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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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protesters pitch tent at sprawl plaza tonight as thousands of demonstrators try to occupy the cal campus. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a huge rally just wrapped up at uc berkeley where as many as 5,000 protesters gathered tonight and defied campus authority by pitching tents on campus. we have team coverage on this developing story. ken wayne is on campus to show us what's been happening as the
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occupy movement tonight paid homage to the free speech movement. >> reporter: occupy oakland is back. there's a few tents that went up. the at -- the tents will likely stay here all night long. we want to show you a view of the crowd here. we had an early estimate of 5,000 people. i just talked to sheriff deputies that put the crowd more like 5,000 and there are still several thousand people here gathered at the plaza. no matter what the number and the actual turn out. the turn out here tonight has been impressive. >> this is the largest turn out that uc berkeley has had in decades. >> reporter: it's certainly the largest occupy demonstration on the berkeley campus. while other occupy protests
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focused on wall street bail outs, this one targeted the sprawling cost of a college education. >> i'm concerned about the fee hikes as well. >> reporter: students read a message from the uc chancellor. >> we're all gathered here and anger. >> at the state. >> at the state. >> reporter: the reason police action to shut down encampments in oakland, new york and other cities across the country seemed to have galvanized this movement, at least for now. >> there's really just right now, i think coast to coast this kind of mass energy and commitment to these occupations that is really inspiring. >> earlier hundreds of students marched through the streets of berkeley then on to the cal campus. they marched past other students who attended classes outside in a show of solidarity for today's day of action.
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>> i knew that cal had a reputation for protests but i didn't expect anything like this. >> reporter: one of the big questions within the movement is where does it go from here. >> i'm concerned, i've seen a will the of different demands online. i'm concerned that the movement is becoming very splintered and there's too many demands going on. >> back again live, you can see several officers gathered together here. we've seen a number of alameda county sheriff's deputies spread out around this area. as you can see they are not wearing helmets they are not carrying tear gas and they are not carrying shields. so they tell me they are not planning on moving in on the tents at all tonight. and we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. again the tents have been set up in the grassy area that's on the other side of the steps here at sprawl hall. they are sitting there and will probably stay there all night long. we'll have to wait and see how
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police respond tomorrow. ken wayne. the protesters at tonight's demonstrations are also upset with police for their use of force during this campus protest last wednesday. many feel that it was oppressive. within the past hour former u.s. labor secretary robert rice spoke to the crowd from the steps of sprawl hall. he invoked the name of mario savio one of the heros of berkeley's free speech movement. rice said savio's message is more important today than before. >> when you think that money is speech and corporations are people, they become extraordinarily important to protect the rights of ordinary citizen, of students of
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everybody else who doesn't have the money. >> reporter: rice wept on -- >> rice went on to say that because free speech is very expensive often people don't go on. campus police at uc berkeley shot a man today after university officials say he pulled out a gun. an alert staff member is being credited for first spotting the gun in the man's backpack. amber lee is live where the shooting happened. >> reporter: i just got off with campus police about 10 minutes ago, they tell me that the man shot at the haas school
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is in the hospital. university officials tell us that it does not appear that he has any ties to the occupy cal protest. he is a 30-year-old man and had surgery tonight. the sight and sound of an ambulance carrying away a man that was shot by campus police seemed to startle students. a university staff noticed the man when she got into the elevator with him. she noticed a gun in his backpack. he got off on the third floor and went into the lab, he reported him. >> i was on the phone, i heard shot and screaming. >> i heard someone say, drop the gun, and then i heard a shooting after that. >> i didn't move for a few seconds because i didn't want any stray bullets to get me. i figured it's better just to
