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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 3, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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excuse me, if we're going to disagree let us disagree respectful. an intense meeting today at occupy oakland. the moments that made police step in. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have team coverage tonight
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on the special meeting and the violent confrontation that took place overnight. we begin at city hall with eric rasmussen and the fireworks inside the council chambers. >> reporter: i just stepped out of the meeting up here in the third floor at city hall. a few moments ago as you said the focus ob this camp -- focus on the camp and the protests that had happened. about 250 people signed up to talk, and it's still going on right now. some arguing for peace, some people not wanting to give up peacefully. >> somebody call the police officers, you are all under citizen's arrest. >> i'm going to speak now. >> no you're not. your time is up unless somebody wants to give up their time. >> reporter: this man had to be
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taken out by police. but others took police to task for injuring a army vet. >> i would like to see the city bankrupt and when you are, i know a nice park where you can park your tent. >> the situation we find ourselves in is absolutely unacceptable. business have made our position clear and that position is that we want occupy oakland park closed. >> reporter: tonight city staff also showed photos of what they say are deteriorating conditions at the camp which you can imagine having been helped by some of the rain we had here today. the city says this camp back
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here has grown to 165 tents. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen. we're getting a better idea of the make up of the 103 people arrested early this morning when the protest in oakland deinvolved into a violent confrontation. the city says 76 men and 25 women were taken into custody. two others are juveniles. about 1/3 of those arrested are from oakland most are not. at least nine of those arrests don't even live in california. amber lee live in oakland where at least one protester is defending the violence saying people are impatient with the pace of change, amber -- >> reporter: frank this is the north county jail where the arrested protesters were processed earl little this morning and this list has the names of the 101 adults who were arrested. the alameda county sheriff's department tells us almost everyone has been released. under the cover of darkness
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police say a group of about 200 gathered intent on a confrontation. the vandalism and violence erupted around 11:00 last night and lasted into the early morning hours. >> we consider them anarchist and provocotors. people intent on doing damage. >> reporter: we caught up with some of the protesters as they were released from jail. they told us they are not athat man anarchist but they told us why some resort to violence. >> these demonstrations cannot just be subdued demonstrations, people are angry, people have the right t. to be angry. >> reporter: the police chief showed us this photo. they show the group of people
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who broke apart from the group yesterday. police showed us some of the items they say protesters used to attack officers and property. even fire extinguishers filled with paint. most face charges of remaining at the scene of a riot. i spoke to nancy o'malley, she told me her officers are waiting for the police report to find out if charges will be filed. amber lee, ktvu news. many oakland occupants say they are fed up with the occupiers. today a group of residents calling themselves concerned citizens asked the peaceful members of the occupy oakland to step up and be more
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responsible of the group. >> all we're doing is asking them as the citizens, as the people who live here as the ministers who practice their faith in their communities here, just give us a break. >> the citizen news conference was held in city hall in ha room that had -- in a room that had broken windows from the riot last night. the occupy oakland riot caused an item to fly off the shelves. the hot selling item coming up next. shelby mar reus disappeared on halloween night -- shelby harris disappeared on halloween night. her mother believes believes she left with a 21-year-old man. >> if you care about shelby, if you care about her you would want the best for her and want
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her to be with her family, her friends, in school where she should be. >> reporter: cindy harris says her daughter has been hiding her relationship with mcfate. police say he is from livermore. here is a look at their pictures. the two were last seen in concord. pleasanton police say mcfate drives a honda civic from the late 1990s. he replaced his own license plate on the car with a california plate 4prm200. investigators are working to identify the body found in a burned building. firefighters say another woman escaped from the unit but was unable to rescue the victim because of the fire. the fire started about 11:30 last night and ended up
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destroying two units. at this time the cause is still unknown. san francisco firefighters responded to two calls. a one alarm fire in a set of flat on sanchez street started at about 4:30 this afternoon. fire officials tell us the fire damaged a unit in the back of the building and was contained 20 minutes later. about 6:20, firefighters responded to an electrical fire. the one alarm fire took out power to the hate and castro neighborhoods. a few dozen customers remain without power tonight. now to silican valley where chip maker amd is announcing plans to cut 6,000 jobs effective today. lloyd lacuesta is live and tells us what is prompting these pink slips. >> reporter: tonight 1,400
