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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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union members flexing their muscles during today's rush hour. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. an estimated 1,000 union workers took to the streets of san francisco this evening to rally for the rights of workers
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and the middle class. this is a view from above. >> reporter: themarch ended here at the federal reserve slammed for bailing out big banks while people were being forclosed on. this is what outrage looked like as protesters vented. a teacher, a nurse at san francisco general. >> i have to worry about the corporate rat that wants to steal the cheese from on top of my head. >> reporter: wisconsin has been rallying for months. >> it's a wake up call for all of labor. >> reporter: this longshoreman helped organize a sympathy
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strike today. wisconsin workers he says might have done better had they walked off their jobs. >> it was us volunteering the to with hold our labor. but in america, would you do that. i think you would see a new power dynamic emerging. >> reporter: the issue of fairness got this woman out of her house. >> they don't seem to care about the people, the middle class people that are suffering through all of this. >> reporter: that union official from wisconsin got some of the biggest cheers of the night vowing the recalls of their republican government and the protest. these strikes and many other in the country were planned for
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martin luther king jr.'s strike. another large crowd turned out at this prolabor crowd this one in san jose. those on hand gathered in support of the people of wisconsin. there's word tonight that phillip garrido is going to plead guilty to kidnapping jaycee dugard for holding her hostage for 18 years. >> he's going to plead guilty to most of the counts against him and go away for a long
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time. >> the garridos are accused ofd kidnap -- accused of kidnapping dugard. nancy garrido has pleaded not guilty but so far phillip garrido has not entered a plea. we have news from san francisco. police telling us that they made an arrest on the suspect that sexually assaulted a jogger. this is developing news. police say the investigation is ongoing. a real scare in the air today for passengers on board a united airlines flight bound for san francisco. shortly after taking off from new orleans, the pilot declared a midair emergency and turned the plane around. heather holmes is live at sfo
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where passengers told her exactly what it was like on board. >> reporter: rattled united passengers arrived here this evening happy to finally be in the bay area. >> reporter: just minutes after taking off from new orleans airport, there were signs of trouble this morning on united flight 437. >> we get off the ground and things start making different kinds of noises. >> it felt like it was rocking back and forth and floating. >> reporter: the pilot who had been speaking on the public address system suddenly stopped. but smoke in the cockpit was not the only problem. pilots reported the situation had worsened. >> we lost all our instruments right now. and we're going to need -- >> reporter: essentially flying blind, the pilots used
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landmarks to give traffic controllers their location as they prepared for an emergency landing. >> we kind of grabbed each other's hands. it was a lady from the uk. we're going to get through this together, and she said sure. our hands were both sweaty. >> reporter: the crippled air bus landed back at the new orleans airport. it's nose gear off the edge of the runway. >> the pilot came out and yelled, get off the plane, get off the plane, leave your stuff, get off the plane. >> we are all just glad to be on the ground. >> reporter: and passengers were put on another plane that landed seven hours after the their original flight was
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supposed to. tonight southwest airlines has been ordered to inspect other 737s. 80 of the planes are registered to the u.s. the rest are registered to foreign carriers. the faa is trying to avoid what happened do this jet. southwest airlines says the faa order will not affect their operation because they have just inspected their entire fleet of boing 337s following that incident in arizona. those inspections led to more flight cancellations. southwest cancelled eight flights in oakland. three in san jose. passengers are trying to take all these delays in stride. >> actually my flight was
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supposed to leave at 8:30 then they pushed it back to 11:00. >> it makes it frustrating but you just have to deal with it. >> reporter: southwest says its night operations around the nation should be back to normal by tomorrow. and later this hour, we sit down with an aviation accident. just how common is mental fatigue on airliners. and how the stress of the short routes can be stressful. texas instruments is buying national semi conductor. texas instruments is paying $6.5 billion in cash for the santa clara based company. the semi conductor emphasizes
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on chips. news of the years sent semi conductors soaring. shares opened today at about $14. alight day of trading on wall street started with oil setting at $185 a barrel. the nasdaq dropped less than one point. the dow ended 23 points higher. and president obama filed papers to run in 2014. the announcement came over the internet. >> reporter: the campaign's announcement was anything but ordinary. mr.obama never spoke once in the two minute video. >> i think they wanted to get away from the my fellow americans approach. which is a little stayed and
