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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 17, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. a ktvu channel 2. a steer you mystery in the south bay, good evening. >> the house was supposed to be worked on and unoccupied. but when exterminators went in this afternoon they found a man's body. it is a story new at 10. ktvu live in san jose, more on the details with the story,. >> reporter: in fact, san jose
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police say they have identified the suspect but have yet to notify the next of kin. they say it is not a case of homicide, but they say why would somebody go in a house to be exterminated, and clearly posted signs? >> i don't know how the person got in there, maybe they got an investigation, or what, i don't know. >> reporter: neighbors say the house was foreclosed by the bank and was empty for several months. a buyer closed and was worken on the three bedroom home. the signs went up clearly posting the danger. >> it is kind of strange, i don't know how the guys that were here working on it. fumigating it, i don't know how they knew the guy was inside. >> reporter: when workers came this afternoon they found the body inside. police speculate that the victim was either homeless, looking for a warm place to spend the night, or it was a burglary attempt and the man
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was overcome by the fumigating fumes. >> that is scary for me, because i live in here, you know, and i really didn't expect that to happen over here. this is a very quiet area over here. >> reporter: the realtor who sold the 1,200 square foot home told me buyers had paid 320,000 and were intent on just making it liveable again. live in san jose ktvu channel 2 news. and we are following a developing story involving an industrial accident that injured a worker at the refinery, happening in rodeo. the fire department tells us a high pressure steam line burst. the steam line hit a glass panel design to do protect workers. but the panel blew out, striking the employee. he was knocked unconscious but
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is breathing. he was taken to the medical center. there is no word yet on his condition. we have several calls in to the refinery, but nobody there has provided any details. uc-santa cruz officials say there will be additional law enforcement officials on campus tomorrow, coming after graffiti was written on the bathroom in the social science two building. it mentioned january 18th, which is tomorrow. some students say they will stay off campus. and a spokesperson says that some professors cancelled classes tomorrow. but he suspects the majority will be held as scheduled. and homeowners in a santa cruz neighborhood say that nature and government is working against them as they try to stablize the pricey homes. they sit on top of a playoff. the bluff, the homeowners say
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it is so full of water there it creates a channel that causes problems for the stability. the homeowners are willing to dig a trench to fix the problem. however, the county says it is not an emergency, and the declaration is needed for the work to begin. and oakland could be on the edge of losing its police chief. anthony batts has been on the job for more than a year, and could be moving to suspend joe. rob ross reports. >> reporter: the chief may not work there much longer. batts said he was a finalist for the police chief job in san jose. >> the city of oakland recruited me heavily. >> i wish he had told me earlier, but again i don't control that. >> reporter: she says that batts said after the election he was staying.
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but apparently that was then, this is now. >> i would like to continue, i've had a good working relationship. but i want a chief committed for two or three years. >> there is no guarantee i will be selected. i do have a job, the focus is on the city. >> reporter: there are fewer officers on the street. >> he was never given the resources to run the police department. and if anything, that was probably a frustrating part. >> that is the fate of all police departments for us in the very new future. all police departments. >> reporter: batts is popular with many, in oakland he gets mixed reviews. >> it doesn't really seem like he is doing his job. >> too many changes are not good. we would like for him to stay. >> reporter: san jose is expected to decide on a new police chief sometime next month. in oakland, rob randy moss, channel 2 news. and it is a tale of two cities, san jose has almost a
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million residents, about twice the population of oakland, and about a fifth of the number of homicides. last year, oakland had 95, the first time in five years there were fewer than 500, while san jose recorded 125. >> and finalists, one complaint in san jose is that the police departments sometimes have a difficult relationship with the city's minority community. >> it takes work. you really have to actively engage the community. it is a necessary part of the job and it is something i appreciate and enjoy doing actually. >> moore added that san jose is facing a budget reduction which could include laying off 200 sworn personnel. he wouldn't talk about the search for a new chief at the request of a city manager. a decision is expected sometime next month. we are learning more tonight about the woman hit and killed in concord and why she was in the street in the first
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place. as ktvu jana katsuyama reports, it all had to do with her dog. >> reporter: there are orange flairs and paint after the deadly crash, which neighbors say they heard from their homes. >> i heard a crash and heard a lady screaming, oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: it happened early in the morning on sunday. sherry lind borg had checked on her dog, when the teen stopped to check on her lying on the ground, another vehicle struck her. officers say it appears the driver stopped briefly, talked with the teen and then drove away before the police arrived. >> he had the dogs. >> reporter: john toward, a homeless advocate who lived across the street knew the victim, saying she was homeless and had been going to the park for two years to receive the free lunches he hands out every day. >> quite weather worn. she was worn out.
