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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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yesterday's fatal shootingism the fate of a hospital is in the hands of voters this weekend and the clock is ticking. and one person's surprise visit to a super market has critics calling it political theater . good evening, it is veterans day, friday, november 11th i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we bebin with the occupy protest. within the past few hours police went tent to tent telling protesters to leave immediately. take a look at here at the notice. it is as the encampment is in violation of the law and those who stay are subject to quote
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immediate arrest. it follows last night's fatal shooting just outside of the camp. a group of 200 people marched in support of occupy oakland and in honor of vet veterans day. they want the police to be less aggressive and many of the walking say they are honoring two veterans injured during occupy protests in oakland. >> i am a vietnam veteran. i am an american citizen. but there are some things in our system that needs to be changed. >> reporter: one of the injured veterans suffered a fractured skull. the other had a lacerated spleen. both were treated and at home recovering from their injuries. the march wrapped up an hour ago. a fatal shooting at the encampment yesterday evening is giving new urgency to give the city the urge to remove the protesters and adding to the
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heat felt by the mayor. >> to be strong enough to find peace in our city. >> reporter: oakland mayor surrounded herself in pastors who held a interface conference this morning calling for healing after the shooting outside of occupy oakland. >> the murder last night is unacceptable. it is another example of why we need to peacefully close the encampment at city hall. we are asking everyone at the plaza to leave. >> reporter: the mayor did not take any questions from reporters. but her job performance is being questioned by members of the city council. >> she is sup is posed to be the leader -- she is supposed to be the leader of the city and she does not communicate with us well. >> reporter: at least two councilmembers want to introduce a resolution of no confidence in the mayor but he does not believe that vote will take place because it will not
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change anything. >> we have no choice. >> reporter: he tells us recalling the mayor is the public's prerogative. not in the council's power or a priority. the focus now, a peaceful end to the protest. >> they will be in confrontation mode. and, so, we got to deal with that when it happens. >> the city council president is afraid the protesters will not go quietly despite the eviction notices. he says even though that the mayor changed her mind she waited too long to change the encampment. back to you. we have new details on the fatal shooting last night. witnesses tell the police that the gunman was staying at the occupy camp for the past couple of days. no one is in custody. as of two hours ago the coroner's office had told us they had not identified the man who was shot to death at 14th street and broadway.
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they knew the victim only asal exfrom richmond. some aeuplgss are rethinking mutual aid re-- only as alex from richmond. we were told that the cost is too great for a goal that does not seem clear. the sheriff's office said that oakland would have to pay the county's full expenses if it calls for assistance. >> the same thing that the oakland police department, they don't want to put their officers on the frontline at risk for nothing. in a letter posted on the association web site today the union told occupiers quote you sent the world a strong message. now it is time to go home. >> the lawyers representing two people hit by a car during last week's general strike are calling for the arrest of the driver. the lawyer had a press conference to ask them to come forward and identify the driver. ktvu was there and there is this video of what happened.
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protesters blocked a mercedes and a man banged on the hood. the traoeufer hits the gas and swerves to the side hitting the men in the progress. the police let the driver go, the attorneys say the officers have not talked to the witnesses. no arrests have been made. for more including a look at the police officers work, you will find a link at the top of our home page. a terrible accident this afternoon killed one boy and severely injured another. the police say the boys were riding a skateboard behind an elementary school when they apparently grabbed ahold of a garbage truck to ride along and were run over. this was the scene from chopper 2 after the accident. a 12-year-old boy died at kaiser medical center. the other boy, eight years old was airlifted to oakland children's hospital. the truck driver was taken to kaiser as well. an election battle to save a hospital is entering the final stagees. just four day -- stages. there is just four days
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left to vote. health care for thousands is on the line. >> reporter: gasia, this weekend could be the last chance to save doctor's medical center. they are voting on a partial tax to keep the doors open. >> i am employed here. >> reporter: it has the biggest and busiest er in west contra costa couldn't. >> that is what the facility is. it is tangible insurance. even though you might not be billed right now, you never know. >> reporter: but now patients that go to the er40,000 visits a year may have to seek treatment elsewhere. >> 80% of the patients are either medical or medicare and the reimbursements don't quite cover the cost of providing service. >> reporter: the state cut $70 million in cutting. they have an $18 million hole to fill. residents are voting by ballot on measure j. a partial tax to help save the hospital with a $5 million shot in the arm. but they need a two thirds majority to pass.
