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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 5, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> breaking news tonight. within the hour san francisco firefighters are called out to battle a blaze in the heart of the tenderloin. good evening. i'm in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a frantic firefight underway at this hour in san francisco with firefighters rescuing residents from a burning building. deborah villalon is live at the scene of this news at ed and jones in the city's tenderloin.
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what have you been able to find out so far? >> reporter: what we know is this fire has gone to three alarms. they also called a red alert which is what they do when they have people unaccounted for and a chance of casualties. let me walk you in here we don't want to block the fire engines. this is a residential hotel. it is six stories high. take a look. you can see the ladder going up to the roof. the fire has spread now to the attic. that is presenting a real challenge for san francisco firefighters. because as they fight this with water from the inside they are very aware that the ceiling or the roof could collapse down on them. now, this is a san franciscoan towers hotel, 150 units. it has a fair number of disabled and wheelchair-bound residents who needed to be rescued. other residents did make their way down the fire escapes on their own. the fire started in a trash exact tore on the first compactor and it went into a
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light well and a chute and able to travel to multiple floors. residents described their first clue was choking northeast corner. >> i was on the -- i was in my room. all of a sudden i smelled smoke. so i went out of my room and the whole hallway was full of smoke. i just panicked and ran downstairs as fast as i could to get out of the building. it was very -- yeah. >> reporter: did you see any flames? >> flames, no, a lot of smoke in the hallways. >> the glow of flames has been seen from the glow of this building but not fire shooting out. most of the fire is inside and it is in a compactor garbage chute and it is in the light wells. so taking a look live now we have some people on the fire escapes making their way down. but the last update i got from san francisco fire was that they believe that they have everybody out of the building. they have been going room to room, hall to ral to the extent that they can. they believe there may be a few people unaccounted for but also possible that those people were
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not in the building at the time of the fire. a triage center has been set up about a half a block away. right now we have no reports of any injuries. we are going to keep watching this fire. we will come back to you live with any updates. reporting live in san francisco's tenderloin, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to sanbruno where there was brunt in some cases heartbreaking testimony tonight from victims of last yes's pipeline explosion. as we first reported on ktvu, channel 2 news at 5 and 6, people had the chance to tell the public utilities commission how they feel. continuing of the coverage now lloyd lacuesta is live in sanbruno to tell us how residents are are using their experiences to call for change. lloyd? >> reporter: the seniors center you see behind me was being used as an evacuation center for the deadly pipeline explosion. inside the building tonight the california public utilities commission just a few minutes ago wrapped up a five hour
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hearing to draft new natural gas pipeline rules. there was nothing left to the house. it dissincident gated. >> reporter: chris torres says his 81-year-old mother was decree mated in her clair mount avenue home and the two sisters and brother-in-law are still in a burn center. >> it was over 600 to 800- degrees outside. all of the hair and flesh on their bodies burned off. so i want something to be done. >> reporter: bill's claremont avenue home was yellow tagged. he said if pg&e had inspected the 30--year-old pipe this would not have happened. >> i am sure because i want to make sure that the poc is reminded from our perspective of the severity of the consequences of pg&e's negligence and their attitude towards the oversights. >> reporter: tonight there are calls for improved testing of high pressure pipelines, remote
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is shut-off valves and substantial fines for pg&e. >> when the ntsb investigation is complete and the public utilities board investigation is complete you will find pg&e being held accountable. >> we are note waiting for the investigation to conclude. we have launched a number of safety initiatives. we're working very hard, 24/7 to enhance the safety of the system. >> reporter: a puc will hold two more public hearings next month in santa rosa and la. and i am told the intent is to have new gas line rules in place this year. live in sanbruno, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. it requires shut-off valves on many of the gas pipelines cleared the hurdle. the state senate approved the bill. it would make them install shut- off valves on all of the pipelines. it now goes to the senate appropriations committee. faced with a $30 million
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deficit caltrans is facing closing some completely and another 11 on weekends. the hayward in san mateo. the capital station in san jose and the stop at the brisbane san francisco city line would be closed entirely. the weekend close would include one in san francisco, one in south san francisco, five on the peninsula and two in the south bay. in addition, caltrans wants to cut the service and raise the fares. on thursday the caltrans board is set to considering this proposal. the bart extension proposal passed a long awaited milestone today. the transportation authority says the project qualified for $900 million in funds from the federal government. the ten mile extension from fremont to san jose is expected to be ready for passengers in 2018. new at 10, we're learning details about a plan to blow up a vacant bay area hospital.