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stay low. >> reporter: police acknowledged that the man pulled a gun out of his backpack and threatened the officers. >> the officers challenged the individual to drop the firearm, he did not. for the fear of their own safety they were forced to have to fire upon the individual. >> reporter: the police chief told me only one officer shot at the man but declined to say how many times. the police also say they are still trying to determine if the man has tied to the university. reporting live at the haas school of business, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the haas business school was evacuated after the shooting. take a look at this text alert it was sent to students shortly afterward. you can see it tells them a suspect is in custody and advises students to stay away from the area. for the first time in more than a month oakland's frank agawa plaza is unoccupied. we decided to check on the plaza late this afternoon as you can see here we found there was almost no one there. there is a sign though that says it is closed for cleaning. the city is planning to resaw
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the grass area at a cost of about $30,000. oak ran says the occupy protesters -- oakland says the occupy protesters can use the plaza for speeches and rallies but they cannot set up tents there. we notice had the a kaiser permanente office building is boarded up. the building is across from snow park where a few occupies have set up a second camp. people there said they're worried that police will come and break up their encampment. some three dozen officers are there and told ktvu they are monitoring the situation. the park in manhattan that has been home to the occupy wall street movement is free of tents tonight. new york police cleared out the campers this morning. coming up at 10:30, the legal back and forth over enforcing a ban on camping there and where the movement goes from here. and stay with ktvu for
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coverage. new at 10:00, a vote by the santa clara city council moves the 49ers one big step closer to building a new stadium in the south bay. lloyd lacuesta is live now in santa clara and tell us there are still hurdles ahead for the nearly $1 million project, lloyd. >> julie the 49ers football team has lost only one game this season. but the record is even better here at santa clara city hall. no losses at all. >> and that passes unanimously, thank you counselors. with little debate and no public comment, the santa clara city council tonight approved $10 million to prepare for the building of an nfl football stadium. >> well with a coin flip we got the ball and we're running with it. >> it goes to the ready vote for the great america amusement park for the construction of a 65,000 seat football stadium. >> and if the stadium project department go forward, we would still have the benefit of
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having a site now ready for some other development. >> reporter: the city is averting $4 million of redevelopment money and borrowing 6 million from the 49ers to fund the prep work. >> we're 100% committed to having the stadium at santa clara and we believe that the city has responded as well. >> reporter: this is all work that the voters approved when a ballot measure to build the stadium passed by a large margin last year. still, opponents are not giving up. >> we're concerned that this is going to be the beginning of a cycle of continued endebtedness for santa clara agencies. note that we still have no plans from the 49ers of how much money they're willing to pay for a stadium. >> reporter: that financing plan and perhaps a decision whether the 49ers plan to share the stadium with the oakland raiders are expected to come up for a public hearing early next month. live in santa clara, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight on our facebook wall we asked about building a
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new stadium in santa clara. ben writes they're still in the bay area and will always be the sf49ers, so i'm good with it. go niners. misty jones disagrees, i feel like no i'm from san jose, i'm a niner fan and i think they should stay where they belong at home in sf. tell us what you think on facebook. election officials are at work tonight in several bay area communities tabulating mail in ballots that will decide a variety of issues. first to contra costa county where voters have approved measure j. it aims to save doctors medical center. voters in the health care district were asked to approve a $47,000 parcel tax. because it's a tax, it needs a 2/3 majority to pass. it won 36% to 26%. doctors medical center handles 40,000er patients a year. the hospital is $20 million in
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debt. oakland also had a special mail in election. there are three ballot measures and voters are saying no to all of them. measure h would allow the city council to appoint the city attorney rather than having voters elect that person. it is being rejected by an overwhelming margin. measure i calls for an $80 a year property tax. the money would be used for oakland's public safety issues as well as park, libraries and infrastructure. mayor jean quan sent an e-mail tonight saying its failure means many services will be hurt and police will have a hard time replacing officers who retire. measure j would extend the payments for a retired police officer. measure j needs a simple majority to pass and it too is failing right now. young kids targeted by adult thief, the warning from police about crimes on school campuses. what the thieves are after and how they're getting away with it.
