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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a new clue in the search for a man who sexually assaulted two women in san francisco as police try to ease fears in the community. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm frank somerville. a packed house tonight after two sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district. new at 10:00, ktvu's heather holmes live at st. james church
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where hundreds showed up to hear how investigators planned to catch that attacker. >> reporter: police said they are saturating the 27th street corridor, and announced the $25,000 reward. last week, she didn't give a thought to walking her neighborhood alone, now she doesn't go out without her 100- pound dog. >> i have a neighbor who has a smaller dog who is borrowing my dog so she can walk him also. >> reporter: they made donations to help the two women recover. >> i couldn't give much, but i gave what i could. >> reporter: san francisco police say solving these cases is a priority. take a look. this is new surveillance footage of the suspected attacker, taken after thursday's incident. watch as he turns away when he notices the camera. >> the victim wants all women
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to be aware of this crime. >> reporter: a friend of thursday's victim. the woman was walking to the gym along 24th street around 6:30 a.m., when police say this man attacked her from behind. dragged her around the corner to fair oaks street and raped her. >> it's going to be a long, long, long difficult healing process for her. >> reporter: another woman was also the victim of an early morning sexual assault. residents were not notified until last week, after the second attack. >> we thought it was an isolated incident. we weren't sure what we had at that time. when we had the second incident three weeks later, and some of the similarities, it then appeared to us, we may have a predator out there. >> reporter: take another look at the surveillance footage just released by police. if you recognize this man, give authorities a call. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted that new surveillance video at, so you can get a better look at it.
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just look for the video player, which is located on the home page. in oakland, police today released a sketch resembling a man who sexually assaulted a woman ten days ago. the woman described her attacker as african american. 30 to 39 years old. 5'11", weighing about 200 pounds. the victim told police she was walking 91st avenue when the man pushed her against a vehicle and assaulted her. new information on a marijuana dispensary raid in the east bay. agents targeted two locations. the happy wellness dispensary, and the owner's home in danville. amber lee reports from newark that she learned today's action comes after months of investigation. >> reporter: state and local law enforcement agents raided the dispensary this afternoon. they spent hours removing items from the business. workers told them they were surprised. >> how would you describe this operation? >> like poking a pod and see
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what they can find. >> reporter: workers said agents detained them for questioning. >> i'm really mad, because i just started working here three weeks ago. we could run everything so professionally. >> reporter: during the police raid, this customer showed up. >> i've been to quite a few of them, and this is very professional. >> reporter: she told us, she suffers severe back pain. >> it's really sad for people like me, for other people who have worse conditions than me. you guys have no idea, this stuff really, really works. >> reporter: this man says he's glad the dispensary is shut down. he says his two children walk by here just a few blocks away. >> i think it's just a place to buy their pot without having to go to the local character down the street. >> reporter: a spokesperson told us that this dispensary has been under investigation for months. she says it is owned by three men who live in this danville home and one is a convicted felon with a long rap sheet.
