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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 31, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a one -month-old baby back home with her family after a frightening kidnapping that prompted an amber alert. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the mystery of who took the car
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remains. lloyd lacuesta is live in morgan hill with tonight's new developments. >> reporter: it was from this parking lot where this afternoon a car was stolen with a bay bay inside. a little more than an hour ago, the mother and daughter came back to a happy and relieved family. the mother was reunited with her child earlier at a salinas hospital. >> it's scary losing her baby. >> she's okay, she's sleeping. >> reporter: the child was sleeping in the become of her mother's car when her mother stopped at katherine catholic church. she went into the church leaving the keys in the
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ignition. when she came out minutes later, her car was going. the car was spotted on highway 68 southwest of salinas. the baby was still in the car in her baby seat. >> there was a citizen who contacted chp and had seen the car abandoned and there was a child in it. >> reporter: police now search for the person or persons who stole the car, they say it was a crime of opportunity. and children should never be left in cars alone. >> very happy now because we think we lost her forever. but we find her. so thank you very much. >> reporter: little mariana tonight was doing what babies do, sleeping. and a hospital check up shows she is just fine. morgan hill police say they will leave it to the district attorney to decide whether the mother is charged with anything. but this is a story that ends happily. lloyd lacuesta. and we're also hearing now
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from the hiker credited for finding the car and the baby. >> i heard this bay bay crying it, it caught my attention. i looked over, what really struck me is that the car was empty and the baby was in the car and i thought, that's odd why would somebody leave the baby in the car. >> reporter: clancey said she decided to stay thinking about the family of the baby. we're also following the case of a missing nursing student last seen saturday. a live report with the latest in the mystery of what happened to michelle le that's coming up in about 10 minutes. three men are facing charges after police say they crashed a car. authorities say just after 5:00 they spotted the car. officers say when they tried to pull the car over the driver sped off. officers followed the car for a few blocks until it crashed just outside a house on coolage
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avenue near davis street. the three men that were inside were arrested. two were taken to the hospital but officers say it does not appear their injuries are threatening. new information about a man who drowned right in front of police and firefighters, none of them tried to save him. he's been identified at 53-year- old raymond zack. the police chief is defending what happened, ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: one city staffer asked me if i could put a positive spin off this story, but judging from the comments that we hear from the public, people are already thinking the situation was dismal. >> reporter: they stood bay and
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watched as a suicidal man went into the water then drowned. >> one witness said there were about two dozens first responders and not one of them got their boots wet. >> they are firemen and the police department and also the coast guard. what were they thinking when they did nothing? >> reporter: alameda interim police chief said if it had been a child, officers would have jumped in but in this case it was a large adult. so they were concerned about officer safety. >> it's muddy out there. we don't want them sinking. we don't want them in distress. >> reporter: fire officials now say they will reserve funding for water rescue by july. and officials say tonight there's major changes. >> in the future, commanders on the scene will have the
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discorrection to send a swimmer into the water as circumstances allow. >> reporter: the mayor said there will be a public and transparent investigation into the events surrounding the drowning response. one member of the public said that's not good enough. there should be a criminal investigation. live in alameda, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00, the state assembly approved a tax extension. the measure now goes to the senate. some republicans object arguing that it will drive business out of the state. also tonight hundreds of jobs at the state corrections headquarters are about to get cut. governor jerry brown made the announcement today. he promised the cuts two weeks ago. the new measures will reduce state spending by $30 million. the jobs being eliminated
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include 32 executive level jobs and more than 100 management and supervisor positions. some 2,800 more san jose city workers will see their paychecks cut by 30% and they are not happy about it. the workers are calling this a power grabby grab by the city. and officials are making plans in case those workers decide to go on strike. the city is still in me gauche i negotiations with the police department. the cuts approved today will save $10 million. the city is hoping to save $38 million from all of the anticipated union concessions. tomorrow morning, san francisco major ed lee is scheduled to outline his new budget proposal. but the mayor says better than expected tax revenues will help
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the city avoid mass lay offs. the city has a projected deficit but the mayor tells the chronicle the city has $47 million more than originally expected. san francisco muni says it could save the agency $21 million over the next three years. the 2,200 operators are scheduled to work next week. muni says the contract would freeze wages and allow for part time workers that could reduce over time. if it's not approved, the dispute could go on to an arbitrator. it seemed more just your spring shower. i want to show you what it looked like when a system crossed over. and we are still on storm watch right now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is in the channel 2 weather center, bill. >> reporter: here's what i'm tracking right now. the low center, that's the rain from today. this is the parent low. it's going to swing offshore tonight and tomorrow. and as it does here you will