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maybe a little boring. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor. >> some starchily support the president for a second term. >> i think he inherited the worse possible conditions the domestic, the economy, you name it. >> reporter: but there are critics from within his own party. people disappointed with his military actions in libya and afghanistan or with his concessions involving social security and other domestic issues. >> i wish he would not be so conciliatory with the right wing republicans. >> reporter: still experts say regardless of what californians might think, the main model will not be here. >> it's going to come down to swing states. >> reporter: of course many big
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political contributors come from california. more details now on how california voters view the president's job performance 54% approve. 37% disapprove. 9% had no opinion. these numbers are from our ktvu field poll. the survey was conducted last month. we need jobs, we need leadership. yet you do nothing as we pile up debts we can't afford. the republican party replied with its own video. on a twist on mr. obama's 2008 campaign, the gop is using the campaign slogan, hope isn't hiring. we are winding down from an uncondition bring warm day. a big cool down expected for your tuesday. coming up in eight minutes who's expected to see a big
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drop. coming up,
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a u.s. marine from santa clara celebrated his 21st birthday last week. three days later he was killed
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in afghanistan. lloyd lacuesta is in santa clara where he's been learning about this man who died for his country. >> reporter: here's a 2008 yearbook photo of lance corporate harry lu. hep was killed -- he was killed yesterday during an operation. his family is not commenting and friends are declining to say anything until the pamly talks. lew is described as well liked and talented. >> lew was adept at hip hop and break dancing. he was a part of the break dancing club and the vietnamese association. he was musically inclined and played percussion in middle school. we're told he was passionate about dancing and spoke about it at a gathering referred to
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hip hop 101. >> hip hop cannot be contained. it's a way of life and for many it's a way of fighting a stride. >> every time you saw him he had a big smile on his face and a lot of energy. >> reporter: lew was a teachers' assistant for one semester. >> i find it hard to deal with because all the horrible things happening in afghanistan are happening to our young children. >> reporter: lew wrote, life is like a dance. sometimes you'll step on some toes. live in santa clara, lloyd
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lacuesta. more details now on u.s. casualties in afghanistan. the pentagon says two other americans were killed today. their names have not yet been revealed. they were shot today at a compound in the north. the gunman escaped. the americans were training afghan security forces. the u.s. and nato are due to transfer power to the afghans in july. the coroner today identified a pilot who died yet in a small plane crash. richard manuel of redwood city had just taken off from oakland international airport in his single engine world war ii era plane when it went down in an area known as san leandro bay. it appeared the plane was having engine problems before it crashed. the national transportation safety board will lead the investigation. the trial of two men
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charged with the killing of oakland journalist baley and two other men resumed today with more chilling testimony. rob roth was in court with the man who admitted shooting down baley calmly recalled the shooting. >> reporter: according to defense attorneys, the juror apparently works at fairmont hospital where bailey's brother was treated so the judge excused him. sitting in a courtroom were bailey's relatives. >> just watching him was kind
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of hard and devastating. >> reporter: youseff says that broussard ordered him to kill baley because of embarrassing reports the report was writing. broussard says, i take responsibility for what i did. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. in japan today workers began pumping contaminated water from the damaged fukushima plant to the ocean. the authorities say the water
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has low levels of radiation but it has 500 times the legal limit. we have a happy reunion to show you from japan. the dog found floating in the ocean was reunited with its owner today. a helicopter spotted the dog last friday. she was taken to a shelter. after seeing the rescue on tv the owner was able to find her dog. the are repairs at diablo are now complete. the unit was shut down on march 26 because of water pump problem in the nonnuclear section of the plant. while unit two was down. unit one remained in operation. the obama administration denied reports that it has allowed bp to resume drilling in the gulf of mexico. it's been almost a year now
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since that deadly oil rig exploded. and bp needs approval from the federal government to start drilling at ten existing wells. a commission found bp along with transocean and haliburton were to blame. good evening a ridge of high pressure in place. offshore flow and we had warm temperatures this afternoon. but we're starting to see some changes as this ridge here begins to we cannen. it's going to be pushed aside by a system that will bring us clouds, cooler conditions but no rain with this one. by the afternoon we are expecting cloudy conditions by your tuesday as we roll through midweek, we are going to see a decline in temperatures. 40s to possibly low 50-degrees
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is what we're looking at. your noontime numbers upper 50s low 60s. so again, this is the beginning of a dramatic cool down. the rain expected to come with that cooler air, that coming up at 10:45. the california highway patrol started a first of its kind month long campaign to cut down on distracted drivers. the fine for the first offense is $100 but after court fees it could cost $200. officers have issued more than 350,000 tickets. the donations are pouring in. money, photographed items, tickets to popular sporting events. we'll tell you about a fundraiser for a man who is used to helping others.