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back here in 10 minutes on tomorrow's forecast. we have fog to talk about. i'll pinpoint where that's going to be then i'll show you some showers in that five day forecast. and live pictures from uc berkeley, we are staying on top [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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in san jose police say they are seeing a spike in thieves targeting children. >> reporter: gold necklaces are a tradition in their family, but recently they've been targeted. san jose police recently realized the cases were connected. >> the method in which she's approaching the victim and targeting specific victims in this case they are all hispanic. >> reporter: it happened outside in the lunch area. another one was in the library. so you know, but adults were around. this is the thing, you know this person is very you know i want to say cunning. >> reporter: two of the schools are in the san jose unified school district which has since targeted. >> we believe it's connected
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because of the three schools. in seeing this person we know that it wasn't a person that was part of the community. >> reporter: police say one motivation is the price of gold. this jeweler says lighter gold chains fetch about $50. >> any adult who approaches any child for whatever circumstances they're not related needs to be arrested. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a hispanic woman in her 30s, medium height, medium weight with light hair who brings a three to 5-year- old boy with her. police say it's a reminder for parents to remind er to tell their children never to talk to strangers everyone strangers -- strangers even if they say they are related. a passer by shot video of the confrontation between 56- year-old randolph dunklin and police. the jury deadlocked on charges that he tried to assault
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another officer but he was found guilty of vandalism which led to the confrontation in the first place. a san francisco superior court ordered the woman accused of vandalizing alex tribeck's hotel. a police officer today said tissue was used to keep the room door from closing. investigators say tribeck told them he woke up to find the woman in his room then injured himself chasing her down the hallway. rogers is scheduled to a trial in july for her arraignment. as sal castaneda tells us the costly proposal is getting plenty of heat from both sides. >> reporter: today's high speed rail meeting was the first official place for public comment on the proposed plan to run bullet trains between the bay area and southern california. before the meeting union workers held a rally calling for construction to begin as
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soon as possible. >> let's get to work, let's start building this high speed rail. >> it's good for everybody, gives jobs, cuts down on pollution, cuts down on traffic. >> reporter: this man came to urge assembly members to stop the plan which he says will devastate everything in its path. >> several hundred homes will be destroyed, several hundred businesses will be destroyed. eight churches, one hospital, two schools. >> reporter: the plan has been criticized for everything from its path to skyrocketing costs. some say the money would be better used to improve airports or existing rail. but some government leaders say they are optimistic about the latest provision of the plan. they say an alternative mode of transportation is needed to serve the state's growing population. assemblyman jerry hill says he was eager to learn more about the plans viable financial and other wise. >> hopefully today will provide a lot of information so when it gets time to appropriate funds,
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when it gets time to look at the issue we'll have all the information to make that decision. >> reporter: the deadline is january 2012. in palo alto, sal castaneda, ktvu news. today apple named a successor. arthur levinson will serve as apple's nonchecktive chairman. levinson is currently the chairman of genenco. robert agger is named the new board member. he is currently with the walt disney company. tomorrow a film about steve jobs will open at theaters. the interview was filmed for a pbs series that was long thought to be lost but it was recently found in a garage in london. consumer spending sent
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stock markets up today the dow gained 17 points. the nasdaq rose almost 29. for much of the day the dow rallied up and down and fizzled at close. retail sales are up for the fifth month in a row. sales were up half a percent from the previous month. some analysts say it's a sign we might avoid another recession. and an economic forecast says the bay area should see an increase in jobs next year. according to beacon economics the east bay could add 22,000 jobs. another 17,000 in the south bay. and in san francisco nearly 18,000 jobs. but beacon says it'll take two years to regain the jobs lost during the rescission which is more than 200,000 -- recession which is more than 200,000. we're headed for a cooling trend. we have some showers in your
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bay area forecast. they're not going to be here tomorrow but what you will notice tomorrow temperatures will be 5 degrees cooler than what we had today. you will notice patchy valley fog as well. it's not a huge deal but it showed up this morning and yesterday morning. north bay, most impacted by this. you will see some fog in the east bay as well. overnight lows mid-30s to low 40s. daytime highs tomorrow in instead of upper 60s look for greens. those are 60s but these are basically mid-60s. you don't see any 70s and a little bit of 50 along the coast. when i come back we have the latest computer model run and it shows a big change for your bay area weekend and not for the better, i'll see you back here in a bit. it's that time of year again. walnut creek's downtown ice rink is now open for business. today's open comes five days late due to a malfunction with the ice making machine. the seasonal rank was recently renovated and now features expanded seating as well as new lighting and food vendors.
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the writing is on the wall. what happened today when the occupy movement came to san francisco state university and when students took their message into the administration
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a slow moving landslide in southern california is destroying a chunk of freeway. the road started moving back in september in san pedro. near by homes are not threatened but officials are worried about what may happen during the upcoming rainy season. a collapse in the area back in 1999 ended up destroying 16 acres. crabbers remain in port.
