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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  June 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. >> shots fired on san francisco's market street. several wounded. we'll take you to the scene, live. >> good evening, i'm ken pritchard in for ken white. >> and i'm heather holmes. >> gunfire erupted -- at least four people were shot and rushed to the hospital. new at 10:00, eric rasmussen with the details, including why police believe the attack is not related to the nearby pride
11:31 pm
events, eric? >> reporter: they say this is a good chance this is gang- related. police just cleared the scene an hour ago. they had to use alot of the crime scene tape, cord oned off areas where victims were hit. i talked to a lieutenant who confirmed five people were hit. police insist this was not connected to pride celebrations, but it happened when plenty of people were out here on the street. san francisco police marked the area where bullets started to ring out on market street. >> i heard loud cracking pops. complete pandemonium. is. >> investigate ors say one shooter got away. they bagged his happens and asked us not to show his face while they tried to get positive id from witnesses. >> they are canvassing the
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area. people are on the scene, we are looking alt this >> reporter: we were there as a crime scene technician looked at the handgun recovered. police don't know what started the shooting, but called out the gangs that gang task force. >> pride is tomorrow. there is nothing going on here. remember others that live and work in the area say this kind of disturbing scene is becoming frustrating leg familiar. >> this happens all of the time >> reporter: back out here live, i can tell you suspect police are still looking for, a plaque male in his 20s, about six feet tall with dreadlocks. police tell me all of the victims were hit in their lower extremities taken to san francisco general, but they say their injuries are not life- threatening. live here in san francisco, eric rasmussen. channel 2ktvu news. someone walking on alameda
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creek trail discovered the body of an adult male west of instate 880. police blocked off the trail between alvarado boulevard and the freeway. police think they know who the victim was and said there was no sign of foul play. >> one person is dead, tonight and several more injured after a car crashed into a san jose nursing home. emergency crews were called to the amberwood gardens home on peterson avenue around 9:45 this morning. officials say an 90-year-old woman visiting the home accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes, is sending her car through a window and ride into a common room. seven people were taken to the hospital. one of them died this afternoon. executive director of the nursing home told us it was a freak accident that could is have happened to anyone. >> if she is 90, she couldn't be driving. but the fact is i could be 20
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and do the same thing. >> there is no identity of the person killed or the condition of the victims. >> a press conference by the ntsb is expected to get underway near reno. so far, the own confirmed dead, the driver of a semi-truck that hit the train and the train conductors, but amtrak said there were multiple passenger deaths. >> recovery delayed due to fears the train cars could collapse. 16 federal investigators are on the scene. is. >> we will not be determining the probable cause of this accident while we are here on the scene, nor will we speculate about what may have caused the accident >> reporter: those investigators now say the driver of the semi-apparently tried to stop before slamming into the california zephyr.
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more than 200 people were on the train. >> is. ktvu caught up with some of the passengers when they finally arrived last night. one woman who was traveling with five members of her family said she thought she would lose them all when she saw flames. >> flames, fire shot by the windows and we just kind of ran to the back of the train and got off. >> i heard a lot of screaming and there was a lot going on. >> the last passenger said she was in the train cars that the truck actually slammed into. first priority was getting her son to safety. she said she cannot imagine getting back on a train again. >> on the eve of san francisco's gay pride parade. known as pink saturday and thousands of people are in the
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streets tonight. janine is in the thick of it and joins us live from san francisco >> reporter: the party is here at market and castro. behind me, you can see people in the streets, celebrating gay pride. it's statemented that one million people are here for this event. . annual dikes on bikes ride signaled the start of the festivities. celebrating who they are and the way they are feeling. they came in costume. they came in pink and they came to party. . an impressive show of the gay community took over, literally dancing in the streets. >> it's great to be around a whole bunch of different people who represent you from all walks of life. we have a common goal and
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theme, freedom, equal rights and love >> reporter: hundreds attended the street fair. another huge party in delores park. people covered the grass, listening to music. many excited and so about the passing of same sex mare ran if new york. >> a day to celebrate what we love and thank you new york. we are on the right track >> reporter: for blocks, a sea of people saturating the streets. there was a heavy police presence. last year, three people were shot and one died as a result. this year, partyers are banned from walking around outside with alcohol. >> i think it's a fairly wise decision. people should celebrate, but you add drugs or alcohol and anything out of control can happen. >> this is video taken in the last hour showing a couple of street fights. they were minor and police quickly broke them up.
