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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a deadly wave of violence with police tonight investigating another homicide. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we have breaking news to tell you about. we're getting news of people getting shot in oakland. we have news crews just getting to the scene and as soon as we
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learn more we're bring it to you. people may be rethinking its imagine as the safest by city in america. ktvu has been looking into the latest killing, a 25-year-old woman killed in her car. >> reporter: a woman of five we're told ken. and san jose police have made no arrest yet in her killing or any other those in recent days as the city's home hit 24, 10 more in all of next year. a single candle and a few roses. barely a hint of what happened here last night. a 25-year-old woman was shot while at the wheel of this mercedes and crashed about a block away. she lived near by and loved ones ran here, watching as cpr failed to save her. >> we always felt that san jose was one of the safer places. >> reporter: this neighbor called 911 hearing the shots in
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her of her home of 25 years. >> when -- i had visitors and when i heard the gunshots i said, get down. >> what could happen if we're outside and this happens again? we could probably get hurt. >> we always look at the possibility of gang involvement. >> reporter: gangs perhaps a factor here as well as the other killings in recents days. two incidents close to each other in east san jose. both victims, young men. san jose's murder count is running about triple this time last year. >> one homicide is one too many. we would like to get it down to zero. it's difficult for us to be any where at any given time. >> reporter: and it's difficult when witnesses clam up which is the case here. the witnesses 20-year-old nephew was graced by a bullet. he and other witnesses are
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refusing to cooperate with police. debra villalon. pg & e is blaming a bad connection for leaving people in the dark. the lights went out at about 8:30 this morning and didn't come out till about 90 minutes later. a number of people were impacted, that included several at a restaurant. one worker told us he just started his shift when he heard a pop. >> all of a sudden i hear a little pop and all the lights wept out, power went out. >> what were you in the middle of doing? >> getting any station set up. getting other stations set up. >> reporter: restaurant owners say this often happens after it rains. pg & e says it's looking for solutions for recurring problems in that area. and the search continues
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for a woman last seen. >> reporter: 26-year-old nursing student michelle le left school with plans of coming back and finishing her clinical work and returning to reno. >> it's not in her character to leave and not answer anyone's calls. she did leave some of her materials near by. >> reporter: le and her materials were in this car and someone did drive it away. her suv a white honda crv turned up a few blocks away here on ponderosa court. and officials say it was locked up tight. >> whoever parked it there was concerned about its contents and it was locked up tight. >> reporter: outside the
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hospital, le's situation has workers on edge. >> actually really, really scared it shook us all up and we're trying to help. we have a flier in our department. >> i'm very scared and concerned about anyone's safety. and for anyone who comes the the hospital. >> employees added that until now they had always felt safe coming to the hospital. if you have any information about her whereabouts you're asked to call hayward police a call. 44-year-old michael augustus was arrested outside a restaurant in downtown petaluma. a downtown restaurant owner said a man threatened him with a handgun.