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had lived a hard life. >> reporter: and the neighbors say that the area is a dangerous road. >> i get the feeling -- it is not always followed, so i am sure people speed. plus it was foggy yesterday. >> reporter: concord police are look follow the driver who left the scene, a white male in his 20s, with blonde hair and light tips, the passenger was with him, they left in a four-door vehicle. homeless advocates plan a memorial for lindborg this saturday avenue. and official, the oakland raiders with a new head coach. late this afternoon, the team announced offensive coordinator hugh jackson has been promoted. there will be much more coming up in sports later with the details regarding his formal introduction tomorrow. plus, what the owner says he will do for the team and the raider nation. and the big news in silicon valley, steve jobs will take a medical leave of absence, and
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will be out of work indefinitely. jobs notified the company by e- mail. the company does not have the specific information on his health problems. six years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, two years ago he had a liver transplant. a spokesperson says that they do have a person in place to carry the company for the near future. >> they make sure what happens to am, i am afraid we may lose that with him leaving, but i agree the big incident will come a year out. >> others worry about the long- term prospects without steve jobs at the helm. but apple customers seem confident the company can weather whatever comes. >> look what is going on in the store. i mean people more and more are getting iphones and apple products. it is -- i think it has a life of its own. >> that said, apple stock traded lower in overseas
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markets today. u.s. markets were closed because of the federal holiday. the company will release the quarterly earnings tomorrow. apple's current market value is $321 billion. and only on two, a crackdown on illegal dumping. san francisco officials say they have an epidemic on their hands. illegal dumping like this. find out what it is costing taxpayers. and a performance tonight worth a thousand words. the meaning behind the poetry on the martin luther king, jr. holiday. and right now i'm tracking a lot of fog out there, the live storm tracker 2. here it is, live, the dense fog advisory for
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only on 2 tonight, a new effort to curb illegal dumping in san francisco. the public works department tells us the big problem involvings commercial dumping on the southeast side of the southeast, ktvu channel 2 amber lee has more on how much it is costing taxpayers. >> reporter: julia, the department of pickup public works says this is a problem on any given day. you will find couches and construction debris. >> this here is a dump that occurred last week of . it is about 30 tons of discarded
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roofing debris. >> reporter: one spokesperson says that the city must remove this type of garbage every day. he blames individuals and companies for illegally dumping the garbage in industrial areas. how many times have you called the city? >> myself three times, they come out but people continue to come over and continue to jump. >> reporter: johnson lives in the bay view. she says that the dumping often occurs during the overnight hours when those responsible use the cover of darkness to conceal their crime. >> the neighborhood has a bad reputation, and there is really positive things that happen over here. but this is the attention we get. >> reporter: each here, they say they receive 17,000 complaints from residents and it costs taxpayers four million for the cleanup. >> it seems harmless, but it leads to the spending of city resources that we just don't have at times like this. >> reporter: crumb told us it is difficult to catch those responsibility, so dpw will go
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door-to-door later this week to ask the residents to be watching and call the city's hot line at 311 to report any illegal dumping. >> i can't park in the driveway, because there is trash there in the driveway. >> reporter: they say anybody caught illegally dumping is liable for the cost of cleanup and that they could face criminal charges, especially if the items are considered hazard materials. and we have developing news out of oakland where police are investigating a double shooting. officers were called to the scene of morris drive at about 7:45 tonight. police say the victim's injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. one person was arrested at the scene. at this point, though, police are not offering any further details. also in oakland, police say they do have a description of the gunman in another shooting. a fatal shooting, and they're looking for that person
