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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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investigators conclude pg & e failure to detect a flaw ultimately led to this inferno. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the federal investigation of the san bruno pipeline investigation is now finished. the results were released today in washington. this report makes it very clear that pg & e is largely at
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fault. >> reporter: the pg & e pipeline blast destroyed 36 homes and killed eight people in san bruno. a fire that pg & e failed to control for and hour and a half. tonight the report put blame on pg & e. pg & e records about the pipeline were critically flawed. >> some of this information was inaccurate. the pipeline was not seemless but had a longitudal -- not
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seamless, but had a longitudinal seam. >> the results were misinterpreted or ignored. >> reporter: ntsb staff also said that pg & e did not take precautions. investigators also say that pg & e did not take the right precautions leaving people in the dark. >> while the majority of the blame fell on pg & e the ntsb said there's a lack of government oversight and there's a need to create state and federal regulations for testing older pipelines. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now the ntsb made 29 recommendations among them it told pg & e to
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expedite the use of automatic or shut off valves. it said there should be improved recordkeeping. ktvu's jana katsuyama has been talking with residents and first responders in that san bruno neighborhood. >> reporter: everyone though it's been nearly a year since that explosion, you still get an eerie fielding because there's so many vacant lots and homes under construction. the people who live here want to make sure those changes are made and there's legislation that sticks. >> the explosion is where the green dot is, we're just down the street. >> reporter: amazed at the sheer magnitude of the fire ball and the scene unfolding
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before him. >> there are people just fleeing like 9/11, just fleeing out of that area. >> reporter: as firefighters they expect risks but on that night there were many unknowns. >> we didn't know what time the gas was going to be shut off at. >> reporter: but they have questions. >> how long is it going to take to shut off all those miles of pipes. >> reporter: residents who survived the explosion aren't sure if the recommendations are enough. >> they're giving recommendations and suggestions but that's not what we need. we need requirements and we need legislation. >> people here still have a long way to go rebuilding, their biggest fear is that nothing will come of it. >> i'm worried that something awful is going to happen again and we're going to be victims again. >> reporter: that's a concern shared by those who came to their aid that day. >> it's definitely not over. i mean this is, you know for the city, it will never be
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over. >> reporter: firefighters told us it would be helpful if pg & e gave them a map of where all the gas lines are. but everyone with that they say they still would have fought the fire the same. reporting live from san bruno, janine de la vega, ktvu news. late today ntsb gave pg & e recommendations. it will ensure that pg & e's plans are greatly improved. the ntsb also criticized pg & e for failing to learn from another deadly explosion just two years before that one in san bruno. a home in rancho cordova went up in flames after a cigarette set up gas from a leaking pipeline. neighbors had already reported smelling fumes. that blast ended up killing one
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person and killing another. that explosion should have put pipeline safety higher on the list of pg & e's priorities. you can read more on the ntsb report on we also have video of today's hearing. just look for the pg & e tab. firefighters are calling it surreal. a chance encounter that proved to be a lifesaver. it began with a crash about 4:30 this afternoon. since we brought you this story live on ktvu news at 5:00 we have learned one man was left dangling on the ride. and we now know the name of the worker crushed by a bulldozer at a wind farm near livermore yesterday. the contra costa coroner's office identified fred telpers.
