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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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he lost his life with cancer. a workplace shooting leaves three dead in south bay. new york city and washington this protest march in the streets of san francisco. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. good evening, it's wednesday october 7th. this is bay area news at 7. he was slim in stature, but a giant of flags flying here at half staff. we get more from reporter
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sandra endo. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: some liken steve jobs to a modern day thomas edison. despite his understated appearances, he was ledge dare for his flair and showmanship. >> we asked ourselves what would happen if a mac book and an ipad hooked up. >> he developed an early interest in technology and at just 20-year-olds, started apple computer in his garage with friends steve wozniak. he made the machine that literally changed lives forever. the macintosh. >> people bring them home to work on something, not able to get kids away from them and even a buy a second one to leave at home. >> the macintosh was revolutionary. it was a strange little device called a mouse, but it was
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expensive and sales were sluggish. he was just warming up. in 1986, he bought pixar animation studios which produced hits like toy story. he also had a computer store called next. apple ultimately bought next, which bang jobs back to the company he started. he became ceo soon. the technology forever changed the way we listened to music and our phone all that while battling health problems. he became noticeably thin calling it iphone. >> changed the world.
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i'm sandra endo, reporting. >> we contacted steve wozniak this evening. he told us he is not ready to talk yet. in san francisco, people told us jobs will be remembered for how he changed the way technology is used. >> i think we're going to remember him as someone who's completely powerful, great. he changed technology like unbelievably crazy. >> i think he's going to be remembered as someone who really understood what the consumer wanted n terms of design, usability, functionality. kept that laser sort of pose the entire time. >> apple released a statement saying his brilliant energy and countless ininnovations. our hearts go to his family and all those touched by his
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extraordinary gift. you can find more at we post'd a special tab with a slide show and an interactive time line looking back on his life. our continuing coverage in the south bay, a man suspected of shooting and killing three coworkers. we have a photo of the suspect. witnesses identify him as armed and dangerous. he shot nine people at the kooper turks no. he tied to take sunnyville and cupertino area. it has been closed off for
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hours and not a dropoff at all. this scene is typical. heavily armed officers at the front and back of every street. swat teams and search dogs are still going street by street and at times, door to door. officers surrounded a home, but suspect was not inside. the search is centered in this area because this is where charice almond was seen and a witness who saw all of a sudden monday attempted to carjack a woman. >> the guy started running. followed her, and punched her. went down in my laptop bag and saw two shots fired! almond could not take the car and that's how he ended up on the loose in the neighborhood. >> you never know what's going on in someone's mind. i never knew him to be a tough person.
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he's like a teddy bear. >> that's not how the law enforcement teams are treating them. there's no plan to reduce search efforts, if anything, more officer show up including an emerge unit from san jose and no time limit for this operation. cupertino. >> we are learning more about the deadly rampage. it began this morning at the cement plant at stephens creek boulevard. almond showed up for an early safety meeting and left briefly before he returned with guns and
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started affecting me. it happened fast, very fast. everybody was running. >> sheriff's deputy searched for evidence at the apartment that carried out bags of evidence but not saying what they found. victims of the shafting rampage leave behind coworkers and family. >> he's a very good person. family oriented, two grandchildren and he has his mom still alive which he takes care of. >> markmen owe was would be with the workers killed in the shooting. of the nine, two men died at the scene, one at the hospital. the other victims' wound are not life threatening. there was a flurry of activity at the complex where almond lived. his teenage daughter was in the apartment at the time he arrived. they said almond is a single parent. his daughter was terrified. we learned away from his job,
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almond hosted a program on community television. live at the creigh tv studio, seems to directly contradict the charges he's now facing! for most of the day, this building has been on lockdown, but the staff tell me they just can't understand this because almond's talk show real to real was all about mediation and stopping violence. >> charice almond's show has arid on the public access show for three years. >> i keep it real on my show. you never know what i'm coming with. >> they can't believe the talk show's host is a suspected killer. he was one of 30 community producers! he brought a show here that was really about nonviolence and talking to each other in mediation and i think that's
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why this whole situation is just so shocking. >> every week, he offered a mix of interviews ranging from high profile celebrities and community members! you get people in a room that normally wouldn't be talking to each other and help facilitate a conversation. this is just so, so out of character from the person we knew. >> explain to the system. >> asante robertson was a friend and on the show. >> he was a a good friend. >> domestic violence. >> i raised a daughter from birth and seeing that environment, men abuse women, i said that i can do something as an individual to make a difference. >> reporter: tonight, people like create tv, the director
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says he did have a show stet to air for friday, but there is not decided whether it will airport. reporting live in san jose, janet coast why pick, ktvu news. >> go classes go on lockdown. keep their children home today. 25% of students showed up to homestead high. you can stay updated on the man hunt at a new report in denver not flipping into recession. adp, private sec tore employment rose by 90% last month, up from the 89,000 jobs in august. the report is due fridays. economists expect it will show unemployment remains steady at 9%. wall street for a second
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consecutive day. added 95. analystst have encouragement in the positive job numbers and european debt. in san francisco, hundreds of people took to the street the occupy wall street protest in new york city. the protesters say they're unhappy with the current state of the economy. the economic and political system are geared to helping the wealthiest 1% of the country. >> they're taking advantage of the bailout. i think the 99% is suffering. >> we've got a lot of money. >> reporter: police say the march today was peaceful. protesters say they expect to hold more marches in the bay area in weeks to come. other groups are adding numbers to that protest. there was a huge turnout today and thousands of demonstrators go through lower manhattan.
