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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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southwest says a passenger
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and flight attendant were treated for injuries. they grounded their fleet causing 330 cancellations including 10 at the airport. sfo experienced 10 canceled flights as of this afternoon. >> they offered me to reschedule the trip for tomorrow and it will not work out for us tomorrow. >> reporter: she says she spent three hours at sfo to head back home but southwest refunded her nonrefundable ticket. >> i am just glad i was not on that plane. two of the planes taken out of service were here at oakland international airport. a crew will fly those planes to one of 5 other airports for inspection. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. it say small item on your car but it is causing people to
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steal them. what is so special about this device, eric? >> reporter: l the police say these pick -- well, the police say these pick ups are or any other high profile vehicle gives the thieves more room to take the converter and get away quickly. they hit seven pick up trubs in this neighborhood in one night. >> reporter: nick did not know anything was wrong until he tried to start his tacoma. >> is sounded like a bomb. >> reporter: it was his cadalitic converter. >> they literally left me the nuts and bolts for me. >> reporter: he was one of seven victims all hit between thursday and friday. >> they slip underneath these quickly and remove it and they are in and out in under a minute or 30 seconds most of the time. >> reporter: this is the kind you would find on a pick up
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truck. they might get $50 for recycling the metal but it could cost the victim dollars 500 to $eight -- $500 or $800. >> i called my insurance. the deductible is too high so it is out of my pocket. >> >> i got in and started it. now, other truck owners say they are on alert, too. they have no leads and there is little people can do to prevent the theft of this part. >> going to get it welded on and especially if they try to do it again i would think i would be able to hear that unless they are that good. >> reporter: and talk about what makes them so special. they contain platinum and platium. so, the police are are putting information for anyone to try to recycle a large amount of those items. the thieves took less than a minute to have a statue and
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grab. it happened at 2:30 at a coach store. investigators say they broke the windows and made off with a large amount of high end items. the police search with dogs and helicopters did not find them. anyone with information is asked to contact the pedaluma police department. the police say a man was shot to death earlier this evening. it happened in a quiet residential neighborhood on harriet street. someone call inside to report a shooting after 5:30 p.m. a man was found shot to death on the 3100 block of harriet. the victim's name has not been released. a giant's fan remains in critical condition in los angeles. the victim was part of an attack after a game at dodger's stadium. the 42-year-old, shown here in a photo with his sisters.
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he porks as a paramedic is in an induced coma to help him. he was wearing giant's gear when two men wearing dodgers jerseys attacked them. the los angeles police released sketches based on witness descriptions of the two men that attacked him. they are described as latino, between 18 and 25 years old. the police say after the attack the men left the city and parking lot in a light colored 4 door sedan with a woman driving and a child as a passenger. a man is facing charges tonight after suspicious bags triggered a bomb squad alert. a man put two suitcases on the floor. he told the bank employees he forget his id and then hurried out. the police blocked off all nearby streets and called in the bomb squad. 30 minutes later the man came back for the bags that turned out to be harmless.
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this man faces a misdemeanor trespassing charge for interfering with a business. the cash-strapped city of half-moon bay made difficult decisions today. voting to out source the police department and other services. >> i wish we did not have to be here. it makes me very sad. i know it makes you guys, sad, too. >> at a special community meeting the city council today approved consol dating police services with the san mateo sheriff's department and disbanding half-moon bay's 12- member police force. the officers will be offered jobs with the sheriff's department. the council voted today to have the city of san carlos run the recreational program. >> it is tough t. is something that is transitioning and many other cities will have to look for a regional approach to the services they offer to their community. >> reporter: the police outsourcing is expected to save half a million a year. it could take effect this summer. well, a private fire
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company has apparently offered toy provide service to the city of san carlos. san carlos and belmont are disolving their department. they are considering out sourcing fire protection to redwood city or cal fire. but the san mathey kwroe journal -- san mateo journal says a private bid came through. the fire department is investigating a fire that started this morning on queen's road. no one was home at the time. fire was centered in the main floor damaging the kitchen, living room, hallway and causing smoke damage in the bathrooms. a contractor at the scene estimated the repairs would cost $700 to $8,000. the attorney general addressed the topic of teen bullying at a conference in mill valley today. it was put on by a nonprofit
