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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news could have raj starts right now -- coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> he is on the loose. shoo she is in custody. developments in a bay area abuse case. >> police are calling it a case of severe child abuse. tonight a 3-year-old girl is in a south bay hospital. her mother is in police custody. the search is underway for an ex-boyfriend. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta has been following tonight's developments. he is live in campbell this evening with the latest. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, right now
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here at the campbell police department, investigators are you can -- talking to the mother of a 3-year-old girl who they say took off with her mother when allegations of severe child abuse surfaced. 31-year-old jane morin was brought in less than an hour ago. they found her and her daughter at a parking lot at a supermarket in san jose. the girl had been taken to a local hospital and under the care of child protective services. police say they went to this house on pollard road and campbell yesterday after the caller said the child was in jeopardy. the girl and the mother and the ex-boyfriend rodriguez had disappeared. the police put out a plea for the public's help to locate the girl. they received information the child and mother may be in south san jose. >> it's an area where we had some information that she may have had some friends in that area. and so they developed some leads that she was possibly going to this particular
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parking lot. and they set up in the parking lot and located them. >> reporter: the police are still looking for the ex- boyfriend rodriguez. the child's mother will be booked into the santa clara county jail. and police say she'll be charged with felony child abuse. live in campbell, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. there is developing news from san raphael tonight where police are investigating a fatal stabbing in a normally quiet neighborhood. it happened at about 5:00 this evening on wood street in the grasso park neighborhood. a man in his 20s stumbled up to a house suffering from a stab wound. residents called 911. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. two other people showed up at the hospital with minor injuries. now, just minutes before the stabbing, police say they received reports that a group of latino men were running with bats along b street. investigators right now are trying to determine whether the incidents are connected. and they were still at the scene when our crew left about 90 minutes ago.
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police are looking for a white pontiac grand am that may be involved in the crime t has this license plate. a police bulletin suggests the incident is gang related. >> campus police at san jose state university say the three shooting deaths that we first told you about last night on the 10:00 news are a case of murder/suicide. a photographer with a student newspaper the spartan daily took a picture of one of the victims being placed in an ambulance. police won't release the names of the three victims until tomorrow because they have only been able to reach two of the three families. the shootings happened at about 8:30 last night in the 10th street parking garage. students where he talked with today said they have heard it was a love triangle. >> at least it's not gang related, meaning that there is not gang members going in and out of the parking station parking lot. but it's still -- it's still a threat, you know. >> reporter: campus police are only say the three were
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connected to the university, but wouldn't say if they were students. none of the three had a criminal record. police say they did recover a small handgun at the scene. it is only may but this year san jose has already nearly equaled the number of homicides recorded in all 12 months last year. new at 10:00, ktvu's patty lee is live now in san jose where she has been asking the officials about the spike in homicides. patty? >> reporter: well, residents here are reeling from this most recent wave of violence which started after two people were gunned down at this house over the weekend. a few doors down from a double homicide. a game of pick-up eases frayed nerves. san jose is the fourth safest big city in the country. it has been for three years. but it's gaining a new reputation. >> we're experiencing a spike in homicides. >> reporter: the assistant chief says the city's homicide rate is officially at 18. 20 if you include the killings in san jose state. typically that's the tally for
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a full year. >> we are right around 20 in 2009, 20 or 21. so we are almost at that rate and we are not mid-year yet. >> reporter: police say just a combination of gang shootings and unusual circumstances contributed to the high body count. >> we had a triple homicide at a local bar. and we've had some domestic violence related to homicides. but the majority of them have been gang related. >> reporter: as for underlying causes, it's all conjecture. >> it's very difficult to understand why the numbers have moved up or down. but we just have to cope with it. >> reporter: many residents say they are worried about this trend. very this grown accustomed to living on safe streets and don't want that to change. >> it is kind of disturbing. they disturbing. downtown has always been rough. but that's making it a lot rougher. >> reporter: police here are not planning on doing things differently. the city's mayor told me that these streets are still safe. and even though the homicide
