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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 6, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a deadly mass shooting inside an i hop restaurant. tonight an eyewitness tells ktvu what happened. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. jana katsuyama arrived in carson city this afternoon and talked with a man who was inside the restaurant when the gunman started shooting at a
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group of national guards members. jana-- >> reporter: that's right julie. just minutes ago i talked to the sheriff and got confirmation that a third national guard member has died, a female. that's along with the two male guards men and a female civilian. it all happened over there in that i hop. investigators say tonight the motive is still a mystery. the cay where is broke out at 8:00 in the morning -- the chaos broke out at 8:00 in the morning. the gunman was 32-year-old eduardo sencion who works at a family business in south tahoe. sencion went straight to the back of the i hop and started firing. >> when the gunshots started sounding, at first you couldn't
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tell what it was. you didn't know how it wasover how it was. then glass shattered. that's when i yelled everybody get down, get down, get down. that's the only words that would come out of my mouth. >> reporter: two were killed. then the gunman continued firing on other customers. then outside he shot again, killing one woman. >> he spun around the parking lot shooting. most of the business within a 360-degree turn have been damaged. >> reporter: the sheriff says that sencion had an ik47 type weapon as well as a pistol and other weapon. when investigators arrived they found sencion on the ground. he died at the hospital a few hours later. there were no ties between the
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gunman and anyoneed in the i hop. he was also not a member of the military. a family member told deputies that sencion does have a history of mental illness and that will be factored in as they try to find a motive in this very tragic shooting. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. another witness we talked to is a carson city man who says he was armed at the time. and and his son were at the i hop. >> i wish i had shot him when he was going into i hop. but when he was coming at me with an automatic weapon there was no thought of going out there to confront him. none at all. none at all. you just can't believe the amount of rounds that were coming out of that gun. >> reporter: tonight we're learning more about the gunman eduardo sencion. he was born in mexico and had a valid u.s. passport. people who knew him said he was
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a nice guy. never showed any anger. >> nice guy, no drinking, no smoking, nothing. i don't see any problems for this guy. >> he's very friendly, he's a good guy. >> never any problems? >> no, never. >> reporter: sencion worked at a small market and had no criminal history. an attorney said he filed for bankruptcy two years ago. you will find more information on including pictures from just after the shooting. yahoo fired their ceo. >> reporter: nobody was talking inside or outside of yahoo headquarters, but the story is being carried in their own pages. yahoo long time ceo has been
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fired. bartz personally informed yahoo workers. in an e-mail entitled goodbye and sent out if an i pad she wrote, i am very sad to tell you that i've just been fired over the phone by yahoo's chairman of the board. it has been my pleasure to work with all of you and i wish you only the best going forward. >> well overdue, she was ranked as the most highly paid overproducing ceo in the world and has been for some time. >> reporter: sources say tensions between yang and bartz have increased recently. while there was a will the of optimism when she was hired the financial numbers haven't budged that much. yahoo is an industry giant with more than 600 million visitors to its site. but the company has been unable to significantly increase it's advertising rev knew. >> when she came on board yahoo was in the process of going under. so she stabilized the patient,
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and she gets credit for that but she is not able to complete the process. >> reporter: the search begins for a permanent replacement. then analysts say yahoo needs to figure out what kind of company it is. we just learned that an employee meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow morning here at yahoo headquarters with yang and fiho and the interim ceo. more to come. live in sunny vale, lloyd lacuesta. and more details now investors reacted to the news of bartz' firing by driving yahoo stocks up. a texas man was indicted for threatening a google executive via twitter. marissa mayer received 20,000 twitts from gregory king over the past few months. king was arrested in san
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antonio and is being held without bail. last year she hosted a fundraiser for president obama at her home in palo alto. east bay taggers proudly took advantage of labor day closures. the city's public works department says so far this summer crews have cleaned up more than 2,000 tagged locations. that's more than double the clean up needed in all of 2009. >> the city does a good job of cleaning it up. but as preventing it, maybe cameras on the streets might help deter the graffiti problem. >> reporter: the graffiti may be gang related. city leaders say painting it over is cheaper than surveillance because they say crews are already on the
