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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  June 8, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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area news at 7:00, coming up the mother of a suicidal man who drowned while emergency crews watched is speaking out. cellphone video of it intruder just released. a traffic nightmare that has u2 fans lashing out at organizers of last nights concert. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, june 8. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> tonight for the first time we hear a mother's plea for help as her son drowned while firefighters and police stood by. we have obtained 911 tapes with a call for help.
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jana katsuyama is live with more. >> reporter: it took quite a while, gasia, his mother was in tears when she talked about her son drowned. we got the 911 recordings and a log of her recall. raymond zack was 52 years old. his foster mother said he had attempted suicide before. >> i do not want anybody else to die like that. i don't see anything -- may be it was a waste. >> reporter: her son died while police officers and others watched from the shore. >> no one did anything.
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they were walking up and down the dog on beach. >> reporter: 911 recording show that very called for help around 11:30 a.m. >> he is way out there. i cannot swim. please hurry. >> reporter: in the next hour, the dispatcher called five agencies including the coast guard, police, and the coast guard could not reach zack's body because the water was less than 6 feet beach. responders who arrived earlier did not go into the water. they say they do plan to launch an independent investigation. jana katsuyama, and ktvu channel 2 news. a water rescue training will be implemented next week.
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30 firefighters have volunteered. they will be required to swim 500 yards. now two oakland were a robbery and sexual assault victim wants to see a cellphone video. >> can you please leave cracks how did you get in here? >> the man broke into the woman's home yesterday morning. the woman was home alone and grabbed her phone. police say the robber laughed been returned and sexually assaulted her. >> some people are able to stay calm and do what she did and some people cannot do that. >> this is a still grab of the video. the suspect is an african- american in his early 40s, 5'9", 160 pounds, and he is
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bald. authorities identified a man shot to death by san francisco police. officers were trying to pull over a bmw driven by joshua smith about 5:40 p.m. the fbi linked the car to air of bank robberies. when officers tried to stop him, he tried to run them over. he is believed to be the so- called "gen x bandit." the body of a 25-year-old santa cruz man was found at 8:00 this morning. the university said he was not a student for his name has not been released. the bicyclist was hit by a vehicle late last night. >> he was catapulted off of his bicycle and was found along the shoulder of the roadway, separate from his bicycle. the chp is searching for a
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maroon or burgundy car with damage on the right front side. a person was hit this afternoon. the train ... 900 passengers a few blocks away. caltrans shut down the line for the next 90 minutes. a spokesperson caused the death of an apparent suicide. it is the eighth fatalities so far this year. it was an emotional day as a mother of a three-month old boy killed in a shooting last weekend saw the teenager accused of killing her baby. ken pritchett attended the hearing where the teenager learned he will face murder charges. >> reporter: he did not enter a plea at his arraignment. >> he is being charged as an adult because he is 17 years
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old. he is only six months away from adulthood and describe was particularly callous, heinous, with the death of a three-month old -- the most innocent victims. it was unimaginable. >> reporter: sunday morning he and another teenager opened fire on a car with a family of four inside. the family had just left a baby shower. the mother was wounded as she tried to shield her 3-month-old baby isaac. a cousin acknowledged the community support. >> i appreciate it, it means a lot to me. >> reporter: he is a suspected gang member and mistook the family for a rival gang member. >> he is not a gang member.
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>> reporter: zaragoza may face life in prison without parole, if convicted. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments tonight in watsonville that we reported last night. police have identified an arm demand that was shot and killed in a sporting store. the incident unfolded on green valley road. miranda broke open a display case, took out a shotgun, and proceeded to locate. the head of the ntsb visited san bruno today and offer new revelations about the pipeline that exploded last summer. documents provided by pg&e shows there was a gas leak on the line that exploded back in
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1980 that was never reported. he recommended that all pipeline operators give emergency responders detailed information on the underground lines. >> they do not have information about the league history and they will not be in a position to make good risk assessments about what needs to be done with respect to oversight, replacement, repair. >> reporter: pg&e tells us it only recently came across the document about the prior leak, which was fixed immediately. >> muni officers voted on a new contract agreement that would freeze wages for the next three years and change was regarding part-time -- part-time workers and will release the information around 10:00. utile real estate agent
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william wilkins is leading a contest to take over mayor joanne ward's place. san jose's mayor and city council are following their own advice, taking a 10% pay cuts. they have asked all city workers to take a similar cut. there were new protests in san francisco this afternoon over the proposed expansion of california pacific medical center. community groups and city leaders gathered on the steps of city hall. they want to build a 155 bed hospital. mayor ed the has proposed the hospital pay more than $100 million for improvements in the area. it will be a large destination hospital with huge health care impacts and also
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impacts on jobs and housing. we want this to be a project that we can all be proud of. >> the hospital is happy to do its fair share but cannot afford the commitment that the mayor and community groups are asking for. health departments around the bay area set up a website designed to streamline the process of distributing medicine. people can learn how to become emergency volunteers. if you want to learn about the program, just visit and click on web links. anger is growing after last night's u2 concert. a huge traffic jam stretching for miles meant some fans never made it to the coliseum.
