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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 20, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> pumped up fans in san jose after the sharks took an early lead and then barely held on. good evening accident everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. in game three of the western conference finals, we have
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lloyd lacuesta at at scene where many are breathing a lot easier right now. >> reporter: they handed out these orange shirts before the start of tonight's game, no different than the giants, but the color was a winning color as the san jose sharks triumph over the vancouver canucks but barely 4-3. for fans who have been waiting 20 years to see a stanley cup, well, they let loose. [ cheering and applause ] >> we won! >> yea! >> it's a great game? we survived a lot! [ cheering and applause ] >> thornton has it and it's good! >> nothing like home ice as the sharks win their first game of the series after losing two in
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a row in vancouver. san jose fans who had tickets to the shark tank or watched on tv in bars or at home are oh, so optimistic now. >> i think they keep playing like this, they'll go all the way. >> reporter: before tonight's game we asked the numbers to be crunched. >> if we win today, our chances are only up in the 20% range by my calculations of winning the entire series, not that good, but, you know, that doesn't mean you're out of it. >> reporter: so there's a one out of five chance. can't disregard a man who changed many lives by creating apple computer, next game sunday here at the tank and if the sharks win, it will be anyone's series. i was in there tonight. it was electric. live in san jose lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. >> how did they pull off the win tonight and what will the sharks face sunday? we'll have that coming up in
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sports. fans going to tonight's sharks game may have noticed tighter security. the enhanced security measures are for the rest of the western conference finals and some of the changes include metal detectors, patdown searches, the inspection of bags and screening with wands. lloyd spoke to sharks officials about the change and emphasized -- and they emphasized there is no imminent threat. >> it's standard practice particularly once they get to the western and eastern conference finals and the finals they put forth ex ya security measures in place for precautionary reasons -- extra security measures in place for precautionary reasons. >> fans are asked to allow extra time for those security measures if they are going to the game sunday at the tank. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. just look for the sports dropdown menu on a highly unusual situation is unfolding with the oakland police department tonight. the department is calling in hundreds of officers and telling them to hand in their
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weapons because of some type of problem. ktvu's eric rasmussen joins us now live in oakland with more on the story we first broke at 5:00. eric. >> reporter: police say they were in the middle of switching to a new generation of glock handguns when they discovered some kind of issue during training. we heard the radio call that went out this afternoon telling officers with these new guns to bring them back here immediately. it's another critical tool not working the way it's supposed to for oakland police officers. the department confirms there's something wrong with its new glock 4 handguns. >> we found that the guns were malfunctioning. so the range staff made a decision that they wanted to recall the new guns. >> reporter: assistant chief howard jordan says about 1/3 of the force including himself had already made the switch to the new glock handguns and today got their old guns back. he said the issue was identified in training and no weapons had malfunctioned while officers were on duty, but the
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problem comes just a month after many officers reported their two-way radios weren't working. >> is this frustrating? is it embarrassing? >> it's a little bit of both. >> reporter: this is an example of the previous model that opd is now going back to for safety reasons. officials won't say what the malfunction was, but industry insiders say the olders models might be more reliable anyway. >> unfortunately it had to take place, but a good decision of. >> reporter: opd insists the issue never put officers or the public in danger, but some still didn't like to hear officers might have been on the street with faulty weapons. >> i know how bad it is and it's -- yeah, i'd like for their guns to work properly definitely. >> reporter: now today assistant chief jordan told me they simply don't know yet if the two -- or if the officers who shot and killed two suspects this week were using those new guns, but the guns are scheduled to be tested anyway. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2
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news. the search for the plane belonging to a missing napa county winery owner ended this afternoon. search crews discovered the body among the wreckage of robert brown northwest of salt springs in amador county. the body will be positively identified monday. the 78-year-old left a salt lake tahoe area on monday heading for tracy but never made it. authorities say the plane crashed in a high speed impact. family members say brown flew that route hundreds of times. he opened the cleavage creek winery back in 2007. two years before that he lost his wife arlene to breast cancer and 10% of the winery's preprofit income is donated to breast cancer causes and each bottle also features a photo of a breast cancer survivor. a family man and narcotics officer faces drug charges tonight accused of providing more than a pound of marijuana
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to a confidential informant, a woman police say he of row plantically involved with. he pleaded not -- was romantically involved with. he pleaded not guilty today. fredriksson's attorney says the case against his client is weak. >> it's simply one person making a mistake in judgment getting involved with somebody he shouldn't have. >> officer fredriksson was placed on paid leave in march after allegations surfaced. he is free now on $40,000 bail. another rider close to lance armstrong accusing him of cheating. george hen d cap, a long time member of armstrong's inner circle told federal authorities he saw armstrong use performance enhancing drugs, this news coming one day after a former teammate of armstrong said he also saw armstrong use banned drugs. armstrong has passed hundreds of drug tests and has always denied that he took performance enhancing drugs. folsom state prison near
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sacramento remains on lockdown after a riot there this morning. officials say the melee at the maximum security prison began when inmates started a fight in the exercise yard. guards fired tear gas and a warning shot to quell the violence. ambulances took seven inmate to sacramento area hospitals for treatment. two suffered multiple stab wounds. their conditions have not been released. no guards were hurt. and a little later it's been in the news frequently because of violent attacks by patients. for the first time in years we get to go inside napa state hospital. that's in our next half hour. an auction is currently underway to sell items once been on owned by the unabomber, but as ktvu's rita williams reports, the former fbi agent who helped arrest the hun bomber says what's happening -- the unabomber says what's happening is disgrace. >> reporter: yes. ted cha -- disgraceful. >> reporter: yes.