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>> criminal acts, selling drugs, and making a lot of money off it. >> reporter: an attorney for the dispensary says happy wellness -- still opened its doors on september 1. >> you don't come in with 20 officers with machine guns because somebody is operating without a business license. >> reporter: a court date is scheduled for january. reporting live in newark, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now about today's raid. newark police led the collective manager, 28-year-old kayla santos gonzalez out of her danville home in hand cuffs. the spokeswoman told us, a s.w.a.t. team was called in to help, because a gun is registered to one of the home's residents. no shots were fired during the
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investigation. police arrested an alameda county sheriff's deputy on rape charges. accused of raping a woman on september 9, reportedly, the two also knew each other before the alleged attack happened. a contra costa county sheriff's department spokesperson says reta was booked, and released on $125,000 bail. parents anxious to save five oakland elementary schools from closure took their fight to the school board tonight. the gyp submitted hundreds of signatures -- group submitted hundreds of signatures for the recall effort. >> they haven't engaged the parents and the community regarding those closures, to find some better solutions. school closures should be last, not our first option. >> a district spokesman says
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the decision was painful. but the district says the closures are needed to save the district $2 million. tonight, pg and e says it has a solution to the standoff over smart meters to the u tility. but some people aren't having it. this week, pg and e cut power. the utility says tampering is dangerous and unlawful. one homeowner said with her power cut, she's going to have to leave home during the holidays. >> i have no choice. i don't want to move. i'm ready to do christmas. >> just before our 6:00 news tonight, pg and e told ktvu it is offering a compromise. a digital meter with no wireless radio transmitter. the homeowners though tell us they will only be happy with
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analog meters. considering closing the westbound bay bridge three days over the presidents' day weekend. they need the closure to reconfigure the roadway, and restripe lanes. the work can only be done if it doesn't rain. lawmakers in sacramento had serious concerns about the pepper spraying incident at uc davis last month. the 15 second video has raised a lot of serious questions, including why was force used, was it excessive, and who, if anyone authorized it. the chancellor said she did not order it. >> did your vice chancellor authorize the ice of pepper spray or the use of force? -- use of pepper spray or the use of force. >> the investigation will bring this forward. >> she also said an investigation should be completed by january. there was some agreement though
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on the need for rules about when force should be used. time's choice for person of the year is drawing praise and criticism. rita williams shows us how people in the bay area are reacting to one of the most watched magazine covers of the year. >> reporter: questioning authority is in. time magazine, taking a look at its person of the year. the protester. >> it's been a remarkable year for political protest across the world. it's forced not just ordinary people to pay attention to them, but forced their governments and their ruling elites to reckon with them in a very serious way. >> reporter: time's decision is drawing reaction for and against, much as the year's protests have. >> i would think there would be a person that would be better suited to get that award. >> i think it's wonderful. i think that the protester all
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around the world has been a driving choice this year. >> i didn't like that choice. i didn't like that choice at all. >> reporter: at occupy berkely today, no one protested the choice. >> great, just to get the message out. >> i appreciate the idea of having the person of the year be kind of a concept. >> i think the it's fully appropriate. i say let's make 2012 the year we win. >> reporter: times protester is anonymous, but the person who started all of this, didn't live to see it. a 26-year-old street vendor who set himself on fire in tunisia a year ago. one of time's editors said this was the year that the common man did some remarkably uncommon things, and no one knows yet whether that will continue in 2012. in berkely, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. on our facebook wall tonight, we ask what you think about time's decision, and rebecca writes to us, the protester is anyone who has
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stood up this year to the various oppressive powers that be and there were a lot of us. so much so that the world had no choice, but to stop and take notice that the people really do have the power. jessica kissinger disagrees, saying i think they could have done better. it just seems like a lazy choice. protesting has changed a lot of terrible things in this world, but it's not someone time should be making person of the year. tell us what you think by going to ktvu on facebook. tonight, a witness shares his video, after a driver gets into a shootout with police in broad daylight. packing out a -- picking out a few light showers in the area right now, i'll tell you
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. only on 2, new video tonight, involving shooting involving the san francisco police and a gunman. the shooting happened this afternoon on busy larkin street between bush and sutter. that's where ken wayne is tonight, he talked to a witness who showed us video he shot just moments after the gunfire. >> reporter: this white car has not moved since this afternoon.
