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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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ktvu jade hernandez is live.
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>> reporter: it was crazy here an hour ago everyone had mr. al davis on their mind. a rowdy relevant come home for raider players. >> the fans love al, we love al and we're definitely going to miss him. we're always going to bleed silver and black. >> we love al. he drafted all of us. >> reporter: the name on the back of the jersey worn today as an unmistakingly tribute. >> i always had a love for the raiders. >> reporter: this man drove to alameda after watching the game in texas on tv. >> the fact they won tv today also and the way they did win it just makes it where he was looking down at us. >> reporter: game score, raiders 25-houston texans 20. eli brought flowers and paid his respect. >> doesn't matter what team you root for, he was so instrumental to the game.
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>> yesterday morning was a sad day. it was very sad. >> he built something and he stuck with it and he lived it. so there's pioneers like that in this world that do that. al davis is definitely one of them. >> these fans came here to feel al davis' presence. this man felt it was not enough. three hours after an ink session, mr. al davis lives forever. >> he was an icon to everybody. >> al davis is just a legendary owner. that doesn't exist anymore in the nfl. >> reporter: i asked if the raider organization had any formal memorial plan and was told nothing has been announced. jade hernandez. players and fans honor davis with a moment of silence before today's game. allie rasmuss was with the
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raider nation. >> reporter: on game day there are rituals. >> i paint up for the game. >> costumes. and comradery but along with their traditions these raider fans also had the face of the franchise on their mind. >> mr. al davis will be on everybody's mind. >> i was up all night, i still can't believe he's gone. >> reporter: some came as far as way as i bakersfield to be here to watch the first game without al davis. >> we came all the way from home to be with loved ones because it was like we lost a family member. >> condolence cards were passed all around the bar. the cards are far davis' family. she will drop them off at raider headquarters. >> to let them know that they are loved. >> reporter: inside the bar there's a glass case that's
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become a shrine of sorts. some fans tell us their team loyalty goes so deep. >> every sunday i go to church. that's what i call it. when i get off the b.a.r.t. train, i come to the coliseum. >> reporter: if coliseums are their church, whether the teams won or lost today. fans say the important part was sharing this experience with fellow members of the raider nation. in san leandro, allie rasmuss. coming up later in sports wrap a look at how the raiders earned their win in houston. also hear from head coach jackson. his role as the coach. and we have an al davis page.
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you can find it by going to ktv and clicking on the al davis tab. maureen naylor is in vallejo to tell us why the student was at the suspect's house. >> reporter: the instructor was arrested yesterday morning and released on bail. we are yet to hear his side of the story. but we spoke to investigators here about the serious allegations a student is making against him. the accusations stem from a party a week ago at the teacher's vallejo home. the out of state student in his 20s and his friend. >> if we save one life it'll be worthwhile. but potentially we will save thousands of lives. >> introduced to some sort of intoxicating substance. at that point he realized the professor was orally complating
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him. >> reporter: they are treating this as a case of someone who's innocent until proven guilty. >> in this particular case we spoke with a victim and a couple of witnesses and the professor himself. and we felt that there was sufficient evidence to at least bring this matter to the attention of the courts. >> reporter: we spoke with someone who answered the door at simehas home who just said scott was not home. >> he is a nice guy. any way, any way it's too bad. we'll see what happens. we'll see how it irons out. >> reporter: a woman we met who did not want to appear on camera says she was there that night and says the accusations don't accurately portray what happened and she worries the claims will be sensationalized. police say it's up to the courts to decide if a crime occurred. scott farhime is expected to make his first court appearance on wednesday. reporting live in vallejo, maureen naylor, ktvu news. a warning tonight for drivers from milpitas police. thieves could be targeting