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organization called beyond differences. the meeting featured a film about how social isolation a pects teenagers. harris says the solution to bullying requires everyone's involvement. >> the communities, parents, young people, law enforcement, legislatures they can come together and should come together around the conversation and around crafting solutions. >> in her talk to the group harris talked about social isolation to lead kids to stay away from school increases truency -- truancy rates. there is no word on when a ship will arrive to ukraine. they have been guaranteed safety for the evacuation. we have the latest on the conflict. >> reporter: nato air strike, killing libyan rebel fighters. a spokesperson says 13 were killed and severals others
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injured. it happened when they were preparing to take over a city not far from the frontlines. >> this accident happened by mistake. it was a consequence of the advance of the revolutionaries during the bombing by the allies. but now the military leadership of the rebels is working more effectively to avoid it from happening again. >> reporter: they talked about civil deaths in the fighting against gadhafi forces. >> we understand collateral damage may take place. looking at the big picture, sometimes we may have to bomb an area where some innocent by standard civilians may get hurt. >> reporter: meanwhile the death toll is rising. gadhafi forces have inshined the rebels for weeks. they reported 2paoeuft people have been killed there including many civilians. they rejected a cease-fire offer. if they wanted peace they would
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of had to accepted the offer before the no-fly zone. they pushed the rebels back 100 miles. the u.s. will continue to provide support to the no-my zone including ariel refueling and surveillance flights. back to you. >> for more on the conflict in libya go to and click on the u.s. and world news tab. we set up a section that including 10 facts about the conflict. there is new word tonight that gabrielle giffords is making more progress in her recovery from gunshot wounds. giffords was critically wounded in tucson back in january in a shooting that left six people dead and 12 others injured. this week the young intern that helped save the congresswomen's life says he spoke to giffords by phone. daniel hernandez who wases honored for his heroism says giffords is doing extremely
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well and recovering quickly. president barack obama today step inside to try to end the budget stalemate in congress and avoid a government shutdown. barack obama spoke by phone to john boener and harry reid. they are trying to slash between $33 and $60 billion. if no deal is reached by friday night much of the federal government would shutdown. while he gravels with budget issues the president is about to announce his bid for a second term in the white house. ap is reporting that the president intends to file papers with the federal election commission as early as this week. the filing will allow his campaign to begin raising funds. mr. barack obama is expected to send out e-mail and text mess aplges to launch his 2012 reelection campaign -- text messages to launch his 2010 reelection campaign.
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major development the fukishima reactor. >> stepping up three weeks after the disaster. tough problem, toughy questions. the public quizes
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. japanese officials say they partially traced the source of
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highly radioactive water leaking into the ocean from one of the reactors t. is coming from a crack in a concrete tunnel. workers today managed to seal part of the tunnel with fresh concrete. exactly where the water originated is a mystery. there are millions of gallons of water contaminated with radiation on the site. a huge barge is sent from tokyo to be filled with the waste water but what happens to it next is unclear. here at home the effort to help the hundreds of thousands of victims of the quake and tsunami is going strong. ktvu john suzoki shows us how everyone is pitching in. >> reporter: trader vices is known for the spectacular bay views. this weekend the restaurant is looking beyond the views to the people of japan. >> i was not in japan. i was here. so i could not do anything for japan. now i feel like i can help them. >> reporter: the executive chef, who is a native of japan,y showed us one of the
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special appetizers. >> customers who want to help out can order up this japanese men you including halibut and fill late mignot. >> reporter: this couple ordered from that menu. >> everything they have here is fantastic. so, it was a good excuse to get out here. >> reporter: all proceeds from the menu will help tsunami victims in japan and this will continue tomorrow night. >> reporter: across the bay a different kind of fundraiser. two art galleries on gary street are selling donated art to japan. >> we e-mailed and texted them and people are so nice that they are are sending all of their work and some of the artwork is worth a lot of money. >> reporter: next door they have a drink special for japan. [music] >> reporter: all of that followed another effort in peace plaza. an all day concert drove ravel
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and t-shirt sales. back to you. ahead at 10:30, a look at how vulnerable they are to earthquake and why a fault not in california is generating a concern. the worldy's largest off shore oil rig paid their employees bonuses despite last year's deadly explosion. transocean open owned the deep water horizon rig that exploded killing seven people. the senior managers received two thirds of their possible safety bonus. transocean acknowledged the tragedy but says the company still had a great safety record. the navy stepped up the efforts today to inform people about the cleanup at the former hunter's point shippingiard in san fran. it held an informational meeting at family connections. the environment ali protection