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as ktvu's amber lee reports, demolition experts are preparing to i am employed oakland's naval hospital friday morning. >> the wiring here is what the electrical charge that they used to set off the explosion. >> four sticks of dynamite are now imbedded in each of the building's 1500 columns, which are wrapped in black fiber cloth. >> we drill and then they set the charges within every hole here. and to hold the charges in, we foam the end and it seals it. >> so each of those holes needs to have a separate explosive? >> yes. >> reporter: to make the building i am employed more easily the ground floor walls have been knocked out. the 0 project manager told us concrete samples were taken from the building to test for asbestos. none was detected. the naval facility was decommissioned in 1996. over time, the hospital and the ground became dilapidated.
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neighbors tell us squatters and drug dealers took over. >> kind of scary when it's in the evening because it is a nice area to walk around. but you can't do that when you don't know who is going do come out of the bushes. >> she is saddened by views of the demolition. she told us the naval hospital provided her with medical care as a child. >> people knew who you were. you know you go there often enough as kids. >> reporter: what happens to the property next is still up in the air. the corporate owners are tied up in a legal battle. neighbors told us they would like to see open space. >> i think that would be awsome, right? >> reporter: yes. >> to be able to bring your dogs over there and have your kids play over there. >> reporter: more details now, the naval hospital was built in 1942 to treat casualties returning from the pacific during world war ii. in later years men and women wounded in korea and the vietnam war were treated in the hospital. in 1991 observingville staff were called to serve. the hospital was closed in 1996 as part of the base closure realignment. contra costa is coming to
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the help in advancing $10 million to the hospital. the supervisors warned the hospital it has to fix its budget problems. five years ago the county made a similar loan. it was paid back with interest. the medical center is the largest emergency department in west contra costa county. police at uc berkeley are warning students after a woman was sexually battered while walking through campus. the incident happened at 11:00 sunday night on the west side of campus just off oxford street. the woman was walking alone. police say the man grabbed her in an inappropriate way and ran off. she called 911. campus police responded but could not locate the man. >> they are considering a number of options to deal with guns on campuses. there have been at least five incidents on berkeley high so far this year. the plan calls for a police officer on campus five days a week instead of four along with more training and a partial closure of district campuses. berkeley police also want
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school security officers in uniform so they can be easily identified. under clearing skies, we are gearing up for a cooler, breezy wednesday. your temperatures are coming up in eight minutes. necessary incentive or corporate giveaway. the steps san francisco took just today to keep twit never town. >> we are continuing to monitor that firefight going on in san francisco. these are live pictures. our crew
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. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the alameda county bomb squad was called out this afternoon to deal with what appears to be a world war ii era hand grenade. a woman in alameda cleaning her garage found the grenade and called 911. the bomb squad took it away and blew it up in a safe location. the woman did the right thing not handling the device and calling the authorities. san francisco leaders today took a build and controversial step towards re vitalling a blithed neighborhood by approving a tax break for businesses, most notably here, twitter. heather holmes is live in the city where she talked with opponents and conspiracyers of this deal. heather? >> reporter: this is what mid- market is known for, abandoned buildings, empty storefront windows and graffiti. but today's deal could turn things around. historic street cars passed
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through what has become a symbol of decay. mid-market in downtown san francisco. congested and gritty, lined with boarded up buildings. >> this really will have the potential to truly impact mid- market in a way that i think our city has wanted to see for decades. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim believes the landscape will change because of today's action at city hall. >> supervisor kim? >> ay: >> reporter: supervisors approved giving a payroll tax break to businesses that relocate to the depressed mid- market and tenderloin areas. namely, twitter. the micro-blogging service has threatened to leave the headquarters and take the 350 employees to brisbane unless they got a tax break. if city officials delivered the company has said it would move into the vacant san francisco mart building. >> it is now set us up for having this exact same discussion with other companies in other districts who also are going to wonder why are they getting their fair share? >> reporter: the supervisor
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ross calls it corporate welfare. but the deal is music to phillip mahs ears. he opened a wine bar on the market four months ago and looking forward to twitter's business. >> we need the company to be in market, our market street to revitalize this area and this neighborhood. it definitely needs it. >> reporter: companies in the zone would be exempt from paying for payroll taxes for new hires for six years. final approval legislation is expected next week. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on the exact area covered by that tax exemption. the mid-market zone sits along market street between 5th and 10th streets. the tenderloin area is much larger and includes match of geary street just two blocks from union square. more fall-out tonight from last week's incidents involving a southwest airlines jet liner. tonight a new federal aviation administration order is in effect requiring inspections on certain types of 737s.
