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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  February 13, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. they are in the money. the jaw-dropping salaries some san josi city employees have been bringing in. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and handing out big paychecks to top public ohms new at 10:00 the rev lations come revelations come.
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>> the outgoing fire chief and police chief top the list and how some are cashing in on decades worth of back pay that has the mayor calling for change. >> reporter: with the click of a mouse you find any san josi employee's salary. at the top, former police chief rob davis taking home $534,000 last year including a $182,000 salary plus $327,000 in sec and vacation payouts. the highest paid last year were all high-ranking retired police or fire officials, each paid more than $2 ath,000 in payout. two other high ranking fire officials took home for than $110,000 overtime. mayor chuck reed says it cost the city $14 million and says
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retirement payouts are too generous. >> i understand that people are working hard and we copyright continue to afford to pay money at this point. >> reporter: and concessions have been made to limit vacation accrual. we showed the numbers to some residents. >> i would like to know what i'm getting for that money. >> i guess i wouldn't blame the perp as much for take advantage of it knowing that i might do the same with the wife and a young son, probably the system is what we need to be maybe altering. >> reporter: the number come as the city is trying to negotiate payouts and the council is expected to hear dire numbers if the mayor says these concessions aren't made to close $110 million budget shortfall. live in san josi, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news flat panel an effort to update pg&e's record system may have caused the utility to lose
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crucial information about its pipelines. the san francisco chronicle reports in 1993, pg&e install a computer system. according to the report, the upgrade required employees toip put information from paper documents and sometimes data was unavailable or difficult to interpret. this may explain why pg&e didn't know the pipeline in san bruno that exploded was built. federal investigators determined the deadly blast originated at a poorly installed well on the scene. an east bay bus driver says he fares for his life as gunfire sprayed his bus and the operator says he won't drive again without armed protection. debora's villalon with an interview you will only see on channel 2. >> reporter: bart station where the 376 bus lines originates and this weekend running with a police escort because of the
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danger. >> i'm a single parenter you know? all i can think about is am i going to make it home to my kid. >> reporter: it's a sight hard to miss for those enjoying the walk along the golden gate bridge. a brigade of demonstrators waiving egyptian flags as a sign of peace. it took this family by surprise. >> i am very happy that people here know. >> i have to try to focus on trying to get us away from that. >> reporter: the passenger, who was the target wasn't shot, but cut by flying glass. the next night, ac transit management had sheriff's deputies trail buses on the route, otherwise drivers said, they would sit out their shifts just but beyond the weekend. >>i can say it's uncertain. >> reporter: budget cuts have forced ac transit to reduce security spending. but with at least 15 violent incidents on the line in just over a year, drivers are fed up
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and frightened. one watched helplessly as two men beat a passenger bloody and waved the gun at her. >> he was just out there by myself. >> reporter: fewer than one in four buses in ac's fleet have surveillance. >> it's the wild, wild west out here. they seem to not have any regard for human life. like, it don't matter. don't care. >> reporter: and even when there are cameras some of the marauding groups don't care. wilson hasn't climbed back into his couch since the shooting just he is sleeping poorly and suffering nightmares. he is scheduled to worker to and hopes to be here, but without continued sheriff escorts, nothing is certain. reporting live in el cerrito, deroor villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news flood watch egypt's
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military is firmly in charge of that country. today leaders dissolved parliament and suspended its constitution. unrest and protests have been slow to leave cairo's tahrir square just today police officers marched for better working conditions and banks are closed until wednesday. although protests wanted today's bold moves bit military, they do not entirely trust the transitional government. >> we don't want the army to take over. we want them just to stand guard as the people wait and demand from the army to execute our demands. >> now it's time to work. your country needs you and your establishment needs you, too. we need the train that is egypt to start moving. >> meanwhile, the caretaker government held its first official meeting since hosni mubarak was ousted as president. workers removed a giant picture of mubarak from the meeting
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room. some demonstrators took their joy to the golden gate bring where they have a surprising encounter. ktvu's janine de la vega. >> reporter: it was a sight hard to miss for those enjoying a walk along the golden gate bridge. a brigade of dxmors waving flags of saps of peace. it took this family by surprise. >> i am very happy that people here know. >> reporter: arafa flew in from cairo to visit san francisco for the first time. he delayed the trip by a week to stay in tahrir square to protest and wait for hosni mubarak to step down, which finally came on friday. >> i have seen life in egypt after mubarak left and all my friends and family went to the streets and we got our flags and we were waving you are flags. >> reporter: now he is sharing his joy with complete strangers, members from the group called pink organizers this march to show their
