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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> the mission from one man providing pregnancy. now the government is getting involved. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at >> good evening. the top story of 7:00. rita williams explaning how the new division will work. >> reporter: there are so many ways to be victimized online nowadays, from identity theft to counterfeit goods. today, california's attorney general announced law enforcement finally is catching up to high-tech criminals. she's assigned 20 attorneys and investigators to a new e-crime unit. >> institutionally and in
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government, there's been a lot of adoption in technology. the bad guys get it and they're using it. >> reporter: this is one way someone in california was selling this leah sophia jewelry. five months later, a tracey woman charged with felonies and $1 million worth of jewelry has been seized. >> the boxes clearly marked with china. >> reporter: now they will trace the goods to the person there. that's another case that's newly investigated and charged with a sacramento man hacking into women's facebook accounts and sending out nude pictures he found and the list of cyber
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crimes goes on. >> at any point in time, we are tracking well over a million individual bad actors, bad web sites. >> reporter: the unit and its lab will help local jurisdictions and go after the bigger cases, those that cross jurisdiction until live. reporting live in san jose, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. one billion dollars worth of cutbacks. $300billion will be cut prosecute uccnu system. looks to save another $250 million by eliminating funding for school buff services. another cut from services for the disabled. >> this is not the way we'd like to run california, but we have to live within our means.
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>> state republican leaders say that's another reason why california needs budgeting such as a spending cap. 3700 post offices. on the list down from sonoma to san jose. pass legislation to help with finances. the post office is expected to lose more than $1400 next year. could cost employees their jobs. paying for textbooks could soon become a thing of the past for california college students. we'll have that story in about 13 minutes. admitted liability for the deadly san bruno natural pipeline disaster. they will take financial responsibility. the san bruno gas line explosion destroyed dozens of homes. pg & e hopes it will allow the
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families to receive compensation sooner. go to the top story section at our home page at there's a reason to celebrate this evening. palo alto company finished on the nasdaq. makes web and mobile social networking businesses. $50 for a 250 gain. more global markets pose danger and no hints about new stimulus measures. the dow lost and the nasdaq had a drop of more than 1%. in oakland, the port is getting back to normal after yesterday's massive protest.
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there's a semitruck waiting to get back cargo. caused 500 long shoremen ships to go back. oakland frank ogawa plaza was removed. three wooden platforms put up by the demonstrators. occupy activists and occupy trees as part of their ongoing protest. the newest occupy encampment, you can see it's a makeshift boat. this afternoon, police told ktvu news they plan to contact sometime in the near future. they told us they hope more people show up to get an armada going. today, volunteers began
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collecting signatures for jean kwan. the election for a new mayor would be held at the same time. the voters were divided on the need for a new mayor. >> this woman has done nothing, nothing at all. >> i don't think the occupy movement is the answer. i think recalling the mayor right now is the answer. >> mayor kwan's office didn't respond to but has called a recall effort in the past. parking meters, the finance committee had a grace period for overstaying time limits. new policy impose into effect immediately. councilwoman told us she wants people to shop locally without having to worry about getting a ticket. for many couples, getting a sperm bank is good and to help
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women conceive, but what this man is doing is illegal. >> specific reproductive services is the places most men go. they have to be screened thoroughly. >> reporter: but trent has different ideas. >> it's my way of helping the 99%. >> reporter: since 2006, they've been running a sperm donation out of their home for free. >> helping those couples who want to have a baby, helping them to have a baby. and there's no money or financial motive behind it. >> reporter: the web site has photos of some of the children he helped produce. he's donated to at least 53 couples. >> the sperm i donated is immediately given to the recipient. it's fresh sperm, so it's not frozen. >> fresh sperm makes a lot of
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sense for a lot of women. >> reporter: this woman is trying to have a baby. >> we made arrangement to see with him when i was in my cycle and ovulating and do the insemination at home. >> but he's been ordered to stop. sperm banks agreed. >> they have no idea about the family history or the question to ask. >> reporter: he's asking to repeal. >> everyone has the right to choose. not everyone can do it the same way, but this is an issue of privacy. >> reporter: while he awaits a hearing with the fda, he still is giving services for those who need it. ktvu, channel 2 news. more people hospitalized today. three in critical condition after a head on collision in san francisco. it was near the san francisco zoo at skyline boulevard.
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this shows the extent of the damage. there's no word yet on what caused this wreck. deaths caused by drinking and driving hit an all-time low last year. the the safety traffic office said people died in 2010, down from 950 in 2009. recordkeeping began in 1952. they credit more dui check points. they tell ktvu they're still collecting data and it's too soon for an estimate. a nationwide ban on cell phones and all other devices while behind the wheel. the far reaching recommendation includes even with hands free devices. deaths last year. she was in a crosswalk with her mother when a teenage driver
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ran into her. the driver said she was texting at the time. driving while using a cell phone has become an epidemic. >> people are on the phone all the time and i'll drive alongside of them and i'll say, you know it's against the law? and i'll tell them, you're doing the exact same thing that killed my daughter. >> they do not have the power to enforce the restrictions, but. >> near illinois street and boulevard to respond to the area and found 30-year-old michael webster. paramedics found him dead at the scene.
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california lottery officials asking to find a man suspected of stealing lottery tickets. cashed in winning tickets he's stolen from 18 retail locations. the past two weeks, expected of burglarizing 12 san jose stores. near little saigon. you might call it an inspired makeover. how far it's going to try and save lives. and it's a surprise twist in the case of jerry sandusky. what he did today that some believe might actually help his alleged victims. outsiders are expecting another cold day. when we expect rain to return to the area. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends, so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there!