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something underneath your vehicle. there's been more than a dozen thefts in milpitas of catalytic converters. the thieves cut the converters from underneath the vehicles and sell the part for its metal. we're getting news that a second victim has died in a daytime shooting near san jose state university. the two victims were a young couple who attended the university. they were robbed and shot yesterday. at their rented cottage. the 19-year-old man died there at the scene. the 20-year-old woman died earlier this evening. police say detectives are working round the clock to find the killer or killers. they plan to release the name of those victims tomorrow. a moratorium could turn into a permanent ban tomorrow
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night. city members will vote tomorrow to keep dispensaries out of the city with an ordnance. it is set to expire in december. a man was hit and killed this afternoon by an amtrak train in martinez. it happened around 1:15 this afternoon near ferry street. the amtrak train was heading westbound at the time of the collision. police say the man died at the scene. the victim's identity has not yet been released but police say he was in his mid-30s. the incident is still under investigation. a republican daryl isis says the fast and furious operation put guns on the hands of mexican cartels with the hopes of tracking the weapons and leading to arrests. instead some guns were lost and have since been found at crime
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scenes. isis says eric holder knew all about the program. >> if in fact, a border patrol agent has been murdered. 2,000 weapons are gone. this program went off the rails why didn't he know. >> holder responded by saying republicans are engaging in political posturing. there is word tonight that an army ranger from salinas was killed this weekend in a fire fight in afghanistan. the department of defense identified the soldier at ricardo cerros sr. he was killed yesterday after insurgents attacked his convoy with small fire. officials say 35-year-old fire captain william cavanes collapsed this morning just 500 yards from the finish line at a marathon. he died at the hospital. cavanes was running to raise money to help burn victims.
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this is the second death in the marathon in five years. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. android users will have to wait longer for the taste of a new operating system called ice cream sandwich. google and samsung were supposed to release the product but decided to wait after jobs' death. an announcement is expected soon on a new date for the unveiling. france and germany say they are just days away from an agreement to cushion greek banks. they did not provide details but they say they will be ready with a bank recapitalization plan by early november. the monetary funds is estimated that european banks will need
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as much as $400 billion. the anti wall street movement moves further into california where protesters plan to take their message next. the clock is ticking. governor brown has less than two hours to sign or veto new laws. a look at system of the major action already taken including a ban that's the first of its kind in the nation. from ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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it began with just a few people is now spreading across the country with thousands protesting wall street. ktvu's alex sadvege tells us what is going on tomorrow. >> reporter: protesters are getting ready in san jose for a protest tomorrow. people are camping out outside the federal reserve building in san francisco. everyone fighting for what they see as corporate greed on wall street. and many of these protesters say they're ready to take over a new city. >> the kick off on monday is going to be huge. >> reporter: nicole brazati is heading the movement. she says she lives here and her neighbors are frustrated. >> we've all been waiting for this. >> reporter: people have been planning the oakland
11:44 pm
demonstration. today they got together inside this store front to make signs and discuss strategy. protesters say everyone who is feeling the pain from the country's financial collapse should be joining the fight. >> we have had the impoverishing of the middle class and now that they're ready to stand up i'll be there with them. >> reporter: because this is a spontaneous movement there's no way exactly how large the crowd will be. but organizers tell us they expect hundreds of people to take part. in oakland, alex sadvege. >> there are now occupy wall street protests in 25 cities across the country. and the demonstration in lower manhattan shows no sign of abating. a press representative for occupy wall street says just getting the message out is a major goal of the protesters. and he says the hope is as more people learn about what's going
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on the more they will be moved to get involved. in washington, d.c., they joined to voice their frustration about the committee. protesters said they are fed up with corporate lead. they expressed their opinions. there could be some reaction on wall street to a new buy out strategy for yahoo. according to reuters, cofounder jerry wayne may work out a deal that would make the sunnyvale company private. that would allow yahoo that wall street investors may not like. one such idea would be to sell international assets. that would be the company to be a u.s. only company but allow the company to pay down debt.