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persons are being shown the door. >> amd has been having issues for years. >> reporter: the issues analysts say is that amd was focused more on making chips for games, pcs and servers but not on processers for mobile devices. >> right now the pc industry is kind of being overcome with smart phones and tablets which is have taken up a lot of the volume. >> reporter: the ceo of amd released a statement saying reducing our growth on key opportunities will strengthen amd and will allow us to accelerate future growth. rory reed just became ceo a few
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months ago. his predessesor was shown the door for not getting into the smart phone market earlier. amd will eventually begin hiring again once it restructures. the lay offs will save up to $5 million in operating costs next year. >> everybody is working to make profit. so if they have to lay off people they would have to. the job cuts are being spread across the board worldwide. 80 jobs will be lost at amd corporate headquarters here in sunny vale. most of the lay offs will be at facilities in austin texas. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu. more details on amds cost cutting. investors seem to approve of the company's decision. the stock was up 27-cents or about 5%. in after hours trading it went up about a nickel.
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a little bit of rain in and a major temperature drop. as much as 20-degree cooler today than yesterday. light scattered showers in the san jose area. widely scattered areas. santa cruz mountains about 2/ .02. tonight it's starting to clear out. then we get into the north bay valleys and we're going to see lows down easily into the mid- 30s, maybe cooler, everyone some frost. napa 47 degrees. it's going to be a cold night, when we come back i'm going to show you how cold it'll be in your neighborhood. i'll see you back here. it's snowing right now in the sierra. how much has accumulated and how low the snow goes. a reckless and selfish
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new at 10:00, oakland police used tear gas on protesters for the second time. a lot of protester are now
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heading to army surplus stores. >> reporter: we talked to the owners of this army surplus store and they tell me there's been a huge demand in the last couple of weeks for gas masks like these. many of our colleagues were exposed to the tear gas and if you don't know what it feels like. think about tears that come after cutting an onion, times 100. >> it burns all on your body. and it was just burning completely burning. i had to throw water. >> reporter: a nurse volunteer
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showed us the occupy oakland medical tent where they have water to wash their eyes out. and yesterday they brought gas masks. >> i definitely felt the burning before i put this on. i thought, that's a lot of burning. >> reporter: at the alameda army and surplus store the owner says demand has spiked for masks ever since last tuesday. >> we sold about 30 gas masks. >> just in one day? >> just in one day, yeah. >> reporter: the owner says people have been buying up the police and military grade masks which cost between $130 and they just got a new shipment this morning after running out earlier this week. >> these were sold out the very first day. >> reporter: although a gas mask can help. medical experts say for those who are exposed to chemicals. rinse your eyes, remove clothing, contact lenses and dispose of those lenses and shower and wash your clothes
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thoroughly. the symptoms should go away in about an hour. but prolonged exposure can lead to death. occupy oakland removed the metal fences. some of the truck drivers say they support the idea of the occupy oakland movement but at the same time they have to work to support their families. a lot of protesters are trying to repair the damage done last night. even using their own money to do it. and rob roth will have that story at 10:45. and our coverage continues online at you will find a slide show there of images and raw video from today's city hall briefing. contra costa county authorities are investigating a shooting on interstate 680. the incident happened about
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1:00 this afternoon on arthur road in pacheco. a driver pulled over to the side of the road, that's when another man approached him armed with a gun. the two struggled, and the gun went off shattering a window. authorities used police dogs to search for the suspect but they didn't find him. he is described as 5'8" to 5'10" tall, about 45 years old, shoulder length hair and a goatee. several of the candidates running for mayor of san francisco joined -- they have
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asked the fair political practices commission to investigate. early voters have been cast -- early voters have been casting their ballots for several weeks now ahead of next weekend's election. they've been sending in absentee ballots. the city issued 110,000 mail in ballots as of tuesday november 1st. 36,000 voters had turned them back in. on our facebook wall. we asked if you would be voting next week. some seemed surprised there everyone was an election. but christie write, already did. if you don't vote, you have no right to complain. and christie says, of course, every vote counts.
