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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 14, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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oakland city hall after a predawn race to remove their tent. see what's happening right complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. >> good evening. it's monday november '14. this is bay area news at 7. the tents are gone, but right now, occupy oakland protesters are back in front of city hall and they're back by the hundreds. it's our top story at 7. we'll give you a live look at what's happening now at ogawa council. they were out early this morning but now they have
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returned. some vowing to of oakland. we're live at 14th and broadway, where the protest ended about an hour ago. across the street, demonstrators at the ogawa police. also police presence which comes at a cost. first, hundreds gathered at the oakland library, and then they marched, making a declaration to occupy. city officials on the other hand have tallied those on hand. >> we're still calculating the
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cost which is leaders are eyeing it. >> $1.5 million for the general strike. at least $8000 total today. >> you have to just ignore that. it will go away. get cold and get wet. >> taking police from other neighbors. i'm absolutely furious.
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>> wasting taxpayers' money, time, and we all have going to cost us a great deal. >> all total estimates from our sources put oakland occupy at at least $3 million so far. reportering live from oakland, news. >> some have welcoming the decision to occupy the tent. not sure when things will get back to normal. the merchants have lost 30 to 40%.
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>> this time there was no tear gas and the rain happened without incident. the people arrested those not to lead the camp voluntarily. some of the occupiers head for other encampment. the tents cleared from the ogawa plaza in front of city hall. >> we're asking everyone to respect my city's decision to close the encampment even if we support the movement. >> brought across the bay area. >> the santa clara county. costs mayor jane quan's people. >> it costs to those since 1968. >> police moved into ogawa
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council. hope people support occupy and allow the encampment to remain. meanwhile, mayor quan is facing a recall effort. have 126 days to collect signatures. she needs to appear decisive with the community. at berkeley, a strike tomorrow in response to the use of force at the plaza. followed by an antiviolence rally at 2:00. plan to march to berkeley college and high. the students are going to follow a lawsuit against the administration and campus police. students claim officers used extensive force on the 9th. activists are using the civil suit claiming they violated the protesters' civil rights. >> what we get for making the
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proud fight for democracy and public education was brutality by the administration through the police. >> thousands wrote the action against the police. the chief of police is said to be reviewing footage to determine whether officers should be disciplined for using unnecessary force. a meeting scheduled to take place. because of, quote, credible intelligence. said to take place at ucf wednesday and thursday. be sure to stay with ktvu for the occupy protest. you can go to the bay area fishermen on strike today. they were expected to head off shore and started dropping their pot. >> they enjoy the only fresh
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dunnage thousands crab. even though it kicked off this morning. at san francisco's fishermen's ward, packed up their gear but no one is moving out. >> currently we're on strike because of the price. >> fishermen want a higher price. >> add to that tension between fishermen, you might call it crab turf wars. they can put out as much as a ton three times local boats. simply no restrictions. some call this the last of the wild west. >> the more pots you have, the easier it is to catch more crab sooner. >> last year, the biggest catch of twenty years. today, buyers playing chicken. >> we need to produce a product
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at the fair price for the fishermen. >> they put out of town catchers in a bind. >> we might go back to oregon if it gets delayed too long. >> price negotiations for the processers have broken off for the night, expected. ktvu news. workers put out a small fire at the chevron refinery. it's a level one fire, which means flames are visible and fires burning in the crew's unit. no word of a shelter in place. the biotech halting its stem cell research. they were the first company in the nation to conduct government-approved stem cell research but the company never got a profit.
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but eliminating 66 full-time jobs and focus more on its cancer drugs. down as much as 20% in afterhours training. coming up in 8 minutes, a legal twist for the health care overhaul. a girl killed at what morgan hill police are calling a gang related shooting. held at st. catharine catholic church. she was shot as she left a birthday party with friends. faced charges in connection with the shooting. died at age 22. a spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office confirms the death of ilya. it appears to be a suicide. they asked for an alternative for facebook asked by
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university students. nba rejected the latest offer today with the season in further jeopardy. david stern urged them to play on the table. agreed on a 50/50 revenue split but in a unanimous decision, the players rejected the contract and take steps to suspend the union and find an antitrust lawsuit against the nba. update from the ogawa plaza. here's a look. hundreds gathering following a raid to remove all the tents. after the break, what's happening right now. a program to find construction defects detective itself? outside our doors, the night is young but the temperatures already falling, give you a live look there. what you can expect by morning and see that fog return and we have wet weather to talk about
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an update on the top story. occupy protest at oakland city hall. at this hour, hundreds of people at ogawa plaza. holding a general assembly, that's what the video is showing you. decided to join for the day of action at berkeley. some have vowed to reoccupy the plaza with tents. enforce a ban on camping. the 12th street station is open but the entrances to the station on 14th street and the plaza are closed. trains running in both directions. transit is scrambling to prove the bridge is not
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defective as suspected by an investigative report. over the weekend, cal tran fired a technician responsible for verifying the structural foundation for the project. >> cal tran insist that the safety of the bridge is not compromised. >> after thorough investigation, we're confident it's going to perform as designed and don't have any concerns about the quality of the work that's went into the foundation. >> falsifying after the bay bridge was completed years ago. the overpasses and the highway sign in oakland. the real proof deep below the bay in accessible, but proof, nonetheless. >> we've gone back and done a thorough forensic review to be sure we didn't have any concerns. >> i think back-up documents
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are important to verify. >> they either decline to produce them or say they don't even have the documents in their possession. >> the raw data files with the inspector were discarded once he has completed his written report. >> if you don't have the raw data file, you can't definitively say you've allowed any fabrications. >> one person cannot verify the quality. it's the nature of the project, so many people involved. there are checks and balances. >> as we've seen with pge, the assertion of safety is hard for some folks to believe. i'm consumer advocate bakar, ktvu news.
