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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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four days without power due to a wind storm. why some families are now getting back to normal. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. the wait is over for some in santa cruz county who have been without power for days after high winds whipped through the area last week.
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ktvu's maureen naylor where ktvu news crews are finally making progress. >> reporter: everyone affects by last wednesday's wind storm has their power back on tonight. that was not the case earlier today there were still about 1,300 people without power. but in the last four hours we've seen them all get their power back. >> wednesday's night of fear and terror in the trees as i've been calling the event sponsored by mother nature. >> reporter: we found this pg & e crew working 16 hour days. >> just trying to work as safe and fast as we can to get the job done. >> reporter: after a redwood tree fell taking several power lines with it. >> it's been four days we've been without power. pg & e said today but it hasn't been today. you can hear the buzz of generators all throughout the whole mountain. >> reporter: sometimes we get to watch cartoons but now we can't watch them because
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there's no power. and so, i'm looking forward to the power coming up. >> reporter: she doesn't have to wait much longer, just minutes later after a click from pg & e, the larue family was able to come home with power on in days. and all was merry and bright. >> we had just put the christmas tree up and we lost the power. >> reporter: at 6:00 this evening, a welcomed more silent night. >> quiet time now. >> yeah, finally. five days later. >> reporter: and four days after this key rout was blocked it finally reopened to cars today. >> especially we had some trees near the ground outside the house so it was really scary. but tonight, they are glad the drama is over. reporting live in felton, maureen naylor, ktvu. nows are still without power after hurricane forced winds hit that area on
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wednesday. trees and power lines were downed by the devastating winds. the utility company says it hopes to have everyone's power restored there. but high winds are expected to return to that area and blow through thursday evening. back here in the bay area. the winds are beginning to pick up again tonight. mark tamayo joins us now with details on an advisory for parts of the bay area. >> we have been tracking winds. the next one not as strong as a few days ago. but still winds will be ramping up. not too extreme just yet. expect for mount diablo where you would expect a wind gust of 30 miles per hour. that's just over 3,800 feet. a wind advisory in place for the east bay hills. just started at 10:00 this evening. lasting until 10:00 tomorrow morning. out toward solano county. this ends tomorrow afternoon at 10:00. winds could be gusting to 35
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miles per hour. the strongest winds are still set to move into the region later tonight into early tomorrow morning. closer to sea level. closer to the surface we could have winds at 32 with 30 miles per hour. once again winds ramping up in the short term. in addition to the winds. we have some cold numbers to talk about. we'll show you the areas that will be down to about the freezing level. a fire in san francisco's tenderloin district has left dozens of families homeless tonight. families are seeking shelter all because of what firefighters describe as one careless act. >> reporter: i'm at the city of refuge church where people have checked in. dozens of people are sleeping here tonight, because they have nowhere to go. >> my pjs.
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my laptop so i can work on my home work. >> reporter: the 16-year-old is one of the residents of this 40 unit apartment complex on eddy street where the fire broke out at 8:00 this morning. >> the bathroom was burned and part of the closet was burned down too. but i guess i was more fortunate because there were other apartments that were more badly burned. >> reporter: clean up crewed vacuumed water logged apartments. >> somebody just started cigarette in the light well. got the debris going in the wall. >> reporter: the 100 or so residents could not stay here tonight. >> our parents are really worried, they're really devastated because they don't know what to do next. >> reporter: many of the residents who came to the shelter were vietnamese, chinese and latinos so translators were brought in.