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and a winter weather advisory is in effect. it's been snowing down for a couple of hours and it's still coming down. >> reporter: i tell you it's been knowing for the past four hours and it's caught a lot of drivers off guard. take a look at this snow. it's thick, it's wet and it's heavy. pretty bad conditions out here but for ski resorts in this area they say this is nothing but liquid gold. as the snow blankets the sierra unprepared drivers find themselves stuck. >> well no chains. >> reporter: this truck driver is forced to park his semi in the middle of 880, after a car cut him off. >> i had to stop in my tracks. >> reporter: the westbound lanes on i80 looked more like a parking lot. >> how long have you been sitting here? >> about two hours. >> reporter: others were able to make it to the closest gas station to pick up the chains they needed to get through this snow. >> caltrans thinks it is
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snowing harder than it is. so time to chain up. >> reporter: is anybody in there? >> while this is a headache for some. lincoln kauffman says the snow is an economic driver. during the ski season he's hired 130 seasonal employees and is still hiring. >> we're looking for ski instructors. >> reporter: sugar bowl between 250 to 700. resort owners say when the snowfalls the economy all around the area is on the rise. >> summer season is great. beautiful up here. but snow is where it's at for money. >> reporter: and ski resorts they are not the only one hires. and on a night like tonight they are desperately needed. demoni lewis, ktvu channel 2
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news. and more details on the snow in the sierra now. we check to see when some of the ski resorts will open. heavenly's website plans to open on november 15. and the runs at kirkwood are supposed to open three weeks from today on thanksgiving. and live storm tracker 2 picking up showers right now around cupertino and san jose. that's pretty much it. things are starting to wind down a little bit around here. as we get the weather system moving out of the area and setting us up for a bit of a dry pattern. what you're going to notice tomorrow morning, after the showers move out, the cold air is in place. overnight lows tonight about as early as we've seen in a little while. they're going to get down to the mid-30s, maybe some frost. then after that there's more showers in the bay area as we go into the bay area weekend. back here at 10:45, we're going to look directly, we'll look at
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the latest computer models that will show us where the latest ones are going. it is up to the jury, how attorneys tried to sway the jurors in the case of michael jackson's doctor. a live report next. you may have [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save.
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with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. the fate of the doctor accused of killing dr. jackson is now in the hands of the jury. reporter craig boswell is following the case and joins us now with the attorney's closing arguments. >> good evening to you, the defense and prosecution got in their last shots today. the prosecution well over two hours. it's now up to the jury to
11:55 pm
decide. during closing arguments district attorney david walgren telling the jury dr. murray was reckless with michael jackson's life when he gave the singer a deadly dose of propofol. >> if he had a way to do it, i bet you he would find a way to blame it on michael jackson's son prince. >> reporter: defense attorney ed shernof said prosecutors had not proven that dr. murray committed a crime. >> dr. murray had no control of the situation. because what was happening in the background, he was just a little fish in a big dirty pond. >> reporter: prosecutor david walgren sited evidence that murray did not call medics. and placed on the stand doctors. >> nobody has ever seen
11:56 pm
propofol administered outside of a hospital setting, let alone in a household. >> reporter: dr. murray maintains he was trying to wean jackson off propofol. judge pastor read jurors their final instructions. >> you must discuss the case only in the jury room and only when all 12 jurors and no other persons are present. judge then told the jury to take the rest of the evening off to get some rest. return to the courthouse here at 8:30 tomorrow morning to begin deliberations. if dr. murray is found guilty, he faces up to seven years in prison and the loss of his medical license. protesters gathered dressed in clowns. the protesters say dr. murray
11:57 pm
is a fine doctor. the clown costumes were to mock the defense attorneys. mr. popondreo said the vote is no longer needed because opponents have been convinced to support the debt deal. that news from greece pushed wall street higher. the nasdaq was up 57, a drop in jobless claims and some positive quarterly earnings reports also helped the market. and starting tomorrow, investors can buy shares of group on. the chicago company that offers daily deals. group on has placed their shares $16 a share. this puts the value of that