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ted kaczynski pleaded guilty. he was indeed the notorious unabomber. >> look at these clothe falling off him. >> reporter: that's max knowles with kaczynski after he and two other officers lured him out of his cabin with two other officers, flashed his badge and gun. knowles now retired says kaczynski after eluding capture for 20 years thought he'd have time to blow up his cabin and everything in it. he didn't. >> we surprised him when we were able to take him out. we come up with a treasure trove of information in that cabin. >> reporter: and it's that treasure trove minus the bombs and bomb making material that's now for sale here in this online auction. leigh days into the two-week government auction, the -- three days into the two-week government auction the unabomber's sunglasses and hoodie fetching the highest price so far, $20,000, his
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manifesto, $17,000. >> i think this stuff ought to be put in an incinerator and burn. >> reporter: strong feelings from the former no. agent who helped capture the men, killed 16 people and injured 23. >> that's not someone i believe we should be glorifying. >> reporter: no cause whatever proceeds the auction draws a pittance compared to all the harm done. >> we've posted a link to that online auction on our website, just look for the web link section. good news tonight if you're getting ready to head to tahoe. caltrans is getting ready to reopen highway 50 along echo summit in the sierra. the roadway is tentatively scheduled to open tomorrow afternoon. recent snowstorm slowed work there, but crews still managed to finish early making the contractor eligible for a $600,000 bonus. crews are upgrading safety features along a steep cliff. the highway connects sacramento to south lake tahoe.
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i've got tomorrow's forecast. it includes a bunch of fog and temperatures slightly cooler. we don't know. it could really be the end of the world. >> is doomsday nearly upon us? the man behind these billboards and when he made his last prediction. but up first the the fresh tasting california sour cream
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your other food loves. this major fire at a los
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angeles salvage yard is under control tonight when firefighters showed up this afternoon. five junked cars burning sending up a huge plume of black smoke. several explosions caused the flames to spread to about 20 cars. it took firefighters about 30 minute to get a handle on the car. fortunately the fuel had been trained from the cars or things probably would have been a lot worse. no one was hurt and investigators don't know the cause. more evidence tonight of an ongoing violent feud in one east oakland neighborhood. the latest incident to happen in a 10 block area, a shooting this afternoon at a brooksdale and coolidge avenue. the story amber lee has been piecing together for several nights. >> reporter: police tell us they've he been busy dealing with a spike -- they've been busy dealing with a spike in shootings during the past three weeks in east oakland. today shootings left neighbors upset, frustrated and scared. broad daylight, someone shoots
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a young man. he's transported to the hospital and survives, but police tell us this incident is part of an ongoing feud between different gruels that has been escalating. >> it -- groups that have been escalating. >> it appears that people are disrespected in some way by someone or there's been some act that has made them angry and they're reacting violently. >> it's retaliation back and forth. >> it is going back and forth. >> reporter: this violence led police to respond to nearby qur'an avenue wince night after officers received information a violent incident was about to happen. it ended with police fatally shooting two men. some residents told us the officer-involved shootings point to the need for the relationship between the police and community to improve. >> they've got to help us and we've got to help them and they've got to stop shooting us and we have to start working with them. >> i'm working very hard to bridge that gap to, have more local people hired as police officers, to have police officers out of their cars walking the streets.
