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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 19, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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least. i'm tom vacar why these clipboards with job offerings are getting thinner. and why this is turning into a major destination for pickpockets. . good evening, it is friday august 19th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. a 4-year-old died from his injuries in a hit-and-run accident. the suspect is behind bars thanks to a person who heard about it on a scanner. it is our top story. the incident happened in a crosswalk at rockwell place in santa rosa where we are live tonight. >> reporter: neighbors are telling me all day this is a
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very dangerous intersection. >> reporter: a crowd gathered at the scene of yesterday's hit and run. the police say a mother and her three children were crossing this busy street at 6:00 in the evening when a 22-year-old lopez-garcia, failed to stop and hit the 4-year-old boy. that boy died today at children's hospital, oakland, the driver then took off and stopped at a nearby park. but, an alert witness, listening to a police scanner, spotted him trying to alter the appearance of his honda accord and called the police. >> there was a large sticker in the back window, san francisco giants sticker. and at the time the witness observed the suspect he was trying to remove the sticker from the vehicle. >> reporter: that witness told the police he watched as garcia called a woman and then got a ride out of the area. the witness took down the woman's license plate number and patsed it on to the police who arrested garcia last night. >> he has two prior arrests for
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driving without a license. one as recently as a week ago. >> tonight, gonzalez held her children's hands tightly. she watched the paramedics treated yesterday and watched as this car crossed traffic to stop at the park. a simple fix could make this crosswalk a lot safer. >> lights, stop sign, something brighter, something else that can attract drivers attention. >> reporter: garcia was arrested last night on felony hit and run charges. now that the 4-year-old boy has died they will seek to add a homicide charge in this case. we are live in santa rosa, ktvu channel 2 news. the police are still at the scene this hour of a fatal collision between a uni-bus and a pedestrian. it happened at the intersection of 18th and hartford streets. san francisco police say the bus was turning left on hartford street when it struck the pedestrian, a woman. she was in the crosswalk at the
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time and almost to cross the street. the bus was not going fast. the police say the bus was not part of the normal bus route. >> it is an unusual route for a bus. this bus was in service on another line. and it was taken out of service to supplement the f-line trolleyies. the police have not identified the woman but say she is 25 to 30 years old. the driver stayed at the scene and is being tested to make sure he was not impaired at the time. this is standard procedure. we have new video tonight at the scene of a crime. the police say multiple suspects shot at three male juveniles. after the shooting the suspects and victims ran off but they found the victims and pieced together what happened. three victims were taken to the hospital for treated for nonlife-threatening injuries of the gang task force is investigating a former private investigator pled not guilty in san francisco in a law enforcement corruption scandal.
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a grand jury indicted 50-year- old christopher butler on multiple counts including conspiracy, theft, extortion. butler, along with the county drug task force are at the center of the federal probe. they are accused of selling drugs seized as evidence and robbing prostitutes. convictions could bring them life sentences. oakland press are issuing a warning for people to be on tkpwaord for wearing gold chains. they seen a spike in robbers grabbing chains right off of people's necks. a majority of them are woman. there are dozens of reports as the price of gold has risen. >> that is all about these commercials, we melt it down. bring us your copper, bring us your silver, bring us your gold. you know, it is a scam. >> reporter: officers beefed up patrols around the b.a.r.t station that is one hot spot for the crimes. across the bay in san francisco the concern is pickpockets.
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the police say yesterday half a dozen tourists reported having their wallets stolen. the crowd at warf area are targets. officers say the thieves are looking for easy marks who leave their wallets and others vulnerable. precautions including wearing backpacks on the front and carrying wallets in a front pocket. >> images suggesting rituals that might involve animal sacrifice. we will have that story for you in 12 minutes. hewlett-packard pledge as they digested a shake up. hp says it is getting out of the tablet computer and phone business and mans to sign the line of personal computers. they lan to buy software maker for $10 billion. shares dropped 20% of the company plans to focus on the software business makes sense but the road ahead looks bumpy. renewed jitters heading into the weekend. they finished at the lows down 100 for the week it lost 4%.