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solidarity with the egyptian people. >> i feel there are moments in history that define a generation's life and i think february 11, 2011er is a moment for my generation to transform how we they what is possible for freedom and possible. >> egypt! egypt, we support you. >> reporter: these activists phot the attention of drive and tourist as they stopped in the middle of the bridge to rally and says that egypt has shown the world that peaceful revolution has worked. arafa says there is a part of him that wishez can have stayed in egypt longer to continue to share in excitement of his people. reporting from san francisco, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. it's now been a month since tunisian protesters toppled the government there and forced the former president into exile. now the new government is struggling to meet the demands of its people and find its way. thousands of workers are
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striking, complaining of low wages. a garbage strike has left piles of trash in the streets and volunteers are now out cleaning it up. and today, tunisian a foreign minister resigned after his staff refused to work for him. we a special section on our website, including the videos of some protests at click on the egypt tab. there was renewed attention to the safety of runners in the first race in san francisco since a man collapsed and died. the city's running community has been angry about a half marathon held last supposed. 36-year-old peter hass of orinda collapsed and died near the firm line of the kaiser permanente race in golden gate park. city officials are investigating if that race was rolly staffed. this morning organizers of the chinese new year rup made sure everyone shuof safety declines and there were no reports of injuries in today's race. we're learn more tonight
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about the man found dead inside his nob hill apartment and what police are calling a homicide case. neighbors identified the 694- year-old victim as jack backer. he was an artist and also designed window displays at macy's. te say there were obvious signs of trauma and anyone with information is asked to call police. a tearful fresno county mother is hoping someone can help her find her 10-month-old baby boy after she says he was kidnapped last night by the baby's father. 19-year-old edgar ramos was visiting baby last night at the morning's riverdale home. the child's mother says when she wept into the thousand get something to put on the babe's cold feet, ramos took off with the baby. the mother says she has been locked in a custody battle with ramas. a amber alert was triggered, but canceled after ramos' car
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up in bakersfield. the once crippled cruise liner the varnval "splendor" is getting ready to leave san francisco. the ship spent the weekend lading up supplies and scheduled to sail tomorrow to the port of los angeles. it's set to reenter service to the mexican riviera in sunday. the engine fire left all 4500 people strand off the coast of san diego for three days. >> environmentalist efforts to protect a rare woodpecker may halt logging at lake tahoe. two environmental groups are sawing the us forest service claiming that the logging will do little to reduce fire threats and will ruin about 70% of the last suitable habitat fort black backed wood pecker. the forest service insists it
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will help forest fires. straight ahead, is she in or is she out. the future of bart's general manager is up in the air after a controversial vote. tomorrow a rose by any other name would be a volunteer. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, romancing the economy,
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. is in the end of lane for bart's controversial general manager? the board recently voted for her resignation, but then rescinded that vote. ktvu's claudine wong talk today about a board member and what is next. >> reporter: fallout continues from a closed-door bart board meeting last week. what was supposed to be a standard performance review became a vote to get rid of general manager dorothy dugger. >> there were four of us who knew it was not the right thing to do and did nothing. >> reporter: you didn't vote? >> they voted. >> reporter: you didn't vote at all? >> didn't vote at all. >> reporter: the vote won't stand because it vitiates opening meeting laws, but sweet calls it a coup. >> of course it was a coup. it was staged and soundly five votes to get rid of dorothy dugger to get rid of her for nothing. >> reporter: sweet says she would have understood a vote like this last year after bart lost millions in federal money and would have backed it in 2009 after the shooting of
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oscar grant? >> in a heartbeat. i know that we have the right person in place at this time. >> reporter: the chief spokesperson today says dugger remain. and "continues to lead the agency in its efforts to improve pickup its nearly 96 customer on-time performance and is looking forward to a year of balanced budgets with no service cuts or fare increases." so what is next. at bart headquarters there are two meetings scheduled a personnel meeting and a meet between the board president and gm, but if they want to make this vote official eh they have to call a special session and that hasn't been done yet. there is one big question, if dugger goes, who replaces her? from what we have heard, there have yet to be discussion about that. the uncle of oscar grant says he has been expecting dorothy dugger's departure for some time and says bart needs