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rates are low for la they are much lower than other states the same size as san jose. they have settled a lawsuit against the city's police department after he accused an officer of excessive force. the incident was caught on cell phone individuals i don't see showing grainy footage of an officer striking fong ho while trying to arrest him. they sued for $6 million. the mercury news says the amount of the settlement is $225,000. in san francisco, newly released surveillance video of an undercover drug bust is fueling more charges of police misconduct. public defender says this video was taken in the jefferson hotel in the tenderloin last december. witnesses say plain-clothed officers searched a resident's room without consent and took personal items, including christmas presents. >> searching his room, lifting up the mattress and everything. and i asked: what are you doing? i thought it was a home
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invasion. >> the drug case was later dismissed. police chief greg sur said this afternoon he has launched an investigation. the fbi is investigating at least six other san francisco police officers for alleged search and seizure violations. we have also posted this newest piece of surveillance video on our website at you will find it right on the bay area news tab. a worker at the richmond public health center has died from legionairs disease. the second time in the passed three years that a worker there has contracted the disease. the contra costa county public health director says legionairs bacteria is common. it thrives in damp or wet environment. >> we want to take every precaution and leave no stone unturned. so we are going to be culturing the building. we do expect to find bacteria and we will probably be doing another water system dissinfection. >> janet smith said she contracted legionairs working at the same building. she is currently on long-term medical leave. as for the health center, construction on a new building
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is to begin later this month. the nevada school district sent out an e-mail to parents today warning about a proliferation of bottle bombs. as ktvu's janna katsuyama reports the explosive are filled with draino or other household chemicals. >> reporter: online videos about draino bombs are nothing new. but now police say what is new are reports that these devices are popping up around nevada. >> i would say it is probably the last two or three weeks that it has been a pick-up on the phone calls to us. >> reporter: the school officials sent a warning out to all schools. and some principals forwarded that information to the parents. at this elementary an e-mail blast went out this morning. >> i was glad that the district was able to display the information to the schools and the schools were able to supply the information to me and other parents that are here. >> reporter: the concern is that if someone picks up a bottle bomb to recycle or throw in the trash, it could shake it you have enough to set off a chemical reaction and an
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explosion. >> i find it pretty alarming and scary because that is something easily a child could pick up. >> reporter: police say so far no one has been injured by a bottle bomb. but officers did arrest a group of teenagers at the end of january for making and setting off draino bombs in an open space off palmer drive. police say the devices are dangerous. >> the fluid is boiling hot. and it explodes with great force. and you can actually lose fingers. >> reporter: and while police don't want to cause panic, they do want people to be aware. >> a normal soda bottle on the side of the road probably won't be a big thing. but a soda bottle that has maybe a piece of tinfoil in it don't touch it and calling the local law enforcement. >> reporter: a word of warning anyone caught with a bottle bomb could face possible charges. this is janna katsuyama at ktvu, channel 2 news. napa's water problems are all about over. the water has been restored to normal. we told you about the break in the main water transmission line last am night at this
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time. the crews worked to replace that line. the biggest impact for customers was brown-ish sediment in their tap water. one million gallons spilled into a feel. napa officials are next going to figure out why the line broke and if other water mains are susceptible. [ music ] and back here in less than ten minutes with tomorrow's forecast. it includes a return of that fog tomorrow morning. it's an old lesson in supply and demand. and it may soon be coming to a grocery store near
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. an instructor was injured this evening in an explosion at diablo valley college. the campus police tell ktvu the instructor was changing an oxygen tank being used in welding. some fumes were released. there was a short. and the fumes i knitted. the instructor suffered minor burns to his hands and was treated at the scene. no one else was hurt. and the police say there was no damage. the san diego district attorney is trying to stop a controversial move by former governor arnold schwarzenegger. just before he left office he shortened the prison office of fabian nunez. his sentence was reduced from 30 years to 16 years. the district attorney is suing to nullify the move. the separation of arnold
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schwarzenegger and maria schriver made headlines. but a marriage breaking up after 25 years isn't as unusual as you might think. ktvu's amber lee want to find out why couples with so much invested choose to go their separate ways. she is living in san francisco now with what she learned. amber? >> reporter: frank, when couples walk down the aisles it is hopefully happily ever after. but a u.s. study shows 1-4 marriage shows that couples are together 20 years or more. tonight we ask experts about arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria schriver's separation. for the first time schwarzenegger spoke publicly about their 25-year marriage. >> we both love each other very much. we are very fortunate that we have four extraordinary children. and we are taking one day at a time. >> we weren't really living a life together. >> reporter: psychiatrist laura davies said there were signs of