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>> this hospital close the whole community will suffer, big time. >> reporter: patients and their families say they are desperate for voters to stop the hospital from closing. >> what would you do in that case? >> i don't know. i would be lost. my father is so close and he needs the community, the community needs these vital services. >> what little we have now it is helping saving lives, you know? >> the nearest hospital is kaiser richmonday, two miles away. a smaller er that would be impacted. >> this hospital closing would cause a wait time to be hours for kaiser. kaiser knows that that is why they are helping this hospital. >> reporter: the voters have until tuesday to get the votes in. if it fails it could close next year, back to you. soldiers, sailers, pareens, all marched up market street as part of the 92nd annual san
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francisco veterans day parade. [cheers and applause] [ band playing ] >> a few hundred people lined the parade crowd. a fraction of other parades but they felt it was their duty tow come and pay tribute. >> i have a friend who lost his son in iraq, i have another friend who lost his legs in afghanistan and, you know, i think our veterans deserve to be honored. >> in recognition of the end of don't ask don't tell policy this year the san francisco lesbian freedom band marched. one of the largest parades in the state takes place in petaluma. the rain there did not stop people to line the streets to honor those who served the country. it included veterans from several wars and vehicle floats and marching bands. president barack obama is spending his evening at california at a unique event
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aboard a aircraft carrier. how basketball is tied into the visit coming up in a few minutes. umbrellas made their way out today. the onagain, off again rainfall lasted throughout the day t. is till raining in some areas -- it is still raining in some areas. mark is tracking it and telling us how much more to expect. now to our economy watch and the latest from europe where italy appears to be getting back on their financial feet after the passing of new measures. the italian 7 at over agreed on -- agreed on the vote. that news and signs of stability in greece sparked wall street. the dow gained 259 closing back above 12,000. the dow rose 1.5 before the week. it was slightly lower for the wake. a boom in babies born today
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since some consider this a lucky number day, 11/11/11. we caught up with new parent who's welcome their phaou baby in the world today in oakland. they tuesday is a once-in-a- lifetime date. 3 of the same numbers are said to have mystical power. >> it is special to me. >> 9 months ago was valentine's day. [ laughter ] >> yes. [ laughter ] >> in san jose good samaritan hospital told us at least 10 woman scheduled c-sections or labor inductions for today. and at kaiser hospital a baby girl was actually born at 11:11 this morning on eleven/11/11. celebrating their own kind of news. robot assembly on this 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the century. it can look like a digital
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code. as it turns out dr. seuss is credited with coining the word "nerd" they did not come cool until "revenge of the nerds" came out. big changes are coming to the catholic church later this month. they are changing many of the familiar passages used in mass. for the past 40 years the english-speaking church has been using a loose translation of the roman missile but they wanted a more accurate literal of the text. they are getting mixed reviews sph-fplt say it seems too formal and old school. -- reviews. some say it seems too formal and old school. why was he asked to leave this grocery store chain shortly after his arrival. >> the final week of the regular season and this week's high school game of the week including two teams from asertan. we will have a live report.
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. we are looking at the exact moment a earthquake hit. people are scrambling as nearby buildings collapsed. 22 people have died. two hotels collapsed and rescue crews are still searching for survivors. a 7.2 quake two weeks ago hurt 500 people. weather may have be a factor that killed mexico's number 2 official. he was one of eight people killed in the crash.