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the gunmans shot by police right near the back bumper, a neighbor heard the gunshots and immediately grabbed his cell phone. this is what hank law saw moments after he heard gunshots. >> like two shots, boom, boom. >> reporter: people scattered for cover. >> i just looked out the window, and you can kind of see all the gruesome stuff. >> reporter: this picture shows an elderly man lying near the car, as a gunman lies bleeding in the street. >> he tried to start a car. and shot there on the door, and the guy scare. kind of shaking. >> reporter: police say it all started when they attempted to stop a car around 1:30 on bush street near larkin. that's when the driver jumped out, and fled on foot. >> it was at that point that the officers gave chase. the suspect turned around, and
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fired several shots at the officers. they were able to fire back on the suspect. >> reporter: police say they recovered the suspect's gun. during the foot chase, the female passenger got away. >> the passenger slid over to the driver side and drove off with the vehicle. >> reporter: police say they know who she is, but have not released her identity. hank is sad to see what he calls escalating violence in his neighborhood. >> it's just real sad, because i like it a lot. >> reporter: we just checked with san francisco general hospital and they say that gunman is still alive. we also just checked with police. they have no information, no new information, so right now, we don't know the status of that missing female driver, and we also don't know why the gunman seemed to be so desperate to get away from police. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. an oakland police officer and his supervisor have been
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reassigned during an investigation of the use of force against an occupy protester last month. scott campbell was videotaping the scene at frank ogawa plaza. >> i find it appalling that someone would feel justified, or feel that was an appropriate course of action to shoot another individual. >> that decision was constitutionally ethical, as well as in regards to follow the policy set forth by opd. >> campbell, the aclu and the national lawyers guild are all suing the city of oakland. new polling gives president obama the edge against the two republicans currently in the lead. the nbc news wall street journal poll shows mr. obama ahead of mitt romney, 47 to 45%. against newt gingrich, the
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president is favored 51% to 40%. polling experts stress the election is 11 months away, and there should be a better gauge in a few months. newt gingrich ran into hecklers during a campaign stop. the protesters managed to drown out gingrich for several minutes before security led the hecklers away. on wall street today, lingering concerns about the european debt crisis weighed on the markets. the dow lost 131 points. the nasdaq dropped nearly 40. this was the third day in a row of losses. a silicon valley takeover in the news tonight. lam research of fremont says it
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is buying its smaller rival, no vollus systems. analysts say they should be a good fit. san francisco based game developer zinga begins selling shares on the stock market friday, and could raise $1 billion. some say it may not do as well as expected in this poor economic environment. it has a lot going for it. >> reporter: millions of folks on facebook along with other social media are creating virtual castles, farms, and cities. >> there are hundreds of players, playing zynga games every day. >> chances are, if you've played a game on your iphone, on your android phone or tablet, or on your web browser, you were probably playing a zynga game at some point. >> reporter: schools are training legions of new game developers. >> it means that our industry is pretty solid and growing.
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>> reporter: that's because people of all ages are playing them on social media without having to buy special gaming consoles or special software. >> through facebook and similar social sites, you have an audience, and a target market that is much broader. >> reporter: for its initial public stock offering,zyng a's main pro is that it's a large company in a growing market. >> allowing them to generate revenue probably next year it will exceed $1 billion. >> reporter: its biggest con? the hard to stay number 1. >> competitors are nipping at their toes. they're definitely putting in the resources to do so. >> reporter: friday, the market determines if zynga truly has zing with investors. more details now on the offering. those shares will be priced at
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$8.50 to $10 a share. raising about $1 billion. zynga sales this year totaled more than $800 million through september. in my stormtracker 2, i have both doppler radars lit up. you can see showers showing up around ukiah. the weather system headed our way for tomorrow morning's commute is a weak one. with the cloud cover, and the potential for fog tonight, wet roadways. tomorrow morning's commute could be a little dicey. light sprinkles at best, but i think we're going to see some scattered areas of patchy fog. overnight lows tonight, despite the cloud cover and the sprinkles are on the cool side. not 25 like we saw this morning in the north bay. temperatures would be more like in the cold spots. upper 30s, mid-30s. that's pretty chilly, and that will allow fog to form. sprinkles on your morning commute. be back here at 10:45 and look directly at the computer model forecast, and show you exactly