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nasdaq lost 38. it is down about 6.5% authority this week. bank of america announced plan to lay off 150,000 workers. that would be 3% of the banking workforce. it is expected to be across all divisions of the bank. if the latest numbers are any indication california job market stalled. announcing california's jobless rate chimed to 12% in july. up from 11.8% in june. in all the state gained a mere 4500 jobs last month. tom vacar spoke to some of the people behind here. here at the edd department unemployment hit 12,000. >> it is daunting however i choose to look at it
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differently and just approach my job search in a positive way. >> reporter: out of work for seven months is not so positive. >> it is very difficult anywhere. maybe my age is one of them. because most of them they prefer higher the young people. >> reporter: contra costa counties percentage remained unchanged percent annuales are people. >> we were at 11 last night and at 11 this month. it means 50,000 plus people are unemployed in contra costa county. >> reporter: they say the problem with this recession is the nature of the recession itself. the impact and public and personal and it is not a short
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term fix. and you know, they have to pay the rent and for food and for everything. >> reporter: she is just one of 2.3 million unemployed californians. back to you. unemployment rates remain above double digits. alameda, salono county saw slight increases in their rates last month according to the state development. salonto has the highest at 12.2%. it remains the lowest for rent at 8.1. you can read more about the state unemployment rates going to our web site. it was graduation day today for students in a special eastbay jobs program. dozens of students from richmond completed their 14- week training program today. they learned skills in green coninstruction including energy
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and solar insal insulation. it was business as usual today at the san jose, santa clara water plant despite a disput. local 3 that picketed the plant yesterday. the electricians union says they are not meeting worker and wage requirements. they are upset that the city is seeking a temporary retraining order to stop future labor actions. they told us as a nonunion contractor they try to comply with all of the requirements. an elderly woman died this morning after being burned in a house fire. the fire broke out at the home on bird street at 9:00 last night. the firecrews say flames were pouring from the first floor. fire. they got her out but she died at the hospital. three other people that lived
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there are staying with neighbors. on its way to governor brown that should make it smoke free. giving them the authority to use condo and apartment building smoke free. the goal is to give families more options when it comes to smokeless housing. the author of the bill says 86% of californians don't smoke. he says the bill is long overdue. >> it is well within the landlord rights to offer smoke free units for families looking for a place to live. a third of the housing in california is multidwelling units and condos. a popular talk show host is the subject of a death threat made by terrorists. plus, the police suddenly announce a suspect in a south bay murder case more than three decades old. the unusual evidence that investigators say pinpoints him as the killer. and san francisco park and residents say they are seeing signs of animal sacrifice on
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. a series of accidents caused trouble. it flipped a car over at 5:00 a.m. two other accidents inside of the tunnel caused more delays. the chp says no one was seriously injury in any of the accidents. he is in a wheelchair and he suffered a stroke but he is sitting in jail for a crime committed more than 30 years ago. the police tracked him down through evidence from a marijuana cigarette. >> reporter: david dickson was
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wheeled in court making an appearance in front of a judge. two days ago he was in a hospital and the mess showed up and arrested him for murder. he just had a stroke. now he can not walk, can not stand up. >> reporter: the district attorneys say in 1979 when he was 29 years old he attacked and killed 50-year-old rachel moncrese. the rv dealership no longer exists. investigators say that her bodiy was found inside of a trailer and had been stabbed 30 times. >> we have blood evidence that puts the defendant to touching the evidence. >> reporter: his family says he lives in richmond and worked as a roofer for 30 years. >> just a hard worker. tried to take care of himself and do anything in the world
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for the family. just one of the best workers i ever had. >> reporter: the family does not understand why it took the police 30 years to investigate the case. dna testing did not exist back then. there is a huge back up of cases waiting to be tested. >> it does not matter how old a homicide is it is important to solve that crime if any of the people involved are still alive. >> reporter: his family was not in court today but we are told the police and the da's office are in touch with them. the three men known as the west memphis 3 are free tonight. the three agreed to a plea bargain today in an arkansas courtroom. the three have been behind bars since their convictions in the 1993 murders of three boy scouts. they all maintained their innocence and dna evidence never linked them to the crime. as part of deal they pled guilty and they were sentenced to time served.