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payroll and there's no way to tell if surveillance cameras will catch those individuals. so far no word on what started the fire but calfire warns that september and october are the prime months for wildfire conditions in the bay area. wildfires raced across texas today destroying hundreds more homes and taking two additional lives. more than 1,000 homes have burned in the past week. across texas there are 1,080 active wildfires. the biggest is near austin where the two deaths occurred today. two other people died yesterday. fire crews are taking defensive positions setting backfires to try to get the fire to sit down. texas has been parched by its worse drought in decades. >> peninsula assemblyman jerry hill returned to the scene of san bruno's deadly explosion to
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ask for help for a plan designed to improve utility safety. it would require increased maintenance beginning in areas where the most people would be affected. >> that's the important part and the first priority is to make sure they're safe and then go through the system to make sure the rest of it is safe. >> reporter: a pg & e spokesperson tells us the utility is already beefing up it's security. if question before the court, do supporters of proposition eight have legal standing to defend the initiative in federal court. as christien kafton reports the justices appear ready to allow the case to move forward. >> we have a right to marry. >> reporter: the argument over same-sex marriage spilled out to the streets in front of the court building. >> we don't support a special right. we think same-sex marriage is a special right. >> reporter: gay couples and
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gay -- >> gay couples and gay families deserve the same rights as in all of america. >> reporter: the áf the court is considering a narrow issue by the supporters of proposition eight ban against same-sex marriage. >> the official proponents do have a direct interest. either as intervenal or as real parties. >> reporter: the officers of prop eight have no standings since the attorney general has refused to change it. supreme court justices seem to have that in consideration. >> when you ever one side not represented it seems to me that the right is a loser. well let's examine again it seems to me that, if it didn't -- >> would you really have us here today with only you arguing this proposition? >> after the hearing same-sex marriage supporters said same- sex marriage opponents have their chance to defend their law in 2009 but don't have the
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right to do it alone. >> the problem is that the united states constitution has certain limitations with respect to who can defend and represent issues in court. not everyone can come off the street and do so. >> the state supreme court will issue it's ruling within the next three months if the law allows proposition eight supporters to proceed. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. friends and family of jose esparza held a wake tonight to remember the father of two who was recently gunned downright in front of one of his sons. a band joined the mourners. the 35-year-old esparza was shot and killed by two gunned men who was after his paycheck.
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carlos nava's family also reached out to the esparzas. tomorrow is another spare the air day in the bay area. officials with the bay area district says that warmer air will produce pollution. drivers are encouraged to car pool or take mass transit. back here in ten minutes we're talking about a day tome that be one of the warmest we've seen this year -- about a day to be one of the warmest we've seen this year. here in the east bay, city [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment
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hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. it's win of the most famous u.s. battleships in history. and the city of vallejo is hoping to turn it into a museum. but tonight we learned the city has lost out. and debra villalon is here to tell us why. >> reporter: maritime buffs have long envisioned the iowa as a memorial or museum. but iowa's long battle went the other way. when the iowa was rebuffed by
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san francisco politicians vallejo welcomed it. >> stunned. disappointed. >> reporter: now vallejo volunteers after years working to make the iowa their tourist attraction have been passed over for a southern california group that will put the ship in san pedro. the navy indicating that group's finances are healthier. >> we were the only party standing for a while. and then somebody else comes along and that's what you have. we may not have had all the money but we were certainly on the way to getting more money. >> i am extremely angry. >> reporter: the project architect regrets the loss to local business and new business that might have come. 900feet long, the iowa was seen as a big draw for hundreds of thousands of visitors who had toured the ship then visit revitalized buildings. >> like restaurants and museums and theater groups and i had some two dozen potential tenants that would come here.