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trouble including schriver and the children living in southern california while schwarzenegger was in sacramento. >> you have to share the sleeping in bed, listening to each other snore and smelling each other. >> reporter: experts say often couples in troubled relationships will stay together for the sake of the children. or in this case, perhaps waiting until schwarzenegger's term as governor ended. splits among older couples also known as grey divorces tend to be more amicable than younger couples. >> two people have been together for a listening while. you have selected a lot of experience and wisdom and judgment and restraint. and they are going to call on those qualities, even in a time of sadness. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with expressed sadness and disappointment about the separation of this high profile couple. but that they still believed in the institution of marriage. >> i believe in monogamy and a commitment. i believe that people get into marriage too quickly. and i think they get out of it too quickly. they want a happy ending for everyone. >> you want to see that people can get through difficult
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times. >> reporter: they have not yet said if they will file for divorce. but experts tell us separation usually does end in divorce. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. ac transit is announcing a new policy to raise fares over the next ten years. the hikes are scheduled to begin august 1st with a 10-cent increase for adults, 5 cents for youth, seniors and the disabled. the plan raises fares gradually at 2 to 3 year intervals. the board of director says the first hike will bring in almost $2.5 million a year. currently ac transit is facing a nearly $15 million budgets shortfall. new information is emerging about terror attacks osama bin laden was plotting. a private journal and other documents seized at his compound show osama bin laden wanted to strike smaller u.s. cities. and his plans included trains as well as planes. more disturbing, he wanted the highest death toll of americans possible. the information also suggests that he never let go of control
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of al qaeda. california senator diane finestein said she will likely take a look at the osama bin laden death photos. she and selected other members of congress are being offered a glimpse of those photos by the cia. this will happen in a secure room at cia headquarters. and the agency will not allow them to take copies of the pictures. a new poll shows president obama's approval rating has now hit a two-year high. the associated press poll was conducted after u.s. forces killed osama bin laden. it puts the president's approval rating at 60%. that is up from 53% in march. and 47% last fall. the poll also found the president's standing has improved with incident independents. they will be a key voting block in next year's election. >> i'm newtgingrich and i am announcing my candidacy for president of the united states because i believe we can return america to hope and opportunity. >> former house speaker
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newtgingrich announced he is aiming for the white house. he touts his experience with president round regan and in congress. he tweeted his announcement making him the first presidential candidate in history to use twitter to launch his candidacy. he is also the first high profile republican to enter the race to challenge president obama. as crews worked to shore up levies along the swelling mississippi river the crest continues to move south. ktvu's rita williams explains why what's happening in the south could mean higher prices at degree stores the bay area -- grocery stores here in the bay area. >> reporter: the mississippi is at it again. three million acres of land underwater with more to come. 150 years ago mark twain wrote: the mitey mississippi at this had its way in 1927. end georgeed with rain it
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swamped an area the size of new england displacing 700,000, including my own mother and father. a decade later the mississippi was at it again, setting records only being broken now. >> 45-50% of the nation's rice comes from arkansas. eastern arkansas is where it's grown. so we've lost a big portion of the rice crop. >> reporter: farmers fear the fertile delta may lose all of its crops, corn, cotton, rice, wheat and soybeans. the food prices are already high. that's why those of us here in the bay area should be concerned about what's going on with the flooding in the mississippi river delta, even though it's almost 2,000 miles away. >> my fear is the cost of increase in the prices. because, you know, we are already seeing a lot. >> economists say that may happen because the grains are in so many processed foods, even feed for animals. >> i haven't thought about it. but i'm going to now. >> as the mississippi continues
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to have its way. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. a new york based group that airs emotional ads for animal rescue is being accused of deceptive practices. ♪ i will be the answer ♪ >> you may have seen the t.v. commercials featuring singer sarah mclatch land for the a spca. public records show that group took in more than $100 million in contributions in 2009. now the state humane association of california has filed a complaint with the state attorney general's office claiming the ads are deceptive. despite their similar names local spcas are not affiliated with the a spca. >> on that commercial it does not state that the money goes back to a spca shelter which is, in fact, in new york city. >> in an e-mail the aspca told ktvu it donated $7 million to local animal groups around the country last year.
