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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 24, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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pretty exciting. we've been here 25 years and it has never snowed in free mon. officials say parking will be enforced tomorrow. up in to seer eye people are
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bracing for more snow. we're talking about the foot hills too. schools remembering closed. it's fairly heavy, it's getting heavier. we've seen caltrans performing sands along i-20. >> it's pretty dangerous. concerns over travel led the school district to dismiss kids early. >> it will probably be a snow day tomorrow. >> snow in graces valley sparking pictures like these. >> it's insane. >> back up in gas pumps. >> and a rush on propane tank refills. >> with snow will falling. residents are bracing for power
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outages. >> i have not seen one snowstorm that didn't have a power outage. >> mark will have the complete forecast later in the newscast. you can get up dates on line anytime on someone burglarized the family home of one of two teenagers. >> the burglary happened while miller's family attended a service this afternoon. the millers returned and found their front door broken in and items missing from the house. according to a teacher this would be matt's 17th birthday. an fbi team found human remains under a back yard patio. >> investigators started searching inside the home on
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rebecca way, 74-year-old dell smith has not been seen for several months. after a neighbor alerted police authorities decided to excavate the backyard. it's a crime scene but maybe not a homicide. >> was she living in the house? >> yes. >> with him in the backyard, or whatever body was in the backyard. >> she was living in the house. >> the chauncey bailey murder trial will stay in alameda county. a judge deny a request to move the trial. the attorneys argued the defending can't receive a fair trial. they face murder charges in the shooting death of chauncey bailey. their attorneys say they have not decided whether to appeal the ruling. a 42-year-old woman pleaded
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no contest to four felony sex charges involving two boys. she made the plea as part of a deal to drop the other charges. the boys were 4 years old when she started having sexual relations with him. i mother spoke to ktuv news from her hospital bed about the accident that left here injured and claimed the life of her daughter. >> my body is feeling strong, my heart is more hurt. i always make sure there's no car, and we cross the street. but i didn't see the car. >> in december she was in a crosswalk with her daughter when they were struck by a car.
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lin's legs were shattered, her daughter was killed. the driver was texting at the time of the crash. >> the district attorney office is reviewing the case. the bay area most populus city has a new police chief. live at san jose city hall where the new chief faces a big problem. >> reporter: we're standing outside san jose city hall, the new keefe is chris moore -- chief is chris more. >> chris move has been with the police department for 29 years. >> it's been a long career, i'm blessed to have the opportunity to serve as the chief of the best police department. >> bill: >> reporter: i believe that chris more is up to challenge. moore brings decades of experience, but the city is
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facing financial differents -- difficults. >> if you look at the math and look at the short fall. it takes 349 officers to close that. that's just the math. >> 349 officers laid off this year in a worst case scenario, even if the rank and file agree to a give back, there could be 200 laid off. >> i think it leaves us and the citizen in a precarouse situation. the chief knows the job will be tough. >> it will be tough, our employees will step up, the city is working hard to minute mize damage -- minimize damage. >> he has a lot of experience with the city of san jose, he has great potential, understands the city. >> the 49-year-old moore who served for a year as council to
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former attorney janet reno was worn in with his wife and daughter by his side. an investigation into what started a fire at an east bay lumber yard is closed. when it comes to a cause the investigators are stumped. the fire started last month. >> it started -- caused over $6 million in damage. they examined the financial record. >> there's no indication of suspicious or criminal acts related to the cause of the fire. update to a story we told you about last night. involving an oakland man hoping for the return of his prosthetic leg. three companies have offered to replace it. he lost his leg 25 years go, earlier this month someone stole his artificial leg. it cost thousands of dollars
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and medical would only pay for a new one every three years. the transit system is facing possible fines over safety issues. it is considering finding muni over safety violations. the agency says there's a number of iteming muni needs to address includes tunnels and deteriorating tracks. >> we have asked for corrective plans and we've not received them. >> i mine that incorrect, extremely incorrect, way like for you to give my folks an opportunity to sit down and deal with the issues. >> in response the director presented documents showing munny communicated with the cpc. they say they are willing to do what it takes to fix the problems. >> bart station agents are
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asking the station to do more. >> they are being spit at, shoved, punched and threatened. they are asking for the booting -- booths to be fort tied. bart general manager and police chief say the agency is looking into measures to protect the agents. the space shuttle is on the way to the international space station. the shuttle took off this afternoon, nasa delayed the launch after discovering cracks in the foam around the fuel tank, video shows chunks. foam shedding from the shuttle but that's not a concern and the tank is holding up well. dozen of cheers -- children cheered does covery, it's important for youngsters to
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experience the shuttle launch. nasa plays a role in shuttle operations. san jose leaders considering a change too the name of their airport. a committee met to make the airport more competitive. one option is adding the phrase, silicon valley the title. that would make it the norman y monetta san jose silicon valley airport. >> some have said that's quite a mouthful. penalizing pg&e for the pipe like explosions. california budget battle takes a twist, what governor brown did today that's not happened in years. rainfall will continue to be on the increase in the short term, when snow levels could drop the near sea level and the two days
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could have temperature in the subfreezing category, in the 5- day forecast.