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see its track here. it starts here, and it's wrapping around and it's going to shoo right into the bay area. i'm going to have the latest computer model and track this low center which could bring a few thundershowers our way. we'll so you back here in about 10 minutes. new at 10:00 tonight, north bay wine makers are waitinging to see if the winter like weather will ruin this year's vintage. ken pritchett talked to one vendor who's trying to remain optimistic saying the industry has survived late season rain before. when flowers on grapevines just start to bloom as they are now. >> 80 degrees is perfect. >> reporter: but the director of operations says the weather is fine from perfect now. >> i heard the rain last night on the roof, it woke me up. i didn't get pack to sleep after that. >> reporter: he and other vendors are on constant watch,
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monitoring crops as we are seeing rain and cold temperatures. >> this is ideal for disease. >> reporter: at the end of every row you will find a rose bush. they're more than just decorative. they're more like a canary in the mine. they are more susceptible to fungus and when they pick up the fungus, they start watching. they are watching for but not experiencing damage and hoping summer weather arrives at last. in sonoma county, ken
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pritchett, ktvu channel 2 nudes. it's been a rocky start to the summer season in santa cruz. coming up in less than 15 minutes what we found out tonight about attendance at the beach board walk and the uphill battle hotels face. and annual maintenance dredging is needed. the oakland sea port is the sixth bidsiest container port in the country -- busiest container port in the country. we have new information about the case of the missing nursing student here in the hayward. find out what's being done now to try to find her. a new twist in the high profile murder case. the accusations being made in a bold request for a
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we have new video of a pickup truck that crashed into a bar in alameda. happened about 8:00 tonight. the driver said she was trying to pull into the parking lot of mcgee's. she told ktvu she had some sort of fainting spell and hit the building but just missed the actual bar inside. no one was hurt. but the alameda fire department says there might be some structural damage to that building. new information tonight about that missing nursing
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student from hayward. police now say they have identified some persons of interest. continuing coverage now on a story we have been following since sunday. amber lee on the latest. >> reporter: we're on ponderosa court. now there are fliers with her photo posted on poles and trees and police are hoping they will yield some much needed clues. tonight police say they've gone to great lengths to find the 16- year-old. including interviewing about a dozen people who know le. some are now considered persons of interest. but no one has been arrested. they've served at least four search warrants. >> since that time we've almost been around the clock working on this case. >> reporter: police say they are still classifying as a quote highly irregular missing
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persons case. police say surveillance video from kaiser's garage shows her white honda being driven out about 7:00 p.m. but the angle of the camera does not show who was in the vehicle. police say le was supposed to pick up a girlfriend and head for reno that night. >> michelle never called to cancel and she never showed up. >> reporter: we've also learned on sunday, the chief met with family members to talk about the similarities with another woman's disappearance. >> she, she always calls me. police say they are
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exploring several theories about le's disappearance but declined to go into any details. amber lee. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are sáepblging tonight for a driver they say intentionally ran down a bicyclists -- fran police are searching tonight for a driver they say intentionally ran down a bicyclists. the bicyclists says he was riding down the road when a white chevy impala came behind him and bumped him. >> police say the driver shouted i warned you as he drove away. the victim was not hurt. investigators say the incident is an isolated chase of what they're characterizing as road rage. in oakland a jury found two brothers guilty of first degree murder and other charges in what prosecutors say was a
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mistaken act of revenge. gebreselassie and his brother killed -- they thought their inlaws were responsible for the death of another brother. jurors deliberating the case of chauncey bailey still have not reached a verdict. they've had the case now for four days. yusuf bey iv and antwon macker are accused of the murder of bailey and two other men. the victim's husband isle profile attorney -- the attorneys tell ktvu rita williams horowitz has a motive. >> a terrible injustice has
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been done. >> reporter: that injustice his attorneys say is that the teenager was wrongly convicted. >> there's no question scott deleski brutally murdered pamela. carved his symbols on the back and tried to carve out her liver while her heart was still beating. >> reporter: my son - - >> my son is innocent. >> there are a great number of questions that have never been answered. >> reporter: the attorneys have now filed a petition for a new trial. saying that even the attorneys ignored evident. >> this is how the legal system works. you file these petitions, i don't but attorneys do. trying to blame someone other than their client to get a guilty person free.