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the unique therapy here today and the lessons these soldiers and marines wa
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now a story you will see only on two. san francisco police have arrested two men they say used stolen credits to fund a shopping free. investigators recovered pricey items with labels from gucci, prada and louis vutton. they also recovered $600 in cash after arresting the men on saturday. they were alerted bid suspicious clerks at saks fifth avenue. more than a dozen members of the u.s. military gathered
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today to learn to surf. ktvu's maureen naylor explains it's a story of challenge and courage. >> reporter: these troops have come a long way from the sands of iraq and afghanistan. >> we don't have to worry about iuds. we don't have to worry about crazy people wearing explosive vests. >> reporter: they were all injured. >> reporter: his leg was partially amputated in after fan stan. today thanks to several nonprofits he and others traded their uniforms for wet suits in santa cruz. >> it makes you more sure of yourself. the stereo type is we're disabled. no, we're not disabled. a lot of us are doing more than
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we did as disabled people than abled bodied people. >> they get lit up. their smiles are open. their eyes are bright. we change lives. >> it went through my knee. >> reporter: including 19-year- old trent. his leg was amputated on an iud. still on crutches, he's days away from getting his new leg. >> it's incredible. like i wouldn't even expecting it to be this much fun. because this is not what we do in alabama and i've loved it. every minute of it. >> reporter: this courageous group is looking forward not back. maureen naylor. vallejo major ozzie davis is going to seek a second term. davis election in 2007 was a real nail biter he won in a
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rebound by three votes to become the city's first african american mayor. davis is leading the city through some tough economic times. you will recall the city filed for bankruptcy back in 2008. in san jose this evening, city leaders met with members of the community to discuss ways to rebuild trust in law enforcement. it was part of an ongoing effort to stop the division between police officers and the public.
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new information on a giant's fan that was badly beaten. ktvu's amber lee live now in san jose with an outpouring of support for the man and his family. >> reporter: the injured giant's fan bryan still works here at hp pavilion. as part of a paramedic team during sharks games. today fellow first responders held a fundraiser for him.
