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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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planet so special. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. it is monday december 5th. hello everyone. i'm heather holmes. law enforcement authorities issued an amber alert. the three siblings seen here were forcibly kidnapped from their mother's home at about 6:00 in the evening. the victims are caucasian, include a 2-year-old, 7-year-
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old boy. the children have brown and hazel eyes. the father is demetri and last seen driving a black mercedes. the number is there on your screen. 6 thu 701. if anyone has any information, you are asked to call the chp. a dramatic announcement from nasa. researchers discovered a planet very similar to earth and could sustain life. here with the breakthrough and the team behind the discovery. >> reporter: people have been talking about this. it's a huge discovery. not just for these scientists, but also for stargazers at home. it's a lifelong question. could life exist on other planets?
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she's on the research team. >> the planet is about 2.4 times bigger than earth. >> reporter: it's called kepler b. >> to see something for the first time nobody in the world has ever seen, that's a tremendous feeling. >> the light comes in through and bangs off the mirror in the base of the structure here. >> reporter: john jenkins said the $6 telescope purchased in 2009 allows the researchers to see what has never been seen before. the kepler is one of thousands planets that could support life. >> the behavior and the
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interior structure and dynamic of stars. >> reporter: they hope it gives younger generations to be star struck. what's exciting is all the information is being put online so you can help them. we set up the web site at, just go to web links. janice, ktvu news. ended this afternoon with the arrest of a teenager on the roof of a 6 story apartment complex. news chopper 2 was there. investigators say just before the arrest, he dropped his gun from the roof on to a courtyard. the suspect locked for more than three hours and prompted some street closures in that area. the san francisco s.w.a.t. team was looking for a gunman.
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near san jose city college, looking for a man accused of shooting two people before midnight. they found the man's car in the neighborhood. the search was called off by 4:00 this morning. an overnight freeze warning issued for parts of the north bay and parts of the east bay. temperatures could dip to mid 20s and that kind of cold can be damaging to plants. keep an eye on pets too, veterinarians say. >> if they're not a house pet, put them in the garage but make sure there's no toxins or poisons, maybe close to the heater of the house. >> in particular, young animals and smaller pets need extra protection. coming up in 20 minutes, chief meteorologist will tell us how long the cold will last.
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the university of california announced a newly appointed task force to investigate the pepper spray incident. it's to make recommendations for future incidents like this. burger king is claimed to not give back to the community its made for years. burger king sold unhealthy food and offered them free organic food. oakland ran yesterday to plea. it will hurt working people and the community. occupy protesters protesting a
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week from today. demonstrators brought to the standstill as part of a day in action. be sure to stay with look for the occupy protest link at the top of the home page. seeing an up tick of officers calling in sick. what's keeping officers off the job and how residents are dealing with the issues themselves. >> reporter: the police chief recalls 15 out of 100 officers called in sick. >> it's not a margin for others. >> reporter: investigating the homicides of state students and an officer involved shooting that happened minutes later. >> we made it through. but we want to make sure we have coverage no matter what. >> reporter: employees took more than 120,000 sick hours, up from last year. in june right before the layoff
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when it went into effect. >> does that concern you? >> we need to be watching everywhere. >> reporter: recently, this resident started patrolling her neighborhood after the dozens of burglaries in recent months. with the city facing major budget restraints, the policy could be changing. >> if it gets to the point where city leaders are saying use it or lose it, i guess we're going to use it. >> reporter: maintains the majority of sick calms aren't legitimate. >> that's why they give he have sick time as a benefit and now i'm going to use it. >> reporter: the police chief is expecting sick calls until they do something. the oakland police department started the new acad
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my. focused on getting to know kids and make sure they get safely to and from school. >> i thought i could make a difference and change that. the police in the city are good people that work hard. >> so far, ten new officers have been hired. remaining 11 to be hired and 60 people applied for those jobs. a possible wrinkle emerged tonight in the plant of the san francisco museum of modern art. on third street by the hotel, revealing the proposed 230,000 expansion. it will close down an alley and
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create chaos for deliveries. the san francisco board of supervisors expected to look at that next month. east palo alto unable to turn a negative into a positive. >> this was a san mateo dump. it became contaminated. >> there was some asphaltic materials and pesticides, a little bit of anything you'd find around. >> they're funding to cover the material. officials say that will make the area safe. >> all that's left are more
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stable metals. there's no way those type of chemicals will off gas and you'll breathe them. >> in bike trails and education until center. it's the only place with access to the bay. >> that helps us address the issue of crime. that helps us address the issue of taking care of our kids. >> to be able to have programs that will draw residents to the area i think will bring another peace to the community. >> it will be open to the public by next summer. ktvu, channel 2 news. wall street started on a positive note. the dow industrials gained 78 points. nasdaq closed up 28.
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progress in the eurozone debt crisis. the credit ratings oof 15 european nations now approved. members of president obama's advisory panel met today at uc berkeley. they examined new ways of growth in the european center. medical devices and synthetic biology. facebook did not acquire the texas company but galwala will wind down. thewell, he is out of the presidential rate but the attorney for one of the women making claims is not letting up. what she's calling for him to do now.