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gas prices are 65-cents higher than last year. the national average for regular is $2.98. the nation's highest prices are right here in the bay area. san francisco arching $3.90. both oakland and san jose are a little lower. to find the least expensive gas where you live make sure to go to our website, click on the business tab and choose consumer from the drop down menu. it's been a busy day and night for governor jerry brown. he's taking action on dozens of bills and even though he doesn't sign or veto will become law. tanning beds, dui checkpoints, handguns on citizens hips. the list goes on and on of bills governor jerry brown had on his desk this morning before the deadline. advocates for autism marched on the capital in support of the bill that would require
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insurance companies to cover certain autism therapies. when the march arrived they got good news from the bill's author. senator steinburg. >> he's signing the bill. >> one of the happiest moments of my public life. you know to know that thousands of kids are going to get the help that they need to lead better lives that's why we do the work that we do. >> reporter: governor brown signed dozens of bills today. tanning beds are off limits to under aged children. police cannot impound the car solely because a driver is unlicensed. a process some people say was used to target illegal immigrants. but some bills are still on his
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desk, including the open carry. chang says he hopes brown vetoes the ban. else an expensive ordeal will follow. about a week ago the governor had 400 bills on his desk and he signed or vetoed hundreds of them. those bills that he does not act on by midnight automatically become law. ken pritchett. more details now on some of the bills. another bill that the governor signed ahead of today's deadlines also has to do with children's day care. he signed a law that will allow children over the age of 12 to receive vaccines for hpv. ab791 would have required extra warning for women who have dense breast tissue who
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can mask or mimic breast cancer tissue. police fire and emergency services will not be impacted. and parking enforcement agents will still be out issuing tickets. but public works will be suspended. joe b era mamte was filming a segment for cooks on fire. v era mante the a former firefighter who came up with the idea -- >> varamante is a former firefighter who came up with the idea. >> they're going to compete, one crew is going to be here and another crew is going to be on the other side of the table. they're actually going to
11:50 pm
compete against each other. they're going to cook off. >> the winning team will get up to $10,000 to donate to their favorite charity. the judges by the way are actor vincent pastori and carolyn young. and huge crowds gathered to see the blue angels final show. over the bay bridge. the air show took to the skis around three o 3:00. people lined the embarcadero and along rooftops to catch the air show. an annual event that draws tens of thousands. >> it's a lot of fun. i think it's great. it shows what san francisco is like. it's a very pedestrian city especially here along the embarcadero. >> reporter: the blue angels
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may be done for this year, but several ships will be open for tours. rebels battling for control of gadhafi's hometown. they detail their plans for what happens should they capture that city. and one place where size does matter in half-moon bay. we'll take a look at what's on tap for the annual championship pumpkin weigh off. i'm currently nope,
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just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me yup. out? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. could this be the end game for the gadhafi loyalists fighting in his hometown. if -r the last three -- for the last three weeks the fighting has been fierce and the days long. they have captured key areas of
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the city of syrt. >> reporter: troops loyal to libya's new leader are facing off against loyalists. >> we are facing a lot of sniper fire. they also have rocket launchers. but we are surrounding them from three fronts. so they only have sea facing them. >> reporter: launching rocket propelled grenades. doing everything they can to get gadhafi's birthplace on their side. fighters have captured several strategic buildings there. they've taken over one of gadhafi's formally lavish residences. plumes now cover areas. the goal to get the country's first free elections in some 40 years.
11:55 pm
it's been one bloody week in syrt. gadhafi loyalists have seen untold casualties. some are strong to limp away. others are carried toward hospitals covered in blood. there are hospitals here lacking power. yet still responsible for treating the wounded. even though there are still no signs of gadhafi. the transitional council says it will declare the country liberated and move toward democracy once syrt is captured. and clashes between police and protesters in cairo were deadly. the protesters say they came under attack. with the military ramming protesters with their vehicles.