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>> reporter: u2's sold out concert attracted 75,000 people and many who decided to drive waited as long as five hours. >> we were tempted to turn around a couple times. but it was u2. >> reporter: some day turn and gave up. some saw the last few songs of the senate. >> when they got to the concert people were filing in as late as 11:30 p.m. >> they found others who experienced the same thing. >> reporter: rick stewart attended the concert and says people took part were upset because they were never told that trains would not be running past midnight to get home. >> the whole thing has some considering legal action. >> reporter: this attorney says that people who missed the
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concert deserve a refund. >> the next step would be to make a nice, friendly phone call to the managers of the menu of -- of the venue to see if they want to work something out. if not, we will have to go through legal channels. >> reporter: ktvu did speak with oakland officials. they say they made every parking space available but it was just a matter of too many people showing up in cars. larger than los angeles, that is how big an arizona wildfire is tonight's. now that fire threatens people as far east as texas. more than $2 million in baggage fees. how the airline is responding. it finally feels like a june weather pattern. i will show you where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and highlight the upcoming weekend. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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>> i don't know if i am going to have to start over again or not. >> two more towns were evacuated today. the wallow fire has scorched 389,000 acres. the flames are headed towards major power transmission lines. if they are damaged, parts of new mexico and texas would face blackouts. dozens of cadets were taken to the hospital today after being struck by lightning. it happened about 2:00 this afternoon in southern, mississippi. 73 others were brought to the hospital by bus. they are all stable and responsive. the cadets were taking part in a two-week training exercise. almost $3000, that is what
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some soldiers were charged. mike mibach reports on how the carrier is responding following an up or. >> reporter: this is the delta ticket counter at sfo. >> it should not be that way. >> reporter: he is talking about delta flight ll. >> reporter: on board, 34 it soldiers back from a tour from afghanistan. this video was posted on youtube soon after the sergeant says the trip home took an uncomfortable turn. >> when the units arrived at the ticket counter in baltimore some of the soldiers say they had four bags instead of three and they said, it's time to pull out your wallet. how much? $2800. >> i think it's bizarre that
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they charged those guys so much money. >> reporter: today this man is a maybe of the patriot -- a member of the patriots group. >> if they want to charge a business travel, they are expecting it. these kids do not have any money and they put their life on the line for the last year. >> reporter: some passengers said the airline should have waited to the baggage be. >> you do not even need to look at it as special treatment, just a way to say thanks. >> they apologized and said they were working to compensate the soldiers. >> today dealt a revised its policy -- delta revised its policy so that troops can carry four bags. a delegation toured san francisco city hall and other parts of the city and are set
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to visit hayward city hall. >> this will bring both countries close to each other and introduce our culture, each country to each other. >> the mayors signed a formal sister city agreement in 2006. new york congressman anthony weiner made another confession. a statement says he did send explicit photos of himself, coming two days saying that he sent less racy pictures. now democrats are calling for him to resign and there is a word that his wife is pregnant. a senate vote sets the stage for lower debit card fees but consumer advocates say shoppers may not see savings. the federal reserve ban would limit the fees for debit card
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use to $0.12. the current average is $0.44 and the changes set to take effect in july but experts say it is unlikely that merchants will pass on the savings to customers. oil prices broke the $100 a barrel mark after opec failed a recent agreement on raising crude production. u.s. crude oil prices jumped to $174 a barrel. apple ceo steve jobs ignored his current medical leave and made a surprise appearance at a cupertino city council meeting last night. he pitched a huge new apple can this be he says the new building would look like something from outer space. >> we have come up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building. it's a pretty amazing building, let me show it to you. it looks like a spaceship.
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it is curved all the way around. this is not the cheapest way to build something. you can see what it will look like. it's pretty cool. >> the donut shaped four-story building was designed by british architect norman foster and could be finished by 2015. twitter has announced a new feature that makes it easier for users to tweet a new web link. users will still be able to use other websites to shorten links. some people may be allowed to raise chickens in their backyard. people gathered at the town meeting to revise an ordinance that restricts b and chicken keeping -- bee and chicken
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keeping. the reason why state water managers are worried and is the rain finally gone for good? meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when the warmest day of the week will be. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> california water managers are warning that a sudden heat wave could melting of snow to cause flooding. a record amount of snow remains in the mountains and the san francisco chronicle reports almost 8 feet of snow is still on the ground near donner pass. the san joaquin river seems to be in the most danger of flooding because the dam is relatively small. >> a quick change back to normal with the fog holding on in the bay area. right now on the maps i can show you on live stormtracker 2 previews see the fog bank account -- you see the fog
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banked near the shoreline. fog increasing. warm numbers inland. the weekend temperatures will come down a few degrees. minor changes. most areas starting out in the 50s. the course locations in the fourth day, around 48-49 degrees. dry weather patterns and no rain clouds in our five day forecast. we still have a marine layer to contend with and some low clouds will start out today. temperatures inland very nice. here we go with our forecast model. the first thing tomorrow morning, i will show you some of the overcast near the coast. maybe a few partly cloudy skies
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for parts of the shoreline. around that day there will be sunshine and in the interior, plenty of sunshine. the warmest locations approaching the lower 80s. san rafael tops out at 72, san francisco at 65 degrees in san mateo at 70. these temperatures will check in around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. pretty much identical day out there and then for saturday we will cool things off as a weak system moves in from the north and west. gasia? >> lieutenant-governor gavin newsom and his family are moving out of san francisco. a spokesman tells us the couple will be staying with a relative. the chronicle reports that they will be living with jennifer
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newsom's parents. they have an 18 month old daughter and are expecting a baby boy later this month. >> that is a reports tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next righthere on tv 36. ♪ [ alarm buzzing ] another victim of frequent flyer red tape. [ tires screech ] seat restrictions got him stuck in a vicious circle.
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