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tonight. the victim was apparently standing at a bus stop on international boulevard near 80th avenue when he was shot about 4:00 this afternoon. the man died at highland hospital. his name is not released. and richland did shes say richland did shes arrested -- detectives arrested 44-year-old anthony square who was taken into custody after he was released from the hospital. investigators didn't say what he was treated for. police say the victim is related to the suspect. and tonight, we know the identity of the man killed on an oakland freeway. john mejia died after crashing into the center divide. it happened early on saturday morning on interstate 880. officers say he made his way to the shoulder after the crash. but then he tried to make his way back to the vehicle and was fatally struck by a southbound car. and san francisco's buses,
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light rails and cable cars are falling short of their on-time goals. a new report shows that from july through september of last year, 72% were on time. but their goal is 85%. the report covers 37 different lines, only five had on-time rates above 80%. the staff report goes to municipal transportation authority board tomorrow. virgin america airlines will buy 60 new aircraft to triple the size of the fleet. the buses will be new, efficient models. virgin america will save money each year and put less pollution into the air. and in france, they announced 2010 was a very good year for orders of 570,000 new
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aircra, worth about 70 billion. boeing had orders for 530 aircraft last year. air bus says it expects this year to be even better. and airline industry observers say during the next two weeks they expect to see the nation's airline reports high profits for 2010. perhaps the highest in 10 years. released a forecast indicating the eight largest based u.s. airlines will collectively report almost 4 billion in profits. analysts say ticket demands are increasing and airlines are collecting more revenues in extra fees from such things as luggage. and today was the day of honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. a strong speaker, he moved civil rights for all americans. tonight, a group of young americans remembered king by telling their own stories. and ktvu channel 2 heather holmes has more on their story. >> reporter: frank it was a sold out crowd here at the theater, where the performers
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at the youth speaks organization took the stage to honor king and themselves. >> how do i find a way, the beating of my heart? how do i survive? >> reporter: surviving in 2011. it is a different world than it was in 1955 when king was leading the montgomery bus boycott. but for the last several years, 16-year-old allison says she has been leading her own boycott of her family after being abused. >> i think he would be proud that i am not running away anymore. and that i am not boycotting it. i am facing it and doing it, nonviolently. >> i am looking for employment. >> reporter: 19-year-old josh merchant relived the job interview he wishes had another outcome. the unemployed poet used the stage to talk about the
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struggles of following your heart while trying to make a living. >> been beating, i am the ring that dr. king wanted. >> reporter: strong words and questions from a diverse group of young people on the day we celebrate the courage of a man who helped to change the nation. >> we come here to listen, and it is a community gathering just the way that activists and everything that dr. king stood for. >> when i step on the stage, i feel the energy, who you think i am. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: it was an amazing performance. the 15th year for the king tribute. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2. and coming up in less than 15 minutes, riding the rails for equality. the annual event is a symbol of how far things have come. and there is dense fog out there right now. you have a little bit of a break but the fog is coming in
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quickly. a dense fog advisory for the entire bay area, just like tonight, tomorrow will be difficult to see as you travel. fog not just in the valleys, but in berkeley, oakland, san rafael, and hazy sunshine in the afternoon, some places in the santa clara valley, but 60s in some places, 50 for a daytime high in some places. a dense fog advisory in effect, tuesday morning, tomorrow morning, visibility down just a quarter of a mile. when i come back i could show you what will change the pattern, bringing us relief from the fog, i'll see you back here. a candlelight vigil tonight for a fallen teen. why friends and family even prayed for the suspects. and a stunning murder- suicide connected to a high profile
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. in richmond tonight, family and friends gather to pray as they remember gene grisby. two teens are facing charges of murder. those who gathered in his honor prayed for peace as well as the suspects and their families, saying they, too, are suffering from the pains brought by violence. was it an act of vigilante justice or nothing more than a deadly crime? it all depends on who was asked. it involves a man who shot and killed the man who was responsible for killing a woman, before he committed suicide. more on the report. >> reporter: this pete's coffee