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re-vamp and better training. >> recent training that occurred did not address how police officers should deal with young african-american men or men of women. >> cephus johnson is calling for deal deeper training to prevent officer shadow shooting, such as the one that killed his nephew on new year's morning in 2009. tomorrow on valentine's day, supporters of same-sex manager are planning rallies at several barack county offices to remind the world that palling in love and the zaire it marry the person you love are universal sentiments. they plan to ask for marriage licenses at san francisco, san josi and martinez. clerks are prohibited from issuing licenses to same-sex coup couples while federal courts decide on the legality of proposition 8, which bans same-sex marm. >> money can't buy you love as the beatles said, but that isn't stopping lovers from
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spending money. >> reporter: san francisco's mission sell phenomenalply popular min tim russert cupcakes. >> valentine's day is the most popular day for us in sales rfp it's the one day that we sell flowers. >> one dozen red very wellet cupiacs and flowers delivered in san francisco. >> reporter: flower vendors say it's better when it's not on a weekend like last year. >> being it's a weekday and a lot of guys come down for lunchtime and just right after work they zip by. so yeah, we expect a good day tomorrow. >> reporter: the national retail federation says this year's saleses will beat last year by a billion and a half dollars. 18% of that will be internet sales for the third largest spending holiday behind christmas and thanksgiving. for some it's simply become too
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much about money. >> valentine's day has become so commercialized that loses the original meaning of volunteer's. having said that. >> i love hearts and i love valentines. >> reporter: as part of their vasion, these australian will celebrate in san francisco. >> it's important, but i think everyday is about love. >> reporter: bottom line, despite all the claims of commercialism, we won't spend all of this money if we really didn't want to. i'm consumer editor, tom vacarer ktvu . some people take a rather skeptical view of valentine's day and the holiday's glorification of romappic romantic love. >> the problem is purely expectation. you are set up for the let-down and 99% of the time's a let- down. >> while the origins of the current valentine's day are
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often debated, we know that the romans celebrated the feast of lupercalia from february 13-15 and during that feast men sacrificed a goat and dog and whipped women with the hides of slain animals. it wasn't mentto ensure the fertility of both animals and owners. if you hate valentine's day, it turns out you you are not alone according to a new poll, 43% of adults say they are indifferent and 36% say they look forward to the holiday, but 20% dread it. meantime, san francisco you are one sexy city. that is what the users of the online travel website orbitz have determine. they asked their users to pick the sexist city in america and san francisco edged out miami for the no. 1 spot. other cros making the list include las vegas, new york and chicago. san francisco came in far ahead of its southern california
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rival los angeles, which got just 2% of the vote. the online coupon site and it ftd flower company received complaints that a valentine's day deal wasn't so sweet. some customers found the flowers were priced lower on ftd's own website. they complained that ftd inflated prices to make up for the discount. ftd denies the aggregations saying, "it was clear that the coupon did not apply to sale items." even so ftd will give customers the lower price because of the confusion. if you haven't ordered those roses yet, don't worry your smartphone with help you. there apps, such as build-a- card or voice valentine. >> both of these allow you to
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send a valentine from one user to another, either in text, image-based or voice recording and then you could also share these things via facebook and twitter or personal email. >> gps-based apps can help you find the closest florist or candy store for last-minute purchases and if you are still looking for love and looking for cupid to strike, some online dating sites also have mobile apps. we need an app to make us dinner and chill the champagne. a jumbo addition and how many passengers this plane with can k-hold and how boeing says it will help the environment. it's been about three months since it's become law, but foreman'sstit-lie ordinance is still not being enforced and what police say is behind the delay. >> a complete 180 in
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san francisco's controversial sit-lie law has been on the books for three months now, but as ktvu's alli rasmus tells us it's going to be a while longer before that law is actually enforced. >> reporter: you will find planet of tourists and tie-dye aficionados in haight-ashbury, but this neighborhood is where the push for the law began. >> you can sit down for a minute or two, but not tot point they have parties and drink and eat and congregate. >> reporter: business oshes want the sit-lie ordinance enforced as soon as possible. san francisco police say they can't yet because they haven't finished training for it. a san francisco police spokesperson told us over the phone it will be at least another two to three weeks perfect they officially is it there to enforce the sit lie
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ordinance. the lieutenant told us "we want to make sure when we enforce this we don't have to stop in the mill of it because we missed something. this is normal when you start someone new." >> he said. >> how are you going to fine a homeless person with no money and no income? >> reporter: ricky jones lived on the streets of san francisco for six years. >> people in general sit on the lawn and sit outside and they don't say nothing to those people me, sleeping they have something to say to me. >> reporter: johns says he understands the situation over aggressive panhandlers, but says he is not one of them and would like the law to let him be. allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. officers were called to
