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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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why he's now in jail facing deportation. we expose the personal information of more than 4 million people with the staff of a doctor's office. that's coming up. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's wednesday november 16th. this is bay area news at 7:00. at this hour san francisco police are telling us they cleared out all the protestors who occupied a bank of america branch. officers are now processing the dozens who were arrested for occupying that branch. the 100 people stormed into the bank just after 2:00 p.m.. they stood inside chanting, we are the t 9 per -- 99 percent. some wrote gra anity and vanld liezed the bank.
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police scuffled with some of the protestors. >> i guess the goal is to get attention towards the fact that the banks are benefit from the crisis and from the -- from accumulating student debt. >> police expect about 70 to 80 people will be arrested when it's all said and done. most of them will be charged with trespassing. it all started with hundreds of college students marching from the financial district to the state building in san francisco. the group is organized and peaceful. they're upset about constitution hikes tuition hikes and cuts to public education. the board of trustees for cal state university approved a nine percent tuition hike today december priet -- despite the demonstration. three people were officered -- arrested.
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they raised tuition to $5,970 a yeerp. more budget cuts may be looming for higher education in california after a new report warns of a massive shortfall in sacramento. they are projecting a shortfall that begins just july. a second report to be issued by the to department -- by the department of finance may be having spending cuts. if that happens, state of california and cal state would be cut by $100 million. students at uk berkeley's occupy cal movement are being warned to take down their tents or face consequences. we spoke with police about their plan. >> reporter: they passed the day making music, studying and cleaning up at their camp. every hour they hear the same
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message on the bull horn. >> i am ordering you to remove all tents and other camping equipment. failure to do so you may be subject to citation or an arrest. >> >> reporter: not a single person budges. they brought in dirt to make it for difficult for authorities to move the tents. >> people are going to stand and we are going to lock arms and we will block the tents from them. >> reporter: students drove in to support the students. students who aren't camping are coming in between classes. >> if there's not enough people here the police might think they can come in and remove people. >> reporter: the chief is aware of the out raj and concern -- out rage and concern. today there was an increase police presence. >> at this point we're looking at all possibilities to make sure that the course action that we take is efficient, effective and safe. >> reporter: students are allow
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today demonstrate around the clock but it's against university policy to camp with tents. >> we're working with the administrators, however i can i -- i can't tell you the plans. >> reporter: police are not willing to share when they plan to move in. democratnstrators don't seem b -- seem to be bothered at all. many are willing to get arrested. we're learning new information about this cal student shot and killed by campus police at the university of california berkeley. 32-year-old christopher travs died late last night. he transferred to cal and was a business student. police say travis brought a loaded gun into a computer lab yesterday and pointed it at police when officers confronted him. there were a number of students inside the classroom. the shooting was cap purred on -- captured on video. >> i'm not sure what he did, if he dropped it or not.
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they did yell like, drop the gun, about three times. >> police say they do not know why travis brought the gun with him to school or what his intenses were -- intenses were. he previousesly worked -- he previously worked as a security guard. >> new at 7:00, one protes to arrested early monday when police raided the occupy oakland end campment remains rebind be right back behind bars tonight. he is being held because of his immigration status. >> reporter: the peace acceleratetytive -- activist will be spending a third night behind the wire. we tried to speak with him but we need to make an appointment. a meditation circle outside the courtroom mimics the action of the department that this group came to support. . >> this is unauthorized meditation, what we're talking bt. >> monday morning he was sitting in meditation when he was one of
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32 people arrested at the occupy oakland camp. today the alameda county da decided not to file charges. yet the peace activist is still in jail tonight. he's been flagged by immigration for possible immigration vie lalgss -- violations. >> there is no legal requirement that alameda county honor ice detention requests >> reporter: a spokesman told us it's the sheriff's position that he does not have the authority to release anyone on a federal hold, even a peace activist. >> this case shows us why our immigration system is to broken and so in need of reform and tran more mags -- trance formation. >> he came to the u.s. on a via -- visa but dropped out over concern his work might produce weapons. he allowed himself to be arrested this week to make a
