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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 12, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktv. channel 2. president obama leaving tucson arizona tonight after paying tribute to 19 shooting victims and trying to console a grieving country. >> the hopes of a nation are here tonight. good evening, everyone. >> we have new developments tonight in the tucson arizona shootings. president obama offered words
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of comfort and revealed encouraging news about congresswoman gab rel giffords saying for the first time she opened her eyes today and we have new information about the suspect jared lee loughner and what he did before he allegedly opened fire at the shopping center. ktvu's heather holmes is in oakland where community leaders tonight condemn the shootings but we begin in arizona. more now on what the president had to say tonight. paul? >> reporter: julie, frank, here is what the president said tonight. he came in and delivered a speech after visiting the congresswoman giffords at the hospital. president obama and the first lady joined mourners in tucson ontario witness speaking at a memorial before residents, lawmakers, relatives of victims, the president offered words of comfort. >> what we cannot do is use this tragdy as one more
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occasion to turn on each other. >> reporter: before the memorial the president met with the survivors of saturday's mass killing including gabrielle giffords who remains in critical country. the president delivered this news. >> a few minutes after we left gabby's room and some of her colleagues from congress were in the room gabby opened her eyes for the first time. >> reporter: the young man credited with helping save her life intern daniel hernandez said thursday he doesn't deserve any special credit. >> the real heros like i mentioned are the people who have dedicated their life to public service. >> they remind us that heroism does not require special training. heroism is here in the hearts of so many of our fellow citizens. all around us, just waiting to be summoned.
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as it was on saturday morning. >> reporter: back here live now. president obama and a congressional delegation including nancy pelosi went inside the hospital room today and met with congresswoman giffords. they say they saw her open her eyes and some are calling it a miracle. frank, julie. >> all right, thank you. live in tucson, arizona, tonight. new details about how suspected gunman jared lee loughner spent the hours before the tucson shootings. jared lee loughner went to two wal-marts. cnn is reporting he tried to buy ammunition at one store but the clerk refused because of his erratic behavior. however, at the second store he was able to buy the ammunition. that morning jared lee loughner was also pulled over for allegedly running a red light but the officer ended up letting him go with just a warning. new details about previous encounters with law enforcement. outlining strange incidents and outbursts. the county sheriff's department
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had nine contacts with jared lee loughner or his parents and jared lee loughner was arrested twice on misdemeanor charges for alcohol or marijuana. a federal judge based in california are oversea jared lee loughner's trial. the head of the 9th circuit court announce today larry burns will preside over the case. burns is based in san diego. the judge who selected burns says he comes highlyrecommended. . >> i wanted somebody that was well respected. >> all the federal trial judges in arizona recused themselves because their fellow job was among those killed in the shooting. it hasn't been decided yet where the case will be tried. coming up a little later in this newscast some top judges here in california share their thoughts about what the tucson tragedy means for the judiciary. the house passing a resolution honoring the tucson victims. >> our hearts are broken but
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our spirit is not. >> speaker of the house john baynor said this is a time for the house to lock arms in prayer for the fallen and wounded. some republican and democratic lawmakers say the mass shooting underscores the need to limit access to guns or to high capacity ammunition clips. lawmakers, community leaders and residents of oakland came together tonight for a candle lie vigil and to call for change. heather has more. >> reporter: frank, 800 miles from arizona but oakland says it feels tucson's pain. more than 100 people gathered here. they made a circle in front of city hall to not only remember the victims but to also make a desperate plea to stop the violence. >> we looked up the names of the victims christina taylor
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green, gabe zimmerman and phyllis fishing. >> reporter: names of people that no one here in oakland had ever heard of until saturday when they became targets of a gunman. >> let us stand in solidarity this evening for gabby, for the victims and survivors of this unspeakable act. >> reporter: calling for nonviolence. >> we should also fight for gun control and for gun safety measures. >> reporter: whether it is tougher gun control legislation or more services for the mentally ill, those who came tonight to remember the victims say something must be done. >> we have got to turn this around. i mean, you know, this kind of violence should not happen in our society. >> reporter: outrage over deadly actions that cause pain over state lines. >> reporter: as oakland offers
