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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the ten o'clock news on ktvu channel 2. >> they came together tonight at an emotional service in memory of a little boy few of them knew. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. at 4 years old he never had a chance. tonight, hundreds touched mourned for the little boy from patterson who was kidnapped and drowned last month. debra joins us now from the football stadium where the memorial service was held tonight, debra?
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>> reporter: well, the service ended about an hour ago, although you might think patterson has cried all it can, tonight, it grieved more alongside his mom. >> he was so cute. as soon as he was born, i was like oh, my gosh, he's so cute: >> reporter: several hundred people cried and chuckled at tab that's eulogy tonight noting milestones and stories in her son's short life. >> reporter: she took off butt naked. >> reporter: the 4 year old loved being a center of attention, even won a toddler's pageant. but to find his face on missing posters, a nightmare. then the car his abductor drove into a canal was found and in days his body surfaces. the man who took him, the ex- boyfriend presumed drowned too.
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>> i made my peace with god and jose. i believe he's dead. >> we're focusing on the positive things. our families, our children, the community. >> reporter: even though their hopes of getting jullianie back were crushed, the community isn't letting go and won't forget a child who still shines. >> i can honestly say i have no regrets because i loved him to the fullest, and he always naumachy loved -- knew how much i loved him. i wish i could have those moments for life. thank you. >> reporter: donations were taken tonight to offset burial costs, a private funeral set for next week. tab that tells me -- tabatha tells me her daughter will also be named jullianie. reporting live, ktvu channel 2. and we will be posting
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jullianie's mother's touching 5-minute eulogy with stories about her son on our website, within the hour. authorities say 27 year old jose rodriguez kidnapped jullianie four weeks ago. he is the ex-boyfriend of the boy's mother. rodriguez owned the silver toyota towed from the canal. jullianie's body was found 30 miles down stream. authorities say rodriguez almost certainly died in that canal as well, but so far, his body has not been recovered. a new day is dawning in egypt, and it is the first day without hosni mubarak as president in nearly three decades. right now, tahrir square is calm, the crowds have thinned out and crews are cleaning up. around the capitol, there are signs of life slowly returning to normal. president mubarak resigned to the surprise of many around the
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world. and in san francisco, supporters of the egyptian people began gathering shortly after 5 this evening for their own raleigh. amber lee joins us now with a live report, amber? >> reporter: julie, um plaza is empty now, but a few hours ago, hundreds turned out for a celebration of this historic day. they chanted long live egypt, families, students, and others celebrated this day, proud a revolution succeeded in freeing egypt. >> it's fascinating to me that this young population can overthrow a whole government. you know, it makes you feel so, so proud to be an egyptian. >> my brother was there almost every day. >> reporter: he showed us a photo of his brother at tahrir square. he and his wife brought their
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son to tonight's rally to share their joy with others. >> overwhelming. happiness, crying, really very emotional. >> reporter: the crowd sang egypt's national anthem, cherishing this victory, especially since 24 hours ago, they were uncertain what the outcome will be. now, they say this is a moment in history to unify all egyptians. they say they are also optimistic during this time of transition, even with the military in charge. >> look of the possibilities, i'm not worried about the things going to go wrong, i think things are going to go smooth. tomorrow afternoon to continue their celebration. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2. in egypt, everything changed in less than 24 hours.