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he's the due back in court on friday. the castro district is back open tonight after a bomb square. police shut down the castro after reports of a suspicious bag. police kept the area closed for about two hours. this morning officers declared the area safe and reopened the area to traffic. there's good news, officials say there have been fewer dui arrests and deaths on bay area roadways this holiday weekend compared to last year. take a look at the numbers. around this time last year 150 impaired drivers were arrested. compare that to this year's 129. also last year there was one dui fatality. the chp reporting zero so far this holiday weekend. the maximum enforcement efforts began on friday and will continue through the end of monday. more than 33 years after the tragedy of jones town a
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memorial for those who died. but today's unveiling almost didn't happen. >> reporter: with the scribble of a crayon, a sense of connection. >> i lost 13 family members in jones town. now we have some where we can touch their names and remember them. >> reporter: for their families today's dedication helps them get closure. >> i am sorry it took so long. >> reporter: four plaques contained the names of 435 people who died in what's believed to be the biggest suicide. >> the controversy surrounding the inclusion of this name, james warren jones nearly derailed the ceremony until a judge tossed the complaint about four days ago. we were heckled by family
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members who did not want to focus on jones or his family members. >> the jones town event continues to captivate the imagination of the world and perpetuate a blemish on the images of both the united states and gayana. >> reporter: this is the first time singer o' malley jones has reached out to the jones community. >> i saw my daughter running and i saw when she -- when she was killed. >> reporter: after 32 years of running from his pain, he says he's finally ready to face it and like so many others here. turn a new page on a dark chapter of history. in oakland, patti lee. people driving across the bay bridge did not expect any delays this memorial day. the work on the detour near the bridge's toll plaza was completed just after 5:00 this morning. caltrans enclosed several lanes
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before midnight in preparation for the detour. the work had realigned the eastbound lanes so work could be completed in the east bay spans. but b.a.r.t. riders traveling between the east bay and san francisco should expect delays tomorrow because of work on the transbay 2. the delays will most likely be 20 to 30 minutes on the lines connecting stations on the other side of the bay. the work is scheduled to begin again tonight after the last train rolls and last through 2:30. it'll all happen next weekend june 4th and june 5th. you can learn more about the construction by going and scrolling down to the right now section. we are learning more tonight about this weekendings killings in placer county. investigators have now
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classified it as homicide. a man was found dead outside the house. a third victim was found outside severely injured. he died at the hospital last night. sheriff's officials say all three victims suffered trauma to the head. they say there was no sign of forced entry into that home. but they won't confirm whether they think it was a murder suicide. >> a presidential pledge today for the people of joplin, missouri. barbara hall now tells us president obama tried to consul residents on his visit to the town today that was ravaged by a tornado a week ago. the community of joplin came together to honor tornado victims on sunday. president barack obama spoke at the service offering hope and healing. he also toured one of the hardest hit areas in joplin. >> what i've been telling families that we met here.
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we're going to be here long after the cameras leave. >> reporter: 200 people lost their lives after a tornado with 200-miles-an-hour ripped through the area. family members anxiously await for news of their loved ones. >> troopers were making difficult visits notified people of the loss of their loved ones. >> reporter: the community of joplin marked a moment of silence for the exact time that the tornado tore through and changed so many livings. barbara hall, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of capitola is in limbo as it waits to see if the federal government will come through with disaster relief aid. capitola was hit with flash
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floods. california chose not to invoke the national disaster fund. officials say capitola's emergency reserves are already depleted. bad news for giant fans. san francisco giant catcher buster posey is out for the season after having surgery earlier today. the surgery repaired three torn ligaments in his ankle after this nasty hit at the plate. he was injured during that collision last wednesday. the head athletic trainer said, posey will have another surgery in about two months to remove pins doctors put in this morning. the rookie of the year broke a bone in his lower left leg as well. what happens when old glory gets well old and tattered. we'll tell you about a new service to properly dispose of an american flag. she is off and rolling.