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the east bay spca told us it didn't receive any money from the new york group. [ music ] >> slightly warmer in some places today. the winds are out of the west. the winds are west, northwest gusting to 11 off of the alameda shoreline. temperatures today were a little bit cooler in the north bay. a little warmer in places like morgan hill. but overall, the temperatures are mild. tomorrow's day-time highs are warm are than these. fog when you wake up tomorrow with temperatures in the mid- 40s, upper 40s and low 50s. cloud cover for the morning commute. cloud cover as the kids go off to school. here we are tomorrow morning at 6 or 7 a.m. and you see the cloud cover. by lunchtime the sun comes out and the temperatures go up into the 60s and low 70s. by late in the day the fog is right offshore again. when i come back at 10:45 the long range computer model, we will look at that weather system that's supposed to get in here this weekend because there is a lot going on this bay area weekend outside.
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see you about 10:45. the family of bryan stow says the injured giants fan is now stabilized enough to be moved to a bay area hospital. the stow family blog says the move could happen as early as next week. they plan to move him to ucsf medical center in san francisco. the 43-year-old still remains in an la hospital six weeks after he was jumped outside of dodgers stadium. he is still in a coma, but he hasn't had a seizure in two weeks. a move to ucsf would ease the family's burden because it is much closer to their home. in la, there is a new push in the hunt for suspects. the first of more than 300 billboards is set to go up tomorrow. those billboards will show sketches of the two suspects and promote the reward. the advertising company is paying for those billboards in la. lemar advertising company. and the state capitol and the even bigger plans for friday. nothing
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our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one.
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[ ding ] . teachers rallied inside the state capitol as part of their request for increased funding. the teachers want voters to decide if temporary passes should be extended for the next five years. the democratic leader of the state senate came out and showed his support for their cause. >> to make education whole, we need five years of the tax extensions. >> yes. [ applause ] >> teachers say they plan to have more than 5,000 educators travel to sacramento on friday for what could be their biggest rally of the week in this week of action.
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teachers rallied in support of tonight's giants game after they said 300 positions are being cut. as ktvu's rob roth tells us, some crucial classes could be eliminated as well. >> reporter: parents and teachers greeted giants fans arriving at at&t park this evening. >> take a flyer about education. >> reporter: they passed out flyers trying to embrace the fans in the fight to stop the proposal to cut $4 billion in state education. >> it's sort of a cry wolf thing. they need to realize this is really real. >> reporter: here at washington high school, one of the city's largest schools cutting the budget will mean cutting basic classes students will need to get into college. this is a third year spanish class. school officials say unless more money comes in, this class will be eliminated. school officials say that will put college-bound students at a disadvantage because the uc system recommends students have at least three years of a foreign language. >> we won't be able to offer the kinds of courses that you are going to need to compete against all of the other
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students that are going -- that are opined to these units. >> reporter: washington is cutting about $800,000 next year. besides chopping foreign languages it is also considering reducing the upper level math and science courses. as classes disappear, class sizes will likely increase. san francisco schools are bracing for a $27 million cut. and last night the school barred announced 300 teachers, aids and administrators will lose their jobs. >> i don't know what the answer is. i just know that the way we are going is not right. >> reporter: parents and teachers are asking fans to protect the schools and not damage them. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. a man tyka man pleaded guilty to charges he tried to kill his wife by driving 40 miles while she clung to the hood of the family minivan. 36-year-old christopher carol was sentenced to five years in state prison in a plea deal with the san joachim district attorney's office. he said carol drove to pleasantton with his wife on
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his hood in february. the police say his wife was treated for hypothermia and scrapes. >> you would be surprised how many of them want to get out of that life. >> fighting the cycle of crime. a new approach in one bay area city where officers are now focusing on families. new rules for a bay .