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the new order means about 175 planes must be inspected immediately with 79 of those jets belonging to southwest. southwest says so far its own inspections have found five planes showing cracks. a crack in the fuselage of the southwest 737 is suspected of causing a five foot long hole to open up as the plane was in flight last friday. today federal investigator where is examining that piece that broke off. this is new video our washington, d.c. bureau shot today at the national transportation safety board lab. investigators are trying to find out why the jet ripped open in flight. >> this about four foot section was adjacent to the ruptured section. and both were removed. so this rupture occurred on the left side of the fuselage. >> investigators say the plane involved in last friday's incident was recently inspected in a way that required inspectors to take the plane apart to look at areas not
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usually visible. a shooting in antioch that left a teenager critically injured and sent stray bullets into a child's bedroom prompted at least one family to move out today. the shooting happened at around 9:00 last night outside an apartment building in the 1700 block of sycamore drive. investigators say three stray bullets went through an apartment window and into a 9- year-old boy's bedroom. the child was not injured. but one neighbor called the shooting a wakeup call and said the area is too violent for his family. >> there were bullets last night. we had to duck on the floor, man, to get to safety because our baby is in the house. that's the most important thing right now is the kids. >> the investigators say the 19- year-old shooting victim will likely be paralyzed. police are still looking for a suspect. >> two richmond police officers are on paid leave tonight. the fbi is investigating accusations that those officers recruit you had teens from the department's youth program and then gave them guns so that they could work for the officer's own private security company. ktvu's eric rasmussen talked to the i don't young men at the
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center of this case. >> reporter: these men were just 19 and 20-year-old when they say a richmond police officer recruited them to work as armed private security guards. >> i thought it was actually a good learning experience, actually, to go like a step forward in becoming a police officer. >> reporter: they say the offer came from richmond officer danny harris while they were part of the young explorer project for young men and women. they gave harris $500 for handguns. >> basically he purchased them for us. we were under the age of 21 at the time. >> reporter: they say there were 18 richmond explorers who worked for the private company owned by harris and fellow officer ray thomas. the job included patrolling high crime areas, including the crescent park apartments. after a falling outs with their bosses, rio says officer harris tried to set him up to get a dui. >> reporter: did you ever get a chance to ask: why would you do that to me? >> no. >> reporter: no one answered at this office where the young men say harris and thomas still run their security firm.
