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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 28, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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late word about the amber alert issued one hour ago. >> we don't know who these people ar. >> he lies in a coma and relatives are telling us how people are trying to capitollize on it. and what jayce dugard and former neighbors are saying. . good evening, it is thursday april 28th, i'm gasia mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. new information about an amber alert just into our news room 10 minutes ago. oakland police canceled an amber alert for a 15-year-old girl. freeway signs around the bay area lit up an hour ago when news first broke of an abduction in oakland. but oakland police are now telling us that the car involve has been found and they say they are also investigating the quote the validity of the
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incident. we will continue to follow the story and continue to find out what happened to the girl. we will bring you new information just as soon as we learn it. more developing news in east palo alto. news chopper 2 is over head bringing you these live pictures. up in the top left corner of the screen you see crews working at the top of the apartment complex t. is on newel court, south of the university avenue exit. the fire broke out one hour ago. we have a crew on the ground headed this way as well. we will update you on our 10:00 news. new at 7:00, sony web site raising money in the name of injured giant's fan brian stow. we are live telling you about the scam and new information about his condition. >> reporter: well, his friends and family are selling items like this to help pay for his medical bills but this afternoon we learned scammers are setting up fake web sites and taking well wisher's money
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even as he struggles to wake up. >> reporter: for the third night doctors in southern california are working to bring brian stow out of coma that has has been in since he was attacked at a giant's game. john stow says previous attempts to wake his sauce ins aoá has led to seizures. >> he has had no seizures. as long as that trend continues we are keeping our finger's crossed. >> we believe strongly in this. >> reporter: the neurologist is not treating stow but says the process of waking anyone from a coma is complicated. >> we have had patients here where we have done this for days or weeks and once we eventually are able to wheen the medications back they are able to have the seizures well controlled. >> giant fans are rooting for his recovery. >> hopefully as they bring him out of his coma he will okay.
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>> fans are eagar to help. >> here is another site that nobody knows. the family noticed an alarming trend. phony web sites raising money. the latest one not even in the u.s. >> this is locate inside australia. we have no contact information or who these people are. they never contacted me or anyone in our family. >> reporter: the family says there is only one web site for donations we have a link to it on our web site we are live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. an atlanta braves coach who taunted fans with gay slurs. another fan has contacted her about a similar incident involving the pitching coach mcdowel he directed
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inappropriate words at the fan and the family. she would not say when or when it occurred. he has apologized for heckling fans and making crude gestures at at&t park. phillip and nancy garedo pled guilt today for kidnapping jaycee dugard. she fathered -- he fathered her two daughters he led to 13 counts of sexual assault. a sense of four30 years his wife calls for a sentence of 36 years to life for two counts of kidnapping and rape. >> our goal for both of these is to see that they are incarcerated for the rest of their lives. >> sentencing is set for june 2nd. she issued a written statement saying i am relieved that they have finally acknowledged their guilt and confessed to their crimes against me and my family. the people that live near the
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family say they are happy the couple admitted guilt. one neighbor believes they did it so jaycee would not have to testify. >> i think they did it for her. i think they loved her. i know nancy. i never saw abuse or anything like that or hollering at the kids while they were in the yard or anything. >> i am pretty much happy that they just pled guilty and got it over with. everyone knew. it would have been interesting to see the trial but it was pretty much everyone knew so you should plead guilty and get it over with. >> the house where she was held is unoccupied, fenced up and boarded up. you can find more by going to our web site he is some one who students were supposed to be able to trust. now a doctor at the health services at uc berkeley is accused of sexually abusing his
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patients. the community is shocked by the allegations. >> i don't think the doctor will have any personal to say. >> reporter: pleading not guilty to 19 charges of sexually assaulting six male patients he treated at university medical services. he claimed he was performing medical procedures but instead was sexually exploiting patients. >> we really want to understand how this happened. there were no record of formal patient complaints in the physicians record. >> he passed a medical review in 2010. he is resigned from his job where he treated students for 22 years. >> it is pretty surprising to me. i am a patient of his or i was a patient of his. i have seen is him before and you know did not suspect anything like that. >> reporter: the defense attorney says that the doctor is openly gay in the university's organization used to refer gay students to him because he was sensitive to their issues. some may have been sexually
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active and needed exams. >> we feel the case is over charged. the plea is not guilty and we will make motions to dismiss the charges of the complaint. >> the authorities say the incidents in this complaint occurred between 2006 and 2011. his medical license has been temporarily suspended. the police believe therout ther would like them to come forward. reporting from oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today, the san francisco medical examiner identified a surfer who died at ocean beach as an excerpted surfin' instructor. they found 44-year-old jonathan loon floating in the surf yesterday. he was still tethered to his surf board. they gave him cpr but he did not pull through. he was a lifeguard and try -- and the lifeguard who tried to save him says he was out in rough waters all by himself. >> i think you might just want to get out there regardless of the wave conditions but the wave conditions were pretty
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poor. good idea to go out with somebody close by. it-- the buddy system works good here. he said he was fearless in large ways. a homeless man was shot and killed and a sheriff's deputy bad he hurt during a violent confrontation today. the veteran county deputy was on patrol early this morning when she saw a suspicious person. the sheriff's spokesman says when the deputy approached man he began to beat here. the deputy pulled out the gun and shot the man. he was 53-year-old darryl podorme. he was arrested many times before. the deputy was treated at the hospital and later released. we learned today that a bay area man was among nine americans killed in afghanistan. a retired army lou 10 tphapt
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colonel. working -- lieutenant colonel. an afghan pilot opened fire during a training session at a military compound. nato forces killed the attacker. he leaves behind a wife and three adult children. stanford university welcomed rotc back on campus. the academy senate voted to end a 40 year band of the reserve officers training core. before it, the students opposed to it protested on campus. they kicked the military training program off campus during the vietnam war. >> >> it is clear it adds to the diversity here. i think military presence has diversity. >> the next step is for the president of the university to sign off. he said he will begin conversations with branches of the military interest inside having rotc back on campus.
