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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 30, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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coming up, story behind this new video that left two people dead. >> a special anniversary that is being remembered this year. >> see how one an usual plan to save the bay area state park is heavy into high gear. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, may 30. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the nation pauses this memorial day to remember military members. it is our top story and david stevenson takes us with a closer look. >> reporter: an estimated 2500 people came to the national cemetery to pay tribute to bay
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area military men and women. >> it is important that my son understand the sacrifices that people have made in their lives for the defense of the country. >> it is pretty overwhelming because i have a sister in the military, and i would not want to see her here. >> issue ceremony marked the 70th anniversary of america's entry into world war ii with a salute to survivors. >> i was only a kid. i was only 17. >> reporter: and to those who lost their lives in battle. >> we give them one day and they deserve more. >> reporter: a year-round tribute is coming soon. the veterans memorial is set to be revealed next month. >> i am overjoyed that they have a memorial that will be reflected on venice by the upper house. >> reporter: for now, veterans
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day is a day to reflect on sacrifices made by fellow soldiers that lay at rest of this park. >> it is a day to think back and see how much we owe to them who gave their lives. >> reporter: they kept the cemetery opening until sunset tonight, extending their hours to allow everyone to pay their respects this memorial day. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. memorial ceremonies went on this morning at california's oldest military cemetery in military cemetery in venisia. speakers gave a word of thanks to that support battalion currently deployed in southern iraq. >> there were memorial day services in the east bay as
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well. there were plans to honor a walnut creek woman who wore an mia bracelet for 30 years until the body of army specialist james moreland was returned to his hometown for burial this month. most of those buried here served when it was the nation's values that it was a duty to serve the country. >> lobby decorated marine did not call for the jack t said it is time to rethink national service. for more, go to the right now section on speethirteen. some 70 parks around our state could close next year
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could one of them is the state park up in sonoma county. jana katsuyama is live with more. >> reporter: gasia, this is one of the trails that lead into the park that the state plans to close. now there is a grassroots movement to keep it. at this msl and mountain bikers were on the move. it is a rare haven where bikes are allowed to go off road. >> the concern is the park going into disrepair. i think it will get a lot of abuse. >> i come out here almost every day. it would be a huge loss. >> reporter: mountain bikers are moving into high gear to save this state park. they are organizing a race to be held here next week. >> it makes sense that we do
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something to raise funds for the state park. about 50-75% of users are mountain bikers. >> reporter: the state estimates it will cost about a half million dollars a year to keep the park open. >> if we have to pay annually, that is fine. >> we need donations for the state park. >> reporter: the irony here is that the main entrance does charge a $2 entry fee by there are so many other smaller engines is that it makes it difficult to control. without funds, this could be the last summer to enjoy the park because the state plans to close the park in july 2012. a one alarm fire started in a third story apartment. two people refuse treatment.
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there is no estimated damage and no word on how the fire started. two people are dead and he very seriously injured after a shooting on an oakland street last night. a block party turned into a sideshow. at 10 minutes past 9:00 last night someone started shooting. a bystander gave this video to us to you can see how quickly the scene turned into chaos. two people died. kenny's 11-year-old daughter tried to make sense of her loss. >> my mom would do anything. she just wanted to have fun. it is just crazy how people die over there. >> ktvu also obtained some home
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video. so far there is no word from oakland police on any suspects or vest in -- or arrests in this case. >> homicides claimed the life of a mother of five and an 18- year-old man who had just graduated from high school. >> you focus your efforts on the street to make sure you can get as much information as you can because those who commit murder have a higher propensity to commit other crimes and murders. >> 35-year-old melissa ross was shot to death saturday night. family members say he may have been a case of mistaken identity. san jose's 22 homicides this year are two more than all of last year. this week san francisco renews it stand as a sanctuary city and will not hand over misdemeanor suspects that to be
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illegal immigrants. the federal program asking for fingerprints and continue jail time is voluntary. immigration officials called his decision unfortunate. friends and family of an east main nursing student say they are hoping for the past but become more and more concerned with each passing hour. lee was last seen friday. a spokesman says that police have asked the nursing school and lee's family to keep a low profile. >> we are looking into what he hayward police department is asking us to do. we do not want to compromise or jeopardize their investigation. >> instructors reported a lee missing friday night when she did not come back to class after a break. her car was found parked nearby
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with his its doors locked. one center says that the high-speed rail system could lead california's holding a very heavy bag. >> this is just plain not. >> the congressman says about the project was given a price tag of $43 billion it may cost twice that much. it will connect the bay area to the los angeles area with a high-speed train. the long holiday weekend is coming to a close and people are making their ways back home. we can see that traffic is moving very well in both directions. in the south bay it is a breeze on the highway. aaa predicted 35 million
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americans would be hitting the roads this memorial day weekend. the maximum enforcement. company is wrapping up. so far dui arrests are down compared to last year. the enforcement program runs through midnight tonight. officers statewide have arrested 1223 and care drivers, that is down from last year's total. here in the bay area 184 drivers have been arrested, down from 203 last year. bart says its trains are back on schedule after a partial shutdown. they took advantage of the holiday weekend to finish repairs. some had to endure long delays and change trains. there will be similar delays next weekend to finish the
