male announce he was there when his country needed him and we'll be there when he needs his country.
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. could it possibly be this simple for the warriors. 1-7 with david lee out of the lineup. 7-2 when they are playing. lee back tonight for the first time since the infection that sidelined him for eight games. just 5-18 of the field. his presence inside felt in part two of a back-to-back in minnesota. ellice played all 48 minutes for the warriors. backs down for two of his 26 points. and warriors down by three at the half but outscored the
12:25 am
timberwolves by 19 in the third quarter. ellice runs the floor. and another big storyline in this one was the shooting of wright. wright scored a career high 30. 27 of those points came on a franchise record. nine three pointers. steph currie and they win with 95-94 win. >> san jose sharks looking for their mojo in a division and conference packed as tight as it can be. the only team you are supposed to beat is edmonton which tonight got a visit from canadian prime minister stephenharper. sharks there also game tied 1-1 after the period. in the second joe thornton found dan heatly who blew it passed the oilers. a big night for him. still in the second he controls the puck from behind the edmonton net. the puck was banked off to make it 3-1. a pretty goal for san jose in the third. oilers turn it over. joe pavelski who goes high
12:26 am
right. they needed every one of those goals as they hang on for the 4- 3 win. the first place in the division which all five teams are separated by just two. oakland's favorite fighter defended his wba super middle weight title tonight in the coliseum arena. australia's obeka takes on andre ward in a fight that was not part of the super six world boxes classic. it was not one for the ages as far as style is concerned. beka gets ward on the ropes here in the fifth round. but then ward gets his punches in as the round came to an end. there was a lot of holding and clutching by both fighters as they went the full 12. ward was the right to the left eye of beka. when it was over ward was the winner by unanimous decision. he ups his decision to 23-0. beka was out by a withdrawal of andre do you recall. the raiders will dry something different as they host the miami dolphins after
12:27 am
in the near quarterback was effective in the last week's loss to pittsburgh. here is what's happening on channel 2 and fox tomorrow after the fox pre-game show at 9:00. the eagles against the bears at 1:00 followed by the ot. the u.s. women's soccer team went down to the wire needing a win or a tie today against italy to qualify for this summer's world cup game. turned back by the goalie. but amy rodriguez is there to kick in the rebound. that in the 40th minute the goal stood up for a 1-0 win that qualified the u.s. for the 16th and final spot in the field. the draw will be monday in frankfurt, germany. germany is the host country for the women's world cup. that's it for this saturday night sports wrap. we will see you again tomorrow at 5:00. got all of the nfl to talk about tomorrow. >> let's hope we are talking about raiders and 49ers victory. >> 49ers on monday but the raiders tomorrow. it will be nice. >> yes, thanks. >> thanks, joe. >> that is our report for
12:28 am
tonight, everyone. be sure to join us tomorrow at 5 a.m. >> our continuing coverage continues online at thanks for joining us everyone. have a great sunday morning. good night, everyone. >> good night. . for complete bay area news
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