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s a lot of police activity today, fbi agents, deputies and bart police held a training exercise to prepare for emergencies. they used a closed platform and out of service train to test tactics. protests in san francisco spoke out against pg&e part meters -- smart meters. >> about a dozen people rallied outside the meeting. thousands of people have become sick because of radiation from the meters.
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the speakers demanded commissioners investigate the health claims. state regulators announced new guidelines that a pipeline explosion never happens again. tom explains the potential impact. >> reporter: a lot led up to the deadly san bruno blast, today the public utilities commission voted to institute an investigation. >> it is really a proceeding to consider potential penalties. >> better records to actual design, construction, maintenance and construction of the line may have prevented the explosion. pg&e based the test on the record on the ground. they did not know this was patched with welds that weren't sealed through. the commission voted to oversee
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and regulate the industry. >> this rule making is ford looking and is intented to have new regulation for all pipelines. >> the jerry brown era looks to be far less utility friendly commission. >> it's a more activist position for the commission to decide to take the initiative to open up this type of comprehensive investigation. >> they will look at their own agency as culpability. >> the rule making will be the providing through which the commission reflects on its own performance in regulating the utilities. >> other penalties will come. a top federal safety officials is concerned about the safety of the gas pipelines
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following a they go the nearby neighborhoods. jerry brown did something today that's not happened since the 60s. he testified to broker a deal. sparks flew. >> reporter: governor brown wasted time taking lawmakers and republicans to task. >> when you folks say no, no vote, no plan, no, that's not american, that's not acceptable and it's not loyalty to cal can -- california. >> the job is to iron out details. brown says his plan has $12 billion in cuts but relies on voters extending taxes already in place. >> if you have $25 billion in cuts, and you cut four or five weeks of the school, i think people are shocked if you didn't ask their permission. >> republicans will fight putting taxes on a ballot. it's not a tax hike he wants
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but for the people to decide. >> no, give me a break. it's taxes. he wants our guys to violate in many cases core principles and we believe the people have decided. >> brown said if the tax extension fails more cuts are unaville voidable. >> i'm not going to sign a budget that's not an all cut budget. >> maartenth is the dead -- maartenth is the deadline. >> lawmakers must draft and pass a budget in a matter of the weeks which would be a rare feat here at the capital. the state supreme court cleared the way for the adobe house to be cleared.
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the court denied a review of this case, back in october a state appeals court reversed the ruling saying palo alto should have conducted a review. a bay area hoop star is providing a big assist off court. monta ellis turns his attention to boxes. >> if you're snow starved your appetite may be satisfied. we'll hire where snow is expect -- hear where schmo is expected -- snow is expected.
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scary moments on a private jet. we brought this as it unfolded, the two pilots radioed trouble. the plane touched down safely and no one was injured. this is wear, the entire -- this is rare, we're seeing rain. >> moderate cells moving in. that will be the case in the short-term, as we head into it tomorrow, once the main band moves there, that's when the cold air moves through. right now, on live storm tracker, the current numbers in
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the 40, 46 to 48 degrees. in the north they recovered here. for the central portions of the bay closer to san francisco and oakland. san jose at last check reporting light rain. here's to look at the overall weather story. we have this, the clouds and the rain showers in the forecast for tonight, winter weather advisers for the hills, we head into it tomorrow. for tomorrow, major clearing, rain and snow, very cold mornings, temperature sub freezing in the north. >> here we go with the advisory, this is in place to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon for the north bay hills. you see the snowfall expectations as you go up in elevation for the 1,000-foot level about an inch, look at
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3,000 feet. we're looking at 9 inches. temperature in the upper 40s. the frontal band as approaching the area. that's the source of the rain. the heaviest rain will affect the morning commute. tomorrow night the best chance of snow coming down the sea level will be friday night to saturday morning. and a freeze watch for the north bay valley. temperature in the mid-20's. here we go with the forecast model. the rain showers moving in. the snow for the mountains. by 3:00 we have breaks in the action, as you can't see into the afternoon hours on saturday we scale back to coverage and the probability. temperature tomorrow in the upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose 48 degrees. chance of a shower on saturday morning, clearing out for the rest of the weekend. >> a bay area basketball star teamed up to help hundreds of
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needy families. monta ellis is the founder of an organization that assists low-income families and children. he passed out food to 400 families this giveaway was in collaboration with feed the children. that's our report for tonight. our coverage continues on line at see you.
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