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>> they're taking it one thing at a time. we keep telling them, this is what you need to do next. >> reporter: kimberly is grateful for the red cross. >> without them we wouldn't even have a shelter or we -- everything would be in chaos because we wouldn't know what to do next. >> reporter: it is unknown how long these people would have to stay here. as far as the investigation goes. fire officials have not yet been able to identify the person who threw the cigarette into the light well. reporting live from san francisco, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. an apartment building in berkeley severely damaged by a five alarm fire last month is almost completely torn down now. just part of an exterior wall and pile of debris remains there now. that fire was so intense last month that engineers recommended the entire building
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be torn down tomorrow. 70 people, many uc berkeley students lost their home. a rapid response to an apartment helped them save the building but two families are out of their homes tonight. firefighters saw heavy smoke and flames when they arrived about 10:00 this morning. everyone was able to get out of that building safely. fire officials have not identified a cause but say it does not appear suspicious. about a dozen people marched down 73rd avenue in honor of baby hirum lawrence. lawrence is just shy of his second birthday. he was caught in the cross fire of a mass shooting. he remains in critical condition at oakland children's hospital. >> it's very sad to where all these kids have been shot. babies getting shot. this has got to stop. >> reporter: march organizers were collecting money for a
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trust fund set up to help hyrum's family with his medical care. donations in his name can be made at the bank of the west or you can go to to learn how to help. as ktvu's laurane blanco reports, violent crimes have declined. >> reporter: at pacific east mall at pierce street, a man shot another man at a huka bar. when he was younger he didn't have time to get into trouble. >> these young kids instead of walking around on the street all day, they need jobs. they need some kind of schooling to prepare them for jobs. >> reporter: although homicides are slightly up, crime in
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general has been going down and she thinks communitity policing has helped. >> we routinely go to community meetings to listen to the concerns. and we hope that people will come and bring those concerns to us that we can work together to solve the problems here. >> reporter: in january 2009, parishioners dodged bullets. today they are stronger than ever. preaching against violence in church and encouraging the same at home. >> each parent should take their children and talk to the children about this violence. because we have to stop it. and somehow, some way we're going to stop it. by the help of the good lord, we're going to stop it. >> reporter: police are still looking for a suspect in the huka shooting. they don't have a description at this time but they believe he left in a lexus coupe with two people all in their 30s. we have new video to show you tonight at an accident at
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at&t park during a high school football game. take a look, a viewer sent us this you tube video of people crawling to the field after a rail collapsed during last night's title game between st. ignacious and catholic. no one needed to be taken to the hospital. a suspected shoplifter is under arrest tonight after two good samaritans and two good samaritans are being praised for tackling the suspect in a nordstrom department store. about 8:30 last night, bryan black was seen running out of the store with purses. when police arrived they
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arrested black but his female companion and a person driving the get away car got away. >> the sacramento bee report that is the regional campaign cost $7.2 million this year with $2.6 million slated for next year. that's on top of a $9 million contract with a global public relations firm. so it's about $19 million total. one lawmaker is questioning why there's such a need to sell the high speed rail project which voters approved. gas prices are going down around the country. according to a new lundburg survey, gas prices have dropped 9-cents a gallon to about $3.25 a gallon. here in the bay area prices are higher. according to aaa san francisco gas is averaging 3.72 a gallon. in oakland it's about $3.65. while the prices have dropped, they are still about 40 to 60-
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cents higher than last december. the struggling u.s. postal service is expected to announce major changes tomorrow. facing a $14.1 billion deficit next year, the agency has come up with a new cost cutting plan. that plan includes eliminating next day delivery. also closing roughly half of the 500 mail processing centers all across the country. that plan which is set to be implemented is expected to save the postal service about $3 billion. more tension between police and protesters tonight. this time at the occupy dc demonstration. >> i'm not resisting. >> come on guys. about two dozen people were arrested this afternoon. now it all started with this wooden structure built by protesters at mcpherson's square. police ordered protesters to
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dis dismantle the structure. some had to be removed with the help of a bucket truck. >> the san francisco encampment remains. there had been a deadline for protesters to clear out but it has come and gone. police brought barricades but took them down a short time later. it is the heart of bay area shopping, police are now stepping up their patrols who they are keeping their eyes on. also, it has been there for years, you've probably seen it. the days could be numbered for that famous yahoo sign, where it could be seen next. the program that seeks to [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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with the holiday shopping season well under way, many people spent the day at san francisco's union square. but as ktvu's paul chambers reports along with the shoppers there are also police looking out for what some call a growing problem. >> reporter: it's 21 days till christmas and the holiday rush is upon us. san francisco's union square is a prime location for shopping, which is also a place where a lot of pan handling will take place. >> i think they can be a little aggressive. sometimes they come up to you and interrupt whatever you may be enjoying at the moment.