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>> reporter: volunteers also blame mayor island. >> he would not volunteer pier space. this is very important to the navy. >> reporter: another ship to request now instead, guided missile cruiser uss tacangaroga. it was decommissioned 20 years ago, it is significantly smaller and cheaper to maintain. debra villalon. more details now about the uss iowa. the iowa saw many battles in the pacific. in 1985 it served as a flag ship in the surrender ceremony. in 1990 the uss iowa was decommissioned. city officials in san pablo
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said they can't afford another 300,000 emergency grant to keep an elementary school open. lake elementary school is part of the west contra costa school district. the school board is set to vote tomorrow night on closing the school at the end of the year. parents say the school is a focal point for progress. >> it's right in our community. why shut down something in our community when we need help in our community? >> reporter: shannon elementary in pinol is also threatened with closures. state officials say they could use the money to improve instruction at other campuses. the state gave final approval to a bill that would vanish male circumcision. ab768 has already passed the senate. it now heads to governor brown's desk. a bill to protect shark
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fins was sent to governor brown's desk today. that bill has divided asian members of the legislature. when sharks are caught, fishermen cut the fins and then dumped back into the sea to die. an eyesore right in the middle of berkeley's busy shopping and dining area has neighbors at their wits end. amber lee is live. >> reporter: tonight the berkeley city council voted unanimously to force the owner of this vacant loss to build affordable housing here or the court will foreclose and sell his property. >> i participated in that mural project. >> reporter: this owner told us that this property is an eyesore. the owner abandoned it. plans to build affordable
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housing, instead it has turned into an overgrown field. >> frustration, anger and to tell you the truth some misery. >> reporter: merchants along busy telegraph avenue have complaints of people hanging around, foreclosed menacing. today the council heard from the public. critics say terc era bought the property and needs to take care of it. >> it's long overdue for action to be taken to build something here. >> this should have been done three years ago. >> reporter: the owner defended himself at tonight's meeting. he told us it was a lengthy process to build on his property. >> a private person like myself cannot just hire a contractor an architect and build a building. it's not that simple. >> reporter: the city council
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says it has given saracan enough time to do something with this lot and told us he now has to do it within the next two to three months. reporting live in berkeley, amber lee, ktvu news. it was not gadhafi, the state department said today the libyan leader did not leave the country. a convoy of vehicles crossed the southern libyan desert. at first it was thought it might be gadhafi but it turns out it was his security chief and a dozen other top loyalists. libyan leaders met with tribe elders. they tried to get the loyalists to agree to surrender but so far there is no deal. in a big warm up today. temperatures came up about 10 degrees over yesterday's numbers. 100degrees today in livermore: 97 in antioch. 97 in livermore it was downright hot. tomorrow it's going to be hotter. we have a spare the air day and
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it's probably going to be a week. at the coast the fog is there. cooler coast side. in livermore 48 degrees. it's going to be pretty mild. it's going to be mostly in the mid-60s; it is a spare the air day tomorrow. the worse air quality will be in the inland bay valleys in the east bay and in the santa clara valley. and healthy air there tomorrow with a spare the air day. i will see you back here 10:45 with the forecast for probably what will be one of the hottest days we've seen this season. i'll see you back here. here's another only in san francisco story. supervisor scott weiner introduced legislation today on public nudity. nudist will have to cover their seat before sitting down. the first offense will carry a 100 fine, a second a 200 fine and a third a $1,000 and jail
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time. weiner said it's all about common decency. the gop is graying in the golden state. what a new ktvu field poll unveils about !
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president obama is scheduled to release his jobs plan thursday evening during his address to congress. the white house leaked part of the package today. more federal stimulus projects, tax cuts for business that hire new employees and aid to states to prevent teacher lay offs. a new poll out tonight shows president obama's job performance rating is the lowest it's been since he took office. many americans don't expect
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thursday's job speech will change much. with the political game intensifies after labor day. president obama is facing the lowest approval rating of his presidency. >> it's been sort of a disappoint because i hoped he would be more of a progressive. >> i did vote for him and i would vote for him again. >> reporter: 51% of those surveyed disapprove of the president's job performance. with 73% saying the country is heading in the wrong direction. >> the last three years could have been a much better job in terms of employment, job creation, etc. >> reporter: the president is losing ground with some key voting groups including independents, latinos and women. while latinos are benefiting, republicans in california have gained little of the booming latino population. >> if you look at 20 years ago, there's been 10% of california republican party, today it's 11% and it doesn't take a math major to figure that is not a formula to win.
