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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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developing news on the east bay where a big rig plunging off a bridge near to the toll plaza. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. right now crews are still trying to get the big rig up right. the big rig was traveling on a northbound from maritime street from east oakland when it
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crashed. ken wayne is on the scene now with details. >> reporter: very busy night for these workers, you look over my shoulder you can see the wreckage from the big rig cab that is being attached to a giant tow truck to haul it out of the area. we have two other big tow trucks that have to pull the trailer out of the here so this job can take a couple of hours or more. we want to show you a live picture from news chopper 2 to give you a sense where this is. we're about a thousand feet east from the bay bridge toll plaza. the big rig fell over the side of the west grand avenue onramp: we're going to step to the side while the big rig tries to pull the cab out of the area because there's still some work going on here. this all happened at 8:05 this evening when the truck was traveling eastbound off the grand avenue avenue to eastbound 80 and it crashed
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over the side. can we come back to a live picture. i want to show you they are now pulling the big rig cab from the scene as we speak. i just wanted to take a moment to show you that and you can see the damage to the big rig. it fell 30 feet over the side and then plunged to the ground. incredibly the driver survived. >> he has minor injuries and consistenting of a small cut to the top of his eye and pain over his body. >> reporter: sounds like he was pretty lucky. >> he's very lucky. you can see the damage to the vehicle, he's lucky. a lot of factors worked in for him tonight. >> reporter: the truck was carrying clean waste material we were told about 80,000 pounds worth. a very heavy load. the driver is become checked out at the hospital while officers are trying to learn
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more about his background and the job he was working on. >> we know the truck is out of san francisco for a waste management site. but we haven't been able to -- until we check papers and logs to see where he was going. >> reporter: you just saw the cab being towed away live. now we can show you the trailer. that's 80,000 pounds of material in that trailer. now there are two more tow trucks that are hooking that up to get it out of the area. two lanes remain closed at this hour. the good news is, this is not a busy time on the bay bridge. the driver we are told is an asian male from san francisco, that's all the chp is able to tell us at this point. they said in an accident like this that it's likely they will do some sort of alcohol and drug test, but at this point there are no indications that drugs or alcohol were involved in this crash. just speed is what the highway patrol is telling us. so again it's going to be a
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little while before they get this big rig remainder out of here. there's a small hazardous material scene about 10-gallons of diesel fuel that needs to be cleaned up. other than that a very lucky driver here. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu news. in san francisco tonight, one of the city's most famous landmarks is taking on a whole new meaning. ktvu's heather holmes is showing us how the city is honoring those two fallen firefighters. >> reporter: you can see the famed coit tower tonight is glowing red in recognition of those two that risked it all to save others. before the world champion san francisco giants took the field tonight. >> i would like tonight to dedicate the first pitch to our fallen firefighters. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee honored two champions of the fire fighting community. >> calling on those watching
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the game to honor the actions of lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio. >> they are all our heros and if i can to exhibit our deep appreciation to them and to their families. >> reporter: the events on thursday were not lost to the crowd where the flags were flying at half staff. perez and valeri died while battling a house fire in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. today's tribute brought linda feldman to tears. >> i thought it was awesome. really touching and -- >> reporter: there will be more tears shed as the city gets ready to bid farewell to the two firefighters. preparations are under way at st. mary's cathedral and friday's joint memorial service. back at at&t park, firefighter
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john huggins was doing his work with a heavy heart. >> a lot of us just let each other cry. >> reporter: and as difficult as these last few days have been, huggins told me it is nice to see that the city cares. healther holmes, ktvu news. the city staff department has prepared to take care of those memorials on friday. members of the oakland police department came to pay their respects today and support is also coming in from well beyond the bay area. >> it's an amazing coming together of an extended family for such a tragedy. we've received calls from indianapolis, chicago. the firefighters union is helping provide logistics for the funeral guests. other fire departments will be staffing fire stations in san francisco. so as many san francisco firefighters as possible can
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attend those services. san francisco police shot and killed a suspected bank robber this evening. police say they first tried to stop the man near buena vista park. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is there now and tells us why the officers opened fire, lloyd. >> reporter: buena vista east is still closed at this hour. you can see down the street there a silver bmw and an unmarked police sedan which were involved in a shooting. police say they have received word from the fbi earlier today that the bmw had been used on three bank robberies in irvine in southern california. police say they found the car parked here on buena vista east. and undercover officers were staking it out when a man walked up and got in. >> the actions of the driver at that time drove directly at the officers putting their lives in
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danger. they feared for their own safety and they -- at that point had to discharge their weapons to stop his actions. >> reporter: the man in the car later died at san francisco general hospital. he has not been identified. now this picture you're looking at is of a bank surveillance photo of a man that has been dubbed the genx ban did who robbed two banks in irvine. no idea whether this is the same man. but police are not saying what they found inside the car or whether the man was armed and they are not saying whether this man was up here to rob banks in the bay area. live in san francisco, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning more tonight about the woman who's body was found stuffed into a garbage bag. the coroner identified that woman as maria esther orozco.