11:58 pm
company at more than $12 billion. up next, the ktvu special report, how being too tech report, how being too tech savvy can leave someone h@ keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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now get u-verse with dvr at the lowest price ever. at&t. could spending hours on the computer be hurting your professional life? in tonight's special report, ktvu's gasia mikaelian shows us how some high tech strengths are leading to real life weaknesses. >> reporter: they grew up on the computer. used one or more likely several every day. many people in their 20s and 30s though admit they struggle to balance their virtual life with the real thing. >> i think i've missed out on a lot of social things and passed
12:01 am
up on parties and aspects of real life to pursue the virtual life thing. >> you go on just to check your e-mail. and all of a sudden it's two hours later and you're like, what am i doing. >> reporter: while many millenials have tech skills to be envied, the u.s. department of labor says their unemployment rate is among the highest of any age group. some say too much screen time could be to blame. >> i can only infer that the time spend doing these activities as opposed to inperson communication produces some sort of tech deficit. >> reporter: he started studying job seekers shortly after the boom. >> some questions like tell me about your strengths, tell me about your weaknesses. >> reporter: he says while
12:02 am
millenials may spend hour, all that virtual interaction is virtually useless when it comes to impressing a future boss. and wanted to hear examples of collaboration and problem solves. >> when asked these questions, they have nothing to talk about. it creates an awkward situation. >> reporter: cindy says for those who don't have a foundation of good manners and civility, heavy use of technology makes it worse. >> we're not seeing immediate reactions and reprocautions. >> reporter: she says corporations are eager to mine the tech savvy millenials.
12:03 am
but says the companies call her saying this -- >> we have a couple of hires that need sol polishing. >> reporter: she teaches what she calls the intangible. focusing on using appropriate actions and words. making sure ones appearance is suitable for the occasion. but everyone just making eye contact is tough for some millenials. a little awkward, a little socially awkward. but nice people. >> reporter: bract is a waitress she says she sees the two extremes. >> there is some people that are craving the human contact. they want to talk to you. oh it's a person in front of me. >> reporter: collin says increasingly interviews are more about fit than skills. saying millenials should study up on skills and the interviewer. >> kind of sounds old
12:04 am
fashioned. >> well, it is old fashioned. and it gives you an edge. >> reporter: in the interview he says and beyond. gasia mikaelian, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco public defender and mayoral candidate adachi released a video that he claims is proof of misconduct. the video he says shows officers using misconduct when they arrested a store owner. it comes five days before san francisco voters choose the next mayor. >> i did consider delaying it after the election to, so there wasn't that perception. but you know after meeting with the individuals they expressed they wanted to go forward. >> reporter: greg suhr says his office received the complaint
12:05 am
and video yesterday. he told ktvu the video is not a smoking gun. republicans are requesting information from the white house about the solyndra loan. they asked to subpoena documents of the loan. republicans suspect the loan was a political favor. >> we have a right to know who was involved and what decisions were made and why. >> apparently what the committee really wants is a confrontation with the president not information for the investigation. >> republicans say the documents could explain the
12:06 am
relationship between the the president and a solyndra executive who also happens to be a obama donor. well unfortunately it was the end of the road tonight for a bay area contestant on the fox show x factor. a few of allana santiago friend gathered. she's part of the 10 member group intensity. in the end, the judges voted 3- 1 to end that group home. the 14-year-old santiago was born in the philippines but now calls san lorenz oh, her home. a new tip into the claim
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a trial got under way today for a 25-year-old fairfield woman accused of second degree murder in the death of four children. shatara james left her three children alone with candles burning in april 2010. they say the children all died from a fire started by those burning candles. the prosecution said shatara was a devoted mother who did not know something bad would