11:56 pm
>> reporter: more california republicans are over50. more likely to associate with being strictly conservative and live away from the coast. this couple is staying with republican friends in danville. >> they feel they're in a bubble over there. that there's not very many that share the same values as well as physically conservative. >> he's making a mistake that she's building up a speech that will never live up to his expectations. >> reporter: expectations the country is counting on for recovery. maureen naylor, ktvu news. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is calling it his business plan for america. romney released his jobs plan today. the 59 proposals include capping federal spending, reducing corporate income taxes to 25%. eliminating taxes on interest, degrees dividends and capital gains and repealing the health care reform law. >> it should be good to be in the middle class in
11:57 pm
america should be a job machine. >> romney announced his plan at a truck plant in iowa. a dramatic new twist in the search for a double murder suspect. úgúñ?#??;ved bay
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>> reporter: airline passengers know when they go through airport security they can't bring any of these items. they know when they step through those aisles that they can't bring liquid. they have to take off their belt and they have to empty their pockets. but when it comes to shoes, homeland security says, that's going to change. >> reporter: sandals, sneakers, boots, even flip-flops, thanks to the attempted shoe bombing back in 2001, airline passengers have had to remove every foot ware. >> it can get a little excessive when you take off your flip-flops. >> reporter: tonight janet napolitano said one of the first changes to security in the future is the ability to keep our shoes on. but she didn't say when that will happen. >> that's one less thing to do and makes it easier to get through the line which is good news. >> reporter: taking off shoes is just one of the security hoops passengers must jump through. controversy over revealing body scanners prompted officials to adjust the images to make them less invasive. this woman from berkeley was
12:01 am
making sure she had her liquids in a clear plastic bag. that requirement is not expected to change any time soon but she was happy to hear about the shoes. >> well, it helps but because it gives you back some of your dignity while you go through the process. >> reporter: some wonder if common sense got lost in security requirements with young children and the elderly being patted down. this military family arriving from germany stepped off an international flight only to have to go through more security for a domestic flight. >> we just got off a flight from frankford, so we've been pretty much on a flight 24 hours by now. it's been a lot of fun. >> you -- >> reporter: the goal is to have some kind of shoe screening system in place within four years. live at san francisco airport,
12:02 am
ken wayne. increased security costs could be passed on to airline passengers, the senate home economy is now looking to raise $280 million for new airport equipment. today it approved the bill raising airline ticket prices by $16 for layovers. in new york while touring ground zero, ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, panetta says that they've decided today pull troops depending on iraqi security. >> i think our goal here is to try to do what the iraqis want us to do in order to try to protect their security. >> reporter: panetta recommends
12:03 am
about 3,000 troops remain in iraq when their agreement expires at the end of the year. a man hunt is still under way tonight for a murder suspect in mendocino county. authorities are now looking if the suspect was responsible for a shooting of a young cupper in jenner6 years ago. >> i've lived here 27 years and i used to feel really safe. i would ride my bicycle at night. i don't go out much in the daytime now. >> reporter: authorities are still searching for the suspect in those two homicides. 42-year-old vassler. now they're looking at other homicides that vassler may have committed. >> we have some near counties near by that are interested in looking at some of the evidence. >> reporter: one of those cases relearned exclusively is the killing of a young couple on a
12:04 am
secluded beach north of jenner7 seven years ago. each were shot once in the head and they slept side by side. a task force of local county state and federal law enforcement officers combed the woods again on the east side of town looking for vassler today near his father's house and his mothers. they say last night's tip led them to a spot vassler had just left. he's wanted for the shooting death of matthew coleman august 11th. and fort bragg city councilman jerry mellow two weeks later. a witness said vassler appeared to have on body armour and was
12:05 am
protecting a poppy seed field. >> there's no reason that would be anyone elses poppy grow other than his. >> reporter: they arrested another murder suspect in an unrelated killing last night. in fort bragg, rita williams. stocks fell for the third straight trading day. the dow started with a steep decline but gained through the rest of the day to close down 100. a report showing growth in the service sector helped stem further losses. the nasdaq finished down 6.5 points. investors lining up to get a deal on group on stock will have to wait. the online coupon company is putting its plans for an ipo on hold because of market volatility. the chicago based company was planning to price its stock sometime this month. group on is moving forward on a week by week basis. sprint nextel filed a federal lawsuit trying to block at&t take over bid for team mobile. last week the justice department also attempted to