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the sharks also donated pucks. stowe's coworkers spent the day trying to gather donations to auction off. >> these messages will be taken to the hospital tomorrow. fellow paramedics tell me stowe has been taken out of a medically induced coma. >> he's a fighter and he's not one to back down from a fight. >> reporter: at hp pavilion tonight, the sharks played the los angeles kings. fans tell us they can't help but think about the attack. >> i realize you just can't feel safe any where, you just have to be careful. >> reporter: today san francisco police say they are not expecting any changes in security when the giants host the dodgers next wednesday. >> the fans here in san francisco, we hope that they will be mindful of the situation. whether they win or lose and be
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respectful to others. >> reporter: back here live, peace in my heart restaurant here in the south bay is pledging to donate 30% of its proceeds tomorrow. another detail to bring you regarding a person's arrest. police have now given us the name of the suspect, they tell us he is xavier neil, 18 years old of san francisco. they promise more information tonight. the public utility's commission is giving the public an opportunity tomorrow to voice their conditions on pipeline safety. the commission is looking into what new rule should be created to increase pipeline safety. eight people died as a result of that explosion last september. in the wake of the san bruno explosion and other
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incidents across the country. the obama administration is proposing new oversight of the pipeline industry. >> there need to be tough penalties. we need a stronger tool to make sure these companies do the right thing. >> one utility watchdog says more has to be done to ensure that fines aren't passed on to customers. ray lahood is asking pipeline investigators to speed up repairs and checks. by the end of the day it appeared that are rebels had control of half of a town they've lost a few times. the rebels want to begin selling oil to europe in order to buy heavy weapons they need
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to oust mr. gadhafi. the obama administration today announced the trial of a master mind of the september # first terrorist attacks will not be held in a civilian court in new york city -- september 11th terrorist attacks. the plan to try the man near ground zero met widespread resistance. the pentagon will decide whether the men will be tried separately or together and whether the courtroom will be in guantanamo or elsewhere. and new developments in the barry bonds case. first a juror called in sick but should be back tomorrow. >> reporter: with no jury today, prosecutors announced an unexpected piece of evidence that if admitted could be a big blow for barry bonds' defense. steve hoskins gave prosecutors
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an audio tape of a secretly recorded conversation hoskins says he just found yesterday. when hoskins testified here first, it's a recording of hoskins talking to dr. ting bonds' orthopedic surgeon. the doctor said he never talked to hoskins about bonds health. >> sunday surprised the tape found by mr. hoskins that has been unfound for six or seven years. if the government is anxious to play it. the implications are it will be good for the prosecution because it will support mr.
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hopkins story. the 15 minutes conversation she's read so far, it's more likely inadd visible. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. new concerns about the safety of drinking water. what tests a bay area rainwater revealed. if on shore breeze is back with us tonight. how
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new at 10:00 tonight, advocates for safe food and water are telling ktvu their new concern about radiation in japan winding up here in the bay area. the environment protection agency tested last month's rain water and found it exceeded federal standards by 46 times. the group food and water watch said the epa needs to be more forthcoming. >> we already know that the material is present. what we don't know yet is how much of it is actually there and will it continue to be there and how to deal with it. we need to plan to deal with it. food and water watch noted rainwater winds up in reservoirs which is the water that we drink. the group is asking president obama to act quickly to protect food and water from radio active contamination. the discovery of radio active kelp has abiloni farmers
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worried. abiloni farmers we spoke to said they want more research into the issue, especially what impact it could have on their industry. >> we certainly want to find out. we want to know if there is going to be any radio active iodine in the waters of our state. a kelp at the moss landing marine activists telling ktvu news there would be minimal risks because iodine disburses quickly. customers of dozens of
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major retailers and banks could become the targets of internet scams. marketing company espilon says its data base was hacked last week. we have posted a full list on ktv under web links. in news of the world tonight in afghanistan, a crowd burned an efigie today after a pastor in the united states burned a koran. french officials today released images of an air france jet in the atlantic ocean. it crashed two years ago killing all 228 people on board. investigators said they still haven't located the black box flight recorders. several bodies have also been
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found. authorities are contacting the families to see if they want them retrieved. a soyu spacecraft blasted off today carrying an american astronaut. that launch triggered the space race between the u.s. and the soviet union. why the future of other locations is uncertain tonight. an aviation expert tells ktvu the particular stresses southwest airline planes are southwest airline planes are susceptible southwest airline planes are susceptible