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a friend to those suffering from such a tragic loss. one speaker here went on it say it is time to turn a new chapter of hope, a new chapter of love and most importantly a new chapter of unity. reporting live tonight here in oakland. i'm heather holmes ktvu channel 2 news. another vigil is scheduled for friday evening in walnut creek. the justice center says it hopes to show respect, compassion can end violence. corner of broadway and civic drive. jean quan, oakland mayor, saying she will push for a ban oon assault weapons when she attends the conference of mayors in washington, dc, next week. >> we have see the re emergence of automatic weapons and they are more likely to kill
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someone. >> in 1994 senator diane finestein has a bill passed. it was equipped with a magazine that holds up to 31 bullets. the old federal ban prohibited the manufacture or import of new magazines holding more than 10 rounds. and later this hour, sarah palin breaks her silence on the shootings in tucson. how her comments today have sparked even more controversy. plus, our coverage continues online with president obama's address in its entirety. just look for the u.s. news tab. san jose police released surveillance video of a hit and run incident that injured a 15- year-old girl on saturday. on the top right of the screen the video shows a car striking the girl as she crosses camden avenue. she is still hospitalized. bliss would like anyone with information about the hit and run to please contact them and you can get another look at that surveillance video on our
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website just look for the video viewer on the home page. a san francisco man is a free man tonight after spending 18 years in prison. 40-year-old connolly's murder convictions were thrown out after it was determined the star witness in the case lied on the stand and police detectives knew it. ktvu's is live now at san francisco's hall of justice with more on what this reversal means for other murder cases. debra? >> reporter: well, when connolly left the jail here today he had very little to sail. focused on getting reacquainted with his family. smiling walking into the sunlight and freedom. [ applause ] >> reporter: accompanied by attorneys who worked several years to free him and relatives waiting with hugs. connolly was asked what his plans are. >> take it one day at a time. >> reporter: then into a waiting hummer. a saga that began with two people dead and connolly
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convicted after a drive-by shooting in 1989. >> i don't understand how -- what he is talking about. >> reporter: a judge after days of deposition found former san francisco police chief early sanders who was lead homicide inspector back then suppressed evidence and let the prosecution's paid witness lie on the stand. >> these types of things need to be disclosed. >> reporter: the law firm helped connolly like another san francisco plan. now they want to dig into other cases. >> given that there are two men now who have come to light who are innocent and who have been vindicated. >> reporter: frank jordan, police chief then, expresses surprise paid witnesses perjured them systems. >> there is no way that time can be replaced. >> it was a happy day for him and he wants to spend the time
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with his family. >> he is overwhelmed as you can imagine and it is quite a lot for him to process. >> reporter: his attorney said when connolly went to prison the walkman was the hot new gadget on the market. clearly he has some catching up to do. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. an earthquake aftershock this afternoon about three miles south of san john measuring 3.0 coming after an earthquake that rattled the area. 4.5 earthquake was the latest in a series of quake centered near fremont peak straight car east of the town of prunedale. the quake was felt from vallejo and south. it hit near the transition zone at the san andreas fault. >> we have 2s and 3s and
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occasionally one of these magnitude 4 events. >> a quake on friday was on the calavaris fault line located 40 miles from the epicenter of this morning's quake. scientists tell us the two quakes are unrelated. exactly one year after a local musician was gunned down the highway patrol announces that four suspects are in custody for murder. the twist that led to their arrests. and six months since major changes to bay bridge tolls. the impact they have had on drivers every
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a base guitar player that toured. he was gunned down on january 12th, 2010. today, on this first anniversary of his death investigators announced they have arrested four suspects. the highway patrol says all are members after gang and it appears duey tucker was shot and killed by mistake. >> they drove from sonoma county to contra costa county for the purpose of killing a rival gang member. the victim dewy tucker was not the intended target. >> reporter: the break in the
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case came this past weekend when one suspect, 19-year-old raul vega of santa rosa was arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing at a santa rosa elementary school. investigatorses believe he is also the gunman who fired shots at tucker's car last year as he drove to church down interstate 880 between crockett. >> it doesn't bring him back but then you know why he was taken from us. >> reporter: for family an friends it was painful just seeing the faces of the murder suspects. >> i mean, it hurts. it hurts to look at him. >> it hurts more than i can even express. it is really surreal today. >> reporter: the four suspects are facing enhanced charges for a gang related crime and tonight are being held at sonoma county jail. in vallejo, ktvu, channel 2 news. in the south bay san jose