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there were prayers and tears in afghanistan for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in war. u.s. troops held a candlelight vigil in honor of memorial day. according to department of
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defense, 1,576 u.s. service members have died in after afghanistan have died in service since the war began there. and national cemeteries all across the country tonight, american flags sit at the base of each grave. old glory is also deplayed outside many houses. maureen naylor tonight tells us about a new service in the south bay to burn american flags as gracefully as they were raised in the wind. >> reporter: some flap, others rise and there are those waiting to move. today's gusty conditions means it would keep the sea, red, white and blue standing. >> when i see them down, i have to run and stick them back up. that horrifies me. >> everything about it exhumes respect and honor. and so it should be held that
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way. >> reporter: including when this bright symbol of this country fades, those 13 strikes break and old glory turns old. >> a lot of people are not sure what they are supposed to do with a flag. >> reporter: when a flag is so worn and no longer fit to serve as a national symbol. federal law stipulates that it shown burned by a dignified manner. starting this weekend he's collecting tattered flags. for a list of events taking place here in the bay area for memorial day, go to our website and look under the right now section. an 8-year-old california
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boy is showing his respect for old glory as well. luke smith the member of a group named young marines from oceanside noticed a flag on the oceanside pier was faded and tattered. so he wrote a letter to the mayor asking to replace it and the mayor did just that. >> it makes me feel very proud. i am honored to have him at least listen to a kid, because most people don't listen to children. >> we don't have the eyes and ears out there like we used to be with the cut backs, to have a young lad like this spot a flag tattered in a military town was fantastic. >> reporter: the mayor also sent luke a letter. and there's no surprise that when luke grows up, he wants to
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become a marine like his father and brother. pattick is pregnant with the husband's child and on complete bedrest expect for one hour yesterday. time is of the essence for wenthworth. he left for iraq today. >> i couldn't be more proud of him. the courage that it takes to defend our country is immense and we're all just so proud of him. >> reporter: pattick is due in august and when wenthworth returns his son jackson sean will be waiting for him. well bikers of the roaring thunder hit the road today with a special rider. that's sarah palin. people from all over the country come to washington to support the rolling thunder's ride for freedom. the group's goal is to raise
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awareness for pows and those missing in action. although sarah palin has not announced she's going to run for president. her tour is stirring the pot of action. she is calling the one nation bus tour. this is a promotional video for that tour. a letter about the event. palin says it will give people a chance to celebrate the good thins that bring americans together and will give them the strength to meet the challenges ahead. this week the san francisco sheriff plans to defie a federal immigration program. sheriff michael hennessey says in accordance with the city's sanctuary offense, he will not help people who are in the city illegally. that means low level offendsers will be let go.
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>> reporter: when it comes to illegal immigration, who's in charge? it appears they are asking not requiring. >> so depending on the sheriff's opinion depends on whether they will hold them or not. >> it's pretty clear to me that it's voluntary. i was told it was voluntary by the head of secure communities. david penterell told me that face to face where there were other people present. >> it's an abusive office and utter lawlessness which is really disturbing. it's not a minor crime to be here illegally. >> reporter: people we talked to today said it comes down to who you trust. >> i would give it to the local over the feds. they are not helping so why let
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them offer more opinions about it. >> reporter: others say in a controversial issue like this there are no simple solutions. >> i think it's a complicated issue, the whole purpose of illegal immigration i think that is going to take a lot more sorting out than just having people held in a county prison before that's going to be solved. >> i don't know, there's no real answer to any of this. >> reporter: the sheriff says he will put his plan into place starting june 1st. in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up next, we will go live to oakland with new details about our breaking news, a shooting in oakland. also he strikes again. the man dubbed the geezer bandit hits another california bank. the fbi explains why he's been so prolific. a horrific scene in afghanistan. who's -- who's
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[ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job