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where there was anger yesterday, there was a lot of celebration today. people cried out "egypt is free and hosni is gone" as word spread hosni mubarak resigned as president. all day and into the night thousands and thousands of egyptians celebrated across the country. for 18 days, protestors demanded president move bar economic recovery step down. today, hosni mubarak flew to his palace in sharm el-sheikh 250 miles from cairo. the official word came in a brief statement from omar suleiman. >> president hosni mubarak decided to leave his position as president of the republic. >> suleiman said the armed forces supreme council will lead the country. today, he had some harsh
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words for both hosni mubarak and suleiman. >> it's enough for you that in history books they are going to say one word to describe you, "dangerous." he was arrested soon after the protest began and held for twelve days. he created the facebook page that helped spark what he called resolution 2.0. adjusting the egyptian people, they have a difficult road ahead. move bar reck was a -- hosni mubarak was a long-time ally of the u.s. >> by stepping down, president hosni mubarak responded to the american people's request for change. this is not the end of egypt's transition, it's a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. >> once the celebrating stops, president obama said egypt must lift the emergency powers in
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place and hold free and fair elections. what happens next in egypt is far from clear. right now, the military is in charge. today the troops on the streets celebrated with civilians. it is significant that early on the military said it wouldn't fire on protestors. some said the generals may have been hedging to see which side would come out on top, and the military men now in charge have had close ties to hosni mubarak for years. tonight, we spoke with a uc berkeley expert in regime change and he has concerns. >> the military could still choose to tilt things in favor of one force or another. a lot of generals are used to doing things hosni mubarak way. >> it will be noteworthy how soon elections are held and if the power of the president will be reduced. stay with ktvu and we're keeping up to date with the latest information out of
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cairo. stocks began in red, but fears were eased that unrest could spread in the middle east. the dow ended up 43 points higher, reaching its highest close since june of 2008. the nasdaq gained 18. a man sought in connection with an oakland homicide landed on the 15 most wanted fugitive list. shaun michael sullivan seen here shot two men last november because of an outstanding debt. one man died, the other is paralyzed. police and the u.s. marshall service have partnered in the search. a reward up to $25,000 is offered for information leading to sullivan's arrest. he is considered to be armed and dangerous. emotions erupted today as the convicted killer of leavy was seasoned to 60 years in prison. he had attacked other women in the same washington, d.c. park
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where leavy's remains were found. during sentencing today, leavy's mother swore and said he is lower than a roach and hideous creature. he told her family she was sorry for what happened but also said he had nothing to do with her death. leavy was a government intern from modesto who disappeared in 2001. barry bonds will have to enter a new plea after prosecutors came out with a fourth version of his indictment. bonds was not in court today but his attorneys were. rita williams has been following the story since it broke in 2003. she tells us what's next. >> reporter: in the new indictment, prosecutors cut the number of charges against barry bonds in half. now four charges of lying and a fifth of obstruction of justice. >> there used to be eleven unfounded counts, and now there are five unfounded counts. >> reporter: they stem from
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bond's testimony back in 2003 when he testified he never knowingly used performance- enhancing drugs. it's expected that and personal the time, greg anderson, will refuse to testify again and be sent back to jail again. that's why bond's attorneys today asked the judge to exclude a conversation bond's personal assistant had with anderson eight years ago, where anderson allegedly talked about why he didn't inject bonds with steroids in the same spot. prosecutors say hoskins made the tape to get bonds from stop using steroids. >> wanting to play the tape and prove barry was using drugs. >> contrary to the government's assertions was that it had been exposed as someone stealing from barry bonds. >> reporter: barry bonds will be back here next in court on
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march 1 to be arraigned on new charges against him, then jury selection is scheduled to begin march 21. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2. roger clemmons is turning the table on a committee that grilled in him in 2008 about using performance-enhancing drugs. today the former major league pitcher subpoenaed the committee for copies of all their communications with former players. clemmons is accused of lying to the committee when he testified he never used steroids or human growth hormones during his career. weekend is here, cold overnight lows, then clouds, then some rain. details on your bay area weekend forecast. and this north bay neighborhood may be surrounded by police officers, but rebates -- residents are still uneasy. we'll tell you why. everyone is kind of blown away by it. bad
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at this hour, police in vallejo are on the scene of a deadly officer-involved hooting. we learned a -- shooting. it learned to a death of an unidentified man in vallejo's country club crest neighborhood. patty lee is live at the scene where she's been trying to develop information about exactly what happened, patty? >> reporter: we are live at
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coke on avenue, the crime lab arrived a half an hour ago and the coroner arrived in the past few minutes. officers take photos of the 40- plus pieces of evidence littered across corcoran avenue. according to police, this is where a chase that started at 4:30 this afternoon ended abruptly, after the suspect driving this black bmw got out of the car and pulled a gun, which police say they have recovered. >> i heard ten shots, real fast, rapid. like boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: nearby residents who gathered for bingo night say the shooting is unnerving, even more so given a helicopter with a spotlight has been riding overhead most of the evening. >> don't know what was going on. we were not even going to play bingo unless we kept the doors locked. >> i lock the doors in the house, you know, and make sure.
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we came over for bingo and left lights on just to make sure nobody is going to come in our house. >> reporter: vallejo police have yet to explain who the suspect was and why they were chasing him. for the past three hours, they've been promising briefing, but those keep getting delayed. reporting live in vallejo, ktvu channel 2 news. an elementary school teacher is under arrest accused of molesting a student. police arrested 45 year old jose cerezo on wednesday in san francisco. he's a teacher in east palo alto and has been placed on leave. police say the teacher attempted to bribe the accuser's family in exchange for not pressing charges. authorities are still investigating the case and are urging anyone with information to give them a call. in concord, arrested and sent to a state hospital.