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police say they arrested a man today wanted on attempted murder charges. 4 the 41 year old was taken into custody just before noon inside his house. he is accused of attacking his wife with a knife on saturday in an effort to prevent her from leaving the house. authorities say they found the suspect hiding in a closet under a pile of cloths with a self-inflicted cut on his throat. police say he was taken to the hospital for treatment. also in san jose police today identified three men killed last weekend in a shootout at a nightclub. investigators say the bodies of antonio alone andmanuelmendoza were found on the floor of the mexi club. a body was there a nearby suv. investigators say three men had gone to the club to kidnap its ovarian because of the a debt. the club owner was wounded in the shootout. since is the tucson shootings there has been plenty said about the rhetoric as a
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potential moative. such talk is regularly heard on t.v. and talk radio and tonight that was the topic of discussion in santa clara university. live now tonight with the report. >> reporter: frank, two of the brightest minds, judicial minds in california spoke at santa clara university tonight on a topic in has captured the attention of the nation this week. civil part san discourse. newly seated california state supreme court chief justice and u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals chief judge shared their ideas tonight on courts in a contentious climate. the judge was a friend of the federal judge who was killed in the arizona shootings. >> some sense we are all at the mercy of freak accidents or people who are -- want to hurt us. can get to us if they want to. >> reporter: the state supreme court chief justice was here
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with visible security. >> judges have become more public. people have taken greater attention. cases call attention to a judge's roll. >> reporter: both jurists agree that the judge killed in arizona does not appear to have been targeted and that the suspect appears to be mentally unstable and not influenced by part san visitr partisan. >> our willingness to express ourselves politically in a passionateway. >> we are aware of our decisions and we are away that they can be sensitive and that they have an impact but never theless it doesn't detour froes doing what's right and that is follow the rule of law. >> reporter: federal judges are appointed for life but voters here in california decide if and how long state judges
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remain on the bench. live in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 news. it appears the morning commute across the bay bridge to san francisco is getting a bit quicker. a transportation official says congoes pricing is decreasing the average wait time before the metering lights. higher tolls could mean fewer drivers during the commute. since july when the toll rose by $2 for the morning rush the wait has dropped from 27 minutes to 23 minutes. this finding was released in a new report by the bay area toll authority. >> you think it is working? >> it is less congestion. >> since congestion pricing was created b.a.r.t ridership between 5 and 10:00 a.m. has increased 8%. in marin county the sheriff says he will not enforce the county's ban on pg&e smart meters. the sheriff bob doyle says marin supervisors had no
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authority to impose a moratorium. the board of supervisors took that step next week. pg&e says it plans to ignore the moratorium as well. on wall street stocks moved up as fears about europe's debt crisis eased after a successful bond option in portugal. the dow posted its highest close since august of '08. picked up more than 83 points today. the nasdaq gained 20.5 points. a positive report on the economy came from the federal reserve today. it said that 2010 ended on an encouraging note with shoppers spending and companies hiring more. although the fed noted the housing market is still troubled and could hurt the economy this year and the unemployment rate is still much too high. the supermarket chain announcing today it plans to hire some 275 people in northern california and 13 new stores are scheduled to open 11 of them in the bay area. entry level positions start at $10 an hour plus benefits for
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those who work more than 20 hours a week. the clouds are thickening up a bit out there. it is not that cold right now. santa rosa right now 49 degrees. 48 in napa. 15 degrees warmer than they have been in the past this time of night. right now occupy upper 40s upper 40s, lower 50s. spanning the entirety of the day but showers light. possibility for fog does exist. temperatures mild when you wake up. look out for dense stuff up towards black point up towards the alexander valley and north bay. we are looking for that tomorrow. plenty of sunshine until -- plenty of cloud cover until about 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. then the showers start on the north bay. noon some more scattered showers then more light showers late in the day. i'll have the computer model back here in just a couple
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minutes. tomorrow is the grand opening for the nation's first museum dedicated to the history of gay people. history museum filling 1600 square feet of space in the heart of san francisco's skas row district. it includes exhibits about the fight to allow gays to serve openly in the military and about the aids epidemic and you will find pink sun glasses worn by harvey milk. some public employees skip tolls and don't play red light tickets. the effort tonight to end this free ride. a new mayor in san francisco.