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agency, that overseas the cleanup, says the meeting was aimed at members of the chinese american community and was a result of the survey the navy conducted about its communication. >> we know the navy was not reaching a brood enough portion ever the community before. one thing they are doing differently is reach out to segments of the community. >> the navy operated a shipyard at hunter's point from 1941 to 1974 and turn today over to the city in the '90s. the lanar corporation has been contracted to develop it for homes, parks and commercial space. hundreds of students, parents, community members spend the day giving the school a make over. paint rollers and vol uner toos making -- volunteers making changes at the east palo alto charter school. this is the 10th east palo alto
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school fixed up. >> the schools are beaten up. they are behind the 8 ball trying to keep up with the maintenance. once they come and see something that is more beautiful and something that is blown open what they are used to all of the sudden they have a sense of pride in their school. >> reporter: today, volunteers repaired playground equipment, rolled turf on the athletic field, installed new classroom projectors and built an amphitheater. >> reporter: oakland's mayor is reviewing the suggestions she heard at a packed meeting at a senior center. residents expressed their concerns about the city budget and looming cuts. >> going to try to take two more suggestions. >> reporter: the people in this circle of chairs asked questions, made suggestions and raised concerns. the topic schools and youth services. >> i am here to hear what others in my community care about. >> reporter: part of a town hall meeting hosted by the mayor. the city must finalize their budget and the mayor told us how much she needs to cut.
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>> we are looking at between $46 and $52 million. they are looking at the tunnel to public safety to keeping senior centers open. some of the discussions got open. >> we need this center. we really need this center. >> the town hall meeting took place at the north oakland senior center. it threatens to reduce services here and three others. >> i want to keep the centers open but i may not afford city staffing for more than three days i week. >> reporter: they told them that one sopgz ask nonprofits and the county to fill the gab. lillian edward is hoping for a solution. >> this is my livey hood. i am 90. when you are this old and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do what is going to happen? >> reporter: it is helpful to talk with others about the budget crisis impacts everyone in this room.
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>> i want to work with the city. do whatever i can. >> reporter: in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. federal regulators want to put the fact about obesity in print. new rules proposed friday by the fda call for calorie counts on menus in chain restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, convenient stores and coffee shops and vending machines if calorie information is not on the package. the national restaurant association supports the idea saying it will provide customers information. coming up, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. the change coming to one giant and why it say flashback to the company's beginning. >> an effort to make sure u.s. service members have what they need. what they will find inside of the packages and who they can thank. clouds and cooler temperatures across most of the
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. one person is dead and an off-ramp remains closed at this hour. the accident happened three hours ago on the john daley boulevard off-ramp from southbound interstate 280. the highway patrol says it is unclear what caused the car to crash. the officers shutdown one lane of interstate two80 and the off- ramp during the investigation. the chp just told us all lanes of the highway are now open but the off-ramp is still closed. the victim's name has not yet been released. internet giant, google, is poised to get a new ceo. larry page will reclaim the title on monday. no formal ceremonies are planned. it was announced that page would take over. page was the company's ceo from
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1998 until 2001 before shmidt took over. in news of the world tonight in northern irland a -- ireland a catholic police officer who just joined the force was killed by a bomb under his car. the ira killed almost 1800 people between 1970 and 1997 in a failed attempt to force northern ireland out of the united kingdom. most ira members renounced violence and disarm inside 2005. in ivory coast, attackers using guns and marketties killed 1,000 people during the past three days. 1,000 united nation's peacekeepers were in the town. they were guarding about 15,000 refugees at a mission at the time. it is not clear which side of ivory coast civil war is responsible for the killings. in india today, more than
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one billion fans joined the celebration as they praised their team. india won by a 6 wicked margin to win the match. six people died in a crash in new mexico t. happened this morning at the international air center. the faa says two pilots and two flight test engineers were on board the gulf strain g-650, practicing take offs and landing. it it just lifted off when it rolled and slacked into the runway pwufrtsing into flames. -- bursting into flames. in the south bay today, care packages were prepared for american troops stationed world the southbound blue star moms, whose sons and daughters are on active duty organized the efforts. they prepared three00 pack
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aplges including toiletres and reading materials. >> we are thinking of them. the community is involved, people are remembering them. a little bit of home. >> businesses, church groups and veteran organizations and individuals donated money tow pay for those kits. yes, we are still talking about snow. where does the snowpack stand? we will have the latest measurements that were just taken. also, u.s.
