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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 10, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, february 10. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin tonight in egypt were thousands of protesters are said to be a standoff with security forces as at the presidential palace. six hours ago they thought president hosni mubarak would redesign, he didn't, and now they are angry. samantha hayes reports. >> reporter: hosni mubarak announced thursday he would delegate power to his vice
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president but refused to step down. >> i am committed. and i am committed about that in a similar way, to a similar extent through this responsibility and the protection of the constitution and the interest of the people so that the powers will be transferred. >> reporter: that announcement sparked anger and confusion as protesters gathered in cairo's to rear square and demanded the immediate resignation of mubarak. >> all we want to hear is that he leaves. no bloodshed. >> reporter: mubarak remains the head of state while omar suleiman is now the de facto president. >> i will be undertaking all of the responsibilities under the constitution. >> reporter: they say that --
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suleiman's powers include negotiating with the opposition and mubarak retains the power to dismiss the government. massive protests are expected in some have promised a day of reckoning. a bay area professor with family in egypt reacted harshly calling president mubarak's speech insulting and fake. >> do you really believe he will give up power in september? we have no reason to think he is telling the truth. people are not going to believe he is gone until he is gone. >> he is egyptian born and
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supports the protesters and says the protest will likely get louder every day mubarak remains in office. in our next segment, the uprising on twitter and how bay area social networking companies are driving events in egypt. you can stay updated any time. click the tab on our homepage at the popular apple iphone is now available on the verizon network. christien kafton is live where the crowds never materialized. >> reporter: no crowds but we had seen a steady stream of customers. they are checking out and buying a new iphone's right now. they started rolling in after 5:00 after people got out of work. there has been a mix of existing verizon customers and converts from at&t paid today said thursday that customers can get their hands on a new
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iphone. brian wilson picked his up today. >> i have an iphone from at&t but when it comes to verizon, better reliability, better connection. >> reporter: verizon store manager says customers have been split pretty easily. >> the numbers have been pretty even today. >> reporter: at&t is arguing that verizon will not be able to provide the same level of sustained data heavy apps will run slower and customers will not be able to use their phones in as many countries overseas and the biggest difference -- >> you can talk and surf at the same time on at&t. >> reporter: when doors opened at verizon this morning, there were not many long lines and instead they have seen customers about their traditional patterns. >> the typical times we are busy is around lunchtime and in the evening times. >> reporter: verizon points to
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the fact that many customers pre-order their phones and the availability at a variety of locations are the reasons why long lines never materialized today. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. federal prosecutors in the day bond case are reducing the number of charges on the indictment prosecutors said bonds will be used by thousands of 11 previous as their time prosecutors have revised the indictment. the trial will start march 21st including obstruction. suspects and reported sexual assault is a new up where not much older than the victim be the boy was assaulted yesterday in the bathroom at the boys and girls club of oakland -- an assault on a 7- year-old were not much older than the victim. no arrests have been made. >> i'm just mortified. our hearts go out to the young
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person at the center of this. >> investigators say they have been looking for evidence and will review surveillance video as they verify the allegation. acb disco man accused of beating a retired priest found out today he will have to stand trial on a felony charge for the judge ruled there is sufficient evidence to try william lynch on one count of felony -- a san francisco man accused of beating a retired priest is accused of beating a retired priest lashed year. lynch says lindner repeatedly molested him and his brother. he'd set for court february 22nd. a man was convicted of first-degree murder and arson for the death of 29-year-old jennifer schipsi. prosecutors say that the couple
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had a history of domestic violence. sheriff investigators in alameda county are asking for the public's help in finding a missing woman at risk. 20-year-old amaya weinberger was last seen on january 21st pay she had just left -- she had just left a home on redwood. she takes medication and left the facility without a hitch. anyone who have seen her -- have seen is asked to call the sheriff's department. a community meeting is underway tonight to find a permanent police chief was san francisco. it opens up last month when george casco decided to be district attorney. the commission has been reviewing applications and will submit applications to mayor ed lee. enabling the company says it will leave a hefty fee
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charged to a good samaritan who helped save two lives in san jose. back on january 22nd, jeremy fisher us to down the door of a home, saving two people inside piece he got a pill for $1800 for ambulance ride to the hospital where he was treated for smoke inhalation. >> he said, i guess that is the price you pay for saving someone's life. >> ktvu contacted the influence company into david received a call saying that the charges had been eliminated. police say a speeding driver blew through several red lights today, eventually splitting his car into another vehicle and killing the other driver. it happened about 2:15 a.m.
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on geary boulevard in the richmond district. 57-year-old laney storlerea died when the suspects audi plowed into his mazda. investigators are trying to determine if he was drunk or on drug. a superior court judge today granted an injunction aimed at cleaning up a residential hotel in the risk of dental district. i'm -- in a local district. the owners have agreed to pay the city almost $150,000. a labor protest at a san francisco hotel ended with arrests late this afternoon. he cited 23 people after the protesters sat down in front of the doors to the hotel.
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they have been working without a contract for more than a year and a half and workers at other hyatt throughout the country how similar protest. we in the last hour we learned that eight ac transit officers will be granted transit tonight through an area of richmond where a bus was shot tonight with a passenger suffered minor cuts and shattered glass. they say that passengers had wanted to boycott, but they agreed to buy the line when they were sure that he sheriff's deputy would be following buses to the area of. coming up, the un takes notice of bay area social media. should jet skis and other watercraft be allowed in federally protected waters?
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what about the environment? that story, coming up. temperatures will be dropping rapidly. coming up, neighborhoods will start in the upper 20s and win rain clouds will return to the bay area forecast.