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but we found more young-looking security officers back patrolling crescent park. >> you wouldn't buy that aged person a better or cigarettes. you are endangering our lives for having someone that is not fully trained, having a gun in our neighborhood with our kids. >> reporter: officers harris and thomas have filed their own discrimination suit against the department, but they could not be reached for comment today. in richmond, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. and more details on the case now. we contacted richmond police. no one agreed to speak on camera. but chief chris magnus released this statement. police in fairfield have announced an arrest in a homicide case that went unsolved for eight years. investigators say recently discovered dna led them to arrest 34-year-old ricardo cruz
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in the 2003 death of katherine patigliano was found stabbed to death by her daughter in her fairfield home. he is the ex-boyfriend of another daughter but have not yet released a motive in this case. scientists at uc berkeley revealed a prototype for an earthquake early warning system. it would have given bay area residents as much as 20 seconds advanced warning of the earthquake. it works by using hundreds of sensors to detect so-called pea waves which advance before the main shock waves. information like that can make a huge difference to agencies like bart. >> within about 15 seconds, within 20 seconds we can end up having a train that's going 60 miles per hour down below 80 miles per hour and probably closer to being stopped. >> scientists say if the early warning system does get the funding it needs, it could be up and running in five years.
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[ music ] >> good evening to you. the weak system that brought us a notable cool down of cloudy conditions and breezy conditions is now beginning to migrate south and east. by tomorrow morning we are looking at mostly clear skies and a chilly start. sitting in the 40s at about sunrise. and then for our noon-time numbers upper 50s, low 60s, it will be cool and breezy once again as the next system approaches the coast. at 3:00 in the afternoon widespread low 60s. but with breezy conditions, that could equal jacket weather. so mostly sunny for most of the day. a little bit of a drop-off is expected for tomorrow. we are looking at 63 for areas like santa rosa. 63 for redwood city. coming up we will pinpoint this approaching storm and talk about the frosty conditions expected to come along with it. we are learning new details about president obama's bay area visit planned for later on this month. the president plans to hold a town hall style meeting at palo
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alto's facebook. questions will come from facebook users and the meeting will be streamed live on the internet. the event is set for april 20th. president obama says he wants to talk about the need to cut the government's debt without cutting spending on innovation. the barry bonds trial is drawing to a close. prosecutors rest their case to see what the defense is planning. >> and look closely at this picture. it is a crowded muni train going through a tunnel with one
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. >> the prosecution in the barry bonds perjury trial rested its case today. the end seems near. ktvu's rita williams has been in the courthouse every day of this trial and brings us tonight's update. >> reporter: the prosecution's last witness against barry bonds was one of the country's fore most anti-doping
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scientist. dr. don cadlin. he told us bonds' 2003 blood test tested positive for rght. >> put it under the tongue. >> reporter: the president victor conte says he did not give bonds rght. but in the testimony read to jurors bonds admits taking what he called was flaxseed oil and an arthritis cream. his trainer and childhood friend anderson gave them. but he denied knowing they were steroids. if it's a steroid it ain't working. i didn't hide anything. i would trust he wouldn't do anything to hurt me. the judge would not allow the jury to hear a just discovered 7-year-old audiotape bonds' former business manager steve hoskins said he secretly
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recorded when he talked with ting about bonds' alleged steroid use. ting denied it. but the judge said the tape was barely intelligible. clearly a blow to the prosecution. prosecutors took two and a half weeks to present their case. the defense says it needs just one day for its witnesses, tomorrow. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now of the defense says the first witnesses will be an irs agent and an fbi agent. both worked on bonds' case. before court starts tomorrow the judge will consider four motions including a motion to dismiss. closing arguments are now expected on thursday. it looks like jury deliberations could begin friday, but more likely at the start of next week. across the bay in oakland the defense hammered away today at the key witness in the murder trial of two men accused of taking part in the killing of journalist chauncy bailey. bressard has testified he
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pulled the trigger and killed bailey. he claims the boss paid him. but he waived when he said he was given the direct order. he testified no one else was around during his conversations with bay. the second defendant antoine macky is accused of driving the getaway car. >> now to libya where rebels lost more ground today against the forces of moammar gadhafi in a battle for key oil towns in the east has gone back and forth. as of now moammar gadhafi's force versus control of brega. a rebel leader said nato is not protecting the civilians. the rebel leader said he would take his grievances to the united nations security council. the u.s. air force said its role in the libyan mission is costing about $4 million a day and has totalled about $75 million since the air campaign began on march 19th. but now that u.s. combat has
