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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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as hundreds of occupy oakland supporters gather to plan their next move we have come to find out how much all of this has cost. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. right now all of the protesters are gone. but police are warning camping will not be tolerated. also tonight late word from
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city hall, oakland's price tag for responding to occupy has ballooned now to $2.4 million. happening now team coverage from frank ogawa plaza. noelle walker tell us how one protester avoided being evicted. but we continue with the next move and a look at what's going on right now with amber lee. >> reporter: we want to show you what frank ogawa plaza looks like right now. it's peaceful and no confrontations right now. >> reporter: the tents are gone from frank ogawa plaza. but protesters have returned after police dismantled their encampment early this morning. protesters tell us their movement is as strong as ever. >> reporter: protestest held a general assembly and decided the next move is to join
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students on the uc berkeley campus tomorrow afternoon for a general strike. >> the main goal of tonight was to come back here, show that we're still, we still have a will the of support. this is a still a massive movement. >> reporter: organizers tell us they're planning a march but they're destination has not been termed. >> reporter: after this morning's eviction, the protesters are trying to find a place to gather. the 79-year-old is accused of failure to disperse and loyalers. he told us he was released from jail this afternoon. he says he came right back out to join the march because he wants change. >> and the numbers just grow every day of people coming in. just to eat, people who were normally having nice dinners at
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home they're coming in to eat. so we just feel some things have to change. >> reporter: police told us protesters will be allowed to stay here as long as they don't camp. that means no tents and no bar- b-que equipment and so far we haven't seen any signs of camping here. amber lee, ktvu news. the police raid to dismantle occupy oakland began at 4:30 this morning and it all went down peacefully. some protesters mediated while others sang while they were handcuffed. officers say they arrested 33 people who refused to leave but most people left voluntarily. only nine of the 33 arrested are oakland residents. officers did not use force and no one was hurt. our live team coverage continues now with noelle walker she is at frank ogawa plaza. she was there late this
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afternoon when it first reopened to the public, noelle. >> reporter: police opened the street, 14th street here about 20 minutes before 5:00 and city crews removeed the barricades here around frank ogawa plaza just in time for the protesters arrival. as promised -- the fencing around frank ogawa plaza came down before 5:00. and as promised, occupy protesters made their way back to the plaza they called home, the steady dose of peaceful protest is not giving some town town businesses peace of mind. >> it feels a little bit like we have kind of a mild case of ptsd by now we're used to the helicopter but we're like, here we go again. >> reporter: one long time oakland resident says he's disappointed with his city and the protesters not for all the talking no one is listening. >> protesting itself is to draw
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attention. they've drawn the attention, they've drawn attention around the world, we're at the point now where conversation is needed. >> reporter: blocks away, occupy oakland snow park has grown to more than two dozen tents. >> we're not here for nothing, this is not a joke. >> reporter: troy says he set up the cooking station here after fleeing the police raid at the plaza this morning. he's worried police will eventually clear this camp too. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: some are standing their ground by going aboveground. zachary running wolf obglyed this tree outside city hall two days ago, he points out while police arrested dozens of occupiers and pushed hundreds more out of the plaza this morning -- zachary running wolf occupied this tree. >> reporter: he says he spent 100 days in the trees himself and is prepared to do it again
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here. noelle walker, ktvu news. oakland major jean quan said today's evacuations were necessary because it had veered into a dangerous path. >> it was not longer for the closures or the unemployed the encampment became a place where we had repeated violence. >> reporter: the mayor added the city needed to evict the campers before more people were hurt pointing to a killing just last thursday. today's raid did produce a bit of a shake up. two aids resigned. segel resigned this morning, cornell resigned this evening. more on the price tag of occupy oakland. the city has broken down the tab and say police costs 1
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million, mutual aid is up to $50,000. $16,000 to remove debrises, the total cost $2.4 million. stay with ktvu news as the protesters in oakland make the next move. we will return to the protest later this evening at 10:30 for a live update. we have new details tonight about a hacking scandal now brewing at santa clara university. the school and fbi are investigating how someone hacked into the university's computer and changed the grades of some undergraduate students. the review of records since 2000 determined grade changes for current students and about 60 former students. the breach occurred sometime between june of last year and july of this year. investigators say they are trying to track down the hacker. at this point we don't know what connects these students to one another. we don't know why this cluster of grades were changed. >> reporter: the university says it's correcting transcripts and says at this time it appears no other personal data was compromised.