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>> reporter: the attorneys person say they found a recorded phone conversation alleging abuse. the petition is considered a long shot. a similar appeal was thrown out by the supreme court a year ago. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. she's not in the running yet but sarah palin sure acted like a candidate in pennsylvania today. >> are y'all on a trip? >> yeah. >> reporter: the former alaska governor brought her one nation bus tour to philadelphia. palin shook hands with tourists and visited the liberty bell. once again reporters asked her if and when she plans to jump into the presidential race. >> we think that it is still many weeks away before the bill has to be set. there's going to be a lot of shuffles around with persons decides yae or nae. >> reporter: palin said she does plan to visit george
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washington's mount vernon home in virginia. and we had some clouds out there right now. temperatures in the 50s. keep the umbrellas handy. daytime highs tomorrow cool. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow, below the average. that's because of the cloud cover and the chance of showers. computer model at 8:00 a.m. look what's coming on shore. up around bodega bay. and that's what happens is we get into # 11:00 a.m. that's the heaviest action. maybe a thundershower north up toward st. helena up toward napa. as we get into 1:00, we see scattered showers. it just goes on. there'll be sun out there but this is a different deal. this is what we had last time we had severe weather. i wouldn't be surprised tomorrow afternoon it's up in the northern valley, we saw severe thunderstorms. so showers in the forecast tomorrow. back here 10:45. i'm going to roll this model all the way into the weekend where there is rain in the
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forecast. i'll see you back here. in about one hour and 15 minutes, space shuttle endeavour is supposed to land. this is the 26th and final mission for this shuttle. it first flew back in 1992. nasa says the weather looks good for the late night landing. the space shuttle atlantis started rolling out. it's scheduled to blast off on the last mission july 8. a sign of more trouble for the housing market, what new pricing numbers reveal and which major u.s. cities buck the trend.
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a new report paints an ominous picture in the housing mark. home prices fell in 19 of 20 metro areas. only washington, d.c. and seattle posted gains. but seattle's up tick gain was just .1 of a percent. the cloudy sky, wet roads and soggy beaches are terrible selling points for areas trying to attract tourists. as ktvu's robert handa reports now, it's difficult to be a springtime hot spot with winter like weather.
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>> reporter: on ocean street in santa cruz, where during summertime it's hard to find a parking spot or an empty table. >> even though it's raining, i thought it was going to be busy. but it's empty. >> reporter: easy to get your ice cream. >> definitely. >> reporter: after hotels reported a 25% drop in 2010 -- >> every business right now in santa cruz, especially on the boardwalk, hotel industries. >> reporter: the santa cruz boardwalk will play a big part in the domino effect. crowd numbers have been lower than expected. several schools planned to come here today rain or shine. >> it was a big surprise. we were coming over the hill and it was raining, and i thought, maybe we're just
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passing through, it'll be nice and sunny once we get there. >> as you can see it never got nice and sunny over the hill. it makes it tough for business to make up for these lost days. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the damage nuclear power plant and fukushima japan suffered more problems today. an oil spill and small explosions. no radiation was released but two workers in the reactor control rooms may have exceeded the radiation exposure limits. tests are now being done on them and plant workers. no one is showing immediate health problems. toyota on the other hand says it is much closer now to getting back to normal than expected after the earthquake and tsunami. the company expects to be at 90% of production level this month. or rather next month in june. although some popular models may still be in short supply.