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her body was found sunday. the coroner says that orozco died of blunt trauma to her head. she was last seen alive on saturday in san jose. they are asking anyone with information on this case to contact the sunnyvale police department. police were called out to the all american self-storage facility near detroit and east third avenues about 1:30 this afternoon. there they found the man stabbed to death. sources close to the investigation tell ktvu news that a woman was at the storage facility with her boyfriend when a former boyfriend showed up. that's when sources say the stabbing occurred. at this point no one is under arrest. this is san mateo's first homicide of the year. services are in the works tonight for 3 -month-old baby killed over the weekends. a - - for this weekend. the memorial starts this
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thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the flynn memorial. results are coming in from two special elections held in the east bay. voters in richmond are deciding whether to raise the city's sale tax by half a percent. if the measure fails they'll have to cut an additional $2 million from the budget. the second special election is in hercules, voters there seem overwelmingly in favor of recalling mayor ward and councilman kuehne. their possible replacements are on the ballot. at this point wilkins is winning the race to take the mayor's place. and boulanger was the only
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person on the ballot to replace councilman kuehne. and we've been told the vote probably won't happen before 10:30 at the earlier. the plan includes new residential units, commercial space and office space as well as improved roads and a new ferry terminal. critics say it would create too much traffic on the bay bridge. at this hour, the alameda county is discussing the man who drowned as firefighters and police looked on without trying to save him. tonight a number of people are expressing anger that nothing was done to try and save him. his foster mother told ktvu she does not intend to sue, quote as long as no one else ever has this happen to them end quote. city officials say the firefighters did not enter the water because they hasn't been
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trained in land-water rescues. authorities also said they didn't know whether zack would become violent if they tried to approach him. a massive fire destroys an abandoned building but it was also a piece of history. what part this old mill played during world war ii. minutes before the start of a peace march, a gunman opens fire near by. we'll tell you what happened next and how it's fueling a community to fight for its streets. a beautiful view of the bay [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session. come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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thousands of people are out of their homes in arizona tonight as a wildfire burns dangerously close to houses. the raging fire is burning in eastern arizona near the town of eager. the flames have burned 486 square miles of ponderosa pine forest. the so called wallow fire is the larger in history. the entire fire department of the city of wound socket could only try to keep the flames from spreading. the four story mill covered 7 acres. one firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital. at one point it was a rubber mill. it also made ked sneakers. at this point it's not clear how the fire started.
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it's believed that the mill was abandoned. hundreds of young people marched for peace today on what may be the most violent city in oakland. as that was under way, there was actually a shooting just blocks from where children were getting out of school. patti lee joins us and says this is just the reality these kids deal with every day. >> reporter: that shooting that was in the middle of day shows why hundreds of kids are asking the cops for help. in a neighborhood scared by violence -- >> we want peace. >> reporter: students, parents and teachers from green leaf elementary marched to make a statement. >> once they get out of the school, kids don't feel like they're safe anymore, there's a lot of shooting around, there's gang, there's prostitution right here on international. >> reporter: the neighborhood stretching from 62nd avenue to east 15th street reported over 600 violent crimes last year. and this year is no better.