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he was the second violent sex offender to be released and chemically castrated. a sheriff's department said verse was arrested for harassing another man during a therapy session. the harassment was character rised as unwanted sexual advances. law enforcement officials say they are suspending marijuana dispensaries. last year there were a series of raids and our cameras were there. advocates criticize them, while neighbors of the operations applaud it. county prosecutors want to review medical marijuana laws before more raise. state senator leyland lee is making pipelines safer to require gas companies to install automatic and remote- controlled shut off valves. placement would rely on population and whether the pipeline is near an earthquake fault. primary system getting its
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first test next week. voters approved the system last june that forwards the top two vote getters on to the general election ballot regardless of party affiliation. political analysts say it will force candidates to repeal to other than their party. tuesday, special elections scheduled in two southern california state senate districts uc berkeley's budget problems spilled over to the athletic field. enough money has been saved to save the men's rug by team and women's gymnastics and lacrosse. but it's gameover for men's gymnastics teams. >> reporter: cal baseball player says his teammates remain focused on the upcoming season even though this will likely be the last season baseball exists at cal. >> everyone was blown away. hearing so many good things that teams were coming back and hoping everything was going to
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work out. >> last fall, supporters launched a fundraising campaign. today the university said the group raised enough money to bring some of the teams back next year. >> women's lacrosse, women's gymnastics and rugby. >> reporter: the season opener was today and players were ecstatic. >> i woke up to screams from my roommate and us hugging and crying in our apartment. >> reporter: baseball and men's gymnastics are out. >> to get punched in the stomach twice a year is not good, so they are feeling it. they are feeling 2. >> reporter: the university says it's a question of title 9 compliance and money. >> $25 million would have been required for us to bring all sports back. >> reporter: fundraising efforts brought in laugh the amount and cal baseball alums contributed smaller portions than other teams. >> we feel the fight has just begun. >> reporter: some alumni spent the morning planning their next
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step. fundraising to save cal baseball will continue in hopes the decision is reconsidered. in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. and it's a warm one today and a warm one for your saturday as we roll into your bay area weekend, 70 degrees in santa rosa today, tomorrow, temperatures spread out just about the same. we start off cool in the morning hours, frost in many locations, then get in a situation where clouds increase sunday and rain coming in the bay area forecast. overnight lows tonight, pretty cool. not as cool as last night, but low 30s in the north bay, 33 in napa, 34? vallejo, wake up tomorrow, they'll warm up. mostly sunny in the afternoon. fremont, 68 degrees for a daytime high. back with a computer model that shows rain in the forecast. see you here. just about a week from now,
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bart's long-awaited pleasantton station should be open for business. service to the $106 million station is scheduled to begin next saturday. today we got an early peek inside the station where crews are putting the final touches on the project. the construction was especially complicated because it was built on an existing bart line close to interstate 580. how police developed this schedule. plus the update on the teenager critically injured. the search
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oakland police are looking for people in a ford mustang that crashed into a wall before 6 when the car hit a power pole and crashed through the wall on
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47th avenue. about an hour ago, police told us the people in the car ran away from the scene and have not been found. they say the car has not been reported stolen. a teenager 1 still in critical condition tonight after undergoing more surgery today following a hit and run last weekend. also police have a sketch of the driver and as robert honda tells us, they are releasing possible damage to the man's car. >> definitely remember that face. >> reporter: rosemary lives at the intersection where erika luna was hit and dragged almost 2,000 feet in east san jose last sunday morning. shortly after police released this sketch today, we showed it around the fontaine road neighbor. >> great they have a sketch so people keep their eye out and especially places where the car could be fixed or anywhere. so i'm glad. i'll keep my eye out.