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apparently ended that cost should go down. the price tag for the entire u.s. military operation exceeds a half a billion dollars. new developments in a brutal attack on a giants fan. >> it is bad enough that they hit him, at least come forward, have the courage to face the facts. >> a telling text message and what doctors say about the critically injured fan. >> but up first back to the
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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>> back now to the breaking news. ktvu's deborah villalon has been on the scene since that fire broke out just before 9:00 tonight. she is here now with the update. deborah? >> reporter: frank, this fire
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has just been declared under control in just the last five or ten minutes. you can see the ladder is still up to the roof of this six story building. right now crews are doing salvage operations. they are going from floor to floor, room to room really trying to cover up the belongings in the un damaged area so they are not ruined by water, which is pooing from the upper floors. did pooing from the upper floors. it has 75 residents. everyone is accounted for at this point. most of them evacuated on their own when the building filled with smoke. about a dozen needed to be rescued, either through the stairwells in the building or down the fire escape. it went into the attic and on to the roof. that is what presented a special challenge for these crews out here because they were concerned, of course, that the roof could collapse on to them.
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six people were transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. but considered to be relatively minor injuries. that's the latest situation here. the fire is under control in the tenderloin. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. the family of bryan stow, the giants fan attacked at dodgers stadium last thursday spoke out and revealed details. they spoke outside the la medical center where stow is being treated. he sent a text message during the game that it was scary inside dodgers stadium. he rarely talked like that. after the game two men jumped stow. he fell and his hit head and was kicked repeatedly before the attackers ran off. >> it is bad enough that they hit him. at least come forward and have the courage to face the facts and face the book for what you have done here. >> they weren't true dodger fans. we know it is not the dodger fans. >> stow remains in a coma tonight. his doctors said the prognosis
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is guarded and there is evidence of brain injury. one doctor said it is the type of damage that can affect memory, thinking and personality. >> tonight money continues to pour into help bryan stow and his family. appear fundraiser at a south bay chain of pizza restaurants just ended raising thousands of dollars. maureen naylor tells us so many people came out they almost had to shut down early. >> reporter: the support for many slices has been pouring in. >> i don't know him. i just feel that it should have never been done. >> reporter: from strangers to co-workers, the story of this 42-year-old santa cruz father seen here with his two children at a giants game has struck a chord. >> he has young kids. he was a giants fan. i was actually at that game. it was my first time in dodgers stadium. it could have just as easily happened to me. >> reporter: fire engines and ambulances parked outside this downtown san jose pizza my heart today where the lunch line was a lot longer than usual. one of those ordering pizza for
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the fundraiser, this ambulance supervisor who trained stow. >> when i work on this shift i was telling people i am just keeping the seat warm for him and make sure it is warm when he comes out to take care of the people downtown. >> reporter: he is now working on stow's unit ems632 and sitting where brian would normally be working today. >> it has been hard but we have to have faith that something good will happen soon. >> reporter: even a mounted horse unit from the san jose police department showed up. >> i think everybody should feel that they can go to a public event like that and not be bullied or harassed. that is just one of the ways we can show to support him. >> reporter: this week alone they are allowing people to wear bryan sew's name on the side of their ambulances and wearing giants hats. in downtown san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. the reward in the stow case is $100,000 and growing. pacific union financial of walnut creek told ktvu they
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plan to donate $10,000. earlier today the la city council donated $50,000. la police also said today the two suspects may have attacked three or four other giants fans in the minutes before they beat up brian stow. >> a harrowing ride on a san francisco muni train is caught on camera. the doors wide open as the train roars through an underground tunnel. ktvu's david stevenson has the video. one passenger's account of what happened and muni's response. >> cell phone video taken friday night and posted to youtube shows riders on a san francisco muni l train ignoring a wide open door as the tree roars from vanness to church street station. scott weeder is the bearded passenger seen in the foreground. >> the operator got -- made an announcement pretty soon after we got into the tunnel that he was aware that the door was open and that people should stay away from the door. >> it appears to us that the
