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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 5, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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it's never happened before for the first time in american history the nation's credit rating has been downgraded. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. tonight s & p downgraded the
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united states credit rating. >> reporter: despite the steady beat of cash registers, the economy in general and the u.s. credit rating in particular are concerning to shoppers. they come from across san francisco and around the world. people looking to spend money in union square. and they're doing it despite a bad week in the economy topped out by a downgrading of the united states rating. >> we're in a tough time right now. it's bound to happen. >> reporter: it's the first downgrade ever and it happened over the debt ceiling crisis because of the size of the u.s. debt. so what will going from a triple a to double a rating mean? >> only time is going to tell how we're affected. it can ripple throughout the economy. >> reporter: meaning interest rates could go up on everything from credit cards to mortgages. that could slow spending, cause the stock market to dip further and perhaps everyone cost jobs. >> i'm sad to hear it but perhaps it's a reality check we all need to face.
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you get more serious about the problems in front of us and you start to look for solutions not partisan solutions. >> it just feels like we're way over the head. at some point we have to slow down the spending. >> reporter: a protest this afternoon targeted charles shwab and wells fargo. >> it's the big companies that are responsible for being the way it is. that's what i think. >> reporter: standard and poor's also says the downgrade could happen again in a year or so. the director of standard and poor's went on tv to explain the downgrade. he said it wasn't all president obama's fault. >> reporter: this is a problem that's been a long time in the making. well over this administration and the prior administration. >> reporter: he also said the
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debt ceiling could have been raised in a timely matter and a statement standard and poor's said it's pessimistic that the congress could take care of the debt ceiling any time soon. the unemployment rate fell to 9.1%. even before today's after hour's debt decrease it was a wild day on wall street. word of troubles in italy and spain sent the dow plunging.
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the dough finished at 11,044. coming up in just 16 minute, helping the economy by putting america's servicemen and women back to work. the new plan to encourage hiring veterans. and you can get the latest economic news any time at we will be following the debt downgrade all weekend. new at 10:00 tonight, a brazen robbery at a charity bingo game and it was all caught on tame. lloyd lacuesta talked to the victim about how he grabbed the barrel of the suspect's gun and fought back, lloyd. >> reporter: ken we just checked with santa clara police and they still have no suspects in the attempted robbery at the american legion hall in santa clara just before 11:00 last night. there's a security camera up there and it recorded the attack of a volunteer manager of a charity bingo night that had just ended. from his hospital bed tonight he told me on the tpoáepb he had -- on the phone he had just walked to his car when all of a
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sudden he had a gun at his back. >> i had a gun on my back, and he kept saying i'm going to shoot you. i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: stan nicholas says the bag he was carrying had paper work, no cash. >> i looked out the big window and i seen two people with guns on their hands. and i seen, someone they were beating someone on the ground. at the time i didn't know it was stan. >> reporter: nicholas tried to run after the two men who fled in a gray car. >> i was just covered with blood. everybody thought it was a gunshot wound. >> all we have right now are two light skin males wearing a dark hoodie type sweatshirt. >> reporter: this is the third robbery at a bingo event at this hall. the optimist club uses bingo
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money to send disadvantaged children to camp. nicholas says if doctors give their approval he expects to be back at the bingo games next week. live in santa clara, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. legislative analysts say california is going to have a tough time reducing the state's overcrowded prisons. california is under orders by the u.s. supreme court to do so. governor brown wants to move inmates from state prison to county jails. but the analysts office says that won't meet the deadline in two years. the state has the option of asking for an extension. a new state law bans jurors from texting, twitting or using their smart phones from reading up on cases. jurors use of the electronics is becoming a threat to the justice system. a juror who is found using
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electronic devices face as misdemeanor, the law takes effect in january. according to a report filed by family members, 62-year-old chris modesti of concord left the bay area on july 25th heading to san diego aboard his sailboat amber. his son contacted the coast guard when he could not contact his father by phone. the coast guard is asking anyone with information to call them. a young boy is reunited with his mother and the woman accused of kidnapping him is behind bars. the event unfolded live on ktvu news at 5:00 in the town of atascadero. janine de la vega tells us what led authorities to the child and the suspected kidnapper. >> reporter: signs alerted