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>> reporter: police also gay updated information -- gave updated information on the car, silver suv or mini van. >> front end damage on the left side and entire left side and wheel wells. >> reporter: a total of about $6,000 and now the family and the community says it hopes for erika's recovery and justice. >> very important, this poor girl as far as i know might not be able to walk or anything. we want to make sure this guy gets arrested and everything for the hit-and-run. >> reporter: police want the public to take a close look at the sketch and emphasize, don't link the face with the vehicle, if you see a matching vehicle with damage, please call investigators. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu channel 2 has obtained surveillance video of a vandalism of a controversial
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pizzeria. someone spray painted graffiti. a person dressed all in black is spray painting the front door. less than two minutes later, a camera catches a second person. a manager and former employee of the pizza place were arrested in connection with the vandalism. we posted video at look for the video on demand section. the music website pandora is hoping to raise money. they are starting the process. the price hasn't been decided. the filing shows pandora is making millions in advertising revenue and getting closer to turning a profit. . ceo's announced today the phones use hardware from know key ya and software from
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microsoft. they'll be playing catch up in a market with the iphone and blackberry. cost-savings through consolidation. the debate over changing how firefighters are deployed on the peninsula. and two big races this weekend,
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france police issued an all- points bull tin for a southern california man after his wife's body was found in a hotel room. ktvu channel 2's lloyd lacuesta is live where sheriff investigate -- investigators are trying to find out what
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happened. tonight, authorities in the bay area are looking for the husband after his wife turned up dead in san francisco. >> right now, we are assisting the san francisco police department with a suspicious death investigation. >> reporter: at 1 yesterday afternoon, a hotel worker found the body of colleen waterman at a room of a ramada in san francisco. police are waiting for a coroner's autopsy before they call it a homicide. one and a half hours later, county sheriff's deputies found the couple's tan chevy blazer near devil's slide, but they haven't found 51 year old billy waterman. >> we searched the entire cliff area where the vehicle was found yesterday about 150 feet down the cliff, no sign of anybody. >> reporter: the watermans are from near palm springs. the family says they
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disappeared in january, but no one got worried until this week. >> it's odd right now because there's a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: we're learning tonight the surface could be back on the coastline tomorrow morning, including going through homeless encampments. anyone with information can call either the san francisco police or san mateo county sheriff's department. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. it was a day of delays for riders on san francisco's metro trains when a light rail vehicle derailed before 7:00 a.m. near the castro station. no one was hurt, but the train blocked other trains from running. muni ran shuttle buses until the tracks were finally cleared by about 4:30 this afternoon. the cause of that derailment is still under investigation. a cable car accident in san francisco left at least one person injured today. a toyota camry collided with the cable car this afternoon at
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powell and stockton. police said the car hit a pedestrian, then the cable car hit the car. witnesses say the pedestrian, you see him there, was cautious and talking on his cell phone before he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. san mateo assemblyman is submitting a bill that would ban state money going to local- hire projects. he says such laws discriminate against qualified workers from neighboring communities. activists attended the conference. >> i think it's killing everything we worked so hard for in our community so that we can get some work. >> the san francisco law mandates that by 2016, half the workers on construction projects must be residents of the city. hill says job growth policies need to focus on the region, not just individual cities. businesses in silicone
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valley are coming together to help move wounded veterans in jobs. it was held at yahoo headquarters today. they learned about resources available and were able to meet with companies. one worker said it helped him discover opportunities: san mateo is going to take over service in cities in exchange for huge tax payer savings. a lot of fire departments in the county already share duties. tom baycar has our report. >> reporter: most of the time fire equipment and crews play a waiting game. they plan for the what ifs, such as san bruno's pipeline explosion. >> we thought we did pretty well handling this. >> reporter: the proposal to take over five citied fire departments say tax payers
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currently pay $40 million a year to run 18 city and cal fire stations. increasing the number of hours in a shift without pay increases, reducing staff size and closing one station would result in a yearly savings of one-third. >> but i'd have to make sure that the services were not reduced in any way to achieve these savings in case of. >> i'm not sure i believe anything when they talk about saving funds. i'd like to think it to be true. >> reporter: public opinions vary on a larger consolidated fire service. >> that i don't like. i like the fact we have a dedicated fire department to our area. >> yeah, i don't really mind what kind of fire service we get as long as we get one. >> certainly we don't want to eliminate too many fire services or equipment. we have a certain response criteria in place. >> reporter: finally, given the
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state's uncertain budgettens, the question is is cal fire in a position to take on more responsibility? tom baycar, ktvu channel 2 news. two groups who support california state parks recommended a which parks will close permanently because of the budget crisis. the california state parks foundation and save the redwoods league today urged non- profits, businesses, and governments to make park partnerships. >> this may be the first time of permanent closures of state parks. that's an extremely dark moment. >> they also suggest improvements such as playgrounds and tent cabins. closing some state parks would save the state about $11 million. >> people rush out of buildings as a strong earthquake strikes chile. it's going to get cold