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from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. bay bridge commuters faced a huge back-up this morning after multicar crash involving an ac transit bus blocked several westbound lanes. happened after 6:00 a.m. on the upper deck. one person injured and taken to the hospital. on the rise in one way community. the police department advising residents to park their carps in well-lit areas. make sure they can be tracked. thieves are targeting suvs in particular because they can
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hide under them while stealing the parts which can be sold for more than $400 a piece. losing steam, the high speed rail project. the plan is getting growing opposition. the possible reasons for the declining support. >> reporter: the public seems to want to put the brakes on the high speed rail project, according to an exclusive field research poll, 56% of the voters want a revote on the project. and if that happened, the majority would reject the package 59-31%. >> the chances are not very good. >> reporter: the original cost estimate was $43,000 to build it, but now the estimate more
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than $90 billion. opposes the project and he's pleased to see voters coming around. >> more deeply concerned to the point where they've drawn conclusions where this thing is a huge boondoggle. >> reporter: of all the people who originally voted yes on high speed rail, roughly a third, 37%, have now changed their minds. >> in theory it sounds great, but it's a cost escalating, not something that will be valuable to somebody not using it that frequently. >> reporter: lawmakers will make a vote next year. i reached out today to the high speed rail authority. they were unable to comment on these latest poll figures. in palo alto,ktvu, channel 2 news. one of the women accusing
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herman cain of sexual harassment, barred from receiving funds. >> now he said he suspended his campaign. reportedly not finished his campaign and can still get funds for it. he can obtain money after the way he was conducted himself is simply outrageous. >> the client said she feels vindicated now that cain is out of the race. newt gingrich with donald trump. trump didn't endorse gingrich. trump said he was honored by the former house -- >> president obama today put pressure on congressional
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republicans to extend payroll tax cuts. >> i know many republicans swore an oath to never raise taxes as long as they live. how come the only time there's a catch is when it comes to raising taxes on middle class family as many as. >> the $179 billion proposal extends the payroll cut until the end of 2012. the measure raises fees on fannie and freddie and a charge on millionaires. the postal service is planning major cost cutting changes that will slow the delivery of first class mail. currently, it takes one to two days. when the new plan implemented in the spring, it will take two to five days. the postal service hopes to save with the budget gap.
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dozens of workers went on strike today at a union city plant that makes the licorice and other candy. the labor dispute is over health care costs, wages, and pensions. the employer, american licorice company, said it has a long standing positive relation with its workers and expects it will be resolved. asking a judge for leniency. court documents show he asked the judge to sentence the client for 3 years instead of the 6 years agreed to because he is a gambling addict. it's motivated by desperation by trying to pay back gambling debts and not by greed. the soccer team shows off their new trophy.
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the newly crowned national champions arrive in the bay area. this is the third time the cardinal made it to the championship but not until yesterday they pulled out a victory and walk away with a title. >> it was hard to lose the past couple of years. it's such a different feeling right now than anything we've had in the past three years. really kind of unbelievable. >> clenched the team's first national championship win. stanford has lost only four games in the last four years. con graces to them. 9ers prove they can help some of the biggest fans. you might want to bring out that extra blanket. details on an overnight freeze warning in parts of the bay
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celebrate tonight for the first time in almost a decade, the team will be in the playoffs after the winning in the nfc over the st. louis rams. helped at risk kids pick out holiday gifts. always doing nice things in the community. all right, people talking about the cold weather heading our way. >> yeah, it's definitely getting cold. temperatures down in the 20s in the coldest spots. freeze warning in north bay. frost advisory for the east bay. let's take a peak. temperatures down in the mid 20s in some spots. frost advisory. synura moan. frost advisory in the east bay. south of bakers field and in the salinas valley. big deal especially if you have
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an agricultural interest because of the plants. forecast tomorrow will be cooler than today. forecast will be another mild day tomorrow with a very cool start. extended forecast, dry, no big changes. low pressure center moves off to the east and when it does, the wind die down. when the winds die down, temperatures come down. high pressure this whole week. no rain in the forecast. we'll see patching frost really the entire week and overnight lows. that's your forecast highs tomorrow. vallejo, 60. down five degrees from where they were today. 61 in heyward. a nice looking day after a very
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cold start. santa clara valley, cold. five day forecast is dry as they mentioned. forecast highs through time will be in the low 60s and in the bottom tier represents the freezing cold temperatures. we get 38 degrees wednesday morning. thursday up to 35 and increases. no rain, but next week, some rain in there. see you tonight at ten. >> thank you. musicians in san jose today got more than a standing ovation at a school performance. look at that. the burnett $30,000 in new instruments including cell lows
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and saxophones. one of a series of gifts they've made to programs all across the country. students could not be happier. that's our report. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues online at and with tonight's 10:00 news. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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