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the two disasters severely disrupted the auto makers. tesla says it will stop producing the roadster at the end of the year. tesla is now working on a sedan and suv. really deliberate, destructive act. windows shattered at the harvey milk photo center in san francisco. why some insist a hate our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway
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to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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new at 10:00 tonight, busted, several windows at a
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rec center in san francisco. and tonight some are calling the vandalism a hate crime. heather holmes shows us why people think that. >> reporter: these windows aren't the only ones that were busted. >> it's actually very, it's very hard to hear that kind of news and see this kind of news. >> reporter: we were with dave christianson as he got his first up close look at the damage. he has seen pictures of the shattered windows and caution tape locking the entrance but seeing it for himself made him angry. >> it was a very deliberate destructive act. and it's hurting the community. >> reporter: the photo center on if bottom floor bore the brunt of the vandals. they struck sometime late friday or early saturday morning. >> this was hit here. >> reporter: in additional to the damage hoar, two more windows were shattered at the rec center theater. no word yet on the cost of
12:01 am
repairs, but in these days of shrinking budgets it is an unwelcome expense. >> this strips away the center for people who really need the center. >> reporter: this is one of the last remaining black and white centers in the city. christianson says he hopes the incident was a random attack by someone who had too much to drink. liquor bottles and rocks were found near by. >> did the police tape caution tape, and cleared the windows. >> reporter: but others who use the photo center named after the slain gay rights leader believe the damage was driven by a lack of tolerance. >> i think it's a hate crime. i would say it's a hate crime. >> reporter: that is something
12:02 am
police are looking into. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. it appears bay area drivers were safer behind the wheel this memorial day weekend. the highway patrol released final numbers for its efforts. the highway patrol says there are no dui related deaths this year. last year there was one. sexting could soon lead to expulsion in california. in a new bill passed by the state senate sexting would be added to the list of infractions. the bill defines sexting as sending or receiving pictures of video electronically. the bill is now headed to the state assembly. in the assembly today,
12:03 am
members voted to extend tax breaks for the entertainment industry. that has kept thousands of crew jobs within the state since 2009. stocks ended on a higher note. the dow closed at 12,569. the nasdaq the day at 2,835. both were off more than 1% for the month. the surge in stocks could be due in part to steve jobs. apple announced today its ceo is set to step away from his medical leave to deliver an announcement at the apple conference. job's address will feature a new i pad service but wouldn't say what that service will do. wells fargo has settled with the government over complaints with some of its disabled customers. customers that are deaf, hard
12:04 am
of hearing were referred to messages on a phone -- were referred to leave messages on a phone line. those messages were then never answered. ktvu's eric rasmussen found out why some are saying they are being penalized for conserving. >> reporter: rain on the last day of may drove it home. the drought is over. but the water coming out of the tap might be more precious than ever for 1.3 million customers of east bay mud. rates are going up. >> everything else has gone up, i'm not surprised that's going up. >> reporter: a 6% hike starting in july could be a double whammy for michael at home and at his coffee shop. >> maybe might be just cut back on hours per people or i hate to do that because it's the last thing i like doing. but you have to look at all the different angles of the
12:05 am
business. >> reporter: east bay mud reports that an average customer would see their monthly bill go from $38.66 to $40.98 and possibly another jump to $43.45 next year. part of the reason, people are using less water. >> how can you ask people to conserve and then charge people because they do. lower use is compounded by a spike in the price. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how much people have cut back, they are using 19 million-gallons a day less than a year ago. in oakland, eric rasmussen. starting in july foster parents should receive more money from the state for caring
12:06 am
for a child. a federal judge has ordered california to increase rates. under the new payment plan familys with a child up to 4 years old would receive $609 a month up from $446. and the rates for teenagers 15 years to 19 years would go to $761 that is up from $627. according to data from the state, some 58,000 children were in foster care at the end of the last year. $25 here, $50 there. how major airlines are cashing in on travel fees and what it means for the bottom line. and back here in less than 10 minutes, you will need the umbrellas, it's time tomorrow and as we head toward the we
