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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 21, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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has struck a new zealand. san francisco will host the 100th running of the bay to breakers. will this week's race be the last cracks. will this be the last? >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, february 21. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with a strong earthquake that struck new zealand. initial reports indicate the earthquake was centered near the city of christchurch. we have a very first photos on twitter could you can see a wall of the building -- the wall of this building has
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collapsed into the streets. >> it is tumbling. the rocks are falling down. >> a man describe what he saw as he walked down the street and you can get a sense of chaos happening at this hour. we are monitoring these video feeds coming to us from new zealand and we will bring you more developments on our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. the bodies of two teenagers were found this weekend downstream from the raft. the two were juniors at a loss for was high school. close friends gathered to remember the teams did their families do not know why they were rafting on the drainage
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canal near their homes. >> to do such a stunt is beyond the comprehension of the family. >> friends are expressing support through facebook and organizing a candlelight walk. police identified the victim of a hit and run accident. sky garrigan was killed yesterday as he walked on skyline drive. police have arrested a san bruno man of limited hitting a pedestrian. a young couple is in custody tonight after a six- hour standoff with police. we followed the standoff live. police officers responded to a burglar alarm near mission
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street. a man and woman man inside the home and refused to cooperate with police to about 11:00 a.m. police smashed their way into the house and a couple surrendered. no one was hurt and so far no charges have been filed. the bay to breakers will celebrate their 100th anniversary but the lack of sponsorship could put the racist future in jeopardy and jana katsuyama is live with this story -- put the race's future in jeopardy. >> reporter: you can see that they are counting down. this time the future of the race could be on the line. it is 12 kilometers for people running, walking, and parading through the city in costumes. the race started in 1912 and will celebrate its 100 year
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anniversary. it is a tradition that is controversial with residents complaining of people urinating, vomiting, and littering. ing has exited the race and pulled its support. organizers say they hope some changes will help attract future sponsors and have banned all alcohol and floats and cap registration at 50,000 people. they are hoping that the organizers do more. they accuse them of skipping on security and toilet facilities. the big question is whether this will be the race at the final year and a spokesman says they do have five or six major sponsor its who have. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. there was a release of a
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fury of firepower released on demonstrators today and there are reports that the warplanes fired on crowds in the streets. there is no tally of how may people died today and earlier the group's human rights watch said that at least 22 protesters had died. libya adequate deputy ambassador calls for the resignation of the president. >> he has to stop killing the people. >> as government buildings burned, he appeared on television to deny reports that he had left the country people at his son said the regime will fight to the last man, woman, and ballot. involving crowds of
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demonstrators are swelling. they are expected to address protesters tomorrow. demonstrators are gathered and at least 11 people died in bahrain during the early days of the uprising pay demonstrators were calling for reform but since the crackdown that has been a push for the ousting of the royal family. >> we do not want them to control us anymore. enough. 200 years is enough. >> bahrain's a shiite muslims have long complained about discrimination. the unrest in the middle east is one factor contributing to rising gas prices. gas prices claimed about a dime in just a week. >> reporter: even here it is rapidly becoming pain at the pump time. >> we are heading towards a $4 a gallon gas very soon and $5 a
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gallon next year. >> reporter: he may be right. gas prices stand at $3.59 and a week ago that they are $0.12 less and $0.66 a gallon cheaper one year ago. >> what do you think is going on here? >> i am not sure. it is crazy. the prices are crazy. >> i see a lot of pockets getting fuller. >> reporter: that customers do not fully middle east tension, they blamed oil company. >> they are making money, all of the ceos. it is making everybody else suffer. >> they raise prices to get more money. that is what i think. >> is going to affect everybody because truckers are going to need more money and food is going to cost more money. they will have to deliver with
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more diesel and i think we are heading into an inflationary spiral. >> reporter: and a couple months demand will start rising. and these prices are likely to get larger. i am consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. has confirmed that an american man arrested in pakistan is working for the cia. he was arrested for killing two pakistanis. state officials say that davis has diplomatic immunity and should be released. they say he was there to protect u.s. consular official. a hijacked yacht is being closely watched tonight p1 and the has -- and one of the man has family in san francisco bay she tells her she is worried about safety. today in southern california charge held a prayer service -- church held a prayer service.
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>> we hope the best for them. we are looking for a miracle, looking to hear some good news. >> experts say that the navy warship a shadowy beyond preventing it from making it to shore. at least one person is dead and 22 others were injured after a bus slid off a road in san bernardino county. the highway patrol says the bus went 20 feet down an embankment after colliding with a county fire vehicle. the bus belonged to a pasadena church and happened near the town of twin peaks. americans choose ronald reagan as the greatest u.s. presidents. he came in ahead of abraham lincoln and bill clinton. the latest storm that dumped about a-foot of snow in michigan and new york is now getting its share paid drivers
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sometimes wound up in a ditch. air travel is also an traveled. thousands of flights were canceled at the minneapolis airport. there are also delays at chicago o'hare, newark, and laguardia. people are looking to check out the flakes today and got turned away. >> tonight we are tracking a new storm along the coast. that was a possibility of a record -- with record cold air. what you can expect for tomorrow, coming up.