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ekles is being freed from death row. a comment made by a late night host during a june show apparently touched off the threat. letterman made a comment about an air strike that killed al- qaida's new leader. the fbi and new york police are investigating the threat. the officials with the show are not commenting. apple is working with suppliers in asia to test production of the ipad 3. the wall street journal says the goal is to start in october and release the next generation of the tablet early next year. it is expected to come with a higher resolution display. it skyrocketed in sales with apple selling more than 9 million of them. >> a warning to san francisco from city and state leaders. coyotes are increasing in the area, moss says several settled in the city since she teamed up with department of fish and game they say do not be too
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friend he. it means not getting too close or feeding the animal. we have a rare sight here. these are california khreper rail chicks. a bird not seen in the marks of san francisco for years. that is because of shore line development. the photos of the two chicks were spot inside this area of restored wet lands in the past month. they hope it means a revival. candles, bloody cross and animal remains in a city park. they tell us people who live in the area this is not the first time. bernle hikes and kphaoubcasion tower complex. park visitors spot todayed with morning told us they came upon a shocking sight. >> the cross with pure blood there and black handles on each of the ends of the cross and there was a dead -- it was a
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bird. bird, full of blood, too. >> reporter: to long-time dog walkers they believe this area is part of animal sack tpaoeus. >> they find goat heads and birds, most he birds and rabbits and things like that. the dogs dig them up because they bury them. they wrap them up in clothes or whatever. >> reporter: san francisco recreation and parks officials were alarmed when we first to them this morning and the allegations of animal sacrifice. >> reporter: dog walkers say the unusual activities heard here high in the city but abouts others at risk. >> they got a bit of pwroupbd of the ground to know if it is safe to a dog. -- they sent somebody out to
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investigate. back to you. a group of roller girls is staging an event to ease the blow from what say roller coaster ride. members of the bay area derby girls were robbed at gunpoint. the volunteer skaters are holding a fundraiser with demonstration, ramps, live music t. starts 1 1/2 hours now from club 6 in san francisco's soma district. bay area football fans and players gearing up for the battle of the bay. they will duke it out at candlestick tomorrow. it is the niners first preseason home game. uni is sending two shuttle buses from san francisco to the stadium to ease traffic congestion. they will run for every 49ers home game this season. you can watch the game on our sister station ktvu. the battle of the bay starts at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow following a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news
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at 4:00. there should be warmer weathers in parts of the bay area by sunday. mark tamaia tells us where in his weekend forecast. and watch the news at 7:00 it and all of our newscasts on your computer or mobile device.
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. take a good look here at the driver side of this pick up truck. that is the driver's feet dragging on the ground. the map was trying to slow down his truck flynn stone style after it lost its brakes. he weaves through the traffic without hitting anybody and goes through an intersection here. the police say he drove 2-1/2 miles without brakes and came to a stop. nobody was hurt. mark is here to help us with the weekend t. say warm day and then a cool day. >> yes. it is a trend that will continue as we head into the weekend with with a big dose of fog pushing back into the bay. the clouds, around the coast and down towards sab fran and ocean beach, pacificca and here
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we go, already heading into the bay. in fact, up towards berkeley, emeryville and right around oakland. so, the clouds still a big factor. at least for tonight. locally dense. right near the shoreline. once again we could be tracking drizzle as well. measurable drizzle along parts of it and it will be a factor once again heading into early saturday morning. hoar we go, overnight lows, most areas starting out saturday poring in the 50s. patchy fog well inland out towards antioch and livermore. santa rosa, forecast san francisco bundle up. so, foggy, once again, tomorrow, to is the theme as we head into the afternoon hours. definitely chilly for the beaches. warmest locations inland to the upper 70s to barely the lower 80s. wind speeds, the breeze, it plays in advance of this guy. moving in from the north and this will continue to cool us off into your saturday with the warmest locations in the upper
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70s to 80s. a little bit of a bump in numbers for sunday. sunday is the warmest day of the weekend. the real warming will hold off for monday and tuesday of next week. here is the forecast model showing you a big -- a big area of fog out there as we can not see from the coast out towards oakland, concourt and livermore. this is a change for tomorrow morning, gradually pulling back to near the shoreline. and the left over patchy fog for san francisco and the colors represent the temperatures. brighter colors correspond with the warmer temperatures. not much of the way of the 80s showing up. warmest pots towards cheer lake as you would expect. 84, richmond. brentwood, 80, san jose tops out in the lower 70s. these temperatures checking in at 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. san francisco checks in 61 degrees. here is a look ahead. your e tended forecast with your weekend in view. in fact, rapidly approaching the temperatures up a few
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degrees, the real warming set for next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday. gasia? >> mark. thank you. another member of britain's family is california bound. this time prince harry. the 27-year-old parens will be stationed in -- prince will be stationed in california in the next few months to kopl meet his training. he is a captain in the british army air corp. after that he is set for another tour in afghanistan. it may be something that you cheer about. the word "woot" is in the dictionary. it is one of 400 new entries for the latest edition being published this month including sexting, cyberbullying. it might tell your friends, retweet made the final cut. it contains modern and slang
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words. that is our report. bay area news returns on monday and our coverage returns on line at tmz is up next right here on tv36. @
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