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drivers that a 4-year-old boy had been kidnapped by this woman, hail. hail got into a fight with the boy's mother at a homeless shelter. >> the alarm was triggered at which point in time a witness was reported to have heard a little boy say i don't want to go or something similar to that. >> reporter: the boy's mother found a note under her pillow which led police to believe hail had kidnapped him. nearly 70 police officers intent the night searching on food and -- foot and the air. >> she gave like three different names to three different people. >> reporter: more than 100 volunteers helped authorities scour the city. at 3:00 police caught a break. officers received an anonymous call from a woman they believe was hail. she said they would find the boy here at this abandoned car dealership in atascadero. when police arrived, they found the boy here alone. the boy was reunited with his mother. he did not seem to have any
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visible signs of injury but was taken to the hospital. shortly after, officers found hail crouched in some bushes near the car dealership. >> this is the ending we wanted before we lost daylight. >> it's so unheard of for these things to come out well. >> reporter: a community relieved happy that one of their littlest residents was safe. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. richmond police are calling the drowning death of a toddler a terrible tragedy. the 15 -month-old girl died in a family pool at a home on altamira drive this afternoon. the mother was watching several children and briefly lost track of the girl. in matter of minutes the girl went into the backyard, climbed a ladder and fell in the pool. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. one of san jose's most popular summer spots is closed tonight. city officials say the
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interactive fountains at plaza decesar chavez park failed causing flooding in its under ground vault. crews need to repair the equipment. i'll be back here in 10 minutes. i have your weekend forecast. there's a lot of fog in that forecast but also warming temperatures. there's a new push to get food stamps in the hands of more people in the bay area. why some say the four are not the only ones who will benefit. plus a
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new at 10:00 the demand for food stamps is at an all time high. but here in the bay area some say a lack of food stamps is costing us millions. eric rasmussen is live in san francisco to tell us who's missing out. >> reporter: for every dollar people spend in food stamps it generates another $1.80 in economic activity. that's one of the reasons they are concerned that only half of the people who qualify for food stamps is getting it. >> i don't know if i want to go through that again, it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: cassandra is one of the persons who qualify for
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food stamps but does not get them. >> a lot of people don't want to put up with the red tape. >> reporter: she's out of work but is reluctant to look for fresh because of a bad past experience. food banks in the bay area say that's not nearly enough. >> when we're missing people who are qualified or eligible for the program, these are people who really need the help. people that we're seeing at the food bank because often times because they can't get that sort of assistance. >> reporter: advocates estimate alameda county alone is missing out on almost $107 million in federal help. about $93 million are going unused in san francisco and in contra costa county it's close to $90 million. >> these are funds that could be stimulating our local economy. they could be spent at local businesses and really benefits the community as a whole. >> reporter: while critics question whether the federal government can afford to expand a program that already costs $68 million, food banks in al alameda county and san
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francisco say they are working to bring the program to work. >> reporter: we're live here in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. it took less than 30 second for the senate to approve a house bill to extend the federal aviation's funding until the middle of next month. with that two senators approved the bill in what's called a unanimous consent procedure the bill sent thousands of faa employees back to work. and clears the way now for airport construction projects to move forward again. however the bipartisan disagreements that caused the partial shut down still have not been resolved. the irs had bad news today for air travelers who were expecting to get an airline ticket tax refund. as a result the bill congress passed today passengerred who purchased tickets prior to july
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23rd and then traveled between july 23rd and today are not entitle to a refund of the airline ticket excise tax. the irs says airlines must resume collecting those taxes when tickets are sold by one minute after midnight on sunday night. security officials say a threatening note was behind today's search of a passenger jet at philadelphia airport. the u.s. airways flight was headed to anchorage alaska. passengers and crew members were asked to leave the plane. the man accused of using someone elses expired boarding pass today agreed to plead guilty to a stow away charge. he was arrested when he tried it again. noibi is to enter the guilty