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there are yellow cans before you go into the actual street party and security is making sure everybody throws away any bottles or cans. as you might realize, many of these people drank before they came, so it is a little difficult to control. the celebration continues tomorrow with the gay pride parade. reporting live from san francisco -- as for tomorrow's big parade, it begins at 10:30 in the morning -- .
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. >> jubilation after the signing. in his remarks, cuomo said that new york was considered the flash point of the gay rights movement. mashing the first time gays and lesbians fought back against the movement. >> new york is now the 6th state to allow same sex mare ran. >> is. >> the empire state building and other landmarks lit up as part of the city's pride celebration. they have become symbols of the passage of same sex mare ran lengs racial in new york. marriage legislation in new york.
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. . woman air-lifted after suffering from catastrophic wounds from fire. the woman was found in the home unconscious and unresponsive. they managed to resuscitate her, but she was badly injured. is investigators have not said what may have sparked the fire. firefighters say it could have started in the kitchen and the damage to the home was significant. >> motorcycle engines roared up highway 101, today to welcome home a north bay soldier. debra was in petaluna for today's surprise celebration
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>> reporter: 22-year-old russell walked if a group hug, veterans he has never met. motorcycle escort home. >> hello mother. >> i'm not going to cry >> reporter: mom hadn't told him his welcome home would grow. his own motorcade, supporters above cheering as he passed. a great opportunity. the highs and the lows >> reporter: he down played his years in the service. coming back with all of his fingers and toes, that's all we wanted >> reporter: his mother and sister say they can now breathe. >> i cared more about my buddies and everything >> reporter: he is a calvary scout, but more acustommed to armoured transport than four-
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legged. his division is the one that president obama visited last week. afghan forces are coming along and the afghan people have real appreciation for americans. >> they always ask "how is your family doing in" doing?" it's family-oriented. >> i will never forget the day he left with the recruiter. i saw him looking at me, and i knew i would never see that little face again. he would come back home with a man. >> with troops leaving, we'll be seeing more welcome home parties like this one. mccoy's own withdrawal from afghanistan is now. he is leaving after duty, going into reserves studying maritime study, ships -- a big change from where he has been.
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in afghanistan, a suicide bomb attack killed 35 civilians. an s.u.v. plowed through a shaw medical center and ebb loaded. most of those killed were women and children. the latest blast comes less than a day after a bicycle bomb went off in the middle of a bazaar. a chase early this morning spans two counties. what prompted this intense manhunt in the north bay. >> searching for a gunman, what happened at a bar that lead to a mel, and shots fired. a mel, and shots fired. >> he said he [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin, imagine what it could do for my business. now, i just had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called john, my citibank small business expert. [ john ] kate, how are you? [ kate ] he got me a line of credit and together we made it happen. now, my spa has more business than ever.
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. the suspect in a fatal shooting in santa rosa is behind bars after an intense manhunt. police say highway patrol officers is spotted 39-year-old clinton senior driving south on highway 101 at 2:15 this morning. officers used spike strips to stop his vehicle in marin county and cord oned off the area. he was taken into custody four hours later when clinton ran across the from way and tried to car jack a driver who tried to avoid hitting him. >> in a drive way on todd road,
11:46 pm
cher is's officials say that the deputy shot gary pickard twice after pickard said he had a gun in his s.u.v. and appeared to be reaching for his he weapon many the deputy was verying games of forgery against pickard's girlfriendent woe was arrested at the scene. >> is. >> oakland police say they have very little to go on. they found a victim taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> aer isen for two people thought to be in a san mateo lagoon overnight turned out to be a needless effort. police and firefighters found a woman on top of her submerged car at 2:45 this morning. she said that her husband and babiesy in the car. when firefighters could not find anyone, the woman changed her story. she was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.