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shop opened again. sanchez was the brother of jean harms, a woman who disappeared in 2001, and was presumed dead. he was later released because of a back of evidence. police say sanchez saw nesme at a coffee shop, shot killed him and later turned the gun on himself. police are releasing new details. but sources say they want to find out if sanchez stocked nesme to learn if it was planned. >> i hope they don't look at him like he was a vigilante. he in his heart truly felt that nesme was guilty and took it upon himself. i don't think it was planned. he happened to meet, run into him. and he made the decision right there. he is going to get even for his sister's death. >> reporter: but a man who says that nesme is his child's god
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father says it doesn't prove anything. >> this is just a crime. not vigilante justice, there is no justice to be had. >> reporter: why? >> because he had nothing to do with this case. this case about jean harms. >> reporter: police say the case and the district attorney here say that the shooting and harm's disappearance both are continuing investigations. and two people died today when they stepped in front of trains, apparently on purpose in separate incidents. the first incident happened in burling game, and then elsewhere, a teen stepped in front of a train. authorities say it appears the 15-year-old boy took his own life. the train struck him at about 9:00 this morning. a caltrans spokesperson says that the man who died in burling game was 39 years old. he was near the northbound track when the train hit him on
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the north track. it is the second death on the caltrans tracks this year. and bill martin is talking about it. we drove through it. what the highway patrol has to say about driving in these foggy conditions in a live report. and
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. another thick layer of fog is settling back over much of the bay area tonight, the national weather service tells us the official dense fog advisory will be in effect in one hour at about 11:00 tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions. and we start outside right now in san rafael with ktvu channel
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2 ken wayne. >> reporter: the bridge here is five and a half miles long, it may be pretty to look at but can be deadly to drive in. we drove over another bridge here to show you the conditions. we could barely make out the cables on the side, let alone the bridge tower, visibility was little more than a quarter mile. still, they say no traffic accidents so far. >> are we just lucky? are drivers paying attention? >> i think we're lucky. >> reporter: the officer issued eight tickets so far on his shift, including one for following too closely. >> with the visibility the way it is, it is one thing for us, being able to see problems that are approaching. the safety. >> reporter: you slow down? new yes, absolutely. >> reporter: ted loney says he drives 100 miles or more for his job each day. he doesn't need the highway patrol to tell him how to drive. he has his wife.
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>> you have to be careful . there is fog out there today. >> reporter: in crockett, a popular restaurant with a bridge view was busy tonight, even though there was nothing to see out the picture winds. the bridge, the academy, even the lights, covered with fog. >> tonight, obviously you can't see any of that or the areas down the hill. >> reporter: it is not that far away? >> no, it is right down the hill, just pushed in solid. >> reporter: the highway patrol tells me it is not shy about issuing the tickets for following too closely. and if you get one it can be a fine of about $200. live in san rafael, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2. >> and there is two types of fog out there. we have the valley fog, that is the dense fog advisory stuff. and then have you have coastal fog out heres that is an
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indication of the stability. you have less than a quarter mile visibility out in clayton, vallejo, foggy, san jose valley fog. there is a lot of it, it will impact the tomorrow commute, but not just tomorrow, but really the next few days. i'll have all the details on it. the five-day forecast, we'll look at the computer model to learn where the delays are. the delays were caused, including flight cancellations. officials say a total of 11 flights were cancelled in san jose. san francisco airport experienced delays of up to an hour and some 15 cancellations. as of 4:00 however, the flights were back on schedule. the oakland airport is reporting for delays at this hour. as fog comes in, more delays are possible. a bay area alert is in effect.