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market interest near octavia around 3:30 and aren't releasing many details about the incident, but have released a description of the suspect. the attacker is described as 22- year-old with a light complexes, weighing about 160 pounds at with a tree tattoo on his left forehand. in news of the world tonight police used sticks and daggers to beat back thousands of protesters in yemen. the protesters are calling for policy reform and the resignation of the country's president. crowds gathered friday to celebrate the resignation of egyptian president mubarak. several people were injured in today's demonstration and police detained 23 people. in italy, prime minister silvio berlusconi's biggest rival was elected head of the party. fini addressed crowds of reporters saying that italians
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feel deeply embarrassed about recent allegations of berlusconi, who is being investigated for having sex with a 1-year-old dancer. fibi has urged berlusconi to resign. in peru, the kissing against homophobia demonstration prompted police to try to disperse the crowd. boeing expects the newest addition to its jumbo jet fleet to be flying passengers this spring. >> ladies and gentlemen, your new 747-8 intercontinental. >> boeing rolled out the new 747-8 intercontinental this afternoon. boeing says it will be the most full efficient plane in the world. the jumbo jet has two levels
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and seats 46 papers. 476 passengers. we're showing you a program found only here in san francisco and who it targets and why? and you might think just abou
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. when you go to the library, you expect to find aisles of books, but in stormtrack you will find something else, something you won't neighborhood at any other library in country. ktvu's amber lee explain ms. tonight's special report. >> reporter: each day when the doors open at the main library, thousands of patrons pour in on
12:01 am
a mission for with a thirst for only in. you can also find patrons, such as this homeless man, who library staff describe ad "a regular." they say it appears he is suffering from mental illness. >> what do you have in there? >> just my stuff. >> all of your stuff? >> yeah. >> where are you going? >> . [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: staff members run patrons told us problems are rampant, especially in the main photograph helps bathroom, which we were denied access to. >> they utilize the bathroom and use it as an area to shoot up and do their drugs. >> reporter: you have seen it yourself? >> i have seen it myself. >> reporter: patrons today us that a lot of inappropriate behavior takes place in the bathrooms, including homeless people bathing. >> are the the laborry staff will permit us to shoot the women's basement-level bathroom after the library closed.
12:02 am
each stall has short doors to enable workers to ensure that patrons are not doing anything illegal. >> the main library attracted more than 2 million visitors each year. >> reporter: the staff tols me that their job is more than shelving materials and say dealing with the homeless, those mental health issue or substance-abuse problems are part of the job. >> it's very scary which patrons scream at each other or just in general, are loud and acting out. >> reporter: in response the main library brought in a social worker, becoming the only public library in the country to do so. she walks around the library and introduces herself topatet patrons who may be in need of social services. >> if you see someone asleep, what do you do? >> i don't enforce the rules are the she lets troubled patrons know she is available and link them to resource. where are you staying now? >> on the streets. >> and you come here a lot? >> yes. >> because i see you here at
12:03 am
the library. >> reporter: some patrons say the library should not be in the business of providing social services. >> i think the library is a place of reading, knowledge and trying to get your work done. i don't think we need any human services in the library? during each of the past two years the library reports about 100 incident where's security was called in. the problems are not always caused by by the homeless or mentally ill. >> reporter: in one accident library staffed called 911 after finding an unconscious patron with an empty vodka bottle and unidentified pills. in another incident a patron had his belongings stolen. the department of health says the position is not casting the city extra money that she works out of a city-run health clinic and moved to the library two months ago when it became apart there was a need. >> you have to meet people where they are at and in a literal, geographic sense this
12:04 am
was an enactment of that. >> reporter: they say this man has repeatedly refused assistance. >> do you have somewhere to stay, sir? >> . [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: workers tell us that the problems inside the library are merely a reflection of what goes on outside these walls and that hopefully, with some compassion, troubled patrons can stop a new chapter in their lives. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. tomorrow morning a san francisco board of supervisors committee is scheduled to take up a controversial eviction order that could close a 33- year-old recycling center. the city's parks and recreation wanted to evict the haight ash bushy recycling center and native plant nursery from its location on fredrick street. the department wants to replace it with a community garden. supporters of the center says it pays out more than $1.5 million a year and that much of
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the money goes to low-income families and individuals. a practice used in just two hospitals in the country including at ucsf could be making a comeback. nitrous oxide or laughing gas could be returning. now many healthcare providers are recommending bringing it back and saying laughing gas takes effect quickly and could be used in the later stages of labor without having an effect on the baby. the federal government is reviewing its effectiveness and safety and more hospitals hope to use it by the end of the summer. >> there was a lot of heavy breathing at the playboy mansion. there were complete of respiratory illness that affected dozens of people at a fundraiser on february 3-d. one attendee says it knocked him on his back for five days.