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oakland police are looking for the gunman who shot a person today during a home invasion robbery. it happened about 4:30 this afternoon at a home on sunkist drive. police say three men broke into the home and during the robbery the victim described as a man in his 50s was shot in the leg. the robbers made off with an estimated $1,000 in cash. police say the victim is expected to survive. firefighters at the chevron refinery in richmond contained a small fire there this evening. refinery officials say they were starting up a crew unit when something caught fire. chevron says it was possibly hydrocarbons. the fire was contained at 6:25 and that there was never any danger to the public. the head of caltrans is offering assurances about bay bridge safety after a newspaper report reported that the quality control technician had been fired. the technician had falsified
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data on three other projects. caltrans director malcolm doherty says checks of the reports show no problems. >> after thorough investigation on the bay bridge and all the testing that went into the foundation we're confident it's going to perform as designed. >> reporter: the report in the bee says caltrans failed to produce raw data from the test so they could not check on falsification. they want to hold a hearing before christmas. mary hayashi is due back in court tomorrow to face charges in her shoplifting case. hayashi was arrested for allegedly stealing almost $2,500 in clothing from the neiman marcus store in san francisco. tomorrow's appearance is to set a preliminary hearing date. her spokesman called the incident a mistake and misunderstanding. hayashi's district includes castro valley, dublin and pleasanton.
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those conjoined twin girls who have won the hearts of people all over the bay area faced the public today for the first time since they were separated by doctors at stanford. ktvu's rita williams tells us about their amazing recovery and how soon until they'll be heading home. >> reporter: normal was news here at lucielle packered children's hospital. doctors have given these now separate two-year-old twins afgelina and angelica abuco a new life. it's now hard to believe that just two weeks ago these girls not sick just different underwent almost nine hours of life changing surgery. born joined at the chest and stomach the twins view of the world always had the other one in it. and they shared a liver. >> i know in the future they will -- they will have a good
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future and i be updating as a normal kid. >> reporter: the surgery was headed by dr. forman who now has performed six surgeries. the girls are learning to walk along and go forward not sideways and learning other skills without their sisters. >> they're certainly going to battle with each other, they're sisters. >> reporter: but now this family which includes big brother vincent can't wait to take the twins back to san jose tomorrow or wednesday in separate car seats. >> say bye bye baby. say bye. >> reporter: they hope that angelina and angelica will now have an extraordinary life after an extraordinary beginning. and we have posted more photos of those two adorable twins at just like for the slide show section on the front page. new information about
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injured giants fan bryan stow and his recovery. what new photos reveal about his progress. back here in 10 minutes we're going to talk about a cool overnight and some dense fog possible in some inland bay valleys. i will show you which valleys could see the most fog. all a san jose
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new details tonight about a
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south bay man who just discovered nearly $1 million worth of cocaine was hidden in a van he bought last year. lloyd lacuesta tells us he is going public with his story for protection. >> reporter: he told a mechanic the windows didn't go down fully, the mechanic took it apart and they found something shocking. pure high grade cocaine. >> the entire panel was all taped up on the inside. so there were 7kilos on each door. >> neatly stacked. >> oh yeah. >> when he first pulled it off it did looked like insulation. >> reporter: but it wasn't insulation. they called police and this is a picture of the cocaine stacked inside of the van. worth more than $1 million.