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air quality officials mandate that people not burn wood or other articles in the fireplaces because the pollution could keep things close to the ground. the only thing that is exempt is fire stoves or fireplaces as the only source of heat. >> the husband of gabrielle giffords says he can see her smile at him, and that he can rub her shoulder with his hand. she still can't speak because of the tube in her throat that helps her breathe. over the weekend they updated to relieve pressure on her eyes. doctors say that the surgery went well. and the father of christina taylor green says the loss of his doctor allowed the doctors to save the vision of two children. nine-year-old christina was the youngest of the shooting victims. john green says the donor network of arizona told him and his wife that the surgery was
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successful. christina's mother says she was proud that her daughter was able to do another amazing thing. and president obama and the first family of martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. the obamas went to the stewart school to take part in the painting project. the president noted that dr. king not only called for justice butequality and service as well. mr. obama says it is important after the shooting rampage. >> this type of service project is what is best in us. >> at the school, mrs. obama was sang to with stevey wonder's version of happy birthday for her 47th birthday. wonder wrote the song the honor martin luther king, jr. and here in the bay area, a tradition to honor the slain civil rights leader, the annual train ride with a march and rally at the end. more on the story. >> reporter: passengers sang
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with one voice as the freedom train left san jose remembering the 1965 voting rights marchs in alabama. riders say the journey is a symbol forequality. >> it is different from where we were, the civil rights, today, where we have obama as president. >> it is not so much a movement just for african-americans or one race. it was about all of us. >> reporter: from the train station with almost every culture represented, marchers made their way to the martin luther king, jr. fountain. they joined members of the faith community. the reverend studied under dr. king and said if he were alive today he would still fight for the rights of all americans. >> given what he taught me in school, we must come to grips with this issue of being afraid of gays and recognize that
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every person whether gay or straight is to be respected. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi told the crowd that the civil rights leader will be honored in the nation's capitol with the tribute usually reserved for presidents. >> this year in washington i am proud to say, we'll have the monument. a magnificent memorial to represent martin luther king, jr. >> mere at the musician it was free. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2. and it was a large celebration for martin luther king, jr. in sacramento today. >> some 15,000 people marched and rallied to support king's message of peace and tolerance. the pro tem dale steinburg says that the holiday should serve to remind people to practice those ideals every day. he signed into law the bill that created a state holiday to honor king back in 1981.
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in 1983. president reagan passed a similar bill after congress approved it with a veto majority. and for more information go to we have a time line as well of his life and more. and it may go against what you have heard. the new study suggesting that breakfast may not be the most important me
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. a $10,000 reward is being offered for the return of the ashes of a man who was an early
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success story. the ashes were stolen sometime last night from a locked private area at oakmont memorial park. they were in a bronze urn. the family of thomas gonzales, jr., says they are very upset. back in 1994 he helped found a software company. and security forces using water and tear gas on protesters once again today in the capitol, tunis. also, a new government was announced with the promise to free prisoners and include more. they are unhappy that some of the old government can keep their power positions. and unexpected return this past weekend after 25 years in exile. haitian officials say there are no plans to prosecute him during the brutal regime. the man known as baby doc has been accused of torturing many
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while stealing millions of dollars. and in london, two disks handed to assange today. it held information on 2000 prominent individuals who avoided paying taxes and engaged in possible criminal activity. elmer said there were about 40 other people and pillars of society. hospitalized tonight in critical condition. sergeant shriver was a peace corp volunteer in 1972. he is now 95 years old and seven years ago said he had alzheimer's disease. and a new report on mental health risk of children who play video games 20 hours on average a week. the study followed middle school children for two years. researchers found about 10% of the children were video game