12:06 am
overalls say they are not sure what caused the illness, but many of those who became ill suspect a fog machine that was used at that party. there were some upsets at the 53-yard grammy awards. ceremoniy kicked off in unusual fashion when lady gaga arrived inside a giant egg. it was a prelude to her performance of her new song "born this way." lady gaga won the award for best pop album and other winners, lady antibell yum, winning record of the year and album of the year. rockers arcade fire won and esperanza was the best new artist winning, beating out acts jump as justin bieber and
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give your child the start they need at . not a drop rain in the bay area over the past two weeks. that is about to chaic. we have a major change in the overall weather pattern and you will notice it first thing monday morning. on the maps on live stormtracker 2, there is the storm out there in the pacific and that is approach our coastline. in interprets of rainfall right now, a few rainshowers approach the coast. that will increase in coverage and head to the south as we head into the overnight hours. partly cloudy skies and tomorrow we're talking about showers as and the cooling trend will continue. here is the eventualial track of that cold front as we take
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this into your monday. showers returning forecast totals . 10th in the south bay. winds from 20-25 miles per hour. but the big change is this, a series of storms that move in over the next few days. round 1 is set for tomorrow and tuesday, rainfall developing fierce up in the north bay. and spreading to the south in the evening hours on tuesday. by wednesday, some cold showers and with that we could be talking about snow levels down tobly to possibly 2,000'. scatters rainshowers around the bay. still scattered showers into the afternoon hours, but this forecast model pulls back on the coverage quite a bit. so the bulb of the action happening first thing tomorrow morning and that is all reflected in your forecast
12:11 am
beginning at 7:00. 43-4 degrees and showerses we head into the 12:00 hours. low to mid-50s, struggling to reach the 60-degree mark with the chance of showers by 3:00. temperatures no more 80s, no more 80s and warmest locations, basically in the mid to upper 50s. maybe a few lower 60s around morganhill and gilroy, 60 degrees. here is a look ahead rainfall developing first in the north bay, tuesday and gradually spreading to the south late evening. cold showers on wednesday. showers likely into thursday. we're going to hold on to the chance of showers into friday, possibly into saturday morning as well. so heather and ken, keep the umpretty wella nearby over the next few days. >> will to. thank you, mark. the thunder rolls into
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your father is suffering. [ male announcer honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. . good evening everyone and welcome to the late suunday night edition of sports wap wrap. 31 years after message grunds keeper carl in "caddy shack," bill murray and his proplayer d.a. points won the at&t pro-am. of the pleaers in the hunt for the prochampionship, phil
12:15 am
mickelson settled for a birdie, but finished seven strokes off lead. ed tomgilles with four strokes black. second place belonged to hunter mahan with the approach for the birdie. a round of 66, but mahan in that no. 2 spot. third round leader steve marino stayed in the hunt most of the day. marino at 11 andcurring in a birdie putt a. at this point he was on top by a stroke before falling off down the stretch. here is when the tournament swung. points is on the par-5 14th hole down a stroke, hitting his third shot when it went in for equal, points heading to the from the point by a stroke. he and murray could stand to work on the chest bump, though. [ laughter ] putting was just
12:16 am
fine. points at 15, reading the break just right for a birdie and shot a find round 67, sporting a two-stroke lead by the time he clesed it at 18. that allowed points to finish with a par and win for the first time on tour. he and murray already wrapped up the pro-am competition, but could there be any better way to leave the green by this putt? the guy who was there with him, points felt murray helped keep him loose in pursuit of the elusive title. >> huge. because when i am out here i want to win and play so badly that i get in my way and try too hard. bill has helped to keep me out of the way. >> i think everybody needs to get out of think own weigh. it's really nas to play with a
12:17 am
gentleman. he is from illinois and very lincolnesque in stature and weight and i feel very comfortable with him. >> final leaderboard, points by two strokes over mahan and four over gilles. spencer levin and zac miller finished 7 strokes back, tied with mickelson. tiger wooding it a pass on the at&t, earning a $3 million appearance fee. very un-takinger like approach in the basketball that results in a double bogey. he finished seven strokes back and his victory drought has reached 15 months. alvaro giros with the hole-in- one. he wedged out hansen and james kingston by a single stroke. the warriors have had a