11:55 pm
they are waiting to fix a price. the season is stalled for another month after early tests show the crabs are too small to be caught right now. so far no word when local fishermen will start crabbing or if there will be fresh dungenous crab available. at uc protesters are sitting out over fee hikes. >> reporter: you can see some of the signs they wrote in chalk, signs of their growing frustration. and today's rally was big and loud burrelltively peaceful. for more than three hours students occupied the administration building to send not just one message but hundreds. each handwritten on a note to sf state university president robert corrigan. words of desperation, anger and
11:56 pm
concern about state budget cults to education and student fee hikes. >> i really don't have like the money to pay for these fee increases like my financial aid has pretty much been tapped out. >> reporter: the national, state, economy and politics have been too much. >> this whole country talks about how we pride ourselves on education and everybody should be entitled to it but that's not really what's happening. >> reporter: today's protest drew hundreds of students. >> everyone came together, we showed unity. >> reporter: students then madged to the president's office meeting with an associate dean. president corrigan is in florida. csu had $15 million in cuts this year and faces the possibility of another $100 million trigger cut next month. the state finances falter. at sf state that could mean
11:57 pm
class reductions, and unfilled positions. >> the president had been briefed on what was going on and that the students were peaceful. >> reporter: there was cooperation here between the staff and the students. the board of trustees plans to meet tomorrow again to talk about the budget and the students at sf state say they are planning another assembly for noon on thursday. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. news chopper 2 over uc berkeley right now. a huge crowd still gathered tr. the question what happens next? -- a [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save.
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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is? you might be able to make up the tops of a couple of trents that at the top of sprawl hall. i spoke to one of the protesters and he talked about why it was so important for them once again to set up the at the present times. >> we had a vote, and we had enough support from the people out here.
12:01 am
>> here is news chopper 2 showing the crowd. at one point police told me they expected or estimated rather there are probably about 5,000 people. i talked to some alameda county sheriff deputies who tell me that there are no plans tonight to try to move in on those tents and take them down. however we did hear from uc campus police person who said that they are still discussing what kind of plan of action they will take during the evening. however there are no officers dressed out in riot gear or anything like that and there's been no indication that there's going to be any attempt to shut down the tents that are set up here. so it looks like at this point it's going to be a rather peaceful night at least with no police action involved and that could change tomorrow. live at uc berkeley, ken wayne. at uc davis tonight hundreds of students remained inside after taking it over this afternoon. the students say the action is
12:02 am
in sol solidarity with the uc berkeley protest tonight. some members of the occupy movement are worried that police will try to move them out of area. mayor ed leavitted the site this morning and said he was disappointed with what he saw. he also is planning to meet with members of the group tomorrow and while the mayor hasn't said if or when police may move in against the camp, some occupiers say it is only a matter of time. while occupy encampments throughout the nation are slowly coming down it doesn't mean protesters will stop spreading their message. ktvu's rita williams looks at what's next for the occupy movement even after all the occupiers go home. >> we are the 99%. >> 99% of 312 million americans do the math. the potential is great. so why aren't there more people
12:03 am
at the occupy protest? >> you're not out here? >> i wish i could be. unfortunately i have to make my minimum wage job. >> are you part of the 99%? >> yeah. >> why aren't you out protesting? >> i'm too old. >> reporter: some folks tell us their hearts are with those who say they want to change the economy and distribution of wealth. >> i think they are tactics are missing the mark. they sort of alienation people. >> in the watershed movement, police shut down the flag ship occupy wall street camp today and we learned police chiefs in some 40 cities had been talking to each other about nonviolent ways to do this. >> now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their argument. >> you can't evict an idea. >> the occupy movement without question has started the conversation. >> reporter: and uc berkeley professor says millions of people now are talking about change. >> where it goes next is an open question but it clearly
12:04 am
has had a historic role and it may just be beginning. >> some analyst say whether you call it occupy or not the movement cannot be stopped. that here as elsewhere in the world, people are rising. in oakland, rita williams. santa rosa has planned to for the tents but that has gone down. the city council late this evening approved the new tough smoking ordnance. it now includes city beaches and construction sites. it also bans smoking in mall walkways. that part of the ban will go into effect in january of next year. smokes is to be prohibited in
12:05 am
multi rental facilities like balconies and porches. -- if approved the move is expected to save the city about a million dollars a year. the police department has shrunk dramatically in recent years and currently has 21 officers. anthem blue cross is facing another lawsuit by angry policyholders. this time people are complaining about bait and switch contracts they say allow anthem blue cross to raise rates just months after the contracts are signed. attorneys for the consumer watch group say that's not legal. a blue cross spokesman said all changes were made with the knowledge of state regulators. this thanksgiving you may use canned pumpkin and cream corn. now researchers say they have found high levels of bpa in several can foods that they tested. those includes campbells cream of mushroom soup, libby's pumpkin and del monte's creamy
12:06 am
canned corn. the chemical is used to line cans. for a full look at this report you can go to and click on web links. a recall of raw milk and raw milk products tonight after five california children got sick with e.coli. state officials are recalling products from fresno county. the products include milk, butter, cream and qephor. they say five children including at least one in contra costa county all got sick between august and october after drinking unpasteurized milk from that dairy. a freeway mystery. the search for clues after a mother of two is hit and killed on a busy east bay freeway. i'm back here in 10 minutes, i have tomorrow's forecast. we're going to talk about that but we also have some rain in that five day forecast, i'll talk about that as well.