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few details released whether a short police chase that ended in a crash that
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occurred this enginner the scene of the accident of bancroft and 80th avenue. the sedan scattered a lot of debris hitting a fence. it narrowly missed a tree. no word of injuries or arrests. in san francisco the city is taking in millions of dollars less than expected from parking violations. as a result parking control officers are being asked to concentrate on issuing more citations. street sweepers will be used to catch violators. we hear how. >> reporter: big brother may not be watching but soon street sweepers might. under a pilot program the san francisco municipal transportation agency is about to launch a program with cameras that will record the license plates of cars illegally parked in street cleaning areas. many say it is a good idea.
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>> unless you want to sweep the streets yourselves then we should move our cars around if not we cars and if not we sheet get ticketed. >> want to be as efficiently as possible and enforcing where we need to be. >> reporter: the cameras are only one part of a plan to enforce parking. officers are not only cracking down on meter violations but also on valid residential parking permits. san francisco has taken in less than 7 million it expected in the last six months. >> that's a way to tax us without having a right to say no. >> reporter: small business owners worry the crackdown will drive away shoppers. >> you can for free in places. why come here and risk a ticket? >> reporter: there is no word
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yet on when the he sweeper calms will be hitting the roads. ktvu, channel 2 news. patrol officers say the driver who started a fatal train reaction in sunnyvale was arrested for driving under the influence. the victim is 50 years old from fremont. the accident started when 46- year-old alex turseo of concord lost control of his car and skidded across the highway. gonedaza pulled over to the right shoulder where he was struck by a car. a state aassemblyman from orange county today said he wants to end a legal loophole. the 33-year-old law was designed to keep the home addresses of judges and police officers confidential but experts say that loophole allows some public workers to avoid thousands of dollars in uncollectible tolls and tickets because transportation officials don't know where to
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send those tickets. journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel. >> two words from sarah palin today sparked a new controve
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the medical superintendent injured over the weekend during a brawl in a nightclub has died. school officials say joe hernandez died from a brain injury. hernandez was one of four men injured during two different fights at the temple nightclub early sunday morning. hospital officials say hernandez is an organ donor. police at this point have not made any arrests. also in san francisco the new mayor is moving quickly to try and find a new police chief
12:01 am
to replace george gascon who is now the district attorney. the selection process is being fast tracked. amber lee is live in san francisco tonight with more on this. amber? >> reporter: frank, here at san francisco city hall tonight the new mayor told us during his first full day on the job he has already begun the process of selecting a new police chief. mayor ed lee told us he met with members of the police commission today and have directed them to select up to three candidates for police chief as soon as possible for his consideration. >> i promised as i was appointed here that that would be one of my top priorities and the process has started. >> we need to start the process selection in the cities and counts of san francisco. >> reporter: tonight the president of the police commission announced during its weekly meeting that the selection will be fast tracked. former police chief selected
12:02 am
after a 7-month nationwide search. this time the mayor and police commission saying they will move quickly since the interim mayor. some citizens say with him in place there should not be a rush to name a new chief. >> i don't think there would be any harm to public safety or any other issue in the police department if he were to maintain his position for a period of time to ensure that this process is a fair and open one. >> do you have a preference for an internal candidate or external candidate? >> i don't have that preference for either one. >> reporter: possible internal candidates who have been mentioned include assistant chief, captain greg sir of bayview station and captain dennis o'leery of park station. a new chief should be in place within two months. reporting live at san francisco