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>> follows the money, and certainly we have more people coming to union square this time of the year. >> reporter: today the mobile command center was posted in the area. this may be part of the police and union square improvement. now just asking for money isn't illegal. but when the panhandler follows and threatens a person it becomes aggressive pan handling and that will not be allowed. >> what police focus on and what our staff focus on is trying to eliminate those people who are out there very aggressively. >> reporter: police will handle aggressive pan handling on a case by case basis. all those many people point out pan handling is a problem, most people we talked to said today this time of year is the time to be generous. and don't mind regular pan handling. >> i hope it does bring awareness to the homelessness in this country.
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and people more aware of it and help. >> reporter: city leaders say they will be more vigilant on the streets this holiday season. sales were up over the holiday weekend compared to last year. the national retail federation projects $7.4 billion more was spent during the four days of shopping compared to 2010. it was estimated sales were up 20% on black friday and 33% on cyber monday. a legal set back for apple after a federal judge rejected its request to ban the sale of some samsung products. apple wanted the sale of the
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samsung tablet. if eastbound approach to the bay bridge you've probably seen the 1950s style yahoo sign. seems that billboard may soon be a thing of the past. yahoo says it plans to take down the sign this month as it focuses on new ways to market the company. a sale today at one supermarket brought sadness and not just to some shoppers. andronico's is holding a store closing sale. the store is one of the handful remaining in the 82-year-old super market chain. one store shopper was moved to tears today as she saw the empty shelves. >> something came over me like a sadness, like saying goodbye to an old friend. the clerk and all the staff, so
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wonderful, nice. and i'm going to miss them so much -z. >> reporter: a clerk at andronico's said today the store is expected to close december 18th but that date is not firm. some of the long term workers are expected to move to other stores and it is not clear how many jobs will be lost. shorts have released the names of two of three people killed yesterday on bay area train tracks. shortly after noon a train struck a woman near the caltrain at menlo park station. the coroner has now identified her as 27-year-old jane cox of fulsome. an hour before a man was struck in palo alto. he remains unidentified tonight. also yesterday morning, in fremont a man identified as 47- year-old gary patrick carter tried to catch one of his dogs that had gotten lose. both he and the dog were killed by an amtrak train. that accident happened on the union pacific tracks south of stevenson boulevard.
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east bay drivers on highway 4 may soon need to find an alternative rout. all onramps and off ramps could be under construction by this time next year. it's all part of a project to widen that part of the freeway by 2015. officials are already working to distribute notices on the project throughout the city. a man is in critical condition tonight. james brace said he heard a car crash into the pole just across the street. that car caught fire. trapping the driver. brace says that's when he jumped into action and used the knife to cut the driver's seat belt and pull the man out. >> i just thought to myself, am i going to watch this man die. am i going to get this far and not be able to save him. so i did what i had to do. >> reporter: two passengers got out of the car on their own
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they are said to be doing okay tonight. as thousands of american soldiers returned from iraq and afghanistan they are finding a new battle here at home. fighting for a job. now with casey stegal reports, there are some programs helping vets become the new generation of farmers. >> reporter: tucked away on the hillside north of san diego troops are preparing for civilian job. >> we're trained to squeeze the trigger, to do those kind of thins but we're also trained to be very good leaders. >> reporter: collin a decorated veteran himself saw this as a golden opportunity. >> what we are trying to do is take those leadership skills, match them with the job sector. >> reporter: he and his wife started the v tech program. >> this is a steppingstone for
11:52 pm
myself because now i'm hearing in this particular course, the lingo of the farming industry as well as business plan. >> reporter: the department of agriculture estimates that half or farmers will be retiring. >> for me it's the perfect moment. it's absolutely amazing. >> mike hanes is just one of the success stories upon his graduation he created his own super food product line including this hot sauce that's now being sold in a national grocery store chain. >> i never would have thought this would have happened. so to see that on the shelf the first day today just really took me back a couple of steps and i said wow it's happening. >> you can't peddle to the giant marine bay is just until the background and essentially borders this line. the transition assistant program there approved the curriculum of this program.