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and a
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announcer: abandoned and lost... [siren wailin
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from the dark cold streets of the city... a cage in the local shelter... heaven...your lap... transportation officials are calling for a safety review of the foundation of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this comes just a few days after a caltrans technician who worked on the bridge was fired for falsifying inspection data on three other projects. today the heads of the bay area toll authority, the california transportation commission and caltranss all said they want an independent panel of experts to perform a thorough review of inspection records on the new bridge that is still under construction. the highway patrol is asking for the public's help tonight to solve the case of a
12:10 am
woman found dead along interstate 680 in contra costa county. the body of roma bhatia was discovered just south of bolinger county road. she had been hit by a vehicle. investigators hope someone will come forward with information so they can discover why the woman was walking along the freeway and how she was hit. relatives say they are planning a memorial for this saturday. another twist tonight in the sex scandal at penn state university. in an e-mail released today assistant coach mike mcquery claims he did go to police when he saw former defensive coach jerry sandusky sexually accusing a boy. that contradict as grand jury report that says he only reported the incident to then coach joe paterno. that e-mail reads, i did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. he also said no one could imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30 to
12:11 am
45 seconds. in news of the world tonight in india, angry crowds torched the crowd that ran over and killed a 25-year-old man. police say the driver ran away before the truck caught fire and has not been arrested. the truck was speeding when a fire truck and police arrived at the scene. the crowds attacked them as well. police also complained that heavy trucks often speed through their town. in syria, president asad is losing the support of another key ally, turkey. the prime minister of turkey says no regime can survive by killing or jailing. referring to syria's brutal crack down on people who oppose azad. the death toll from yesterday's violence has now gone up to 90. it was one of the bloodiest days of the 8 -month-old uprising. in hong kong, customs officials showed off a record show of rhino horns and ivory. the 33 rhino horns and ivory chop sticks and bracelets with worth more than $2 million. they were in a shipping
12:12 am
containers that came from south africa. so far no arrests have been made. authorities say they were probably destined for sale around asian. facebook says it's removed most of the porn and extremely violent images that spread across the site over the last few days. facebook security team is trying to track down who started the hack attack. users were tricked into spreading the content by copying and pasting the code into their browser bars. no private information was compromised. there's a link between playing a lot of video games and addictions. those who played nine hours a week had changes in the brain similar to those of addicted gamblers. researchers say this is the first study that correlates changes in the brain to video gaming. a novel tactic to deal with an occupy encampment in one bay area city. what we found when
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
happening now another live look from chopper 2 over sprawl plaza on the campus of the university of california berkeley. most of the estimated 5,000 people gathered there tonight for an occupy rally left within the past hour after hearing the speech from former labor secretary robert rice. in the past 15 minutes or so, we've seen a dance party break out on the steps of sprawl hall. you can kind of make out a little bit there some of the folks dancing. there's still a pretty big crowd. you can also see the protesters have set up about a dozen at tents there in defiance of university orders. as we first told you last
12:16 am
week, protesters cheered when santa rosa council agreed to give out permits for campers. >> reporter: in an effort to regain control over the area -- >> fill out all three pages here. >> reporter: city officials are now requiring occupiers to get a camping permit. >> we have 67 camp site aepbs we're allowing four individuals on the four person tent on the site. >> i think the city wants to box us in, and prevent us from enacting any sort of proper civil disobedience. >> the permit is good for 15 days and is issued to the person not the tent. and it comes with several restrictions including what size at -- size tent is allowed. >> it was buying time and going along with the process. because we are -- it's called a camping permit and in fact, we are not camping we're occupying. >> reporter: but if the city
12:17 am
decides to continue to process a person can reapply for a new permit. but they must do so before the current one expires. however most within the encampment say they will not go along with the permits process but also won't stay in the way of those who decide to get one. >> if they want to go through the permit process and have their information filed, cataloged, stored and make visible for anyone passing through the camp, they can do that whenever they want. >> reporter: most people feel they will be kicked out any day now. so far the city has given out 30 permits. i'm paul chamber, ktvu channel 2 news. an inspirational boy from san francisco who touched the lives from throughout the bay area has died. tonight his school is preparing for his memorial. we first introduced you to him
12:18 am
a -- introduced you to jolan castro a few years ago. although he conquered his fears he was not able to conquer his illness. a memorial is set for saturday night. high pressure ridges has kept us warm the last few days. it's starting to break down. it's going to be another nice one tomorrow. this area is just starting to shoot down. that's the beginning of a big change for the bay area weather. tonight looks nice as we've already talked about. thursday increasing clouds, reign does not want to start until thursday night. basically we have a cool night in the north bay valleys. valley fog back in the forecast as it was this morning. so look out for that as you head off to work tomorrow morning or to school. give yourself a little more time because that was out toward fairfax and wood acre it's going to be slow going when that fog setting up.