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statement about peace, not immigration reform. >> are you a citizen because someone gives you a piece of paper or are you a citizen by action? he's 100 percent a citizen of america. >> reporter: now, ice has two days to pick him up. i spoke with one of ice's spokes people tonight. she told me that a hold does not necessarily mean an automatic deportation, there's a process for that and every case is different. san francisco city officials are talking tough tonight about the occupy end campment leaving some to speculate a crack down is coming. the major ed lee said he wants to see immediate compliance with health and safety codes. about 200 people are camped out on the plaza and that has health oh officials concerned. >> there's the possibility that people can transmit respiratory infections is the concern. >> police removed 15 tents just
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across from the play san antonio. the -- plaza. the may mayor said the end campment cannot expand. you can go to for more coverage. an alameda county jury convicted a union city man of trying to kill an under cover police officer. in august of 2010 police officers were trying to arrest andrew bar end to when officers say he pulled out a gun and shot at the under officer ten times. he then took offshooting into cars and carjacking a vehicle. the officer was gravely wounded but survived. he faces 50 years to life when he's sentenced next month. the woman accused of breaking into a hotel room is set to answer to charges november 29th. a judge has ruled there is enough evidence to put her on trial. the host of the tv show jeopardy said he
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woke up to find her in his room in july. authorities say he stole a bracelet, purse and wallet. it's not the kind of thing you see every day. how one art piece was returned apparently by the same person who swiped it. children's hospital oakland is trying to term how a 4-year-old stock ton boy died during dental surgery last friday. germane harrison was given an oral an anesthetic but he ner -- he never woke up. they gave him the an stet i can even though he wasn't suppose today receive because it -- supposed to receive it because of a heart condition. he had a pacemaker installed. an autopsy is not expected to be due for about a month. a north bay college student was sentenced today in a fatal case of texting while driving. she is sentenced to 120 day ins
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custody -- days in custody. she'll spend five days in jail and the rest under house arrest. authorities say that she was texting when she hit the 2-year-old girl and her mother last december. murray was serious ri hurt, her -- seriously hurt. her husband calls the sentence too lenient. >> i think there should have been more time in jail. i don't get to make that choice and it hurts. >> she must also perform community service and pay restitution. a new report from the university of pacific says the bay area should have more economic growth next summer. the east bay, san francisco will grow 1.6 percent. the south bay will grow 1.9 percent. experts say the east bay will take the longest to see a rebound in jobs because that's where the housing bubble and unemployment hit the harders. the price of oil is back
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above $100 a barrel since july. oil is up 26 percent since the end of july. it hurt stock prices on wall street. it sent the dow 190 points lower. nasdaq fell 46. the bay area's special crab season is in limbo tonight. they were unable to agree on a price. the season officially started yesterday. so far no boats are going out and there's no indication on when a deal may be reached. both sides admit the pressure is mounting for an agreement. a computer is stolen, compromising the health information of 4 million people. we'll tell you which bay area hospitals and clinics are involved. a woman came into the store, stole this painting off the wall, took it home and then brought it back. still ahead, we'll explain why. our dry and mild pattern is
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fading quickly. coming up, the temperature change you can expect for thursday and when shower chances will be added to the bay area forecast. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions! with jcp cash get 10, 15 or $20 off...storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash get 10, 15 or $20 off...storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. tenants at a mobile home park held a march today. they say the sewage system backs up when it rains an floods into their homes. ten ants -- tenants want the owners to make repairs. the owners say they have. they have set up a system for written complaints. officials at suter health say a computer has been stolen containing day da on more than -- data on more than 4 million patients. >> reporter: suter health officials say the computer was stolen last month and it took
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this long to determine which patient information was stolen. the computer had data on 4.25 until patients, many who live in the -- patients, many who live in the bay area. >> i'm concerned about it. i think that needs to be addressed by the administration and more steps are taken. >> it looks like someone smashed the window, took the computer, monitors, keyboard, office chair and telephone >> reporter: they say the stolen computer had patient information dating from 1995 to 2011 end colluding patient -- including patient name, address phone number and medical record number. another 943,000 patients had diagnosis in the data base. >> my name was on that computer. >> reporter: some patients say they've already been notified and suter health should do more to protect their privacy. >> that's really out ray yous to me. i think that's -- out ray ieus. i think that's crazy. >> it did not contain financial
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information or social security numbers. it was password protected by the stolen data was not incrypted. it effects many patients. suter health officials tell me that they are rushing now to end crypt all patients informs at all of the medical centers in the system. they urge patient to call them to see if their information was on that stolen data base. energy secretary steve chu is set to testify tomorrow at a house committee hearing on failed fremont stolen panel maker. the energy department today released exerts of his prepared testimony. he says the government's loan to solyndra was subject to debate before it