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>> events unfold in egypt the political uprising is sparking interest. the egyptian museum in san jose is seen a spike in popularity and attendance is up by about 10%. the museum says it has the largest selection of egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western north america. developments in egypt carlmont the top trendy items on twitter today. twitter played host to an event which david stevenson tells us showcases the power of social media networks. >> reporter: he ducked out of
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work this afternoon to check his facebook page and hear from family members and eject. >> i just learned on facebook that the army are working with the people now. >> reporter: twitter's role in organizing upbringings were a topic in san francisco this morning hosted by the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. with more than 75 twitter -- 75 million twitter customers, the obama administration and social media is a political player. >> it is a big form of communication and social mobilization in egypt. >> reporter: a statement e- mailed to us from twitter says, along with the rest of the world we are watching closely. are humbled by the way the people there have used twitter
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to communicate with each other and people around the globe. at the social media strategies summit today, entrepreneurs and analysts talked about the commercial and political potential of facebook and twitter. >> i think it is a wake-up call to anyone who was in a position of power and control. >> reporter: before the president's speeches afternoon sun facebook users posted a countdown clock until his exit. twitter feeds filled up with angry tweets and prayers for peace in egypt. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. twitter seems to be rising be facebook and quicker have talked to twitter about a possible acquisition but so far those talks have not been productive. twitter is privately held and could be worth $8 to $10 billion. officials announced today some help for homeowners trying to stave off foreclosure. they are using $2 billion to
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create four new programs. the programs that aim to helped low to moderate income homeowners who are facing financial hardships or all more than the value of their homes. the government released its weekly jobless report today and that members of the most we have seen in almost three years. first-time claims dropped by $36,000 to $383,000. analysts say this could mean fewer layoffs and more highly by companies. the number of people continuing to collect jobless benefits fell by 47,023.9 million. stocks were flat on was treat today. the dow industrial broke the eight-day winning streak closing 10 points lower. a deadly gas line explosion in pennsylvania is raising questions about the nation's
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aging pipeline infrastructure. it happened about 11:00 p.m. last night. four people were killed including in advance. one person is missing and the ruptured underground gas line at the flames. it's a utility crews five hours to turn off the gas. two row houses burned to the ground and six others were heavily damaged. a chancellor at uc berkeley did not announce the fate of several cow sports teams today. he is deciding if the cal baseball team and other sports will get a reprieve from the budget ax. they say they have reached $50 million to save the teams and the university says it is doing a verification process and contacting each donor to verify their pledge. today is the first official day of the at&t pebble beach pro-am golf tournament. steve marino shot seven under on the course to take the first- round lead. he played at monterey peninsula where crowds gather to watch
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celebrities to play the opening round. >> this will be a fun deal. >> the wife tells me, you came here so you can be focused. stay focused. >> are you having to go to daytime? >> i tend to, yeah. >> kangaroo jack, you can get that movie at starbucks. rarely do they sell movies at starbucks. a community battle in san mateo county is getting surfers against the protection of the environment. robber honda explains the controversy surrounding jet skis at maverick. right now jet skis are allowed -- the only time jet skis are allowed is during the analyst or environments. the marine sanctuary advisory
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council, including the parents of a surfer rescued last but by a photographer on a jet ski who should not have been a. >> it was so close. we can protect the environment and also save lives. >> there are no restrictions for public safety agencies or someone trained and certified by a public safety agency to use a mortar with wright's personal watercraft at any time. >> reporter: many say it is one thing to about trade rescuers to be on hand to call it unrealistic to expect any agency to have a team around whenever surfers hit the waves. >> we a self policing, self trained -- we are self policing, self trained. >> reporter: they wanted to be more than someone on a jet ski.
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>> there is some consistency, some responsibility and the ability to take reliability -- take the liability. >> reporter: they say they will have more hearings on the issue. robber honda, ktvu channel 2 news. we are getting a look at the ballots for the two were of california. -- at the routes for the tour of california. it is a 1700-foot climb and makes it the first mountaintop finish for the eight-day race will begin may 15. san francisco leaders take the pulse of the city. an event today that no matter how you look at it, has a lot apart. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> a new report says marin county salmon population remains in pale even after a wet winter. biologists had hoped that there
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would be a new wave of standing, but this is the lowest numbers they have seen the last 15 years. in 2000 by this species was listed as endangered. mark tamayo is here to talk about bundling up tonight. >> dress in layers. tomorrow afternoon will be nice. a few high clouds to the north and west. already doing the 7:00 -- during the 7:00 hour, napa is at 44 degrees. mostly clear and temperatures will continue to cool off. overnight lows tomorrow morning you can see the overnight lows
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in napa, 28 degrees. this up fees in these neighborhoods, even right around the bay the upper 30s. san francisco will go with 40 degrees. high pressure sticks around right on through sunday. a few high clouds. mostly sunny and mild into the afternoon. as we widen out the view into the pacific, a couple of storms. temperatures cooling off and rain returns as early as monday, especially by late afternoon. showers will come back and also a big drop off and temperatures. here is our forecast model. no rain drops just yet but by 1:00 this afternoon a few high clouds will be approaching the bay area. a few rain clouds and by saturday with the release increase the clouds. tomorrow morning, 30 to 42
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degrees at 7:00 and by 12:00, mostly sunny skies and temperatures will start to recover. tomorrow afternoon most areas in the 60s antiwar miss locations right around the 70- degree mark. san jose, 67. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. we do bring in a chance for some showers especially up in the north bay. the timing will be in the mid to late afternoon hours and we could be talking about some more rain clouds with cooler temperatures tuesday and beyond. san francisco general hospital organize a special event today to raise money and honor its most tireless volunteers. it was called the heroes for hearts award. mayor brown and ed lee were there to present the -- the
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honors. that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news chup next right here on tv good night.
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