12:18 am
couple of quality wipes and tonight after another one against the oklahoma thunder. kevin durant had 29 points and an impressive 2 on a slam-down from west brack. warriors with an impressive play of their own. time running out and monta ellis beats the buzzer with a floating. the warriors headed to the locker room up by 4. >> how about the warriors rebounding? >> they added to the lead in the second half. golden state by 8. stretch tame and the warriors lead by 4. jeff green brings the thunder within a point with a 3. but the warriors answer right back. reggie williams with 3 of his own and the lead back up to 4. then when the thunder need the stop, the warriors ice it and curry with a beauty of a pass
12:19 am
to lee. lee going for 23 and the warriors win it 100 to 94 and the warriors back home to face new orleans. >> a light moment between two of the nba's best in boston. davis taking the ball from dwayne wade. the break away for baby. davis sets him up for rid call from his teammates, but it was just a little stumble for the celtics. ray allen finding rondo. final seconds of the gazillion. the celtics are clinging to a 3- point lead. mike miller takes the 3 for the heat. tip doesn't go, but it wouldn't have mattered. celtics win it 85-82 and have the best record in the east now. the lakers in orlando with time running out in the 3rd quarter. gilbert arenas with a
12:20 am
desperation pass. the ball was way before the buzzer. howard with a big game, 31 points, 13 rebounds and jason richardson misses, but howard for the putback right over poo gasol. gasol knows better to get in the way of that one. original,nost 4 in the east, the lakers third in the west. well, you would have to call this a breakthrough weekend for canadian tennis player milos raonic. taking on an increasingly unhappy fernando verdasco. raonic camenat weekend ranked 156th in the world, but used a big serve to win the first set, 7-6 and second set was also a tie-breaker. raonic with the backhander and match point ended anyway strange way. raonic serving a likesman yelled out and the return goes
12:21 am
into the net and they called the match. verdasco not sure why play continued given the play, but it stands. he wins in straight sets. first canadian to win a atp event since 1985. the guy is now ranked 59th. a lot of things that come quickly, but this is what i have always dreamed of and it's fun. it's always been amazing thicks that have happened to me. last year i was in johannsburg and i was almost sent here alone. my coach almost didn't want to come as a punishment. [ laughter ] i guess that was i kick in the butt to fix that one for this weekend and thank to him for that and next time be even manor if this is the result. thank you. >> they battled for the pole for next week's daytona 5 atom. when sports wrap continues we'll
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. a crucial receive-game rad trep tot sharks started out with four straight win, but now bogged down for two straight game. today's effort in florida especially disappoint. the sharks of to a good start in the 1st per day. the panthers got a goo in the 2nd period to pull evening. then two minutes into the 3rd, the sharks back in front. 2-1 sharks. they held on to the lead for
12:26 am
eight minute about then higgens.a backhander past antti neimi. two minutes away from overtime, when niemi with the wrap around attempt. the panthers get two goals in an 8-minute span in the 3rd period to hand san josi their second loss, the sharks are currentlypth in the very packed western conference playoff picture. further ramify cases from that big fightn friday between the pittsburgh penguins and new york islanders, a game that featured 346 penality moats. >> . the penguin's godard with the biggest purport. while pittsburgh galie and islanders were mixing it, godard came off the bench, an automatic 10-game suspension. and a weak from today the nascar season officially gets
12:27 am
started with the daytona 500. there is lots of business to do between then and now. they had they were battling for the pole. this is denny hamlin getting ready to start his qualifying session and right out of the gate he realized his steering column is locked up. hamlin going off the pavement and manages to bring his car to a stop. hamlin out of the field in the 44th spot on the grid. the guy on the pole is an old favorite of nascar fan, dale earnhardt, jr. just established out jeff gordon by a couple hundredths of a second. demander with a lap of better than 186 miles per hour. that is going to do it for this late sunday night sports wrap. have a great week everybody. >> that is not a problem you want to have with the steering column. >> thankfully he wasn't up to 186 when that happened. >> didn't leave the club on the steering wheel? i hate when had a happens.
12:28 am
[ laughter ] be sure to join the kutv morning news our coverage also continues on line
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