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>> fed up with serious crime, richmond is trying a novel approach to fight it at the source. it has worked in a major american city. and people in richmond are hoping it works there. ktvu's gasia mikaelian has tonight's special report.
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(dog growling). >> reporter: this is not the sort of sunny bay area suburb most people think about moving to when they consider setting up hearth and home. this is the home of richmond, a place where boarded up crack shacks are watched at street corners by men suspected of stringing dope by people getting off the freeway for a quick high. they hear gunshots at night or where staring at someone a second too long can cause trouble. and most people avoid talking about the problems out of fear. it is a place where in just the last few years, things have gone very much from bad to real bad. >> it used to be like a very fun place for people to go and just hang out and have, like, something to do for the kids. >> reporter: theresa gordon is young but she can already remember a better time in the neighborhood. for example, playing in a neighborhood park that is now shut down. >> and now the kids don't have anything to do. and it's like a bandaid. and it attracts like other people.
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>> reporter: it has been a long and often feud al chase for the richmond place. >> there is a group called the main line who pretty much run whatever type of organized gang activity there is down here. >> reporter: captain anthony williams is in command of a novel approach to dealing with the ceaseless crime. he calls it operation ceasefire. >> you would be surprised how many of them want to get out of that life. but they really don't have any idea how. >> reporter: the two target neighborhoods for the initiative are the santa fe neighborhood and the notorious pullman point project two and a half miles away. like the neighborhood, the street signs don't brag about being a great place to live, work and play. >> those are the two neighborhoods where here in the southern district we are having the most problems. >> reporter: operation ceasefire is based on a project developed 16 years ago in boston. where data collected by harvard and other university researchers found that not only the vast majority of crime in the city was being carried out by a small percentage of
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criminals, the data he vast maj criminals belonged to a small number of families. >> the whole premise behind cease fire is to contact these individuals and bring them into one location. and at that location, you have as i said before, the police department, the faith base, the community and service providers. and basically it's a carrot and a stick. >> the carrot is helping get a job, counselling, housing and other support services. the stick is prison. >> if you spend a little extra time here, you will see hope blossoming amid despair. there are people living behind fences but with spring flowers. little kids not yet tarnished by hard street life still spark a smile. >> the streets and all of the dirty weeds and stuff. we don't have anything now. so everybody is just like cooped up in the house a lot. or you just see a few people roaming around but that's about it. >> reporter: richmond's operation ceasefire is just
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getting started here in the santa fe neighborhood and in the pullman point area. in the coming months identified families will be contacted, convened and then hopefully converted to try to help their neighborhood not victimize them. gasia mikaelian, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police are asking for the public's help tonight in identifying two people of interest stemming from a deadly shooting at an auto zone store back in 2009. this is one of several surveillance pictures taken at that store on december 19, 2009. the first person of interest is described as someone in his 20s, six feet tall with a thin blood. the second person of interest is also in his 20s, five feet eight inches tall with a thin build. police say the 59-year-old victim was working as is security guard at the store when he was shot. sheriff's officials say autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow in a double homicide in salano county. two men were found shot to death in an unincorporated area
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last night. they found one man dead behind the wheel of a white ford taurus. as they searched for witnesses they found a second man dead in a driveway half a mile away. the victim's names have not yet been released. >> the families of two men who have been imprisoned for two months are devastated because the espionage trial was disrupted without reason. they were arrested along the iran/iraq border. sarah shore was released last september. she says the families have not seen or heard from the two since february. they haven't been able to call us in almost six months. we don't know if they are safe. we don't know if they are sick. we have no idea what's going on. >> their attorney submitted a complaint to the court after waiting for hours for the court appearance. a top state department official said he hoped the delay is "a positive omen." >> the house of representatives today passed another bill putting offshore oil and gas drilling on the fast-track. the latest measure gives the