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the bulldozer he was operating rolled down an enbankment and landed on him. telpers was cutting a new row at a wind farm. cal osha is investigating. oakland police now tell us that they've arrested all five robbery suspects that led to a lock down of an elementary school. students at horseman elementary school were kept anywhere their classroom from -t 9: 9:00 until 4:00. four suspects were arrested, the fifth called police saying that he wanted to surrender but he was stuck inside the home. they managed to get him out of the house late this afternoon. after that students were allowed to go home with their parents. this by the way was the second
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day in a row that an oakland school has been placed on lock down because of a police search. the payroll management of a san francisco giants is under investigation after allegations of embezzlement. we found this picture of robin o'conner after her inindictment. an audit showed 11 suspicious deposits adding up to $11,000. the team released a statement saying, we are working with the federal authorities to ensure that the this matter is solved. officers attorneys argue that doctors at the federal prison can't force drugs on their client because he hasn't
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been convicted of anything. the 22-year-old has pled not guilty of killing two people and trying to assassinate congresswoman giffords. a judge has ruled him mentally incompetent to stand trial. today the national guard came to the rescue of 13 small towns in vermont cut off from the rest of the world because of flooding. about 260 roads and highway bridges are partly closed. thousands of bridges are wiped out. national guard helicopters are delivering supplies. it is too soon to try to put a dollar figure to the damages but adds it will be great. new jersey is also dealing with flooding. mandatory evacuations remain in place in several locations. and new orders were issued this evening ahead of rising waters. about 200,000 homes and businesses in new jersey are still without power. irene has really put a
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strain on the federal emergency management. ken wayne got a look inside the center. >> reporter: fema told us there is enough money for now. a fema region nine response center. in a major disaster strikes in california, nevada, or the pacific territories fema officials here will begin the nation's emergency response. but after ten national disaster's this year each costing more than a million dollars does fema have the money to pay for the response? >> we want to focus the remaining fund on the emergency needs that are very prevalent right now. >> reporter: it's estimated me
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fema has a million dollars or less. janet napolitano says emergencies come first. >> what does that means, all claims for individual assistance will be paid. >> reporter: but there could be delays in paying for longer term emergency infrastructure projects. in joplin, missouri scene of devastating tornadoes in may that killed four times as many people as hurricane irene residents are trying to rebuild with help from fema but worry money will come up short. fema says there are no funding issues here. >> i just looked at the list. i don't believe there are any here in the immediate bay area. >> reporter: there is a shortfall in manpower. about 1/3 of fema's staff has been sent east because of irene. still fema says it has enough resources should a national disaster strikes. >> we've been talking to our parking lot partners in denver
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and seattle for assistance. >> reporter: it's up to congress to provide additional funds for fema but mother nature doesn't seem too concerned about budgets. ken wayne, ktvu news. tonight we know when barry bonds will learn whether he will have to go to prison for obstruction of justice. a judge is set to sentence bonds on december 16th. barry bonds went to court to try to get his conviction overturned or to get a new trial. the judge denied both requests. bonds conviction carries a sentence of up to 10 years. federal guidelines call for 16 to 20 bonds. but many say it's unlikely bonds will serve any time. by this time tomorrow we could learn who b.a.r.t.'s new director is. b.a.r.t.'s board of director social security scheduled to meet tomorrow morning at 9:00. appointing a new gm is the
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first item on the agenda. i'm back here in ten minutes, we're going to take a look at your tomorrow. the fog is back and temperatures in some areas will be a little bit cooler. $10,000 in gold jewelry stolen right in front of this home. the powerful weapons the robbers were carrying. so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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the armed robbery happened on 90th avenue near olive street. two robbers armed with ozzie machine guns taking jewelry worth $10,000. no one was hurt. a young father is fighting for his life after being shot outside the restaurant where he worked. it happened in san francisco's mission district. david stevenson told us what his coworkers said. >> reporter: a 22-year-old line cook was shot and critically injured early this morning as he took a >> preliminary invest found that he may have been mistaken as a gang member and that's why he was shot in the