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. senior u.s. military officers are concerned about personnel committing suicide and are taking action for the
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mental health of those in unform. >> says grandpa, just wanted to give you my thanks for being a great influence in my life. >> reporter: the pain of sued still haunt -- suicide still haunts him. his grandson, corporal daniel o'brien hanged himself in july 2009. >> i don't think i will ever be the same again. there is a knot here in my gut. and it is problemliy going to stay there. >> reporter: he was one of 52 marines who died by suicide in 2009. a record high. it n response to the exploding numberses the corp launched a program to combat the problem. andrew martin is the psychologist in charge. >> leadership is letting them know it is not a sign of weakness if you ask for help. >> reporter: now, in addition to marksmanship and hand to hand combat they get training how to prevent suicide. >> how many of you here know of someone who committed suicide? >> reporter: the program may
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be seeing results. in 2010 marine suedes dropped 30 -- suicides dropped 30%. in the army the numbers nearly doubled. >> we don't know if there is a single cause out there. and there can not be a single response to turn this trend around. >> reporter: the general is baffled by the increase particularly since more than half of suedes were among soldier who's were never deployed. >> we think we are seeing a societal problem and frankly that the army is the canary in the mine shaft here. >> reporter: he is suggest its is a leading indicator of what might be ahead in the civilian population f. he is correct we may all need to think about suicide prevention in the same aggressive fashion that the military has tragically come to find is so necessary. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. >> recent heavy rain led to an above average snow survey for
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california. the department of water resources looked at 96 stations for yesterday's survey. the results showed that the statewide average is 163% of normal for april 1st. as we reported earlier this week, governor brown declared california's three-year drought over. facebook has a new hurdle to jump in the bid to take over the sun microsystem campus. the social networking giant wants to move more than 3600 employees to the site that is located at bay front road. right now they have a cap of 2,000 workers for the 57 acre site. according to the daily news the city officials say facebook must prepare a environmentaliment pact report on their proposal. california recreational salmon fishermen kicked off their first season in four years. at half-moon bay fish and game officials say choppy seas put a damper on opening day. one boat went out and did catch
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one fish but was driven back by the rough water. in recent years the season was cut short because of low salmon populations. now they say more than one million adult salmon are off of the coast. the nuclear crisis in japan has the u.s. authorities taking a long look at american nuclear power plants. not just here in the west coast but in other seismically dangerous areas in the center the nation. >> reporter: with respect to the united states we are constantly practicing -- >> reporter: homeland security secretary recently reassuring the nation on potential for a japan-icized nuclear catastrophe here. in particular in the seismic zone in the central u.s. >> it say scenario that is currently experiencing earthquakes and has a history of magnitude 7-8 quakes. >> reporter: the new fault region involves five states and
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15 nuclear plants which does not worry nuclear engineer jeff king. >> i would say americans should be very comfortable for those plants. >> reporter: doctor king says the fukish -- f --fukushima plant survived it. it was the sue tphopl. >> the loss of -- tsunami. >> the loss there causing problems would be the loss of water and loss of electricity. >> reporter: it is more like new zealand that suffered 6.3. >> christ church has a building infrastructure that is a lot like what you find in the central u.s. 100-year-old brick buildings no reenforcement. >> reporter: take a look at the highlighted areas on this map t. is where future earthquakes are most likely to occur. however, seismologist say earthquakes can happen any time
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anywhere. at the national earthquake information in golden colorado, fox news. construction has not even started but santa clara is set to make another move on a new home for the 49ers. a cool down today
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. the cooling trend moves in. the double digit cool down a across the bay area -- down across the bay area. now, i will show out live storm tracker 2. a lot of clouds over the area today. the bulk of the clouds heading to the south of monterey bay, closetory fresno and also --