12:05 am
government a maximum of 60 days to decide whether a company can drill. after that the permit is automatically approved. right now, there are no deadlines on permits. the bill is unlikely to pass in the senate, though, and the president says he does not support it either. the oil prices fell sharply today dragging the stock market lower as well. crude oil futures sank more than five percent falling more than to drop below $100 a barrel. the demand is being slowed by the disaster in japan and uncertainty about the u.s. economic recovery. oil futures had traded as high as $113 a barrel at the beginning of the month. on wall street stocks followed suit and moved sharply lower. the dow industrials lost 130 points. nasdaq dropped 26. oil stocks greased the slide. after the close san francisco
12:06 am
based sycsco is the world's largest maker of computer networking gear. but those earnings are lower than last year so the company announced plans to eliminate several thousand jobs. cisco employs 73,000 people. facebook says it has fixed the security leak that had the potential to share personal information without a user's knowledge. there is a hole in the website's code that allowed third party access to personal information. the applications include the popular game farmville. facebook, though, says it has fixed the security leak and there is no evidence that private information was shared. homeowners jump into action. the grass fire that burned dangerously close to home is being called suspicious. back here in less than ten minutes the long range computer model that does show some cool wet weather headed our way. and
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>> an all clear was issued today following a small hazardous materials spill in pittsburgh. a train car derailed at 12:30 this afternoon near cornwall street. it was carrying waste including sodium sulfide. the spill ended as up being very small. it was cleared two hours later. and a shelter in place was never issued. for the next ten days to two weeks, you won't be able to get to lake tahoe using highway 50. that road was closed over echo summit today. >> i'm the last one. let me get over it. >> don greer was the last driver to be allowed a across the summit before calltrans closed highway 50 to all traffic. crews are replacing 1300 feet of rock wall that is old and has started to crumble and now fails to meet the modern safety
12:10 am
standards. while the repair work is being done, drivers will have to take a 50-mile detour through the gold country and up highway 88. calltrans says it will add about an extra hour to your drive. >> a grass fire in an east bay park this afternoon may have been deliberately set. contra costa city fire officials tell ktvu the suspicious fired started in pittsburgh. flames quickly moved up the hill threatening the homes. some homeowners grabbed garden hoses to protect their properties. crews dowsed the two acre fire in about 40 minutes. also in contra costa county tonight arson investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that destroyed a vacant building in concord. the building was the former home of the maltas club a bar and lounge. investigators say it has been closed for six years and the building was used for storage. we spoke to the county fire department within the hour but still no word yet on the cause. in news of the world tonight, in spain two earthquakes killed at least ten
12:11 am
people near the town of lorka today. it measured 5.3 and 4.4. in addition to the deaths, dozens of people were injured. many older and some newer buildings including homes were badly damaged. nearly 300 patients also had to be evacuated from the hospital. this was the deadliest quake in spain since 1956. in libya state t.v. today shows the first images from weeks of colonel moammar gadhafi. he hasn't been seen in public since a nato air strike killed one of his sons and two grandchildren. the rebels are making advances in the west. libyan officials denied the rebel's claims of success. and in japan operators of that crippled nuclear power plant in fukishima have detected another leak of contaminated water into the sea. the exact source isn't known but it appears to be coming from a basement where radioactive water has been pooling now for weeks. operators are setting up a system to remove the contamination and recycle that
12:12 am
water. now, forget the floats and leave the alcohol behind. those aren't the only changes to this year's bay to breakers race. a live report is coming up. and chief meteorolog
12:13 am
12:14 am
. new at 10, there are major changes planned for the bay to breakers race set for sunday. for one, if you haven't registered by now you are not allowed to run. ktvu's ken wayne is live in the city to tell us about those changes and a surprise at the finish line. ken? >> reporter: julie, 55,000 runners will be right here at the foot of market street sunday morning for the 100th running of the bay to breakers race. the event as you said is sold out. so if you are thinking of just joining in and tagging along, well, you might be in for a bit of a surprise.