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a battle among the biggest wireless companies is heating up. sprint asked the federal communications to stop at that at&t from buying team mobile. sprint said at&t should spend $5 million fixing its congested network. google's androids are the most popular. androids have 36% of the market. 23% of those surveyed motioned
12:10 am
blackberry. this reflects a trend of the last few months and over all 37% of mobile phone customers have a smart phone. the world's largest airlines are making millions of the dollars from all those fees they charge fliers. that's according to the a study. airlines made almost $21.5 billion in passenger fees and sales of frequent flier points last year. that is double what they collected back in 2008. the report says the fees started when fuel prices hit record highs in 2008 and they have continued to expand every since then. in news of the world tonight, in germany investigators have not been able to find the source of a deadly e.coli outbreak. it was thought that cucumbers from spain were the culprit. but new tests show they are not. at least 16 people have died and more than 1,000 others have gotten sick. two cases included americans who just returned from germany. in the netherlands, former
12:11 am
bosnia general arrived to rotterdam today. and in china, a severe drought has all but dried up rivers in a region famous for fishing. now the fishermen must drag their boats through the mud. farmers say it hasn't rained all year and usually they're worried about the river flooding during the spring. the contra costa school board is set to take a second look at closing one of its middle schools. parents forecasted the vote to close shannon elementary to save $100,000 a year. but now its learned it will cost $1.2 million to set up portables at other schools to
12:12 am
accommodate the students. the board will consider delaying the closure for a year while they try to find a way to save costs. and today oakland police gathered to honor some of its police officers. anthony bats were on hand earlier today to honor 25 officers. the awardees were recognized for going above and beyond for their service to the public. a new report on cell phones and cancer. we talked to one bay area family who's convinced there is a link. and our chief
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[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. the world health organization announced today that cell phones have a
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possible carcinogen. john fowler today talked to the wife of a man who developed a brain tumor after years of cell phone use. she says today's news couldn't come soon enough. >> reporter: cell phones are part of modern life. but the health organization today said decades of use can cause cancer. alan marks doctor certified that heavy cell phone use caused his potentially fatal leoma. one of many fatal cases. >> people need to know that phones held to their body can kill. >> we're thrilled because this validates what we've been saying. >> reporter: carriers did not return my multiple calls today. cell phones cause cancer. >> they have an interest in not
12:16 am
telling the truth. >> reporter: environment health trusts cell phone researcher tells me independent science is piling up. >> there are multiple studies showing decrease in sperm. there's now seven cancers being reported. it's overwhelming evidence. >> reporter: cell phones will now include cell phone point of sell. all you have to do is read the manual and it will say you should not hold the cell phone to your body, it could be a health risk. patients groups are applauding a move by the obama administration to expand a program to make health care accessible to people with
12:17 am
preexisting conditions. the plans are meant to provide temporary aid to sick americans until 2014 when insurance companies will no longer be allowed to deny coverage to people who are sick. state lawmakers are now considering a bill that would benefit preg pregnant women and mothers of newborns. the plan prevents employee -- current law does not require health coverage for an employee who's on leave. the bill passed through the senate today and now moves on to the state assembly. one bay area school is saying no to formaldehyde frogs and asking for a digital replacement. santa cruz based save the frogs and the animal welfare institute are paying for the software for the first 25 schools that sign up. the animal rights group say killing frogs for dissection is cruel and reduces their numbers
12:18 am
in the wild. sheriff's investigators say a diver who went missing is now presumed dead. he and a friend were diving for abloney and kim did not surface. rescue searcher were able to find his equipment but did not find kim. here is where the rain is or where it's going. it's off to the east of us, it's gone. this low center is going to track just north of the bay area tomorrow mid-morning. it's going to bring showers, maybe even a thundershower and the it's the same scenario we had last week when we had that severe weather up in the central valley. when that low tracks over us it's very cold air. the days are very long. the valley floor is very cold.