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closer to fresno and also hamford. as far as the cool down here is a look at the readings from redwood city and san jose with the 60s right around 70 degrees. look at san jose. 18 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. the temperatures for tomorrow not a big change. monday is when we bring in the the warmer temperatures. for this evening we have this fair skies, cool numbers, mostly sunny, nice, the extended forecast warming up and another big cooling trend showing up on the long-range weather maps. as far as the overnight lows coolest locations up in the north bay. napa, 35 degrees. santa rosa, 38, fremont, sunday morning at 46. this was a set up for today. we have the system to our south and west. that is actually pushing high clouds over the bay area. also, the trough moved in. that really generated the cool down. as we head into your sunday but especially your monday. high pressure rebuilds and strept ens and the net result
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for us. plenty of sunshine for the off shore winds, the temperatures rebound. by monday, warmest locations on track to reach the middle to upper 70s and then by tuesday and wednesday we bring in the next cooling trend. that will set the stage for slight chance of a few showers by thursday. here is the cloud and rainfall forecast model. we are clearing out, already, with the bulk of the clouds to the south. putting it in motion at 6:00. maybe a few high clouds tomorrow morning then in the afternoon hours plenty of sunshine out there. and another mostly sunny foredast heading into monday. here is the forecast for your sunday, though, 4:00. 12:00, upper 50s to lower 60s. mostly sunny skies, we will call it the long-range lower 60s and 70s by 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. here is a look at the numbers, santa rosa, 71, san francisco, 65, brentwood, 70. fremont tops out, 68. morgan hill, around 70 degrees. here is a look ahead. nice tomorrow, just beautiful
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for your monday with the readings mostly in the 70s. we begin the next cooling trend on tuesday. partly cloudy skies. thicken them up on wednesday and a drop off on the numbers by thursday. warmest locations in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. there is a slight chance of a shower. if you wanted a warm up monday is the day with the temperatures back up into the 70s. >> did you say snow? >> there is a possibility but the models packed off on the probability of showers. >> all right. we mistoday. >> we need it -- we missed it,. >> we need it, thank you. >> the santa clara city council is set to vote ona proposal on tuesday to sell the naming rights to a new stadium. the stadium that is not built yet. they are looking to find a backer of the stadium scheduled to open for the 2015 season. under the plan the 49ers would handle the marketing cost of securing a naming sponsor with
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any money named from the naming rights going towards the construction of the $937 million stadium. from 68 to 2. the ncaa championship is set we will
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. good evening, everyone welcome to saturday night edition of sports wrap. every since november 1st we seen plenty of reminders of what the giants did last year. tonight after who times in the l.a. we have a 2011 highlight. giants looking for win number one in dodger stadium. the over fence broke through in the 9th. nimble effort. getting the ball boy to get out of the way.
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the shot just fair. tejada comes home. sanchez goes with the double. making it 3 straight two-out hits as he drove in sanchez. that was it for dodger's starter, lily. matt cane, he is in a -- cain in a jam. bad defense cost the giants the first games. good tkefpb by huff in right field. getting tony gwen junior. giants did not make an error today. they add a little icing in the 8th. sanchez, a drive to the left for the first home run of the year. giants bust out for 13 hits as three relievers combine with kain for a 10-0 shut out. they wrap up the series tomorrow morning with zeto going for the drive for the
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dodgers. the a's looking for win number one in the young season after falling for the second night in a row. anderson pitched well in his 6 innings of work. cust drove in a run in the 6th. >> it was 2-1 for the mariners batting in the 8th. punching one through the right side of crisp comes home, heading to the 9th, tied at 2. it was up to brian to shut the mariners down. ichiro gets credit on this ball that lands it. ichiro had two hits tonight and became the mariner's all-time leader in that category. now, he is just a bit high and outside on this delivery. alevo came home. the mariners get 3 in the inning and put it away. the a's will try again for the first win tomorrow when gonzalez takes on doug fister. major history. the rangers against boston. for the second game in a row
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kensler homered in the ranger's first at bat. it never happened previously. he is just part of a power display by texas. rangers struck for 6 runs in the 4th, 4 of them provided by beltre. he goes deep with the bases full. not an outing lackey will relish giving up 9 runs. 12-5 the final as texas gets off to a good start. red sox are 0-2. college basketball has the two teams that will play for the championship on monday night. one you would have to consider a national power. and you thought kentucky was the wildcat. they played the late game tonight. uconn building the lead in the first half. pretty play. walker, strips knight and feeds ahead to smith, 31-21 at halftime. wildcats with a surge in the second half. when lamb hits the 3 kentucky by 2 at the 15-minute mark. now, they are tied at 42. roughly 10 minutes to play.