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>> coast guard crew rescued a man after he fell from a kayak in the san francisco bay. the call for help came in at 1:15 this morning beneath the richmond britain. a man in his 50s was under the water and was unable to get back into his kayak. he was then taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. >> a fire in san francisco late today damaged a victorian house, flames broke out around 5:00 p.m. at 1334 hayes street. the building was evacuated and many neighbors also watched as firefighters arrived. they put out the flames in 45 minutes and no one was hurt. the ebb tent of the damage is unknown. >> a search for suspects in a shooting in stockton. one person was killed and four others were wounded. investigators placed evidence markers where bullets landed.
11:48 pm
police say a huge melee broke out when more than a dozen people rushed into the bar. >> for some reason, a large group of people came in, 20-30 came in, some type of disturbance breaks out and several shots are fired. >> the warnings -- bar has not identified any of the shooting victim. this is stockton's 17th shooting of the year and the seventh this month. >> john was at the opening of lee's campaign headquarters, but it was an opening without a candidate. >> this is about the city, the people in the city. the current mayor is him and he told me this morning he is not running for mayor. >> i think the city deserves every minute of my time focused on all of of the issues we raised and i want to work on
11:49 pm
the economy, the housing and so fort >> reporter: that's why his fans want him to run. he he is not the typical politician. >> i have not thought about it at all. i ruled ought campaigning >> reporter: some are campaigning in his absence to garner support for him and to convince him to run. >> he is conventional, hard working and you know he is doing it not for the glory and he's not using this as a stepping stone to run for higher office. >> lee, it seems, truly has no interest in running. >> i really done know much about the election stuff outside of my own willingness to vote >> reporter: he gave me an opening. >> would you vote for yourself if you were on the ballot for mayor? >> you know, i never really talk about what i vote on. so much for that. after the civil war, general
11:50 pm
william sherman declined to run for the presidency, saying if nominated, i will not run. if elected, i will not serve. in the end, mayor lee gave supporters a glimmer of hope by not giving a statement. .
11:51 pm
. the fbi is investigating a bomb scare at ale colorado mall. two suspicious devices were found inside of a border's book store in the denver area mall this morning. prisonly responded to the mall after the report of a break in. that's when they found the devices and safely detonated both of them. the mall opened for business hours, but the book story mained closed. so far, for arrests have been made. >> lowe's security made the announce machine today on its twitter account. the six person group has claimed to -- the unexpected breakup could be a sign of nerve as federal investigators look into the attack. >> the small river in north dakota cause big problems is expected to crest at any time.