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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the incident that grounded southwest airlines planes and led to the faa calling for the inspection of 737 jets has
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happened before. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler spoke to an expert and found why this particular aircraft is susceptible. >> reporter: engineers say the rip in the roof happened right where they expected it in what's called a lap joint between sheets of aluminum. >> they are a point where you typically have higher stresses. there's a little bit of bending here. >> reporter: i spoke to roland huet. air pressure two tons per square food pushes out of the cabin, then relaxes on departure. experts say 736s are favorites
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and likely prone to these problems. a china air 737 crashed nine years ago killing 225. the faa fined southwest three years ago for failing to inspect cracks. >> they will happen. they don't have a catastrophe consequences. >> reporter: huet says he believes the faa will require stricter items. the over all quality of lair line service rose last year according to the. on time performance rose to 80s%. the rate of lost bagged was
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bumped. air tran was number one followed by hawaii, jet blue, alaska and southwest. researchers made the rankings by compares on time performance. mishandled baggage and customer complaints. an almost 100-year-old bay area business announced today. the store says it will keep 12 other stores open while it goes through the hard which i am times. good -l cofounder larry page stepped back into the ceo today. they developed the page. there is word tonight
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sprint wireless says it will release its nfc. will allow people to make payments by simply tapping a key on their phone. if spread makes his deadline, it'll be on at&t and team mobile. a record warm day in fact, so warm we did break records. i want to show you very quickly. in santa rosa, napa, hayward and concord all seeing new decades today. santa rosa hill 80 degrees this afternoon. a widespread upper # zeros an areas around san jose. i had a woman in the 80s today to break a record. areas right around san francisco as well as oakland. we are going to to continue to see the cool down. we have a system to the north
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of us. not going to bring us any rain but the end of this system is going to slide over us come tuesday increedsing our cloud cover. a second system to follow is actually going to bring us the possibility of some rain. and continue our cool down, giving you a look at the pore cast model, picking it up this evening by tomorrow. there you have it. through the morning hours you could even see low crow cover that on shore breeze bringing us a little bit of cloud cover. possible for the morning hours. here we are now 4:00 in the afternoon looks like the north bay is beginning to clear up. the south bay clayty, look at what happens in the area, .
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hanging around thursday and it's really going to drop our temperatures. in fact, we're looking at the possibility of low snow levels -f for today we saw widespread 70s. even 80s in santa rosa. by tomorrow five to 15 minute drop. we bottomed out on thursday sitting in the 50s. so the patchy low clouds we are expecting to be a little bit warmer than last night. wade spread 40s as we start tomorrow morning and the afternoon highs seasonal. so not too bad, we will be mostly gray but our temperatures not too bad. 68 san jose and your extended forecast here as we move through wednesday and thursday, it's going to get chilly. you're definitely going to need the jacket. and make it a wrenches.
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we're dry and our temperatures rebounding. >> not quite down with the rain yet. >> no, not yet. the transit district is aiming to close some of their -- tickets for the salsadito are also become hones instead of flying on april 19th. endeavor says it will carry it -- pasadena, nasa engineers are getting the oval ready for its trim to mass ár mars. this one is quite longer, and
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mark is here now with sports. i guess butter finally ran out of steam. >> i don't know how experts are going to spin this thing. but they had a definite canine steal. loser shot 18% from the fields. winners were not that entertaining. bulldogs did lead it at halftime. these shots of butler in only 22-19 intermission. 22 points at halftime. however uconn owns the second half. jeremy lam steals it and he will convert. they're on the way to a third straight title. tembo walker leading. that's a nice line in the lane.
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uconn only shooting 69% chance. chance -- >> the five time all tar received a very pleasant wake up call this morning. >> when i found out the last years i was a finalist. that was in my mind a great establishment and felt so satisfied with that. he called and woke me up and i actually went back to sleep. but i slept with a big smile on my face, i really did. no doubt vandeveer has built a great power house at
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stanford. she of 500 plus wins. when it comes toal leapt, the sharks want for nothing. the only need they have is to get a little tkaebger -- have is to get a little -- second period, it gets worse for the visitors. dan boyle from john thorton. it's an eighth mar low miss. but thor low 999 career points for thor ton. sharks is rolling people. the play offs can't come any sooner for them. they are ready to go. that's the sporting life for a
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monday night. >> thank you, mark. thank you. >> that's it for us be sure to to join us. our coverage continues online at thank you
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