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>> reporter: it was pretty much shock. there wasn't much of a reaction accept that i thought something bad was going to happen. >> reporter: preston bought this van used from a preston car lot. he was told it had been a rental before. he drove it almost 6,000 miles. >> police told me how lucky i was that i hasn't been stopped because i would have been put in jail for a long time. i said well it's not mine, and they said well we hear that all the time. >> reporter: besides that preston realizes that the people that own the drugs could have come knocking on his door. >> that i try not to think about. >> reporter: with the story public preston wants to make it
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clear, to everyone. >> no drugs here, it's all done. >> reporter: live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. police in the south bay are searching for a man wanted for reportedly trying to kidnap a 17-year-old girl. the los gatos police department says the incident happened about 4:15. that's when the teen says she was stop bid a man who asked her if she needed a ride. when she said no the man reportedly got out of his car and grabbed her. >> she struck the suspect in the face with a closed fist. kneed him in the groin and at that point the suspect let go of her and went back to his car and drove away. >> reporter: the man is described as latino in his mid- 40s, 5'6" tall about 150 pounds, clean shaven with black
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hair. the man was driving a small dark blown car with dark blue and black spots. those opposed to the law argue that the requirement for all americans to buy health insurance violates individual rights. federal appeals courts have been split on their assessment. the supreme court is expected to hear arguments in march it is thought that the court could rule by june which would be four months before the presidential elections. a menlo park bio company is laying off more than 1/3 of its employees and halting it's stem cell research. it was the first company to do the testing. the company now plans to focus on cancer drugs and research. the cuts will eliminate 56 full time jobs. the announcement sent its stock down more than 17% in afterhours trading. we have new information
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tonight about injured giants fan bryan stow. his family now says he has written two more words. and a friend explains what happens when you ask stow a question. >> reporter: new images from inside bryan stow's rehabilitation room shows photos and signs line his wall. the family of the 22-year-old giant fan says stow recently wrote the names of his two children and is writing left- handed because that arm is loser. they are now trying to get the father to eat more solid food which he never wants to do. >> i never thought he would be at this point, never. >> reporter: his friend just visited friday. >> it's a slow coming, there's things you will ask him a question, there's other times when i told him i was going to las vegas and he said, i want to go. i mean without hesitation and just instantly looked over and said i want to go. >> reporter: friends posted this childhood picture of stow at christmas. he has changed, writing while he smiles is not the same smile
11:49 pm
we know to be bryan's show he jokes the humor is different. though he interacts with his children he isn't the dad they have known. simple tasks are painful challenges. the paramedic that once wheeled victims, wheels himself in a wheelchair. and he is not complaining. >> that to me is determination. he wants to continue to get better whether it's his kids, for himself for his family. for whomever he definitely wants to get better. >> reporter: seven months later, definitely wants to get better. people gathered in honor of tara romero. she was remembered by her father as a bright teenager with a loving spirit. romero was killed on november 4 as she left a birthday party
11:50 pm
with friends. three other teens were wounded. five suspects ranging in age from 17 to 23 have been arrested in connection with this shooting. we're looking for that valley fog early this morning or this morning there was a dense fog advisory in the north bay. don't see a dense fog add advice reu advisory. dewpoints are running in the upper 30s and 40s that's how fog forms. look for it up toward san rafael as you get going tomorrow morning. be prepeared to see it as you drive toward sacramento if you're headed that way. overnight tonights in the 30s to 40s. greens are 50s, we're looking at 50s to 60s for your highs tomorrow. we're going to look at the five
11:51 pm
day forecast it does have some rain drops in it we'll see you back here. a tattooed 25-year-old self- proclaimed hair artist says she intends to make history as the first openly gay contestant in the miss california usa pageant. janelle hutchinson was a full- timist in the miss southern california contest. hutchinson says she was treated well. she says her participation in pageants spreads a message of equality, diversity and creativity. the latest bay area city is talking about raising its sales tax. plus -- >> reporter: holiday decorations are up here at union square but also the orange construction barriers are up creating a mess for cars and pe pedestrians. what the mtsa plans to do about it. the bay area city that has paid out more than $50
11:52 pm
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jcpenney. new at 10:00, stores are streaming lights to drive in shoppers. but not helping the shoppers is the traffic. jana katsuyama is here to tell us about the story. >> reporter: you can certainly hear the horns honking down here. the holiday decorations are up but if you take a look down the street you can see the problem, the construction on the central project has shut down many of the streets just to one lane. in the clear crisp air lights twinkle from atop the christmas tree. skaters enjoy some fun.