12:10 am
happen when she left her children. public works employees in redwood city spotted a cat yesterday floating in the redwood shores lagoon. in news of the world tonight in france, president obama and other world leaders led to the summit of the 20 new economists. the g20 also advised economic trouble. the leaders hope to convince strong economies such as brazil, russia, india, china and south africa to help provide funding for bail outs and loans. take a look at this video from brazil where federal police weren't about to let suspected smugglers get away in a small plane. they literally crashed their car right into the side of that plane as it was trying to take
12:11 am
off. then police got out. ran out to the plane with their guns drawn. the plane was carrying electronics. and in cuba, the government is going to allow its citizens to buy and sell real estate for the first time in 50 years. cubans can also leave property to relatives in their will. the new law goes into effect next week. there are some restrictions though. cubans will only be allowed to own one home in the city and one in the country and cuban exiles are barred from owning any property. a new report identifies the bay area's five poorest neighbororhoods where more than 40% of residents are living below the poverty line. the report did note some improvements saying the bay
12:12 am
area has fewer concentrations of extreme poverty than it did five years ago. a shelter is looking to take advantage of the fore closure crisis. the group is asking banks to allow homeless to live in the homes. bank of america says it needs to review the proposal. in an odd twist, a suit involving justin beiber could lead to a lawsuit against the woman who says she fathered her child. if asked they could investigate mariah cleeger's claim. if so, she would have been 19 years old and beiber only 16. beiber has denied that the
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occupy san francisco protesters marched to the federal reserve building this morning joining in the national movement first specific call for reform. protesters are calling for financial transactions tax. it would be a small sales tax on financial trades that they say would slow financial speculation and also raise $350 billion a year. the california nurses association says that money could be used to provide health care and education funding. in oakland, protesters were
12:16 am
apologizing today after their plan general strike turned violent early this morning. ktvu's rob roth tells us how the majority of occupy oakland wasn't responsible for the confrontation and they want people to know that's not what their message is about. >> reporter: within a few blocks of san francisco ogawa plaza supporters of occupy oakland were cleaning up a mess they say they didn't leave. walls scared from graffiti from last night's riot. >> what i was worried about is the small shop owners when they got here, i just didn't want them to see this when they got there. i wanted to clean this up. this is our community. >> reporter: this is hard work in many cases people paid for the cleaning supplies out of their own pocket. this college student says she spent $25. >> i feel like the immature actions of a few are making the most of us not look very
12:17 am
progressive. >> reporter: almost everyone here says that the an a anarchy and violence was caused but a small group of people and they don't want to be lumped with them. >> the anarchist are saying smash windows and kill the cops. >> reporter: in effort to reclaim the message of nonviolence, a group of occupy oakland met to visit small business to express their frustration about what happened. >> get respect and trust back. >> reporter: folks here have been discussing how to prevent the overnight violence from doing it again. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu news. the weather has some bay area wine makers rushing to harvest their grapes. they tell us they've already harvested 40-tons. once the chilly wet weather
12:18 am
passes they plan to harvest another 40-tons. the conditions this year have not been the greatest, if there's a shortage wine prices could go up. >> you could lose whole crops and if you're a small winery like ours we rely on having a crop every year that we can make wine from and sell three years down the road. >> reporter: growers say the harvest is already late this year because of the cool weather in may and june. then we have light showers lingering out there right now. it was a little wet on the afternoon commute. but rainfall accumulations have been very, very light. less than .05 of an inch in most areas. over here just north of redwood city and buehrleing gunman, game just light showers. what you will notice tomorrow morning is how cold it is. certainly i think napa at 34. i think you're going to find 32 some where in the napa valley.