12:19 am
weather system to the north, that drops in. you can see the reach of it. see it flattening out here. this is the center that's going to drop here on friday. then it's going to open the door for what's to come on sunday. at least that's how it looks like right now. tomorrow more of the same. patchy valley fog, the system i'm tracking is still a few hours away. so it's not going to get here right away. but when it does get here on friday, it's going to drop temperatures significantly, a few scattered showers it does not look like a big rain producer because it's a cold weather system. cold air, cold storms, don't usually dump a lot of rain. what we could see from this is low snow levels, probably see a snow advisory out there on friday. you will be able to get some things done on friday but the umbrellas will be needed for a time. both of those commutes could have a little wet on the roadway, friday, thursday a day marked with increasing clouds. so the computer model does
12:20 am
this. that's tomorrow, a little fog offshore. we go to thursday, see how the showers drop in. thursday evening we get some humidity. here comes the cold air and showers, there's friday as we go into friday morning. that's the morning commute might be a little wet in the north bay. then friday evening things taper off. sunday you'll see this in the five day forecast, more powerful weather system moves in here and we'll most certainly bring more rain and more snow to the mountains. we're going into a stormy period here it looks. toward the holiday week. we'll watch it for you. cooler than it was today for your weekend. looks like this, showers start on thursday night into friday morning. saturday looks okay, saturday night rain, sunday rain. that looks like the real deal for steve paulson will be here in the morning and they'll be
12:21 am
looking at the computer models. and next week looks like winter. >> for thanksgiving. >> yeah, sunday is the opening salvo. congress is moving toward ending the million dollars bonuses that are paid to executives paid to fannie mae and freddie mac. legislation approved by a house committee should would stop bonuses and put their pay with other federal workers who make a lot less. the bill is expected to pass both houses. the world's largest yellow diamond went under the hammer today and sold for $9.9 million. a telephone bidder bought this diamond weighing 110-carats in geneva. it was a record prize. the pear shaped stone was discovered in south africa last year. it's bright yellow color comes #k
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
california's christmas tree arrived today at the state
12:25 am
capital. getting a similar tree to your house would cost about $20,000. in this case the tree and transportation were donated. >> it's a big move. mark ibanez join us now, some college basketball history made tonight. >> yeah, bound to happen sooner or later. when he's been around this long. you think of any college basketball teaching legend, bobly knight. as of tonight none of them with more division one games won than coach mike sheshesky. doing it against his buddy tom izzo. and boozer offering his support. duke does it with today's guyses down on the court, andre dockins. hot hands inside. it's miles plumley behind the back for ryan kelly. nicely done, put it done.
12:26 am
there you have it 903 coaching wins to pass bobby knight who was on hand. the all time leader now. cal played a school by the name of austin pie. and cal happy to show them some hospitality. getting it to richard solomo in and 14 for gutierrez and 14 points to go with it. a steal and a lay in, and the bears now 3-0. austin pie taking the last train back to clarksville. stanford also had it going, give it the long and short of it. here is the long how about this? 65-footer by gabe harris. you have to see that again. sanford closing out the first tap on 11-2 run. that's nice. doesn't get much better than
12:27 am
that. but they played some nice defense. josh owens will steal it for the cardinals and the break away 64-52 cardinals moving on in that tournament. usually baseball's major awards evoke a lot of friendsly back and forth conversation. who's more deserving and such. not with this year's american league cy young award. no room for discussion. detroit's verlander clearly the best pitcher in the league. tops an all important cat tkpwoeurs, wins, he also threw a no -- categories, wins, he also threw a no hitter. the american league most valuable player. we will see, that is the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> that curve he throws. >> he can throw it all, he's thrown 100 miles per hour as well with his fast ball. so he can do it all. >> speedy. all right. mark thank you. >> thanks, mark. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
12:28 am
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