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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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area news at 7:00. coming out, will barry bonds spent time in jail? a bold step in silicone valley. the despite arrests, -- despite arrests, the case remains wide- open. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, april 18. gasia is off tonight. i'm maureen naylor. along with a guilty verdict jurors were unable to reach a
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verdict on three counts. after the verdict, bonds stood aside his attorney that had no comments. his attorney called it significant that the jury could not reach a decision. >> those were the accounts that had steroids and so forth. we have no verdict. instead we have a verdict which is -- which alleges that barry did some things about being a celebrity child. >> the judge asked the two sides to return to court next month. analysts say it is likely he will receive probation. >> david stevenson has been at the courthouse all afternoon afternoon. david?
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>> reporter: the verdict came today and the jury took four days of deliberation. the obstruction of justice conviction means the jury believes bonds misled or impeded a hearing about steroid use by athletes. upstart this case he originally faced nine charges which were originally down to four. legal analysts say the verdict made sense but the defense may have grounds to have the conviction overturned on appeal. >> they will be studying appellate grounds to challenge the guilty verdict on the obstruction counts given that the underlying a basic statement was the actually made in the original indictment. >> it is a verdict that makes some sense. there are jurors that could not agree on perjury. this requires less intense and
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only an attempt to obstruct justice. it requires simply an attempt to mislead the grand jury. >> reporter: bonds, his defense attorneys, and federal prosecutors will be back in court to possibly set a date for sentencing which legal experts tell us could be as far as four months away. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the jury said that bonds was evasive in answering the question whether greg anderson ever gave him any substance that required a syringe. that is what led them to convict him of obstruction of justice. >> he was very evasive. we saw that throughout his grand jury transcripts. this particular statement was over the evasive, never answering the question directly. >> they think based on the evidence they could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that bonds lied about using steroids
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or human growth hormones. >> i think it is a complete waste of time. i think the prosecutor is trying to make a name for himself. >> hopefully we all can learn from this lesson and move on. >> as for the giants, the team issued a statement saying it has no comment saying that the case is ongoing. it was back in november 2003 when bonds testified before a grand jury. almost four years later, he said baseball's all-time homerun record. in november he was indicted on perjury and instruction of justice charges. his trial ended today with a
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single guilty verdict. we have been following developments all afternoon and will continue to do so, posting updates on line at a big shakeup at bart. jana katsuyama is live with the behind the scenes battle among board members. >> reporter: we manage to get a breakdown on this agreement and some say that a mistake by bart board of directors is forcing them to pay much more than it should have. dorothy dugger's resignation and a bumpy ride and comes at a price tag of $958,000. >> it has typically been a 15 month severance. >> i am mad we are spending this kind of money to get rid of a good person. >> reporter: this woman is one of nine members engaged in a
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tough battle over dugger's tenure. some board members also criticized the communication skills. reporters say she kept bart on track thanks to her 19 years of experience and efficient management preferably five of bart's board members determined to terminate bart but was rescinded because they failed to follow notification procedures. >> a gave her room to want to take us to court over -- it gave her room to want to take us to court over it. >> reporter: there is an extra $350,000 in her departure gop she says it has been a rewarding experience to lead a great organization that provides a great service to the
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bay area. dugger's final day will be a week from friday and tomorrow is bart board of directors meeting could be pretty heated. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. uc berkeley is tracking a smartphone app that would give users alerts forecasting their alert length and could be available to the public in a year or so. a man identified as a serial killer made his first appearance today. he is charged with four counts of murder.  he did not enter a plea because he did not yet have an attorney. naso is accused of killing four women including two in the bay area between 1977 and 1994. naso is said to return to court
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in two weeks. dozens of people gathered for the funeral of a well-known restaurant owner as they walked from his restaurant to the catholic church for the funeral mass. police say he was shot during a robbery attempt as he opened his restaurant early friday morning peter is a $32,000 reward in the case. federal and state emergency officials are assessing what if anything can be done for homeowners threatened by landslides in hercules. four homes on carson street have been red tagged and in other four are restricted to day use only. there is new sliding today behind one of them. >> parts of the hill are crumbling away and heading in this direction. >> state and federal officials
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say it could still be a few weeks away. on the peninsula people are gathering to learn more about mountain lion activity. a big cat was seen before 9:30 p.m. monday nights. they want to talk about mountain lions in residential areas and how to best deal with a lion. the meeting is at sequoia high school in redwood city. concerns about coyotes are on the rise. we have learned that animal control is getting more calls about coyotes but budget cuts means the trapper they used to call is no longer available. for now the advice from wildlife experts is for residents to keep small pets
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and pet food indoors. the president set the tone for next year's presidential election with a scathing attack on republican priorities as he announced a mix of spending cuts in new taxes. the president laid out his plan to cut for chilean dollars over 12 years. he pointed to u.s. spending on two wars and expensive prescription drug benefits for helping create the ballooning deficit. >> we made the problem worse in terms of dollars of unpaid for tax cuts that went to every millionaire and billionaire in the country. >> the president's plan calls for raising taxes for the wealthiest 2% of americans, cut medicare and medicaid, cuts in discretionary spending and calls for cuts in defense spending and a review of u.s. military mission. barbara boxer spoke out on
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capitol hill against stripping federal funding from planned parenthood. the house and senate will vote on the issue tomorrow. gop leaders say federal money should not fund organizations that provide abortions. democrats say that using federal funds for abortions are barred and planned parenthood's primary role is to provide health care to women. a bold robbery in the heart of silicon valley. bay area college students rallied to spare their schools from deep budget cuts. where they say the money can be found. >> there are some clouds out there now after morning showers. i will have the latest computer model forecasts.