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head. >> reporter: the victim's identity is being protected by his coworkers and police. david esler tells us the cook joined a coworkers and another man for a cigarette break at about 12:30 this morning. esler says the three were approached bid two other men who pointed a gun at the victim and asked him are you a scrub. neighbors tell us who shots were fired and say police were on the scene almost immediately applying cpr to the victim. esler says surveillance turned over to police shows two men approaching the site and then running away. >> two latino men last seen fleeing. >> reporter: the victim is a father of two. coworkers describe him as polite and friendly. investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call san francisco police. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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six members of the ms13 street gang could spend the rest of their lives behind bars after a jury returned a series of guilty pleas. the jury found three of the men guilty of murder for three killings in 2008. the others are convicted of charges such as racketeering and extortion. sentencing is set for november 30th. a parolee wanted for questioning about a stolen car is back in jail for shooting a sheriff's deputy. investigators surveyed the scene this morning looking for evidence. the sheriff's office says quinett led the deputy on a foot chase before brandishing a b.b. gun. >> the deputy fired for his safety and fired a couple of
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shots. he is facing charges of resisting arrest, and possession of a stolen vehicle. a bay area family that was facing deportation would have been on their way back to peru at this hour had they not been granted a last minute reprieve. their fight isn't over and they're hoping something the president said will allow them to remain in the united states permanently. >> reporter: their fate seemed to be sealed. these immigration documents ordered them to depart this wednesday. for arturo it meant leaving everything behind. >> my family, my school, my girlfriend, my job. everything. it's really devastating. >> reporter: while he was at work in richmond and his parents at home in concord. immigration officials granted them a 30 day extension. >> in spanish he said i feel
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comforted because we finally got the news we were waiting for. they got legal work authorization to open this inhome day care business but while his wife recently won a stay in court he and his son were denied. >> i just can't believe the immigration service will deport them because it's splitting up a family. >> reporter: despite being just hours away from leaving the u.s. for good, renfrijo sr. never packed a single back. he said out of faith in god that there would be a resolution. his son calls it a miracle. the family is pointing to the president who says the u.s. should stop deporting immigrants if they don't have a stay.
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several the grass fires broke out. there were five of them in all. all were in grassy areas near yerba buena. the first one was reported about 4:30. they were all under control within an hour. fire officials say no buildings or homes were threatened. firefighters are conducting mop up operations on that wildfire outside of yosemite national park. the u.s. postservice reports the motor fire near el portal is temperatures today on the mild side, 85 in antioch. that was the warm spot. these daytime highs today will be very similar to what we see tomorrow as we go into your wednesday. temperatures in the hot spot
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will be in the 80s. it's 56 in napa and 54 in santa rosa. there's fog along the coast right now. it's getting pulled away. i'm seeing a little bit of breaks on the offshore fog. that means tomorrow we should see a more rapid clearing. so overnight lows tonight in the 50s. daytime highs tomorrow very similar to what we saw today. as we go through the bay area microclimates, don't look for any giant numbers, look for 70s and 60s where most of us live and you get to the warmer spots you're going to see 80s. it's going to add up to a warm up for us. i'll see you back here at 10:45 with all the details. doctors say a new form of potentially deadly bird flu has now emerged. the world health organization says it has discovered a mutant version of the h5n1 virus. h5n1 has killed 35 people since it first emerged. the bird flu is still active in
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countries like egypt and cambodia. international bird rescue says it's admitted more than 220 brown pelicans to its san francisco bay wildlife center since june 1st. all have had life threatening injuries from fishing lines and tackling equipment. most of the birds are from the monterey area. a somber milestone is
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forces this month has proved to be the deadliest yet. the u.s. has already lost 66 servicemen and women. the previous high of 65 was in july of last year. nearly half of the deaths this month happened in just one day when insurgents shot down a helicopter. rita williams reports. >> i'm getting down. i just feel so down. i just tell myself i'm back. i got back. i think about some of my con rads that never got back. >> reporter: this month the numbers not making it back was the highest in the long war in after afghanistan. >> in a decade of war, they