11:56 pm
today's clashes were some of the worse in egypt since they ousted mubarack. the group claimed responsibility for last tuesday's bombing which left 70 people dead. many of the dead were students who had lined up outside the education ministry to see if they would receive scholarships to study in turkey. today thousands of people rallied in a stadium to denounce the militant group. and in london, sir paul mccartney for the second time. the bride wore a dress designed by her new stepdaughter. mccartney former band mate john lennon would have celebrated his 71st birthday today. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: in hollywood people celebrated lennon's
11:57 pm
birthday with song, cake and wishes for peace. lennon's widow issued a statement saying let us come together to see a peaceful world. ailing actress zsa zsa gabor is set to undergo a surgery. doctors plan to reattach a tube that had become lose in her stomach. the actress has opened her eyes but is not speaking or responded. gabor has been hospitalized repeatedly after falling out of bed. keeping an eye on the sky. we will show you how nasa is developing a way to keep tabs on meteors and
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safeway. ingredients for life. the city of napa has decided to dismiss more than 500 red light camera tickets from earlier this year. a judge found that the city's old contract violated state law. the court wiped out $250,000 in possible fines of which $70,000 would have gone to the city. napa signed a new contract with a different company in august and tickets issued since then are still valid. insurance company blue shield of california has decided to stop covering a popular breast cancer drug. beginning october 17th the insurer will no longer carry new prescriptions for avastin.
12:01 am
health experts can give exceptions for individual cases. a professor says new testing are creating confusion. the preventative task force this week said routine psa testing for men did not save lives and tended to lead to unnecessary treatment. but dr. james brooks a professor of urology says that the statements were based on a few studies. brooks said it would be unfortunately people were not tested and ended up with prostate cancer. exuberance today in rio de janeiro as the same-sex parade rounded around the copa cabana cafe. this was a big gear for same-
12:02 am
sex couples in brazil. the country's supreme court ruled back in may that same-sex civil union must be recognized and following that decision a difficult court ruled -- decision are that different court decided to give same-sex unions. people in the military could openly march in the parade. the recent reversal of the don't ask don't tell policy was a big cause for celebration. some estimates put attendance as high as 200,000. scientist at nasa are on a mission to track meteors. and high tech cameras are giving them a look at the event. a 6'wide meteor blazes at 600 miles per hour. >> had it hit the ground it would have been the same
12:03 am
equivalent of a thousand tons of tnt. fortunately it was icy, it disintegrated. >> reporter: the who event captured but this tiny nasa camera. astronomer davie dundey says his museum is one of the spots tracking meteors. >> you can pick up direction, height, you can plot the orbit of where these things come from. >> reporter: two years ago an object came crashing through the roof of a house right here in cartersville. the meteorite is now on display along with the punctured ceiling tile. >> major meteor showers would pretty much know about. it's the other minor showers and streams we don't know about
12:04 am
and then the separatic meteors that aren't associated with showers that we're trying to get a handle on what the rate is and where. >> reporter: information that may one day help protect spacecraft and astronauts. in cartersville, georgia, jonathan terry. joey chestnut has done it again. this time with chill. the competitor eater has won the title again. the title is just one of several under chestnut's growing belt. he's best known as the five time defending champion of the nathan's hot dog eating contest. the safeway world championship weigh off is happening tomorrow morning at half-moon bay. we're looking now at some of this year's contenders. officials say they are confident one of these pumpkins will set a world record. >> with a world record right now is 1,810 pounds.