11:53 pm
tuition runs about $4,500 but there's lots of financial aid available to help these troops. in escondido, california, casey stegall, fox news. did they or didn't they? iran makes a claim it took down something belonging to the u.s. and a real life incredible journey. a dog turns up in northern california about 3,000-miles from home. how officials tracked down its owner.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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iran tonight says it brought down a u.s. drone that had violated its air space. nato officials though say iran might be referring to an unarmed reconnaissance plane that went missing during a
11:56 pm
mission in western afghanistan late last week. in july an iranian lawmakers says iran's revolutionary guard shot down a u.s. spy plane that was on a mission to gather information on an enrichment site. in other news of the world tonight, peru's president has declared a state of emergency in an area that has people protesting. the state of emergency will last 60 days. russians have strongly rejected the authority of their prime minister. puten's party won less than half of the vote to reelection. that result is disputed with widespread allegations of fraud and unfairness.
11:57 pm
police arrested protesters in moscow and in st. petersburg. puten's slip will cost him as he seeks to become president again in the next election. scottland has welcomed two pandas safely arrived from china. the pair traveled 5,000 miles today on fed ex's panda express. the zoo keepers said they ate well. britain is hoping the two will successfully mate and produce a cub. the suspicion is that any cub will belong to china and go back there with his parents in ten years. president bush is in ethiopia right now. mr.bush visited a children's hospital today. as president he created the aids relief. since then the fund has created $1.4 billion to ethiopia. >> it's also important for the
11:58 pm
american people to know we don't continue to support people who have hiv aids or are dying because of mosquito bites, more and more people will die. it's important our country not retreat from the war. mr. bush is in ethiopia for a five day international conference on aids in africa. 31 miles, a simple gesture this morning that has a much larger meaning for a very big cause. and the big game gets laces? really? slip-on's the way to go.
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this morning there was a 31-
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mile bike ride to mark the anniversary of the first aids epidemic. more than 100 cyclists participated in preparation for a much larger event last summer. >> reporter: the moment began with a moment of remembrance. >> 30 seconds, think about why you're riding or who you're riding for. >> reporter: people joined hands to remember the person they're riding for. >> the disease is still out there and we need to continue to raise awareness. >> reporter: that was one of the goals of this bike ride. the trek started at golden gate park on through golden beach. it commemorates world aid's day and 31 years of fighting the disease. >> san francisco at san francisco aids foundation are at the heart of that. it'll be the 30th anniversary of the san francisco's aids foundation. >> reporter: the group was
12:02 am
headed by a group called positive agers. >> 545-mile ride from san francisco to los angeles and this is really about getting them ready and kicking off their training for next june. >> reporter: it's called the aids cycle ride. watson did it last year. >> it was life changing, i'm trying to get ready to do it. >> reporter: last year participants raised 130,000 for aids research. >> one of the main reasons i wanted to do it it's important to remind people that there are still people that need support. >> reporter: it's what motivated cyclists hitting the pavement this morning as many of them prepared to also tackle the 500-mile aids ride next summer. allie rasmus. a virginia family is getting a very special gift just in time for the holiday. i want you to meet petunia recently found in yuba city. the pit bull mix had been
12:03 am
missing since 2003. a woman found the stray dog and turned her in to animal services. a chip found that their owners were 3,000 miles away. >> i could not believe it. i said are you in virginia? because we're in california. officials in danville are encouraging people to register their alarm systems ahead of a false alarm ordnance. that ordnance is set to take effect on the first of the year. first time offenders will be issued a warning letter after that, they face fines of $50 for the second offense. $150 for the third, increasing to $300. a new ktvu field poll shows california residents are some what happy with governor brown's job performance but
12:04 am
unhappy about proposed spending cuts. in a telephone service conducted in late november. 47% said governor brown was doing a good job. 36% disapproved. those numbers have remained steady for most of the year. only 26% approve of proposed spending cuts to balance the budget. 65% say it is a bad idea. in election 2012 news tonight, republican presidential candidate newt gingrich goes full steam ahead to the iowa caucus. the first major contest of the election is now just 30 days away. gingrich's campaign bought air time across iowa and produced a new commercial. that ad reportsly shows the candidate overseeing farmers, teachers, and u.s. troops while gingrich talks about returning america to its past glory. michellebackman michelle--
12:05 am
