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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 15, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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campus computer lab. hundreds of people in the plaza for a nighttime rally. live report on police shooting inside a computer lab at uc berkeley's business school. university leaders say the man was with a weapon. he survived and is hospitalized at this hour. alex savage live right now.
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>> the gunfire was reported in a completely different area of campus up near the business use a gun. >> i heard someone say drop the gun. and then i heard drops shortly after that. >> lawrence was working in the computer lab where the shooting happened and dropped to the floor when he heard gunshots. >> i didn't move for a few seconds because i didn't want any stray bullets to get me. i figured it's better to stay low. >> reporter: uc berkeleys got calls about a man on campus.
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it was a staffer riding the elevator with him. >> shot or not. >> considering how quickly they're able to identify the individual. >> reporter: no students or staff hurt during the shooting this afternoon. the man with the hospital don't know his condition at this hour. live at berkeley, ktvu, channel 2 news. more developing news now. going to take you back to uc berkeley with the latest on the general strike. as you heard from alex, hundreds in the plaza part of a so-called day of action. chopper had this video and on
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the ground with the protesters, telling us what's going on right now. >> reporter: huge crowd now. best guess is maybe 1500 people on the plaza. students joined by protesters from occupy oakland. some have said they plan to set up camp here tonight. uc berkeley students here with a day long strike, in addition to demanding cancellation of classes, protesters marched on to make cuts to education. >> do i know if anything's going to happen? we'll see. >> reporter: protesters also slammed their police to clear the camp at occupy cal last week. one student there said it's all part of the same message. >> we paid for the maintenance
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of the campus and the salary of the police officers who hit us and this is our university. >> more. that's ridiculous. >> coming and going all night, so far this evening, they appear to be keeping their distance toward the crowd. they want to invite the uc and chancellor. ktvu, channel 2 news. just the past hour or so, students at san francisco state university wrapped up their own protest after learning of a round with increases. about 60 students staged a 4 hour sit-in at the administration building. they hope to give the president
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a stack of notes with their concerns about budget cuts. they met with the dean of students. mayor quan thanking those with the removal of flank ogawa plaza. a month long occupation, there isn't a single person in sight. police cleared the plaza during a sweep yesterday morning. 33 occupiers arrested, but it happened peacefully and without incident. mayor kwan said i'd like to thank the oakland community, the community peace keepers and particularly our police force. jordan and santana for their well organized efforts. in san francisco, there's a new sight that the end might be near for the occupy encampment there at the plaza. planning to meet with members
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of the city's occupy movement. the mayor's office isn't saying when or if the camp will be shut down, but sense it may happen within the next few days. city officials have been concerned about crime and potential health risks, not only to the campers but the pets at the site. >> most of the animals live outside anyway, but it's unusual in such close quarters. it's a health risk. >> they've got the potentially deadly virus and were vaccinated today. >> the park in new york city, police cleared out this morning and a court ruling this afternoon could dictate its future. live report from new york in just eight minutes. go to for more coverage including slide shows including images of the most recent protests. you'll find it on our home
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page. tonight's new chairman to replace steve jobs who died last month. arthur levinson was named the chairman. he's the chairman oophagy anyone tech and served on apple's board tuesday. the chief executive of walt disney company. positive knews about economic and corporate earnings. nasdaq here did better gaining 28 points or 1%. a quick date has been set for lawmaker accused of shoplifting. assembly woman faced a charge for allegedly stealing $2500 in merchandise near san francisco. the democrat claims she was talking on her cell phone and inadvertently walked out with the item. due in court september 7th.
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happening now, a critical meeting getting underway to build a 49ers stadium that's new in santa clara. they've been given an amount to build it and more work is needed before the $1 billion megacomplex becomes reality. there's no contract with the 49ers and no public financing plan. the santa clara water district voted to add fluoride to its treatment plants to improve dental health. water uses comes after months after hearing from experts who say it can save money on dental treatments for children. >> we were impressed that the effects of fluoride water for children who don't have the ability to fight dental decay.