12:05 am
we understand that we have a couple of contenders who are bringing pumpkins that have taped to be world record contenders. the grower of the winning pumpkin will get the $25,000 cash. and the top five gourds will be on display next weekend. >> a lot of pumpkin pies from one of those pumpkins. the 49ers got shut out at home by the buccaneer, today they got pay back in a big way. we'll hear from two of the
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well we have been busy
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tracking rainfall. we are dry right now but thing could be changing as we head into your monday. rain showers right around crescent city. right around the california- oregon border. but that rain line could drift to the south and could be approaching mendecino county as we head into tomorrow morning. today we had some fog coast side. plenty of sunshine, clear skies over the bay. that was the sunset earlier this evening as far as forecast lows you can see most of the bay area starting out monday morning in the 50s. off to a mild start. santa rosa 55. livermore 56 and san jose in the upper 50s at 59 degrees. a quick update to our south the eastern pacific. this is a hurricane, hurricane hova a category 2. this will be approaching parts of mexico. you can follow the track to manzanillo as we head into tuesday. we will continue to look at this track into tuesday with
12:09 am
potential landfall. rainfall developing for san francisco and oakland a chance of a few showers. latest forecast models bumped up the probably as we head into tomorrow afternoon. rainfall expectation a few inches in the south bay. approaching half an inch before all is said and done. here is our updated forecast model it should be dry up in the north bay. for the most part at 8:00 tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies, fog out there. things begin to change as we take this into the afternoon hours it's a 1:00, a little bit of action showing up right around sonoma county. a few sprinkles moving into parts of the marine county coastline. by mid- to late afternoon, most of the activity dissipates quite a bit. then by 10:00 tomorrow morning
12:10 am
still scattered rainfall out there. forecast highs by tomorrow. out toward concord and livermore, oakland tops out 68 degrees. san jose right around 72. and milpitas in the lower 70s. 71. san francisco right around 64 degrees. here's that rain cloud for tomorrow. especially north of the golden gate bridge. those rain showers could be spreading to the souths especially by mid- to late afternoon. warm temperatures, wednesday and thursday just beautiful warmest locations approaching the 90-degree mark. with your weekend always in view a sun cloud mix and cooler temperatures. a few drops tomorrow but beach weather by midweek. >> big turn around. all right, thank you mark. 49ers do something they
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good evening everyone thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. coaches always talk about playing with emotion. but today hugh jackson had no problem getting his raiders fired up one day after legendary al davis' death. the raiders performed an imperfect but spectacular play. they held a moment of silence to remember one of the most influential men in nfl history. matt shaub finds a wide open, and i do mean a wide open driesen. that is just too easy. let's give some prop to darius
12:14 am
hayward. he made seven catches for 99 yards and works to get his first touchdown of the season. they trail by two at halftime. texas still led by two in the first quarter when shaub finds schillings. 35yards for the first down. dare to be great the play picked up janikowski's first play of the game. texas drive. matt shaub throws and is picked off by michael huff. game over, coaches hugh jackson embrace.
12:15 am
he feels al davis calls all the shots. hugh jackson credits the man he still calls coach davis. >> losing that man hurt me more than you know. i know he loved you guys just like he loved his coaching staff and this organization. and that man that was a hell of a job by you michael huff. i will tell you this, al davis had his hands on that ball, man. >> i know coach right now is saying, hugh what is going on. he would be getting after me about right now about the way we played but he would be happy because we won the game. i was very happy for the men. obviously the other day was a tough day but i could see the gleam many their eyes, they weren't going to stop fighting. we truly believe coach was with
12:16 am
us. one thing that coach thought me is don't believe in plays believe in players. i could hear him saying that to me the whole time. sad day yesterday but i want everybody to know that i know without a shadow of a doubt that coach is up there rejoicing because his football team did what he always wanted them to do. just win. >> niners fan, let me hear you say it. i would like our quarterback. now i know it sounds strange but alex smith played another mistake free game to tampa bay. jim harbaugh was not the coach last year. adam smith didn't play in last year's game either. but smith hits delaney walker. look at alex actually having fun. both teams came in with 3-1 records. but josh freeman looked like an old alex smith. freeman threw two interceptions this one by kyles rogers. rogers gets a pick for the
12:17 am
third straight game and made several moves to score the 31- yard touchdown. niners led 24-3 at halftime. completed 11-19 passes. he finds vernon davis and vernon is a big big man. he caps an 80-yard drive. san francisco led 34-3 after three quarters. 49ers defense racks up three drives. this fumble. 49ers recover the ball, goldson makes the hit of the day. vernon davis again here. niners win 48-3 it's the biggest margin of victory since 2003. frank gore had another big day running. 108yards and a touchdown. san francisco 4-1 for the first time in eight years and this team proved they were for real. >> we made a statement. we made a lot of play, we got a
12:18 am
lot done. we can just move on from here and just keep things rolling. >> i think we had a great week of preparation. coach vick and our defensive coaches they put together a great game plan and we executed. >> reporter: 49ers travel to detroit. normally that means an automatic victory but detroit is undefeated. tim tebow ran for a touchdown. a little too late. because san diego quarterback phillip rivers find malcolm for a 48-yard touchdown. broncos are 1-4. also today kansas city's matt casell throws four touchdown passes. another day where you don't want to be like mike. michael vick threw for more interceptions. that's seven for the season.