11:52 pm
but there is good news for flood weary residents. >> is. >> what the u.s. is saying about the release of dissidents -- fog [ beep ]
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. >> we just received new details regarding an emery bound amtrak train. churchill county sheriff's department confirms six fatalities. the train conductor killed is a long time conductor president. the driver of the semi-that hit the train is among the dead and we now know four others were killed. minutes ago at a press conference in nevada, the ntsb
11:55 pm
said 28 passengers scheduled to be onboard are unaccounted for. but they say some may never have boarded the train. others may have left the scene on their own or gotten off the train early. >> is. >> hope for the flood-ravaged town of minot north dakota. the river crested nearly two feet lower than officials wormly feared. that's good news for the residents. the surging river has flooded 4,000 homes in the area, leaving a third of the city homeless. >> it hits home, it really does -- never knew it could effect me this way. as long as we have each other, the rest of it is property. human rights activists celebrating the release of achy necessary artist from prison. the disdepartment, after nearly three metropolitans in prison
11:56 pm
for alenned tax evasion. an outspoken critic of the chinese government. he was released on bail after reportedly confessing to his crimes. today, the u.s. state department welcomed the release, but also expressed concern. >> the -- . . nato is denying that nato strikes killed 15 people today. a nato air strike hit a restaurant and a bakery. nato said it did not carrey out any strikes in the area. but conducted strikes there
11:57 pm
yesterday. nato said it does all it can to avoid civilian casualties many meanwhile, the civil war if libya heading for major battle. a deadly standoff between militants and police in pakistan is over. armed militants stormed a police station, killing at least 12 officers. officers. ing pa stanny forces were able to take back control. local reports said the rest escape coulded. no group has claimed responsibility for that attack. >> in botswana, first lady michelle obama, who usually eats healthy allowed herself to dine on french fries. she has been in africa all week promoting youth leadership, the
11:58 pm
empowerment of women and healthy living. she is scheduled to return to the u.s. on monday. >> is. >> a new poll in iowa show mitt romny and michelle bachman neck in neck mon the state's republicans. the survey by the des moines ruth spencerster of likely gop caucus growers show the former massachusetts with 23% support. michelle bachman is right behind him at 22%. the rest of the field gathered support in the single digits. >> is. >> as for the democrats, vice president joe biden hit the road to campaign for president's reelet's efforts. he spoke at a dinner for the ohio democratic party if columbus, this afternoon. biden praised president obama's economic policies, saying they saved thousands of jobs and pulls the country back from the brink of a depression. >> a san francisco tradition
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♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. . it's a tradition that marks every gay pride parade in san francisco. there as people celebrated and reflected on what could be a major victory for gay marriage advocates. >> reporter: you could hear a symphony of hammers on top of twin peaks this morning. the sound of 120 volunteers at work. >> very moving that you see. people give up their time to do this to remember >> reporter: the wind and fog did not keep the volunteers
12:02 am
awayent they spent the morning piecing together 175 tarps, display they created more than an acre wide. the pink triangle is so large, it can be seen more than 20- miles away. >> just the people of san francisco woke up that saturday morning and there is the pink triangle many >> reporter: they chose the pink triangle because that was the symbol used by the nazi to identify gays in concentration camps. >> we want people to understand where the history of pink triangle began. we want people to know where we were and how far we have come. >> at a dedication ceremony, this morning. san francisco elected leaders joined volunteers to applaud the legalization of gay marriage in new york. but assemblyman said that
12:03 am
victory is bittersweet. gay marriage is still not allowed in california. >> we'll take a step back after really celebrating and see what that means for us here in california >> reporter: meantime, san francisco's pride weekend festivities continue against the back drop of this symbol. once a sign of persecution, now, a source of pride. >> >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the pride celebration. >> an accident late today injured a seven-year-old boy. sheriff's deputies sent us these pictures and video from the accident. apparently, the child was in the water and he was pulled toward the prop. the prop cut the child's legs and he was flown to the santa rosa memorial hospital where he underwent surgery. >> closures covered the north and southbound lanes of 101 in
12:04 am
san jose from capital expressway to the connector of interstate 280 and 60. lanes were shut down yesterday and they will shut down again at 11:00 and reopen at 8:00 tomorrow morning. lanes will close one more time tomorrow night at 10:00 until 5:00 monday morning. a san jose grocery chain awarded scholarships to several deserves students, the fund- raising drive raised more than $270,000 for scholarships. this afternoon's event recognized 100 winners. >> the students that are being recognized today it phenomenal. they have outstanding grades. they are very involved in their communities. the students received grants and the company said it is critical students receive support from their community, especially with the deep cuts
12:05 am
in college financial aid. >> guitars -- - ever popular usair guitar, strumming away tonight in san francisco. what's at stake for these musicians. >> is. >> more rain, could it
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good portion of the bay area coastline, especially south of the goaden gate bridge. we still is this the onshore breeze. wins gusting to 22-miles an hour. forecast lows, tomorrow morning, most areas start out sunday morning in the 50s. coolest locations over the north bay fairfield, 51. san francisco for the pride parade tomorrow morning at 10:30, some areas of fog and temperatures mid-to upper 50s. clouds do break up. sun cloud mix, so a built of a breeze, temperatures in the low 60s. temperature pre file here and readings back up into the mid- to upper 70s, a approaching the 0-degree mark tomorrow afternoon. low pressure has been coloring route the bay area.