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plea in los angeles next week. he faces up to five years in prison. a trip to san francisco has turned into a nightmare for a philadelphia family after their 9-year-old son was struck and hit by a -- or struck by a hit and run driver during last night's giants game. ktvu spoke to the suspect's friend. a college graduate who is now behind bars. >> reporter: police say 21-year- old andrew vargas of hayward drove the wrong way up this one way street and hit ryan white of philadelphia, in town with his family for the giant's game against against philadelphia. witnesses say vargas fled the scene in a white toyota truck striking numerous cars as he left. >> then, it came back around to observe the scene of the crime
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then hit a taxi then took off again. >> reporter: hayward police arrested vargas an hour later. san francisco police said he the tested over the legal limit for alcohol. vargas just graduated with a business administration degree from cal state east bay in june and is enrolled in graduate courses there for the fall. >> he's a really good guy. so i'm actually very shocked. >> reporter: at san francisco county jail today, john paul newen told us vargas' parents asked him to visit their son in jail. >> his parents live in mexico city, they sent him away to school. he doesn't have a lot of friends in the bay area, so i'm glad his family thinks of me as one of his good friend. he could have his first court appearance on tuesday afternoon. in san francisco, david
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stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. phillies manager charlie manuel echoes the sentiments of philadelphia and the bay area that he hopes white makes a speedy recovery. >> i hope he's okay, i hope someone brings him around and let me meet him sometime. >> reporter: manuel said that traveling from philadelphia to san francisco is the mark of a true fan. and he says he's hoping to visit the young man at the hospital. the fire department has 35 new firefighters as of tonight. the 35 men and women were sworn in today after completing a challenging 14 week training program. this was the san francisco fire department's first new class of recruits in almost six years. one new firefighters said she was inspired by seeing how happy veteran firefighters were with their jobs. >> it was very difficult, this was a very coveted spot and a lot of people wanted to be where i am right now and i feel
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extremely lucky. >> reporter: there are four other women and 30 men in the new class. many are bilingual which is very helpful in a city like san francisco. they are also trained to be emergency medical technicians. we have a late word right now of a spinach recall tonight. it could be contaminated with lusteria. that's an organize ism that can cause serious and fatal conditions. the recalled spinach has an enjoy by date of august 1st. and it was a bit warmer out there today especially inland. these were observed highs on friday. as we head into saturday slightly cooler but still warm. we are going to maintain a lot of fog at the coast. we had plenty of drizzle along the coast, that continues out in the beaches of san francisco. look for drizzle tonight in san francisco and out in pacifica
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and out in the avenues. now tomorrow we will see plenty of fog and low cloud in the morning but rapid clearing will bring temperatures up in the 70s and low 80s for most of us. these are some of the bay area microclimates. you can see 70s out there out toward the moraga area and lafayette. now we're going to start to see some 80s out toward martinez. there's your saturday forecast, saturday warmest day on the weekend. cooler on sunday. when i come back at 10:45 we will look at sunday's forecast for specific cities where you live or near where you live, i'll see you back here. there is word tonight the amgen corporation has agreed to sponsor the tour of california for another year. it is said to be in the neighborhood of $3.6 million. santa rosa is set to be the starting city next year, the rest of the stages will be
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announced in the fall. a change in how long troops are deployed over seas. plus -- >> reporter: the president says they work hard for their country, now their country should help them go to work again. >> i would like to have a permanent job right away. one east bay city is trying
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the pentagon announced today it is cutting back on the amount of time some troops will have to spend deployed to iraq and afghanistan. the army is reducing the current 12 month deployment to nine months. the change won't affect any troops deploying this year and some units such as aviation and military police will continue to serve 12 month tours. the move is being made because of shrinking troop requirements. once troops return home
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they have an unemployment rate that is 3% higher than the over all national rate. as rita williams reports, the president has a new plan that will reward business for hiring veterans. >> reporter: nobody has to tell 29-year-old sanford times are tough. the marine is one of 20,000 veterans from iraq and afghanistan now out of work. >> i was working for most of the time since i've been out. i've been unemploymented for almost the last year. >> reporter: after he lost his bank job, sanford and his family lost their apartment and were living in a shelter. haven menlo park two months ago. >> i can live on the street and survive but i'm not going to take my three kids into that situation. >> reporter: his oldest child mila turns 12 next week. >> for my birthday i wish my dad would get a job. >> reporter: the president announced plans today to try to get the nation's 1 million unemployed veterans working.