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oakland mayor introduced the program aimed at bridging the digital divide. they launched get connected oak land at a housing project. the mayor says it is to provide free or low-cost broadband services. she hopes to have more computers with high speed internet access, schools, senior centers and reccenters. organizers of the america's cup outlined the changes san francisco can expect to have. the san francisco planning and research association, part of the planning for the sailing competition coming up in 2013. well, it is not football season and there may be a lockout so why are thousands of tpraoeuper fans gathered in the south bay right now? -- thousands of 49er fans gathered in the south bay right now? the way south bay businesses are cashing in on tomorrow's royal wedding. clear skies and gusty winds
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across parts of the bay area. coming up, the strongest winds where they are expected tomorrow and when 80 degree heat returns to the bay area forecast
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. just 15 hours from now the space shuttle is expected to roar into space. gabrielle giffords will be there to see her husband, mark kelly, lead the next to the last shuttle mission. giffords is not expected to be in the public viewing area. she will watch from inside of the launch center. if it launches at planned you can see it live at 12:45 tomorrow afternoon. deadly tornadoes touch down across the southeast today leaving a trail of destruction. at least 290 people died across six states with alabama suffering some of the worst damage. reporter elizabeth pren on the
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search of survivors. >> amateur video capturing these tornadoes from wednesday. this was just a few of an estimated 170 twisters that hit six states in the south leaving a trail of disaster. hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands more are homeless. alabama was the hardest hit with countless residents sifting through piles of what was their homes. >> hell, that is what it is. been through hell. no other way to describe it. >> we are looking for our loved ones. we keep hearing people whining but we can not find nobody. >> reporter: the search is underway for those missing but the effort is slow. neighborhoods were leveled and debris litters the streets making it impassable. >> the baby is one. my other little cousin just turned five and my auntie is 42 or 43. >> all of them are missing. >> reporter: fema is on the scene assisting those effected by the deadly storms. >> we are going to get things
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under control. we are going to do it on a statewide level. we are going to work together. >> reporter: alabama governor robert pweptly announced he will be applying for federal aid and president barack obama pledged his full sup port. >> we can not control when or where a terrible storm may strike but we can control how we respond to it. >> reporter: the president will travel here to alabama tomorrow. he will meet with the governor, state and local officials and those family who's were affected by these deadly storms. in bermingham, alabama, back to you. a bay area band is ready to play at a hotel where they never saw their drummer. a year as passed and they think green is not missing but a victim of foul play. the police say they have no evidence supporting that theory. >> fairfield police say they are combing through clues in the murder of 25-year-old lee.