11:55 pm
but at the corner of stockton street a maize of orange construction barriers and heavy construction company is frustrating people. >> you can't walk by anybody. >> reporter: and it's driving drivers crazy. >> oh my lord, it's very difficult, very tough. they should have done it as soon as possible. >> reporter: construction crews have shut down all but one lane from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to do pretty work for the subway prompt. >> we're removing the utilities from underneath the street. >> reporter: for business it comes just before the all important holiday shopping season. >> as you can see it's not ideal for retail here in the union square. we make our business during the day which is when precisely they're working. >> reporter: we talked to san francisco's mta because they are doing what they can to address business concerns. they've decided to stop work between thanksgiving and january third. >> we'll clear the barriers and we're work with merchants to
11:56 pm
make sure that everybody has access to their stores. >> welcome news for vendors and shoppers. >> having them stop for the christmas season is going to help. >> reporter: this phase of the project is expected to be completed by next june. but the entire project for the central subway isn't expected to be complete until 2019. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a new twist tonightable to last week's mayoral -- tonight to last week's mayoral election. 28% of voters decided to ignore the rank choice voting system. there was a high turn out among asian american voters as the city elected the first chinese mayor. final turn out is expected to be 42%, typically the number is about 50% when the city is voting for mayor. >> i was just really surprised of all of the attention given to the election by the campaign and media i thought the voters
11:57 pm
would follow suit and it didn't happen. >> reporter: the final numbers should be certified by this thursday which means the may mayor will have another task he'll need to appoint a replacement for santori who has been voted sheriff. the task force is recommending a 2% tax increase. the task force was created last year to help find ways to close a $20 million budget gap. we hear allegations of police misconduct. now a ktvu investigation uncovers just how much those settlements are costing taxpayers. what we discovered in 20 bay area cities.
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happening now, another live look at frank ogawa plaza, tonight there are only about 30 or 40 people and the encampment is gone. earlier in the evening hundreds of protesters marched to the plaza but the crowd has clearly thinned out as you can see there. ktvu's amber lee says there is also a strong police presence in the downtown area. another occupy march is planned in oakland for this saturday afternoon. now the results of a two month investigation by ktvu. in tonight's special report, the steep price of alleged police misconduct. ktvu's eric rasmussen has the numbers that may surprise you. >> reporter: one encounter with
12:01 am
police will forever change patricia gray's house. officers arrested her boyfriend tory smith saying they found his bank card in the car of a drug dealer. they sued police and won. >> i was excited, i just froze. i just froze. like a statute like i can't believe it. >> reporter: through the california public records act we asked the 20 largest cities in the bay area how much they've paid out for claims, lawsuits and settlements involving alleged police misconduct during the last 10 years. san jose the bay area's largest city came in third paying out $8.6 million. number two, san francisco it's had to pay $28 million during
12:02 am
the same time. and oakland police $57 million during the same time. >> it's police misconduct. >> reporter: john burress won the largest settlement ever from oakland $10.9 million for the riders scandals in which four officers were accused of repeatedly beating and framing suspects guilty or not. the city of oakland says the cost of lawsuits brought by burress' firm is more than half of all the money the city has paid out. >> the city of oakland is the most dangerous city in the state of california. >> reporter: rocky lucia is a partner that often represents police. >> the city of oakland settles lots of cases they don't need to settle. i think there's an element of
12:03 am
politics. if politics would stay out of it, most officers would be vindicated. >> you think that people see the city as an easy way to get money. >> there's not a lawyers that do this kind of work because it's very difficult and risky. >> reporter: oakland is shelling out all that money when it's running a deficit laying off police and asking voters to approve a property tax hike tomorrow. >> we're talking about oakland, san francisco, east palo alto, richmond, santa rosa, vallejo, i mean there's almost no city in the bay area that hasn't been touched by this. >> reporter: barry crispberg an expert says misconduct by law enforcement is a national epidemic. but unlike the state or feds he says cities and counties hardly has the funds to fight
12:04 am
lawsuits. he suggests giving officers more power. >> as a police chief i can't fire anything, and it's very difficult to fire anybody. increasingly you're giving citizens no choice but to go into the courtroom and that's an expensive difficult way to go. >> reporter: eric rasmussen, ktvu news. we asked oakland police the city administrator and the city attorney's office for an interview but no one would talk to us for this story. the city attorney gave us a written statement saying, stating that oakland is continuing to work on reforms and that the number of claims and lawsuits against the police department has recently gone down. university of california officials say the board of regents two planned meetings this week have now been cancelled due to safety concerns. uc president yudoff says public safety is a top priority. the meetings were set for wednesday and thursday at the mission bay campus in san
12:05 am
francisco. students at uc berkeley are suing. they announced the lawsuit today saying police used excessive force during a peaceful protest and that the university did nothing to stop it. >> we are all very, very lucky that the injuries that we sustained weren't worse. but they should never ever have happened. >> the group is also planning to sue uc police, oakland police and the alameda county sheriff's department. this all come ahead of a general strike scheduled to happen tomorrow. today the former boyfriend of a woman who accused gop presidential candidate herman cain came forward to support
12:06 am
her claim. >> victor zucherman says he remembers the claim of his former boyfriend. cain claims he has never met bialackh and did not everyone know her name. cain's recent struggles has brought a surge for gingrich. the poll released has gingrich with 28% followed by cain with 25%. mitt romney places third at 18%. those three candidates are well ahead of the rest of the pack with rick perry the next closest he has 6%. he is at the center of that sex scandal that rocked penn state. tonight, sandusky's admission of making bad decision. i have a five day forecast that does show some rain in it.