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this morning, flames spread from an attic to a kitchen. we brought you updates throughout the morning on ktvu 2. the fire wasn't fully put out. had to borrow a passer by's cell phone to call 9-1-1. michael jackson's doctor said he ran out of money. asked to provide with a public defender to appeal his manslaughter conviction. the 58-year-old was stripped of his medical license and sentenced to four years in jail. the family filed a civil lawsuit against murray. in a surprising twist, jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty. that means the case will go directly to trial, perhaps in the next year.
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chris null explains today's decision. >> sandusky said his client is prepared to go straight to trial. sandusky told the press he's not surrendering. we heard a recitation without hearing the witnesses who testify as to their credibility. >> reporter: the prosecution said there are approximately 11 witnesses ready to testify and will at the trial. ultimately, the prosecution said the witnesses are benefiting from today's developments. >> i want to emphasize what it would mean for the victims in terms of not creating a second record because one already exists from the grand jury proceeding and not having to go through the pain and suffering that's brought by a case like this. >> reporter: an attorney for one of the alleged victims who
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said set to testify agrees. >> i can imagine this is horrific for my client as well as all of the other victims who now do not have to relive the horrors that they experience. >> reporter: the prosecution says there are no ongoing discussions for a plea bargain. remains under house arrest with a monitoring bracelet. no agreements now. to enter such an agreement would mean life in prison for the client which is 67 years old. i'm chris knowles. a problem that some head start centers across the nation. audited 10% of the head start facilities and found problems. most did not comply with
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checks. it's to help low income preschool children. they still want you to keep the commercials on. the federal communications began something limiting commercial volume. it requires commercials to have the same average volume as television programming. called one of the most cycles. daryl stein burg announced he wants to create a free online library for textbooks. stein burg said people pay too much for books and want to spend for an online collection of books. he doesn't require them but the educators would go do the right thing. the giant apple went for
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ten times the estimate at auction today. when apple was founded, steve offered their friend a 10% share. wayne withdrew seven days after signing the contract and then later sold it to a private collector. auctioned off the contract for nearly $1.6 million. by the way, the 10% share would be worth more than $10 billion today. depression and the suicide are the dark sides of the holiday season. facebook is now offering a feature to provide almost immediate help. >> reporter: there are millions of people communicating through facebook. many students see messages that express thoughts about suicide, but the wording often goes like this. >> "i just don't know what to do anymore."  that's definitely one. another might be" i feel like i've done everything and no one
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is listening to me." >> reporter: facebook, googlings and yahoo are already doing it. but it's more immediate. facebook will e-mail the at risk person encouraging a call to the hotline or to click on a link to chat right away. >> some people don't want to talk on the telephone. they want to talk via text or chat. >> they want a place to talk to someone but without face to face. >> reporter: facebook's feature is useful because many suicidal thoughts are not just for attention. they recommend talking to the friend first and then click. >> see if there's anything you can do to be positive toward them and try to be for them more. >> reporter: while holiday
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depression is real, many kill themselves every day year round. ktvu, channel 2 news. the bomb range being used for stunts. a launch for the race for the mist busters tv course hit a house. no one hurt but the ordeal left neighbors aghast. they're having a meeting at the alama nah building on saturday. a mountain of letters sent to the north pole. the bay area was cool and cloudy today but some wet weather could be coming by the end of the week. keep in mind, you can watch all of our newscasts on your mobile device or computer. we're streaming live for you at
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right now, a public meeting is held to discuss new design proposals at a pedestrian path at a western spot by the bay bridge. going from oakland to the island. the toll authority has been
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working with cal tran and san francisco to include to extend past the western. it will be for tomorrow and it will be especially for the north bay communities where we will be a little more unhealthy, especially our sensitive group who suffers from asthma. spare the air for tomorrow means unless it is your primary heating source, it is illegal to burn wood. high pressure will be in place for tomorrow. you can see it moving over north baja. it will be dropping thursday morning and looks like for the thursday morning drive, it will be wet weather. we'll wake up tomorrow morning and it will be chilly and some fog. back into the 30s. sitting into the 40s.
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a lot like yesterday. as we look at thursday morning, we start to see changes. wednesday it will be dry. the thursday morning commute could be a little wet. it could happen fairly fast. 5:00 in the afternoon on thursday and it will be dry. breezy conditions develop behind it but it will be a quick moving system with a little bit of rain. we could definitely use it but it could come in time for your early morning drive. some freezing fog. possibility in the north because we will be below freezing. expected to hit 33 degrees in santa rosa. 34 in concord and livermore. it's just going to be a chilly one. forecast highs. a lot like what we saw today. widespread 50s in the forecast. 58 in oakland, with a spare the
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air today alert going on through your wednesday. san jose and the 61 mountain view with mostly clear skies. your extended forecast, waking up with a cold start and then into the afternoon, cool to mild depending on how you like it. mostly sunny skies. thursday, a shot of some rain coming early on and then drying in the afternoon. clearing out and then breezy. your weekend, mostly sunny skies sitting in the low 60s. 30s for the overnight lows. >> rosemary, thank you. santa claus is a busy guy this time of year so some elves are helping him out with his mail. this morning in san francisco's evan's avenue post office, elves read children's letters to santa. some were asking for popular or
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fancy gifts. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news breaks. we're at tmz is up next on tv 36. ♪
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