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back now to that breaking news we told you about at the top of our newscast. multiple people shot tonight in oakland. ktvu's john sasaki now at the scene of the shooting. and he joins us with more information. >> reporter: you can see about a block away from this beauty supply store, that's where that shooting was. there were multiple people shot. i've overheard from police here on the scene that at least two people were confirmed deceased. and from where we're standing we can see what appear to be two bodies covered with yellow tarps. there's dozens of people standing around. friends and family, that at least one of the deceased -- one of the woman i spoke to said one of the individuals is
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her sister. and that victim's mother is also in the scene. and people very, very upset. police have not yet told us what happened but one of the victim's family members told me that what she believes happened is that someone drove down international and just started shooting. possibly randomly, possibly targeting someone but started shooting and hit at least two possibly three, possibly more people. so we're here on the scene at 87th and international boulevard. we're going to gather as much information as we possible can and bring it to you later in this newscast. john sasaki, ktvu news. >> thank you john. it appears the geezer bandit haze struck again. the fbi announced that the bank robber has hit his 14th bank. the man who appears to be in his 70s pointed a reinvolver. his strategy is always the
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same. >> he's very discreet in the way he conducting his robberies. oftentimes the only people that know what's happening are the victim tellers and the geezer bandit. secondly his over all appearance, is some what not threatening to those people. >> reporter: the geezer bandit is suspected of 11 bank robberies in the san diego area as well as one in bakersfield and one in santa barbara. the man's elderly features could be a mask. these are images from -- five girls, seven boys and two women were killed in a late night air strike. authorities say the u.s. marines called in air support after their base was attacked by small arms fire. nato is investigating, the u.n. says nearly 3,000 afghan
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civilians were killed last year. more than 75% of whom died at the hands of insurgents. in bosnia thousands rallied in support of former army chief. it's expected he will be extradited to hague later this week. he's accused of ordering the 1995 massacre that claimed the lives of 7,000 men and boys. from the sudan comes word that movement is -- there are indications of state sponsored ethnic cleansing in sudan's oil rich region. the north sudanize forces occupied the region a little more than a week ago and the occupation prompted southern groups to withdraw and dozens of residents to flee. we remember the fallen on
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memorial day and honor those who served. next see the story behind some of
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memorial day is a time to honor those who died in our nation's wars. but it is also a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by all those who fought. anita vogul talks to veterans about the stories that lie blind their scars. i just felt like everything, you know my face wasn't going to be there anymore. >> reporter: tony lino has a story to tell. the story behind his scars. >> i couldn't even blink because i could feel all the dirt and shrapnel underbeneath both of my eyelids and in my
12:01 am
eyes. every time i blinked it felt like raiser blades were cutting my eyelids. >> reporter: he's been to afghanistan five times and injured twice. >> i don't think the public has the opportunity to listen to someone like me who. >> reporter: lino now telling his story thanks to tempered steel. the organization was put together by scott stevenson and his mother after the veteran was seriously wounded and disfigured in the iraq war. the wounded warriors tell their heroin tales of survivors, breaking down barriers, homing other veterans will have some ease when they come home. >> it's putting together a connection between wounded
12:02 am
warriors and the public. >> reporter: martinez was burned on 40% of his body and needed more than 30 surgeries after his humvee ran over a land mine in iraq. >> it's changed my life for the better completely. it's given me an amazing insight to life. it's given me an insight to myself which allows me to be a better son, a better friend, a better family member. >> reporter: martinez message is also helping inspire others. >> he was really positive. >> the most important thing that thought me to no matter what happened to always take the better in life that you can and move on with things. >> he's more like an idol. >> reporter: that's a mission accomplished. >> thank you, guys. i'm out. >> reporter: in los angeles, anita vogul. and firefighters are keeping an eye for any flair ups of the fire in santa clara.
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this afternoon they announced the fire was completely contained. no homes were destroyed. in all the fire burned 1,100 acres. no word yet on how the fire started. that lively used food pyramid, you can forget about it. it's about to become a thing of the past. the u.s. department of agriculture is is said to replace it with a new food plate icon. the food pyramid was introduced in 1992 and updateed in 2005 with this interaction pyramid. the new plate imagine is expected to be unveiled on thursday and the goal is to help remind all americans to make healthy food choices. well new research out of new zealand suggest that new children who don't get enough sleep are more likely to become more overweight. the researchers found that children who had less sleep in their early years were at greater risk of having a higher body mass index at age seven.