12:19 am
bill's nick barnett takes it back. they are 4-1. eagles worse start since andy reid's year as his first year as coach in 89. minnesota picks up its first win of the season 34-10 over arizona. the green bay packers against falcons. aaron rogers to james jones 70 yards. packers climb to 5-0. atlanta a disappointing 2-3 after the 25- 14 loss. many pittsburgh, ben roethlisberger five touchdown passes. seattle in the white jerseys visited the giants today as seahawks interception manning. browner former canadian football player browner races all the way to quibeck.
12:20 am
charlie whitehurst replaced tavarus jackson in the second half. new england win it is bragging rights over the jets. jacksonville in the white uniforms let cincinnati score two touchdowns in the final six minutes. cal fans you may enjoy the revision of the play. no time left in the clock after the jaguars touch the ball. the band is on the field. wait a minute that's a different thing. grabs the lose ball to score the touchdown. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie.
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tiger woods was the marquee player in this weekend's flies. frys open in san marquee. but not everyone came to cheer tiger woods. cameras didn't catch it but a man was arrested for throwing a hot dog at tiger. sure woods didn't relish that experience. meanwhile third round leader bear has never won but he was a shot behind when he chips in for an eagle at the 17. that puts bear ahead. molder needs to sink this shot. got it. fry' open was the
12:25 am
sixth. molder sinks this birdie to win his first ever pga title. the drought ridden dallas area finally got some rain but it postponed game two of the championship series between detroit and texas. now it's rescheduled for tomorrow. tigers are more concerned about their offense. maglio ordonez will miss the rest of this alcs. jaime garcia started the nlcs. garcia gets smoked by ryan braun. first-inning at 243-foot homer for braun. cardinals come back 3-2. the brewers pack on the six pack. prince fielder is out of here. brewers use three homers to beat their arch rivals. game two of the nlcs tomorrow night. five time sprint cup
12:26 am
champion johnson. he led 147 laps today despite on driving on worn tires he takes the car way down. johnson wins his first race since april. this is his 56th of his career. he's four points back of carle edwards. okay high school football fans it's time for you to tell us your favorite match up of the week. and there's some very good teams on the board. san ramon visits undefeated california. maureen catholic is 6-0. las lomas and miramonte are also 6- 0. thursday we announce what game will be our friday night football game of the week. raiders win an emotional day in houston. 49ers blow out the bucks. >> for the raiders to go to houston after what happened to talk about the emotional thing is one thing, but to physically go out and carry out that game
12:27 am
against a very good team on their home turf. >> you talk about emotion. we were talking about it at the start of the show. you want to have emotion but you don't want to be overamped i think there was some concern about that at the beginning. their offense did not do well in the first half. but they got it together. they had 11 penalties for 89 yards. they always lead the league in penalties they still do. but they seem to overcome their own mistakes and do what it takes to win the game. right now they're encouraged. they are 3-2 that's far from being the great team yet. but the team that believes in themselves. they are really bonding and i know this whole al davis situation is probably going to unite them and make them stronger. >> there are still some questioning what this means and what about the future of the raiders. >> looks like amy traft who is executive director is going to be handling most of the operation, mark davis the son and al davis' wife are going to
12:28 am
keep the charge and maintain the ownership. well see how it plays out. >> thank you, fred. >> thanks fred. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we w at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit
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which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead.


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