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former penn state coordinator jerry sandusky is speaking out for the first time since he was accused of sexually abusing young boys. sandusky says he is not a pedophile but admits he made some bad decisions. falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i could say that you know i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids,
12:10 am
i have showered after work outs. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg. sandusky adds he should not have showered with the children but adds his interactions with them were not sexual. san francisco mayor ed lee is joining the effort of marriage act. the measure denies marital benefits to same-sex couples. a mandate urges congress to repeal the law calling it a stain on our common values. the department of transportation has issued it's first violation of the new three hour tarmac rule. american eagle airlines is facing a fine of $900,000. officials say the regional carrier for american airlines kept passengers on 15 flights on the tarmac for more than three hours during a storm at chicago's o'hare international
12:11 am
airport. spirit airline is almost doubling it's online bookings. it has now increased to $16.99. spirit also plans to charge $5 for every pass printed by ticketers. syrian oppositions say at least 15 people were killed in clashes today. the u.n. says at least 3,500 people have been killedded since the anti government protest began in march. in norway the man accused of carrying out the july massacre that left 77 people dead made his first public court appearance today. anders brivick said no pictures could be taken of him. he acknowledged carrying out the massacre but refused to plead guilty. a rocket carrying an american and two russians took
12:12 am
off in heavy snowfall today. the shuttle is expected to dock on wednesday and return next week with the three current crew members. the mission was originally scheduled for september but was delayed because of a cargo robot. if you have a nano you may be eligible for a new one. if you think you may be getting a new nano you might want to think again, apple will replace them with the same version. well developing news from contra costa county tonight, after the break what we've learned about a double shooting, we're at the scene. crab fishermen on strike, the reason the commercial crab season is
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
developing news out of unincorporated north richmond at this hour. police are on the scene right now of a double shooting. at least one person is dead. the contra costa county sheriff's office tells us the shooting happened around 8:50 tonight. it aparticipantly was a drive by shooting. sheriff deputy were on patrol when they heard shots fired. they discovered one person dead. another person was taken to the hospital. investigators say they located the suspect car in point richmond about a mile and a half away from the shooting. police are still looking for the gunman. crab season was supposed to kick off today but the pots are all empty because crab fishermen are on strike. john fowler tells us what the fishermen are demanding and what we can expect to see fresh local crab at our grocery stores -- and when we can
12:16 am
expect to see local crab at our local grocery stores. >> reporter: everyone though the commercial crab season officially kicked off this morning, at san francisco's fishermen wharf, crabbers loading their gear but staying put. >> fishermen want, we obviously want a higher price. the fuel has gone up in recent years. >> reporter: add to that tension between fishermen, you might call it crabbers turf wars. there's simply no restrictions, some call this the last of the wild west. >> the more pots you have, the easier it is to catch more crab faster. >> reporter: fishermen says that dumps too much crab on the market too soon. the season peters out early. last year the biggest catch in
12:17 am
20 years, today buyers and fishermen playing chicken. >> we need to produce a product for fishermen. >> we might just go back up to oregon if it gets delayed for too long. >> reporter: the top crab boat representative told me price negotiations have broken up for tonight. expected to resume tomorrow morning. john fowler, ktvu news? in san francisco occupy protesters are expected to meet with mayor ed lee on wednesday. this as the camp at herman plaza continues to grow. it's estimated 20 more tents went up over the weekend. it could grow larger since the oakland encampment broke down. concerns over the parvo virus led the spca to hold a veterinary clinic at the occupy plant. they did confirm a case there
12:18 am
of the virus over the weekend. parvo is highly contagious. it can be treated effectively if it's caught early. a state appeals court ruled today you can use a ticket for using your cell phone if you're stopped at a red light. today's hearing clarifying the law that bans the use of wireless phones while driving. this comes after a 2009 case where a man dialed and held the phone to his ear while stopped then closed it when the light turned green. excluding red light stops from the law would create a public safety hazard said the judge. the dow industrials dropped 71 points, nasdaq was off 21. this comes after last week's reform for italy and greece ignited a rally on wall street. chase is following other banks and putting an end to the