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>> reporter: neighbors tell us gunfire is a frequent occurrence they've learned to live with and the thought of being caught in the crossfire is in the back of their minds. deangelo thomas and his girl friend told us they're starting a family. >> i'm about to have a baby and stuff like that. i don't really want to raise a child in this environment like this. so yeah, i am thinking about moving. >> reporter: police are still not releasing much information about the officer-involved shooting. the district attorney's office is conducting an independent investigation. reporting live here in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. also in oakland tonight police are looking for a gunman who killed a man in an apparent street robbery today. the victim, a 43-year-old man, was doing yard work when he was shot. evidence was a pair of gardening glove on a 34th street sidewalk. the man died ad highland hospital. his name has not been released.
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a bay area professional poker player convicted of killing his parents to gain his inheritance learned his fate today. a judge sentenced ernest sheer the iii to two consecutive terms of live in prison with no possibility of parole. sheer was found guilty of using a baseball bat and knife to kill his parents inside their home in pleasanton back in 2008. prosecutors say sheer hoped to inherit 1 1/2 million dollars. a federal appeals court ruled today san francisco's ranked choice voting is constitutional. san francisco's used the instant system since 2004 to elect the mayor, supervisors and other city officials. six residents had sued arguing it allows candidates to win without getting a majority of the votes. in its ruling the 9th circuit court said there is no perfect election system. president obama met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house with stark differences about how to achieve peace in the middle east. after a lengthy private meeting
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the two leaders sat down in front of cameras. 24 hours earlier president obama said israel should withdraw to its 1967 borders as a basis for a palestinian state. mr. netanyahu said israel cannot do that. >> while israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. because these lines are in defensible. >> the israeli prime minister said in 1967 israel was 9 miles wide and was attacked repeatedly. he said the land seized provided some security to the jewish state. he for the first time in almost two years california's unemployment rate is below 12%. the april rate came in at 11.9%. that's the lowest level since 2009 in california. this is also the fourth straight month that the unemployment rate has dropped. however, california is still well above the national rate of
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9%. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar went to a job fair today to take the pulse of some of those who are looking for work. >> reporter: at today's college job fair we found real employers offering real jobs. >> that lady that helped me right over there was really nice and encouraged me to go online and fill out applications. >> reporter: that's a hurdle for one man trying to come out of retirement. >> it's tough because with all the jobs require that you apply online and i no place to computer. >> reporter: others face more common obstacles such as age or qualifications. >> people my age can't even find a job and if they do find a job, it's not what they would really, really want. >> it's kind of hard due to the fact that i don't have a high school diploma or a ged. >> reporter: one young man wishes he had better clothes. >> the first impression is everything. so, you know, when you have a suit on, we don't. nine times out of 10 you'll get hired before we will. >> reporter: labor lawyer and
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former edd director michael bur dick is not a big deal of the number of jobs -- >> what is a big deal is we've gained a net of nearly 100,000 new jobs here in california since january. >> reporter: and though the bay area is doing much better than the state overall. >> even here it remains each job opening highly competitive. you're getting tens, if not hundreds of applicants. >> reporter: out of the 1.4 million jobs lost during the recession, we still have 1.3 million to go. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the bay area's new unemployment figures county by county. solano county is 11.6%, marin county faring best at 7.6%. ac transit is apparently on the road to recovery. today the transit district's board of directors canceled next week's hearing to declare
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a fiscal emergency. in april we reported the agency was facing a $56 million shortfall. however, a new budget projection that takes into account cost cutting measures shows surpluses now for the next two years. >> breezy conditions at the golden gate bridge, gusts to about 19 miles an hour. the fog is back at the coast. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be cooler slightly, a little more fog overnight and a little more cloud cover throughout the weekend. we'll turn temperatures downwards. the fog increases over the next couple days. we've got fog at the golden gate bridge right now just like this morning. so a big push of fog going into tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. when i come back we'll look at the fog forecast tomorrow. we'll look at the high temperature forecast for saturday and talk about sunday, which will be a cooler day with more clouds. i'll see you back here. rising floodwaters are causing problems for bart who
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is trying to -- barges trying to navigate the mississippi river. this is what it looks like in vidalia, louisiana. the debris of swift currents make it difficult for riverboats to go upstream and hard to stop going downstream. if boats can't travel up and down the river, then local farmers and truckers can't do business and they say that will ultimately affect consumers as well. oil tankers targeted for a terrorist attack. we'll tell you where officials uncovered this plot. it was a