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>> the board is now seeking financing for the $10 million construction project and $800,000 a year for maintenance. now a meeting to give approval to a far reaching ban an mocking. if approved, they would ban smoking in all outdoor places including bus stops and atm, also in condominiums including balconies and porches. the ban would take effect in 30 days if passed. >> breeched contract in the middle of the year by as much as 7%. this is the second time they faced legal action for allegedly raising rates improperly. he couldn't comment on pending litigation. >> the debate over high speed rail came to the peninsula today when they had an
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opportunity to weigh in on the controversial plan. they were outside in palo alto to begin construction as soon as possible. they would create jobs and help produce traffic and pollution. provided the first for the $1 billion plan. the man from bakers field described as a destructive tornado through the city. the businesses along the proposed route would have to go. an alert following the sign of a mountain lion this morning. the services reported the mountain lion seen near trip road and trip court around 10:00. mountainline lion where is considered dangerous and residents advised to call 9-1-1 if they see the animal. major upheaval around the place where the occupy movement got its start. look at manhattan and see the judge's ruling today at occupy
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wall street. the parents are stunned at an elementary school. someone is swiping gold jewelry off the necks of girls much. dry mild weather numbered their days. when rain will be back in the forecast.
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savior turned truck caused a huge traffic delay on highway 24 in oakland it felt truck was carrying a load of trees while three westbound lanes near the tunnel. no one hurt but traffic backed up for miles while crews worked to clear the lane. santa rosa taking a unique approach. protesters set up. city is now requiring occupiers
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to get a camping permit. the permit is good for 15 cays and comes with several restrictions including pet side and bed with service animals, drugs, alcohol, cooking. so far 13 permits issued. protesters say they're not camping, they're occupying, and therefore will not apply for a permit. in new york city, the site of occupy wall street which inspired similar protests across the nation reopened but city leaders say they'll not let people set up camps or have a tent over night. city officials talk about this dispute. craig in manhattan with the latest. craig in. >> reporter: thank you. judge ruled on the side of the city saying the protesters' first amendments rights doesn't extend to camping out in this park or as long as they want to just on and on and on. a few hours ago, the park opened up. no tents, tarps, no sleeping bags and appear that occupy
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protesters here in lower manhattan have lost their long time home. >> a state judge against the encampment in ducati park. protesters camped out before but this morning, in riot gear they evicted them. >> mayor bloom berg is interested in preserving the financial substitutions rather than expressing our right of free assembly. >> our city has two principal goals guaranteeing public health and safety and guaranteeing the protest's first amendment rights. but when the two goals clash, the health and safety of the public and our first responders must be the priority. >> reporter: the court's decision comes after a hearing of the legality of the eviction! they like to say it's a camping. it's a first amendment. >> we're not anyone trying to
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stop it. we do not want and do not allow people to arrest with tents. >> reporter: come under fire in several cities as residents and business owners complain. but the movement protesting economic inquality continues to spread. >> reporter: right now, there's one way in and out of the park. police are checking protesters on the way in. can't bring the tents, sleeping bags, tarps, can't bring large back-ups or musical instruments not even allowed at this point. mayor bloomberg says the park will be available for all but not with those things taken in. leonmy theta with the exit from iraq despite harsh custom from republicans. >> this is about negotiating with a sovereign country, an independent country. this was about their needs, not us telling them what we're
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going to do for them or what  they have to do. >> it was made for purely political reasons. secretary panetta said they're prepared to handle security threats. the coach at penn state sending the witness claims he stopped the assault and then went to police. in an e-mail to friend, mike mcqueary claims he intervened in the attack and discussed it in an e-mail afterwards. he came under fire saying, quote, i'm getting hammered for handling this the right way. sandusky accused of molesting 8 boys of a 15 year span. the season could have started today, but the crabs docked along the coast. holding it for more pay.