12:15 am
it's a race where anything goes. >> it's a big parade and lots of naked and drunk people. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but this year forget the floats and the booze. >> and there will be police officers and race officials on the look-out for folks with alcoholic beverages and we will be confiscating them and exposing of them. >> reporter: check points will be set up to keep people not registered out. >> at one of our check points they will be escorted off the course. >> but that isn't going to stop some. thousands of runners have never registered before and don't plan on doing it this time. >> it is nice this year. so i am just going to get a big group of friends together and kind of join up behind the runners and just walk the course. >> reporter: there will be a lot more port-a-poties, 1200 to discourage people from relieving themselves at this house. >> on numerous occasions in every one of the alleyways and the buildings from here all the way to the park. >> the shoe business is up and will crest friday and saturday
12:16 am
just before the race. >> with the bay to breakers it's more for the fun of it, i feel. the atmosphere is people are in costume. >> reporter: still technically illegal to run the race naked. >> we say come run. come have a great time. come dressed up. come naked. just don't come drunk. >> reporter: race organizers say registered runners will get a special centennial medal after they cross the finish line at the great highway. but exactly what that centennial medal looks like is being kept under wraps until race day. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. and we have posted more details about this weekend's race at find the route and a schedule of events in the right now section. >> oakland teachers rallied today for higher taxes. the teachers want banks and corporations to pay more in tax. they say too often they don't pay their fair share. teachers say the additional tax
12:17 am
money would keep schools from facing even deeper cuts than they are experiencing now. and in the end, they say that students are the ones who are being hurt. a state senate committee failed to approve a bill that would require school officials to consider job performance when issuing layoffs. supporters say it would allow schools to keep the best and brightest teachers. >> doesn't it make sense that we keep the teachers that are the most effective, that we acknowledge what we all know to be true. some teachers are more effective. several union members and teachers testified against that legislation saying it would be unfair to lay-off a veteran teacher over one poor evaluation. schools base their teacher layoffs on seniority. google's self-driving cars may soon hit the road in las vegas making that city the first where the cars drive themselves. but before that happens two bills need to get through the nevada state passenger. it would be the first state to legalize self-driving roads on
12:18 am
u.s. roads. google has been lobbying for this. they have been testing self- driving cars. google and ford are joining forces to help drivers save on gas. the automaker is working with google to design technologies that will help vehicles find the shortest route. the system would build a driver profile based on where the driver typically goes. the tool would be built for hybrid vehicles. [ music ] and there is a little bit of fog returning to the coast. let's go right now to the golden gate bridge with live stormtracker 2. here we are at the south tower. the wind speeds are logged in for you. gusting to 14 miles per hour out of the west, southwest. note the water temperature, 52 degrees. that is cold for this time of year. it has been windy offshore. the bay is cold. the ocean is cold. and it's going to get cooler around here as well. as we head towards your bay area weekend, this system drops in. your saturday, sunday looks like it is going to be cloudy, showery and cooler. so here we are today or tomorrow. the temperature is not too bad.
12:19 am
friday they cool more. saturday and sun they drop off big-time into the 60s, the low 60s. the weather system out in the pacific still reside to the north of us. it is up in the gulf of alaska. this system is going to drop straight down. when it does it will bring all of that cold air with it. that means snow levels will be low. in the mountains most likely saturday night into sunday. winter weather advisory. yellow colors are 70s. 60s are green. and blue in the 50s. plenty of 70s tomorrow. thursday through friday very similar with plenty of fog and low crowds -- clouds. temperatures on the mild side. things change rather rapidly. the clouds increase. by saturday night rain. sunday morning rain. sunday afternoon scattered showers. that's how it looks right now. lots could change between now and then. the forecast highs tomorrow as we roll towards thursday. 70 in napa. 71 in brentwood.