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proper procedures were not followed. >> reporter: muni officials this afternoon told that you say before the train left, the driver detected that the door hadn't automatically shut and took steps to close it and isolate it from the rest of the train's operating system. >> when i say that you isolate the door, what we do is balance the need to keep a train in service that has an issue with one door, not to take a two car train out of service at rush hour. >> reporter: but muni officials say the train should have never left the station because the driver didn't use the special pin to secure the door shut. the train's operator joined that division last september after ten years as a muni bus driver. he is now under investigation and suspended from driving duty. >> we are very fortunate that nobody got hurt in this particular incident. >> reporter: supervisor weaner told us he didn't pull the train's emergency brake because of fears a sudden stop could injure passengers. muni officials say riders could have and should have stopped the train. in san francisco david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. late today we received a
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rare piece of positive news from japan's crippled nuclear plant damaged by last month's tsunami. operators say they have stopped the leak of contaminated water that was powering into the pacific. did -- pouring into the pacific. the pit was holding highly radioactive water. but it is possible there is another leak. recent tests on water showed radioactive iodine five million times higher than the legal limit. also today japan put out new limits on acceptable radiation levels in fish. a staple of the japanese diet. some fish caught last week 50 miles from the power plant would have exceeded the new safety limits. it is not a major fishing area, some people say they may stop eating fish because of fears of contamination. people from across the bay area came out tonight to enjoy an evening of fine food and traditional japanese music all with an eye towards helping those who are suffering in japan. [ music ] >> at this hour a fundraiser is underway at the hotel niko in
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san francisco. more than 40 restaurants, wine and saki producers and beer makers donated the food and drink tore tonight's fundraiser. the evening includes an auction, drumming and traditional japanese music. 100% of the proceeds will go to the japanese red cross. it's a big buy-out in the snack foods aisles. the combination brings the maker of pringles to san francisco. our temperatures are holding in the 50s. but cooling. coming up in ten minutes, when we company expect that winter- like storm to approach the coast and when you can expect it in your neighborhood. >> he was involved in one of the most infamous
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. police, firefighters and members of the u.s. military support group all escorted the body of a fallen soldier back to pleasantton today. 23-year-old army specialist jameson lynnscog was killed on march 29th when his unit came under attack. he was a medic and his mother told ktvu he died while treating a wounded soldier. funeral services are planned for april 30th. the remains of a south bay marine are preparing for a memorial event tomorrow that will honor him and his love of dance and martial arts. [ music ] >> this is video of lance corporal harry lou break dancing. they are holding an event at his high school. it will include dance, gymnasticking and martial arts performance. the department of defense says
12:11 am
lou died sunday while supporting combat operations. no further details were released. lou had just turned 21-year-old last week. for the first time, one of the chowchilla bus kidnappers happens been granted a parole date but not for another ten years. they said he could be released in 2021 when he will be 66-year- old. in 1976 he and his brother james and fred wood kidnapped 26 students and their bus driver and buried them in a van in a liver many more quarry. the hostages freed themselves after hours underground. his parole could still be revoked by a future governor. in news of the world tonight in the west african nation of ivory coast strong man basbo is refusing to step down even after his compound has come under heavy attack. some of his forces have surrendered their weapons and uniforms in the main city which was eerily quiet today. he lost november's election but won't relinquish power. in lebanon a prison riot
12:12 am
that began this passed weekend ended today with security forces stormed the facility. inmates set fires and took at least three guards hostage. the prison is badly overcrowded. a majority of the men are either awaiting trial or now on trial. some are members of a militant group linked to al qaeda. in italy the lower house of parliament today asked a court to stop tomorrow's trial ofprime minister burlisconi accused of paying for sex with an underaged prostitute. they have both denied the charges. he has been tried many times mostly for corruption. it has never been done before. the new training program for one bay area police department and the high profile incidents that prompted it. and we are tracking changes in our
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. the oakland police department is launching a first of its kind training program to teach officers how to better handle encounters with both wild and domesticated animals. as ktvu tell us, all officers are expected to attend by year's end. >> reporter: today the oakland police and the east bay spca announced a first of its kind program teaching officers how to deal with animal encounters. for most people dogs can be fun but for a responding police officer it can be quite a different story. some dogs have caused serious injuries to police. but not all animals pose a danger. last september, an oakland police officer shot an arthritic labrador retriever in a backyard while checking an alarm. the dog's owner says if the officer had received even the mostfundamental animal training her dog would still be alive. >> our hope is that they really follow through with it. and that every level of officer receives the training so this doesn't have to happen again.