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a crash involving a motorcycle and a car sent at least two people to the hospital tonight. it happened at about 7:15 at martin luther king way and fifth street in oakland. authorities say the motorcycle rider was seriously hurt and a passenger in the car was also
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taken to the hospital. our photographer saw the driver of the car talking with police, but it's not clear if she was cited. documents recovered from osama bin laden bin's compound revealed plots against the oil industry and specifically oil tankers. as a result, the u.s. government has issued a warning. bin laden apparently believed blowing up oil tankers would send oil prices skyrocketing. officials say there is no evidence such a plot was in the works. the world will come to an end in a matter of hours. that's according to a christian radio host based in oakland and his prediction is posted on billboards all across the country. ktvu's paul chambers tells us what believers and nonbelievers are saying about that. >> reporter: the signs have been up for months saying that tomorrow, may 21st, is judgment day. >> we don't know it. could really be the end of the world and i feel like the sky is just going to come crashing down on us or something. >> my baby is only a month old. so i would hope that tomorrow wouldn't really be judgment
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day. >> is it somewhere in the world it's the 21st already and the world is still here? >> reporter: this isn't the first time the world of family radio harold camping made such a prediction. he also said it would happen in 1994. >> and he looked so sad and down, you know, because i guess he was thinking oh, i figured it wrong. >> reporter: this is camping's neighbors. they say he's a nice man but question his predictions. >> i'm not changing my plans. i'm not maxing out my credit card or anything. >> how you going to tell us that like tomorrow is the end of the world or tomorrow we'll be sent to heaven or hell? how do they figure that? >> reporter: that's the same question i asked the spokesperson of family radio on the phone today, but looking at this online bible in matthew 24:36 it says, "no one knows about the day or hour. not even the angels in heaven, nor the son but only the father." >> i admire him to an extent because i think he's a man of principle. the real problem with mr. catching is that he thinks the bible is a source of knowledge.
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>> reporter: the american atheists are holding a two-day rally for those who do not believe judgment day will happen. former managing director of the international monetary fund domonique strauss-kahn is free on $1 million cash bail tonight and under house arrest in new york city. he left rikers island jail today in the custody of a private security company. strauss-kahn has been indicted in the sexual assault of a hotel maid. his plans to move into a luxury building on the upper side of east manhattan were dashed when residents complained. astronauts on the space shuttle endeavour will take a close-up look tomorrow at a damaged tile in the heat shield. the inspection is being done out of an abundance of caution nasa says. today a spacewalk was cut short because of a glitch in a carbon dioxide sensor in a spacesuit, again out of caution. napa state hospital has been off limits to us for
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years, but today we bring you inside the fence. and this was
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more than 100 students went to electronic arts in redwood city tonight to celebrate their graduation from the college track program. that program is co-founded by lorene paula jobs, wife of steve jobs, and it helps low income students make it into college. we have the story live now to explain how music star will i am is contributing to the event this year. >> reporter: the founder of the black i'd peas gave a speech -- black eyed peas gave a speech
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here in the auditorium hosting the event, but all the lights were on these high school graduates who have overcome some really tough times. they walked in like academic rock stars, 111 students in the college track program, many on track to be the first in their family to graduate high school. >> as a child, i wanted to be an architect. >> reporter: as students gave speeches and received awards, parents, friends and families watched with pride. will i am gave the keynote speech. >> i was on welfare. my friend are shot. my friends are dead -- my friends are shot. my friends are dead. my friends are in prison. my friends are on drugs. i come from the same places that you guys come from. >> reporter: college track has five centers in oakland, san francisco, east palo alto as well as new orleans and aurora colorado. it helps low income students by providing a place to study, after school tutoring and college prep programs, a path for success such as this student now heading to columbia
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on a full scholarship. >> i was living in a very small apartment with four people and that's when i knew i needed to go to college and have a different life. >> reporter: this year will i am provided scholarships to seven students, a $40,000 scholarship each over four years. >> and the personal relationship with the personal that have i am scholarships is important. i don't want to just give out money. >> reporter: that means the world to jessica gutierrez, putt recipients. >> the entire -- one of the recipients. >> the buyer day i couldn't stop crying -- the entire day i couldn't stop crying and my mom is still. reporting live in redwood city, ktvu channel 2 news.