12:04 am
the researchers said children under five generally need at least 11 hours sleep a day including naps. alaska airlines is about to give its flight manual a big update. they've just requested the i pad to replace their paper flight manuals. this weekend is the 21st annual san ramon art and wind festival. kite makers are on hand giving both the young and the old a chance to design their own kites. the event keeps growing with about 80,000 people attending over the past two days. >> we do have a lot of wind and it's just such a fun place to come and fly a kite and we have so many beautiful parks. so wind is our signature
12:05 am
element. local nonprofits provided food at the event with the proceeds going to help the organizations. the art and wind festival continues tomorrow at san ramon central park. thousands of people spent the days outdoors celebrating culture. today was the last day of this year's carnaval in san francisco. the parade started at 24th and bryan. the decades old traditional is of course coincides with memorialday. it's the largest multi cultural celebration in the state. we've put together a slide show of the parade and celebration. you will find it by going to and clicking on the slide tab. and the action against two top officials. and also rain, it is moving
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back into
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today was more like it with more sunshine, temperatures back up into the 60s and lower 70s. so an improvement from yesterday and a fetomorrow as w head into your monday. then we could be talking about more showers chances as we approach june 1st. we'll have all the detailup in right now you can see cloudy skies, including the bay area. winds have been cranking up and look at our buoy reports just offshore. you can see winds gusting to 38 miles per hour. that is out in the pacific, sfo wind gust at just over 20 miles
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per hour at last check. still breezy conditions expected for this evening under mostly clear skies. tomorrow partly cloudy, a tad cooler and a chance of a few very light showers. tomorrow patchy fog, coolest locations will be in the low 40s. san francisco right around 50 degrees and san jose at 49. here is a set up for tomorrow. for your monday, a dry pattern but increasing high clouds in advance of this weather system out here in the pacific. those clouds targeting the north bay neighborhood especially for tomorrow afternoon and the evening hours. here is the approach of the system. much cooler temperatures for tuesday and wednesday. we do bring in sprinkles and a few showers. nothing major but this is basically blocking any heat waves that are pushing into the bay area. temperatures could recover as
12:10 am
we do approach the weekend. here we go with our forecast model showing primarily fog. near parts of the san mateo coast and parts of the south and east bay as well. you can see the rain activity out here in the pacific. i'm going to go ahead and switch this over to show you a better perspective. the main action is up to the north of the bay area. then once again we could be talking about a few light showers into wednesday. for memorial day at 7:00. patchy clouds out there. and then by 3:00, clouds will be on the increase, there's eventual temperature range. a little bit cooler than today. the warmest locations right around the 70-degree mark. san jose 67 and half-moon bay 60 degrees. here is a look ahead as with the extended forecast. a few sprinkles in on a tuesday. maybe a light shower up in the north bay. and a chance of a shower on your wednesday. we're going to hold on to
12:11 am
clouds for thursday and friday. heather and ken, possibly this could be the light at the end of the tunnel into next weekend. maybe a few partly cloudy skies and temperatures by sunday a week from now, sounds strange to say. i'm not guaranteeing it just yet. maybe getting close to the upper 70s. >> oh. >> i'm getting pretty skeptical. >> so am i. anything beyond five days is a little bit iffy. >> seems like summer is never going to get here. fifa suspended two veteran executives. seth blatter is now in line to be reelected as fifa's
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president. his only opponent pulled away his candidacy. coming up next, hear from the a's about their first three game sweep of the season. and a wild finish at the indy 500 with a bay ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. good evening everyone welcome to this sunday night edition of sports wrap. much of sport is about tradition. and one of those traditions is the memorial day weekend and the indianapolis 500. another traditional is the way that races get started. >> ladies and gentlemen start
12:15 am
your engines. canadian alex spagliani the leader at the race. more than 3/4 of the way through another caution flag would come out because of this. bryan bristol gets run into by bell. another bay area product j.r. hill about to be a rookie winner, just one turn to negotiate and the race was his. but he passes a slower car and loses his groove. he will finish second. but dan well overtakes him and wins indy for the second time in his career. the full gamut of emotions.