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bore an enormous sacrifice. >> what do you remember about what happened? >> i have no memory at all. >> reporter: no memory about a mortar attack or the shrapnel that hit his head. or the fight to save his life. a whole month gone. >> i woke up, i got part of my skull removed. >> reporter: a native of fiji he became a u.s. citizen before leaveing to afghanistan. now just 20 years old he is fighting hard to recover and to fulfill his dream to become a dentist. >> reporter: regret? >> i don't regret it. it was an experience of a lifetime. >> reporter: the president said today it's time for the country to give back to veterans like
11:57 pm
tokailagi like they've given to the country. $60 million has been lost to waste and fraud in afghanistan. contractors, poor planning, and pay offs to war lords and insurgents. much of this could have been avoided with better planning and more aggressive oversight. rebel forces are massing now outside of gadhafi's hometown. about 160 miles east of tripoli. they want to avoid more bloodshed but say they are prepared to attack. >> people say about 50,000. >> 50,000. >> from both sides. >> reporter: the rebel seized the home of gadhafi but he was nowhere to be seen. the libyan dictator used to use that vacation home to hunt and
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enjoy the quiet. solarius says it needs another facility. it's already ramped up production. soleria says the company is looking to ramp up production. two retail giants are at odds over california's new sales tax law. is fighting a requirement to require sales tax on items sold to california. now wal-mart is leading the fight against amazon. this comes despite the fact that based in brisbane doesn't always collect online sales taxes. the website says that's the job
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of the company that sale through wal-mart's retail network. the conference board says it's consumer confidence index dropped to 84.5 this month that's the lowest level since 2009. and a steep drop from 59.2 just last month. analysts say the new data is much lower than expected. a reading above 90 signals a solid economy. consumer spending accounts for 70% of the nation's economic activity. on wall street stocks rose in choppy trading. that sent the dow up 20 points, the nasdaq picked up 14. ramidan has ended, the tenth anniversary of ññ
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the muslim holy most of ramidan is ending tonight. after weeks of fasting and prayer now there is food and more prayers. lloyd lacuesta is live now where he talked to new members of faith observing their first ramidan. >> reporter: i'm at the muslim community association mosque in santa clara where observances for the month of ramidan have just ended. this is a time when muslims draw closer to others who share their faith and we found one special group tonight. >> reporter: there was food, and there was prayer.
12:03 am
it is called el alfiter. the feast of fast breaking. at this restaurant the meal was for newly converted muslims. >> i get weird looks sometime, but i think it's because i'm an angelo american wearing a -- >> reporter: this man converted four years after 9/11. >> the islam phobia has gotten worse. you would think it was at a peak and slowly the community would try to correct that. but for various reasons unknown it's gone the opposite i think. >> reporter: a just released few survey indicates one in five muslim americans say they get singled out at airports. one man tonight says it's all made its community stronger. >> we've had to learn and our
12:04 am
fellow americans had to learn, we've had to come closer together. there's a lot of new relationships that didn't exist 10 years ago that we have now with our neighbors, with our community. >> reporter: and to that end this mosque is inviting muslims and nonmuslims to come here on sunday september 11th to remember and memorialize together in unity. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. the man accused of driving a car involved in the oakland shooting death of 3-year-old carlos nava was arraigned today. 22-year-old willie torrence did not enter a plea and is expected back in court in two weeks. the accused gunman 26-year-old lawrence denard is also facing murder charges. a san francisco judge has
12:05 am
offered a new test be conducted to determine if he can stand trial. search crews come through camp sites in mendecino county looking for the gunman who killed the fort bragg city councilman. this man, bassler is hiding out not far from where congressman mellow was shot and killed. it came after the congressman came across an illegal grow garden. the suspect is armed and dangerous. they're urging anyone who sees him to stay away and contact them immediately. a pipe leaking natural gas prompted the evacuation this morning. it happened just off highway 4 on arnold industrial way.
12:06 am
the contractor hit the 2-inch pipe while digging. streets in the area were blocked off. a demonstration in san francisco's ingle side neighborhood was focused on nonunion hires. protesters say they plan to keep up the pressure on the company. avalon bay has not yet responded to our call for comment. a lot of cities in california use those cameras to make a lot of money from the fines. but this new bill would mandate cameras only be used for public safety and not to generate revenue from fines. the state's senate will now take up the bill. members have already approved an earlier version.