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the gap cut its earnings forecast by 22%. clothing retailers are facing inflation due to the rising cotton prices and increased worker salaries in asia. today the volume was also considerably less with 8 1/2 million shares trading compared to the 30 million that changed hands yesterday. the fda approved a new drug today that could help people just starting hiv treatments. the pill was approved for use on patients who haven't taken any other medications for the virus. the pill was taken once a ill daye to be used as part of a drug cocktail. edura blocks the virus from reproducing, although there are side effects of headaches and
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trouble sleeping. more women are opting to give birth at home. the centers for disease control reports home birth increased 20% over a span of four years. most were white women. this trend comes despite doctors who have been speaking out against home births saying they can be unsafe for both the mother and the child. late word tonight from san francisco police a man was stabbed repeatedly this evening on a muni bus. it happened on a 14 mission bus near mission street and precita avenue at about 8:00 tonight. the male was attacked by a group of teenagers both male and female. no arrests so far. the victim is being treated at san francisco general hospital. san francisco police also say they need your help tonight tracking down a hit and run driver who left a man riding his bike with serious injuries. police sent us this surveillance picture of the driver's car from the may 11th crash on fillmore and turk described as a gray nissan four-
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door with damage to the passenger side mirror. now here's a clearer look of a similar car. if you have any information about this case, san francisco police say please contact them right away. napa state hospital has been the site of several violent even deadly attacks both recently and over the years. we've reported on it many times, but for the first time in decade our cameras were allowed inside. ktvu's sack sack reports what he saw and heard -- ktvu's john sasaki reports what he saw and heard. >> reporter: someone was clearly having a bad day as we entered their living space at napa state hospital, but this tour comes because patients and staff feel they are constantly having bad days because they are in so much danger. >> every couple weeks we get another report of a patient or staff person who has been severely assaulted and that tells you frankly it's still not safe and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: on the tour we
12:05 am
stopped near the spot where psychiatric technician donna gross was killed last fall. there was a brick wall around that area which has been replaced by a metal railing. other changes are in the works. >> we have an alarm system inside the building right now, but we've requested for a wireless system on the 138 acres of this campus. >> these incidents just keep happening and there does not seem to be an end to them. >> reporter: statistics show on average 10 people, three staffers and seven patients, are assaulted here every day. parent job webb said his son was assaulted for the -- john webb said his son was assaulted for the third time this morning. >> you'll see it's going through the same problems repetitively. the institution either needs to be closed or totally revamped. >> reporter: hospital officials say they may move some of the most dangerous patients to more secure facilities and have
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requested additional funding for 10 new police officers. all they say is aimed at preventing another tragedy. in napa i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the suspect in an oakland murder who landed on the u.s. marshal's 15 most wanted list is behind bars tonight. the marshal service says oakland police found shaun michael sullivan in a marijuana grow house yesterday. sun van was wanted for a shooting last november that left one man dead and another paralyzed. a man in family turmoil and an award, what honor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver earned tonight and her thoughts on her parents separation. >> back here with your weekend forecast, a lot of fog to talk about. sharks jump out to a quick start at vancouver in a
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santa clara police tell ktvu forensic evidence helped them break the case of the killing of a 62-year-old man known as the church man. police arrested 24-year-old jay renoma sis la after questioning him. he leaves -- jay ron mass sell la -- jairon massella. the weapon was an aluminum baseball bat. the victim was reportedly called the church man because he always carried a bible with him. police are investigating whether road rage played a role in a crash that sent a motorcyclist to a hospital this evening. police say this bmw was following too close before it
12:10 am
literally ran right over the motorcycle and its rider. the motorcyclist was able to crawl out from under the car. our crew was nearby and snapped these photos. police did not arrest the bmw's driver. the highway patrol is looking for whoever fired shots into this white oldsmobile aurora on interstate 780 in vallejo last night. the occupants were wounded. security video shows the passenger helping the driver out of the car into a mcdonald's in be nearby a for help. the chp thinks the young -- in by nearby -- in benicia for help. in one incident against anti-government protesters an ambulance came under fire of 77 people were killed today. despite the crackdown on mass arrests protesters showed no sign of backing down. neither does the president