12:16 am
you can see how fast it all happened. meanwhile the winner of indy celebrating with another tradition, was about to be runner up for the third straight time before hilldebran's mishap. the oakland a's have been an incredible streak going when it comes to baltimore. they've won eight straight series against baltimore and 20 of the last 28 games. maybe that's what these young mans were so excited about. zack briton in the first. josh willingham with the hit. they mistook that 1-0 lead to the fifth. the first one scored after alex pie hit a sinking liner to center. cocoa crisp gets there. it's 1-1. the lead didn't last
12:17 am
long as the a's struck for four at the end of the 4th inning. willingham picked up another big hit that puts oakland in front. more good news, andrew bailey returned to the disabled list. gets nick markakis on a ground out. it all adds up to oakland's first series win of the year. 6-4 the final. bryan fuentes gets the save. last week at this time, the a's were in the middle of a losing streak. the big change has been clutch hits. >> you know when you get those two rbi hits and you tend to win a lot more games. that's big, and you know we're not going to get them all the time but i think that's where we have to bare down and try to get the division. >> the guys have been holding
12:18 am
down, they're pitching very well. >> it's nice to be in the clubhouse with a club mentality. play off is a word you hear commonly. at the top of the division the rangers were tied with the royals in the bottom of the ninth. elvis andres singles to right. eric hosler's throw plenty of time for the umpire to call napeli safe. this call a dilemma given the events of the last week. pena does not block the plate there for it does not get blown up. rangers continue to lead the a's by a game and a half. the giants would gladly have conceded that run on wednesday night against florida. if it meant they could still have a healthy buster posey. posey had surgery to repair three torn ligaments. he will have surgery again in a
12:19 am
few weeks to remove some of the equipment doctors installed today. and giants are playing from behind for the first-inning on. mcgee scores morgan. more than enough support for gallardo on this day but the brewers added to the lead. ricky weeks takes one down to left center line. that scores gallardo. the bruins got 11 in the day. six were singles. very very little going for the giants today. it's on to st. louis for the first of four tomorrow. for the giants to hang on to first place they needed an arizona loss in houston.
12:20 am
nice play by a fan. kept the drive line from hitting anyone else even if his young son was traumatized by the whole incident. the astros took the lead in the 4th inning. right field by xavier of the diamondbacks were in front 3-2. arizona got one more inning and held on. moving a half game now in front of the giants. car racing on this memori dad, i was wondering if you've --
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one of the favorites on the nascar circuit was less than a lap away. other forces seem to take over. it didn't look to be jimmy johnson's night. in the pits johnson crew members leave an adjusting wrench attached to his car. johnson has to circle back around and lose a lap. he finished 28th. during the 14th and final caution flag, harvick gets a push from tom bernard to save fuel. that would be a crucial development. they got a checkered flag. was passed by harvick. earnhart had to finish with seventh. as they saw how they came of fumes from winning. another week, another relative unknown wins on the golf tour. another scorching hot and windy day in dallas where scoring was
12:25 am
difficult in the byron nelson classic. kegan bradley will turn 28th next week has to watch how things turn out for palmer. palmer for birdie at 18. he gets it to finish 72 and force the play off. they replay 18 after palmer had already taken bogey. bradley only needed this short shot to become the sixth first time winner in the year. from pretty good golfing bloodlines. his aunt is l pga winner pat bradley. and this one also went to a play off where on the first extra hole, westwood's approach hits the bridge and hits water. and he then made his birdie. the two englishmen swapped the top spots in the world.
12:26 am
and that kind of day in golf where a play off was also needed between david eger and tom watson to determine this senior pga winner. watson sums up his old major tour magic. watson made birdie on the first extra hole. he's the oldest player to win a mayor since the senior tour was created 31 years ago. the cal softball team had two chances today to win its superregional and advance to the world series. the girls lost their first game to kentucky in lexington but they jumped all over the wildcats. wallis with a drive over the left fielder's edge. they will open up in the college world series on thursday against alabama. and the top story at the french open is this streak. and the guy who's been the
12:27 am
hottest player in tennis this year. novak jokavich plays against gasque of france. jokovic a winner. 41 straight to start the season, that's the second best start in the open era which began in 1968. joining jokovic on a collision course was the second seeded player roger federer. federer on the far right court against barinca of switzerland. he then wraps it up with an ace at match point. 6-3 2-7-5. for the women some flexible
12:28 am
displays. saranaveva was the highest women seed @
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