12:07 am
the clock is ticking on a 300-year-old oak tree that sits directly in the path of a pipeline. the tree dubbed granny picked up some community support today. >> reporter: the deadline is set in one week the san francisco public utilities commission will decide the fate of granny. the 300-year-old oak tree in menlo park directly in the path of a new pipeline. the sfpuc says it would consider running the pipe underneath the tree if the neighborhood takes on maintenance, liability insurance and allows public access. >> there are people who are trying to get something done. and it's funny that people go through all this trouble for a tree, but it's a really cool tree. >> reporter: homeowner dan griffin contacted a prominent environmental group. today actara agreed to get involved. >> what actara is looking to do is write a letter of support to say that we could be interested in working with the county,
12:08 am
working with the community to help create a wildlife area. >> reporter: at this point it's too early to tell what would happen next since the other agencies involved are still waiting to see what actara will consult. some neighbors we talked to were not optimistic or supportive. >> i am open to it. i have a little cynical view that i think that the utilities are just going to cut it down. >> i think the tree should go. because if the roots die and the tree falls then there goes somebody's house. >> reporter: other homeowners say they plan to build a small park around the tree before the tuesday deadline. the website wikileaks comes under attack. what wikileaks was about to leak before a cyber attack took that website down. >> i'll show you which city will be the warmest and which will be the coolest. and the white house reveals
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to make a plan to use your medicines safely. for more information on diabetes medicines go to f-d-a dot gov slash womens diabetes. prison officials in texas said the condition of polygamist sect leader jeffs has improved now. he was taken to a hospital when he became ill while he was fasting. jeffs was convicted to life in prison after being convicted of child molestation charges. wikileaks has been taken down. we recorded these images a short while ago, the site appears to be back up and
12:12 am
running. wikileaks is releasing thousands of u.s. state department cables including sensitive diplomatic communication between the united states and israel. in news of the world tonight in japan the parliament elected a new prime minister today the sixth in five years. nota is viewed as a smart fiscal conservative. he had been the finance minister. mr.nota replaces nao who he signed after criticism of his handling of this year's tsunami disaster. supporters of a youth leader fought with police. julius malema has been gaining influence against the unemployed youth and is challenging the ruling party. malema wants to nationalize the wealthy mining business and appropriate farms for poor blacks. in china, 19 miners are pulled to safety after being stuck for a week in a coal
12:13 am
mine. they became trapped when water poured down a shaft. the mine had been shut down four years ago that began mining again last week without permission. more details about president obama's plans for september 11 have been released. the president will attend a prayer service at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. the administration also plans to note that the unite is just one of many nations that al- qaida has attacked. coming up next, we have late word of an amber alert out of san benito county. tonight music lovers are giving back to three local musicians that lost their homes. we're taking you into a popular hi, i'm doing my back-to-school shopping
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a fundraiser is under way to raise money for three musicians who lost their home and their instruments to a house fire. amber lee is live now in the city and tell us the music playing tonight has special meaning for fans of bluegrass, amber. >> reporter: julie we're just outside the popular cafe denore. tonight the concert to help three musicians who lost their house to a fire attracted hundreds of people. >> everybody knows each other pretty much. it's a lot of friends here tonight to support them.