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tonight, i'll show you the coolest neighborhoods and warmest temperatures. back in just a minute. an incredible man: there is also
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a very attractive extended warranty option that includes free service and parts for the next 5 years but there's no need for you to get that. you failed to get the tests you needed at the doctor that would have detected disease early enough
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where it could have been treated. so you won't be around in two years to see him grow up, which means the warranty would be useless. ok! sign here please. announcer: for a list of tests every man should have, go to an update now to a story we first brought you last night on the ten o'clock news. homeless people cleared out of a roadside camp in morning in concord. they packed up and moved out south of highway 4. cal-tran warned people they had until today to leave that property. many told ktvu they can't go to shelters because their dogs are not allowed there. in chile, people rushed out of buildings in near panic when
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a 6.8 earthquake struck centered in almost the same spot of last year's earthquake. there were no reports of damage or injuries. there were several powerful after shocks with some over magnitude fife. in mexico, a gunman killed seven women and one man late last night in a bar. three others were critically wounded. police don't know who's behind the attack, but in there, killings are common because of a turf war between drug cartels. in iran, hundreds of thousands of people took part in rallies across the country marking the 32nd anniversary of the islamic resolution. in 1979, iran's president said egyptians and tunisia was --
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presented with a gift, it was a tie he borrowed back in 2004. mr. obama wore it at the keynote address in the national convention. gibbs plans to make money by giving speeches before joining the president's reelection campaign. megahitman is -- meg whitman was named to the board of proctor and gamble today. she resigned while she ran for governor. proctor and gamble welcomed her business knowledge, vision, and passion for winning. schwarzenegger said he's returning to acting. he wrote exciting news, my friends have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously. i gave them the green light today. caa is his talent agency. he quit acting while he was governor. elizabeth taylor is in the hospital tonight for treatment
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of congestive heart failure. taylor was submitted to a center in l.a. a few days ago. the 78 year old suffered from congestive heart failure for seven years and had a leaky heart valve repaired in 2009. it's not known how long liz taylor will remain in the hospital. coming up after the break, new information about an officer-involved shooting in vallejo. plus what's different after a run herb died in a race last week. and big changes coming
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san francisco is still investigating last week's death of a 36 year old runner during a half marathon. it is expected to be several weeks before it's completed. now another race is set for
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this weekend and as rob ross found out today, organizers are not taking any chances. >> reporter: the races are organized by the chinatown ymca as a found rayser. the death of a runner at a different race last week was a reminder. >> making sure we double check our plans and having a plan available for runners anxious is important. >> reporter: race organizers are required to follow city guidelines for emergency medical services, the size of the race generally dictates the number of services required. >> the policies written are broad ranging and the idea is to work with promoters to come up with a plan that they can afford and meets our needs. there's a lot of discussion back and forth. >> reporter: last week a runner collapsed. the city is investigating whether the race's organizer rhodyco had the proper staff
12:15 am
there to respond in time. there is an online petition to stop events by rhodyco. we asked runners today if they had concerned, including this sport's medicine doctor. >> there's inherent risk we need to expect as human beings. >> reporter: we received a statement from kaiser late this afternoon, it says kaiser is determining the facts and is deciding how much to participate in future events. in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. vallejo police just provided new information in this afternoon's officer- involved. they tried to pull over the driver of this dark bmw for a traffic violation, police stopped the car at corcoran and ordered the driver to come out. when he did emerge, he held a
12:16 am
large gun. the man sustained multiple gun shot wounds. no name yet, but we know he was a 45 year old vallejo resident. police also want to talk to a passenger who left the car before the pursuit began. almost 2 million baby moniters were recalled today after being linked to the deaths of two infants. 40 different models like this one of the summer infant baby moniters were recalled. the electrical cords can be dangerous if placed too close to the cribs. the recall covers 1.7 million infant monitors sold between 2003 and 2011. students at a san francisco high school did something today few young people do. nearly all the senior class of the urban school were tested for hiv voluntarily. in fact, it was the idea of one of the students who hoped testing would become the practice for all to stop the
12:17 am
spread of hiv and aids. everyone agreed to keep the results private a film set today for a new action thriller. jude law was spotted along with dozens of extras with flu masks. officials said the movie is bringing in millions of dollars. the movie is about the spread of an infectious disease and is scheduled to take ten days in different locations around the city. at a construction site near candle stick park, san francisco's past is meeting the present. first they thought it was an old wharf, but archaeologists say the relics are actually part of two boats more than 100 years old. today our cameras were allowed a closer look. the archaeologists in charge of the site said they are 90-foot long sterns that transported cargo around the bay. >> we're not going to be able to preserve the entire vessel,
12:18 am
just segments of it. >> the equipment remains on- site but is being used to help the excavations. crews are trying to save smaller relics like sh pottery. the weather pattern is changing, as you know. enjoy the weekend, after that, all bets are off. cool and cloudy and wet after that. clouds to the north, that breaks down on sunday, rain moves in probably monday, maybe for the afternoon commute. one more look at the overnight lows just because it's going to be cold tomorrow morning, frost on the ground, napa, santa rosa, most areas, out towards fairfield and livermore, frost on the ground. sunday morning, not quite as cool. weekend looks good. after that, it goes away. mild tomorrow like today. temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe 70s.