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when the rain will start, and when it will end. san francisco mayor ed lee told ktvu news today he is holding out slim hope that the 49ers will remain in the city. >> we'll be there should there be less than expected financial support for a stadium. >> the mayor's comments came after santa clara unanimously approved an $850 million financing plan, involving loans from three different banks. for their part, the 49ers still need to get $150 million from the nfl. crowded classrooms and rising fees. why the challenges many students face are about to get worse. first,
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a tanker truck fire in southern california is expected to keep a major freeway closed for days. it stopped under an overpass in both the overpass and the roadway were damaged by all the flames. tonight, it's still not clear if the overpass is structurally sound. the fire caused a backup that stretched for miles and lasted for hours, and in the coming days, drivers are being warned they will need to find alternate routes. the federal government declared part of telegraph avenue in berkely a disaster area. it opens the way for owners and tenants affected by that massive fire last month to apply for low interest loans. the small business association says renters can receive up to $40,000 at interest rates of just 2%. a disaster loan outreach center is also opening in berkely tomorrow to help process all the applications. a quick commitment from a
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major league pitcher has taken some of the sting out of a brazen theft in the north bay. someone stole the donation box at a fundraiser last night in vallejo for the franklin middle school band while the band was performing. the school district no longer funs the program, and the $700 inside the box was a sizable chunk of the budget. new york yankees pitcher, c.c. sabathia quickly donated $1,000 to the band. his wife went to school there at franklin. the reason community colleges are about to start charging more for less. >> reporter: it's final exams week. but students are upset about what's ahead. tuition is going up, and the number of classes is going down. >> it's awful for me. >> reporter: awful because this political science major can't get the classes he needs next semester. >> i needed some psychology
11:56 pm
classes. all of those were closed, speech classes, there was three of them i could have taken, all of those were closed. >> reporter: the state budget cuts are hammering public colleges and universities. at city college, it means some 350 classes will be dropped. >> it means more crowded classrooms when they can get in. basically means less of everything for them. >> reporter: city college says it will cut enrollment by 3,000 students this spring and tuition is going up. next summer, a full class load will cost $1,400. last spring it was $800. >> i'm pretty upset with the tuition going up. >> they have no income coming through. >> that's you. >> basically. >> reporter: these latest cuts
11:57 pm
come on the heels of previous cuts earlier this year. there's talk of supporting a parcel tax to raise money for education. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. uc berkely unveiled a new program today that will help certain students pay for their education. university officials are calling it m cap for middle class access plan. families that make between 80 and $140,000 will qualify. parents would then be expected to contribute 15% of their annual salary toward tuition. students would also have to pay a portion, but the university would pick up the rest. lost her $200, and we had to pay again. >> restaurant owners caught in a bribery
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a restaurant inspection scandal has landed two inspectors in trouble with the law. they're accused of taking bribes in exchange for a key certification. >> reporter: the general manager said she got burned in what prosecutors are calling a city wide scheme. >> we lost our $200, and we had
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to care. live in east palo ailedo, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bay area 8th grader is getting national attention in a new ad for chevron. >> this is an rc robotic -- >> that's isaiah clark, he attends middle school in san pablo. he and four classmates were chosen to fly to los angeles to tape this ad touting the commitment to education. he says he wants to be a mechanical engineer. a dog on the loose after someone tossed it from a moving car in monterey has been found alive, but badly hurt. 1-year-old frosty was recovered this afternoon on a street. the dog was taken into surgery for a major eye injury. people in monterey have been searching for him, ever since someone saw him thrown from a
12:06 am
car nine days ago. he's from santa cruz, and one of the final four in x factor. when chris renee will find out if he made it to the finals for a prize worth $5 million. live stormtracker 2 picking out showers, and maybe some fog for your morning commute. a medical