12:16 am
>> reporter: the dog incident and another in which an officer shot and killed a deer prompted oakland police to seek help from the east bay spca. >> and it just really highlights the need for additional training for officers. >> reporter: the spca produced a training video and picked up the cost of the 90-minute program. it teaches officers to step back and assess the situation before they act, to be aware of the different behaviors that they can anticipate from different kinds of animals. and non-lethal options to subdue an animal. >> i would be upset if my dog was shot for no reason. but if i were an officer and i wasn't sure, i don't know if i would really blame them. >> reporter: east bay spca officials say calls for copies of the training materials have been coming in from all over the country. in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. the richmond city council is meeting tonight and considering whether to press forward with the controversial plan to build a casino on the bay shoreline. the tribe hopes to build a $1.7
12:17 am
million casino complex that would feature two hotels, restaurants, stores and more than 300 homes. a new report finds many teenagers don't see a big problem with drug use or excessive drinking. the study by the partnership at finds 45% of teens don't consider five or more drinks a great risk. the average age for a teen to have their first drink is 14. on drugs 25 percent said they had smoked marijuana in the passed month. and 6% said they had used ecstasy. on wall street stocks finished mixed for the day. the dow industrials closed down six points. the nasdaq was up exactly two points. worries that the feds may raise interest rates dam penned enthusiasm over texas instrument's acquisition. >> they are going to buy the pringles snack food from proctor. it could triple diamond's annual revenue.
12:18 am
it would also get proctor and gamble out of the food business leading it to focus on its cosmetics and healthcare products. >> and 125 workers in the east bay are scheduled to lose their jobs next month, victims of automation. the contra costa times is reporting that particular et is shutting their office and moving their work to a software company in texas. it has regional offices in connecticut and new york. those offices are not closing. [ music ] good evening to you. this tail he happened of a week front is now sweeping through the south bay. the rest of us are beginning to clear out. giving you a look at stormtracker you can see partly cloudy skies over san jose. our winds really kicked up today in some areas with this front. right now beginning to wind down. still reporting 15 miles per hour in and around san francisco. 9 in redwood city. 12 right about palo alto. a light breeze in san jose. the winds will be back with us again for tomorrow as the next
12:19 am
system approaches the coast. but at this hour, not too bad. santa rosa is reporting a breeze about 9 miles per hour. napa is 7. here on the futurecast model we can see the clouds as they continue to roll south and east leaving us with mostly clear skies by tomorrow morning. now, as this cooling trend continues we will be chillier tomorrow morning. and if we are breezy outside make sure you consider the winds chill factor. it will be a cool start. we remain mostly sunny for tomorrow. but by the evening hours here we are at 10:00. notice the system is now beginning to take its approach. we do have rain over northern california as well as the sierra. but we stay mainly dry. looks like in the overnight hours. and first thing in the morning on thursday we will begin to see the scattered showers. so the morning drive could be a little soggy. and then it is really patchy in nature, even partly cloudy skies at times for thursday. that could bring on the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. by the evening hours, we do begin to dry out. a slim chance for a few sprinkles come friday morning
12:20 am
but that should really be about it. the system will be a lot colder, though. very cold for april. snow levels could drop down to 2500 feet. as far as rainy where from a 10th to a quarter inch to a third of an inch is pretty much all we are looking at for our thursday. for tonight and into tomorrow morning again a cool one. right about sunrise we see the coolest temperatures. widespread 40s in the forecast. 40s in areas right around santa rosa. tomorrow temperatures will take a dip. but if it is breezy, again you may need a jacket. widespread 60s are expected for tomorrow. mid-60s in hayward. 65 in fremont. 64 in los kados. cooler tomorrow, the rain moves in on thursday. take a look at thursday's afternoon high. mid-50s in the forecast there. we could become pretty frosty into the overnight hours maybe dropping down into the mid-30s. >> okay. thanks, rosemary. >> all right. a right to work bill to protect medical marijuana patients is making its way through the state legislature. the law would reverse a court