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fishermen striking due to a conflict over crab prices. they hope to reach a deal it felt commercial crab season will begin at 12:01 this morning. a remarkable san francisco boy whose story we brought several years ago has died. we introduced our viewers to johann castro in 2009 when he was 9 years old. he suffered a met bottic growth. left him blind. but earned a fearless reputation. although he conquered his fear, unable to conquer the illness. a memorial for castro was set for friday night. a jewelry theft where the suspect pretends to be a family friend happened at many schools. the victims are 6, 7, and 8- year-old girls. >> reporter: gold necklaces are a family tradition in the mali
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nah family. but after a gold necklace was stolen, it was compromised. >> they told me to be careful. >> reporter: a woman recently came on to the campuses at the elementary schools and stole necklaces off three girls. in two cases, replaced them with costume jewelry. recently realized the cases were connected. >> she's targeting specific victims, in this case, they're all hispanic. >> it happened outside in the lunch area. another one. adults were around. this was the thing. it was with this person that was cunning. >> reporter: two of the schools in the unified school district which has since tightened its safety policies. >> in seeing this person, we know that it wasn't a person that was part of the community. >> reporter: police say one motivation is the price of gold. this jeweler said lighter gold
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change fetch about $50. >> any adult who approaches any child for whatever circumstances, they're not related, needs to be arrested. >> reporter: the woman described as a hispanic woman, medium height and weight with brown hair brings a 3-year-old boy with her. it's a reminder never to talk to strangers even if they say they're a friend of the family. maureen taylor, channel 2 news. what's believed to be the largest yellow diamond was sold today for $10.9 million. take a look with the telephone bidder that got the diamond in switzerland. the pair shaped 10010 karat. its yellow color caused by nitrogen impurities in the stone. for those who love to skate, better late than never. the pot is finally open for
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ice skating rink opened five days earlier than planned.
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at the civic park went under renovations and now has new vendors. lighter than originally planned. for saturday at 3 with ice skull sculpting. >> near 70 degrees in some cases today, but we will see changes by tend of the week. with the clear skies out there, the light winds, our temperatures falling off. take a look at what we have windwise. westerly breeze and winds between 5 and 10 miles per hour. 58 oakland and 58 san jose. temperatures up a few degrees from yesterday. 49 in napa. so a chilly start. i should say a chilly evening before we move tonight into tomorrow morning. patchy fog with the valley,
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cool start. afternoon temperatures this time of year and perhaps slightly cooler than what we felt today. changes are coming. look at the satellite view. the ridge of high pressure still in place. you can see it right here. it's going to begin to break down by friday morning most of us dealing with on and off showers. future cast on thursday morning. rain to the north of us. dealing with cloudy conditions, maybe a few sprinkles, late afternoon or early evening. scattered showers until friday night, could be in and out of those scattered showers through most of friday and into saturday morning so it could be a little soggy for the drive now and again. friday, not too bad. mostly clear skies expected overnight, 30s and 40 most cases. dealing with 60s once again.
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60 from oakland into danville. going to be a nice day. 65, san jose. peninsula, 64 redwood city. low 60s expected along the coast. we've got wednesday. we've got thursday. by thursday night, the big transition moves through. friday, saturday, sunday, going to be cool. going to be soggy. friday, we could get a break the first half of the day, but more rain expected by the evening hours and then tapers off sunday afternoon. >> rosemary, thank you. before we go, we want to update you on our top story. hundreds of people gathered on the cal campus as part of a general strike in a day of action. students speaking out against rising tuition costs and showing solidarity with the occupy movement. so far, the protest has been peaceful. no repeat of the violence we saw on campus last week. we'll bring you the latest with
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berkeley on tonight's 10:00 news over on channel 2. you can get updates at any time at thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll be here the next time news breaks. tmz is up next. #k
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