12:19 am
winds are dying down, it's chilly out there right now. these numbers when you wake up, get going with the kids tomorrow morning it's going to feel like december and not like early november. so it's a very cool morning when you get going. daytime highs tomorrow will stay on the mild side as well. not much warmer than it was today, just upper 50s, low 60s. your bay area weekend. we have more rain coming. looks like saturday night we get back into it and sunday morning. here's the low pressure center and moves through. the cold front represents the difference between the warm and cold air. cold front sweeps through and the cold air is behind it. to the north of it so it's filling in. this cold air sticks around. it's going to be around all weekend. so it's going to keep temperatures on the cool side. when this next system comes here saturday, we're going to have cool showers again. looks like afternoon showers definitely in the overnight hours saturday into sunday morning. so right now the best part of
12:20 am
your week weekend. saturday morning looks fine, sunday morning looks okay. snow accumulation is easy 6- inches or higher accumulation. the satellite or computer model shows saturday morning a few showers maybe up in the west side of town. then you get clearing this sunday afternoon. here we go saturday, saturday morning that looks okay increasing clouds and then there's saturday night. 9:00 in the evening that's the rain event. then things start to clear out again pretty rapidly. this is not a big rain event. there's still saturday night into sunday morning. but it's definitely going to be light showers and it's definitely going to keep you on your toes. over night lows cool, daytime highs tomorrow in the low 50s in the warm spots. your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. a lot of clouds, a lot of sprinkles and very cool overnight lows. >> yeah just kind of rushed in
12:21 am
with a vengeance. >> wasn't it 80 degrees. >> yesterday. a giant solar flare burst from the surface of the sun but it's not expected to affect the earth. a flair was aimed away from us but the region where it immersed will face the earth in five days. the sun has entered a time of high activity. the san francisco zoo showed off it's newest resident today. it adopted six penguins that were found starving off the coast of brazil two years ago. the two were marked unreleasable and they were adopted by the zoo. they have the largest colony of these penguins of any zoo of these penguins of any zoo of aquarium in the
12:22 am
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california's version of the tour de france will spend a lot of time in the bay area next year: today the a many, gen tour announced the route for the bike race. the first leg will begin in santa rosa. bay area stops include san francisco, santa fe and santa
12:25 am
cruz. the tour will head to los angeles. mark is here with sports, sharks in action. nothing better than over time and a shoot out in hockey. >> good stuff to start the season tonight. this thing might hold off like the game of the year for a while. sharks fan a little disappointed in not seeing the game's most significant player crosby. he was out with an injury. ryan crow just seemed to wake the sharks up. they were dead in the water from the get go. they trailed 2-0 from the get go. but they come back 2-1. san jose still down against the visiting penguins. it's jamie mcginn he hasn't scored a single goal this year until then. his first of the year has it all tied up 3-3. after an overtime period the only goal in the shoot out. it's that mancove again winning
12:26 am
it. the shark's own pittsburgh they've now beating them 12 out of the last is 14 times they've played. what a difference a day makes. postcard weather in san francisco. but today at the schwab more like hockey weather, chilly. and jay hass you will see some of his handy work here at 17. good for birdie. big weekend of golf coming up and very close it is. nba fans missing their hoops, a chance to see a little action this week and end up contributing to a good cause. mat pat barnes is hosting a
12:27 am
contest called the we believe versus league. barnes visiting patients at children's hospital earlier today but his minds also on the season that is just not happening right now. >> i think we're supposed to play the warriors last night. so it's a little different. i think the heat is turned up now. in the summertime when we're not supposed to be playing. everybody is sitting back saying, we're not supposed to be playing. but now that we should be playing hopefully we can roll our sleeving up. one of the three brothers who played in san francisco and the only brothers to play in an outfield at the same time. matty played six years with the giants. matty the middle brother between felipe and jesus had been sick for several years due to complications with diabetes. matty lou, 76 years old. >> the fact that three of them
12:28 am
played at @
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