11:55 pm
>> we're challenging the private-sector to fire or train 100,000 unemployed post9/11 veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013. to do so the president is offering tax credits to companies that hire veterans like sanford. >> i think it is an excellent addition if you will to complement the five year plan to end homelessness for veterans. >> reporter: sanford says he's grateful for whatever help veterans get after serving their country, he just wants a job. >> i'm ready to learn, ready to train for it, ready to work hard. just ready to do it, ready to get back into the work force. >> this veteran says the plan will help him do just that. more news now on the unreturning heros tax credit. the tax credit for hiring a wounded vet would double to
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9,600 tkhraors. florida authorities up loaded the dna of notorious serial killer ted bundy. they hope this will help crack unsolved homicides across the country. before his execution in 1981 bundy confessed to more than 20 killings. two viles of his blood were found early ier this year. the samples were collected after his conviction of a 12- year-old girl. some tough competition tonight. why these [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney huge sale,
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of the biggest complaints you will hear from inner city youth from oakland is there's nothing for them to do. and amber lee is in oakland to tell us how that excuse will soon ring hollow. >> reporter: right now we're going to take you inside to show you what the center is doing. there's a panel of judges made up of professional musicians including a former american idol finalist from oakland, latoya london. they're judges the competition. one east oakland 16-year-old told us the program is a safe haven. >> i was kicked out of my house, we didn't have any money. i had to live with foster parents for a few years. music was the only thing that was really there for me. >> reporter: this 22-year-old participates in the urban arts program hoping to create a mural showcasing oakland. she says she's lost many
12:00 am
friends to street violence. >> we know my risk is minimized every time i do something with the center. >> reporter: we have the tribune building. >> reporter: nola rasheed says the summer youth program is live changing for him and the teens he teaches. >> you come as a student and you leave as a teacher. because at some point you're going to have to teach someone younger than you. >> reporter: this class is called home alone designed to teach children how to cook and function on their own. >> what makes this place a nice place to hang out at? >> i can make friends easily. >> it's not like i have to make myself popular to make friends. >> they may be here because it's not safe to be home. they might be here because they are avoiding different things. it's the best gift we can give. >> reporter: back here live, the winner of this music competition will perform at the oakland art festival on august
12:01 am
20th. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 muse. some inmates of san quentin state prison traded their jump suits for costumes today all in the name of theater. 13 inmates turned actors performed shakespeare third night. the inmates spent 10 months practicing for the performance set in the 1960s with music from the beatles. the cast includes convicted murders and some of them told ktvu the play enables them to express themselves. >> we can use things from our own lives perhaps sad things or things that made us angry and transform those things for a moment. >> for a short time you're not in prison. you are physically but not mentally. >> reporter: the shakespeare company began the shakespeare program in san quentin eight
12:02 am
years ago. some good news tonight, the same fears and sell offs are making gasoline cheaper. the national average which is $3.75 a gallon could fall up to 30-cents a gallon over the next month. here in the bay area drivers are already seeing a difference. the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $3.89. that's down a cent from last week. in oakland prices also dropped a penny to $3.81 a gallon the same story in san francisco. opponents of pg & e announced they are starting a recall petition aimed at the sheriff's there. the stop meter organization says the sheriff has not enforced a stop order on pg & e. arnold schwarzenegger is
12:03 am
gradually making his way back into the public spotlight. last night he joked about running for office again at a body building foundation. >> i just want you to know that this is also actually a fundraiser because i'm going to run in 2012. he said he was going to run for president of the national body building association. arnold schwarzenegger has kept a low profile since revealing he fathered a child with a housekeeper. after that one poll showed one out of ten voters in his hometown of los angeles didn't like him. they say big fish stories embellish the truth but this fish tale is no fiction. as ktvu's noel walker told us. >> the fish was about this big. >> reporter: this is a fish tale with photo evidence. that's martha vasquez all 5'1" of her holding her catch of the
12:04 am
day. >> it started on the star burst side right there. >> reporter: last sunday, martha was fishing when she found out what it means to be in hog help. it started with a thug of the line. >> there were a coupleover times when i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to pull it in. but i did. it was my arms were burns and they felt like noodles. >> she had some woman power there, i'll tell you. she hung in there. >> reporter: sean hodgens says it gives him hope the fishing industry will come back after a bleak year last year. >> a year ago we caught a 40- pounder every day so this seems this is going to be the year to catch that 45-pounder again. >> reporter: there are a few empty splits like this one with sports fishing boats out for the day. but take a look for the left and over here to the right, more often than not you will find lots of boats still here at the pier. take a turn around there, boats as far as you can see. back in the day most of these
12:05 am
slips would have been empty with a sports fishermen out for the entire day seven days a week. >> look at that baby. >> reporter: from sausalito to berkeley, fishermen say they are catching at or near their limit. sports fishermen expect that the fisher season will get better with more fish tales to tell. the delta stewartship council is proposing charging water fees. it also calls for farms and cities to conserve more water. up next tonight, a special mass for 33 chilean miners. what they're doing one year after a long ordeal. and i'm back here in 10 minute, we'll have your weekend forecast. one of the days will be warmer than the other. i will let you know which day will be th p.pñççe".