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work. >> the golden gate bridge is about to undergo a seismic retrofit. a former ktvu reporter is caught in the middle of an explosive and deadly situation. >> coming up, whether or not you can expect spring goes to be falling for your morning drive. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ >> president obama paid tribute to the nation's heroes at arlington national cemetery. he told those on hand our nation owes those heroes are debts that we can never fully
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repay. after his speech, the president walked through the cemetery. president obama announced his pick for the pentagon. he says he wants martin dead sea to take mark mullins -- dempsey to take mark mullins plays and says he would take admiral james whitesell to be admiral of the joint chiefs. >> explosion suddenly rocked a nearby neighborhood in afghanistan and jeanine de la vega picks up the story from there. >> reporter: for the past year and a half this woman has been teaching journalism at a
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university in afghanistan. militants launched two attacks at the school could shortly after an armored vehicle came to the school. >> they actually came up and found us and we grabbed everything that we had and ran into the car. >> these are photos that she took as she watched and waited at the u.s. embassy could she says she is fortunate that a representative happens to be observing her teaching classes today. >> it was frightening. i knew i was in the best possible hands. i was relieved to see the americans coming to look for me. >> reporter: four people are dead and dozens are injured. the embassy has advised her not
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to go to the university for her safety and she says she will stay at her towel for the next couple days. she has not decided whether or not she will come back early to the u.s. >> dozens of people came together this memorial day to pay special tribute to mexican- american veterans. it included a seven gun salute, the national anthem, and a routine by the color guard. a about 275,000 veterans in the state are hispanic. elephants would be unlikely cleanup helpers today in the devastated city of joplin, missouri. >> the piccadilly circus was supposed to be putting on a show today but much of the city is in ruins after the deadly twister came through. the may 22nd tornado killed
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more than 130 people pay 29 remain missing tonight. gasoline prices are taking a big bite out of american paychecks. that means there's less money to spend on things such as food and clothes. prices are about $1 higher than one year ago. in san jose and oakland that seem gallon costs $4.03 compared to $3.05 last year. it looks like comedies and sequels rule movie screens all around the nation. >> a hangover part two took in an estimated $136 million followed by kung fu panda part two and the fourth installment of pirates of the caribbean. starting tomorrow the golden gate bridge may be
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getting more congestion. it is the narrow paths running alongside the bridge for bikes and pedestrians. the change could lead to some unusual traffic. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is an iconic tourist attraction. it is also the only path between san francisco and marin county for cyclists. starting tomorrow officials will begin a four-month seismic retrofit which will close the bike lanes on this site and forced them to share this side of the road with pedestrians. some cyclists say it is not a good mix. >> they are taking pictures and not paying attention. it is going to be dangerous, i think. >> reporter: some pedestrians say the path can be pretty
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narrow for walkers. >> if a biker is coming up behind you, you will not see them. >> reporter: they say that safety comes down to common sense and combining cyclists and pedestrians is not a new idea. >> i think if people are careful, it can work fine. it seems to work okay on weekdays. >> reporter: wants to seismic upgrade is completed, then the pedestrian path on the eastside will be closed for four months to complete the work. unlike the changes tomorrow, pedestrians will not gain access. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is running out for people using muni senior passes. almost 65% of riders need to swap their cards. both bay area major league
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teams took the field this afternoon. a fourth inning grand slam helped propel the giants to a win in st. louis. it gave the giants a 7-2 lead over the cardinals. the oakland ace never got -- a's never got things started and the yankees win it 5-0. >> get ready for more wet weather. meteorologist rosemary orozco will have the details for you in your forecast. >> you can watch all of our newscast on your computer including bay area news at 7:00. we are streaming live online at
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>> nasa's they shuttle endeavor are pushed off last night for its final return home from space. endeavor is scheduled to land in florida early wednesday morning peace they shuttle atlantis will be nasa's final
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shuttle flights this summer. meteorologist rosemary orozco is joining us now. at 5:00 we called this weather annoying. i think that is fair. >> here comes that rain again. it could be here in time for the morning drive. winds will be south, southwesterly at 10-15 miles per hour. actually that calm down just a little bit. 18 miles an hour just a little earlier. 59 in redwood city. 61 right now in san francisco. take a look at santa rosa, 59 degrees. all of those clouds are on their way in as the system is going to bring us some rain, winds, and a possibility of a
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thunderstorm or two. northern california is already see this rain. the circulation will cross right over california, wednesday and that will be the coolest, most unstable air. for tomorrow, bring along the umbrella. scattered showers. while we sleep it begins to slide in. at the morning commute looks like it could be pretty soggy. it takes very little at this point to bring those showers down. most of us may be dry but it is back, more too, on wednesday. tomorrow, a possibility for rain. temperatures will be warmer. temperatures in the morning
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will be cool. you're afternoon highs for tomorrow, take a look at this. struggling to get into the mid- 60s in some cases. upper 50s and low 60s for san francisco. we are going to be wet tomorrow with scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures remain below normal for this time of year. saturday and sunday looking unsettled meaning we could see scattered showers in the forecast. gasia? >> some people in a san diego suburb today had a problem on their hands, sheep. the four-legged tourists took a look around before they took a bite to eat in someone's
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backyard. >> that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on line at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv36. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you
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for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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