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>> those who made a trip to the sierras for the long weekend had plenty of fresh snow. we gave you a live look along
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interstate 80. traffic is going westbound toward the bay area. atop some of the bigger your's piques you can see the aftermath of recent storms. maureen naylor shows us how the winter weather was fun for some people but dangerous for others. >> reporter: newschopper2 captured these images. >> this is probably the biggest snowfall we have had in 10 years. >> reporter: he works at the lake observatory and it still is minimal to more than 1-foot that has fallen. >> we have not been able to open up the telescopes. we have not been able to get up on top of the dome's. >> reporter: snow plows worked to clear hamilton road which is close to the public. >> whenever there is no updated close it for safety because it gets really treacherous. >> reporter: car after car was
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forced to turn around. >> i felt kind of bummed out. things happen, what can you do? >> reporter: there is spring on the trees in winter on the peaks. these beds are filling up a 245 people slept at the center last night, five short of capacity. >> i have fibromyalgia and crippling arthritis. it is rough. >> reporter: rough for this woman who stays in her car during the day and a shelter at night because of the cold weather. >> it tears me up really bad. >> reporter: shelter workers say they have seen fewer people because of the spring like weather but expect the shelter to build up later this week as temperatures drop.
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maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. snow combined with a holiday to make somewhere fun on monte diablo. whether it was no fights or snowman, they get a big thumbs up. there was a long line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot and a 2-mile hike to the summit. rangers cautioned it's important to dress for icy conditions you can find the forecast as well as live stormtracker 2 updates by going to ktvu. com. radiation levels from some smartmeters are higher than previously thought. they say within 6 inches of those leaders the radiation may possibly violate fcc safety standards. many peace studies have concluded smartmeters are safe. apple may be close to launching a new ipad. there is a new model faster, lighter, thinner, and with a camera. apple has sold some 15 million tablets. the governor of wisconsin today say no to any compromise and a political stalemate that
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has got to stay for a week -- that has gripped his stage for the week. it would strip the most public employees of bargaining rights. >> it is time for them to come back and participate in democracy. if you want to produce the in democracy, you have got to be in the arena and that is in madison, wisconsin,. >> the governor rejected a suggestion of compromise. police are investigating graffiti that contains death threats against president obama and governor brown. the messages were spotted this morning in santa anna about 1 mile from where spray-painted graffiti threatened the
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governor last month bbc the obama and brown must die and there are slurs targeting the president,, and mexicans. the secret service has been notified. dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries are being audited by the irs. janine de la vega explained why this couldn't for some of them to go out of business. >> reporter: it is run like a business. medicinal marijuana, illegal under federal law and cannabis collectives say that is a problem when it comes to how the irs treats them. under federal law marijuana is considered a controlled substance and they could apply tax code to ade that does not allow drug trafficking organizations to adapt business expenses. >> if it were applied strictly we would not be allowed to deduct our rights, payroll or any of the other normal and usual expenses. >> reporter: the attorney says 280e was created in the '80s to go after drug lords and not
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that dispensaries are legal the tax code needs to be updated. >> what the california dispensaries are indeed, she does not tracking. -- trafficking be thereby negating their patients. >> reporter: cannabis trade organizations are asking to allow dispensaries to deduct business expenses. >> i hope what is going on is that they are making a good- faith attempt to understand our industry and tax us like any other businesses. i am in support or that's what we want to pay our fair share of taxes. >> reporter: the director says he welcomes the audit because it will show that the collective is legitimate and will advance the cannabis industry could we contacted the irs but did not receive a phone call back. some stanford students are ending up behind prison walls
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helping 20 inmates continue their education. san quentin is the last state prison to offer aid program. the 20 inmates all hold our -- hold arts degree. a wolverine in the area is attracting lots of fans. he is believed to be the only wolverine in the entire sierra, nevada and indicates he may have traveled from idaho. some fans are asking biologists to find him a meet and he could use a name as well. putting a check mark in the right space on your state tax form have helped sea otters for years. it is due to expire next year but one simply man has introduced legislation to extend the deadline to 2016. they say that they face a
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shrinking habitat. one egyptian couple named their daughter facebook. demonstrators have been using facebook, twitter, and other social media to organize protests, share information and connect with the outside world. lights out in nature? when it looks increasingly likely a big wave contest will be canceled. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us what is headed our way. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> there is one week left for the mavericks contest. a spokesperson says that the conditions are not rights. and if waves to materialize, the 24 surfers invited when you to vote on whether to hold the
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contest into the window closes next monday. meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us now. the cold is hanging on. >> it will be a chilly overnight in areas in the valley locations. let's take a look at what is going on there. it is 47 degrees in oakland. i will back this up a little bit and show you what we are dealing with. rain primarily off the coast and will remain off the coast. picking up a few sprinkles in the overnight hours. san francisco at times a few sprinkles today. look at the store them. it starts here and there it goes. it will continue southward and crossed over into southern california and baja. we will get creamed skies in the overnight hours and we will be chilly as we move through the morning. i want to back this up a little bit. later in the week we got the
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system dropping out out of canada. we will be tracking that for you. we have light winds creating overnight skies and we have a cold start in the north bay valleys as well as the east bay valleys. we are expecting to sink back into the 30s. by the afternoon we will be dry and seasonably mild. plenty of sunshine. here are your temperatures expected, santa rosa 33 degrees. perhaps a little patchy fog as well. take a look at antioch into concord we are looking at low to mid 30s. a little bit more mild as the head closer to the coast. getting out tomorrow morning may be cold. bundled them up and dress in layers. it will be warmer than yesterday and more sunshine expected for tomorrow.
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mid-upper 50s expected in fairfield. and widespread mid-upper 50s as we head into fremont, mountain view. 57 in san jose. tuesday and wednesday, not bad at all. our afternoon highs feeling pleasant. scattered showers in the forecast for thursday and friday but we will be struggling to get around 50 degrees on friday and saturday and snow levels dropping below 1000 feet or so. the latest buzz around brian wilson is a trip he made on friday. tmz reported charlie sheen send a private jet to phoenix. wilson says it was by no means a party. he said he was invited to talk about workouts and other
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baseball related topics. that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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