12:09 am
with that, sunday into monday, we'll bump up the temperatures a little bit. no major heat waves in sight. by tuesday, we'll increase the cloud cover. wednesday, definitely more clouds a significant dropoff in temperatures. this looks like a paintier storm with the rainshowers moving in. only a chance right now, we'll keep an eye on it tuesday night into wednesday morning. shower chances could be moving into the pay areaent highest chance will be up in the north bay. here's our fog forecast model in the short term. clouds will be on the increase overnight tomorrow night, favoring the coast and right around the bay as we continue to put this into motion. clouds roll back to here, shoreline revealing partly to mostly sunny skies, maybe a patch or two. forecast, tomorrow morning at 7:00, low to mid-50s out there, 12:00, partly cloudy, 55-72 and then into the afternoon hours, win speeds do pick up 15-25- miles an hour and temperatures
12:10 am
tomorrow afternoon. most areas on average three to six degrees warmer than today's high. san jose, 7, san francisco tops out 66 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. a little warmer sunday into monday, we cool things off on tuesday and i was about to put away the rain clouds for the entire season, but look at that on wednesday, a chance of a shower and a significant dropoff in -- june has just been a strange, strange month this year. it's going to wind up that way, at least potentially. >> fans are remembering pop star michael jackson on this, the second anniversary of his death. dozens of people visited jackson's star on the hollywood walk of fame. tomorrow, fans will have a chance to bid on some member ya' bill ya', including the red jacket jackson wore in the "thriller" video. auction ears say it could bring close to a million dollar. & & thriller & &.
12:11 am
>> in san francisco, performers from all over the bay area came together to pay tribute to the king of pop. the flash mob danced to sum of his greatest hides. dancers say this is their way of celebrating jackson evidence's's life. . usair competition is underway. in the the end, shred nugent won based on technical merits, and his areaness. stage presence. >> it has been awesome. it continues to be. it's the most exciting thing you can do with hot pants on. >> the 18 winners over the regional competitions will compete in chicago in july for the coveted title of's air guitar champion and a shot at the world championship in
12:12 am
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. >> >> good evening, everyone, welcome to the saturday night edition of sportswrap. we are familiar with the formula that is the san francisco giants. today, great pitching and just enough offense plan wassest in even more extreme form.
12:15 am
every kid's dream is to come to the ballpark and be lucky enough to get a foul ball. one finds you, what do you do? dad can't soak in the moment, any kid knows if you get a ball, you are supposed to throw it. justin, matching -- gap to left center, a double maybe even more. giants have nothing to show for it. with the help of two errors and a walk, they loaded the bases -- making the slightest flinch with the umpire behind the plate. davidson makes the call and miguel tries to make it 1-0. brian wilson on into the ninth.
12:16 am
>> bases loaded. combo shutout, another way for the giants to win 1-0 in this one. before the game, giants announced january than sanchez has been put on the 15 day dl. barry zito has been activated. >> chris stewart, relatively new to all of this, but he understands it. >> typical giants baseball. we don't score the way we are supposed to, we plug and do everything we can and luckily, it works out. >> pitched pretty well and you know, some unfortunate games where he will go out and he will do it and -- for us to be able to find some way to score. not the normal way to score, but we'll take it it shows how hard that guy works and he deserves it.