12:06 am
block the merger. at&t accused sprint of being more interested in protecting its own interest than benefits wireless consumers. new video tonight from the peninsula where a pedestrian was hit by a car and killed. happened about 8:00 in redwood city. at this point we're told the victim is a woman but no other details are being released. police say they did locate the driver a short distance away. not clear what charges if any that driver will face. he has the bitten surfboard to prove it. a man's story on surviving a shark attack. a day tomorrow that will be one of the warmest we've seen all season. we'll show you the city that
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one surfer may never stop telling the story of how he survived a shark attack. felipe moises can point to bite marks on the bottom of his surfboard. he and his son were surfing when he looked down and saw a six to 8-foot shark. he says the shark took a bite at the board nearly missing his foot. once he gathered his senses, the shark was gone. >> i just heard and felt the crunch. finally reached shore and i said thank god we're safe. >> his son says the experience was terrifying. the first thing he did was to look to make sure his son had his legs and feet. sunday the aquarium set a
12:10 am
record of 600 attendants. it had its first meal of the the weekend. a pound and a half of barracuda. because the shark is young, they plan to feed him every day. a bill banning the chemical bisphenol-a has passed the legislature. the chemical will leech into the baby's food. this bill now goes to governor brown. lawmakers approved a bill allowing nonprofits to take over parks. supporters hoped to keep open some of the 70 state parks said to close because of a $33 million budget shortfall. this bill also now goes to the governor's desk. the highway patrol says it's officers made more arrests for drinking and driving this labor day weekend than last year. between 6:00 p.m. friday and midnight monday, officers arrested 258 drivers
12:11 am
in the bay area for dui. that's six more than last year. arrests statewide were up by 10 with 1,530 people suspected of drinking and driving. police and u.s. forces recovered the body of two missing german hikers. the pair disappeared three weeks ago. they had been working for a german aid organization. the body of a kidnapped man from south carolina has also been found. in italy a nationwide strike stranded travelers today whether they were trying to catch a flight, a train, a bus or a ferry. several unions staged the walk out to protest the government's austerity. although the government demands keep changing. a zoologist is asking for a special protection for a type of frog that makes that sounds.
12:12 am
much like the plucking of a stringed instrument. this type of frog is unlike any other say researchers. bill is coming back in six minutes. hell tell you how hot it's going to get tomorrow ññ
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12:14 am
roses were planted in a san jose elementary school in honor of a pilot killed in the september 11 attacks. the school is now named after captain jason doll. doll's alma mater san jose
12:15 am
state university also held a ceremony today to pay tribute. ktvu news marks september 11th with a special program called 9/11 a decade of change. we will have live reports from new york, washington and shanksville pennsylvania. that is this sunday at 6:00 p.m. the city of oakland is now home to the largest bronze statute in the west it's called remember them. among those they honored was a 6-year-old girl. jana katsuyama tells us that little girl is all grown up and had quite a reaction when she saw the statute unveiled today. hundreds of people erupted into applause after they got their first glimpse of this statute remember them. they stood in the sun for hours waiting to see the faces of history sculpted into this bronze monument at kaiser memorial park in oak land. mother teresa, mahatma gahndi, martin luther king jr. >> to me there's no
12:16 am
description. it was like, really just amazing. how to see all those people. >> reporter: 25 faces of people who's values were championed from oscar schindler to poet and civil rights activist mia angelou. the youngest contribute tor is a 6-year-old girl who fought an angry mob as the first black student in an all white school. >> i think we all learned that your dreams can come true. that you can do great things with your life. >> reporter: the oakland artist who created this sculpture was inspired by 9/11 and wanted to show something to show how difficult times can bring forth humanity's best efforts. >> it is about sharing our history and encouraging them to become humanitarians. >> if you go around the
12:17 am
backside of the statute you will find eight more faces, the artist wanted to honor people who made a difference in oakland like mother wright who fed the homeless here. in oakland, janine de la vega, ktvu news. >> and has a special section dedicated to the monument. community activists got fired up over the blithe that's affecting their city. members of a.c.e. call it bank blithe. they say some 2,000 properties in richmond are in fore closure or preforeclosure and many are abandoned and in disrepair. >> who owns the property? >> the bank. the say the bank. they own the property that caused the blithe that brings the downfall of the economy. >> reporter: the activists want the banks to be forced to clean up the blithe and their calling on bank managers to offer loan modifications instead of foreclosure. we have more new video now. a fire tonight has forced two
12:18 am