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lee was last seen april 25th at a barnes and noble's store. investigators say they have gone through more than 100 pieces of evidence. there is still no suspect but the police say no one has been ruled out. microsoft says the latest quarterly earnings exceeded even as sales of their windows operating system failed. they earned $5.2 billion between january and march. windows division are down from the same period last year. microsoft is facing threats from the ipad and other computer tablets that arrive on rival operating systems. stocks reach new highs despite numbers for economic growth of the first quarter of the year. the federal reserve board indicated it has no plans to raise interest rates. the dow gained 72, nasdaq got a 2 point gain. yahoo tells us that their e-
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mail service is working again. they would not say how many cust -- customers could not access their e-mail. earlier today they reported their flicker photo web site was not accessible and running slow. yahoo says it fixed that problem. anticipation is mounding in london as the royal wedding is just now 8 hours away. posing for photos for well wishers. kate middleton arrived at london's hotel. middleton's mother and sister were with the soon to be princess to the hotel where she will be spending this night. here in the bay area people have been called into work early tomorrow morning and prep raeugs are underway tonight -- preparations are under way tonight because of the wedding. >> reporter: at lisa's tea
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treasures this little one ordered the princess passion meal and the royal wedding tea is the featured one. >> it say lemon cupcake in honor of the couple. >> reporter: this and other royal tea's have been a boost for business. >> i have a number of ladies picking up sandwiches. a woman was putting together a pj party and everyone bring their favorite stuff. >> because this couple is getting married tomorrow 5,000 miles away. >> i am having girlfriends with a high it's. >> it is good for the english economy. in all we are torn -- australia we are torn here. >> i kind of feel like it is such -- it is so overblown now i already know everything because everyone has been talking about it so much but i really want to see what she wears and how her hair looks. >> reporter: starting at 2:00 tomorrow morning the pub will replace sports and spirits with tea and tiaras. >> it is good for business.
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we charge $10.99 for the break fest. that is the normal price. i have h to bring my staff in. >> photos of prince charles and diana are out and a replica ring and new memorabilia. it will be standing room only here because all 145 spots have sold out. and because they can not serve alcohol between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. instead of champagne they will have apple cider. >> the nfl -- the nfl labor dispute has not stopped the draft that is underway right now. the 49ers picked the first defense. smith, 7th overall pick in the draft. carolina panthers had the first pick overall and they selected heisman trophy winner newton. the raiders are set to pick in the second round. [music] >> thousands are fans are together at for the draft
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party. they paid $2 to get in and the proceeds go to japan disaster relieve efforts. some players are there signing autographs for fans itch the san francisco giants are back on the winning track. clutch hitting by aaron row wepb. his thraoeub -- rowen. his three rbis helped them win. we are getting our first up close look at one of the best known south bay families. 80 degree weather may be on the way for the bay area. meteorologist mark tamia will tell us how warm it might get in your neighborhood by the weekend. and don't forget you can watch all of our newscasts on your computer, including bay area news at 7:00. we are streaming live at
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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. doug and george slid 175 feet down to the river below. while they waited for rescue a neighbor risked his life and went down a trail to calm them down. the grateful owner says both dogs are back at home and safe. none worse for the wear. here in the bay area our meteorologist told us to expect drier and breezier conditions. that is exactly what we are seeing. >> that is right. even though tomorrow we will
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have a repeat performance with the gusty winds, especially coast side. if you want the warmer temperatures and the warm forecast is around the corner. on the maps, i can show you. a few showers moving in the northern part of the state and forth of lake tahoe. coming in a bit tighter and showing the buoys here. closer to the bay bridge. and 36 miles an hour. overall weather story for us tonight is this. the clear skies and cool gusty winds out there mostly sunny skies and then for the weekend plenty of sunshine for the weekend. the temperatures the warmest locations will be flirting with the 80 degree mark and that will be by sunday. now, tomorrow morning off to a cool start. coolest locations in the middle to upper 30s. nap a35 degrees, oak land, 45 -- napa, 35 degrees, oakland, 45. close to the north of the bay area for the interior county. as far as the winds the strongest winds up near the coast and right around the bay. here is the forecast throughout
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the day at 8:00. 15 miles an hour. up to around 20 and then by 4:00 it could be around 25 to 30 miles an hour with the winds out of the northwest. high pressure will continue to build in. as a result the temperatures will begin to warm up tomorrow. this was the case for today. mainly in the middle 60s. you see what happens on saturday, warmest locations in the middle to upper 70s. then, by monday, the temperatures on track to reach the upper 70s to the lower 80s. here is the forecast models showing you the clouds and the rain and the cloud and it is rain and the forecast models keeping the precip out of the region and a few high clouds, plenty of sunshine for your friday afternoon. and the temperatures most areas up a few degrees up from tomorrow afternoon. santa rosa, 75 degrees. up around 69. morgan hill and gillroy tops out in the 60s. here is a look ahead.
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your five-day forecast and plenty of sunshine here. no rain clouds here. you can see the clouds are warming up. sunday, still warming up and even warmer temperatures next week for tuesday and wednesday. the warmest locations could be approaching the low to middle 80s. gasia? >> wow, thank you, mark. bird experts got a look at san francisco's falcon chicks. they are nesting with their parents dapper dan and diamond hreul on the ledge of the p g, and e building. they put id bands on the 3 chicks while their parents circled above. they are about 23 days old. we now know the sex of the chicks nesting atop san jose city hall. earlier today a biologist went down a wall to reach the nest while the parents squawked with them. they put id bands on the chicks saying there are three boys and one girl. they are 23 days old. that is the report for tonight. our coverage continues on-line
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and with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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