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city hall, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. new zealand police are looking for a suspect suspected . he is wanted for questioning in connection with a january 3 shooting as well as the 2006 rape of a 15-year-old girl. police say both victims in last week's shootings remain hospitalized. a 22-year-old woman was arrested the day after the shootings and faces attempted murder charges. however, police do not believe she was the shooter. a calterrain condistrict caltrain conductor was charged. using his authority to take victims to select parts of trains. prosecutors say the victims were a woman and underaged girl. he is currently free on $55,000
12:04 am
bail and is set to be arraigned later this month. he faces several charges including false imprisonment. the sister of a murder defendant took the witness stand in oakland today to testify against her brother. ernest sharer iii is on trial for the murder of his parents. the sister said the parents disapproved of his gambling lifestyle. he killed them to collect a seven-figure inheritance. today the district's attorney office filing papers to say state law requires pretrial proceedings to be conducted in originating jurisdictions. the lawyer said she may ask to have the hearing transferred because of publicity. he is accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard. speaking strongly today in
12:05 am
an eight-minute message about the media and tucson shootings. sarah palin made it clear she feels she has been unfairly singled out but her choice of words alarmed many. a story now of political rhetoric in a time of mourning. >> today sarah palin accused the media of violence by referring to her miles an hour marking gabrielle's area with guns. >> it should not the very hatred and violence that they purport to condemn. >> we wish she had not used those words. >> reporter: saying it refers to someone being falsely accused. historians say it dates back to 12th century europe when christians believed jews would torture and kill children in religious rituals. >> we all need to take a step back and think about how we communicate with one another.
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>> reporter: the political climate in america. it can change as quickly as a cable car. what has not changed though, at least according to one man here in san francisco is the intensity of the debate. the language. the political rhetoric. long time republican strategist bob gardener. >> go back and read the conflicts between thomas jefferson and john adams. i mean, they were nasty and bitter and partisan. >> reporter: gardener says while he disagrees with palin's use of the words blood libel she should not be blamed for the tragedy in tucson. ktvu channel 2 news. posters criticizing the use of fear as a political tool are showing up around san francisco. the posters show a picture of sarah palin along with the words, quote," enrage them in fear until they feel justified
12:07 am
in their violence." flute history when political leaders want strong backing the easiest way to find it through fear and the tactic is not unique to palin or other current political figures. we did try to contact sarah palin political action committee to get comment but received no response. former governor arnold schwarzenegger apologizing for commuting a sentence but was it enough for the family of a murder victim? i'm tracking some showers moving in for your thursday. and we will have an impact on both of the commutes. and hundreds of people are buried
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male announcer: it's the number one cause of blindness in adults. it doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke. if trends continue, one in three children born today will face it in their lifetime. one in four people who have it don't know it yet. and one in five americans are at high risk of developing it. together, we can stop a disease that burdens and shortens life. help us raise awareness, raise research funds, and raise hope at a kong cord father says he doubts the sincerity of a letter sent to him by former governor arnold schwarzenegger.