12:18 am
walker pulls up for a shot that will not go. look at the effort by alex on the follow. uconn back up by 2. now, wildcats turn for a big play. knight, a driving lineup. again, tied at 46 with 8 minutes left. kentucky down by 2 with 4 minutes to go. good defense by the huskies. walker gets a chance to run the floor. that is two more of the 18 points. uconn in front for good. but not before kentucky had onast chance. the wildcats can tie or win. they go for the win. but, they get it off of the mark after finishing the big east regular season at 9-9 and in 9th place. the huskies are headed to the championship. uconn won 10 in a row and a two- time champion goes to the title game for the third time in school history. earlier commonwealth, rep
12:19 am
sepblt inside houston against but -- represented inside houston against butler. jamie gets 3. gets the rams the first lead. later, burges. they combine for 21 of the 28 first-half points. but, the bulldogs ended the half on a 19-8 run giving them the lead on the break. howard, on the board, a put back after he gets them. the rams come back before. skiing inside, plus, a free throw. he converted the play. the rams were back in front by 3. but, midway through the half. butler going on a run which he scored 10 straight points first. he let hits a long free. then, 24 points in all. at the one minute mark, butler up by 4. bcu needs to stop. he mises but howard there for another put back. howard at 17 for the bulldogs that aerpbd the right to play for the championship for the second year in a row. rebounding the biggest
12:20 am
difference in the 70-62 final. 46-30 in favor of butler. butler against uconn on monday. stanford women try to earn their way into the ncaa game tomorrow against texas a&m. they doll so with the coach. enjoying a distinction. she has been named co-coach of the year. three coaches received 10 first place votes. first time an ap award has been share inside any college sport. possible play off preview for the sharks tonight as they head towards the post season. we will show you how that went when we continue and an old vetera
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. four more regular seasons for the sharks. positioning themes for a play off run. one team they could see is the anaheim ducks. the fans barely settled in tonight when the sharks found themselves down 1-0. then, later in the 1st period on the power play. making it 2-0. they wound up with the point 2-0 ducks. they took the lead to the second period. then, the sharks got even. first, danny, turned back, and then he got his own rebound. later, the sharks get even. dan boyle, and the ducks lose. check this out. great stick work here to control the puck and backhand it in. five minutes remain, then, san jose on the power play, boyle sets it up. fires the slap shot. sharks in front. they would add an empty netter in the game's final seconds 4-2 winner. the sharks back to the number 2
12:25 am
play off spot in the west right now. anaheim is number 7. not much relevant about a warrior game with five left to play but you might as well put one in the win column if you can. coming up big against dallas. the lay-up and theny the 3 on the way to a 32-point game. warriors hung with dallas the whole way. thornton starts it and then elis to wright, warriors 99-92 winners as they deal the mav's a blow and their attempt to move up in the west. and a nice comeback effort by the earthquakes to earn a tie and a point in the standings. hosting seattle at buckshaw stadium. now, bobbiy convey sets up the score. dock ins, the first mls goal on loan from the quakes of the english premiere league. the coach likes the new look. then, down 2-1 in the second
12:26 am
half. stevenson, launches a laser. he finds the back of the net. 2-2 the final. san jose 1-1-1 in the young soccer season. golf's first major of the year set to go next week. the defending champion seems to be getting his game in order just in time. phil mickelson the third round of the houston open. he needs to hold out the chip on the 6th hole to save par. he will do just that. mickelson, five shots down. putting together his best round in two years. another veteran player, 46-year- old scott verplank hitting a wedge. this shot going in for eagle. shooting the second round for 65 to earn the share of the lead along with mickelson. mickelson, 18, an approach allowing him to finish it with a birdie. he shoots a 9 underpar, 63. tying the course record. the women playing their first major of the year.
12:27 am
angela sanford on the pwufrpger hole. tell them there is a zoom on that -- bunker hole. tell them there is a zoom on that camera. the leader, zing. for birdie. she shot the best with a 66 and leads stacy lewis by two strokes. that will do it for this saturday night editions of sports wrap. see you again tomorrow at 5:00. >> all right, joe. and giants looking better today than the last one. >> they did not kick the ball around today. that was the key. five errors was something they were talking about. not much over fence in the first two games. a lot of that going as well. >> yes. they did. absolutely. fun to watch. all right, thank you. that is our report for everyone tonight. >> join ktvu morning news at 7:00 a.m. we will have the latest on southwest airlines. the flight cancellations because of the hole found in one of the airports. >> our coverage continues any time on-line at for joe, mark, and all of us thanks for joining us. have a good night.
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we will see you back here tomorrow
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