12:19 am
that's it, then things change and high pressure breaks down. a series of weather systems in the pacific will approach the coast. as they do, looking for rain to start to move into bay area probably monday mid-afternoon. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. what we're looking for are systems different than what we've seen. first system, then the tuesday system looks like it's going to rain, but be cool. wednesday, looking at low snow levels. mount hamilton, so different storms on different days. beyond wednesday, more coming. these look like cool weather systems, we're not expecting copious amounts of rain but we still could get our share, just not flooding, trenching rains. the forecast model shows showers getting in as the winds shift, fog at the coast, sunday, cloudy sunday afternoon, then here comes monday, monday mid-morning, showers in the north bay, monday afternoon on the commute, sprinkles north of san
12:20 am
francisco, then more weather systems offshore. overnight, lows are cool -- on the cool side. daytime highs on the mild side just like today. a good one for saturday. enjoy, the storm door does open and we get back into a real pattern all next week. it's been a heck of a run. it really has. >> record heat and warmth. we're going to have another good day tomorrow, sunday isn't half bad, then it goes away. >> kind of like going from spring back to winter. thank you, bill. cruise ship
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the carnival cruiseliner splendor left the dry dock in san francisco today. it's undergone extensive
12:24 am
repairs following a fire that ruined a cruise for 4,000 passengers last year. it will head to long beach, picking up passengers on monday, february 21, for a cruise to mexico. mark ibanez joins us now. sharks played tonight, tough one. >> one loss in 11 games, they are doing all right, but they run into a team playing a smidge better, the devils by new jersey, another of a late third period goals costing dearly in this one. it was scoreless. by the way, new jersey, 12-1-2 in their last 15, then the sharks be patty marleau, his 24th goal in the first period, looking good, however, three minutes later, poking it in, that ties it 1-1, ends a killer. off the faceoff, it's
12:25 am
kovalchuk. contract paying dividends there as antti niemi misses that one. hall of fame quarterback dan marino was once a regular at pebble beach. his name lives on this week. steve marino, no relation, tearing it up. most celebs take a back seat from here on out, not bill murray, he's in the hunt with his partner, soaking up the sun and nearly birdies from the fringe here. good shot, they make the cut. four points behind this man, marino, seven birdies for the second straight day. put is there, 6 under 66. he's got a rolling right now. no tiger sightings any longer at pebble beach. that's where he is swinging it this weekend. a birdie, 6 under 66.
12:26 am
he's four back. here's your shot of the day. one of olen brown, par 3, 176 yards, i think you'd have to agree, it's a little hard to do better than that. the ace and he needed it too. the rest of his round didn't go is well. he's ten back of the leader and one under par, even with the hole in 1. just when we were ready to dig up the nickname cleveland cadavers, they spoil the fun by winning. they had a chance to set the all-time record for losing streaks, they couldn't get that right. they were down late, mo williams in the final second, ties it for them. they are going to overtime against the clippers who have not had a lot of success as well. overtime, 1-point lead, antwon jamison with the 3, 20 seconds left, he had 35, ending an nba
12:27 am
record, 26-game losing streak and tied with tampa bay buccaneers in the nfl for the all-time worse. his off the wall antics sometimes distract from the fact that he was a pretty outstanding talent on the basketball floor when he played. dennis rodman's contributions remembered by the team he spent the bulk of his career with, the detroit pistons announcing today they'll retire his number 10 at a ceremony in april. can't wait to see how he dresses for that one. he managed the we are family pittsburgh pirates to a world series has died of natural causes. he was 82 years old. that's the sporting life for a friday night. frank, julie? >> thank you for joining us. mornings begins at 7:00 a.m. the latest on a search for a missing man whose wife was
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found dead at a san francisco hotel. >> have a
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