12:17 am
en . >> tigers had a 2-0 lead in the 4th. justin per lander struck out 14. giants now a half game up. >> two of baseball's best squared off in philadelphia. the a's don't get to philadelphia often, there was a rare phily fan nat ickes siting. they to this, shot off the bat of adam rosal, s. the second homerun of the year for him. >> is. >> bottom of the thirds, phils made a bid to retake the lead. look at the extension by connor jackson to stretch out, take a hit away and test out the warning track service. jackson allows one run and
12:18 am
three hits hits. cocohome for third and makes it over drawn in infield, scoring cliff pennington. cliff later drove in another run with a sacrifice fly. a's win it, wrap up the series in phillies tomorrow. >> alot of anticipation for tonight's gold cup between the u.s. and mexico at the rose bowl in pasadena. it was the rose game on home turf for the u.s. 0% of the 93,000 plus in the old stadium statemented to be rooting for mexico. u.s. came under fire, 1-0 in the first half when dempsey landed a pass that landed done van, done van reverts. the lead for u.s. did not last long. mexico came out on fire in the second half. pablo makes it hurt, he had a pair of goals, then came the goal of the game in the 76
12:19 am
minutes, giovanni gets tim howard out of the net. he won't be denied. mexico mexico wins, putting them in the world federation cup. >> earthquakes fought to a scoreless tie with the western event leading l.a. galaxy. earthquakes have five wins, five losses, five ties. >> the field at wimbledon is starting to get down to man anable numbers as the top seeds rise to the top through three rounds. this is definitely what you call making a statement when it comes to the all england call. second seeded -- advanced into the 4th round, but not without a battle. this is him in the near court
12:20 am
battling. they split the first two sets. >> raphael nidal, the top seed. mueller going the wrong way as nidal buries this shot. nidal a winner in three sets. 6-0 in the first set, also winning. third seeded roger fedderrer. for the women, the comeback of corona williams, going strong. williams in the far court made straight sets of the player from russia. map point here, she will go down in similar fashion. top seed, carolina and
12:21 am
fifth seed -- is. still to come tonight on "sports wrap" we'll see if the amateur who led at the half court poin
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. >> >> drivers have one more practice day under their belts. brad kozolowski. joey earned the pole, qualifies on friday. aj -- number 7 on the grid. he currently drives the iconic number 43 car of richard petty racing. he began his career in 2006
12:25 am
after breaking in open wheel cars and winning five times in the old champ carer isry. it has been a rough indoctrination for him who is beginning to run and feel like he is a part of the series. >> i had no race car experience. they put me in the stain and said "go do it" in front of tv and said go figure it out and i had to. i was probably early on trying way too hard to try to make something good happen. >> i think the egg aboutest thing, i hope at least, i can't speak on behalf of the other drivers racing. i think they saw what i went through and how hard i worked. i love this sport. i love nascar of. i feel it's an honor each day i get
12:26 am
strapped in. >> an amateur, college kid from ucla had the lead. blake adams on the par 4. the ball rolls a enthen drops for an eagle. four shots back after a round of 66. >> is. >> patrick -- ucla student who lead at the halfway pope. for birdie number 11 on the lead, making three bogies coming in. finish with a 72, falling five strokes backs. >> 14, frederick made birdie. enroute to his 3rd straight bogey free round. he ended up with 7 under par and leads by a stroke. >> on the women's golf tour this weekend. sing from taiwan is one round away from winning her 4th major title. now, it's sin on the tee of the par 315th.
12:27 am
you will like where this ends up. she's in birdie range again, five strokes inent fro' of cindy lacrosse and morgan heading into tomorrow's final round. >> road race in wisconsin. brake malfunction, runs into the back of the white mazza drip by foster. ends up going hard into the retaining wall. amazingly. he is able to walk away from the accident. we go inside with foster. it looks harmless enough as he spins into the tire wall. foster had to be taken off the course on a stretcherren he was taken to the hospital, evaluated and later in the day, he was released. >> everyone is is all right. that's it for this edition of saturday night "sports wrap" see you tomorrow at 5:00. .
12:28 am
. be sure to join ktvu's "mornings on 2". continuing coverage of the city's pride celebration. is. >> our coverage continues [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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