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addicts. researchers say although the addicted children could have behavior problems to begin with, playing video games seemed to increase moments of depression and being anxious and lowering the performance in school. a study of almost 8000 surgeons suggest medical errors, job burnout and depression contribute to suicide thoughts. the study showed that 6% of the surgeons had thoughts of suicide, compared to the rest of the population. the study show that they are also less likely to seek mental health counseling, for fear of losing their jobs. and skipping the big breakfast, itcould fly in the face of the usual ideas that eating a big breakfast is the norm. but the new study said that people who ate big breakfasts,
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ate bigger lunches and dinners, not smaller meals. >> if i eat a big breakfast like this, with eggs and pancakes, that usually fills me up for the day. >> the breakfast is just the big one. if i eat breakfast i am done most of the day. keeps me from over-eating. >> german researchers tracked 380 people for two weeks and had them record every meal. and starbucks is down sizing, choosing to go with bigger is better. they will phase in a new larger cup size, the cup will hold 30- ounces of coffee or tea or another drink of . it will be introduced in california. and homeowners say they tried everything. >> the controversial new plan to go after a flock of disturbing turkeys. and chief
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you need a license to kill when it comes to wild turkeys. and in the east bay, a homeowner's association obtained the license they need to go after the turkeys there that many people say are doing a lot of damage. more on the story. >> reporter: wild turkeys, they wouldn't be able to out run a rifle when the time comes to thin the flock. >> this, with a silencer, just seems crazy. >> reporter: some residents are worried about the idea, and don't find the turkeys that bad. >> they are just beautiful things to watch. they're fun to watch. our grand kids love to watch them. they just don't need to be killed. they can be trapped and taken to the hills. >> reporter: but the homeowner's association says it tried all that. and the turkey population keeps growing, at least 100, often in large groups, not minding the
12:16 am
cars or human neighbors. >> it is not us or the club. >> reporter: the canyon country club says they're not gunning for the turkey. they have a run of the golf course, but do less damage to it than yards and fences and porches. still if they hear the complaints. >> when a 20-pound turkey jumps on the roof and damages it, when you get the claws and three or four of them on top of the car they can do some damage to it. >> they go to the bathroom everywhere, on your deck, they torment you. >> reporter: this resident here liked them before, but now feels crowded by them. >> they're on the deck, the roof, we're ready for them to go somewhere else. >> reporter: you're okay with them being shot? >> yeah, i am, i would like for them to go away. >> reporter: the organization worked on it out of state to establish a wild population
12:17 am
here. ktvu channel 2. >> and wild turkeys have certainly made themselves at home in the golden state. check out this map, the yellow area shows where the turkeys are well established. it is an area that covers 29,000 square miles. the red shows areas where they're expected to expand. conservation groups estimate that wild teacher keys occupy about 18% of california. and the san francisco food bank is looking for more volunteers as the demand for their services rise. today more than 100 current volunteers helped to package cereal in the city as a national day of service. they say since last year the demand has rich by more than 30%. we're told people like to help out more in the holidays. the problem is that leaves the rest of the year. >> we definitely hope that people carry on the spirit of giving like during the holidays. >> the food bank distributed more than 3 million-pound of food in each of the last few
12:18 am
months. a california group is urging that children be protected from deep budget cuts. to that end, they have a list of 10 items focusing on how the make public education better, including how it is funded. they want the state to set standards but allow the school districts to determine how to meet the standards and how the finance their schools. and a former retreat for hp is now california's newest state park. the two land organizations have completed the transfer of the 3500-acre property known as little basin, northwest of santa cruz. in past years they built campers for people to use. a nonprofit will staff the park, keeping the state's cost to a minimum. and outside right now we have a dense fog advisory, that dense fog advisory is in effect until the morning hours. you can see we're looking at a little bit more fog throughout