12:17 am
>> reporter: on july 20th a fire swept through this home. the musicians are now staying with friends. they say the loss of about 10 instruments was heartbreaking and hope to use tonight's proceeds to replace them. >> this is overwhelming. we are musicians and the whole musical community has really rallied for us. >> reporter: support for the musicians came from fans who paid $20 each to attend tonight's concert. people at tonight's event told us they're trying to repay the fire victims for the joy they've given through their music. >> they've given us a lot of pleasures, lovely lovely times and a lot of music. >> when this happened there was a lot of outpouring of friends. postings on facebook, saying
12:18 am
what can we do. >> our heart is our home. this is going to go a long way to replacing that. >> reporter: the concert here is scheduled to last until midnight. the three musicians who lost their home told us they won't be able to move back in for about a year. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we have late breaking news on an amber alert in northern california for a 13-year-old boy. the san benito county sheriff says the suspect is 34-year-old macrelo ramirez. he weighs about 150-pound. he allegedly kidnapped 13-year- old cristina ramirez from holister this afternoon. she is described as being 5'tall, wearing a school uniform. the suspect is thought to be driving a white honda odyssey
12:19 am
with license plate 3wan638. this amber alert was just issued a few minutes ago. anyone with information is asked to contact authorities immediately. we have fog out there right now it's coming across the bay toward oakland and hayward. one thing i picked up in the last few hours is this notch here. we're seeing a little bit of a northern component to the wind. that's going to heat us up a couple of days from now but it's going to be a big player in clearing that fog out. that northernly wind looks like it's wants to fire up a little bit more. less fog as we move into the thursday, friday period. and then we'll see temperatures on the increase. bay area weekend looks like a nice warm up. the fog along the coast is already there. it's already up into golden gate park. it's across down toward the ballpark. what i noticed was the fog
12:20 am
spewing in over the park the first few minutes. this system i've been tracking it throughout the summer. when it dips south the temperatures dip. this low is going to track out of here by today. the end of the day tomorrow. and that will allow temperatures to start to warm as we head into your thursday and your friday. so the fog forecast first thing in the morning. you have a little bit of a fog footprint. there's a notch too. the computer model picking out the fog. but watch this northernly gradient as the day goes on. sort of peels the fog back. looks like we might see some clearing coast side. also an indication that things are changing. we have had a similar weather change pattern. that little wind model shows you the change. variants, that's going to be something to look at and something to watch. that means warmer temperatures going to thursday and friday.
12:21 am
80degrees for a daytime high. lessened fire danger. 86 in san helena. these temperatures really just about where they were today perhaps a little bit cooler in some places. i think you're going to get some clearing out in stinson beach and pacifica tomorrow and the subsequent days into thursday and friday. with the increasing north wind, when the higher inland temperatures we're looking at the fire danger popping up a little bit on thursday and friday as well. >> take a look at these
12:22 am
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a 6'2" newborn is being cared for today. spokeswoman said the mother and baby aren't on public display just yet because they are still bonding in the giraff belt. and they've named him brandon after giant san francisco belt
12:25 am
because his nickname is baby giraff. >> a marketing idea i guess. a crowd waiting in anticipation of a moment that yet again doesn't come. but the fans are watching it. that's what they're watching. they are watching it all slip away. at a very rapid rate. six games back. reality is starting to catch up with bryan vogelson. look at where this ball lands. one of the longest home runs ever hit at at&t. beltran not cutting it. strikes out here with two on he's stranded six base runners himself tonight. back breaker two out in the seventh. and giovanni soto with a run down the line. giants have lost 21 of their last 31. there's losing and then there's
12:26 am
disturbing. that's what the a's are dealing with when it comes to last year's all star ace trevor cahill. he lost for the sixth time tonight. cahill five runs in losing to the indians. and it was a former a, jack shanahan the hero. frank gore should be a happy camper getting a contract extension he has been howling after. three more years, 21 million. 20.5 of it guaranteed. 28-year-old much needed component in the offense of course. he is the third leading all time rusher for the 49ers. from a penitentiary to the penthouse. might be the biggest come back
12:27 am
of all time. michael vick making good on his new lease on life. won't be leasing anything he can buy it. six years, $100 million with the eagles. he's a very rich starting quarterback with the nfl and a changed man. >> i think just the things that i've been through has helped you know mold me into the person that i am. and you know what i can forsee in my future. and i'm going to continue to do the same things i've been doing. and enjoying life. >> hey you have to give him a lot of credit. he has come back. a nice return as well for serena williams. her first singles match of the year. over jovaniski and serena. moving on to the second round of the open. that is a sporting life for a tuesday night. remember she cut her foot in 2009. >> yeah, that's a while. mark, thank you. >> you bet.
12:28 am
be sure to join the ktvu news starting at 4:30 in the
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