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in the letter arnold schwarzenegger apologizes for not notifying the family he was about to commute the murder sense of nunez. the younger nunez was sentenced to six years. on his last day in office arnold schwarzenegger reduced the sentence to seven years. his father told a southern california radio station today the context of the letter was to give some excuses. fred santos also said he believes the connotation was 100% politics and nothing but. a missing woman was found dead last night along with two dead dogs in a home in a remote area of the santa cruz mountains. authorities found the unidentified woman in a house near orange highland ways. santa cruz county sheriff deputies say they suspect she and the dogs died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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in other news in the world. brazil, tons of mud rushed down hillsideside today burying homes and residents. the poor are among many of the victims who built shanties on the steep hillside. hundreds of rescue workers are trying to dig through the mud looking for survivors but hope is diminishing quickly. in pakistan vice president joe biden delivered a stern message today to the prime minister. he said pakistan must gain control of the areas where extremists are now based. the luz will keep a $7 billion commitment to pakistan in the coming years. the president traveled to baghdad to meet with iraqi leaders. brisbane is inundated with flood waters. 5000 businesses and homes are either totally or partially sub
12:12 am
merged. the business district turned into a ghosttown. tonight, there is some good news. the brisbane river has crested. there is news today about the world's first ipad newspaper. a formal announcement by steve jobs and owners of news conference rupert murdock is scheduled for next wednesday in san francisco. reports say journalists have been hired to work at bureaus around the country. the ipad newspaper may include a fee but there are few other details since there is no official word on this just yet. when apples fourth generation iphone becomes available to verizon customers it will come with so-called hot spots for apple connections. five wireless devices will be able to access wi-fi through the iphone. at&t isn't saying if the feature will be available for its iphones. still ahead tonight a story you will see only on ktvu channel 2. vandals target at&t
12:13 am
phone lines. the special concern for customers. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking more
12:14 am
12:15 am
someone is deliberately consulting the lines of dozens of at&t junction boxes leaving hundreds without phone service. there have been dozens of attacks over the past few months and whoever is responsible appears to know exactly what they are doing. we have the report now from walnut creek. >> reporter: at&t workers tested the lines coming and going from this junction box today. just last week someone broke inside the box and started cutting. >> and just for the purpose of sheer vandalism they are cutting wires and, of course, that leaves customers without service. >> reporter: at&t confirmed for us today that the attacks on their system number in the dozens.
12:16 am
the company says whoever is targeting its system has struck late at night on several occasions. and each time the vandal has hit multiple cross connect boxes like this one knocking out phone service for hundreds of customers. >> we are not going to speculate about who might be doing it but we do know that there is a pattern and it is a pattern of someone who appears to know what they are doing. >> reporter: at&t says a major concern is the vandalism could prevent someone from reaching the police or the fire department in an emergency. it is a concern also voiced by people living near the most recently vandalized junction box. >> i am concerned on the fact that people can't call 911 from their home phone because then we got 0 use our cell phones and our cell phones goes to highway patrol before it goes to our local fire, police or anybody like that. >> reporter: at&t says its technicians will generally not be working at night and they will always be driving vehicles with the at&t logo and they will be wearing a uniform with
12:17 am
an i.d.. badge. if you see someone working in your neighborhood that doesn't meet those standards at&t wants you to call the police. at&t is offering a $10,000 reward in this case. in walnut creek, ktvu, channel 2 news. today marks the first anniversary of devestating earthquake in haiti. ♪[ music ] >> a catholic mass was held today in the country capitol of port-au-prince. thousands of haitians gathered to remember those lost in the earthquake. the mass began a national day of mourning. almost a quarter of a million people were killed in that earthquake and more than 800,000 are still homeless. hold the fries. that's the message from the federal government to school lunch programs. the goal is to make lunches healthier. one gill limits starchy vegetables. and cut sodium by more than half and use only whole grains. they are expected to be
12:18 am
announced officially tomorrow. 26 bay area high school students are among the semifinalists in the annual intel science talent search and one of those students was surprised in class this morning with a $1000 check. the contest awards scholarships to some of the nation's brightest science students. >> all of a sudden they said it was a talent search and i know that i submitted my project earlier this year and so then i kind of realized maybe this is for me. >> how about that. each semifinalist receives a $1000 scholarship and the high squeal of each one gets $1000. 173 schools across the country participated in the talent search. a young man who survived an horrific shooting is in san francisco tonight with a film and a message. colon goddard is the subject of a documentary cold living for 32. 32 refers to the number much people killed at virginia tech three years ago.