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>> bear trying to figure out how a fast-moving fire killed two people. it broke out on madison avenue just before 2:00 this morning. they saw flames shooting out the back of the home. it seems the fire started in the attic. tonight firefighters say the home is too damaged too damaged to live in. caretakers at a burial site say someone used a vehicle and rope to knock down more than two dozen headstones. it includes members of the donner party in civil war veterans. the city is hoping for donations to help repair the damage. police say they have solved a brazen and well-planned
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robbery. tonight five men are behind bars after making off with $40 million of computer chips. as robert honda reports, the case is still open. >> reporter: it seems to care but a federal and local high task for his -- task force says it did not stop thieves. they announced the arrest of five suspects today. >> there were in excess of 15 individuals involved in there are still a large number of individuals we need to arrest.
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>> a large part of the chips were recovered. >> reporter: were any recovered overseas? >> yes. in asia. >> reporter: there have been several robberies this year. >> a 12-15 guys get together and to an arms takeover robbery of a bank they may get $10,000 or $15,000. >> reporter: computers usually need a large number of chips for their projects and each chip is $22. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. a settlement to date older robel nine foreclosures is already being criticized. the federal government ordered
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mortgage lenders to reimburse -- robo lenders is already being criticized be they say they hired auditors to see which homeowners should be reimbursed and said that the banks will not face any fines. investors injured another choppy session. despite mixed results, the dow managed a seven-point increase and the nasdaq rose 16. the faa is beefing up its tower staffing after an incident at the reno tahoe airports. a medical flight pilot was forced to land without assistance because the low controller was asleep. they will add another controller at a number of airports. the san jose tower is closed overnight. the federal government is
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taking a second look after its airport screening policies after a six-year-old underwent a pat down. this youtube video shows a security screener patting down a little girl. tsa officials say the screener acted properly but that a review on younger travelers is underway. turning to the crisis in japan where there are signs of a recovery in sendai. employees lined up to greet an airplane. japanese and u.s. military are using the airports to transport supplies. they continue to search for the bodies of 15 dozen people still missing. protesters joined a growing chorus against cuts at cal
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state university. paul chambers reports. >> reporter: students and faculty march to -- marched across campus. >> the money is there. it is a question of priority. >> it is clearly not within the university's power to print money. >> reporter: in the past educators were laid off and the campus had furlough days. they say this comes with a price. >> some of the teachers that we have, you know, they are so worried about their jobs. >> we are going to produce very not well educated citizens. >> reporter: the message was similar at san jose state campus where a crowd of 300 people turned out. >> unfortunately we are here
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again, having to take on the advocacy for public higher education in california. >> reporter: they say they understand the frustration of students and staff. >> this is a time for the taxpayers of california to decide how they want their money to be spent and what level of support they would like to give to the future. >> reporter: organizers say today's event was successful but is still not enough. that is why they ask you to contact your local lawmaker to put an end to cuts in education. the nba fined kobe bryant $100,000 for using a homophobic slur during a game yesterday. he says derogatory anti-gay language should not be used. the oakland a's pulled out
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an exciting win today in chicago. after tying the white sox, they had a 5-4 lead. they scored twice more and, once again, 7-4. the giants play the dodgers tonight at at&t park. it rained some in the bay area today. the question is, will you need an umbrella tomorrow? chief meteorologist bill martin has the forecast. you can watch our newscast on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> fast-moving storms blew through the bay area this morning. in san jose not everyone was prepared for the downpour. most of the rain fell between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. >> forecasters, you know, we said that. we were right on it with the weather forecast. we have plenty of sprinkles this morning and then it was gone. the most rain i could find was up in the san francisco area. we go outside to live
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stormtracker 2. the clouds outside her hanging out to the north -- outside right here hanging out to the north. on friday we could get sprinkle or a little drizzle. the forecast highs tomorrow will be warmer than these. these are the highest from today, lots of upper 50s and low 60s. lows in the mid-30s in some locations. tomorrow hazy with sunshine. partly cloudy. this means there will be filtered sunshine, cooler daytime highs because he will not see as much back sunlight. the highs tomorrow will warm a little bit -- we will not see
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as much direct sunlight. the forecast models previous evening to the north. at 9:00 a.m., a little bit of hazy sunshine. friday, watch the rain right there. we are mostly to partly cloudy. friday afternoon, mostly to partly cloudy. the jet streams are just hanging here. we do have clouds in your forecast. and then we should start to clear all on sunday. 67 in brentwood. five day forecast, cloudy and
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kind of cool. see you on the 10:00 news. the city of oakland's got a jumpstart on festivities today. hundreds of people turned out for the 17th annual earth expo. there were food vendors selling local and sustainable snacks. if that is our report. i am maureen naylor -- that is our report. i am maureen naylor. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> for gasia and everyone, have a good night.
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