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was approved. he was disappointed at their bankruptcy. they're investigating whether they benefitted from it. a man is scheduled to make his first court appear tomorrow after firing a rifle at the white house on friday. 21-year-old oscar was arrested at a hotel about 70 miles east of pittsburgh. they believe this is the same man that fired an ak-47 at the white house friday night. president omaba was out of town at the time. his family reported him missing two weeks ago. he has a history of strange behey your. google launched a new product that will help afternoon it's -- afternoon it's down load music service. some songs are free, others are priced up to 1.30. the songs are up leaded
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-- up load intoed a -- -- up loaded sloo -- into a lock every. -- locker. this afternoon the arts commission determined to terminate an arrest. they awarded tom two projects worth 1.4 million. back in the 70s he produced work in which he killed a dog on film. since then he's expressed remorse. when his history came to light the commissioners put the contracts on hold. today they decided to scrap one project but allow him to continue working on a skullture for the hospital. a limited edition painting that was stolen off the wall of a east bay art rs shop has been returned. how old and new media both played roles in getting that paint ts back. >> reporter: how this painting got back on the wall of the art shop is quite a tail that begins on halloween. >> this lady came many with her son -- came in with her son and
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infant. the son was dressed at jason. >> reporter: surveillance cameras recorded the woman dressed as a bumblebee checking out disney items and chatting with the owner. then her son pointed at the print. >> worth how much? >> $425. >> she takes the blankets from her stroller, takes a piece of art off the wall and slides it in the stroller, then slips the -- then flip it is towelling back on it and then looks back at the camera. sglsh the owner notices the blank spot and calls the sheriff and the newspaper. the paper comes out with her foe though there on the front page. the calls start coming. seems everyone knows the 25-year-old hayward woman. she b -- she even posted a picture of her and her son wearing the same
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costumes on her facebook page. >> she comes walking in and sits it on the counter then she apologizes for stealing it and blames it on the committee, it's hard to get a -- economy, it's hard to get a job >> reporter: she asked him not to press charges, he agreed. >> i think it was definitely stupid. restore my faith, we still have the cameras running. the sheriffs told me if it wsht -- weren't for this story, this kiem -- crime wouldn't have been solved. >> reporter: since no charges have been filed we choose not to show the woman's face or use her name. transit is holding a public hearing on its plan to cut service on a mayor bus route to save money. they are considering changes to express service over the doesn't bar bridge. the db 3 line is í set for elimination by december 16th and the plan calls for reduced
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later this week congress is expected to give final approval to nasa's first budget. it gives the spaceage si money for the next fiscal year. that include 3 billion to take astro naughts far beyond the earth's orbits. mark is here. were starting to see some changing tomorrow. >> when you step outside tomorrow you will notice that change with the temperatures dropping off quite a bit. more clouds and some rain drops will be approaching the bay area. right now on the maps i can show you this, you can pick out some rain showers. not here just yet but beginning to move into northern california. this was the scene earlier this afternoon. this is looking at the golden gait bridge. some dense fog this afternoon, mainly in the 50s.
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this fog has lifted a little bit over the fast few hours. over night lows, tomorrow morning mainly in the 40s. coolest locations in the 40s. san francisco at 49, san owe se, 46 -- san jose 46. the advertised cool down will compare to the reading from today. it was al fairly nice afternoon out there, upper 60s to lower 70s. santa rosa back down at 59, liver more in the lower 60s. the warmest locations are only topping out in the lower 60s. this weather system is moving in from the north. increasing clouds for you thursday. chance of a few splings and -- sprinkles around temperatures coming down. 50s on friday. with the cold air moving in, snow level coming down potentially as low as 2500
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feet. here's our updated forecast. some clouds will start out your thursday morning. into the afternoon hour it is chance of a few sprinkles but by this time tomorrow night we should have a few scattered showers. tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies. by 12 o'clock mostly cloudy. temperatures for the afternoon basically back up into the 50s to lower 60s. we'll get to that coming up. we do have -- there you can see it. with the few rain clouds coming in we have some rain saturday and into sunday. a paternity suit against justin bieber has been dropped. according to an attorney for a woman claiming bieber is the father of her baby, both sides are trying to resolve the murder out of the -- out of court. bieber said he would take a paternity test. he denies he fathered the child. bradley cooper has been named people's magazine sexiest man alive. they say the
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46-year-old -- 36-year-old actor isn't just good looking, he's smart and spaeks french. he said that his mom would be so happy. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu news channel 2. we'll see you the next time news breaks. tmz is up next here on tv 36. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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