meanwhile michelle bachmann is on the attack of the candidate. also today an advisor for herman cain who dropped out of the gop race yesterday reportedly said cain will endorse gingrich. their relationship dates back to gingrich's time to speaker of the house when he appointed cain to a commission on tax reform. san francisco police are working to make the holidays holidays happy for children in need. the department held the dream toy drive at today's 49ers game at candle stick park. ticketholders brought new unwrapped toys to the game for children in san francisco's public housing program. some also brought cash that will go toward buying new toys for the kids. >> a group backed by the san francisco giants is trying to keep the a's from moving to san
12:06 am
jose. stand for san jose is now suing the city over an environmental review of a proposed ballpark. including the air quality impact. now the suit filed friday also claims san jose should have held a public vote on a deal to sell land to the a's. last month the san jose city council agreed to sell several acres downtown. that's about half the market value. it is official, madonna will be the halftime headliner at the next super bowl. the nfl made that announcement today. there have been rumors she would be performed since october, the singer will collaborate with cirque de soleil february 5th in indianapolis. it's defense wins championships the 49ers made a statement today. we'll hear from the team as it gets to taste the play offs for the first time in nine years. and there's a
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we have been locked in a dry weather pattern for a week and really no big changes setting up over the next few days, what is happening right now is temperatures have been dropping quite a bit under mostly clear skies. take a look at the maps right now. you can see on storm trackerii a few clouds over the sierra crest. here is a look at some of the current numbers dropping off especially in the north bay. look at napa checking in at 33 degrees. some more neighborhoods, more 40s and 50s to show you. livermore currently check in with clear skies and 41. san jose at the airport in the upper 40s right around 47
12:10 am
degrees. that is after a very nice sunday. here is a look at the sunset. we're looking at temperatures for today. most areas looked into the 60less. we did have patchy fog return coast side by the afternoon hours by the mid- to late afternoon just a few patches. but right now we have lots of clear skies. temperatures are dropping off rapidly. overnight lows, very cold up in napa right around 30 degrees. santa rosa 32. so we could have patchy fog in these areas. livermore mid-30s and san jose starting out in the upper 30s right around 39. high pressure, strong high pressure. no rain drops over the next few days, this area of low pressure we've been tracking this and basically as air rushes out of that high into that low that generates the wind and the winds are expected to increase over the next hour. so for your monday, more sunshine out there. gusty winds especially for the hills. but it just depends on where you are. closer to sea level it won't be as extreme as you can see here but winds still up there right around 25 miles per hour.
12:11 am
could be a bit stronger up toward solano county. winds could be dropping, as a result we have a wind advisory in place right now until 10:00 tomorrow morning for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. here's a look at your monday forecast beginning at 7:00, clear and cool, windy conditions out there. by 3:00 plenty of sunshine out there. most areas on either side of 60 degrees. here's a look at the numbers, you can see temperatures mainly in the upper 50s right around san francisco and pacifica. santa rosa tops out 51. san jose right around 60 and san m ateo in the upper 50s overnight. tuesday morning can be pretty chilly once again. coolest locations right around the freezing mark. fair skies for thursday and friday with your weekend always in view. we have a lunar eclipse first thing saturday morning.
12:12 am
i'll be talking about that in the next several days. partly cloudy skies there is just a tiny chance of a few sprinkles on sunday. but the latest forecast models really backed off. so that might be removed. no significant rain showing up over the next week which is strange for december. >> really rare, thanks. talk about a miami melt down. no
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laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. good evening everyone thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. for months now we've watched the 49ers build a play off
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team. and today using those same favorite tools, a check down defense. ball control offense and a kicker named akers. san francisco clenches it's first preseason berth since 2003. frank gore put his name in the record books. gore needed 22 yards to break the 49ers career rushing record. gore got 73 today. 9-0 at halftime. michael crabtree has a deep catch. 49ers won the turnover battle 2- 0. and kyle williams with a perfect play. a 63-yard score for williams. thanks in great part to alden smith. he now has a team high.
12:16 am
just do your dance, no dance, no prance just get off the field. you have to like that. 21-0 the final. coach jim harbaugh avoids the gatorade bath and alex smith today still completes 17-23 for 270 yards. for guys like smith and frank gore the play offs have been a long time coming. >> there's some tough years here and to get the opportunity like i said earlier to get in the postseason and get it early. that's a blessing somewhere >> the guy is so competitive he jukes the gatorade bath. it barely touched him. it all starts with him. not everything was rosy today. 49ers lost all prolinebacker willis in this play.