12:20 am
not a bad day tomorrow. coastal fog. we had a big push of it this morning in your neighborhood. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it's going to be in most bay area neighborhoods as well. so it will burn off more rapidly than today. more sunshine than today. breezy in the afternoon. the same for friday. and then everything switches on saturday. that cold system will drop in. you see it depicted on the five- day forecast with increasing clouds saturday. for the most part saturday day looks dry and kind of cool and mild. but saturday night and sunday that's when we get into it. julie mentioned the bay to breakers on sunday. a big, big deal with 50,000 people in the city. you know it looks like it's going to be a wet morning run for those folks. interesting. >> it is interesting. the weather is so weird right now. >> especially that snow in the mountains. that will be an unusual event for this time of year. >> thanks, bill. >> a san francisco neighborhood is taking a big step towards welcoming new residents. this morning city officials grabbed shovels for a ground- breaking ceremony at the former hunter's point naval shipyard. the work crews began installing
12:21 am
street lights at the site today. managers say it is one of the last steps before home building begins. the construction is set to begin this summer on the first phase of development with 240 homes going up on that former navy base. one of the biggest names in
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. oracle racing plans to have some practice runs in san francisco bay. they will begin next month. the boats you'll see next month, though, won't be the boats rating for the next america's cup. these boats are 45-foot versions to help the crews get a feel for the boat. the america's cup is set to take place in san francisco in 2013. that will be something to
12:25 am
see. mark, joins us now with news about the giants. they are on a roll right now. >> oh, yeah. got a nice ring to it, doesn't it? say hello to the first place san francisco giants. a week ago listening to the fans you would have thought they were circling the drain. five game win streak works wonders, doesn't it? and they are now tied atop the west with the rockies. and of course it was a one run win in comeback fashion. as jonathan sanchez got behind early as henry blanko goes deep upping the lead to 3-0 for the giants. and in the 5th aubrey huff puts a charge in one solo shot his fourth. a 3-3 ball game. behind sanchez tonight lots of good defense. and here is one example. aaron rowan, yes, a center- fielder playing out left. he looked good right there robbing para. in the 6th inning miguel tejada
12:26 am
had doubled. two outs andre torres good to have him back in the lineup. ground rule doubles. he had three hits and scores. brian wilson his 12th save. sanchez gets the win. 4-3 was the score. five straight wins. weird day for the as. early they learned dallas brayden is pretty good at diagnosing his own injury. a few weeks ago he hurt his shoulder. immediately he said it was bad. he is right under goes surgery on monday to repair a torn capsul in his shoulder. we could all use a do-over in life. and every now and then gio gonzalez gets one this afternoon. worst inning of his career. gave up seven runs to the rangers. keith morland a grand slam. but heavy rain hit texas in the fourth inning and wash it out. what you might call baseball's version of a mulligan another chance on another day in texas. i wouldn't call it overstating the matter to say tomorrow night probably the
12:27 am
biggest game in the history of the sharks' franchise. certainly a defining moment. are they failures or can they get over the hump and at least find their way into the stanley cup finals for the first time? wrapped up their workout earlier today. the sharks try to forget surrendering three third period goals in their last two games. and the coach lays it out straight for the media. you guys have all done your work already. it's finished. you wrote one story and you've written another one and all you have to do is hit send. and the two teams get to determine which story you are going to send. the stage is ours. the stage is detroit's. let's get out there and perform and allow you guys to hit your send buttons. >> in the meantime, boston and shaq take a bow exit stage right out with the old and in with the new. lebron and the heat close it out on the 16-0 one. lebron breaks the tie and another one for a little pad. all about lebron and the heat. and then for a little cherry on top another two.
12:28 am
they now await a winner of the chicago atlanta series. and memphis falls way shy to oklahoma city as the thunder move out to a 3-2 lead in that series. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. >> all right. mark, thanks very much. >> be the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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