12:07 am
12:08 am
a los angeles county judge today complemented lindsey lohan for her work ethic. he praised her for showing up for her community service job
12:09 am
at a l.a. county morgue. her probation stands from a drunk driving case and theft case earlier this year. it's not your typical going out of business sale. it's magnolia dispensary is shuttingity doors, so they're having a marijuana giveaway. they're not handing out marijuana to anyone. you still have to have a medical marijuana card. police in los gatos and santa cruz are reporting a search in a theft of a hot commodity. catalytic converters for the metal inside. thieves have been ripping them out mostly from vehicles that sit high above the ground. toyota santa cruz is putting in items it to make it harder. >> selling it out of state in
12:10 am
states that don't have the law that california has. >> about 300 worth of platinum and polladium. leon panetta met with troops at the base of pakistan. he told them the u.s. led collis is winning the fight against the -- coalition is winning the fight against the taliban. prosecutors want chevron to pay nearly $11 billion for an offshore oil spill. they're also asking a judge to order chevron and the drilling contractor to stop all work in brazilian territory for an indefinite period of time. a chevron oil rig leaked about 3,000 barrels of oil at a rig last month. in belgium, people left flowers today for the three victims killed by a man who
12:11 am
went on a gun and grenade rampage. another 120 others were wounded. also today, police say they found the body of a woman near the gunman's apartment. she was found shot to death in a shed where he grew marijuana. the gunman had a long criminal history, and ended up killing himself. a singer from santa cruz may have had the performance of his life tonight on the fox network program, the x factor. ♪ [ music ] chris renee is among the four semifinalists on the program. viewers are voting tonight to see who makes the final cut. friends of chris's are rooting for him. >> he's such a positive and great person. to see him overcome the adversity and do such great things, it's amazing. >> the results will be announced tomorrow night on the program. one of the contestants will be excused, and fans will find out
12:12 am
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some winters, the sierra is blanketed with as much as 15 inches of snow. this season, the lack of snow in some areas so spell disaster. >> reporter: this is not the picture the owner of donner ski ranch pictured in his mind. an employer painting, instead of skiing. >> we need snow, we're desperate. >> reporter: keep in mind, it's
12:15 am
december 14. this is the middle of donner ski ranch's mountain. there's so little snow, this resort has yet to make any money this winter. >> how many days have you been open this year? >> none. >> reporter: it's been nearly a month since he's gotten out his gear to make any money installing chains. >> we're nervous. we're starting to get nervous. >> reporter: the reason for the concern about so much little snow, and so little crowds, it. is just 11 days until the new years to christmas week. >> if we lose our christmas business, we're losing, you know 35, 40% at least. >> that could make or break a business. pretty much. >> it's that big of a week. >> oh, yeah, it's huge. >> reporter: with stakes and high as that, and pictures as dry as this. this ski ranch employee is doing a snow dance in hopes
12:16 am
conditions change dramatically, and soon. bill martin says there is light snow moving into the sierra overnight. but many fear it will be too little too late. the research firm data quick says more than 6300 homes and condos sold in november in the bay area. that's an increase of almost 3.5% to a year ago. it's the fifth month in a row, the year to year numbers of homes have risen. at the same time, prices fell about 4% compare today last year. much of that attributed to a slow down in the high end home sales. researchers in the bay area are warning affordable housing may contain a risk. many affordable neighborhoods have an increased risk of high air pollution. it is considered a priority development area, but also a high pollution area. researchers blame diesel pollution for asthma and other health problems there, and say
12:17 am
less expensive housing may have a hidden cost down the road. we have posted a link to the map created by the researchers that shows the most at risk neighborhoods for high air pollution. go to our website, and click on the web links tab. fewer americans are walking down the aisle these days. a record low 51% of adults 18 and older tied the knot last year. that's compared to 72% back in 1960. americans are getting married at an older age. the median age for a first marriage is 26.5 for women, and 29 for men. that's up about 6 years in the past five decades. live stormtracker 2, picking up light showers, i wish it was more. it's not. it's a light weather system headed our way. you can see some areas around ukiah. this area around here moved through earlier this evening. but i didn't get any reports of
12:18 am