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>> we have about seven people shot this weekend, three of them in one incident. there has been an unusually high number of shootings in east oakland this year. along with murders. >> reporter: in fact, just half an hour before the peace march started, a man was shot at 69th and burch. just blocks from the school. the violence shows the dangerouses the kids face after getting out of school. after the march, participants stayed to talk about the problems and how to solve them. >> it takes what we do now, the community, the staff, the teachers all of us. it takes all of us to get together. >> reporter: assistant keith
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jordan says the community is key. but says that the residents also have to talk the talk, which means pointing out suspects instead of staying silent. in watson, the manager of the big five says a man came into the store wanting to buy a gun. the manager said she thought he was acting strangely and said he would have to return after a background check was completed. the man left the store but returned just moments later. >> he came in with a tool back, had a saw. he came in, took out his extension cord. there's a plug on the outside. plugged in. hopped over the counter, went at the lock under the lock, took down the gun and started sawing at the gun. >> reporter: mellow says she watched in horror as the man loaded the shotgun and started shooting. that's when police were able to
11:48 pm
get inside and shot the suspect. family members of a missing nursing student say they are not giving up hope that they'll find michelle le alive. ktvu's christien kafton talked with some of the relatives after investigators delivered some heartbreaking news. the le family said this afternoon, despite hayward police changing the investigation from a missing person to a homicide case. the only thing that will convince them that michelle le is dead is proof. >> we want to see the body. they can't tell me they just found something and say that she's dead. >> reporter: le disappeared after a rotational shift. police found her honda suv the following day. police tracked her cell phone and said that lab work from the suv convinced them that she was killed. >> bottom line, a totality of
11:49 pm
the vehicle, to the interview, everything is leading us to a totality of circumstances. >> reporter: investigators say they've interviewed a friend of le. >> she is just one of those that we have interviewed. that interview will continue to grow today. >> reporter: and investigators hope that their investigation lead to an arrest soon. >> i hope so. >> reporter: today the le family has changed the message to say, the search is not over. an update tonight on a story we brought you last month about two perragin hawks. two chicks died this week end.
11:50 pm
the rains may have contributed to their death. the parents have now abandoned the nest. temperatures today warmer than they were yesterday. highs tomorrow coming up again. we're going to see numbers into the low 80s. upper 70s today. look for upper and mid-70s tomorrow with a couple of low 80s. high pressure is building in. we have not seen this type of weather pattern in a long time. their system is out of here but they're being driven to the north. what we see is the fog. i have it up into point rays as well. fog is going to make a push. this is the computer model that's going to get us to tomorrow morning. that's the push of fog. it'll burn back about lunchtime, you get some clearing but stays foggy in the avenues. stays foggy in half-moon bay. and late in the day you get some clearing. fog is the story the next couple of days. temperatures on the increase. when we come back, we're going to have the forecast particular to where you are. environmental groups are pushing for a speed limit at
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sea not just to reduce air and noise pollution but also to save whales. the environmentalists are asking for a proposed limit of 12.9-miles-an-hour. they say slowing down will give whales enough time to hear the ships and get out of the way. >> slowing speed can help the whales. >> some merchant shippers say slowing down could cause them to lose control of their vessels. the shipping association says it will support a science based solution. up next tonight, he says california is out of time and out of room. tonight the new plan from the corrections department to release thousands of prison inmates.
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the u.s. supreme court has called serving time in california's prisons cruel and unusual punishment and now the state is really under the gun. rita williams tells us how the state is going to start cutting the biggest population in prison. >> reporter: prisons are now holding 80% more inmates than they were designed to hold. today the head of the state department of corrections unveiled his plan to reduce the prison population by 10,000 by november. >> we're out of time and we're out of room. so we've got to get this done. >> reporter: the problem is that the state's proposal to the court relies on the governor's past but not funded prison realignment. with it, inmates currently in prison wouldn't be released
11:55 pm
early but new low level offenders would go to county jails not state prisons. >> the prison plan relies heavily on dumping inmates and parolees into our communities. >> reporter: republicans in the legislature say they will continue to extend plans that will give the county the extra money they need to house inmates. >> they're trying to scare people into more taxes. >> reporter: if the bill is based on a house of cards, the governor will not allow it. >> the states that have impleasanted this plan has not seen an increase in crime. >> reporter: rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. house minority leader nancy
11:56 pm
pelosi asked for an ethic's investigation of anthony weiner. senator republican leader says he wishes there was a way he could defend the congressman but he can't. congressman weiner has admitted to sending a lewd picture of himself over twitter to a woman, and lied about it. mr. and mrs. obama greeted angela merkel and her husband to dinner. for the first time the obama's held the dinner outside at the rose garden. and president obama presented merkel with a medal. at least 40 bombs all in a
11:57 pm
daytime hit gadhafi's central compound in tripoli. the rebels and government forces are locked in a fight that neither side is winning at this time. the libyan leader broadcast the message of defiance twice today in one message, national tv showed a meeting with tribal leaders but it did not say where they were. in the other, his voice was heard with pictures of a huge cloud of smoke in the distance. gadhafi shouted he will never surrendered and added death or victory it does not matter. only on 2, a heartbreaking lesson in fee court is now in session.