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toyota motor company announced today it will not build the electric version of its rav4 model at its old nummi plant in fremont. instead they will use a manufacturers plant in canada. toyota is building the new electric rav4 at the same plant that gasoline powered rav4s are already being built. google -- went on to say
12:09 am
that cars have traveled 100,000 miles without incident. the cars use a radar, video cameras and lasers to and a le won't be able to make a $5 million pension plan. the usps doesn't want cash. instead the postal service wants congress. usps is looking at closing 3,500 postoffices. many americans are turning to medications to cope with life and they're not seeking psycho therapy. while the drugs can help they can also have unforeseen side effects. >> it changes the chemistry in your brain and you're feeling a lot better. however the side effects
12:10 am
associated with it is what patients don't realize. some of those side effects include sexual dysfunction, weight gain and drug dependency. and people under 24, antidepress sapbts have been linked to -- anti depressants have been tied to suicide. in norway, one person was killed and five badly injured by a polar bear. a member of the team shot and killed the polar bear. visitors to the area are urged to carry rifles because of the threat of polar bears. a 44-year-old businesswoman educated in the u.s. and new to politics was voted prime minister. her brother was prime minister
12:11 am
and ousted five years ago. she will be challenged to unify the country. in chile, a celebratory mass was held today for the 23 miners who were rescued last year. this was the anniversary of the day that mine collapsed. the men were trapped under ground for 60 days. several have been struggling, about half have gone to work. it'll be years before they see any money. it's not just in the backwoods but near lake tahoe where a bear hunt will soon begin in nevada and that has many people outraged. chief meteorolog [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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a decision to allow nevada's first ever bear hunting season is drawing anger from residents at lake tahoe. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports some say the hunt is cruel and
12:14 am
a danger to lake tahoe tourists. >> reporter: california black bear just like tourists and blue water they are an icon of the lake tahoe area. that's why a scheduled bear hunt in nevada is causing outrage. >> they are appalled at the thought of having members of their community, the bears killed this way. >> reporter: chris shwamburger is with no bear hunt which is planning to start the first bear season. >> frankly the residents of lake tahoe are more afraid of the bear hunters than the bears. >> reporter: it is estimated about 400 black bears live in nevada, most in the basin. wildlife officials disagree. >> the hunters will avoid the tahoe basin because they don't want to be part of any controversy. >> reporter: the nevada department of wildlife says 45 bear permits have been issued but the quota is smaller. >> once it reaches either six
12:15 am
females or 20 bears, then the hunt will be called off. >> reporter: there are more than 1,300 applications. the popularity shouldn't be much of ao surprise because in california bear hunting has both been legal and popular for some time. about 1,500 bears are killed by hunters in california every year. >> they don't have to come to the lake tahoe basin and they avoid it. and of course that's not the case in nevada. >> reporter: wildlife officials say a limited hunt won't affect the bear population. opponents disagree and vow to stop the hunt. in incline village, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. caltrans wants drivers on highway 101 on the peninsula to be prepared for a full closure next week. the plan is to close northbound and southbound lanes between bell mount and oyster point boulevard in san francisco between 4:40 until 4:00. traffic will be detoured on to
12:16 am
el camino real. the closures are needed to paint the new bike overcrossing. the same closures are expected the week after. honda is issuing a nationwide recall of 1.5 million of its vehicles for a software upgrade. the vehicles affect 2005 to 2010 four cylinder accords, 2007 to 2010crvs. and 2007 to 2010 elements. the vehicle's transmission could be damaged without the upgrade. there is danger out there in the cyber world. security experts warn that the website potter had been targeted by cyber criminals. the data site offers e books and other material. scammers are targeting fans with down loads that aren't real and could be infected with malware. they also may be trying to sell fake registrations to the real
12:17 am
sight. potter has its official launch in october. >> and lift off of the atlas five with juno on a trek to jupiter. juno is a robotic explorer who scientists hope will bring clues to how the planet of jupiter is found. >> searching for our fundamentals in nature is something that all societies should be trying to do. >> reporter: juno uses solar power which is a first for spacecraft traveling so far from the sun. it's expected to take five years to make the 1.7 billion- mile voyage to the largest plant in the solar system. and welcome back as we head into your bay area weekend we have some nice weather to talk about. just not hot, of course there are the low clouds and the marine layer making its way
12:18 am