12:19 am
goddard was shot four times and is now dedicating his life to working for gun control. he said the tucson shootings made him angry and frustrated. >> why can't we do something about this? why can't we make it more difficult for these things to happen. there are things we can do. why aren't we doing these teens. >> the documentary is being shown on college campus and can be seen at stanford tomorrow. clouds are thickening up out there. it is mild. temperatures in the upper 40s outside right now. live storm tracker 2 will pinpoint these high clouds. you can see kind of the arc coming over the bay area. that's not the disturbance just high clouds out ahead of this system which whether move into the bay area overnight into the mid-morning hours. it is not a big deal this weather system. it will be enough to perhaps bring some drizzle and sprinkles to your neighborhood as we roll into the next 24 hours. but at this point i wouldn't be
12:20 am
changing a lot of balances. maybe if you're pouring concrete or painting an outside structure that's an issue, but this would be windchill wipers on intermittent at best as this system comes through and it is going to hit us from one end of the state to the other. and i'll show you the computer model. today was okay. we had some patchy fog out there. more sunshine. temperatures mild. here is the system i'm tracking. more clouds rolling in. we saw increasing clouds today but tomorrow we are looking for showers to develop in the north bay first and then spread south. so here goes the computer model. there is thursday at lunchtime and you can see most of the showers kind of happening right around then and that's widening scattered showers then you get into thursday afternoon just sort of backs down. keeps going in the mountains. little bit something happening up north here. but then just kind of backs away at the enof day on thursday and then friday not much. so that system just kind of rolls in and rolls out. right now the best bet for showers will be mid morning. as we get into saturday there
12:21 am
is a little something out here. but i think there is just overstated. i think we will be fine in the weekend. just a few clouds. so big event would be tomorrow and it is not a big event at all. just kind of shows what's happening out there. out in the pacific there is the system. it is just kind of spinning itself out and pulling apart, sheering itself apart and that's usually indication of a weakening storm. so tomorrow in fremont you'll start off with some clouds. maybe some sprinkles by around 9, 10. 50 degrees. daytime high in fremont 58 degrees. a nice day as we head into the later part of the afternoon tomorrow. with temperatures into the upper 50s and low 60s. best shot for rain as i mentioned mid-morning through early afternoon. so right now morning commute in north bay could be a little sprinkles. >> sometimes those little sprinkles can cause big problems. >> the weekend looking
12:22 am
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mark is off tonight and joe is filling in. looked like the warriors might do it. >> the warriors had a full and healthy roster. they were at home and they had the lakers on the back end of a back-to-back. if ever there was a night and this might be it. harlem globe trotter curly neil in the house to see a very competitive game. the warios with 10 steals on the night. this one david lee passing to monta ellis. ellis with 38 points. warriors with the upper hand most of the game. inbound play as wright finds lee. high water mark for golden state was a 14-point lead. but then kobe bryant kicked it in.
12:26 am
bryant scored 17 of his 39 points in the game's final six minutes. two there. plus the foul. and then with less than a minute to play the warriors are down three and they need to stop. kobe drains a long three with nothing but nets. how many times have we seen it? the lakers have won 12 straight over the warriors outscoring them by 11 in the 4th quarter. four more nfl games this weekend with an interesting quarterback match up in the nfc game on saturday. green bay packers practicing incures around that's appropriate because they will be in the georgia dome on saturday night against the falcons. that game will be here on channel 2 at 5. former cal star aaron rogers against third year quarterback matt ryan. ryan has yet to win a playoff game in his career. something they were saying about rogers since last weekend. >> it is the playoffs and each possession has to have more importants an significance. but there is an urgesy level to fix it up for all the guys. >> pretty efficient the first time we played them but you
12:27 am
don't know how those games will shake out and situational football kind of dictates how you play the position. >> two good offenses and statement i think it is two very good defenses. so i'm just hoping we have one more than they do at the end of the game. >> jim harbaugh may be the big fish that got away for university of michigan but today brady hoke was introduced at ann arbor a place he was an assistant eight years ago. he was said to be recommended by none other than michigan alum tom brady. he spent the last two years at san diego states finishing 9-4 the aztecs. a report tonight that mike johnson the 49er offensive coordinator has accepted a similar job with ucla. and that's good to see. is he a good guy. glad he is getting another shot. >> good. thank you, joe. >> certainly. be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. they will have the latest on any new developments in a tucson shooting. our coverage continues
12:28 am
online. thank you for joining us, everyone. have a good evening. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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