12:11 am
bashar assad. in libya nato warplanes bomb nine vessels overnight. nato said mr. gadhafi has been using the navy recently in a campaign against rebels. some of the vessels were on the port of misrata. the city has been under siege for weeks and the port has been the only lifeline for the people there. in ireland large crowds turned out in the city of cork today to get a brins of britain's queen elizabeth. -- glimpse of britain's queen elizabeth. she stopped by a fish market. the vendor got a laugh out of the queen. is the first time in a century there has been a visit from britain. katherine schwarzenegger was honored tonight amid the sex scandal involving her father. >> that was indeed the most amazing introduction i've ever gotten. >> her are mother maria shriver was -- her mother maria shriver was in attendance as katherine
12:12 am
receives the girl power award that is given out for helping underprivileged children. katherine expressed disappointment this week about her parents' separation. i didn't break into my house. i just repossessed my home. >> fighting foreclosure, the bay area woman taking matters into her own hands
12:13 am
12:14 am
foreclosure forced an east bay too mucher out of a house her family has owned for 24 years, but we'll hear about the bold move that woman is taking to move back in. >> this is the living room. >> reporter: furniture is temporary. the windows are bare, but tanya dennis said this was, is and always will be her home whether the bank likes it or not. >> i didn't really break back
12:15 am
in my house. i just repossessed my home. >> reporter: after a young long illness in 2009 dennis fell behind on her house payments. wells fargo foreclosed on her last december. a month later dennis says her granddaughter gave her an idea. >> one day sky said the banks banks got our house. we need to fight the banks. i said this is a 2-year-old that gets it. am i going to do something against this illegal activity or am i just going to let them take my house when they don't have any rights to it and walk quietly into the foreclosure night? >> reporter: so dennis moved back in. >> and i broke back in the house january 18th and it just empowered me. >> she's been cited for trespassing as a result of that. >> reporter: wells fargo spokesman says the bank tried to work with dennis but said she didn't qualify for a loan modification. dennis in turn is suing wells fargo on the grounds her loan was predatory and fraudulent. >> every court that has ruled on the situation has found ms.
12:16 am
dennis' claims to be without merit. -rear case is on appeal. den -- her case is on appeal. dennis hopes other struggling homeowners will do the same thing. >> they can't put us all out in the street. >> reporter: the bank is giving dennis another eviction notice for june 21st. she said if she's kicked out, she will break in. there are organizations that can help homeowners avoid foreclosure. we have their information on our website on the state fined the operator of a toxic waste dump in central california. it was fined $46,000. the department of toxic substances control said the company failed to report four separate incidents last year where hazardous waste was released into the ground. federal officials fined the same facility $300,000 last year. bp just reduced its bill for the damages caused by the
12:17 am
gulf oil disaster. the company oversees more than a billion dollars from one of its minority partners. in the blownout well to settle claims over the accident on the deepwater horizon rig. morax acknowledged the accident was caused by a number of oversights and mistakes. a newly unveiled statue of pope john paul ii is getting a lot of reaction, most of it bad. the vatican said the modern sculpture doesn't even look like the pope. some people who live in rome and tourists say it looks more like the fascist dictator musolini. others say it's just plain ugly. rome's mayor says it may be removed. >> fog along the coast now, temperatures outside along the peninsula in the 50s. i'll kind of highlight the fog. we've got a bunch showing up now along the ocean beaches south to half moon bay towards pescadero. the fog will fill in tonight and make it up over those hills. you'll see fog in many inland
12:18 am
bay valleys overnight. a lot like last night. we had a lot of fog this morning. temperatures overnight will be in the 40s and 50s, tonight patchy coastal fog. for the weekend that's the story, fog around. that's in the coast, not the valleys. temperatures sunday will trend down more because of a very weak weather system that will tweak to the north of us. as it does, it increases the fog, cloud cover, cools temperatures. it's not going to be cold sunday, in the mid- to upper 60s, overnight lows and forecast tomorrow for the fog. we get into tomorrow morning. look at the push. that's here about 7 a.m. there's many of us having cloud cover in the morning, slow burnoff, lunchtime or so or 2:00 all the way back to the water with the fog and then it presses back in even further on sunday. that's why sunday will be cooler. that weather system to the north, i'll show it to you in a minute. here's the satellite loop. we'll see high clouds moving in overhead as we go through the neck 24 to 36 hours -- next 24