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transit workers taking part. this protest began about 2 1/2 weeks ago. yahoo was up as much as 10% after roy terse reported. the closing bell, yahoo's shares fell 3% when a blog reported microsoft is not interested in buying yahoo. three years ago, yahoo turned down a 30 billion 1/2 offer from microsoft. michael jackson e rumors emerge. an early case in the high sierra. you may be curious to know how much snow came overnight. highlight showers for tomorrow and one direction temperatures will be heading this weekend. i am a face unclogger.
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sarah palin says she'll be on the campaign trail in 2012, but not for herself. she will not be seeking her party's presidential nominations. she can be most effective at helping others. she says, when we serve, we devote ourselves to god, family, and l u. oregon teen found dead. 24-year-old holly griggs wyoming the two driving a car belonging to the dead teen. the two were suspected of killing peterson. peterson's father is missing.
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adam housley reports at how e-mails and audio recording took center stage. >> prosecutors using technology against conrad murray and his trial. a forensic computer examiner saying how he got voice mails and e-mails from conrad murray's iphone. >> it's the process of retrieving digital from. jurors heard more about recording op michael jackson not sounding like himself heavily dedated talking about his upcoming tour before he died. l. >> also, there was a voice mail from jackson's manager concerned about the super star's health. >> would you please call me?
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>> he had an episode last night. he's sick. i think you need to get a blood test on him today. we got to see what he's doing. >> e-mails covered from the iphone showed they want to get insurance, but the underwriters were being strict. >> i spoke with mr. jackson and requested his authorization. the release of his medical records to assist and procure a cancellation of the insurance policy for his show. however, oscar's was denied. >> conrad murray right after michael jackson. of course, the defense content that he gave him the propofol. >> the reverend is being remembered as an outspoken and fearless leader. he died today in birmingham,
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alabama. he survived assault during the 50s and 60s. dr. martin luther king junior called him a courageous freedom fright e.g. fighter. the female sea lion was found in burling game. decided to youth news her. she was suffering algae poisoning, as well as from the gunshot. the sea lion was the 6th treated. none of those animals survived. the season along with the coast is now officially over. officials called it off two months early because of the dial that started in late august. ablow knee's deaths are not known but may be to a local tide bloom in conditions. the ablow knee season typically closes along the coast.
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the weather from blue skies to pounding rain. international airport this afternoon. all those clouds rolled in and rain was pouring down at the north bay, they saw up to an inch of rain. drivers found slick roads. even some sledding. 11:00 p.m., the storm brought the season's first snowfall to the mountains. ski resorts got a foot of snow in the first few hours. it should be cold enough to turn on the snow making machines. it was good news for the skiers but not for drivers. >> i live in utah and never had to put them chains on there. >> it make it is roads slippery. >> one driver lost control of his truck near the canyon. he and his passenger suffered minor injuries. >> an outbreak of mumps on
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campus. it encourages all kal students to get an additional dose of the vaccine, or mmr. everyone should receive it, even if they've already been vaccinated. swollen or tender salivary glands. there's south bay. tiger woods, that is. the tournament at the cover devalue in san martin. he hasn't played, but can still draw a crowd. the tournament price is three times they were last year. we continue to monitor the man hunt. authorities just got a news conference about the cupertino rampage. we'll update on what we learned. also, the rain is gone. how warm will it get over the next few days? there'll be answers in the next forecast.
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it's the starbucks via® taste promise. average the sights and sounds that fall in the bay area. we're talking about the blue angels. the navy air team arrives for fleet week. it's his anniversary of the poplar gathering of air.
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more than a likely people are expected to enjoy the air shows and other events in the bay area. before we get to the weekend, we have to get to these next couple of days. even some more rain. >> dodging some rain drops. some showers now, but the weather pattern will be changing. a live track or two. not a lot of a but the focus down toward the south bay right around the san tee cruz mountains. moving out of the mill paydays area, but still going to hold on to the possibility of showers even to portions of your authorize thursday. mostly cloudy skies. pockets in the showers out there. a sun/cloud mix. here we go. multisunny skies. tomorrow morning, we can say it will be very chilly out, there especially in the north bay forecast. heyward at 53 and san jose, 52 degrees. all the activity in northern
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and central california, we still have this area of low pressure. we'll still around for tomorrow, with some mix. not much of a change with our temperatures, mainly in the 60s for afternoon highs. you can see what happens in the beginning of friday, but especially this weekend. high pressure returns. this will generate more of an off-shore flow. most of the bay area will be warming up into the 70s and sunday will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. lake tahoe, this was the scene that sugar bowl earlier this afternoon. we still have a winter storm warning until 11:00 this evening. snowfall winding down. snow levels have been down to 5000 to 6000 feet. we'll take this into tomorrow morning. some clouds and rain showers across parts of the region. the coverage on the increase, but late to tomorrow afternoon, we scale back on the coverage
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and the probability. here we go. temperatures for tomorrow. afternoon high, not a big change. it will be kind of cool out there. readings in the 60s. morgan hill, 69 degrees. but i think you'll like our extended forecast. warm back up by friday. by sunday, the warmest locations will be around 80 degrees with more sunshine out there. >> before we go tonight, we'd like to update the search for the suspect in today's deadly shooting rampage in the south bay meant plant. officials release the identities of the victims. two were killed at the quarry. markmen owe and 50-year-old john of san jose. 48-year-old of newman died at the hospital. authorities say they plan to wrap up their day long search within the next hour or so.
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they're looking for charice almond. he may have at least two handguns. they're also talking to almond's family members and hope they can be talking almond to surrendering. that's our report for tonight. our coverage continues online and and tonight's 10:00 news aft ktvu channel news. ♪
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