12:19 am
and we could see thunderstorms tomorrow. mainly north of vacaville but still in the forecast. you might even hear a little rumble or two if you're close to concord or antioch. here's the rain as it moves through. here's the low center that we're tracking. these low centers do pack a lot of punch. it started way up here, so it's a cool air system. as it rolls in it's going to destabilize the atmosphere fast. it's a quick mover, it's in here about 11:00 a.m. and out of here by 2:00 p.m. but in that interim we could see a little bit of everything. maybe to the east and north, nothing. you may be dry all day. but there will be scattered showers. here's the computer model 11:00 a.m., they're going see some showers. they know as it moves out of the central valley about 2:00 the ground is warm. very unstable out here as that low moves in so we could see some severe weather, wouldn't be surprised. nothing issued by the weather service but very similar to
12:20 am
what we saw last week. thursday morning very sunny. friday looks like a good day. friday afternoon, look what starts to show up. this weather system, that is your bay area saturday and this one looks like a lot of rain for this time of year. we may see if it verifies a quarter inch, half inch, maybe even more on saturday. long way to go. but that's what preliminary indications are that saturdays system looks juicy. the forecast for tomorrow, your daytime highs below average as they have been for a long time. >> yeah. >> and rain in the forecast as we go into tomorrow. you're going to get rain. saturday really does look like the real deal. a little bit on sunday. >> this does not seem like june. >> thanks, bill. it seems that facebook is closing in on 700 million users around the world. now just to give you some perspective. if facebook were a country it
12:21 am
would be the third largest country in the world. brazil, indonesia, the philippines, mexico and argentina are adding facebook members at a rapid pace. but the u.s. still has the most members with about 150 million. it may be the most famous dress in movie history and it's about to hit the auction block. marlin monroe's white halter neck dress worn in the seven year itch is expected to fetch $3 million. the public sale starts june 18th. up next
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a reenactment of the pony express ride is falling victim to the deadly equine virus. the ride will now be held in august. organizers figure the horse virus will have run its course by then. at least 12 horses have died since the outbreak started early this month. and mark is here with sports. a will the of a's fans probably can't wait for the new york yankees to get out of town. >> we don't have good news for
12:25 am
either local team tonight. so much for good pitching, good hitting. the a's have thrown the best arms at the yankees. anderson tonight. both might be suffering a little whiplash. watching balls fly over their heads but the kids are getting along even in opposing hats. curtis granderson also this 2- run single. he was 3-5 for the yankees and two run single there. later it is robinson cano sweet swinging second baseman with the yankees that leaves the yard in a hurry. his 11th anderson tonight gave up 11 hits and nine earned runs. everyone when they do something wrong it looks good. mark texeria is credited with a steal at home as conner jackson is off the mark. 10-3 yankees. giants broken bones, ligament tears, pulled muscles, giants
12:26 am
it's survival of the fitness and being healthy doesn't mean you can hit so get used to it. giant fans another meager offensive output as far as runs are concerned. wasting good pitching and the giants led 2-1 when cody ross came through. the bullpen has problems, cardinals with three straight doubles, here's the middle one off the bat of pujols. that scores a run to cut the deficit to 3-2. and now we pick it up 3-3. skip shumacker. freddy sanchez, but can't get in. game one nba finals dallas detractors call their start dirk nowitzki.
12:27 am
and the lord of no rings, lebron james. somebody is going to come out of it a winner. and the beautiful pass to chris bosh. he had 19 point, nine rebounds. the third guy in the big three and the finisher wade up top. watch the perfect timing, again game one miami. next thing you know they'll be instituting robo balls. boy is it. tennis tournaments following a major boo. andy murray near court gets the point. but the ball boy got in the way and the point is taken away. a crucial play right there as treski eventually loses to the american.
12:28 am
the youngster looks just about ready to burst into tears. who can blame him. he cost trueski a point. and murray ends up winning in five sets. that is a
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