12:19 am
testing of a bank fee. customers were being charged a $10 monthly fee. banks are ended plans to charge customers with debit card fees. and we're expecting valley fog to show up in some of the inland bay valleys tonight. temperatures are pretty cool and the dewpoints are high. in these valleys the temperatures tonight are going to get down into the upper 30s, everyone mid-30s. dewpoints in this area, dewpoint temperatures are in the low 40s. so in the next few hours, santa rosa you're going to have fog form. that's what a dewpoint temperature is. it's the number, the temperature that when it's reached the water vapor in the air condenses. we had it this morning. we see it again tomorrow morning. as you head out of the house to drive to work or take the kids to school or whatever you got going, especially in the very early morning hours, be prepared for some valley fog. north bay valleys. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow are going to be a bit warmer than these. we're going to see upper 60s,
12:20 am
pardon me some mid-60s and over all overnight nice day. plenty of sunshine after the valley fog burns off. it'll burn off rapidly. mainly because valley fog is not that widespread yet. it's just real patchy this time of year. dry and mild tomorrow, the extended forecast calls for showers out here as we've eluded to on thursday night late into friday. doesn't look like a big deal. looks like a cold one. as it moves in we're looking for thins to cool off. that's not until friday. tomorrow through thursday look for the valley fog to maintain itself. temperatures in the 60s and then this high pressure breaks down. in this area up here which is day away and the models are still dialing it in. then drop south, it's not going to drop to the cost it's going to drop through the valley and the mountains. it'll be a very chilly weather system. will not contain a lot of moisture. not expecting a lot of rain. here's what we have here for the computer model. at 5:00, clear skies, wednesday in the afternoon maybe some
12:21 am
coastal fog, showers start up north. that's your wednesday. let's check out thursday, showers start to drift south thursday morning. then thursday afternoon a few showers show up in the evening just offshore. and then friday which the model can't pick up yet, it'll show some rain coming in. doesn't look like a big deal. next week looks wet, this this week does not look that wet. friday forecast with the bay area weekend in view shapes out like this. overnight chilly but not as cold as they were last weekend. there's your bay area weekend in view and a few clouds and rain on sunday. >> so enjoy the next few days. >> uh-huh. >> thank you bill. a wedding date is now set for the two uc berkeley
12:22 am
graduates that were imprisoned in iran. the couples were caught on the border of iran and iraq. they were charged with spying. the nba season was put in
12:23 am
12:24 am
12:25 am
it's not even thanksgiving yet but the state capital is getting ready for christmas. you're looking at this year's exclusive christmas tree from el dorado county. the white fir is expected to arrive at the white house tomorrow. the lighting is set for december 7th. looks like college basketball may be the only game in town when it comes to basketball. >> front and center from here on out. you have to say. it's not anybody calling somebody's bluff. it's come down to this, an shift, the nba season is over. forget probasketball in the foreseeing future. as projected, players rejected the owners offer. they will move into dismantling the union. they appear determined and in total agreement. >> we all feel it's important to all of our players not just
12:26 am
the ones in this room, but our entire group that we not only try and get a deal done for today, before the body of nba players that will come into this league over the next decade and beyond. looks like if you want hoop on the big stage it'll be of the college variety. stanford is going to roll out a high quality brand of ball. season tip off tournament to josh houstiss. and open the second with a 9-0 run against fresno state. he had three of them tonight. led everyone with 21 points. stanford 75-59. talking duck fans this weekend and they are all over the bay area to a person all stunned at how easily oregon rolled stanford saturday night. nation's longest winning streak down, hopes for a national
12:27 am
title out. and most likely andrew luck'sheisman hopes all out the window. >> i had to wake up and watch it. watching it on film and see the mistakes you made and trying to see it as a learning opportunity. i realize i have a big game this week and there's no point in you know feeling sorry for yourself now. >> the monday night game turned into an exhibition, an exhibition of how the packers and aaron rogers can be. he threw 19 passes this one to jordi nelson headed toward the lambeau leap. 250yards, they're having fun back there in the packers are now 9-0 -- and the packers are now 9-0. that's the sporting
12:28 am
life for a monday night. >> aaron rogers are amazing. >> yeah the fans love that. thank you for trusting ktv you u channel 2 news. we will see you the
12:29 am
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