anything, really. i imagine there were light sprinkles to pass through. that next wave will move through and there's a wave behind that, as we head into your bay area morning hours. that's what i'm anticipating. always going to be interesting. this morning, we had frost, and freeze, and fog, and all of that. tomorrow morning, i think we're going to have fog again, and we're going to have wet on the roadways, especially on the north bay. some fog, of course you know that's going to slow things down. dew points napa, about 35 degrees for the dew point. it's going to be close. even though there's showers out there, you're going to see patchy fog and patchy fog in many places. right now it's cool throughout the bay area. showers start tomorrow morning, and they are light. if you get .05 of an inch, i think you're doing well. really, just almost a nonevent. so the forecast calls for continued fog/sun. tomorrow is really the only
12:19 am
caveat in the forecast. here's the system. as it gets closer, the clouds have increased. the showers will begin. rain starts late tonight. when i say rain, light scattered sprinkles. the main impact is going to be glaze on the roadway, and fog in places you don't want to see it tomorrow morning. that's the way it goes tomorrow. by afternoon, this thing is south and gone. it's just out of the area. the computer model lays out like this. 4:00a.m. every time it updates, it's showing less and less shower activity over us. this is diminished from what i showed you at 5:00. here we are at 7:00, 7:00 a.m. there's a little something. some drizzle up in the north bay hills, or east bay hills. this last frame at 9:00 a.m., sprinkles toward san jose. everything is going to go this way. that's that high pressure building in very rapidly, and clearing things out. it's going to be a really quick event. if you're doing work tomorrow,
12:20 am
a pe teacher perhaps, your afternoon classes you can go outside. forecast highs tomorrow, 59 in gilroy. a little cooler in many places tomorrow. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. i think the takeaway is morning commute, morning fog, certainly wet roadways. your outdoor plans, by afternoon, i think you're back to business as usual, but the morning might be a little damp. >> we're not looking at black ice here at all. >> no, not even close to that. mid-30s at the coldest. >> thanks bill. santa cruz county supervisors have taken the first step toward a ban on invasable bullfrogs. environmentalists say the east coast natives are driving out native frogs. they can also spread an infectious disease. supervisors are expected to fanallize that bull -- finalize that bull frog ban in february.
12:21 am
in vancouver, a truck brought a bear into town. that's a black bear. it was spotted on top of that garbage truck earlier this week. it made some pickups out in the wo
12:22 am
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mark's here with sports, the raiders have a tough one this weekend, and the pretty much a must win. >> detroit coming to town and we're hoping it's a sellout so
12:25 am
we can show it here. oakland's best player, darren mcfadden out with a bad foot. the quarterback looks to be just forcing everything and coming away with eye popping interception stats. if the loss to the packers was a measuring stick, the raiders, a country mile out of the picture. the coach has faith. >> i'm dispointed where we are. because we were in first place a couple of weeks ago, and we didn't hold onto that spot. denver is playing well. i can't do anything about what we're doing. i can only do something about what this team is doing. we need to get back to winning. by no stretch of the imagination is this thing over and done with. some day, and we hope it's soon, warrior fans will have the team they truly deserve. in the meantime, they've got to do what they do best. be patient. satisfied for the moment with baby steps. yesterday, the acquisition of kwame brown. he's in town, ready to get to work in the middle for the
12:26 am
warriors. he knows exactly why he's here. defense, get rebounds, and to be a huge presence inside. get it done. >> just as much as i dwight, i give back. i loved playing with guys like shaq, andrew. >> do you want dwight to get traded to l.a. so you can see him a couple more times? >> i wouldn't say that. looks like the lakers are no longer the only game in town down in l.a. the clippers have got the superstar guard chris paul. the trade from the hornets approved officially tonight. they sent gordon and chris kamen to new orleans. the hot ticket in the land of the lakers, no doubt. life has not been the same for baron davis, or the
12:27 am
warriors really since he left abruptly a few years ago. what they're calling amnestied. the cavaliers would rather pay out his salary, so they don't have him on the team. in this case, cleveland will pay baron davis $27 million to get out of town. man with a rubber arm, guillermo mota will again make his way out of the giants bullpen, i'm sure on many occasion. always seems ready and willing to pick up the baseball. he will receive a 1 year, $1 million contract, in other words, just kind of lunch money for barry zito. fox network and the nfc will continue doing business together. nine year extension on their current contract through 2022. it's already been agreed upon. the translation means the 49ers are going to stay right here for the most part on channel 2, and i think everybody's pretty happy about that, around here anyway. that's the sporting life for a
12:28 am
wednesday night. gasia. thank you for trusting laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug.
12:29 am
i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.


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