12:19 am
the evening hours as we roll into tonight. that is a dense fog advisory. we talked about it. all over the bay area, it is bad. bad because you have the coastal fog, the valley fog, everything is just trapped in the low atmosphere. and so visibility, you're driving out there in the next hour. so you see visibility below a quarter of a mile. tomorrow morning at 3, 4, 5:00 in the morning you see visibility in some places down from that. the stability in the atmosphere comes from the ridge of high pressure, there is a jet stream going north. there is a big ridge of high pressure with dry weather. the air quality district gets involved. you are seeing the articles in the air, stuck. there is the spare the air tonight. dense fog returns tomorrow in the valleys. and you see it along the coast as well. it is a slow pattern. and not much changes until wednesday. and even then, i would love it
12:20 am
if this weather system just blew up the inversion and mixed things out. that would be great. but i don't know if that is enough, in chico you may blow the fog out. but wind, clearing in most locations. nothing big looking at us in terms of rain or anything that would clear this out. tomorrow morning at 11:00, fog, you see in the valley, pretty must have everywhere. tomorrow is like this, more fog than today. by lunchtime in the afternoon it starts to clear out. sun sets, it comes right back. you know how it is. what we'll see tomorrow, wednesday, hopefully there will be a little bit of a change as the system gets close. maybe changes the stability in the afternoon. we could see the fog in many locations. dense fog in the morning, when you get going, 7:00, lunchtime, patchy fog, afternoon, most of us will see clearing. i go up to the beaches to the light house up there.
12:21 am
the beach is beautiful this time of year in those environments, because the valley fog can get out there easily. no rain in the forecast, fog is the lead story in the weather center. tomorrow morning, steve paulson will be here to update you on that. >> this fog is really something. >> yes, it is, a lot. >> very scary to drive in it at night, thank you bill. and the seattle area is being hit hard by rain and flooding. some residents in king county waded through waist deep water to meet their families. we're told one man waded more than a mile to rescue his dog. and the stormy weather is being blamed for one death. a state transportation worker was killed by a fallen tree. the redwood city officials are closer to find out what caused a pipe to break. they told us today that based on what they now now it was a pressure change that caused the pipe to break. 48,000 gallons spilling into
12:22 am
the redwood shores area in late august. the water quality is back to normal. the city has hired a consulting firm to work with them to determine exactly what went wrong. and at home today? how they did and why they may have an opportunity to gain
12:23 am
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. mark is off tonight, joe fonzi filling in, the oakland raiders? >> yet another new era. the identity of the coach has not been a secret. just the timing of the announcement. raiders made it official when they named hugh jackson to the position, who is considered the frontrunner since the option on tom cable's contract was not set. offensive coordinator, the team's scoring more than doubled. jackson will be formally introduced at a press conference tomorrow. and former head coach mike singletary will join the vikings as the linebacker coach. he will join them with his teammate, frazier. and picking up new ground with all but one of their games this rest of this month at home. new jersey nets in town for martin luther king, jr. day. block at one end, monta ellis
12:26 am
and david lee to touch the ball. 10 rebounds, the nets did their best to stay within striking range. harris, to lopez, how about the back door cut by ellis with lee getting the assist this time? ellis led with 26, they pull within six games of 500 with a 109-100 win, the pacers in town on wednesday. and sharks have making up to do after ending their losing streak at six on saturday. san jose in arizona this saturday where the coyotes paid tribute to marleau. he puts one on the board. patrick marleau, first to play, one after one third, second period, coyotes turn it over, couture to dany heatley. currently ninth in the western
12:27 am
conference playoff picture. first round of the open continuing with daniel of brazil taking on nadal. he was not threatened, danielle had not won a game when he retired. nadal moves on, 6-0, 5-0. and williams moving on, no sweat for venus, she advances, 6-3, 6- 2. yankovic moving on as well. and signing up with the colorado rockies, a minor league contract for the 40-year- old giambi. >> that sounds pretty young to me actually. >> speak for yourself. all right, thank you. and be sure to join the ktvu channel 2 morning news in
12:28 am
the morning, the fog is blanketing the area. >> thank you for joining us, have a great evening everybody. >> good night
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