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the cause is under investigation. the president of mexico says the helicopter was flying in fog when it went down south of mexico city. also on board, under secretary for human rights and a cabinet press secretary. he is the second minister to be killed in an aircraft in three years. >> a top leader made a surprise visit to the market to investigate allegations of abuse of working conditions. they call it political grandstanding. >> reporter: unannounced today on east julian street cortezi came to talk about employees about working conditions. >> there have been allegations that there are working condition abuses going on here at these stores. >> reporter: the complaints were made public when four employees put on a hunger strike for the unjust firing of
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300 workers throughout the chain. local labor groups accused them of punishing people who complained about working conditions and tried to organize a union. today they said the lay off was strikely an economic decision. >> the ufcw has taken this opportunity to use anying they can to exploit these unfortunate reductions in the past. >> reporter: he is as he came unannounced because they distributed a letter at his church inviting the public to talk to employees himself. but after chatting with several workers he was asked to leave. >> management has nothing to hide and they are going to welcome people in like myself, then i think they need to give me the right. >> do not allow a politician that is the puppet of the ufcw to come here and discredit our good names. >> reporter: he did not say what workers said here but set up a hot line for employees that could lead to a public
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hearing. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. there may be more work that needs to be done to improve the battery on the 4s system. apple says the software fixed the problem however many apple customers are posting comphraeupblts on message boards. -- complaints on their message boards. they say they are suffering from weak battery life even with the update. penn state trustees are trying to repair the school after all of the sexual abuse allegations. they are forming a commit tow dig into the failure to take care of the misconduct. it claimed the jobs of coach paterno and the school's president. meanwhile penn state announced another coach will not be on the sidelines for the team's last home game. the coach has been placed on leave. the school says he received multiple threats following the
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scandal. he testified during a grand jury investigation and then in 2002 he saw jerry sandusky committing the sexual abuse. he said he reported to to the head coach the next day and now there is outrage that he did not do more to stop it. >> the team is preparing for a big game on the farm. it is called the game of the decade. >> i think the hype is totally warranted and i think it will be a really, really interesting game. >> stanford stadium will be packed with more than 50,000 fans for tomorrow night's game with the university of oregon. the game sold out for months. tickets are offered on-line for more than $400. tonight's high school football game of the week picked two rivals squaring off in the hills. the match up is going on live. >> reporter: hi, gasia. the rain let up for the time being here and the game is already underway. the 9th annual bowl, both
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schools are from atherton. you see in the yellow and in the blue menlo. they must win to get into the playoffs next week. sacred heart prep is already in but the coach says they are not playing this game any differently. >> no, not really. i mean, this is a big game for us. you know, the kids in the school are excited and it is another football game that we want to win and, you know, they had a really good year and we had an okay year. so t is all about this game. we want to win. >> a lot of seniors. i know you are led by your quarterback larson but you have a couple of -- you have like three different running backs and one i really love the name of tyler mccool. yes. we have descent speed in the backfield. we run an offense with 3 backs. obviously your quarterback is important as well. but, you know, all three of those guys can run pretty well. >> reporter: both teams have
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had nice long drives that come up empty. still 0, 0 in the first quarter. the game is helping another program. the bridge program that goes out to helping underserved youth. all profits from this game tonight will go to the peninsula bridge program. so, there will be a couple of winners and of course, mark will have the highlights at 10:00. reporting live at foothill college, fred english for channel 2 news. the carl vincent was transformed into a basketball arena. president barack obama and the first lady were on deck in san diego for the carrier classic. the first ever college basketball game played on an aircraft carrier. along with the president about 7,000 people, including many service members, were on hand to watch income income beat michigan state 67-55. we often hear about a helping hand but a give away today focused on their feet.
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saint anthonys in san francisco marked veterans day by giving away shoes and socks. they joined forces with the ceo of craigslist. a quarter of the clients they have are veterans. cell phone service helping people in need. who launched a new application. state farm. this is jessica.
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. a special memorial ceremony for the hornet in alameda. it was combined veterans and remembrance day. a tribute for all of those from the united states and great britain. our meteorologist mark tamaya joins us right now we talked about rain yesterday and it is here right now. >> yes. reporting moderate to heavy downpours. it you can see the progression. first developing, moving across the bay. going to the north. and we come in tighter you can see the yellow showing up with
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the green showing up moving out towards rodeo. it will be approaching the oakland area over the next 15 to 30 minutes. the rain showers are still continuing to rotate through parts of the bay area. these are rain fall totals in the past 24 hours ending at 6:00. i say ending at 6:00. over the past hour we probably add to the numbers right around san francisco and oakland. you canny see the amounts impressive here. a quarter of an inch. .62 and just barely measurable at livermore at .01. overnight lows tomorrow morning, most of the bay area starting out saturday morning in the low 40s around santa rosa, napa, oakland, 49, under partly to mostly chowdy skies. here is the -- cloudy skies. here is the forecast. mostly cloudy, cool. 12:00. we strip away the clouds and the sun/cloud mix. notice, no raindrops. there is a slight chance of a
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lingering shower into saturday morning. this system is on the move. it is drifting closer to southern california. for tonight, still occasional showers, keep thum pwrel lahandy over the next few hours and then the weekend the system will produce rain showers down around southern california leaving the bay area on the dry side. here we are, lingering showers at midnight. not a lot to show you tomorrow morning. a slight chance of a spreufrpgel the skies partly cloud -- sprinkles, the skies partly cloudy. tomorrow, warmer, that means the warmest locations approaching over 60s around san jose and morgan hill. a look ahead. -- the e tended fore-- extended forecast, cloudy next week, gasia. for veterans looking for help. there is now an app for that. the free apple allows the million of veterans to find
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services at home. available for iphone or droids. that is our report, i'm gasia mikaelian, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. ♪
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