12:17 am
willis suffered a hamstring injury, never returned. they don't think it was too serious. and they think they can afford to be careful with patrick to ensure he's healthy for the postseason. raiders linebacker rolando mcclain played today. mcclain problem is no excuse for the team's backlash. raiders were beaten on both sides of the ball. dolphins quarterback matt moore. at halftime raiders punted on all five of their possessions. they trailed in the fourth quarter when richard seymore number 92 takes a swing at richie incognito. captain richards is ejected. just two plays later, matt moore scores on the keeper, it's 27-0. help someone get
12:18 am
crockett in miami vice out here. miami linebacker burnett takes it 34 yards back to a touchdown. that's it, break it up. nothing to see here. say goodbye to the raiders three game win streak. michael bush was held to 18 yards rushing. they must now visit green bay next sunday. the raiders offense did gain 138 total yards on the first nine possessions. finally carson palmer hits mensata. raiders will need to score more than 14 next sunday in green bay. niners lost more than just a game today too. they also lost sole possession of first place in the afc west.
12:19 am
that's because the denver tebow's won their sixth straight game today. tim tebow threw it for 172 yards. then find thomas, thomas turns it into a 41-yard touchdown. timmy wants me to score so i must score. that's the second of two touchdowns for thomas today. they need matt prater to beat the vickings. broncos are now tied with oakland with identical 7-5 records. tebow completes 10 of 15 passes. 202yards. who says he can't throw. down cleveland 24-10. green bay packers put their undefeated records on the line today in east rutherford. second quarter until giant's eli manning makes a bad decision. clay matthews makes him play. matthews goes 38 yards. but it's tied 35-35.
12:20 am
so green bay needs mason crosby. mason crosby kicks a 30-yard field goal and keeps the packers record intact. green bay hosts the raiders as we said next sunday. giants fall to 6-6. houston wins as franchise records six straight games. in chicago, matt fortey injures himself in the second -- only touchdown of the game came on the final game of the first half. kansas city quarterback, tyler palco the hail mary. chief dexter mccluster catches it. chiefs break their losing streak. bears 7-5. that was kansas city's first touchdown in three games. also today tennessee hands buffalo its sixth straight hroz. kevin kaulb played his
12:21 am
first game in six weeks. to stevens. look out cowboys this guy is so good he needs three gameless. game winning touchdown. cardinals beat dallas for the third straight time 19-16 is the final. it's the first time arizona has beaten a team with a winning record. the self-destructed detroit giants lose another game tonight. drew breas throws three more touchdown passes. watch mitchum turn eric into a human pretzel. saints 9-3, lions 7-5 falling fast. cam newton runs for three touchdowns, carolina hands tampa bay it's sixth loss in a
12:22 am
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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fourth ranked stanford won't get a chance to win a championship but the cardinals will get to play in the fiesta bowl monday january 2nd. both cardinal and cowboys are 11-1. the game is in phoenix and could be one of the most exciting bcs bowl games in fact, year. and cal has a date with texas december 28. they will hook up in san diego for the holiday bowl. both teams 7-5. bears won the last four games to get here.
12:26 am
this will be the first meeting of cal and long horns since the 1970s. it's been two years since tiger woods was king, an ugly divorce, a surgery, and a new caddy later tiger is back. tiger woods hosted his own tournament. he trailed zack johnson by one stroke until this birdie. when he nails this birdie on 18, tiger woods wins his first tournament in two years. 24th ranked cal won their first game since their suspended their first rebounder richard solomon. montgomery's golden bears were up by 20 today in san diego. they trail the azteks by four. montgomery wants somebody to
12:27 am
stop to stop the clock. azteks hold on to win 64-63. today the cardinals, josh owen scores two of his team might 19 points. 64-63. 3:45 left to play. that was their last field goal of the game for stanford and they add 13 more points from the free throw line and beat the wolf pack 76-72. the sanford women's soccer team celebrated today too. they earned their first college cup by blanking duke 1-0. noyola scores the only goal of the game. after losing in the finals the last two years, stanford finally becomes the ncaa national soccer champion. that's sports as we see it this sunday night. raiders lose ugly in miami. 49ers clench the ncf west division. heather and ken now it's all about securing a play off spot where they can enter the bye in
12:28 am
the first week. >> got to keep it going. >> got to keep going. there's still work to be done. >> that's our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join the newscast
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