12:21 am
ruling that allows employers to fire or refuse to hire medical marijuana users. the bill passed california's senate judiciary committee today and goes on to the full state senate. security in the assembly has been beefed up. sergeant at arms are now carrying loaded weapons at all times. the change was made march 31st. now in the passed the sergeant at arms had carried weapons from time to time but they are now wearing 40 caliber smith and wesson handguns whenever on duty. >> a new poll suggests baby boomers are pessimistic about their retirement. 77million people are baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964. according to an associated press poll, 44% say they have no faith that they will have enough money to retire. while 11% say they are strongly convinced they will be able to live in comfort. 25% of boomers who are still working say they will never be able to retire. well, it was a little too
12:22 am
close for comfort. why the crew at
12:23 am
12:24 am
. it was a close call but no real danger for the crew of the international space station when a piece of space junk came
12:25 am
within a couple of miles of the international space station today. there are some 12,000 spaces of space debris and they can pose a danger to the space station. today the three-person crew was told to prepare to get into a capsule which is the equivalent of their life boat in case anything happens. today's debris came from an old chinese satellite. mark is here with both a shaky start for the giants and the as. >> it is one of those nights i want to say just the messenger nothing to do with it. of course giants fans could love to re-live last year. and unfortunately it looks like they might be doing just that. remember how it started out in 2010, completely unable to beat the dodgers or padres it seemed. here we go gwen southern california's has brought that on. 1-0 for san auto diego in the third. nobody out and torres. and then fred sanchez down on strike after a walk fills the
12:26 am
bases. buster posey will cap it back to the mound. actually got jobbed on a couple of bad calls by the umpire. could have been a bases loaded walk. no-go. padres come back in their half of the third. up 2-1. a little bouncer back to the mound. and the error and that's the way it's going. they add one for the 3-1 lead. and no scoring from then on out. of course both the giants and as went into this seen with their top closers injured. hasn't hurt the giants yet because they haven't had a light lead to protect. but did it ever burn oakland tonight in toronto. that and the fact they have had trouble catching and throwing the ball. niner records in their first nine games. kevin a good catch but watch him come up and spike the ball into the grounds. how do you explain that? the run scores. and the jays come from a 5-0 deficit to tie it 5-5. the top of the 10th the as hammer their
12:27 am
second shot in the green and gold. 6-5 lead. but in comes grant ballefor because andrew bailey wasn't available. it is effect bar going deep and the walk-off. and the jays come out with the 7-6 win. >> every now and then you get a nice little full colored snapshot of what the warriors wantsto believe the future will look like. the talent they do have kind of clicks. add a few pieces and a winner comes into focus. we will see. the first half, tonight it was happening in portland. steph currie to ellice about as easy as it gets for him. he led everybody with 30. they do blow it open on the road in portland in the third quarter. currie led 28. the banker, when you make that shot you know everything is working for you. a little smile from him. david lee the best night of his warrior career. the look at his handiwork inside. he had 29 points.
12:28 am
20 rebounds, 108-87 and congratulations to texas a&m as they beat notre dame to win the women's ncaa basketball final. a small consolation for stanford, at least the team that beat them won it all. that's the sporting life. thank you, mark. >> and be sure to join ktvu morning news beginning at
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