12:19 am
to 36 hours in affect from this cool pressure system. there really is nothing more than something that will enhance the cloud cover, enhance the onshore winds and bring temperatures down a couple degrees. now like last weekend or even earlier this week we had rain, much better weather best day of the weekend will be saturday, sunday cooler but nice. forecast highs tomorrow 72 in morgan hill, 71 gilroy, foggy in half moon bay, foggy in the mornings but it clears off, same with pacifica. i think you'll find sunshine off the coast tomorrow, especially simpson beach and those areas once the winds start to kick in say noon, 1:00. five-day forecast, then, weekend in view because your weekend is now. you've got plenty of sunshine, a few clouds and slightly cooler on sunday. it's a lot better than weekend. you guys remember that? >> we sure do. >> it was mid-60s. >> it's going to be real nice. >> thank you, bill. apple is closing in on a
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deal with four major recording companies that would allow users to receive songs stored to storage and iphones wouldn't use up storage phones on their portable devices. how it would be exclusive to apple isn't clear. it's expected to be unveiled next month at the apple developers conferen the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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mark joins us now with sports. it was a pressure packed night but a good night. >> oh, man, just another great thing about the world of sport. back from the brink the sharks absolutely had to find another
12:24 am
gear to flip it into and that they do, along with it reminded everybody as bad as that 7-3 game of the other night, it was just one game. setting the tone early physicality on this play, former shark christian ehrhoff hit with a high-sticking and the sharks take advantage. on the 5-3 advantage it is a ryane clowe in front and the sharks find themselves in a 2-0 advantage. later in the 1st patrick marley get him into the open ice, there's not many faster. he would take advantage of that, his second goal of the night. 3-0 sharks. now 3-1 in the third, critical goal here for san jose, 5-3 advantage again. dan boyle scoring. you think it may be an easy one, but vancouver will take advantage of what many call a questionable five minute ejection of jamie mcginn thrown out of the game for that and vancouver quickly takes
12:25 am
advantage. they score two late goals, but the sharks hang on to put the series at two games to one and another one-goal victory. when the sharks win, it is as it seems al by the slimmest of margin -- always by the slimmest of margins, but i'm guessing they don't care a lick about after that considering the way that debacle went in vancouver the other night. wouldn't you say, fred? >> reporter: you know what? really this was a fine game overall for the sharks. they were much quicker in their passes. they had quicker skates and special teams was spectacular, mark, three power play goals and did you see all the bodies laying out on the ice as they were doing time after time in the penalty kill? it certainly the goalie antti niemi looked more and more like the goalie that won the stanley cup last year in chicago. late in the 4th period they held off a 5-on-three advantage
12:26 am
for nearly two minutes. sharks scored their own goal in the 3rd. this was the car,' best game in nearly two weeks. >> i -- sharks' best game in nearly two weeks. >> i think we were composed and learned from last game. we stayed within our system, took a deep breath and went back after it. >> last time the five minute penalty, i don't like the call. i thought it was a good hockey hit, but found a way to win and that's all we needed. we just needed to win. >> i thought we were pretty disciplined. so if i were to comment on what i think of the penalties, i'd get a pretty big fine. so i'm going to save my money. >> reporter: not very happy after the game. sharks jamie mcginn says he expects to get suspended since that was his second misconduct call. he will probably miss game 4. logan couture left with an
12:27 am
injury, returned and is expected to play game 4 which is sunday noon right here at the tank and overall, mark, the sharks feeling much better about themselves after tonight's 4-3 win. >> i'd imagine. so have a good night, fred, and a great sports night at at&t tonight. you can call it a pitchers dual if you like. game one of the bay bridge series featured a couple teams to put it kindly a little offensively challenged hitting the ball on a regular basis being a foreign concept for both the a's and giants. kung fu panda meets his namesake. they could use that guy back in the lineup. l night's defensive hero doing it again -- last night's defensive hero doing it again, mark schierholtz, that guy playing some defense in right field. later the giant out of a jam. the a's come close to scoring. mark ellis at third, but it is a rock. conor jackson has an r.b.i. single taken away. extra innings bottom of the 10th, audrey huff with a shot
12:28 am
to right. he's got himself a game winning hit and the giants again with a walk-off win 2-1 over a's and the warriors with a great move. they have
12:29 am


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