families from their homes in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the fire broke out between two homes. both homes sustained damage but there were no injuries. the fire started shortly after 9:00. firefighters had it under control within 20 minutes. the red cross is now finding places for the two families to stay tonight. there are two developments this evening involving the shut down of the solyndra solar power plant in fremont. the mercury news reports papers filed today with a bankruptcy court said executived tried to the last minute to keep that plant opened. and there's word that a worker has filed a lawsuit claiming the company owes workers. and the fog is stuck right at the coast. that fog is going to stay
12:19 am
there. right now i have fog right in here at half-moon bay. we're not going to see a big push inland. it's going to stay right at the coast. temperatures tomorrow as you know are going to be some of the warmest we've seen, certainly the warmest of the week with temperatures near 100 degrees. or maybe at 100 degrees at a place like the livermore valley or places like brent wood. the fire danger goes up, might -- actually i'll tell you what i bet you we do, air quality district will see a spare the air day district. we have one tomorrow, we'll focus on that. there's some cooling along the coast. look at fair field right now. 70. san jose 67. overnight lows in those inland bay valleys in the 60s. it's going to be hot tomorrow. it's going to be hot though. especially from you know concord, out into out into
12:20 am
martinez and down into brentwood and antioch. the fog doesn't do a thing tomorrow. it lingers at the coast. breaks off, you get some clearing but it's going to be one of those days where you can see the air hence this spare the air day. and fire danger is going to go up. it's going to feel hot to you. especially as you get east of the bay bridge. the isotherm map, you can see the purples. those purples are hundreds so they're starting to come this way. looks like thursday will duplicate this forecast. we have a couple of hot days, record temperatures no. high heat advisory no, red hot warning no. but we haven't had that many days with that type of temperature footprint. fire danger will obviously be up at the coast. the fog will be very dense at times. because it's smashed down. inversion is really tight about 600, 700 feet. tomorrow it will trap all the particulate. that's why the air quality is going to be some of the worse in the bay area as well as the
12:21 am
livermore valley. temperatures in the inland bay valleys around 80 degrees. 97 fairfield, take a look at 99 in brentwood. we're looking at a five day forecast with your bay area weekend always in view. it just gets kind of hot tomorrow. and then pretty warm again the next day and a little bit cooler as we head toward the bay area weekend. >> all right, thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. nasa is giving us a closer look tonight at the moon. these videos were released today taken by the lunar reconnaissance. the picture shows the frantisek trash and the tracks left behind by the apollo. this
12:22 am
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ahead of sales for nbc sports says all but five commercial spots for next year's super bowl have already been sold. the list price of a 30 second commercial is $3.5 million and in order to buy one of those highly surprised spots,
12:25 am
advertisers also have to buy time on other nbc programs. last year at least 33 separate business bought super bowl ads. >> football is still in the future. baseball is here now. >> get a little hope. would be kind of nice if the giants could make arizona sweat a little down the stretch. put some heat on them. lots of first here tonight for the giant's first big league win. first league homer for hail. they picked up the game on the diamondbacks although they did it last friday. second inning brett pell's first league at-bat. look at where that thing lands. he is all smiles. you think the guys in the dug out were a little bit happy for him. two run shot. and the giants over the padres. looking good 3-3 ball game into the fifth. carlos beltran just smoking hot of late. a shot to left, he is knocked in christian. another guy just brought up.
12:26 am
a double for beltran 4-3. later orlando cabrera, first rbi hit in a long time. but look at the pride it takes from beltran to get him home. that's a beautiful piece of work on the base pass from beltran. 6-4 giants. they're four games out. arizona actually lost. but they score seven off the d backs bullpen. the big hit troy tulowiski. never know what you're going to get from the a's and that's been the problem all season long. they go along fine for a few games then a few more in a row seems like this. kansas city all over then tonight. four run second off gio gonzalez. first start for the lefty, gives up six runs in 5 innings. back to back long ball.
12:27 am
and then the very next guy, francoeur his 17th. about 800 feet they earn back to back swings. 7-4 a's. 49ers will get it. sunday at the stick a noteworthy opener as it brings over. disastrous results for san francisco. no one is aware of how anxious everybody is to turn this thing around than harbaugh himself. >> play as hard as you can, as long as you can and don't worry. with a blue collar mentality. in the end we'll see how tough we are, how many games we can win. >> that would be good news for niner fans. you will see it here at 2:00 sunday. that's the sports. >> mark, thank you. be sure to join ktvu
12:28 am
morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. they'll be following the corporate shake
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