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the ballots still being counted, but political analysts say 20% of the those casted ballots were called bullet voters. they picked just one candidate instead of the three choices called for in rank choice voting. the elections director made a low turnout of 42%. averaged 50%. louisiana pediatrician and directly contradicted herman cain's statement that he never met one of the women claimed she was touched inappropriately by him. victor j. suber man. talked to cain during a party. met later in the year, cain touched her inappropriately. cain said he never met bialek and didn't know her name. the constitutionality of president obama's health care reformed law this spring.
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those opposed to the law say the requirement of all americans to buy health insurance violates americans' rights. the court will take up the politically charged issue next march. the court could rule by june months before the presidential election. the new prime minister of greece said he's determined to say in the eurozone, despite more bad news for his country. greece is said to get its deficit reduction this year, but staying in the eurozone. the federal reserve today boosted the odds of double dip recession. the odds next year are more than 50 because of the debt crisis. probability higher last year
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than at this point. the big spike today in the raid of itallian government. nasdaq fell 21. a pair of former leukon joined twins. the conjoined twins, and when they will be able to come home. >> reporter: at the children's hospital today, doctors have given these now two separate 2- year-old twins a new life. >> it's now hard to believe that just two weeks ago, these girls, not sick, just different, underwent the nine hours of life changing surgery. born joined at the chest and
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stomach, always have the one in it and share the liver. >> i know in the future they have good future. normal. >> reporter: the medical team here headed by dr. gary hardman who now performed six of the surgeries. now learn to walk alone and going forward, not sideways, and learning other skills without their sister. >> they're 2-year-olds. they're going to battle with each other. >> reporter: he can't wait to take them home in separate car seats. >> say bye-bye, babies. bye. >> reporter: hope that little angelina and ann gelcap will have a new life after an extraordinary beginning.
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ktvu, channel 2 news. a state court using handheld cell phones while stopped at a red light are still breaking the law. 3 judge panel ruled the definition including being at the wheel while stopped at an intersection. by the appeal who was fined for talking on the cell phone while stopped at a red light in richmond in 2009. occupy protesters tonight back at frank ogawa. there's no sign of tents. we'll update on what's happening then. mild temperatures kicked off our monday, but tells us about a storm heading in at the end of the week. keep in mind, you can watch bay area news at 7 and all of our newscasts on your computer or mobile device. at ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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i was in south korea. i was in germany. i was in iraq. i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is... you know it's going to end one day. and that's why i'm doing the job i'm doing now at chase, helping them hire veterans through the 100,000 jobs mission. because chase understands if you want an organization that's going to grow, that has a basis in ethics, and get the engine running again in america... why wouldn't you want to hire the veteran? chase is proud to help 100,000 veterans find jobs at home. carrying three men to the international space station to replace the current crew scheduled to return next monday. the launch delayed after the failed launch of an unmanned spacecraft traced back to a
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manufacturing flaw. but today for the overdue launch. rosemary joins us. >> very quiet weather, dry, mild out there. not warm but seasonal for this time of year. had some pleasant days recently. it will continue for a couple of days but temperatures continuing to flip at this hour. low 50s inland. patchy fog and along the valley floor tomorrow, temperatures will be chilly. san jose, 56. clear skies. expecting to be a little bit cooler than where we started this morning. satellite radar, clear skies outside. will remain in place for the next couple of days. you can see the arch to the north. on the right side of the ridge. northwesterly flow. on the light side at least for the next couple of days.
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tuesday through thursday, cold morning and morning fog, especially for the valley. 60s in the forecast and the dry pattern lasting through thursday and things start to change. i'm going to fast forward and show you. rain on the radar, northwestern portion of california, but expected to slide over the area for friday. we expect soggy cold weather in time for the weekend. forecast lows, meaning your sunrise time, temperatures sitting in the low 40s. na pa, 48. around the bay. temperatures for tomorrow, slightly warmer than today. 67 for sonoma. 67 danceville. 66 oakland. mid 60s sunnyvale. 63 in the city and widespread
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60s for the coast, a lot like we felt today. perhaps a bit warmer in some spots. your extended forecast, temperatures good. sunny skies. increase in clouds by thursday and by friday. rain, notice the dropoff in temperatures, upper 50s. saturday, we get a break. more rain in your forecast. back to you. >> thank you. 300 protesters in front of oakland city hall following a police raid early this morning that cleared the frank ogawa plaza. decided to join the campus protest and hold a big march in oakland saturday. vowing to reoccupy the plaza with tents and police say they'll prevent that from
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happening. ktvu channel 2. updates any time at that's our report. thank you for trusting channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. tmz is up next here at 6.
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