into your neighborhood tonight. today was warmer than yesterday but a good five to 10 degrees inland along the coast about the same. tomorrow's daytime highs, are going to be very similar to todays. maybe a little bit cooler. but not much. it'll just be kind of a lot like today. i think tomorrow's forecast will mimic today as far as how much it warms up tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow warmest day on the week end. -- weekend. sunday will be cooler by 5 degrees. no heat wave coming, no big cool down coming. overnight low just as they have been the last few months, lots of mid-50s and low 60s. i just have descriptions of cool light warm. today was a little warmer, tomorrow will be a little bit cooler it's in the mild stage. sunday cooler still and then it comes out. but these are subtle changes. we're fluctuating between warm and mild. this is how it goes into next
12:19 am
week. no big heat waves, no spare the air days. plenty of sun and clouds the next few days. fog in napa in the morning hours. and this front has been parked at our coast, it sticks around for a while. good sails on the bay. there'll be clearing but it'll keep everything on the mild side. keeps the air quality very nice as well. all bay area counties have some sort of fog and clouds. then the marine layer burns off to the coast. temperatures in the inland valleys you're going to start to see some of those reds. those are 90s. but for most of us 70s and 80s at best. most of us upper 60s, low 70s and low 80s out in in the edges of inland valleys. warmer in clear lake, because you're out of the marine layer. 85 in brentwood that's pretty far away from the coast so
12:20 am
you're a little warmer. still, this time of year i would put brentwood at about 90. 83 in morgan hill. forecast highs along the coast as they have been drizzly and mild. here you go. i think kenney likened it to a broken record or julie or one of you guys. i took offense, but -- >> oh. >> i didn't take offense but it is true. we have been saying the same thing day after day. this pattern is so consistent. so just week after week and it continues next week will be just like this. it's not bad. >> broken record. >> beats texas. >> thank you, bill. simon cowel is sharing high hopes for his new singing competition. the executive of the competition says the show will beat american idol in ratings when it debuts in fall. x factor begins with a two hour premier september 21st right here on channel 2. they have been demanding
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sis, help me create my oasis.
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[ male announcer ] get low prices every day, on everything you need for back to school, like hanes boys boxer briefs for just $5.47. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. officials in east palo alto broke ground today on a new skate park. the 5,000 square foot facility will be built at bell street park an area where skaters already gather and cause considerable damage. city leaders hope the new park will allow skaters to have fun in a safe less destructive way. the tony hawk foundation is paying for the plans and the construction will be funded in part by hotel tax revenue. construction is expected to be complete by the end of the month. mark ibanez is here with sports and a brawl broke out. >> a baseball version of the brawl. you will see it, judge for yourself. you lose seven out of eight and
12:25 am
no doubt you need a little adrenaline shot. and the giants may just get it in the extracurricular activity. we're talking about jonathan sanchez back off the disabled list. but the giants were not about that. they actually led 1-0. shane victorino connecting deep solo shot 1-1. a man on makes it 2- 1. eli white side that is an unbelievable catch. take a look at it again. you have to have pretty good reflexes to do that. but here it is. i call it a baseball scrum. and victorino gets hit on the
12:26 am
side. victorino not happy. victorino probably going to wind up getting fined and suspended as he breaks past an umpire and into the middle of things. and some fines and suspensions bottom line giants lead big but they still lead arizona. meantime not exactly a magical mystery tour for the a's. four games on the road and they've lost them all. as jamal weeks family watches 4- 0. jamal was on when cocoa crisp goes deep and all of a sudden they're back in the game as weeks family like that. 4-2 but bottom of the inning, zobren with a shot back up the middle that will score a pair and the rays go on to take the ball game 8-4. the road back from oblivion is not a straight road. of course one of his usual
12:27 am
competitors pinky mickelson. how do you like those pants. from the rough on the par-4 11. ball bounces in for an eagle. but still even par after six. here's tiger back nine and his putter not in top form. he misses the bogey. then on the sixth misses another short put. makes another birdie. he's 1-under for the tournament that is seven shots back of the four leaders. relieving the sting of losing probowl tight end zack miller. kevin bosh formally of the new york giants, more of a pass catcher than a blocker really. in fact, 36 grounds last year for the giants. it is a four year deal set to be at $16 million. here's a story about a young man who probably won't need a student loan to go back to
12:28 am
college. jamarcus russell returning to college at lsu. good for him going back to school. i'm hoping he's got a lot of money p.pñççe".
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