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only on 2 tonight, they are just fifth graders and they are getting a real life lesson in crime. rob roth tells us how burglars are spoiling the dreams of many young students in the east bay. at grass valley elementary school in east oakland you can still see the scratches and gouges where someone jimmied open the door. and you can see something is missing, the school safe which had been set in concrete is gone, stolen this past weekend. >> i don't know how they got out of the school grounds because the gates are all locked. >> reporter: if the burglars are able to open the safe they'll find about $300 inside. that's money raised by parents for fifth grade graduation and -- >> field trips so that our children can have extracurricular activities. >> reporter: that's right, the burglars stole the field trip found. >> people who have if audacity to break into a school and steal like that, they have no
12:01 am
morals. they have no ethics. >> reporter: police are investigating and they are also investigating two other break- ins at redwood height elementary school a few miles away. twice in just the past few weeks, burglars stole computers. the school district says break- ins are a persistent problem. >> you can't be everywhere at once and there's really only so much you can do so it's a matter of community values. >> reporter: as you can see there are many houses across the street from grass valley. parents say tomorrow they plan to go door to door with fliers asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to call police. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. someone is feeling catalytic converters in the east bay. as of last night, thieves have
12:02 am
taken five of those expensive pollution control devices on the south side of the city. four were from toyota four runners. the fifth from a toyota tacoma. thieves can get as much as $250 from those converters because they contain precious metals like platinum. there's no word of any arrests or suspects in the case. the place to be for anyone looking for a job was at job boot camp today. hundreds of people showed up and met with employers looking for workers. and some of the training was designed for mature adults. those who find themselves without a job and are not familiar with the internet.
12:03 am
the head of general motors said today he supports a $1 a gallon tax hike on gasoline in the hope it would encourage people to buy more fuel efficient vehicles. gm ceo says he supporting such a tax instead of regulations requiring his company to make vehicles with better mileage. the tax is unlikely to affect the ceo personally. credit card use fell for the second time in three months. high unemployment, steep gas prices and a weak housing market are causing people to resist paying with plastic. it was at this straight losing day on wall street as federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said today. the u.s. economy is not growing
12:04 am
as quickly as expected. the dow industrials dropped 19. the palo alto board approved the stanford expansion plan. work on the project is expected to begin this summer. on capitol hill today, educators and some democratic lawmakers said proposed rules aimed at protecting for profit college students and taxpayers don't go far enough. the new proposals include a requirement that vocational or career college programs make sure that at least 35% of their graduates can repay their loans in order for their students to get federal aid. but educators and some lawmakers say the rule isn't as tough as originally drafted and takes two long to take effect. >> the students choosing these institutions don't have parents
12:05 am
who went to college, they don't have qualified high school counselors helping them make decisions somebody has to help them. >> for profit schools account for one in 10 college students but nearly half of all federal student loan defaults. preparations are under way for a graduation ceremonies at many bay area college campuses. but at one university a senior is graduating when most people her age are just starting college. ktvu's maureen naylor tell us what makes this young woman stand out. >> i'm getting ready because it's in a couple of days. >> reporter: at santa clara university more than 1,300 students are preparing to step into a new chapter. >> i'm going to be doing production work as a producer in la. >> reporter: leave the notebooks behind and graduate this weekend. some have already dawned the cap and gown to take a picture for their parents to say thank you. >> reporter: among these bright talented graduating senior -- >> yes, vedo is the main vote.
12:06 am
so what does that mean? >> reporter: is morgan hunter at 18 years old she's graduating with a degree in classical languages. >> the decision to go to college was a coincidence. when i was in seventh grade i took the sat. >> reporter: she got a perfect score on the verbal portion. she studies san script and arabic. >> she has swept the department awards. >> reporter: hunter was the first student here ever to enter ready for upper devision greek. >> you hear about prodigies in math and science. but you rarely hear about them in humanities. and her special gift is for languages. >> i can do a brute force memorization. i find it easy to remember words, although i find it hard to memorize numbers. >> maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. up next tonight, these are
12:07 am
tense times in the san jose police department. the vote that is under way right now and why the fate of a lot of officers literally hangs in the balance. temperatures today warmed about 15 degrees in many locations. i'm back in about 10 minutes, i'm going to tell you about your city and it will be warmer ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. a quick correction here, earlier in the newscast we reported that a shooting happened on 69th and birch, it
12:10 am
actually happened on 96 and birch. we apologize for that error. ktvu's robert handa tells us how many jobs could be safe and when we'll know the outcome. >> reporter: many of san jose's police officers are coming to work not knowing if they'll have a job this summer. for them today's contract work will make the difference. john nicoles has been with the police department for five years and that puts him in the bubble. something he trying not to think about on the job. >> however going home i don't know if i'll still live there come a few months when i don't have a paycheck coming in. >> guys are saying why should i take the 10% cut in pay if they're only going to come back next year and play the same
12:11 am
game. >> reporter: reed promised the additional 156 officers that would be rescued by a ratification vote will not face the acts this fiscal year. >> we don't want them worrying if they greeted these cuts that we'll just turn around later and lay off more officers, we're not going to do that. >> reporter: detective nicoles says he wants to stay. >> and i think that i'm an asset to this city and this department. but if i'm forced to look elsewhere, this department will be at a loss and so will everybody. >> reporter: results will be announced next tuesday. robert handa, ktvu. in news of the world tonight, yemen's president suffered far worse injuries than officially reported on friday's attack on his palace. he has burned over 40% of his body and bleeding in the brain. meantime his forces battle militants and opposition tribes men in two cities as they try
12:12 am
to drive him from power. in china, heavy rains trigger flooding. at least 21 people are confirmed dead and 37 others are missing. rhodes and bridges have been washed away and thousands of people have been forced from their home. more rain is in the forecast for the next two days. and in the central asian republican a rocket blasted off today carrying a three man crew to the international space station. it will take two days to get there. during that time, the russian, japanese and american space travelers will be cramped into a tiny capsule. they are scheduled to stay at the space station until november. officials estimated the amount of radiation released from the fukushima plant was
12:13 am
twice what they thought: and reactors probably melted through the core and intercontainment vessels. and they say all that happened in just the first few days following the twin disasters. one of the world's biggest bands hit the stage tonight. we'll give you
12:14 am
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it was a good day for gamers. nintendo unveiled the newest version of the wii. take a look at the wiiu which made its debut this week. nintendo hopes will recapture the success of the wii console. the device features a colored touch screen and can also be
12:16 am
controlled by motion. the biggest concert tour in history made a stop at the oakland coliseum tonight. u2's worldwide tour is breaking records. the unique stage called the claw is being used. >> reporter: u2 fans stood in the general admission line outside the coliseum from 6:00 a.m. to get a good seat. some wore concert t-shirts, one man had u2 lyrics tattooed. >> it was his birthday present last year but u2 cancelled the
12:17 am
tour. bono got injured. >> reporter: ktvu got a tour as crews built the stage called the claw. the stage gives a 360 look. >> thank you, you guys enjoy the show. >> reporter: the concert comes with an economic boost. >> there's about a half a million dollars worth of merchandise sales that will take place today. and all of that gets taxed by the local government. >> reporter: the show hires more than 1,500 people locally for merchandise sales, and parking attendants. >> a lot of work for the locals but local people too around here. >> reporter: and tonight's concert is sold out with attendance topping more than 69,000 people. in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu channel 2 news. now shortly after 9:00 p.m.
12:18 am
news chopper 2 flew over i80. check out all those cars trying to get to the coliseum before the show starts. traffic was backed up for miles. we're told u2 was supposed to take the stage at 9:15. there's a chance some of those fans caught in that monster concert jam didn't make it to the opening. >> for you fans who didn't get to go to the concert tonight, here's a taste of what you missed. >> ♪ ♪
12:19 am
it's a good weather out there at the coliseum for the u2 concert. a beautiful night after days of rain and cold and clouds. the fog returns tonight. the rains out there right now is out of the west. we have gusts at the golden gate bridge. gusts to 17-miles-an-hour. not that windy for this time of year but the fog is coming back. i've got fog up at point rays. it's making it's way back to half-moon bay. the extended forecast is nice. there's no way in the bay area forecast, that's the first time we've had a fog in the five day. fog and low clouds. we're talking from point rays south and it's not -- it's there, it's not a substantial deck so it will burn off
12:20 am
tomorrow. oranges are 80s. and this is a rough paint brush imagine of what's going to happen. temperatures are represented by colors, yellows are 70s. greens are 60s and those oranges are 80s and they're going to start to come in out of the central valley. we're going to see more of those over the next few days. lots of mid-70s to very low 80s. coastal fog is really the only variant with changes in the sea breeze. the fog again not that substantial. you will see that here. it's along the coast and it'll look substantial, that's tomorrow morning. but watch the quick burn back. there's your afternoon, it's gone. then it'll come back again on thursday morning. you see it here on the monterey bay. you see it burn back again then we get into thursday night. it comes back and the fog will just be back and forth back and forth and that's what you expect this time of year. not the rain coming back and forth but the fog coming back and forth. because of more sunshine, less
12:21 am
wind, 78 tomorrow in napa. 80 in fairfield. first 80s we've seen in a while around here. forecast highs the santa clara valley, sunny until after 10:00 in san jose. today we had a dose of fog just hovering over the fremont area, over the san bruno area, at that time that's going to be the same story across the fog in this area right here. but it burns off pretty quickly. five day forecast for the weekend always in view is a good one. good outdoor activities, just what you would expect for this time of year. imagine that u2 concert. >> i was just thinking that. or even last saturday. >> i think they just have to pay any way. it's not, they have a perfect night for it and everything this week and into the weekend. outdoor activities should go off without a hitch. >> so much better. coming up next in sports, another incredible come back in the nba finals and
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing
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in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. plans for a new 49er stadium was the topic tonight. members discussed the progress of that project and the new
12:25 am
costs estimates. the team is now estimates that the stadium will cost $950 million. construction could begin in 2013 but at this point that's still only a possibility because there are several hurdles that still need to be overcome. mark is here with sports, not a good night for baseball teams. >> not a lot of fun for neither the a's or the giants. we'll start in san francisco. kind of become the norm. never came about in the yard. never gets a chance to get off their hand or wave their little foam fingers. it would be nice to get up to an early lead for a change. the formula does not work. nate shoreholtz with a shot. jonathan sanchez had his problems. desmond to center kicks off the
12:26 am
glove of andres torrez. they give him an error and in comes the tieing run. that's all they were to get. it's 1-1. the pitcher jordan zimmerman an eventual winner. scoring rick vanqueal. if an eight game losing streak is not enough, the a's are not racking up any sports. tonight in baltimore that guy, toasting his orioles who feast on oakland pitching luke scott take a look at where this ball winds up. and that is just a tape measure shop at camden yards. 3 solo homers. mark reynolds scalds one to center right. he has a double for good
12:27 am
measure. to the orioles, the nba finals where legends are made and dismantled. lebron james melts into the wood work. only eight points. and dirk nowitzki with 132 temperature and all the mavs with heart and passion. dirk didn't feel well all night long. heat looked to be in control. lebron up top for wade, put it down. he led everybody with 32 as you look at it again. but tight, tight, tight. moving on. 19-7 the run to finish it for dallas. nowitzki drives with 14.4 seconds left. the mavs are up three and 21 points 11 rebounds. their last chance, wade lost control. reynolds with a prayer, it doesn't go. that won't get it done 2-2. tiger woods says he cannot
12:28 am
play in the u.s. open. the knee still bothering him. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. they'll be follow
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